U.S. U-23s 2, Mexico 0: Match Highlights

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  1. SwerveZ says:


  2. Mig22 says:

    I’m so glad my Spanish has improved to the point where I can watch games in that language so that I can listen to Hispanic/Latino announcers instead of US/English ones. There is just so much more joy in the description of the game. Listening to English announcers just sucks the life out of it.

  3. Brain Guy says:

    Dos por cero! Impressionante!

  4. Joe Creighton says:


  5. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Mig, maybe so…but the call last night was pretty pathetic. Not very good at all.

    Note on the U23’s Porter had better figure out his Outside Backs, Valentin did not look very comfortable for 3/4’s of the game (OK just after half), and Sarkodie provided some width, but no touch. That is a where the weakness will be.

    Amazing game by Mix, Corona, Aguduelo looked like a man among boys. Adu was his crafty self and Gyau may be the speed winger to replace Landon at some point in the future. Also Morales was very solid in his #6 role.

  6. Mig22 says:

    Pancho, I agree that the call may have been lousy but at least they were enjoying themselves. With the English, the call is often lousy and it sounds like they’re going through a painful experience while doing it.

    And regarding the outside backs….seems like 90% of the club and national teams have problems at one of the outside back positions. I agree with you though.


  7. Mig22 says:

    Joe, just that the British style of announcing is to criticize everything: each goal is horrible defending, each failed shot should have been a goal, etc.

    I know it’s a generalization but the tendency is for Mexican, Central American, and South American announcers to look on the positive side of the play more.

  8. DanO says:

    Outside back solution: Chandler on the right and Johnson on the left.

    Real chance at a medal (assuming no disaster in qualifying)

  9. Shane says:

    Chandler can play for the U23s.

  10. Shane says:

    I think Johnson is too old to play in qualifying

  11. Shane says:

    btw, where is all the USA possession I read about. These highlights only show the US goals, all the rest of the time Mexico hass the ball

  12. RK says:

    Two for zero? Now that’s a good happy hour deal.

  13. RK says:

    Well, they couldn’t show any Mexico goals.

  14. dude says:

    i thought Neymar played for brazil?

  15. matt says:

    Yeah I didnt see any US possession at all. This video made it seem like we were on our heels the whole match.

  16. Polo says:

    Think about it guys, the reason the video didn’t show US possession was because it showed US goals. Mexico did not have any goals, so they had to show something.

  17. RK says:

    Yeah these highlights definitely don’t do this game justice. There was spell after spell where the US had long possession, skills, quality link-ups. Adu and Agudelo were making people look silly…but that would make for a very long highlight video.

    Keep in mind Josh Gatt most likely needs to fit back in here. Could be a RB candidate.

  18. supergrandefilms says:

    Agree 100%…! There is a greater joy toward the game in the voices of Latino announcers.

    All you have to hear is… GOLAAAAZO…. AZO… AZO…!!! That says it all.

  19. Mig22 says:

    True, but will he? With WCQ going on, I’m not sure of the scheduling woes that might go with trying to do both.

    I certainly hope he does, though as the senior team doesn’t really NEED him for qualification.

  20. Michael Vann says:

    Just thinking the same thing. The highlights made it seem like an even affair. It was anything but that. Total domination for 60-65 minutes and still controlled things the last 25 or so even though it was a tad bit sloppy. That was due to the amount of subs allowed. Nonethless, this team looked very good, very organized despite Mexico not being the opponent I anticipated.

  21. Todd says:

    Maybe in the second half but I think the US had the better of possesion in the first half(maybe 60/40). Which actually suprised me. The second half got a bit scrappy and would agree that the US needs to do a better job of controling the game to the finish(Mix was visibly tired a Bunbury looked apathetic in his short minutes….having said this the list of positives is pretty long. Corona, Mix(for 3/4), Morales, Gyau(wow…this guy could be very good), Adu still has the one on one/two in the corners, keepers looked solid and I watched the game in spanish because I am a fan but I don’t speak the language . I am only listening to the broadcast to get background info on players…I don’t really care how they talk about the game(a miss is a miss and guys at this level should put sitters away)…although Alexi Lalas is a D-bag…can’t stand listening to that guy(talking about USA Italy).

  22. Frank says:

    Ives is the one with his Homer comment about the US thoroughly dominating performance. We deserved to win but Mexico dominated the second half.

  23. Frank says:

    I watch a lot of Mexican soccer and for Tena to start with Amione instead of Pulido and Ponce (who is a LB) as winger instead of Aquino is criminal. Tena is the coach that got his a__ handed to him in Copa. I think Mexico does not qualify for the Olympics again if they keep Tena at the helm.

    We should be able to take first place in the upcoming qualifying tourney.

  24. Dman says:

    By comparision….( I know there is about 6 guys that may likely start for the US)

    How much of the A team was this for the U23 mexico team? (obviously without the Di Santos bros and Vela)

  25. Andy says:

    I was there going nuts, and we looked really good. Despite being grossly outnumbered by Mexico fans all the Americans got nice and rowdy.

    When Shea is back, move him to the wing and put Adu in Corona’s spot. Other than that, the team looked really nice. Morales and Mix were a very impressive pairing in the midfield. Gyau is going to be really good as well. Speed to burn and good dribbling skills.

  26. Andy says:

    Yeah I was there, and they left out a lot of really impressive link up play that the US had. Mix and Morales were smooth and quick in possession most of the game and linked up well with the forwards. I wish they had included some of it.

  27. Andy says:

    Just watched those highlights, and they are very skewed from how the match really went. Mexico barely looked a threat to score except for a couple short spells, and that was all. Our midfield dominated theirs, and we could have had a few more honestly.

  28. Eurosnob says:

    Did you even watch the game? Mexico was defending the first 15-20 minutes of the second half. Their possession spell came only after Porter took out his starters (Gyau, Agudelo, Adu).

  29. Eurosnob says:

    You should have watched the full game. Telefutura, which did the coverage and put together this compilation for USSF, caters primarily to Mexican audience so they naturally picked the highlights favorable to Mexico. Of course, they won’t be agitating their core audience by showing a compilation of the crowed chanting Ole, while the US is stinging 20+ passess together and Mexican players chasing the ball. They did not just beat a very good Mexican U23 team, they thoroughly outplayed them. The US dominated possession against Mexico until they took out several of thier starters.

  30. eman says:

    you can have 3 23+ old players, right?

  31. Eurosnob says:

    I agree, but don’t underestimate this Mexican team – they are very good – they just ran into a superior opponent.

  32. MexAmerWhoCantPlayW/FastBlacks says:

    total domination of mexico.

  33. Neruda says:

    I wish we could confuse Agudelo for Neymar beyond their similar haircuts. Maybe someday, who knows. What’s clear is the US is finally starting to tap into their superior athletes in the sport of soccer. The US should be dominating Mexico like this on a regular basis from now on. Case in point is in goal. Mexico will have to pray overtime to develop talent as promising as Hamid and Johnson.

  34. Neruda says:

    Meant to say “superior athletes in the sport of soccer.” IE theirs more than enough athletic talent to go around for all major American sports but we’re starting to see more young kids choosing soccer over say American football.

  35. Eurosnob says:

    When Mexico anounced the roster for this game, Mexico’s fans were raving about it and predicting a 4-0 victory. As for missing Vela and Dos Santos brothers – only Gio is a true first team player. The US also has first team players that are eligible for this squad but were not able to play against Mexico because they either played againt Italy with the first team (Altidore, Shea, Taylor) and/or were injured (Chandler).

  36. Paul says:

    Adu looked sharp, as did Gyau and Mix. I wish the highlights–if they were to reflect the game–included Adu’s moment of Jonesian nastiness, when he tired to tackle a keeper’s clearance attempt and got booked for doing so.

    Just one game, but,damn, what a game for the US! Let’s see how the two teams play in Olympic qualifying.

  37. elgringorico says:

    Wait, are there plans to incorporate Jozy into the Olympics squad?

  38. bryan says:

    the highlights don’t do it justice. the US was easily 60/40 1st half and probably a little over 50% the second half. mexico started playing well in the last 20 minutes or so. but the passing by the US was great. Adu was breaking ankles with his moves. gyau was juking people left and right. corona and morales were spraying passes all over the place. mixx cleaned up so much. it was a great show.

  39. bryan says:

    Gyau, Jozy, Adu
    Morales, Mixx, Corona
    Johnson, Opara, Williams, Chandler

    Johnson an over-aged player.

  40. blasie213 says:

    my girl was next to me and did the translation. The mexican announcers wouldn’t shut the ##$% up about the two penalty kicks..

    Thats why i hate mexican soccer, mexicans always falling on the ground because they are little people. What a joke!

  41. blaise213 says:

    I still want to know why Joe Corona didnt try to score when he had an open shot ?????????

    He could be a liability if we play mexico again. He might have problems playing in tijuana if he were to score!

    Also, I wouldnt be surprised if mexico tried to ask for him back

  42. 2tone says:

    Dumb post Frank. U.S. dominted 3/4 of the game. I watched the game. Mexico had some possession towards the end of the game. Why you ask because Mexico needed to push for goals the U.S. did not. Your comment smacks of beign an American apologist.

  43. 2tone says:

    These highlights are bunk. The U.S. had 2 or 3 shots in the first 20 minutes of the second half. All they show is Diskeruds hit. Not only that Bunbury had a shot go narrowly over the crossbar as well. Trying to make it look like Mexico was dominant which they weren’t at all. Not only that some dumb Mexican commentators were lying saying that the U.S. was playing defensively for most of the game and trying to hit Mexico on the counter. When in fact it was the other way around.

    There was no need to push the game after the 75th mark for the Americans. They were already up by two goals. mexico had to push hence why they had some more possession in the latter stages of the second half. We defended and closed out the game.

  44. Andy says:

    Actually it was really funny. The Mexican fans were chanting Ole when they would put together 4 passes. They weren’t even out of their defensive end either. We would yell Ole as a joke when they would lose it after like 3 passes.

  45. Andy says:

    Amen. Wish they included Adu’s work in the corner when he megged a Mexican defender really bad. It was pretty nice.

  46. rico says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm… well, they weren’t enjoying themselves so much when late in the match, a Mexican player begging for a prayer to be answered went down in the box after a touch on the shoulder. One of the announcers went on for 5 minutes saying it clearly a foul, how did the ref miss it. The subject would change and then he’d bring it up again.

    I also liked the part when at the beginning of the match. they said there is no such thing as a friendly w/ Mexico vs USA. Then later said…. at least it is a friendly and something to learn from. I make fun… but I’ve done the same w/ a LOT of US friendlies over the years. And…. I can’t imagine what an Italian would have thought listening to a US broadcast of that match. HAAAA!

  47. rico says:

    Well… if they were going to show all of the possession, the clip would have taken about, ohhhhh 60 minutes.

  48. THomas says:

    Man Mexico sucks.