Bradley’s Egypt runs unbeaten streak to 8

Bradley (Getty Images)

On a day when 73 people stood trial for their alleged roles in the deadly riots at a February soccer match in Port Said, Egypt, Bob Bradley was busy doing his part to restore the game in the African nation, guiding the national team in another match while trying to assess his squad before the games start to count in June.

Egypt played Iraq to a 0-0 draw in the United Arab Emirates Tuesday, running its unbeaten streak to eight matches (6-0-2). Egypt had beaten Nigeria, 3-2, and Mauritania, 3-0, in its other matches in the UAE over the last week.

Important matches for Egypt are on the horizon, as the Pharaohs face Mozambique and Guinea in 2014 World Cup qualifiers on June 1 and 8, respectively, followed by two 2013 African Cup of Nations qualifiers against the Central African Republic on June 15 and 30. According to reports out of Egypt, Bradley will hold another camp in Turkey prior to the qualifiers to better prepare his players, most of whom have been inactive otherwise after the remainder of the Egyptian club season was cancelled in the aftermath of the riots.

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  1. Goals says:

    Obviously this means Bob Bradley is a better manager.

    -Rose Tinted Glasses

  2. Poo says:

    good job bob

  3. Drew says:

    Awesome. Was ready for a USMNT change, but I’m pumped Bob Bradley has had success so far. He’s a great man.

  4. dan says:

    nice to see he is doing well, too bad he has to be stuck in a country like Egypt tho :S

    perhaps this could lead him to a bigger team

  5. Annelid Gustator says:

    I like Bradley okay, but you need new blood every cycle, in my uninformed opinion. 2 WC cycles is just 1 too many.

  6. GSScasual says:

    Much respect for this guy.

  7. soccerroo says:


    Very rarely does any second term coach have the same or mor sucess going to straight cycles.

  8. PCFC says:

    He’s the man. He never deserved the treatment USMNT fans gave him. I find it funny that Klinsmann calls in the same people that Bradley did…but the cheap wallpost of “Fire Klinsmann” never materializes (as it shouldn’t). Simply put, we don’t have the deep player pool naive fans think we have.

    Good job Bob!

  9. Isaac says:

    Beating Nigeria is not an easy feat. Much props to Bob. He’s as good a coach as any the USA has had, and probably Egypt as well…

  10. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Bob of the Nile. Bow before him.

  11. Casey says:

    Wait, JK has called in Bornstein an unprecedented amount of times?

  12. acj says:

    I’ve got no problem with him not getting a second cycle.

    My issue was the way he was fired. letting him hang on for another year then getting fired after losing to a clearly superior mexico side in the Gold cup. If they didn’t want to give him another four years they should have said thank you and not rehired him after the last world cup.

  13. pd says:

    Huh. I never knew Dan was Egyptian for “xenophobe”…

  14. pd says:

    In all fairness Chandler was called in as soon as he was available…

  15. Supsam says:

    Still called up Rico Clark which Bradley haters were furious with

  16. Casey says:

    Yes who was truly over his head in World Cup when Edu was clearly the better player at the time. There are 3 if not 4 players ahead of him on the depth chart now. He was brought in for Camp Cupcake nothing else.

  17. Kevin says:

    Egypt is usually one of the better teams in Africa. We beat them in the Confed Cup which they had qualified for and just narrowly missed the world cup and would have been in our group

    I had a feeling Bob would have success. He runs a tight system, defensive oriented. You dont lose if you dont let in goals and we always played solid D under Bob, although our offense had issues…

  18. Casey says:

    Yes those darn early goals and two goal leads that we gave up were due to that solid D.

  19. Herman says:

    i would agree… in fact, maybe he should have been cut free even earlier.

    BTW… he picked the team for the Gold Cup and chose to make it a JV scrimage

  20. Kevin says:

    i think those are more exceptions than his overall work, but yeah… those were HUGE exceptions…

  21. PCFC says:

    First, Bornstein had a good World Cup. What judgement do we have for players? Meaningless friendlies? Cupcake Gold Cup off year? Or 3 games at the biggest stage?

