How long should Marquez be suspended?

Marquez (Getty Images)

After Rafa Marquez' latest act of misconduct, the consensus question seems to be not if MLS' Disciplinary Committee will suspend the New York Red Bulls Designated Player, but how for long?

Marquez' much-publicized, off-ball, NFL-style tackle and kick to San Jose Earthquakes winger Shea Salinas resulted in Salinas breaking his clavicle, and he is set to undergo surgery and miss the next 6-to-8 weeks, according to the Earthquakes.

The egregious nature of the tackle combined with Marquez' shaky reputation and MLS' hardened stance on violent misconduct means that the Mexican international is most definitely in for a ban. The only debate seems to center around the length. Considering it was off the ball, reeked of malicious intent and severely injured a player, should the actions warrant a ban as long as Brian Mullan's unprecedented 10-game suspension for his tackle that broke Steve Zakuani's leg? Should it be treated as any other retroactively disciplined play has this year and yield a one-game suspension, akin to the play warranting a red card? Would it be appropriate if MLS found middle ground and issued a multi-game suspension instead? 

How long do you think Marquez should be suspended? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? What do you think would be the proper punishment for Marquez?

Share your thoughts below.

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108 Responses to How long should Marquez be suspended?

  1. ec says:

    I think 5-7 is a good number, but I don’t think this jury is going to be kind to the defendant

  2. Creige says:

    Just release him for God’s sake before he applies for a green card.

  3. Dos says:

    In the spirit of playoff hockey, Marquez is such a duster it isn’t even funny

  4. jonk says:

    As disgusting as it was, I can’t imagine anything longer than 5 games and I wouldn’t be shocked to see something in the 3-5 range.

  5. Dave from Charlotte says:


    That guy is a POS…I don’t care if he is from Mexico or Mars he gives his people a bad name.

  6. Huey says:

    It’s very clear that Marquez looks behind him to see his body rolling over Shea’s and strikes his foot down. It very clearly wasn’t an accident when considering not only his reputation, but also the buildup to the two falling down, precipitated entirely by Marquez’s tackle.

    Give him 10 games. Mullan’s was a tackle built out of frustration but not with intent to injure. Marquez kicked Salinas after dragging him down with both arms and shattered his clavicle. Marquez especially meant to injure. This clown needs to leave, already.

  7. Anthony says:

    Send this dude back to Mexico

  8. broom says:

    He should be suspended a long as Salinas is out plus 3 games

  9. GSScasual says:

    pains me to see such a uneven opinion… all due to his race. you are absolutley kidding yourself if you think otherwise.. If landon did this, this would be a non issue.

  10. Goals says:

    Maybe he should play for the Jets.

    I hear Rex Ryan loves guys that can tackle. Marquez’s form on that tackle was superb, too. Albeit, for the OTHER football.

  11. Mike says:

    10 games? get out of here.

  12. wilyboy says:

    Ives, you should have provided a higher option just for fun.

  13. t$ says:

    USMNT homers. snooze.

  14. Goals says:

    I think it has less to do with race and more to do with his long and distinguished reputation as a jack-hole.

  15. Kevin says:

    im not a fan of him (not only because hes mexican and im american) but that rugby style tackle happens all the time in the box…watch a typical corner in an EPL game and im surprised they still have the jerseys on…its unfortunate that marquez fell on him…if he didnt break his collarbone – would everyone be up in arms? I think 1 game or 2 MAX if any at all

  16. KungFuSoccer says:

    I saw the World Cup, and I’m pretty sure based upon what I saw, bear hugging and dragging a player down in the penalty box is legal and authorized by FIFA. In fact, doing so will negate any goal scored.

  17. SR says:

    Nah, I cant see this as more than 2-3 weeks max. It’s Rafa, not Brian Mullan (and by the way, what Mullan did was much worse). The league isnt going to really drop the hammer on him for this.

  18. Anti-Rafa says:

    The injury caused by the fall isnt the problem, he held the palyer on a set piece and he fell on him. sucks but not relevant.

    The kick to the face after the fall. That is whay should be punished. 3 games.

  19. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Three to five.

    Repeat offender, severity of the offense (persistent holding, tackle, and kick), and the fact that they’ve suspended people for next to nothing. If they’re trying to send a message, then they’d better do it.

  20. Bob Bradley says:

    Forever. Off with the dirty mexican’s head!

  21. Anti-Rafa says:

    The hit on Cobi was 10 years ago. Let it go.

  22. Dillon says:

    Where is the forever option?

  23. AL says:

    You’re racist for saying its racist

  24. everyone thinks says:

    he can come back when Salinas does 6 to 8 weeks

  25. Bump Bailey says:

    You are dilusional. This isn’t his first offense. His reputation is well documented. Marquez is a washed up-has been-hack. Any skill he had is gone, he is getting routinely embarassed and all he has left is his thuggery. It must be burning him up inside that American’s are routinely getting the better of him and that he can’t compete. Marquez is a disgrace to the good people of Mexico.

    Why you bring Donovan into this I have not idea. You can say a lot of things bad about him without getting an argument from me. Donovan doesn’t play dirty. If he did something as stupid as Marquez just did i would say give him 5 games. But thinking he is a hack is the furthest thing from what he is and that it would all be different if it was him is just way off base.

  26. everyone thinks says:

    actually I changed my mind. Dont let him come back

  27. Jonathon says:

    I said 5-9, with my preference being on the higher end of the scale. Given that Marquez is a repeat offender, and his kick to the shoulder / head area is somewhat similar to the Clark / Ruiz incident (though definitely not as blatant), and that he caused an injury, he should face a heftier punishment than usual. There’s no doubt in my mind that Marquez’s kick out was intentional, and that action is absolutely unacceptable and deserving of a lengthy suspension.

  28. Goals says:

    I wasn’t aware he hit Kobe Bryant, too.

  29. bryan says:


  30. Steve C says:

    If I want 5 games which selection do I pick? 2-5 or 5-9?

  31. The Dude says:

    Why is the media trying to force the hand of MLS? The ref saw the incident and deemed it fair play. The kick was likely accidental and the tackle in the box is a very common occurrence these days. Let refs manage the games!

  32. BrianVT says:

    +1. Suspended?!?!? How about just cutting him? He’s crap.

  33. Steve C says:

    Up until this point, only 2 people had mentioned anything and it was in regards to being Mexican, which… isn’t even a race.

  34. Andre says:

    I’m a RedBull fan, first and foremost. And personally, I believe the suspension should be indefinite, or until after the All-Star Break. What he did, and what he has done is disgusting, and shameful. Make an example out of him. I want to apologize to San Jose fans, really. No one deserves to be hugged three times in the box on a corner and on the third hug, legs get tangled and clavicles get broken, and for that extra stomp at the end.
    The guy is a classless act.

  35. strider says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think racism is the issue here. I really enjoyed Blanco’s time with the Fire and there have been other Mexican players that I have enjoyed in MLS and other places, e.g. Chicharito. HOWEVER, Rafa has shown a pattern of committing fouls that, if not meant to injure, have the great potential to injure. To pull off a football tackle like this is without excuse, regardless of race. There are plenty of Gringo hacks in the league too. Its just right now we’re talking about Rafa.

  36. kpugs says:

    Is it too much for me to hope he gets kicked out of the league so RBNY can use that $5mil to build a defense that doesn’t include Holgersson and Miller?

  37. Kosh says:

    I’m thinking 3-5 is appropriate. Nasty business there by Mr. Marquez.

    Look I know Rafa has a reputation that would not endear him to any US fan – Lord knows that I am no fan of the guy – but some of these statements on here are clearly uncalled for and flirting with the inappropriate. I am not calling anyone racist but racisim is such a low form of behavior that even trace elements of it blotch a nasty stain that taints and stains all. We’re better than this, SBI fans, soccer fans, Americans and humans alike.

    Rafa still sucks, but let’s keep the commentary on Rafa.

  38. BenH says:

    He broke it when he tackled him. Sorry but those plays on corners are every day occurances.

    The kick after the tackle was uncalled for. But that’s really the only thing that would merit a suspension.

  39. kpugs says:

    Preach on brother.

  40. Poo says:

    What’s interesting is how all over this topic the media has been…going to be really difficult for the league to not suspend him.

    on a side note – Rafa’s misconduct sure does = click counts!

  41. ThaDeuce says:

    It is good to know that he is just a dirty player all the time, not just against the U.S.A.

