Timbers’ Danso fractures foot


Photo by Patricia Giobetti/ISIphotos.com

Portland Timbers centerback Futty Danso is going to miss the next 4-to-6 weeks after fracturing his foot, the team announced on Wednesday.

Danso suffered the injury in training on Tuesday, fracturing his fifth metatarsal in his left foot. His absence will pave the way for Eric Brunner and new signing Hanyer Mosquera to be the likely centerback tandem on opening day, which for the Timbers is Monday at home against the Philadelphia Union.

While Danso, who scored three goals last season and emerged as an aerial threat on both ends of the field last year, will be missed, the Timbers are well-equipped to deal with his absence. Between Brunner and Mosquera, Portland has two starting-caliber players, and the club also drafted Generation adidas signing Andrew Jean-Baptiste in the first round of January's SuperDraft.

If Danso's recovery time lasts to the far end of the timetable, he could miss six matches and be ready to return for the Timbers' home match against Sporting Kansas City on April 21.

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16 Responses to Timbers’ Danso fractures foot

  1. Alexi says:

    Key player, but he faded at the end of last season. At least Jean-Baptiste can get a better look.

  2. jonk says:

    Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

  3. SMP says:

    Not great news, but I think Mosquera will fill the shoes nicely! The Mosquera\Brunner partnership looked good in the final preseason game against AIK.

  4. Terrance says:

    It is good to get younger guys some quality PT. Look at LA with De La Garza, Gonzalez, Franklin, Juninho, etc.

  5. Riob says:

    Futty has a problem with hus futty…

  6. Izze says:

    It looks like Arena will use the same approach with Meyer in the regular season

  7. Camjam says:

    You, Sir, are a Gentleman and a Scholar!

  8. jonk says:

    Let him get some quality PT in reserve league and friendly matches. Then I’ll feel better about throwing him into some serious regular season minutes. Right now he’s got the strength and the right instincts, but he needs some seasoning against MLS or near MLS quality attackers before he isn’t a liability.

  9. fischy says:

    Younger? I guess technically Danso is older than Mosquera and Brunner, but both are more experienced professionally — Futty is only three years out of college.

  10. jonk says:

    Uh, re-read the first comment. You’ve got your wires crossed.

  11. fischy says:

    Not really. As the story notes, Mosquera and Brunner will be the starters. In fact, they probably would have been anyway. As a defender, Danso is a decent goal-scorer. His defense is forgettable. Jean-Baptiste ain’t gonna see the pitch in MLS play.

  12. Luis F says:

    I broke this bone when I was 27 and it took nearly 20 weeks to heal properly. The 5th metatarsal can be problematic. I won’t be surprised if he’s not fully healthy and back at full strength before July.

  13. FFF says:

    Futty fractured his Futty playing Futty

  14. Ugo says:

    wow…they will need his depth in the 2nd Half

  15. Kejsare says:

    He was #3 on the depth chart. Until Horst gets back AJB will have to fill in with Purdy needed in dire cases.

  16. Getanewnumber10 says:

    Danso needs to get himself a good pair of Dansco shoes to protect his feet.