    For the others, tactical decisions were made and were glorious (circa USA – Slovenia…should’ve ended 3-2 with a win to seal top of the group one game earlier. But we can’t control refs). Rico was an error. Robbie Findley was an error.

    But at what point do we realize that (A) we won qualifying (Egypt and Russia didn’t make it in) and our group stage over England (Italy and France did not make it out) to lose to a team in OT that should’ve beat Uruguay if it wasn’t for “Super Cheat” Suarez. And (B) losing to Mexico in the Gold Cup is not a disgrace. Naive fans think that since we have a string of victories against Mexico (some with Bradley at the lead) that we’re better then them. Look who won every CONCACAF championship.

    -Beating the future World Champions and the best team ever (streak-wise) in a FIFA tournament.
    -Winning the Gold Cup.
    -Winning WCQ
    -Winning the WC Group

    Great things happened. Why do we disgrace him?

  22. Rivaldo says:

    Casey,please put down the crack pipe. Bradley’s belief in the way the game should be played was from an attacking standpoint. He often had inferior players and knew that winning was most important. So we rag on him and then US Soccer bring in a new guy and gives him the power from top to bottom to come up with a system of developing players. How’s that working out so far, Casey? I will tell you IT’S NOT. This guy in charge has no idea (and either does the Technical Director) on how to get us to the next level.

    Please tell me what steps have been taken to change the process of developing players? No high school soccer for the rich academy boys? Oooh good one, JK

  23. Casey says:

    Because you put him on a pedestal. You can cite the high points but there were certainly very low points. Praise him all you want, there are high and low points and all you can do is just see what you want to see in the high points when there were glaring issues during his time.
    -Losing the Gold Cup Final twice (both embarrassing).
    -Losing for the first time ever in the Gold Cup group stage (Sampson didn’t even do this)
    -Beating a team 1-0 that isn’t even recognized by FIFA
    -Playing Beasley as a full back.

  24. Casey says:

    I pleasantly sober if you wanted to know. How is it not working out so far under JK? Steering a ship off a cliff? Creating depth at all positions? Beating Italy for the first time ever and in Italy? I guess it really isn’t working out.
    Let’s go back to giving up early goals, giving up two goal leads, having players start that aren’t even starting for their club. YAY.

  25. Casey says:

    And I never thought we were better than Mexico in that Final but putting in your boy Bornstein and moving Lihaj over to RB really showed up what a tactician your boy Bob was made of.

  26. solles says:

    Good for Bob, im still expecting him to be the first American manager of a big-league European club, Premiership, maybe Italy, why not, his style of play might do well there.

  27. Rivaldo says:

    Boy you are clueless. I am not talking about an exhibtion win I am talking about the entire picture of development in this country to which JK was put in charge of. He oversees the Technical Director who,if you remember, was supposed to come up with a plan to enhance development in Zone 1 (which is the youngest ages)players and coaches. Instead he (the TD) puts himself on the bench as u23 assistant. How’d that work out? And the development of players in this country is going NOWHERE.

    Nice win in Italy but please. Do you think we would have been in that game if it mattered for anything? What kind of coach puts in a 4-3-3 system of VERTICAL INTEGRATION (that means every US National team must play it) before having a system/plan for player development.

    Porter was forced to use that system against his better judgement and it was a disaster. Bradley was not perfect but if he had been given the keys to the operation at least he would have a plan in place by now.

  28. Casey says:

    How am I clueless? That is the closest game JK has had as a manager to non-exhibition. WCQ doesn’t start until June 2012.
    Fact: Reyna start his job as technical director in April of 2010. In other words, the started under your boy’s watch not JK.
    Haha where did Porter say he didn’t want to use a 4-3-3? He was high touting it before the tournament. What would have Bradley done given keys to the operation? The plan started underneath Bradley not after him. JK has given his blessing. And if you weren’t so naive about the formation you would read there is also a diamond 4-4-2 involved.

  29. Matt says:

    8 game unbeaten streak of not, Egypt is far below in the ranking than when he took over, Bradley was not a good USMNT coach, in fact he should have been fired before even leading the team to the WC, and he will not be successful as Egypts coach. Plenty of their fans ALREADY want him fired

  30. PCFC says:

    How old are you Casey? If you are older than 25 yo, then I’m sorry. I just assume you are a new naive USMNT that think we’re European.

    -“Losing in the Gold Cup Final twice”
    Hard to respond to this. Clearly, I was excited in the last real Gold Cup when we went up 2-0 early. (Though, winning that tournament would never shut up Euro snobs that put Klinsmann on a pedestal). It was a poor tactical decision to put Bornstein in there when Cherundolo went down injured. But then again, I put that more on our clear lack of depth then something Bob Bradley “did.” It was unfortunate injury that exposed our shallow player pool.

    In regards to 2009 GC, I think that was a success. This is where I differ from these new fans. The team had Jay Heaps, Colin Clark, Jon Busch and Logan Pause. That isn’t second-rate team, that’s third-rate! Bob Bradley had no choice but to accept those players. And we competed all the way to the second half of the Final versus a team with Dos Santos, Guillermo Ochoa and Guillermo Franco. Think about that roster again…

    -“Losing for the first time ever in the Gold Cup group stage”

    CONCACAF isn’t as easy as people think. Nonetheless, we progressed out of the group.

    -“Beating a team 1-0 that isn’t even recognized by FIFA”

    Why are all your negatives half-positives? We beat a team that was #1 in FIFA in a FIFA tournament and killed their unbeaten streak.

    -“Playing Beasley as a full back.”


    So when I bring up World Cup victories, WCQ victories, GC victories, beating the best team ever (in terms of unbeaten streak), taking it to Brazil (all in FIFA tournaments), you bring up “Playing Beasley as a full back”, “beating a team 1-0″

    I mean, come on! Your negatives are negative. Every USMNT is George Steinbrenner these days.

  31. Rivaldo says:

    Sounds like I must have hit a nerve Casey? Ok to use your language, Fact: Bradley is not my boy. Actually, if I had a boy,Arena would be it but what does that matter?

    Fact: (you actually sound like Dwight Schrute when you talk like that) BB would never, ever hire Reyna. Fact: Bradley had little or no input into the youth system, JK has complete say on issues of development. Fact: JK has the keys to the entire operation (hence the 2.5 million dollar contract) and has made no improvement so far. Fact: Reyna reprots to him (enough said) Fact: Porter reports to JK and has to drink the kool aid like every other coach in the system. Please keep explaining to me your knowledge of the 4-3-3, I need a good laugh

  32. PCFC says:

    How was Bradley not a good coach? From ESPN:

    “Since 2007, Bradley compiled a record of 43 wins, 25 losses and 12 ties for a 53.75 winning percentage. That gives him the second-highest number of wins and winning percentage of any U.S. head coach who was in charge for more than five games. Only Bruce Arena’s 65.8 percent mark bests Bradley, who stood at 62.9 percent through 2010. (He went 4-4-2 in 2011.) In those games, Bradley led the U.S. to the top spot in the 2010 World Cup fourth qualifying stage, a first-ever group win during the 2010 World Cup group stage, three consecutive Gold Cup finals and a 2009 Confederations Cup final.”

  33. solles says:

    ha plenty of any group of fans will want a coach gone from the moment of appointment, is JK any different in the US, he has never had universal suport from USA fans.

  34. Casey says:

    Aww criticizing me by age are we? Glad to know you can take pot shots.
    There is nothing positive in beating a team 1-0 not even recognized by FIFA. Absolutely none. But I guess you see everything through rose colored glasses for you boy Bob.
    Haha losing a game in the group stage is nothing to be excited about. Spin all you want. Not even the awful Sampson did that. But you obviously see Bob as some sort of demi-God.
    Yes, Bradley had an effect on the Gold Cup roster and the depth he brought to the Gold Cup. It resulted in Bornstein wearing a jersey again and playing for the USMNT.
    I am not new nor am I naive. Sounds like you can only pick up the positives in what was a sinking ship.
    -A team that held the lead for 1 minute in the World Cup. Wow that is something to get excited about.
    We lost in the Group Stage in 2011 with our ‘full roster’ not the 2009 one. If you want to blame it on that, yea go ahead. You’re full of excuses. Busch nor Clark played in the 2009 final. Do a little fact checking.

  35. Casey says:

    I never spouted to have any knowledge of the 4-3-3. I said take a look at what Reyna said and wrote. He also refers to a diamond 4-4-2. Obviously you must be special if you can’t understand that.
    What does reprots mean? I don’t speak short bus.
    Yes JK has taken over. The Olympic debacle happened under JK and Reyna. The Under 20s happened under Bradley and Reyna. I know Reyna wasn’t hired by JK it was by Sunil. They are working together to overhaul the system but Reyna already had his plans in mind before JK came along. Obviously you like blaming JK for everything.
    Well Arena being your boy does explain it. Bradley is Arena’s offspring. Arena doesn’t like JK’s approach either and you seem to be his mouth piece. It is why nothing changed going from Arena to Bradley and now you are too scared to see what will happen when we try to compete and beat the big boys on a more consistent basis.
    Thanks for proving my point about Porter. Show the me facts to back up these ridiculous claims. Read some of Reyna’s literature while you are at it.

  36. Rivaldo says:

    Reprots was a spelling error. And please don’t bring the word special into any conversation. Are you that classless?

    Read Reyna’s literature? I have read every piece of it. You just keep me amused Clueless Casey! Reyna borrowed a technical program that a lower level coach with Real Madrid’s youth program borrowed from them.Do your homework CC, the guy is not that highly touted, he is a fitness coach.

    Reyna has NEVER COACHED. He was a good player for the US but he has NEVER COACHED. Obviously if you are impressed by his literature you are a very bad coach yourself.

    Keep em coming CC. I will bet you your autographed picture of Steve Sampson that this is going to blow up right in your face. Be a good boy and get some sleep.

  37. Rvialdo says:

    I have class you just have no clue how to read or comprehend apparently. I am telling you what Reyna said. I didn’t say everything was right or wrong about it. All I am saying is that is what it says but I can tell by everything you write that you haven’t read it.
    Hey here is a fun article for you. Written when your boy BB was still managing. Oh wait that all JK’s doing that he wrote it during BB’s tenure. There is the curriculum for you to download so you can read up.
    link to

  38. Rivaldo says:

    Btw, send me your email Casey and I will tell you that I know exactly how it went down with the u23’s failure. Yes, it was Porter’s fault but your boy CR was sitting right next to him on the bench. Guess we didn’t read that piece of literature on how to lose to Canada.

    I don’t want to embarrass you on this forum so I will send you the details in an email.

  39. Casey says:

    Haha now you admit it. Where is your info on Porter being forced to play a 4-3-3? Oh wait there isn’t.
    link to
    Read what is title Page 1 on the bottom right. Show me where it says we only play a 4-3-3. You obviously don’t have a clue.

  40. Rivaldo says:

    CC, if I have no clue how to read or comprehend then let’s take another look at your comprehension. Didn’t I tell you I was an Arena guy, not Bradley. Pay attention CC.

    Please also take a look at your writing. It is not good. You appear to be upset. I will let you put US Soccer candy stripe PJ’s on and go to bed.

  41. Casey says:

    Aww just hurling insults now. Can’t back anything up now? Oh wait you couldn’t from the beginning.
    But keep on going an not backing anything up. I sent you a few links to read up on Reyna’s work so you can stop pulling things out of nowhere.

  42. Rivaldo says:

    Reyna’s work? This drivel was created by Perez,not Reyna. CC, I know all about this curriculum. It is a guide for coaches that no one follows. A toothless tiger.