  42. kpugs says:

    You’re a bone racist, why is a leg worse than a clavicle? Do you want clavicles to sit in the back of the bus too? I’m appalled.

  43. Air Jordanz says:

    Saying what Mullan did was worse is oversimplifying the situation. True, Mullan’s tackle had a much more serious impact. It’s hard to imagine, however, that Mullan intended to break Zakuani’s leg, even if he clearly wanted him to feel the tackle. Furthermore, Mullan made a mistake, but never had a reputation as a nasty player, even if he was a big rough.

    Marquez, on the other hand, is a well documented toolbag. The sum total of one bear hug, one body slam, one very intentional kick, and one broken clavicle should add up to a hefty suspension (~5 games IMO).

  44. Air Jordanz says:

    If you ask the ref from the USA-Slovenia WC match, it was actually a foul on Salinas.

  45. Kosh says:

    I hope, what does not get lost in all this Rafa business is the fine and possible suspension that should be coming Henry’s way for the nasty tackle on Wondo in the first half. McDonald got to sit one ourt for something similar so Mr. Henry should get to sit too.

    Just wnated to bring that up so it doen’t get lost in Ragfa-gate part…oh, I lose count with this guy.

  46. BenH says:

    Are some of you guys with the racist comments torn or maybe happy that at least he injured a Mexican-American?

  47. Grant says:

    It’s not about his race, it’s about his history of dirty plays and his intent on the play. He intended to not let Shea anywhere near the ball, forced him to the ground, and then decided to kick him. He did all of these things away from the run of play as to avoid the referee’s attention. He needs to be punished. It doesn’t matter what race he is or what his importance to the league is. If Landon or becks did this we’d be talking suspension also.

  48. marco says:

    Five games if accompanied by psychiatric care. The NYRB commentator kept asking before the injury,’What is Marquez doing? He’s going to get a penalty for that’.
    Rafa definitely looked disturbed.

  49. Steve says:

    This. I have always thought, in every sports, that if a tackle is deemed as intentionally trying to injure an opposing player (which this was) the offender needs to sit out a minimum equal time of what the other player sits out. Then the injured player can choose to either kick the guy in the nuts or have him sit out a few more games.

  50. bcoug says:

    Its equally hard to imagine that Marquez *intended* to break Salinas’ clavicle. Both men certainly seemed to intend to cause some level of damage and pain, but I don’t think either intended to break bones. That being said, Mullan certainly didn’t have good intent when he launch himself at Zakuani’s legs (not the ball) and neither did Marquez when he tackled and then kicked Salinas.
    I think a similar suspension as Mullan received is justified here.

  51. Pico says:

    Where is the option for him to be out as long as Chavez and Benitez?

    After re-watching the game I am surprised if the league does not come down on all three of them. Both San Jose fouls were pretty assassin.


  52. blargh says:

    If there was no precedent for this, I would say 3 games, but given that he is a repeat offender, 5 games and a hefty fine (both league and internal) seem justified.

  53. Rick says:

    He has always been a____hole. Remember what he did to Cobi in 2002?

  54. papabear says:

    10 or more

    -he went after Salinas the whole game. There were multiple souls that could have drawn cards before that.

    -history. Marquez’s reputation for dirty play is well deserved and documented

    -anyone trying to claim the kick wasn’t intentional is lying to themselves. If it was just the tackle a game or two might be in the discussion. The CLEARLY intentional kick, with everything else, takes it to a whole other level.

  55. pancholama says:

    Rafa es un hijo de la ch****da.

  56. MMV says:

    The issue is not the tackle. The issue is the kick to the face/shoulder area. It caused physical harm and could have easily been avoided. The intent is pretty clear.

  57. Dizzo says:

    The sad thing is the longer Marquez is suspended the better NYRBs will play. He clearly doesn’t give a crap.

    BTW – I voted 2-5 as I think 5 is a reasonable number. It’s clearly malicious and the intent is to hurt. I still think its not as bad as Mullan lining up Zakuani. Most of the damage was from Marquez landing on top rather than the inital tackle.

