Must-See Match: El Clasico

Barcelona. Real Madrid. Messi. Ronaldo. Guardiola. Mourinho.

The two storied rivals are set for their next historic clash Saturday, with Madrid able to effectively slam the door on Barcelona's league title hopes with a win at Camp Nou. Barcelona, however, can sneak within a point of the league leaders with a home victory. With the pressure rising for both teams after mid-week UEFA Champions League semifinal first-leg losses, expect another classic in Spain. Here's a little something to get you amped for the matchup. Enjoy:

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13 Responses to Must-See Match: El Clasico

  1. Steve C says:

    A bit disappointed this won’t be on ESPN(2). I’m not even gonna look to see what is on instead… probably PBA Bowling.

  2. KC says:

    It’s gong to be a pretty boring game. A tie is enough for Madrid and Mourinho is no stranger to bunkering down against strong teams,

  3. kimo says:

    Over / Under on the number of dives? I say 10.
    Over / Under on the number of times the ref is surrounded by 5 or more players? I say 6.
    Over / Under a player acts like his leg has been split in two, get stretchered off and then magically retakes the pitch within 10 sec? I say 3.

    Have I missed any?

  4. HoboMike says:

    I’ll take the over on all 3 and meet you at the bank.

  5. kimo says:

    LOL … ur prolly right … I might be a very poor man after the match!

  6. kimo says:

    Actually, it could be a very fun drinking game. Drink every time one of the above 3 things happens. The likelihood of not remembering the game would be quite high :)

  7. swoopy says:

    True. As much as I enjoy watching Barca play anyone else, Clasico’s are painful. Like 22 Frank Ribery and Drogba impersonators.

  8. marco says:

    Although many are calling for Jose to play attacking football, I cant see him not employing the Chelsea model where the defense narrowed, took the middle away from Messi, and made Barcelona play wide unsuccessfully.

  9. marco says:

    Pep can counter this by putting Messi wide, but he has no in form strikers.

  10. Sir Alex says:

    Who are these teams? Never heard of them.

  11. bryan says:

    can’t wait! im pissed this is not on ESPN2 though. so lame!

  12. dan says:

    where the hell are they showing the game!?!?!??! FUUUUUU!

    Every single spectator should root for Barca to score an early goal. That’ll make Madrid attack hard after

  13. Juan from L.A. says:

    ESPN Deportes is showing this game with a one hour preview. Its time for ESPN in english channels start showing the best derby and classic rivalry of any sport in the world.