    Want to know how well it is followed? Tab Ramos’ academy team often plays a 4-5-1 so please stop making me laugh.

    Trust me, I know Porter was told to play a 4-3-3. If it wasn’t correct wasn’t your boy CR right next to him on the bench to make an adjustment. CC, listen to me. The guy had NEVER COACHED. NEVER COACHED.

    Now didn’t I tell you to go to bed.Kiss you picture of Jurgen and say good night.

  43. Dillon says:

    Egypt are the biggest team in Africa.

  44. Casey says:

    I am showing you the direction that Reyna wants to take US soccer but you obviously don’t want to see it. I am showing you facts while you just keep making things up. How am I making you laugh? YOU keep talking about the 4-3-3 and even brought it up. I showed you the literature and somehow it goes in one ear and out the other.
    Porter uses a 4-3-3 at Akron or are you that dense? He wanted to bring it to the national team. He could have deployed any formation he wanted but you are going way too into the formation. But keep seeing what you want to see. Just quit using a Brazilian great like Rivaldo. I feel like you should be using Lalas.

  45. pancholama says:


  46. Rivaldo says:

    CC, please don’t tell me about the direction CR wants us to go. I coach in the US Academy and we all have a hard time taking coaching advise from a guy who has NEVER COACHED but thinks he has all of the answers. He should be moving throughout the country speaking to state associations, doing clinic and making an impact on soccer. He is doing nothing of that. We don’t need him prancing around US national youth team camps, we need him in the trenches and we need him developing a program with AT LEAST SOME ANSWERS. That curriculum is something that anyone with coaching experience could whip up in 3 hours. It has no PLAN or answers. It is just a bunch of text book drivel.

    Good night, you are annoying me.

  47. Dennis says:

    No, That was no JV team for the USA in the 2011 Gold Cup. It was the best players available at the time, those missing (except Chandler) were missing due to injury or poor form.

    The previous Gold Cup in 2009, he did use a “B” team because the first group had just completed the more important FIFA Confederations Cup. Probably not his choice, but one forced by the schedule, not his.

    If you want to make sniping remarks, at least get the facts right.

  48. Casey says:

    Hey a know it all coach who can’t spell or articulate a point. Sounds like a US academy coach. Or are you just a water boy who calls himself a coach?
    Yes, he should be in the trenches at many, many academies across the country every day. I forgot Reyna is the flash. Or maybe that is why he created a way for the US to play from some a fractured development system. I guess he should go to my old club when I was in North Dakota to Arsenal in So Cal to Vardar in Michigan to Regional ODPs.
    And obviously there is a problem when you (a supposed academy coach) can’t comprehend what is in such a simple document. No wonder everyone says the US needs better youth coaches.

  49. BrianVT says:

    Good on ya Bob!

    Does anyone know if he communicates in Egyptian or English when he coaches there? Dude went to Princeton, so if you told me he learned their language already, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  50. Dennis says:

    Well, yes JK got the win vs Italy, but if you paid attention, he did it using the style of play that Bradley implemented (because it fit the players, not because it was the greatest idea of how to play beautiful soccer), and, mostly, players that Bradley used in the past.

    The 4-3-3 will not be the successful formation for the USA for some years. If JK’s dreams of player development work out then perhaps the USA will find success with the 4-3-3, but not yet!

  51. Casey says:

    What style that Bradley implemented? You mean what Arena taught Bradley and used?
    Oh you mean the formation where everyone knows their role? Yeah Bradley didn’t do that. That’s why we always gave up early goals. Nice try.

  52. Dennis says:

    Last I heard, he and his wife were living in Egypt, and not in some gated foreign compound. At least back in Feb. when he was interviewed by Al Jazeera, he spoke in english and the interviewer translated to arabic. Bob did start with a greeting in arabic, so I would guess he is not fluent yet.

  53. Rivaldo says:

    PCFC you are a smart soccer man. Please don’t try to reason with him. He played his club soccer in North Dakota! lol

  54. Casey says:

    So what? The NBA’s greatest coach came from North Dakota. At least I am not afraid to hide behind some fake name.
    I have tried debating with you but you can’t seem to put two thoughts together to make an argument. Nor do you have any facts besides your stupid theory which obviously isn’t right.

  55. BrianVT says:

    Thanks Dennis!

  56. b says:

    They are a very intelligent family. Michael learned the language at his previous spots throughout Europe, and having only been in Italy for a few months he has already started conducting interviews in Italian. Bob only uses a few Arabic words or phrases at times, but you can bet he is doing what it takes to familiarize himself with it right now, and will soon start speaking it.

  57. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Seems an in-depth SI story by Wahl should be in the making.

  58. Gnarls says:

    Ignorant, maybe, but xenophobic? No. He didn’t say anything about the Egyptian people. Given the political instability and lack of security, post-revolution, I share dan’s view. Egypt isn’t a country in which I’d want to live – not right now.

  59. Gnarls says:

    English is the lingua franca of (most of) the world. I’d wager he coaches in English and his team does fine to understand him.

  60. The Imperative Voice says:

    When he made the WC knockout round out of a group with England — tying them — I think he had earned the right to stick around, second cycle or not. IMO what actually happened in the second cycle was what sealed his fate. That Gold Cup was awful and one could argue it related to his selections, slow team, lousy forwards other than the soon-injured Altidore.

    I also don’t think it helped that Gulati always seemed to have preferred Klinsi to Bradley, he just was unwilling to do what it took when we first picked the coach. And he couldn’t fire him off that WC. But the Gold Cup and neighboring games were so bad, and some of the Kljestan/Bornstein choices so repetitively insane, that I think Bradley gave Gulati what he needed to make a change.

    I think Klinsi is doing a better job of identifying players, particularly foreign, to infuse into the pool, my concerns are whether he will deploy defensive enough a formation to endure CONCACAF and whether he can avoid a Rogers/Kljestan Bradley tendency to occasionally rely on His Guys even when the pool has much better talent.

  61. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think the talent level is still borderline enough overall that the coach needs to be consistently good for us to succeed. You look at the 2006 WC and 2011 Gold Cup and I think you see where we are one coaching banana peel, and an injury or unfilled position, away from being pretty mediocre.

    In that context, I actually think it’s appropriate to keep the heat on the coaches. We can’t afford an Eddie Lewis LB experiment, a Bornstein at LB settle, a Reyna-at-CM-at-70 button push, a 433 in Costa Rica.

  62. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think Bradley’s strength is in tough, defensive system play, and having months to work with on-hiatus Egyptian players is probably the ideal situation for him. Kind of contrasting how I think the US youth NTs are struggling somewhat with the professionalization of their player pool. In the old days we would have months to train our youth and even senior teams because most of the players were not serious professionals, they were collegians and minor leaguers. In that sense Bradley is able to avoid the usual club-country disputes, and structural limits on time with his players, and just train and train a team. In which case I’m sure they’ve improved collectively……the interesting bit might be how he fares when the Egyptian league restarts and he’s juggling players all around the world again like he was here. Will he start falling back on his Egyptian Kljestan equivalents?

  63. Sgc says:

    That historical account is missing a key fact: we also lost to ***Panama***. We even got a re-match against them, and just barely got by. Bradley’s seat was quite hot before we ever played Mexico.

  64. David says:

    Just as long as he is not allowed to come back to the USMNT.

  65. David says:

    I agree, his firing was completely unnecessary if the USSF had just made the proper decision in the first place not to rehire him after WC 2010 debacle.

  66. David says:

    Banal Bob Bradley got everything he deserved and should have gotten more after the WC 2010 debacle, followed by the losses to Panama and Mexico, the nepotism exhibited towards playing his son all the time (regardless of how he performed) was also a legitmate point of ire for the fanbase.

  67. David says:

    Great, maybe they’ll make him into a modern-day Pharoah and they can keep him.