  58. Mike Vann says:

    If it wasn’t intentional, his leg would have never had that type of force and velocity when coming down. It’s pretty damn clear he kicked out at Salinas. Just because the ref deemed it legal doesn’t mean squat. They aren’t perfect and they make mistakes. The ref in this matchup had a horrendous match from opening to closing whistle. He should be sitting out a few weeks, too.

  59. curmudgeon says:

    What Mullan did was worse only in that the injury was worse. Mullan’s act was a lousy tackle on someone who had the ball. Marquez’ act was off the ball.

  60. Rocco says:

    This was going to be my response. Players who intentionally injure another – or purposefully do something that would clearly cause some sort of injury – should result in a suspension that lasts as long as the injured player is out. The victim had no choice in the matter, and so they shouldn’t be sidelined by intentional behaviour when the offender gets to be in the lineup the next game or at any time before the victim gets back.

  61. papabear says:

    They might be everyday occurences, but It’s still a foul. It’s also one of the things the league has specifically said it wants to get rid of. He routinely went after Salinas and made it clear there was at least some malice there. The kick was just inexcusable

  62. Modibo says:

    But Marquez’s fouls occurred *entirely off the ball* – no intent *whatsoever* to contest for the ball. Zakuani had a ball near his feet at least when Mullan came flying in.

    Can Marquez argue that he was trying to disposses Salinas of the ball with his kick? If he does, he’s more of a tool than we all think.

  63. Don Pelayo says:

    Marquez is nearly solely responsible for the younger generation of USMNT fans’ hatred of the Mexican national team. He is a dirty, disgraceful player. The Red Bulls tarnished the club’s reputation by bringing Marquez to the MLS.

  64. Poo says:

    Tarnished what reputation for the red bulls.

  65. Modibo says:

    The issue IS the tackle because that and the kick occurred in relation to one another. The disciplinary committee is not just going to start the tape rolling at the point when Salinas hits the ground. The tackle helps to show the intentionality of Marquez’s foul, and it compounds the offense. I agree that the kick shows intent to harm while the tackle does not, but it also can’t be ignored.

    For Yallop, at least in his postgame quotes, the issue is actually the tackle that he believes should have resulted in a penalty.

  66. Don Pelayo says:

    Problem: Landon would never do that, sir.

    You are turning this into a race issue when it is really about a dirty player who disgraces the MLS.

  67. Modibo says:

    No hugs? I don’t think that FIFA has made PDAs illegal. If Rafa wants to show his affection he needs to learn to be more gentle. “You always hurt/the ones you love/the ones you shouldn’t hurt/at all” as the old song goes.

  68. al17 says:

    He gives people a Bad name?

    LMAO, classic line.

    I didn’t see the foul and I have no love loss for the S.O.B. so I’m completely biased against what happened based and based only on hearsay when I say he should receive a LIFETIME BAN from MLS.


  69. bcoug says:

    From my perspective, Mullan had as much interest and possibility of getting the ball on that play as Marquez did – absolutely none. Mullan’s hit may have come in the run of play, but you’d have to have pretty severe blinders on to say his tackle had anything to do with winning the ball.
    Both were the type of reckless thug play that can’t be tolerated.

  70. Modibo says:

    The commentator was Shep Messing. Sometime, check out his autobiography – written in the 80s sometime – he has a story about playing in goal in the old NY German-American league and some kid came out on the field and stabbed him in the thigh with a pen knife. No call on that one, even though it drew blood! But it wasn’t on film either.

  71. David says:

    Repeat offender. Should be at least 5 games I think since the 3 game one did nothing to hinder his actions. And I am an RBNY fan.

  72. Hesyourlifelight says:

    Borgetti and Osvaldo Sanchez did their fair share too

  73. sandtrout says:

    I hate Marquez as much as the next Yank does, but I don’t get the idea of big suspensions for the tackle. That’s called a “foul.” It should have been a penalty kick and a card of some color.

    His kick at the player he tackled, on the other hand, I can see suspending him for, consistent with suspensions for similar infractions. A couple of games?

  74. Kevmueller says:

    There is contact in the box on all dead balls that are being played in and sometimes people even get tackled. So for me the tackle of Salinas and the broken bone that came of it is not worthy of a suspension. I honestly don’t think there was the intent to hurt.

    However in watching the clip when Marquez lands on Salinas you can see him turn his head, look down and then see the foot come down on to his face. To me that was 100% intent to hurt! If this was not the first time I would say 3-5 games, but this is not the first time 5-10 games (10 if the league really wants to try and make a point).

  75. Jason says:

    Prior to last season I would have said 3 games. With what the Disciplinary committee has said in the last year+ after the tackles by Mullan, Mondiani, and Leathers and the suspensions earlier this season though I’m thinking 6 games. Rafa wasn’t making a soccer move, he has a history of discipline problems, he caused a serious injury and he intentionally kicked an opponent. These are all factors that the DC has stated they consider now when determining a suspension. Thus, 6 games.

    This is the environment the DC wanted when they made the statements, now they need to stand by them. Rafa shouldn’t get off just because he’s a DP and/or plays for a big team.

  76. This Guy says:

    There wasn’t an option for more, so you can’t complain.

  77. This Guy says:

    Troll along racebater….

  78. pd says:

    I’m surprised no one has suggested that Rafa was actually looking for the suspension– either gets paid either way, right? Either way it’s ridiculous injuries like this really can’t be rationalized or explained. If it had happened in the parking lot or the stands he’d be brought up on assault charges.

  79. David St. Hubbins says:


  80. cdrcgr says:

    I agree plus the referee was letting this behavior go. Like Marquez or not, he was playing tough physical football, typical in the MLS (and a trait lacking in the Red Bulls generally). It sucks that a player got hurt, but the Marquez witch-hunt is over the top.

  81. NSBill says:

    I voted 10, but think it should be the rest of the season. If Brian Mullan was given 10 games, then this should be more. While Mullan’s was reckless, his intention was not to injure. I don’t think you could argue the same for this action.

  82. Annelid Gustator says:

    By a long time. From the thumbs. For being a jerkface.

  83. For the season so we can finally see Dax and Palsson play together and we can then get a DP Center Mid

  84. d says:

    maybe he was trying to show his infatuation/love for Salinas by repeatedly rubbing from behind!!!!!

  85. d says:

    who is Benitez?

  86. d says:

    MLS should terminate his contract. Surely there must be some clause or loophole where they can do that without having to eat his salary.

  87. This Guy says:

    Who are these delusional 4% and who gave them Internet access?

  88. fischy says:

    I was going to write the same thing, but my laptop battery quit.

    Donovan would not have done this. Also, I’d guess Marquez and Donovan are of the same race — European/Caucasian.

    Mexican certainly isn’t a race, as anyone who knows anything about the racism prevalent in Mexican society would know.

  89. fischy says:

    I have to agree with this. It was a foul to be sure, but it didn’t look so bad. The injury came because they fell so awkwardly. In fact, I’d guess Marquez never intended to take him down, and the reason he kicked Salinas was probably because he was pissed at what he saw as a dive by Salinas. Either that, or he’s a complete a-bole.

  90. Vinz Clortho says:

    To quote Ellen Ripley:

    Don’t you have any idea what you have done here?! Well, I’m going to make sure that they nail you right to the wall for this!
    You’re not going to sleaze your way out of this one! Right to the wall!

  91. Kaiser says:

    So you’re saying he’s been doing this crap for at least 10 years!? Get the bum out of the league.

  92. Naboo says:

    39% voted for 10 games. Most have commented on the “intent” but really that is subjective…the only person who know if they wanted to hurt Salinas is Rafa. Christ. The refs that miss all these calls, do they face any punishment? Rafa should get 3 games and fined (because of the stamp not the two-armed tackle), same with the ref. The player reputation shouldn’t really come into play imo. Also, I really hope these suspensions don’t go overboard, it shouldn’t be an every week occurrence.

  93. roger says:

    Give whatever has been the longest suspension this year in the MLS and forget about it.

  94. blag says:

    Reputation should not come into play, but continuation of similar incidents should. Since his past shows it in the league (not taking any other source), he is liable for more punishment. Also I do not buy that just because everyone else does something it should not be punished. Just because everyone does it does not make it wrong (by the rules it is). Thus it should be punished.

  95. dgoshilla says:

    Ha! This is a joke right? He held onto him and they fell to the ground. It wasn’t a tackle so much as a drag. Bad luck on the break but a suspension for this? Please.

  96. jb says:

    Severe foul. Suspend Marquez. