USA U-23s out of Olympic contention after draw with El Salvador

USA U23s lose (Reuters)


The U.S. Under-23 men's national team's Olympic dream is over before it ever really got started.

A late blunder by substitute goalkeeper Sean Johnson in the final minute of stoppage time erased a heroic comeback from the United States, as El Salvador knocked Caleb Porter's side out of Olympic qualifying with a 3-3 draw at LP Field in Nashville, Tenn. on Monday night. 

The Americans clawed their way back from a 2-1 deficit with two unanswered in the second half, but that was not enough to secure advancement to the all-important semifinals match as Johnson failed to cleanly block a Jaime Alas shot in the 95th minute of the Group A finale.

Making matters worse for the United States was that a win over El Salvador would have won the Americans the group after already-eliminated Cuba pulled out an improbable 1-1 draw versus Canada through a late goal in the first game of the doubleheader.

Still, the United States got off to a dream start in the dramatic and chippy game, with Terrence Boyd scoring on a volleyed effort in the first minute off a cross from Brek Shea.

Things then turned sour as Lester Blanco and Andres Flores each scored for the visitors in a span of three minutes towards the end of the first half.

Blanco scored first with a header off a corner kick in the 35th minute, and that was followed up with a finish from Flores two minutes later. Both goals came against starting goalkeeper Bill Hamid, who was replaced by Johnson in the 39th minute after picking up an injury just before the goals.

Needing a win to secure advancement, the U.S. team rallied in the second half after fading in the opening 45 minutes. Captain Freddy Adu delivered assists to Boyd and midfielder Joe Corona in a four-minute stretch, giving the United States the result they needed to advance.

Boyd scored his second goal of the game when he got on the end of a through ball from Adu and finished to the near post in the 65th minute. Corona scored his fourth goal of the tournament three minutes later, nodding home a right-footed cross from Adu.

Leading 3-2, the United States was on the brink of winning Group A and advancing to the semifinals before Alas made a dribbling run across the field and unleashed a thunderous shot. Johnson parried the shot but did not get enough of it to prevent it from bouncing into the back of the net, resulting in El Salvador's advancement and the U.S. team's demise.


What do you make of the United States' 3-3 draw with El Salvador and their elimination from qualifying for the Olympics? What do you think was ultimately the demise of the Americans? Do you want to see Porter get the boot?

Share your thoughts below.

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293 Responses to USA U-23s out of Olympic contention after draw with El Salvador

  1. away goals says:

    For everyone complaining about the lack of subs (looking at you borcini)… so you wanted gyau on, corona (or mix) off and adu to the middle?

    Because adu set up both second half goals from his starting role. And obviously corona got the temporary go ahead goal.

    I guess maybe gyau would have cleared sean johnson’s mistake off the line?

  2. thaDeuce says:


  3. Ricky B. Free says:

    We have had 2 straigth youth teams go into a decisive game as favorites and come out as goats.

    We have lost vs Guatemala and El Salvador. What a failure.

  4. Bad taste in mouth – first the Gold Cup, now this… I’m afraid of what will happen in WC qualifying. What does this do to shake up Klinsmann’s youth development program? Who can possibly replace Porter?

  5. thaDeuce says:

    i don’t know what to say. i don’t know.

  6. Ricky B. Free says:

    Why couldnt he sub Shea out? Because he is so spectacular?

  7. Shady says:

    Bob Bradley says, “how do you like me now”?

  8. chewp says:

    Im glad those slouches won’t be representing us. Adu and Shea were the only ones that belonged on the field with that El Salvador team.

  9. jake says:

    No one needs to replace porter. This team is a one-year pre-olympic kind of team… It’s pretty amazing when a loss like this happens. If Johnson saves that ball or anyone on the team has a little more in their legs to make it a tougher shot, what do the headlines look like. Either way, Porter and the team did essentially the same thing, except for one fumble.

  10. thaDeuce says:

    What if chandler, morales, and others had been there? i guess we will never know.

  11. Wes says:

    No U20 qualification and now this? This is a colossal failure and a BIG deal. This is the future of our program? How are these players going to feed into our senior team now with ZERO experience on the international front? Who was in charge of hiring Porter? He has ZERO experience with handling professional players. You think that for one second another countries federation would think about hiring a college soccer coach. This is a joke. Sunil has a LOT of explaining to do.

  12. cj good says:

    Caleb Porter is not ready for prime time. Nor is anybody in that defence. Shea shows glimpses of showing quality, Corona finds himself in the right time. However, the one guy who I see who played tonight being on senior team soon is Boyd. Cannot wait to see him, Dempsey, Altidore, and Bradley on the field at some point. The US showed their is a lack of depth right now.

  13. Ricky B. Free says:

    At least we got Terrence Body out of this failure.

  14. funny guy says:

    umm Boyd? Corona?

  15. thaDeuce says:

    or rongen?

  16. Polo says:

    This is on terrible coaching, and that’s about it.

    1. Your goalkeeper is clearly injured. Take him out. Don’t wait until he gives up two easy goals because he’s too hurt to make the save. Take him out.

    2. 3rd game in 5 days and your first field sub comes… on the verge of additional time?

    3. Don’t ever take off the star player dictating the tempo and pace when you need to hold on for a few minutes. And even worse put on a player in the defensive mid position who hasn’t played yet in the tournament!

    4. When you have potentially the fastest player in the world on the U23 level on your bench with extremely fresh legs and you don’t bring him on… and he’s a winger who can kill time…

    Good tactition, but he didn’t belong anywhere near the game day managing.

    Also: F you CONCACAF and your concentrated efforts to consistently cheat and injure our players while sharing the inside joke with the officials.

  17. thaDeuce says:

    good point.

  18. thaDeuce says:

    they choked

  19. UMN says:

    Shea was the player to sub, we would have needed him rested.

  20. jon says:

    this game was a joke, and i’m not laughing.
    Freddy Adu = the future.
    Other potential players for the World Cup are Terrence Boyd, Joe Corona, Mixx Diskerud, Jorge Villafana, and Kofie Sarkodie. Everyone else, take a hike.

  21. jmac says:

    Terrible, terrible goalkeeping and defending. Most, if not all, the goals that were conceded were soft.

  22. dan says:

    Hopefully some guys here learn that logic doesn’t work in soccer. The US beats Mexico in a friendly, where Mexico didn’t have some key players, and suddenly we become a medal contender.

    Fans need to be more objective.

  23. Ryan Johnson says:


  24. Brokeleg says:

    The U.S. came into the tournament with a questionable backline and it proved to be our undoing. The backline looked frail including the goalkeeping all tournament. Ike Opara had a major fail this tournament and our fullbacks looked very weak when asked to defend. But the mistakes in goalkeeping where really shocking. Who would of thought, the U.S. who where always known for defending and goalkeeping would look so weak in our U-23s. On the flip side, Freddy Adu and a good tournament. Terrence Boyd was a revelation in the last game and Joe Corona had his coming out party. Mixx, Bunbury, & Opara really hurt themselves.

  25. thaDeuce says:

    Opara was hideous in all 3 games. i seriously expected more out of him after reading SBI thinking he would break out this tourney. miscue.

  26. sprflycat says:

    I kind of sick about this. How was there no red card? Why weren’t there subs? Why wasn’t the whistle blown. Sick. Sick. Sick.

  27. Dimidri says:

    I think everybody’s thinking the same thing-

    First ever loss in the Group Stage of the Gold Cup. Then 4-2. And oh boy number 4, Gio and Timmy…….No Confed Cup, a tournament that meant so much in 09.

    Highly, highly touted group didn’t qualify for the u20 world cup. Lost to Guatemala. Guatemala? They’re not even one of the good Central American teams.

    Another supposedly uber-talented team, the U17’s looked less than stellar getting punched out in the round of 16 at the u17 World Cup.

    The Galaxy and the Sounders both have promising CCL campaigns only to almost unfathomably BOTH lose in the quarters of the CCL, the Sounders in embarrassing fashion after such a promising start and the Galaxy stunningly disappointing.

    Caleb Porter, the 4-3-3 guru gets hired and a bunch of USSF videos get made that look badass with blonde girls in them and a great friendly result against Mexico occurs only for the most hyped US youth team potentially ever to not even make it out of the group losing to Canada. Canada. Fans had already prepared their 3 overage selections, gotten tickets to KC, etc. An absolute, cataclysmic, disaster. Nothing else.

    These are gut punches like almost nothing else I can think of as an USMNT fan. The Gio goal, the El Salvador goal, the Santos whooping, the ‘best team ever in MLS’ Galaxy collapse, the almost impossible hype for the u20 but especially the u23 team, these hurt worse than Ghana(both times), worse than Brazil at the Confed Cup, worse than Mexico in Azteca. These are just pyschologically devastating, and they keep piling on. Hopefully World Cup qualifying isn’t a similar disaster.

  28. Mike says:

    The price of Jamie Alas to the San Jose Earthquakes just went up

  29. Rudi says:

    SO disappointed

  30. Jozy says:

    It’ll take years for these guys to make to the next level..

    Believe me,.. I know.

  31. HoboMike says:

    That’s a very shortsighted and simple-minded view. Corona played poorly before his goal. Mix did nothing except play sideways passes, backwards passes, and whine to the refs.

    This is your third game in five days. Your first field sub comes on in the 87th minute (for the one guy who does not look tired). Adu was beating his defender for pace, so you know the defender was gassed. It makes no sense to hold out hope that something would miraculously happen (which it almost did). Relying on a complete change in fortune without doing something make it happen is the definition of poor coaching.

  32. Ben says:

    This blows. Forget soccer, now lets do what the US does best, support a coup in a South American country. That’s right El Salvador, you might have won tonight, but just wait.

  33. Lost in Space says:

    The biggest problem with this team was they bought into what the press was saying WAY to much. They thought this was going to be a cakewalk. On top of theat they were not able to break down El Salvador or Canada’s bunker in defense. We all knew that the defense was the weekest part of this team…and we were right. The defense showed little to no heart. They were reacting to the game, not taking it to their opponents.
    From this group we’re likely to see Boyd, Gyau, Corona, Gatt, Morales, Diskerud and Adu fighting their way into the Senior National team. None of the defenders are anywhere near ready for the national team.

  34. Rigazzi's on The Hill says:

    Mix should go back to his gig with the Bee Gees.

  35. Caleb Porter says:

    … But we beat Mexico in a friendly. Doesn’t that put us amongst the top in the world??!

    Go Concacaf!

  36. Dimidri says:

    +1. Only on nights like this do I responses to giddy Mexican fans like ‘hows that drug war going’ or ‘have fun being marginally better than us at our 5th/6th most popular sport’ seem acceptable. Only on these nights, grrrrrr.

  37. PD says:

    slouches? you should learn to sleep on posts like this before clicking away…

  38. Bosingwa's Unibrow says:

    Nobody on the back line from this squad is anywhere near being ready to compete internationally if you ask me.

  39. PD says:

    so in summary… BIG ZERO ZERO LOT.

  40. Casey says:

    Not sure how you can say not breaking down a defense when they score three goals all during the run of play.

  41. legalbuzz says:

    Well, that sucks! Now I have even less reason to watch the Olympics! Hopefully the “adult” MNT will show up this summer and get this bad taste out of our mouth. Will be in JAX and will be loud.

  42. Bosingwa's Unibrow says:

    Disagree on Mixx

  43. Roger says:

    Villafana?! … Hahahahaha!

  44. PD says:

    I was nodding along until the last paragraph. In case you haven’t noticed CONCACAF officiating treats everyone equally poorly. there is not conspiracy, just incompetence.

  45. Kojo says:

    Now we know why the college player may be a good MLS player but it will take years of catching up to be an international player. If Caleb Porter is the supposed best college soccer coach there is then woe to any player who plays college ball. He looked utterly lost in this whole tournament from not using his bench, poor tactics, poor substitutions. My gosh he was utterly rubbish. At least he won’t be part of the process going forward since there is no Olympics and I doubt he will get the job 4 years from now.

  46. PD says:

    this is the most objective post I’ve read so far.

  47. gbs says:

    How many days till porter is fired from his part-time job coaching the olympic, err, supposed to be olympic team? When is Sunil up for re-election?

  48. daniel says:

    Might be your 5th/6th most popular sport but its the one that matter to you.

  49. a says:

    why didnt Shea just BOOT THE HECK out of that ball at the end instead of trying to get cute and give possession back to them…

  50. Lil' Zeke says:

    Aww, chin up there little fella :)

  51. PD says:

    wow. you make it sound like someone drowned your puppy.

  52. Goalscorer24 says:

    It was a mistake having a college coach. We need professional players not college players, which we are doing more of and the same goes for the coach. Adu, and Boyd played well. Goalkeeping was brutally lame.

    Is it passion we lack? It seems like most other countries are so passionate about soccer, you can see it in their players. We don’t seem to have that. We only get passionate once we go down a goal or two.

  53. MensreaJim says:

    Whoa. This was rough, but I’ll take these 1000x over Ghana ’10.

    Charlie barely not getting on the end of that cross in Azteca still burns…this sucks, but for me, those big boys’ losses will sting forever, this will fade once the (admittedly now very painful) Olympics pass. For me that is–your feelings are valid.

  54. fischy says:

    Because he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  55. eman says:


    (don’t be and a-hole and hate on me simply because I don’t support the US.)

  56. fischy says:

    Please do not kick your dog.

    I just want to say that you should warn all your loved ones that you will be mentally unstable for days to come. The USA team is out. We’re all cursing and throwing things and just generally acting like devastated soccer fans do after a loss like this. Savor this. It’s magnificent!!!

    This was operatic. Tonight, we’re all honorary Italians.

  57. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I’m heartbroken. Tomorrow I’ll be mad, but today I’m just heartbroken

  58. Little Pea says:

    In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz – Haw, Haw!

  59. sef-one says:

    you mean the shea-d?

    gutted. that sucked.

  60. umadbro says:

    El Salvador showed that it takes hard work and dedication, along w/ talent to win. El Salvador deserved to go through, U.S. didnt at all. El Salvador showed how weak the U.S. defence was and exposed it. Alas, Flores, Larin, and Blanco will be playing in the MLS if not in Europe soon.

  61. Dennis says:

    or Cabrera?

  62. sef-one says:

    c’mon man. really? lot’s of hate directed your way right now. your boys dove, elbowed and were basically little beezys the whole game. sorry. we shot ourselves in the foot. go find another place to post.

  63. mr coolio says:

    Coach deserves more blame then the players. Why werent we playing possession ball until the very end. BTW, I dont consider running to the corner to waste time possession call that’s stalling and it’s nearly worthless. We should have been passing out of the back instead of having the goalie punt the ball every chance he gets. This is something the coach needs to relay to his team. Also the substitutions were questionable Corona and Adu are possession type players. If the coach really wanted to kill time he would substitute Boyd for Gyau and Shea for another midfielder since Shea looked tired.

  64. chris says:

    Hamid, Villlafana, Shea, Mix, and Jeffery all didnt play college and they all sucked

  65. eman says:

    you speak intelligence

  66. Little Pea says:

    You guys were so focused on us that AS I PREDICTED, El Salvador gotcha. Typical arrogance once again screws the USA.

  67. Clayton says:

    So pissed – watched all 94 minutes … Feel bad for Sean. Still proud of my Yanks! F’in pissed right now! But I still love my guys and my country.

  68. cajun says:

    It appears to me that US soccer has not come very far. Only the media hype that says so. That’s 2 major set backs in a row for the kiddies. Back to the drawing board.

  69. AB says:

    Porter out. Sunil out.

  70. fischy says:

    “What do you think was ultimately the demise of the Americans?”

    Shambolic defending. Weak goalkeeping from two great athletes who are not great goalies. And, a general lack of speed. We need to find more athletic players and develop them into good players… Until we do, the Central American sides will always give us fits.

  71. fischy says:

    97 minutes, but who’s counting?

  72. MyPurpleUnderCracker says:

    I cant wait to not qualify for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. These kids have no resolve. I feel like there is no chemistry in this age group. Pathetic!! Pathetic!! Friggin Pathetic!!! We lose at home at a great place like LP? Nothing to look forward to this summer except for Dempsey beating Antigua…Hopefully. What do we do now?

  73. eman says:

    hehehe troll face

  74. Meek says:

    this blog is ‘the world of soccer with an american voice’ – my american voice is … you suck. Go comment on your salvadorian site

  75. Fanatic says:

    I second you Tony and everyone else. I can’t even get pissed – I’m just shocked and heartbroken. Ive never seen a game with this much of a rollercoaster with the killer ending. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Chupacabra says:

    Don’t forget losing two consecutive Gold Cup finals to Mexico. The only thing the US has been able to do well lately is choke in a dramatic fashion (only exception being the last WC group stage and the Confederations Cup up until the second half of the final).

  77. fischy says:

    Larin might want to think twice about the MLS. There are a few US players who are none to pleased with that ahole.

  78. eman says:

    freedom of speech, brah.

    accept it.

  79. mistadobolina says:

    seriously, opara, kitchen, and both keepers really killed us this time around.

  80. eman says:

    we don’t have internet here lololol

  81. Chupacabra says:

    It’s like the 80s all over again. Time to rock a mullet.

  82. mr coolio says:

    Agreed with everything you said. I was thinking the same thing about Hamid. I dont know why he waited for Hamid to ask for a sub. Even I was able to see that Hamid was hurt. Plus wouldn’t it make more sense to take out Boyd for Gyau or Shea or Gyau, and it should’ve happened sooner like right after we scored our third goal. As far I game management is concerned either play possession ball or attack. But what ever you do avoid the long ball crap. Enough with the goalies mindlessly punting the ball down the field.

  83. Definitely not an upward trend for the US.

    Adu played like he wanted to win. First time I fully believe he is worthy of his previous hype. Lead by example as well.

    Boyd is the real deal.

    Coach Porter should probably stick to coaching for now and develop his managerial skills. Game management definitely seemed to be an issue. Until the team arrived in Nashville I thought that Porter was the future USMNT coach. Now I see that every area still needs to develop.

    My positive out of this… I hope the US can learn to be humble as in 90s and hungry. And I like the commitment to an attacking style of play. However, we need to finish games and take care of the back.

  84. mistadobolina says:


  85. mr coolio says:

    I think Gyau should be included in that potential players list.

  86. Chupacabra says:

    Exactly. It was more a matter of not keeping focused until the final whistle.

  87. Ben says:

    seriously, sometimes I watch Shea and all I can think about is Cher from Clueless.

  88. poo says:

    He had a couple of nice finishes, but otherwise showed lead feet

  89. Chupacabra says:

    Shea believes his own hype. Anyone here who talks him up is just enabling his extreme suckiness.

  90. Ben says:

    also, hombre, that isn’t what freedom of speech means.

  91. Dimidri says:

    haha-my feelings are more just ‘wow this all adds up and sucks’ than ‘we must fire xyz’ so, while it probably is a bit over the top, I at least think my response is a bit more rationale than others.

  92. mr coolio says:

    Because we do the same thing every time we take the lead. Confed Cup, Gold Cup, now this. Whenever we take the lead we relax and lay off the pressure. We dont have that killer instinct. A huge chunk of that blame goes to the coach. He’s supposed to recognize the team is laying off and instruct them to attack.

  93. eman says:

    maybe gatt.

    bad coaching.


  94. Ed says:

    Wait what was that first thing you said?

  95. thaDeuce says:

    Who took the photo for this article? nice shot! was it taken tonight?

  96. eman says:

    no speaky engrish

  97. Kevin_Amold says:

    Kind of agreed. Knee-jerk posting is bound to happen though after a debacle like this. I give them a “night-of” pass.

  98. fischy says:

    I’ll wait and see on Morales. I don’t know what others saw, but maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention. As for Diskerud — I have seen enough. He’s got some skills, but he’s just too slow.

    Watching the USA players, I noticed one thing. Every time the got the ball facing backwards, they did this awkward dance, going around the ball. It was comically awkward — something you don’t see the more skilled players for other teams doing much. Mix is OK once he’s moving forward, but he’s a slow starter.

    I do think we’ll see Boyd and Adu forcing their way way on to the varsity. Boyd looks like a real finisher, the likes of which we haven’t had since McBride. Adu has more skill on the ball than anyone in the USA program. Okugo is a work in progress, but I could see him having a Rico Clark-like career. He does some nice things. I do think we’ll see a lot of Gatt. Corona, too, though he’s probably got a low ceiling. Gyau should make a big impact in years to come.

  99. chris says:

    The more i watch shea the more i hate him. Hes a lazy little b!tch. Biggest p*ssy out on the field, always whining, always complaing, always getting knockd off the ball. Youre 6’4 and youre getting bulldozed over by midgets. Hit the f*cking gym, shave youre f*cking head and realise you are not the f*cking sh!t.

  100. cajun says:

    That can’t explain away the pathetic loss to Canada.

  101. enoughsaid says:

    As a player, a goalkeeper that played (and sat) for Caleb Porter, I can certainly say that he is a great soccer mind. And, the evidence largely supports that conclusion. No man is perfect, no player infallible, and no game plan is flawless. Miscalculations were made. But anyone ranting against Coach Porter now is ranting against a coach that brought a group of young players from two goals down to take the lead, only to tie the game in the final minutes of a long overtime. I am disappointed. The talent is there. We should have won. I am not arguing for Coach Porter to keep his job, he believes in results as determinative, and he certainly didn’t produce in qualifying; however, he certainly doesn’t deserve the tarring he has been given from a bunch of couch-potato pundits.

  102. Skyman says:

    Your country has been thru hell. Congrats

  103. Big Piss says:

    You know, you Mexicans fans sure crack me up. For such a brilliant soccer country, you seem to get your jollies by beating the US. Is it because you never make a mark at any real international tournament? Is it because outside Concacaf, you’re really something of a minnow?

  104. Dennis says:

    I thought the US could have done better. They did not keep their composure when El Salvador attacked in numbers in the first half and pretty much panicked at the end.
    That said, the referee and assistant referee missed a clear red card when the El Salvador defender punched Boyd. They should have been done to 10 men. In general the referee allowed quite a bit of bad tempered play and after the whistle antics go (from both teams, but I thought the nastiest was from El Salvador).

    It reminds me of when I coached my son’s HS aged travel team, one of the players played on Sundays with the adult Hispanics, each player put in $50 bucks and the winner took all. Mostly the games never finished and no one got paid because the losing team would start a fight and the referee would abandon the game. The US players need more of that nasty attitude that they will not lose at any cost. They still play more like polite suburban youth than like tougher teams fighting for a win. For this team, that was especially true of the defense.

  105. ACS says:

    I think Morales kept control of the back line in the 6 position when he played he was definitely missed this tournament

  106. Big Piss says:

    I agree with this. He has a good future still, but I’m also not sure he should keep this job, as these things should be results driven. But, since you played for Porter, is it time for him to go pro? How much longer can he really stay at Akron if he wants to become a better coach?

  107. Gnarls says:

    Absolutely gutted. First Toronto FC knocks out my Galaxy, and now Canada knocks out my country.

    Canada, you used to be so pleasant and well-mannered. I’m disappointed in you.

  108. Eric says:

    Diskerud did nothing after Cuba. I dont need to see him again. Adu was the leader and heart of the team and I feel bad for him, seeing his team loose like that from the bench.

  109. steveo says:

    the narrative, circa 94th minute:

    “Caleb Porter showed his poise by resisting the urge to replace Corona and Adu after mediocre first halves and both played a crucial to the 3-2 victory that has U.S. only 90 minutes away from the 2012 Olympics. Porter allowed his starters the opportunity to right the ship and his faith paid off.”

    then, Sean Johnson plays a 30 yard shot with the skill of a toddler…


  110. Skyman says:

    Fortunately in football 90% is judged on WC. Still, we still are not even close to being what we feel we should be, pushing the world football powers: we’re still not close

  111. Ed says:

    “We need to find more athletic players and develop them into good players…”

    Good one.

  112. fischy says:

    Well — the weak goalkeeping does. I’m a DC United fan. I really want to see Hamid be the great goalie he’s being hyped to be. He certainly has the athletic gifts, but there are huge holes in his game. Plus, he plays nervous. He doesn’t set — he’s always in motion. Sometimes that allows him to react to balls, but it also means that he isn’t always in the best position to react. He needs some serious coaching, and he needs to relax a little. Instead of emulating Howard so much, he should look to Friedel, with his Zen-like approach, as a model. If he could combine what those two guys have, he’d be awesome.

  113. Spank says:

    More than anything i am disappointed in the people of our country! We expect these kids to go out there and be motivated when they don’t even have true support! Yes they were playing at “home” but it seems like no matter what age level, there is always more support for the visiting country. How about we stop blaming it on Porter or the keeper or the defense and look at the people of this country that don’t care to support our national team!

  114. Gnarls says:

    In the immortal words of Bart – Eat my shorts!

  115. Judging Amy says:

    maybe the hype surrounding him at first was unfair and now the hate is probably a bit unfair too. people are angry and thus emotions and reactions are overblown.

    i wasn’t too familiar with the guy (as far as seeing him actually work) until this u-23 tournament. i knew he was lauded for a possession oriented style.

    my opinion on porter as the u23 coach from what i saw is that for a guy lauded for possession play, this team struggled to build up play and possess an awful lot. that to me was more concerning than whether or not adu should have been subbed at 87 mins or whatever.

    as a u-23 coach i don’t know how you can argue that the criticism he’s been getting is unfair considering the talent he had to work with and the talent the us team was competing against.

    he’s very young though and i’m sure will continue to grow.

  116. c says:

    not sure if anyone has heard about this, talk about dirty. Diskerud: “Me and Freddy (Adu) got bit. That’s a part of the game, I guess.” He showed us the bite on upper left shoulder. From a reporter at the game also “US soccer coach has clearly been crying. Can barely answer questions.” from the same reporter

  117. fischy says:

    I know it’s an old story, but it’s still true. The best athletes don’t come to soccer, or they come too late, or they just don’t get the skill-intensive play they need. Organized leagues don’t give it, but I’m not sure the Academies are the cure-all, either. It’s got to start much younger, with kids practicing what they see the best pros do. Maybe, it’s coming. Maybe, it’s not.

  118. thaDeuce says:

    agree except for the “worse than ghana both times” comment. majorly disagree there. WC is above 20 gold cups, confed cups, and olympics. Much more emotional. i’ll be over this within a week, world cups hurt for 4 years.

  119. Cole Joseph says:

    first of all Mix is spelled with one “x”.
    also I think he did a good job in this tourney. Guys who will probably be on the plane to Brazil (if we make it)
    Mix, Corona, Adu, Gyau, Agudelo and Boyd. Those guys are pretty much locks. Shea might still make it but he better have one heck of a qualifying tourney.

  120. Four Cents says:

    This tournament cut us deep- we need some time to heal, makes some changes, and look to the future. We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly.. We need to reflect- try and find the good in this and we’ll see you at the World Cup Qualifiers…

  121. patrick says:

    No one likes people like you!

  122. PD says:

    Ouch. Tough, tough loss.

    Big picture? These guys are young. Some will use this disappointment to stoke a fire in their bellies and will get better. Those who won’t… just won’t. That includes both players and coaches.

    As far as WC Qualifying goes and what I think this means in terms of that:

    1. Several already-mentioned players were bright spots and may earn roster spots or give other players a run for their money, raising the level of play (Adu, Gyau, Corona, Boyd, Agudelo before he got hurt, Diskerud at times, Shea… well I don’t know what’s up with him right now to be honest… ).

    2. As bad as this defense was, the USMNT are developing a group of fine fullbacks for the senior side (Chandler, Johnson, Lichaj, plus Cherundolo) and have some quality center back options (Ream, Parkhurst, Goodson, possibly Cameron, possibly Whitbread, plus Bocanegra). This in addition to a well-known corps of very strong midfielders and some strong goalkeepers (I’d include Rimando in that pool and BTW can we please let Brad Guzan back in from the cold already?). Add to that striker options like Herc Gomez, Buddle, Gatt, in addition to Altidore, Dempsey, and Donovan and you have some good options up top for a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. A lot of quality talent is available to work with.

    But personnel aside, US Soccer is in a MAJOR transition right now, making a concerted effort to play the game according to a different philosophy than it has in the past, all the while doing it in a region that is known for a style that puts 10 men behind the ball and slogs it out. That’s a tall order for any soccer nation and it’s going to take time for the players to figure out how to meet the physical and mental demands of this new era. They showed they could do it tonite, but got a really bad break late in the match. Yes they blew it against Canada, but the Canucks executed their strategy to perfection and deserve some credit for that).

    Perhaps no one wants to hear this tonite, but life will go on and so will US Soccer. Porter doesn’t need to be fired. Gulati doesn’t need to be fired. Klinsmann doesn’t need to be fired. In fact I’m sure they are all more pissed about this result than any of us.

  123. AG says:

    Late goals happen, even last second ones, but what just happend here is stuff of nightmares! We’ll take the best prospects and keep marching for Brazil. I just hope nothing this painful EVER happens during WCQ or WC group stage.

  124. Dimidri says:

    To me the manner in which we lost coupled with the lack of previous awe-inspiring moments in this tournament is what made this so much harder to swallow. The US did about what we expected it to do at the 2010 WC, probably a little bit better winning the group with England. We tied England, fought back valiantly against Slovenia for what should have been a W, and the Landon Goal, which needs no more said. All of that, winning the group, and the fact that we did not lose in the 94th minute with a side that is better relatively to the competition than the WC team was made this mentally harder for me to stomach. Same deal with Confed Cup(Spain W), etc.

  125. Big Piss says:

    that made me laugh

  126. TimBaker3 says:

    It would be a mistake to have Porter out. He is very talented. I think he deserves a chance. The Draw tonight was the result of a fluke error. We can back from 2-1. It was a rough game, a lot of drama on the field and an error that cost us.
    The Canada game was the only UGH of the trio.
    El Salvador was a horrible opponent, diving, biting, punches, elbows, etc. It was a hard fought game. We got Unlucky. We lost 2 subs before the 2nd half began (injury and sub).
    Not qualifying for the Olympics causes the most damage to just the bandwagon fan base that would come from non soccer fans watching just because it was the USA and the Olympics. The System is still being worked on.

  127. thaDeuce says:

    well shister! you just made me realize the best silver lining there is, one that distracts me with more soccer. DCU just got ten times better. now if honduras loses (najar) and mexico (just cuz it is mexico),i will enjoy soccer again sooner than i thought.

  128. thaDeuce says:

    too bad the back up keeper won’t get more looks, he did good against vancouver. but hamid needs to get back on the bull for his own sake. I’m thonkin guzan for back up in the qualifiers

  129. thaDeuce says:

    link to video por favor

  130. thaDeuce says:

    i have to suort myself too hombre. they don’t play games where i live.

  131. thaDeuce says:


  132. UMN says:

    “El Salvador showed that it takes hard work and dedication” hard work being punches and elbows to the face. El salvador confirmed all the stereotypes american fans have about central american teams; shameless diving, dirty tactics, and resorting to fighting when you are down. Good luck qualifying I imaging you have a couple of fifa suspensions coming your way.

  133. Pancho Miguel Morales de Conejo says:

    What job? There is no more “job” the u23’s are done. He can apply again in 3 1/2 years .

  134. Salgado says:

    A pathetic display of game management, especially in stoppage time. The US had several chances to clear the ball before the tying goal and did not. Several US players desrved an assist on the tying goal. I expected better sub decisions from Caleb Porter. A slow Michael Stevens to help preserve the lead??? Where was Sheannon Williams or Valentin to help preserve the lead? And Joseph Gyau should have been subbed in earlier to run El Salvador’s tired legs off. AND we would have avoided Mexico for God’s sake. A horrific failure!!! I’m devastated!

  135. Pancho Miguel Morales de Conejo says:

    Porter out? Of what? His job ended tonight. He didn’t qualify his team for the Olympics hence job over. There is no such thing as a U23 team except inOlympic years.

  136. thaDeuce says:

    well, i understand that, i guess the difference between us is you are feeling with your reasoning, i am feeling obviously irrationally. No we shouldn’t win the world cup, but it just hurts soooo much to see us crash out and have to watch other teams, sometimes arguably less good like Japan, keep winning. Or when we should have beaten germany in 02? and weren’t there some penalties that wern’t called and some goals taken back the last two cups? After the high of the slovenia game, any loss would be crushing.

    then again, thinking with reasoning, the world cup matters more, and it is the full team, in the biggest tourney in the world. u-23, even for the olympics, maybe doesn’t compare. though i know u are talking about much more than today.

  137. Edwin in LA says:

    Opara is rusty so you can only expect so much from a young guy who is coming from a long long injury spell.

    Kitchen did play badly but the keeper mistakes are so uncharacteristically of the US

  138. CA says:

    The headlines would have been “USA Narrowly Escapes What Should Have Been An Easy Win.”

    This was a bad loss, and all of us have a right to be pissed right now.

  139. Edwin in LA says:

    What players was Mexico missing?

  140. Wes says:

    Who made the decision to hire porter

  141. foo says:

    has nothing to do with athleticism and skill — the guys out there today were all great athletes. It’s about soccer IQ, tactical awareness, and testicular fortitude.

  142. Ram Truck Month says:

    No worries in 2016 .. SSFC’s U-18’s class will get the job done

  143. Spank says:


  144. slowreno says:

    Finally got to watch the highlights (so bummed i missed the game). Two facts for sure:
    1.) Red card for the punch
    2.) SJ’s blown save won for El Salvador.

    Big games usually come down to big plays. That was the play that mattered most and will be a blown opportunity that will haunt SJ forever. So disappointing to not see the Red, White, and Blue in the games for M’s soccer/football this summer. I’d really been looking forward to it. I think it’s something Concacaf big wigs should be disappointed with too. The USA has a quickly growing fan base from a rapidly growing league and not having our rising stars in the world’s eye doesn’t just hurt us, it hurts Concacaf as a legitimate power in the world football pecking order. I’m not saying the refs blew the game for us, and by all means the responsibility lies within our coaching staff and players. I still love the team regardless of the outcome and am looking forward to players like Adu, Gyau, Boyd, Corona, Mixx, Agudelo making an impact in the years to come as well as Porter. Maybe he doesn’t have the big game decision making down now, but this is an opportunity for him to learn about the game and how to approach not only each game from a tactical standpoint, but how to approach a tournament.

    On to WC qualifying!!!

  145. Tony says:

    Can’t claim to be any type of world soccer power if you can’t knock off the minnows of the world like El Salvador. A more patient team would have run roughshod over them, exploiting their over eagerness. Here it is 2012 and we still struggle with games like this. Mexico, on the other hand, is showing how it is done in CONCACAF…

  146. primoone says:

    No need to read anymore of the rubbish…this is Best post of the night…

  147. Ricky B. Free says:

    Gyau is beter but Porter had him sit the bencho fo the overhyped Shea. I guess SUnil told Porter to play MLS guys so people think that its a strong league.

  148. Little Pea says:

    I’ll keep drinking your tears Americans. See you in the semi….oh wait that’s right…..USA GOT ELIMINATED BY EL SALVADOR AND CANADA! HAHAHA. Never, EVER compare your little soccer team to the Tri. WE ARE RESPECTED BY THE SOCCER WORLD. They know we aren’t frauds. Enjoy watching our Golden Generation rule while your country declines to be worst than Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Jamaica. FORGET ABOUT BRASIL 2014…enjoy watching us there AND IN LONDON. HAW HAW!

  149. Ricky B. Free says:

    People America is a continent not just the US. SO american voice is pretty much giving him an invitation.

  150. Dimidri says:

    Good points, regardless of which is worse, they all suck, and really, since the Gold Cup, the only good things for the USMNT(not counting individual club performances, some of which have been awesome-Gooch’s comeback, LD on loan, Clint’s amazing season, the emergence of Fabian Johnson, multiple key Champions League kegs like Jozy, Friedel, etc.)have been fleeting at best-the u17 friendlies which are cool, but what do they really mean?, the Italy win, the u23 win over Mexico(yikes in retrospect), and really, that’s it. Yes, LAG and SEA had good first parts to the CCL, yes MLS is growing more than ever, yes we have a lot to look forward to in WC qualifying and this is a period of transition, but it’s been a rough period for US Soccer really since Landon’s goal.

    The way US Soccer works, just when things are going down hill(confed cup, algeria game, etc.) they’ll find a way to turn it around. Trust them.

  151. Little Pea says:

    The best comment in here is the one about you better get used to being at the 1980s level again. Like 6 nations have caught up to USA meanwhile MEXICO IS UNTOUCHABLE!!!!

  152. CA says:

    Agreed 100% that college coaches are not the answer.

  153. dgoshilla says:

    I was really disappointed in the teams play. Not just the lack of effort but the lack of skill. The worst part is we’ve seen this group play a couple levels better than they showed this tournament. The coach didn’t make the right choices and didn’t get the most from his players. His inexperience showed.

  154. Ricky B. Free says:

    Shea needs to get some balls and conditioning I have never seen him run for 90 minutes. At the 60 or 70 minute mark he is always running like a mule, Watch FC Dallas games and you will get what I am saying.

  155. sandtrout says:

    Looking for silver linings…………I’ll spend less time watching the Olympics this summer!??!

  156. thaDeuce says:

    agreed. big ups on mls growth, very exciting. i just hope our nat teams get back their bite. i hope that isn’t being sacrificed for finesse.

  157. Darthspud says:

    This is a pathetic last few years for US Soccer. Failed to reach the U-20 championship. Failed to reach the Confederations Cup. Failed to reach the Olympics. U-17s had decent showing. The US is clearly not the best team in region. All that is needed is to fail to reach the World Cup.

    Porter was unimpressive. He relied too much on his Akron Boys. So much for the next Loew. pathetic

  158. Ricky B. Free says:

    He showed that he cnat manage at the next level. You can be blinded because you played for him.

    But remember that at the College level there are not a lot of decent coaches so anyone with a brain can look like El Loco Bielsa.

    Porter seems more like a recruiter, if he is so good at developing players why hasnt anyone from Akron killed it at MLS level?

    The only one is Zakuani and he is an ok player. Bunbury has no touch or tactical awareness, Valentin is below average, Sarkodie as well, Kitchen is average at best, etc.

    Porter has a lot to learn and I hope he learns his lesson and goes to MLS as an assistant coach so he learns more, instead of kiling poor coached college soccer teams.

  159. Marvin says:

    Congrats U.S. you got beat by a 3rd world country. Are kids are more likely to join a street gang than play soccer. This is the second time that youre over confidence is your downfall. By all means i wanted the U.S. to advance but w/ that attitude why should you? U.S. learns some humility, especially Corona.

  160. Ricky B. Free says:

    You nailed it. Our kids are playing a tournament and the other teams are playing for their careers and country.

  161. caifan says:

    Sometimes tbe football gods smile upon you and sometimes they decide to take a dump on you. Football is a funny game like that. Because the US didn’t qualify for the Olympics (dump) I’m looking for a smile in the World Cup. Brazil ‘ 14!

  162. Diego says:

    no maybe somebody in the defense could have closed on Alas. Or maybe our midfield would have had a bit more bite in the midfield at the end of the game. Most of the guys on the field had played 3 games in about a week and a half. Of course they were going to be tired. Porter should not have waited till too late (88th minute) in the game to sub people in the midfield. Poor game management and bad defense pure and simple. This feels like another wasted opportunity.

  163. College Soccer Fan says:

    Porter wins in college by bringing in foreign players and getting around scholarship limits. Now he has to coach on a level playing field and you see the results.

  164. Dan says:

    A few, one i remember Fabian Moral one of Mexicos best. I think also the forward with the hatrick last game. But there were amfew startes missing.

  165. Dan says:

    *there were a few starters missing

  166. Ricky B. Free says:

    Porter should not be near a NT job until he gets a job at the next level as an assistant coach. That kid would have been raped at the Olympics.

  167. College Soccer Fan says:

    Porter wins by recruiting foreign players and getting around scholarship limits. Sasho Cirovski should have been the coach if you wanted to go with a college coach.

  168. Dancy says:

    even less

  169. Lio says:

    Is anyone else feeling really let down by the defensive ability of this team? I could not be more excited to watch this youthful attack grow. Corona and Diskerud will be incredibly influential in the future. No, they did not dominate against Canada and El Salvador, but I think a lot of this can be put on the lack of defensive distribution and ability. It is tough for any midfielder to play 3 games in 5 days, but it never helps when they have to drop deep and cover Amobi Okugo or retrieve stray passes from Ike Opara. I just simply don’t see the ability of Amobi Okugo… He was wretched today, not to mention his inability to clear the ball and close down attackers led to the second and third goals. Yes, Johnson should have done better, and yes, Perry Kitchen and Villafana should not have been sleeping on the back post, but a defensive midfielder has got to cut out those passes, or at least delay them for help from a second defender. My real question is why no Joe Gyau? I like this kid. Not sure if any Gooners reading this, but he reminds me of the Ox… fast, strong, and technical with a natural ability to run at defenders. Shea has got the potential to be lethal but is currently lacking the work rate that Gyau offers, but imagine a US squad with Gyau on one flank and Shea on the other?! Not to mention Freddy Adu was a bright spot throughout the brief runaround for the young nats. His return has been a long time coming. I like Boyd. Good finisher, but still needs to develop a little. Surely a strong character though, to take a blow to the face… How is that not a penalty and a red card? If you can’t tell, there is definitely a combination of excitement and fury, and rightly so. Moral of the story is that our attack will grow, but we need a stronger backline… and a stronger coach… Also, why did Jeffrey not come on when we were 3-2 up and Okugo was booked early on and continuously ruined our possession while aiding ES’s? Outrageous… And why Adu and not Shea? His lazy clearance started the whole goal sequence before Okugo didn’t clear nor stop the attack… And then Johnson’s nightmare… Looking forward to WC qualifying! Come on you stars and stripes!

  170. Ricky B. Free says:

    And you keep showing that mexicans dont know how to win or lose with class. You should be very proud lol. I know that you will say at least we will be at the Olympics. But Whatever lol.

  171. hush says:

    I’ve posted too many rants about bunkering and what not, so here is my players of the tournament and pre-tournament.

    Adu: My boy never disappoints. I’ve said before and I will continue to say it, the best technical player in the U.S pool. The dude is a beast anytime he gets a chance to play. I can care less for his defensive tactics, the boy delivers on the side that he should be concentrating on. That’s offense.

    Gyau: A complete beast. Everytime he got on the field he made something out of nothing. He should have been the started on the left for Shea.

    Boyd: The man knows how to finish some of his chances… If he gets 7 chances to put the ball behind the net, the man can at least finish at least 2 of those. I’m confident he can get the job done.

    Shea: Had some good minutes, but he is to clumsy overall. For someone that has been on the A-team for a bit now I would expect better. Adu has had less time with the senior team and he showed his quality. I think he has a long way to go to become the go to guy. Gyau is superior to him in all aspects of the game.

    Hamid: Wow. Guy had a bad series. I hope the dude can pick it up. He was garbage in this series. SJ was out of form.

    Corona: Decent, but just lost touch with Mix. Maybe a Adu & Gyau on the wings, and Mix & Corona in the middle controlling the pace was the answer. Well, we would never know. Back to the Mex vs U.S game tapes to see what worked well.

    Agudelo: He was great all around. The dude can ball.

    The whole defense was garbage. Not wort mentioning any of them… Kitchen was just basura. I had to say it.

    Morales was the answer to the D. Sadly he wasn’t given a release.

  172. c says:

    reporters timeline which has some quotes.
    link to

    el salvador player did it to a canadian player also.
    link to

  173. Where says:

    I’m Salvadorean so this was hard for me to watch because I support the USA also. But I don’t blame it on this game alone. This was a good result for me I was looking forward to this result because I didn’t have to watch one of my teams go down. I blame it on the Canada game. Wtf was porter thinking fielding the star studed team against Cuba and have a more uncogesive team for Canada when we all know Canada always gives the USA trouble? I think 80% of the blame goes to porter for his bad decision making the rest is the players fault for being over confident. Let’s get real and credit where credit is due, el Salvador has a hell of team. But again the Canada game was the dagger.

  174. Andy says:

    Sorry but Sarkodie and Villafana belong nowhere near the WC, and I would throw Gyau up there but who knows since we barely got to see him this tournament.

  175. Andy says:

    I remember posting something a couple days ago after Canada saying basically don’t panic… well, go for it. I’m certainly not in a mood to stop you!

  176. c says:

    also article about it on espn link to

  177. hush says:

    Keep it about fubol dude. There’s a lot of Latin-Americans that follow the U.S on this board. No need to start yapping about someones nation because of a match. I was born and raised in Chicago, and Chicago is no different then most places in Mexico. Shoot, I’ve seen more people hooked on drugs in public in our country then in Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua. So stop this country bashing.

    Mexico has played futbol for 90+ years, yet they continue on the same level since day one. Only one Mexican player to have ever won a Champions league title in 90+ of Futbol history. That alone is embarrassing… that’s all you had to do.

  178. Where says:

    Hey don’t you have to tend to your wife/sister or cousin/wife? You ignorant fool. Dumb animals like…. Wait you don’t even the deserve to be called an animal you turd nugget. And your and imbecil is the United States of America, America referring to the continent. If you wanna be correct we are states man. You dumb hillbilly.

  179. hush says:

    You ain’t frauds… Why weren’t you in Italia 90 again?? Yeeeeahhh. A Mexican federation who have private dinners with Concacaf refs just 2 days before the matches.

    Respected by the world? Which world? Ronaldinho still thinks Club America is an MLS team.haha… If anyone is respected in the World It’s the United States of America. We are always a threat when it comes to sports. Everyone knows who we are. You really think the world cares for Mexico in regards to sports? IF so, you are delusional. People in Western Europe don’t even know what Mexico is or looks like on a map. SMH

  180. Monik says:

    I think both teams play hard at some point… of course the bloodie fault should have been a red we all agree on that… but a part from that one, I said at some point it was even, both team diving and both did some dirty plays, you can move the balance to one side but still I don’t think it was that big difference, again the red card should have been there, bad call from the referee and maybe would have change the result!Just saying.

  181. George3000 says:

    Agree with both comments. No matter what system you end up playing in, 80% of the time (arbitrary number but you get the idea) the team that wants it more will prevail – assuming Barcelona is not the disinterested team. We just didn’t have the ‘refuse to lose’ mentality that the senior team has displayed over the 5-6 years.

  182. MiamiFCforever says:

    wow what a bummer

  183. aolsh says:

    I think the biggest deal with this despite being obviously crushing to our spirits as us soccer fans is… how big a deal it is.

    I have been in the 24 hour sports news cycle for years and this is absolutely unprecedented how much coverage this olympic qualifying tourney is getting on ESPN and other mainstream sports news sources.

    Yes, we lost the game. But damn, we have some talented players. And if we had all u-23 eligible players at our disposal, both Canada and El Salvador would have been cakewalks (chandler, johnson, etc.).

    I guess what I’m saying is the future is still really bright.

  184. I dunno, I kinda like the name “Mixx”. Makes him sound like a pornstar. Now he just needs a Sacha stache…

  185. I can’t relate to the El Salvador love, but I’m happy to see that we agree on one thing: blaming Canada!

  186. I like Shea, and so disagree with most of this, but will say I agree on the fitness issue. I feel like Shea starts out games well, but if he has to play multiple games with minimal recovery, or past the 60th minute mark, he’s hosed. Hopefully he can work on that aspect of his game.

  187. Word. With this, the Gold Cup, and the U20’s, the Football Gods would have to be pretty heartless to muck things up for us this summer. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

  188. Is it too early to start revising history? “Remember in 2012, when the USA soccer team boycotted the London Olympics to protest the terrible commentary of the British CONCACAF TV announcer? They really made a stand that year!”

    I’m also unclear who I should want to lose in upcoming matches here. Do I root for Mexico to crush El Salvador? Hope that El Salvador upsets our archrivals? Drink the maple syrup Kool-Aid and hope Canada qualifies, and Toronto FC miraculously beats Santos in CCL to boot? SO CONFUSED!

  189. biff says:

    These last two games convince me more than ever that Klinsmann and Tim Howard anointing Bill Hamid as the goalie of the future simply on the basis of his potential and not on his club performance is a mistake of major proportions. I think the poor goal-keeping the past couple of games can be traced back to this premature questionable decision. In my eyes, Hamid did not convince at Camp Cupcake in January, appeared unsure and he lacked poise and therefore prone to the big mistake. But he keeps getting the playing time while Sean Johnson, who I think is currently better, rusts on the bench and is only called in after Hamid gift’s a couple of goals and you just know a big mistake is going to happen in a pressure-packed situation that should have never gotten out of hand to become a pressure-packed situation.

    If Klinsmann calls up Hamid this summer for WCQ I am going to scream. If Tim Howard would be injured and Hamid is the only option then we are in deep doo-doo. Let Hamid go back and play in peace at the club level and monitor his development.

  190. biff says:

    I’m gutted by the loss, but, I have to admit, your comic style did elicit a chuckle out of me.

  191. biff says:

    It would seem that this debacle would provide a strong argument that US national teams should be managed by coaches with previous professional and/or international experience. Maybe Porter does have a strong soccer mind with the potential to grow into an good pro or international coach. But it seems he was not ready for brutal games against brutal teams at his level and was in over his head.

  192. biff says:

    Can’t Concacaf give sanctions after the fact? This is a clear case for such action. If it happened, then US Soccer should make some noise. Losing quietly with honor and dignityy is one thing, but if you are losing to a team that is biting on the field?

  193. biff says:

    Can anyone here honestly say that Klinsmann should keep his job if the USMNT does not qualify for WC2014 and that he simply needs more time to develop the program?

  194. Vince says:

    First no U20 World Cup with Rongen. Now no Olympics under Porter. About 6-7 of the same players.

    Generation Choke.

  195. David says:

    Bill Hamid’s fault we lost both games. Period.

  196. Matt says:

    Mexico wasn’t missing key players. All teams were without some of their best including the US. It was the fact that the US was better prepared with time for that game that Wednesday as opposed to Mexico who had many of their players show up that Monday after domestic play with their clubs in Mexico. No one in their right mind would say that this US U-23 team at their best would have the same result against the form Mexico’s U-23 team is in now.
    Mind you that this Mexican U-23 team had been playing together since last years Copa America. Speaking of the Copa America, i think the US should consider participating in it. It’s an opportunity for an alternative squad or even a U-23 team or coach to have, especially given the fact we have missed out on the Olympics and the U-20s as well.

  197. Cru says:

    It was s baffling and crucial play/decision.

  198. jonfsoccer says:

    Also: F you CONCACAF and your concentrated efforts to consistently cheat and injure our players while sharing the inside joke with the officials.-
    Why is it only Central American teams play that dirty. The US did not deserve to win but, really all El Salvadorians do feel your team has shown any character at all representing your country. Nearly every one of the starters was involved in a ridiculous dive or cheap shot. I wouldn’t be proud today if I was El Salvadorian.

  199. Aidan G says:

    Then if he is rusty, WHY IS HE STARTING??? That is coaching, plain and simple.

  200. Scott says:

    If all the coach had to do was say “own the midfield” or “possess better” to win, why wouldn’t he just say “don’t lose this one boys”, or “don’t get tired”. The reason you have your goalie punt the ball is because you are not able to play it out of the backfield. There are decisions, that in hindsight, may not have been the best. Safe bet that Porter is not guilty of coaching a punt and run style of play.

  201. Scott says:

    This post would have been more relevant if you had stated this after we handled Mexico with closer to the full team. Now you are just reacting negatively to an unwanted outcome. 3 or 4 of our defenders would not have seen the field except for injuries and club hold outs. We knew that we had a weak D going into this tournament. We proved it in the last 2 games.

  202. Scott says:

    Agreed. Makes you wonder if they see something different in practice, or just missed? Outcome the same either way.

  203. BamaMan says:

    Ridiculous. Any coach can suffer a fluke loss as a result of injury. No American coach should ever suffer back-to-back negative results in CONCACAF play in a meaningful tournament against the likes of El Salvador and Canada. Porter’s “guarantee” of a win was a disgrace to American soccer that would have been distasteful even if he delivered. Since he didn’t, he ought to be out on his butt.

  204. richard bailey says:

    the bottom line: the defense was exposed in the last 2 games where they couldn’t handle the PACE and intricate movements in the final third. The possession style play is improving but it is obvious we STILL don’t understand how to consistently transition that into final 1/3 finishing. Possession play is 2 fold ie slow build up offensively to find that opening and best defense is keeping the ball. Adu played magnificently and if he can bring that consistently he will return to the world stage. Adu has the creativity and vision no doubt. Gyau should have started this game.

  205. BamaMan says:

    Too many people bashing the squad – who looked exhausted and ill-prepared – not enough people bashing the coach. The lower the age group, the more important coaching is and Caleb Porter more or less guaranteed himself that he’ll be coaching in college for the rest of his career last night.

    Bill Hamid and Sean Johnson were both disappointing, but neither was responsible for the US backline getting overrun repeatedly. Neither GUARANTEED A WIN before the game. Neither of them refused to rotate the squad between two games with only a day of rest between them. The possession soccer that we saw in the Mexico friendly from the US front was simply not present last night. Adu, Shea, and Boyd had bright spots but no question that El Salvador was the more technical team and deserved to win. Sure, refs missed a red card but complaining about officiating in CONCACAF is like complaining about the sky being blue. You expect that going into a tournament like this. We should have controlled this game so that officiating was not an issue.

    Maybe, just maybe, this can be a nail in the coffin of college soccer as a developmental tool in the US. Our guys can catch up from the developmental damage it does after 4-5 years (see Dempsey) but we will never compete in U-23 as long as college soccer and the NSCAA cartel operate the way they do. College can play a role but it ought to be a role teaching people how to play real soccer not the silly NCAA version.

  206. Joe from Philly says:

    That’s pretty much it.

    Confidence is calm. Fear is aggressive.

  207. M says:

    First we played 3 games against inferior opponents and earned 4 points..we did not earn the right to advance.

    Second for all the so called roster flexibilty we were thin in several spots. LB, CB and in the Midfield. Mix and Corona play too many minutes would having a GIl or LLeget given us the depth we really needed?

    Third..Howcan Porter not find away to get more out of Gyau. Shea has had tired legs for 6 months now.

    Definately a time to take a close look at our youth teams, the last time they looked good was when Cabrera had the U-17’s at the Nike friendlies only to be dismissed afterwrds !!

  208. Ezra says:

    We already did a Salvadorian Civil War in the 80s.

  209. YO says:

    Hope JK took good notes becasue this is the same type of teams and referees we will be playing against for the WC qualification.

  210. Joe from Philly says:

    I’m reminded of the thought of what it was like as the dinosaurs sank into the tarpits millions of years ago. I’m sure they made lots of noise as what they considered muck rose up around them. CONCACAF is getting better. Mexico is just one of our crowd now. I wonder if the muck will make a fossil out of Mexico in time too?

  211. THomas says:

    Ya unless these teams can get the same fortitude instilled in them as the senior nats all the skill and slick moves will mean nothing. It’s fun watching a team like the u23 guys attack, but the defense and overall cohesive fight wasn’t there the whole 90. Sorry, 94. Sorry, 95.

  212. Joe Creighton says:

    My 2 cents:

    El Salvador outplayed us for most of that game. That shouldn’t have happened.

    We gave them too much respect when they were on the ball. Poor coaching/team management.

    Brek Shea had moments of class, but for most of the game had difficulty making himself available. (Maybe because he was being double marked during the 2nd half, I don’t know.)

    Freddy Adu did not play necessarily better than the rest of our midfielders, it’s just that he played closer to his potential than the rest of them did. It wasn’t that he was better, it’s that everyone around him was worse, making him look that much better.

    Terrence Boyd is the type of hungry forward we need. Say he doesn’t score 2 goals. He looked hungry, wanted the ball, and was not afraid. He will be on the plane to Brazil in 2014 because of this.

  213. Twitcher520 says:

    At least this ends this college coaches as NT coaches nonsense. Seriously, what was next? An indoor coach? Beach soccer coach lol?

  214. Bham Chuck says:

    …guess now I’ll have to watch figure skating with my g’friend.

  215. Joe Creighton says:

    Also, the decision to not pull Hamid the moment they realized he could not continue cost us this game. Sure, Johnson should have saved that last one, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered because Johnson would have saved one of the 2 goals Hamid let in.

    Caleb Porter this ones on you.

  216. Paulo says:

    I can’t stand the clowns who come in here and respond to people’s dissastifaction with this team by responding with “wow. you make it sound like someone drowned your puppy.”

    Go take a hike. This is a soccer board and – within the context of the sports and this game in particular – this was an absolute disaster and completely unacceptable.

    These players and coaches had one job to do and they failed. And it has repercussions down the line. So call it like it is.

    Am I going to jump off my balcony because of this loss? No. But it’s severely upsetting and disgusting to witness the US program leave another development / exposure opportunity at the table.

  217. Laszlo says:

    Not totally Porter’s fault. Yes, he picked the players and determined the starting 11. But, once the players are on the field, they need to perform. A coach is only as good as his players. Frankly, that team’s defending was atrocious. Opara is highly over-rated. Yeah, he’s great in the air, but his foot skills and passing is horrible. If he’s the best centerback in this pool, then the U.S. is in big trouble. Bill Hamid is a huge disappoint to me. He’s partly/mostly responsible for both of the first half goals. I hope Porter learned that in soccer, like all other sports, if you can’t defend you can’t win. The U.S. conceded 5 goals to Canada and El Salvador – really?!! That’s inexcusable.

  218. Barrio Rico says:

    I agree Shea should have been subbed. Also Diskerud didn’t look too energetic to take on any defensive responsibilites near the end. Both should have been subbed out.

    Shea tried to be cute with the chip to himself instead of clearing down the field and ES picked up the errant pass and rest is history.

  219. Kevin says:

    I’m trying to look at it as growing pains… they’ll never forget this failure and hopefully they can use it as motivation as some of them transition to the senior team …

    and I know Clint & Co. felt the loss as well and will be motivated to not slip up win it comes to qualifying…

  220. DC Josh says:

    Defending was terrible all night. The back four had no help in front of them, and El Salvador were dangerous all night.

    This isn’t Sean Johnson’ fault, or Caleb Porter’s fault, it’s the entire team and coaching staff’s fault. They had PLENTY of time to prepare. The squad showed their youth through laziness and over-confidence after game 1.

    It’s not the end of the world – Mexico failed to qualify in 2008, and look where they are now. But it will suck missing out on the opportunity for these youngsters.

  221. jon says:

    We needed Alfredo.

  222. DC Josh says:

    Your hatred for Adu is glaring.

  223. Helium-3 says:

    In amateur soccer too they are dirty players. If you play against guys from Central America, better wear shin guards and play with your elbows up high.

  224. sodak_in_nyc says:

    This really comes down to the conversation between the trainer and Hamid and what was conveyed to the coaching staff. Hamid’s failure to take himself out of the game, and Porter’s failure to address the issue after the first goal.

  225. Barrio Rico says:

    He’s not the most athletic or fastest but he is consistent and you know he will not make mental mistakes and at the very least, he understands basic defending concepts like closing down the space between the opposing player and himself, and can anticipate where they are going to run. How many US defenders were running around in circles chasing ES like the 3 stooges?

  226. sodak_in_nyc says:

    Part of this is the trainer’s job. He needed to come back and say…Hamid seems hurt but won’t come out. It was manifestly obvious after the first goal. We can pick apart various efforts but it really came down to Hamid’s injury and how it was handled:
    1) Hamid – Know when to take yourself out of the game.
    2) Trainer – discuss your concerns with keeper coach or Porter.
    3) Porter – missing the obvious hobbling especially after the first goal

  227. Chupacabra says:

    Replace the “or” with “i”.

  228. D says:

    We are not going to qualify for Brazil.

  229. bryan says:

    Johnson is no better than Hamid. They have both made amazing saves. Johnson made some great saves before the goal last night. But, then Johnson couldn’t hold onto the ball, something that is becoming a trend with him.

  230. bryan says:

    i’m still angry about this. our defense was a joke, the coaching was terrible (something I was not expecting) and people have got to stop talking up our teams like they are the best in the world. an over confident coach and over confident players = this result.

    i just don’t understand why Porter waited to sub Hamid off when he was CLEARLY limping. i don’t understand why he didn’t make a sub after the 3rd goal so we had some fresh legs. and then why Adu came off instead of Shea, Mixx or Boyd. i also would have left Corona in because he actually came alive once he scored.

    this is going to take some time to get over, but like stated above, Mexico didn’t qualify in 2008 and they are clearly doing ok. then again, they didn’t miss the U-20 World Cup AND Olympics like we have now…

  231. cj says:

    Wow. We lost to a country that is smaller in size than New Jersey, and has a 75% smaller population than New Jersey.

  232. bryan says:

    and yes, i think the Mexican ref played a role in this too. there is no reason why a yellow was never even given out to the guy who punched Boyd. it should have been a red anyway and should have been a PK. even the announcers on MUN2 were saying that. THEN HE LETS PLAY CONTINUE TO 4 AND A HALF MINUTES!?!? even though at 4 minutes the ball WAS cleared out of our defensive 1/3.

    the only reason i’m not more angry with the ref situation is that i didn’t think we really deserved to go through anyway and we would have lost to Honduras one way or the other.

  233. Joe from El Paso says:

    Just a very painful loss. Tough to swallow. However, when you play like the US did, then you don’t deserve to win. Life goes on…

  234. Sean says:

    How about Okugo fouls Alas, and he doesn’t get to dribble down the field. I was taught when I was little, if the game is on the line, the ball or the man gets past you, never both. Very disapointing from US.

  235. Dan says:

    An issue I saw last night and against Canada is our defense resorted to long balls very quickly, and giving the ball straight back to the other team. With how much was made about the abilities of our possession midfield I found this very surprising. Not saying it didn’t work sometimes, but often would go straight to a Salvadoran or Canadian defender where they could control it and start their attack.

  236. Barrio Rico says:

    How do you acquire all this? By going to soccer practice, come home and watch Sportscenter / NBA / Baseball? lol and next time they touch the ball is at practice or game? No passion or drive to play the game.

    It’s a cultural change. Stop watching anything but soccer. Play soccer everyday; even when you are not playing, mess around with the ball at home and watch more soccer.

    There is no excuse these days because you have EPL / Champions League / MLS so you can watch soccer year round.

  237. ko'd says:

    So, is anyone still going to Kansas City? Trying to decide whether to just eat that money I spent on plane tickets, hotel rooms, and game tickets.

  238. Andy says:

    Yeah we are.

  239. TGA says:

    i hope we have some other keepers in the shadows…these two guys were worthless…they consistently found no mans land
    and on defending corner kicks what does goal-side mean to you. if this is the future…send some more army guys to germany…

  240. john says:

    The only players from Mexico’s current squad that played in the Copa America were Mier (CB), Reyes (CB), Aquino (RW) and Ponce (LM)….all the other guys were suspended prior to the tournament because of the prostitution scandal although your point stands, the bulk of the team had trained together and were getting ready for Copa America prior to the suspensions.

    The friendly against the US was helpful since Tena made five changes from that team to the one that opened the Olympic Qualifiers against TnT.

  241. bimbo says:

    porter can’t coach simple as that

  242. bryan says:

    what we need to do now is get Boyd, Corona, Adu and Gyau into the senior squad. they were bright spots. i feel really bad for Morales and Gatt because since they didn’t get to play, they didn’t get to show what they are worth. luckily for Gatt he plays 90 for his club almost every week. Morales is probably hurt the most by this, unless he can continue to see some playing time in Germany.

    it’s also clear that Chandler, Johnson, Ream and Cameron are our likely defensive options going forward. so much for finding the next Boca/Gooch/Dolo in this particular squad.

  243. MC Pharaoh says:

    It was a tie

  244. MC Pharaoh says:

    yotta yotta yotta… Ive lost all hope.

  245. s says:

    Mental mistakes? Like giving up easy corners, or letting is guy ghost in behind him to score the second goal?

  246. Brett says:

    Opara. Every time the ball gets to his feet he plays a long ball. Every. Time. Gooch has the same problem.

  247. Brett says:

    I’m trying to see a youth squad headed in the right direction and I just don’t. Brek Shea continues to be a guy who looks adept in MLS, apparently does well in training, but simply can not process the international game. “Give Away” Shea…all day.

    Gyau is the most exciting player I’ve seen in a long time and he mires on the bench when he is both your fastest and freshest player. And for who? A tall guy who ruins attacks?

    As for the goalkeeper question. I think our future at that position is fairly solid. Keepers can play a very long time. Plenty of good ones in the pool already.

  248. Jake says:

    So much for the flash & dash possession, attacking style. 5 goals in 2 games to Canada and El Salvador. Oh um Cuba scored 1 too………..imagine that.
    We gave up some serious azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  249. beachbum says:

    last few years? the World Cup was in 2010 and included as exciting a goal as the USMNT has ever scored.

    but yes, since then disappointments, but it’s not even 2 years yet

    no reason to overblow this, but it does suck

  250. Vic says:

    USA normally has a good defense. However, once you take out the initial starters, we lack depth. Its not Porters fault that Chandler, Williams and Morales were unavailable. Had we qualified for the Olympics you would have seen a whole different set of defenders and goalkeeper.

  251. beachbum says:

    I agree

  252. Joe Creighton says:

    That may be the dumbest post I’ve ever read, Good job DC Josh.

    Read what I said.

  253. beachbum says:

    Mix played well vs. Cuba and was inconsistent at best the next 2 games. Always seemed to fade to me but had some good stretches for sure

  254. dan says:

    tim…. this is a results orientated business. Read over your post. He lost… he failed to make the proper adjustments before the game and during the game.

    Will he learn from this? absolutely. Will he coach at this level sometime in the future? absolutely. But right now, he didn’t get the job done. period. Someone else’s turn to coach.

  255. Dainja says:

    WE LOST?????????????????????????!!!!!!!

    Oh dear Chr#st above. Did anyone DVR the game like me????? If you did, the recording ended in the 93rd minute. HOLY #$%@#%#%#. I went to bed thinking we won. Oh no. I turn on my blackberry in the train station this morning and this headline was like a punch to my babymaker. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  256. Joe says:

    Fire Porter. That’s how the sport works, people. If a guy is brought in for a major international tournament and doesn’t even qualify for it; he’s done. Porter should resign, really. This U-23 team has more professionals with more experience than any other I can remember, but went in reverse with the results against Canada and El Salvador. Thanks, Caleb, but there’s the door.

  257. The curse of Teal Bunbury is what I will call it. He should have never come to rep USA he should have played for Canada, we unnecessarily took a player away from them and now are cursed.

  258. Geeps says:

    Too funny! What happened to the next soccer coaching God? Porter the annointed one? College is much different thatn Olympic level. Not same as Akron beatuing up Western

    Western Ohio College or someo hot-bed of American soccer.

    Look for Porter to be a bit more earth-bound by realities.

  259. beachbum says:

    yes, that’s why. and good post

  260. Eurosnob says:

    This is a very disappointing result, no questions about that. But let’s not overreact and compare this team to Rongen’s group. Other than one lackluster game against Canada, this team has played some of the most exciting positive soccer that US youth teams have ever played. Including the “friendly” game against Mexico, this team scored 11 goals in 3 games – almost 3 goals/per game and dominated possession against all the opponents. These are young players, who will continue to develop. What doomed this team was not the overall lack of quality, but several defensive errors and some bad luck (like the bounce on the long distance hopeful shot that tied the game against Salvador). I would rather see our young guys to not to be afraid to take risks and play the right way without making the Olympics, than to play like Canada did – keeping 11 men behind the ball and defend, defend, defend and hope to score of a counter or a set piece. I am very disappointed in the result, but I hope that we don’t ignore the overall quality of this team’s play. Young players can learn from this and get better. I hope that USSF does not have a knee-jerk reaction and fire Porter based on one disappointing tournament.

  261. beachbum says:

    I agree 100%

    He is a dirty work player and this team had no one else to do the dirty work

  262. THomas says:

    If by lead feet you’re referring to the numerous times he blew by the defense…then yest, he showed lead feet.

  263. beachbum says:

    EXACTLY!!! lots of knee jerk know-it-alls here

  264. beachbum says:

    cheers Andy.

  265. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. Even the midfield seemed panicked at critical times. Too many giveaways in the midfield at critical times. Some more calm on the ball would’ve been essential once we were up and ES was pressing.

    The last goal was a microcosm of all the flaws with this team- panicked giveaway by I think Okugo in the midfield when he had plenty of time, poor defensive awareness and positioning to not close the down the man, goalkeeping error lets in the shot.

  266. beachbum says:

    it hurt not having him, no doubt

  267. Brett says:

    Holy crap. I feel for you man.

  268. Brett says:

    Eh, it was his choice, not ours. Though I guess we could have refused him.

  269. Rob says:

    Pot meet kettle

  270. Judging Amy says:

    That punch was a repellent scumbag move not just on a sporting level but as a man that kid should be ashamed of his actions.

    But if the ref didn’t see it he didn’t see it. It was off ball so it should have been the AR’s call, and though it was blatant maybe he just didn’t catch it. Its a big miss but it happens.

    What should happen though is that someone reviews that tape and suspends the El Salvadoran kid for the rest of the tournament and possibly the Olympics if they make it that far. Truly cowardly and disgraceful behavior.

  271. Corn Kick says:


  272. Rob says:

    Yep, I’m sure the ref would’ve handed out a red card if he had seen it. Unfortunately, none of the refs saw it, they were still watching the ball play. I know FIFA is against replays…but what about the Olympics?

  273. Mex Fan says:

    Yep, if we’re the minnows, I wonder what that makes you :)

  274. bryan says:

    dude that is terrible. we didn’t lose, we tied. but still…

  275. bryan says:

    yeah, it was a thug move. and i agree that it should have been the ARs call as the main ref was watching the ball ahead of him. BUT, as the main ref, i will put blame on him for his AR’s actions (or lack thereof).

    i really hope he is suspended for at least one game.

  276. Rob says:

    I agree they should be sanctioned but I don’t agree with your rationale. You primarily want them sanctioned because the US lost and want some sort of revenge. They should be sanctioned because of their actions, end of story. Fairplay.

  277. Rob says:

    You mean Mexican teams have been invited to the Champions League for 90+ years…and this is the first i’ve heard of it????

    Let’s not talk about how long Mexico has been playing futbol…..let’s see, that would be…yep, as long as the US has been playing futbol. It’s just none of your professional leauges has been able to survive during most of that 90. That’s not Mexico’s fault.

  278. Rob says:

    Agreed…best comment I ever saw on futbol was that unlike most other sports, ‘any given sunday’ doesn’t apply. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a team that has the best possession, most shots on goal, completely dominates their opponent can still lose.

  279. Mark says:

    Now that the initial anger has worn off and I can look at things with more perspective, I think this will be a very good learning experience for these guys. Having said that, Porter still needs to be fired. Playing in the US, against inferior opposition, with a team of pros who have had time to train together, should have played considerably better, and since we can’t fire the players, the coach has to go. If this tournament was held in another country, then maybe you can justify the loss.

    I think Porter will make a fine MLS manager someday, and who knows, maybe he’ll manage the USMNT or get a job in Europe, but for now he needs to be sent back to Akron due to the results, or lack thereof, that the team generated.

    And kudos to ES, I hope they make it to the Olympics as it’s great story for that team and their country. They played with a lot of heart and determination and they deserved to advance…

  280. salvador national team says:

    Go El Salvador!!!! Thank you USA for the win!! Viva El Salvador!!

  281. TJ says:

    Shea not booting it out wasn’t the problem. He tried to keep possession by leading Boyd. We got the ball back after that only to have Okugo give it right back. It wasn’t like Brek was deep in his own end. He’s near midfield and we have possession so theres nothing wrong with trying to keep possession. If someone is at fault on them getting the ball and then getting a free shot its Okugo for passing the ball straight to their best player, not chasing him down and the back line just standing on their heels and not jumping out on the guy.

  282. Opher says:

    We can complain about poor decisions on the coaching side, and who should or should not have been subbed. But it boils down to this, Those players on the field have high career aspirations, they were on the field for a reason, Shea has to be smart and Johnson has to make a routine save. Simple. Porter did not turn the ball over by trying to dribble, and he did not make a huge goal keeping mistake. He adjust at half time and put the team in position to win. Those are professional players and they have to be prepared to come through in big moments, and they did not. Simple.

  283. Opher says:

    1. it was the US Soccer media and fans that put that crown on him initially, not his doing. 2. He will still be a great coach and most likely one involved at the national level in some aspect. The Canada game and first half of El Salvador was a disaster, but outside of that he did well. In fact, two of the El Salvador goals were due to bad goal keeping, Even the best coaches in the world suffer from goal keeping blunders. See Sir Alex and DeGea. We can play the blame game or we can rebound from this and get stronger

  284. Opher says:

    Who should replace him then? Canada game was an outright disaster yes. El Salvador, he put his team in position to win. Two goals were caused by goal keeping blunders, thats not of Caleb, thats on the goal keepers themselves. The responsibility is on the players as much as Caleb. If Caleb is to be fired then Brek Shea, Bill Hamid, and S. Johnson should all be removed from the National Team pool, after all, they were the ones who made major errors that has nothing to do with coaching…

  285. Opher says:

    And if the whistle blows after the 94th minute like it should have, you are probably praising Caleb and not calling for his head

  286. Air Jordanz says:

    It was actually a draw vs. ES.

  287. Air Jordanz says:

    He clearly means lead feet as it is used in driving, which means VROOM!

  288. Air Jordanz says:

    Ummm…. overreact much?

    The USMNT is on a 4 game winning streak. That includes two wins in Europe, one against Italy (who went undefeated in the lead up to Euro 2012).

    We have dozens of players in and outside of MLS excelling on a weekly basis.

    The past group of U17s did make the WC.

    The current U17s just won that invitational in Florida, beating Brazil in the process.

    Yeah, it does suck that the U23s made such an early exit. Especially on a last second goalie error. Let’s be honest though…we knew the defense was shaky coming into the tournament. Several of our midfielders showed very well and will crack the senior team. Many other U23s were not available for selection or were injured. Don’t forget the fact that ES should have had 2 straight reds in a span of 30 seconds as well. Even if we don’t make the Olympics, this group still made Mexico’s U23s look silly, and Mexico won’t get a chance to get revenge.

    The sky isn’t falling… it just seemed like it last night.

  289. Air Jordanz says:

    And let’s not forget that we were damned by 2 BAD goalkeeper flubs.

  290. jonfsoccer says:

    that’s how I feel. It would have been a great summer watching US soccer in the Olympics. I am utterly disgusted. Mental preparation wasn’t their. they looked superior at times and just complete break downs. I really have to wonder if Bradly was the coach with all that talent.

  291. wtf says:

    If people don’t know where Mexico is on a map then they are idiots.