USA Under-23s 3, El Salvador 3: Match Highlights

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  1. Ceez says:


  2. Kevin says:

    Good that the highlights show the cheap shot the guy took on Boyd. CONCACAF better review and suspend that guy from representing El Salvador in any tournament for several games. Also, any truth to the biting allegations from Mix Diskerud?

  3. BSU SC says:

    The defender who punched Terrence Boyd off the ball should be suspended for the rest of the tournament. That was as dirty as it gets and I can’t believe the linesman did not see it.

  4. Polo says:

    These kids should be locked in a room and forced to watch days of footage of Spain and Brazil playing against lesser teams.

    The USA mentality is as follows:

    Score a goal and bunker down, hoping you don’t concede.

    The Spain/Brazil mentality is as follows: s

    Score a goal and then stomp on your opponents throat with 5 more. Once they’re dejected, you break their spirits again until they give up.

  5. Alex G says:

    I´m very disappointed, as a major US fan all I can say is I´m over with this crap, I´m not longer buying the we are the best team in the region statement, or look at the young guns coming, we really need to start thinking how to change our nation soccer program, it is a disgrace and unbelievable to loose to a country not bigger than Virginia, and the worst part is we aren´t doing anything to prevent it.

    We are the laughing stock in CONCACAF and it angers me,not to mention that our future looks like nothing, gutted, sad and angry.

    Fire Porter or keep him in college.

  6. yosi says:

    Isidro Gutierrez and Jaime alas annihilated sueño villafaña! What surpme was ES spirit to play the game and not waste time (wcq in ES comes to mind.) This is also the first generation of players who have travelled overseas to play in youth teams. Those experiences have definitely help their composure. Vamos azul, one win away from our 2nd Olympic games

  7. biff says:

    The ref fricking saw it. If you stop the video at 1:59 you can see that the Mexican ref is looking directly at Terence Boyd when Alexander Larin pops him in the mouth and no red card? Alexander Larin is a dirty, rotten, cowardly, stinking, scummy son of a *^*^%&(%. There are certain soccer fields that kid should avoid for the rest of his playing career in order to avoid bad karma.

  8. MemphisRogues says:

    Yosi, I went to the game. When you’re team went up a goal, you flopped like fish. At one point, three, THREE of your players dropped to ground at one time. When the USA re-took the lead, you began to play football again. Congrats on winning the group. You do have some good players. But saying “What surpme was ES spirit to play the game and not waste time” is ridiculous. Plus, the dirty punch to Boyd’s face is there for all to see. And that was only the most obvious dirty play. ES played without honor. I could not believe how dirty your team played. That’s what is so frustrating about this game: the win rewarded the dirty play. What I do not understand is why ES plays like that? El Salvador is a GOOD team. Why punch a guy off the ball? Why have three players flop to the ground? You could beat teams fair and square. At any rate, enjoy the Olympics. We should have defeated you no matter what. We failed.

  9. biff says:

    that was in reply to you, Polo

  10. shweazy says:

    Adu couldn’t do it by himself , i expected more from Brek Shea.. he did ok in the first half but with his skill and size he should have forced the issue more .. and our defense was atrocious

  11. Adam says:

    Look back at all of the goals in the tournament, none of them came because the opposing player made a good move and scored. All of them were poor defending. If Porter only cares about offense and trying to play like Barca, he needs an assistant that has a clue about defense.

  12. Helium-3 says:

    I’m sure they saw it. La hermandad exists in CONCACAF officiating. These Central American refs pull for each other. It’s as simple as that. We’ve seen this ad nasueam every time gringo teams play against la raza.

    Need to use non-CONCACAF refs for CONCACAF matches.

  13. Kevin says:

    They aren’t in the Olympics yet, they still have to win the semifinal game against whoever finishes 2nd tonight in Group B. They lose that game, and only thing they have is the moral victory of beating, I mean tying the USA. Heh, group stage soccer, about the only time a tie feels like a loss.

  14. kimo says:

    I’m sick and tired of these young keepers trying to make routine saves look more spectacular than needed. On more than one occasion (including the goal) in the 2nd 1/2, Johnson laid out into a dive and push when all he had to do was simply shuffle one step to his side and get behind the ball for an easy save. There was absolutely NO REASON for him to lay out on the goal. It wasn’t that driven of a shot and it was one step to his right. POOR POOR technique.

  15. Kevin says:

    Totally agree. Then again, the defense should have stepped up a lot sooner to deny the shooter a clear look at the goal. Tired legs probably. Before that, why the hell didn’t Shea or Okugo (or was it Sarkodie?) boot the ball into the 15th row instead of just tapping it somewhere in the middle of the field? Hopefully, they all learn from this and improve in the little details that win big games.

  16. Benny says:

    How does any keeper let that last shot go in? That’s too bad because they had the win after all of that hard work.

  17. Darwin says:

    Good luck to SLV. They had good spirit, and the tie was clearly emotional for them. Here’s to a good knockout round.

  18. Ricky B. Free says:

    Its obvious that you support El Salvador, but I am sorry to tell you that when ES had the lead they were wasting time and they played dirty.

    Congrats on the game, but you guys still have ways to go on the fairplay matter.

  19. Darwin says:

    Yeah, someone forgot to mention defense during practice.

  20. Ricky B. Free says:

    How can the ref be watching Boyd when the ball is in the middle of the field? The ref sucked but that was the linesman call.

  21. Eugene says:

    Quite frankly, mediocre. But Klinsman was right that this tournament was lost when they put in the poor performance against Canada.

    Really can’t believe the US D was caught ball-watching on one goal and Johnson misplayed the last one. Frankly, these kids took a way too confident approach to this qualifying tournament. The lesson for them is to talk less haughtily to the media (including shooting Olympics cereal boxes, Juan Agudelo) and show your prowess on the pitch.

  22. torporindy says:

    What allegations?

  23. wichin says:

    Look at the replay, the ref was facing toward Boyd when he got hit..he even looks back at it and he does nothing?????? Incredible….again, there is a reason why Mexican refs are having sooo much trouble right now…

    by the way, Boyd is a player! He loves the USA too, look at his reactions after each goal especially after Corona scores and even how deflated he was at the end. Can’t wait to see him again…

  24. Céu says:

    Dirty play? Play with Argentina in Buenos Aires that you’ll see what dirty play.

  25. LoS says:

    US soccer needs to focus on the skilled and soccer junkies of America, rather than the athletic type or speed type of player. we need to stop having the football and basketball mentality.this is ridiculous. nobody is going to take us serious if we cant even make it to the olympics.Mexico looks scary for the future.

  26. sandtrout says:

    Watch the video again and pause it at the moment of truth, about 1:59. The ref was looking at that play the whole time. If he sees it, it’s his call. I’d love to hear what his explanation is for calling nothing on that play after watching it. A red card could have been decisive.

  27. Dan says:

    I think only Mexicans are part of la raza. But i think its trur central american are very united, specially against the US and Mexico

  28. Dan says:

    *its true central americans are united

  29. UMN says:

    “Drama reigned during the match as American Terrance Boyd was bloodied by a punch from a Salvadoran player. And American Mix Diskerud said both he and U.S. captain Freddy Adu were bitten, showing reporters marks as proof.” This was from the daily mail… terrible source but I dont know how FIFA doesn’t suspend multiple El Salvadorian players.

  30. UMN says:

    “Drama reigned during the match as American Terrance Boyd was bloodied by a punch from a Salvadoran player. And American Mix Diskerud said both he and U.S. captain Freddy Adu were bitten, showing reporters marks as proof.” … Not good luck I want justice for this.

  31. siv says:

    if the goalie saved the last shot there wouldn’t be many negative critiques about usa’s game. emotions are talking, but the team is fine we should appreciate that there are good players in our system, as well as good players on all the other teams in the region. we are being pushed to the next level and what is hard i think for some players, is to realize and accept that and go there on a consistent basis. every level up demands 500% more concentration and responsability.. but for once in our lives it looks like 5-10, not just 2, guys have the talent to be killers.

  32. UMN says:

    Seriously if that wasn’t dirty to you that’s as f@#$ed up as it gets. Punching a player in the face, diving sometimes several players on the same play, and biting players. Biting. Very few children are that feral.

  33. siv says:

    i can’t think of a better way to do that than to put ramos and reyna, our most skillful players ever in charge of youth, and having the u23 coach ask freddy adu (probably as much skill as them) to captain the team.

    but i’d take a few drogba types too or even a dennis rodman type if it’s out there and good enough..

    but if it is that mexico looks scary and we don’t look scary,it might just be that they are and we’re not,

  34. UMN says:

    There are also reports of Alexander Larin, the player that punched boyd, biting Canadian players after the 0-0 tie. That’s beyond dirty that’s uncivilized.

  35. Paul says:

    Agreed. Nasty game, nasty play by the men in blue. Cheering the Canucks to make it.

  36. karlosarmenta says:

    this is the article in the Globe and Mail about the Canadian being bitten by Alexander Lerin of El Salvador. Its says Canada has medical evidence he was bitten along with footage that was presented to CONCACAF.

  37. Alex G says: