USA U-23s vs. Canada: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. Men's Under-23 national team returns to action tonight in CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying with a showdown against Canada (7pm, Universal Sports Network/mun2).

The Americans opened the tournament with a resounding 6-0 victory against Cuba, while Canada struggled through a scoreless draw with El Salvador. A victory against Canada would automatically qualify the United States for the tournament semifinals. A win tonight would also mean the United States could clinch first place in Group A with a draw against El Salvador on Monday.

The United States made two changes to the lineup that faced Cuba, with Juan Agudelo out of the tournament with a torn meniscus suffered in the Cuba match. Teal Bunbury will replace Agudelo and take on the same country he once represented on the youth level. Jorge Villafana replaces Kofi Sarkodie in the U.S. lineup.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):


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201 Responses to USA U-23s vs. Canada: Match Night Commentary

  1. NE Matt says:

    Agudelo won’t be playing tonight and probably not for quite a while. He tore his meniscus in our win over Cuba on Thursday night.

  2. Bob Bradley says:


  3. jon says:

    it’s true… so very, very true…link to

  4. H2Oman says:

    Damn! F’n shame that. Was hoping it was a minor knock and they were holding him out to be safe.

    All the best for a speedy recovery Juan!

  5. NE Matt says:

    Yep, sad but true. Maybe a sharp performance by Boyd (when and if he subs in) will lessen the blow for us

  6. Goalscorer24 says:

    Wow, at what point in the game against Cuba did Agudelo get hurt?

  7. wilyboy says:

    Boyd’s gotta play in this one. With Juan gone, he’s our best hope at forward. Bunbury doesn’t particularly look like scoring.

  8. 20 says:

    What is Universal Sports Network? I have like 1000 channels and I’ve never heard of it/can’t find it.

  9. Goalscorer24 says:

    Well this is Bunbury’s chance to show something. As so far he has not looked too impressive. Otherwise Boyd has to be given his chance.

  10. ec says:

    Big chance for Teal, he has all the physical tools, let’s see if he has the skills to go with them

  11. agnigrin says:

    Agreed but Bunbury is playing vs Canada – a team who could have played for – so I am sure that is some extra motivation for him to do well tonight!

  12. Brandon says:

    It is not available through Comcast. You have to watch it on Spanish channel mun2

  13. James says:

    Man, is Williams really held in that low regard by Porter!?

  14. ec says:

    Excited to see this team, missed game 1. Interested in seeing what happens when Freddy gets the car keys.

  15. sushant says:

    What streams are available? Just and

  16. chris says:

    Opara has a horrible touch

  17. ec says:

    Whoa, Shea showed serious speed getting back to break up that attack.

  18. ec says:

    the concacaf one is better than any pirate stream, and it’s the real one. just use it.

  19. wilyboy says:

    Canada is setting up a maginot line of big boys. Just have to find the gap.

  20. theraccoun says:

    Opara is a fantastic defender

  21. 20 says:

    was able to find mun2, thanks

  22. theraccoun says:

    God I love the Concacaf commentator. MLS needs to hire this guy

  23. chris says:

    only problem is he has no touch and is goofy

  24. ec says:

    That was some pretty passing right there, good to see from a US U team

  25. wilyboy says:

    Bunbury offering very little so far, not on the same page.

  26. ac says:

    Teal Bunbury just can’t make a good run in the box…

  27. franco says:

    Looks like Sodade might have just torn a ligament.
    Hopefully I’m wrong.

  28. ec says:

    +1 And that was before he called Brek Shea out for “the worst haircut I have ever seen”

  29. Dave says:

    Someone want to point me to the concacaf stream link? I’m on the site and can’t find it.

  30. wilyboy says:

    Jeffrey intimidated by the physical play. Okugo, please.

  31. ec says:

    Yeah, it’s like he lacks the basic feel for when and where to make his runs. That, and I never find myself thinking “boy that Bunbury is running hard out there”.

  32. ThaDeuce says:

    Playing cuba first really hurt us.

  33. ec says:

    Oh, I see what people mean about Opera being shaky on the ball.

  34. robert daniels says:

    We dont look good…

  35. Jonny says:

    Interesting to see that Porter keeps Gyau on the bench in the last few matches. I wonder if he’s been off his game or something. I would love for him to make his way into the match in the second half, he’s talented and I think would mix well with Adu and Shea

  36. ec says:

    I think Canada score first on a counter attack when the US try and switch point of attack one too many times

  37. wilyboy says:

    Seriously, has anyone seen Jeffrey make a good defensive play? Ha looked wafer thin.

    And Okugo, what the hell.

  38. chris says:

    The whole team looks soft, man the f*ck up

  39. chris says:

    Him and Mix need to hit the gym. Muscled off every ball

  40. ec says:

    Diskerud has been pretty invisible so far

  41. robert daniels says:

    When do we start passing forward instead of lateral and backwards? This is starting to get frustrating.

  42. TomG says:

    Wow, #2 (Opara?) pulled up to make the offside trap and still had the burst to get back in position by the time the offside was whistled. That was impressive, esp from USA where the offside trap is often a tricky proposition. Great timing and athleticism.

  43. Jort says:

    Freddy Adult needs to see more of the ball. Stop sending it down the left wing every freaking time, Shea can’t cross to save his life.

  44. ThaDeuce says:

    This commentator on is an annoying Eurosnob

  45. chris says:

    Boyd, Okugo and Gyau need to get into this game at half. I’d take Mix, Jeffery and Bunbury out, slide Adu to the middle

  46. Kent says:

  47. ThaDeuce says:


    Though, wasn’t he subbed off at the half? I just assumed that was to save him for Canada.

  48. Kent says:

    Shea’s been sloppy. Errant crosses and turnovers.

  49. robert daniels says:

    I thought we were supposed to roll through qualifying.

  50. James says:

    Honeymoon is over. Why isn;t Okugo in? He wont get pushed around like these 3 midfielders we have in there are.

  51. ec says:

    Ha! You’ll never please everyone. The play a slick passing game (when it’s working, i.e., not the last 20 mins of the half) in the style people clammer for and we barely give them a chance.

    Great start to the half, but then when Canada figured them out, they didn’t adjust. Shea didn’t get a single call that half, he’s being punished for his haircut. More Joe Corona, please.

  52. baldomero123 says:

    We are up for a huge disappointment with this team. They are showing college soccer at best… No clever passes forward, only lateral and back, lack of attacking ideas. Dixx Misskerud, Much Adu about nothing, etc.

  53. marco says:

    Very poor performance, team is slow of foot and mind. Valentin and Adu are the only ones awake. Shea should come out for complaining and not playing. Opara should come out for poor play. Gyau, Boyd, and defender needed.

  54. ec says:

    He’s getting hacked a lot and not getting a call. His touch is on tonight and he’s physically dominating out there (boy does that sound wrong), I think he’s been one of the better players out there overall.

  55. marco says:

    Like your ins but not your outs.

  56. predicto says:

    Good tight game so far. USA is trying to play the beautiful game, but there is no space in midfield for diskerud and corona to get the one-two going. Canada is playing tight defense. Plus, looks to me the USA’s been instructed – all balls played out of the back, no direct balls over the mids.

  57. BFT says:

    Hard to tell. A torn meniscus generally is not nearly as serious or painful as a ligament tear in the knee, and its entirely possible that he picked up what he thought was a slight knock and just played through it..happens all the time.

  58. Conrad says:

    I was thinking the same thing.
    Unfortunately, it’s not going to take a Jose Mourhino to realize that Adu’s best move is a stepover, come inside and blast the ball at goal from 25 yards. To be fair, without Agudelo moving off the ball, Adu doesn’t have many options once he cuts inside.

  59. ec says:

    I’m impressed with Adu and Shea on the wings, I don’t think they’re the problem. We need better attacking from the middle of the field.

  60. predicto says:

    I like the eurosnob commentator

  61. marco says:


  62. wilyboy says:

    They could shift Valentin inside and bring on one of our right back options.

  63. ec says:

    That describes the last 20 minutes. The first 25 mins the US was dominating possession with a ton of slick passing.

  64. Jon says:

    Is this the part where we FREAK OUT?!!!!!!

  65. Sir Knox says:

    they should put agudelo in, crutches and all, for bunbury

  66. chris says:

    Playing back passes is not the beautiful game. We need the team to push forward possesing in the attacking third not forcing the ball backwards where we panic. Not good enough especially from the midfielders i have heard are good enough for the first team

  67. ec says:

    I like putting Adu in the middle, but disappointed to see Corona come out. Oh well, here we go. You’ve been given the car keys, Freddy Adu, what can you do?

  68. ec says:

    The sad thing about that offisides is that he had to come back to get the ball anyway.

  69. Francois says:

    We look bad, really disappointing performance and i’m disappointed in Porter’s lineup decisions.

  70. Drew says:

    Boyd needs to get on the pitch.

  71. Drew says:

    bunbury looks scared of the ball

  72. ec says:

    Or Boyd. Looking forward to seeing him play. Bunbury… did not seize his opportunity today.

  73. Dave says:

    Bunbury is one of the most streaky players I’ve ever watched. He will rip of a brace of goals every game for a month, and then look confused about what to do with a soccer ball for 3 months.

    In 2011 for Sporting KC, he dominated the early part of the season, disappeared all summer, then came back toward the fall.

  74. theraccoun says:

    Awful by Hamid there, absolutely awful

  75. baldomero123 says:

    Now we’ll see what they are made of.

  76. GSScasual says:

    We are sorely missing Juan Agudelo.

  77. tbrennan says:

    This game needed a goal. I suspect the U.S. will pick it now.

  78. Jon says:

    Alright, now we FREAK OUT!!!!!!!

  79. Dave says:

    Honestly just glad this presenter can pronounce “Bunbury” correctly, and not say “Burn-berry.”

  80. ThaDeuce says:

    No, now is the time we freak out.

  81. ThaDeuce says:

    He is awful, mispronouncing all the players name, has done absolutely no homework. “it’s only the USA” feel to it. Boyd has been Body the entire game. Ridiculous.

  82. deepvalue says:

    Hamid didn’t go to the ball at all. Canada looks content to sit back.

  83. ThaDeuce says:

    I prefer Bunberry to Body

  84. Francois says:

    Oh my God, Brek……

  85. Jort says:

    Is Shea serious? Take him out.

  86. ec says:

    “The crazy-haired Shea just needed some composure there” – I’m thumbs up on CONCACAF announcer

  87. Francois says:

    We did Porter start Jarred Jeffrey?? I have no idea why porter has made the decisions with the lineup that he has. It baffles me.

  88. RM says:

    what does the USA need to do to qualify if this score holds up?

  89. ThaDeuce says:

    I would have a subbed Jeffries instead of Corona.

  90. Jort says:

    Freddy has been hands down our best player yet Shea keeps getting the ball ans screwing up. He should be dominating and he is choking.

  91. ec says:

    I can see him following the Edson Buddle career arc, and have some good years in his late 20’s. I still hold some hope that Eddie Johnson will do that too…

  92. Jort says:

    This is pathetic from Canada. Diving c$&#%.

  93. ec says:

    Bigger Faster Stronger than anyone else out there, but hasn’t produced anything in the end. He’s still dangerous, I wouldn’t sub him, I’d sub Jeffries.

  94. Hush says:

    Shea should have been benched. Gyau on the left and Corona in the mid. Porter trying to experiment in this match is dissapointing. SMH…. Corona comes out and the show disssapears. Gyau & Adu work well with Corona & Mix.

  95. ThaDeuce says:

    I can’t believe no one has told him yet that it is Boyd, not Body.

    This keeper is a jerk. Ugly fake injury.

  96. Jon says:

    Canada going hard with the time wasting now.

    I can’t really blame them, even though we don’t exactly look a threat.

  97. Kevin says:

    THis is what happens when you have a college coach and Freddy Adu as your captain……

  98. Drew says:

    this commentator cannot pronounce anyones name

  99. Francois says:

    Caleb Porter has lost a lot of points with me with his decision making today. All the way from his starting line-up, to his subs, to the way he has “motivated” this team.

  100. McG says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything

  101. ec says:

    Nice Adu to Gyau

  102. Jort says:

    Shea should be booed mercilessly. Selfish and terribleplay.

  103. McG says:

    10 minutes left. I say 1 to 1 draw.

  104. ec says:

    If this team goes down, they go down. But we had to see what happens when you run the team through him.

  105. baldomero123 says:

    +1 They are losing their mind along with 0:1. And where is the famed passing game? It’s once again ugly kicks up top for a blind chance…

  106. deepvalue says:

    Hamid awful tonight.

  107. Yoreau Snaub says:

    it’s over for the USA. So much for the Olympics.

  108. Jort says:


  109. McG says:

    Wow!! Better win vs Mexico cuz this one is over!!!

  110. Shounen Bat says:

    Agreed. Is Corona injured? If not, that sub is inexcusable. Not taking Shea off? Okugo for Jeffrey instead of another attacking option? Admittedly, the blame mostly falls on Hamid for that horrid goalkeeping, but I still question a lot of Porter’s choices today. Would be a nightmare if we don’t qualify for the olympics (especially after tha U-20 nightmare last year).

  111. TomG says:

    Just a truly awful performance from a team that previously showed so much promise. Such is the danger of falling in love with a team of inconsistent young players.

  112. Jort says:

    How was that allowed?!? He shoved opara face first into the pitch to get that.

  113. Ricky B. Free says:

    say what you want but bill Hamid sucks, he has bricks for hands, he should have had the free kick and he should command his area, he didnt move from the goal line. OOh and Opara is not good.

  114. ec says:

    So close! Not meant to be tonight

  115. Jon says:

    So, how do you say “dos a cero” in Canadian?

    Pathetic performance.

  116. McG says:

    Wait…who is up next? Isn’t Mexico in a different group?

  117. Thorpinski says:

    Looks like we could finish 2nd in group and have to beat Mexico to qualify..not good not good at all

  118. wilyboy says:

    The names Bunbury, Jeffrey, Mix, and Opara are going to be called. The rest didn’t play well enough, but these downright handed every aspect of the game over.

  119. cajun says:

    U-23’s believing all the hype in the media. They’ll be lucky if they make it to London at all! Absolutlely aweful defending on corners. Every one of them fell asleep on both corners!

  120. McG says:

    El salvadore

  121. ec says:

    He has talent. Goal keepers mature later, he’ll have a real career.

  122. TomG says:

    As bad as USA has been, the most award for most truly awful performance has to be reserved for the announcer who is obsessed with his attempt to completely butcher the pronunciation of every single name in his program. Terence Body?? Really?? Joe J-Wow? Does he think he’s watching the Jersey Shore?

  123. GSScasual says:

    Even the US beat Spain.. have fun canada… it wont last

  124. GFutball says:

    Disgraceful garbage on the part of the US team. Absolutely embarrassing. Porter should never coach at this level again. He should stick to coaching college where they play once a week at most. Out played, out hustled and out coached.
    We’ll be lucky to get into the semi-finals, but will lose to Mexico. Fantastic.

  125. Ricky B. Free says:

    And to all you Shea lovers out there, he has no soccer I.Q. and he only has 1 move. He runs as fast as he can and hopes that the defender is not as fast as him.

    He cant get past a defender that is as fast as him, he cant go 1v1.

  126. ec says:

    Yes, CONCACAF announcer, I am asking why Joe Corona came off the field too.

  127. TomG says:

    As bad as USA has been. Let’s be careful not to place too much on the performance of one match while playing 3 games in 5 days. It’s a ridiculous and odd format. It’s not at all surprising that some of these youngsters simply did not come out with the fire and focus you would hope for given the importance of the occasion.

  128. Ricky B. Free says:

    He will grow wiser but will still have bricks for hands.

    The free kick was a soft one and he couldnt hold on to it with his huge hands.

  129. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Terrance BODY

  130. GSScasual says:

    Is Brek playing with tap shoes on or something? he slips EVERY time he has the ball.

  131. DingDong says:

    Deux à zero?

  132. ec says:

    It’s still a promising team. That laid a turd tonight, and made their path harder. The tournament isn’t done, go USA!

  133. ec says:

    Eddie Johnson on twitter: “What the *&% the USA losing to Canada we never lose to them!!!! Go on boys dig in.”

  134. Canada, Know your roll says:

    Dear Team Canada U-23,

    Quit trying to play the ball to the corners.. you are an amazingly underskilled team, and it just looks ridiculous… Enough with the diving and rolling around on the pitch… no one cares.. Who knows some USL or MLS scouts may be there. LOL….

  135. Kent says:

    Porter a disappointment. Should’ve started Gyau and Boyd from the beginning. Shea was underwhelming. The team was not properly motivated. It was plain for all to see – the US underestimated their opponent and it cost them.

  136. ec says:

    Go CONCACAF journalism. 1st post-game question to Corona, asking why he was subbed. “Tactical”. Hmmmmm

  137. Benny says:

    Maybe it’s not good for Mexico.

  138. KC says:

    who loses to Canada?

  139. Chris says:

    Are you guys serious? One loss and you are ready to give up on the olympics, and throw the entire team + the coach under the bus?

    Jesus…take it down a level.

  140. The Tran says:

    Hearing Corona speak English saddens me, how can Chicharito’s English be better than a native born American?

    Jesus, his Spanish is just as bad.

  141. GFutball says:

    Totally agree, those three were wretched today. Bunbury is not the guy at all. Mix and Opara forgot how to play.

  142. Jort says:

    Tactical? You took out the second most attacking player who just had a hat trick fir tactical reasons but left Shea on?

    Porter refusing to take Shea off andstarting Jeffry and not gyau is inexcusable.

  143. MJC-DC says:

    He had a bad game.

    However, when you watch him week in and week out like I do you will know he is a far far more capable player then what was shown today.

    He will rebound, he will show better on Monday.

  144. marco says:

    Great win for Canada. They had more energy and skill. Comparing USA performances, the USA team must have partied the night before. Canada took time away from both Mix and Jeffrey, then stripped them. Both Canada goals to USA defensive errors, Hamid tries to catch a corner at his chest, Opara slips down on the second.
    Mexico will destroy this team if they meet again.

  145. GFutball says:

    The Canadian team faced the same circumstances. Not an excuse.

  146. ben in el cajon says:

    Like, 2 nil, eh?

  147. Jamie Z. says:

    Well-thought analysis. You’re one of those people who thinks progress is linear, young players and coaches don’t mature, and good teams don’t lose, aren’t you? I have a name for people like that, but I try not to use it on public forums.

  148. ThaDeuce says:


  149. ThaDeuce says:

    Double Dig!

    Well put in place!

  150. AcidBurn says:

    Dear Caleb,

    For all the talk about Barcelona and “taking the game to the opposition”, your team couldn’t complete three passes in a row tonight. Looks like they have been reading too much of their press. Oh, and here’s a suggestion – take another look in the manual about how to defend set pieces. And stop calling Hans Backe.

    Have fun against Mexico to make it to the Olympics, while we enjoy 1st place in the group and a trip to London.

    Canada U-23

  151. GFutball says:

    Again, we’ll face Mexico in the Semis. You think we’ll beat them after tonight?

  152. baldomero123 says:

    I happened to admire Adu at U-17. He was better than Pato then. And now? A complete bust! There is some deficiency of character, I guess. I wouldn’t make him a captain of my team for a million bucks.

  153. ThaDeuce says:


  154. hush says:

    Those of you who said Shea is a better attacker than Gyau, well, you have just witnessed that he lacks a bit with or without Corona and Mix running the show. Gyau once again the few touches he was able to get he almost created something out of nothing. Gyau should have half moer touches than he did. Unfortunately there wasn’t a Corona for him in the middle.

    Porter’s tactics failed miserably. This wasn’t the game to try a Shea and Gyau in the corners. Especially if you are only going to distribute the ball to Gyau 4-5 times. Gyau and Adu should have been the attacker on the wing with Corona and Mix running the show.

    We lost to Canada. Embarrassing. We were the team that went out there looking for the game, and lost to a Canadian team who decided they were going to wait for the counter. SMH.

  155. MJC-DC says:

    To be fair on the Body one, i thought that is how I saw spelled on screen when he subbed in. If so, the entire CONCACAF broadcast team had that one wrong.

  156. soonerfan237 says:

    It looks like the US will now have to win a one-off against Mexico to earn a trip to the olympics. Canada is virtually guaranteed to beat Cuba meaning they finish with 7 points. Even if we beat El Salvador, the most points we can get now is 6. So we will finish 2nd at best and thus have to play the winner of the other group, which will almost definitely be Mexico.

  157. Benny says:

    How soon we forget. Didn’t we just beat Mexico not too long ago? Yes. Give me a break!!!!!Mexico playing the Mexico’s worst nightmare.

  158. ThaDeuce says:

    We did two weeks ago. Duh… Everyone has off nights, apparently except you. This could be motivational, or not. We will see. But we definitely CAN beat them, even after tonight.

  159. casey says:

    Energy yes. Skill absolutely not. RemindeD me of the US teams of old. Goals off the corners and set pieces.

  160. marco says:

    Mexico would destroy that team today, just with energy.

  161. Charlie G says:

    Exactly !

  162. Benny says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just beat them not too long ago and dominated.

  163. hush says:

    Corona speaks perfect English. What are you talking about? Don’t forget that most Latinos in this country speak two Languages in the household. Most of us can’t dominate two languages at the same time perfectly.

    Go learn to speak a second language you one speaking language troll.

  164. marco says:

    He likes to catch high balls at his chest. Is there a coach involved with this?

  165. ThaDeuce says:

    Everyone has an off night. You should have trashed shea and Caleb after the mexico win and the cuba win as well, but you didn’t.

    We may play better and make it to London, we may not. But I’m not sure we won’t until I see the results. And I didn’t hear you predicting a loss to Canada either.

  166. hush says:

    His a good player and I agree with some on this board that it will take time like Dempsey to get to the next level. But for now, he isn’t a Gyau type player.

    Gyau should have started and Corona left on the field.

  167. marco says:

    Chances to qualify are now less than 25%, just hope they play well.

  168. Ricky B. Free says:

    All I know is that he has bricks for hands. If you are quality you make a mistake but you cant keep doing them over and over again.

    Watch him when he plays for DC. He doesnt come out for the crosses and he doesnt hold on to the ball. Those are 2 huge no nos when you are as big as him.

  169. The Tran says:

    Re-read my post again, in particular the second part.

  170. jerry says:

    Horrible team we need morales and corona play together

  171. AcidBurn says:

    Canada’s strategy was more wait for Hamid to be an idiot and Opara to fall down on set pieces.

  172. MJC-DC says:

    Ricky B. Hatin, we’re all frustrated. But if your gonna take it out on the players, learn how to phrase proper criticism.

    And he definitely can’t go 1v1 – link to

  173. Benny says:

    Good , bring Mexico on. We’ll beat them like we did two weeks ago.

  174. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lol I dont even know what to say. He likes to catch high balls at his chest lol

  175. someone says:

    The Canadian team had 7 new players put in for this match from the El Salvador one. I think Porter mis-judged what was needed. He probably thought to put the best possible lineup out against Canada, get the win and then rest players for the El Salvador game. In hindsight, he should have used many more fresh players for this game.

  176. Sir Knox says:

    Lots big words being thrown around here tonight not to mention all the knee jerking and overreactions. USA had a bad game Really bad. The first half looked ok and looked like they could turn it around in the second. Of course they came out even worse. Mistakes were made by both coach and players but I believe the best teams learn from these experiences. And after all that sometimes a good butt kicking loss is the best lesson for a tired team.

    I’m not gonna give up on my team. Let’s see what happens Monday.

  177. jerry says:

    i feel so terrible, Porter sucks, horrible nigthmare

  178. Ricky B. Free says:

    yeah call me names. He cnat go 1v1 against a defender thast as fast as him.

    I said this in the past and I will say it again right now Gyau is better than Shea.

  179. MJC-DC says:

    From the comments on this board it seems everyone thinks this is a single-loss elimination tournament.

    Yes we had a stinker of a game. Yes the road to London, in all likelihood, just got a lot tougher.

    However, this tournament is far from over. I look forward to seeing how this team responds Monday. That game will be a true test of these young men’s character.

  180. Ricky B. Free says:

    Mexico will be better this time. They have all their starters and Porter will probably start Shea over Gyau and Burnbury over Boyd.

    Mexico called in Davila the kid that signed for Chelsea, and he makes them better wiwth his movement off the ball. He is mexicos Agudelo, a kid that makes smart runs.

    I still believe that the US can win again vs Mexico but this time it will not be as easy as last time.

  181. Ricky B. Free says:

    Yeah I was surprised to hear him speak perfect english.

  182. Ricky B. Free says:

    On another note, Corona said that he had a dream where we faced Mexico in the semifinal and he scored the winning goal. I sure hope that he is Corona Nostradamus.

  183. marco says:

    EJ currently at Seattle? Has played 15 minutes of soccer the past year.

  184. Jamie Z. says:

    It is neither the time nor the place for perspective! Take your reasonable, measured thinking elsewhere! It’s not wanted here! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  185. Ricky B. Free says:

    We are playing vs El salvador, not exactly world beaters.

    If we cant beat El Salvador then we had no business going to the Olympics.

  186. Jamie Z. says:

    Are you twelve?

  187. MJC-DC says:

    Would be an incredible story.

  188. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    You were surprised to hear him speak perfect english?

    What the hell were you expecting?

  189. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    HA! Where did you get your information from?

    Mexico did not call in any of their foreign based players, don’t you read SBI?

  190. marden08 says:

    I think it is almost impossible to be off sides on a corner kick. Everyteam puts a defender on the post. I have never seen it called before.

  191. bs says:

    Yes. Mexico would rather face anyone but us but they have a different team now with Cortez, Aquino, Cubo Torres, and Pulido than when we beat them. I am seriously concerned.

  192. bs says:

    Seriously, be careful what you wish for. The best case scenario would be for Mexico to also fall somewhere and then face Canada. We need our best in the olympics. I truly believe Mexico beats us if we play them again.

  193. TomG says:

    It’s not an excuse, just common sense. You shouldn’t read too much into any single performance especially for young kids who are bound to be inconsistent and especially in this format. I understand the need to vent but some of the trashing I have read is kind of ridiculous. I am still very high on a lot of these kids and the coach. I am certainly disappointed but the talent level is still a solid step up from the last generation, I think.

  194. TomG says:

    Thanks for the info. I did not realize. Would it have killed him to read a couple articles on the teams beforehand, though? Too bad there isn’t any way for you to access information from your computer, something like an interconnected net of computers where people could share data and information, hmmmmm?

  195. Hush says:

    Why would I trash Shea in regards to the Mexican game. I was sitting right behind Hamid, I didn’t see Shea on the left…. Hhhmmm, I wonder why I didn’t see Shea on the pitch.SMH

    I did bash Shea in regards to his play against Cuba. His two assist didn’t do anything for me. It was decent play against a weak team. I’m not impressed. I said Gyau should have started on the left. He by far is superior to Shea in all aspects of the game as of now.

    Por favor, papa!

  196. Get a clue says:

    Dear USA,

    You are not nearly as good as you think you are. Actually, you are quite ordinary and your players are extremely overrated by your own fans. Your coach is not a tactical genius. Trying to play like Barcelona is embarrassing for you, you cant pull it off with your crappy, unskilled players.

  197. ld says:

    You know what reminded me of US teams of old? This US U23 team. Why? Because they are crap!

  198. Benny says:

    bs that is just a bunch of BS. Bring them on!!!!!!!!!!

  199. LiquidYogi says:

    In fact you cannot be offside directly from a corner kick. Only on the subsequent touch from an offensive player. Like a head on or something.

  200. thaDeuce says:

    Sorry, after he was part of the team that defeated italy then. and hamid played well against mexico, surely you saw that?

  201. GFutball says:

    Hey, smart guy. You have any more dumb things to say now that we just go eliminated? Just wondering…Development, blah blah blah. The US team lived up to the lameness of your excuses and analysis.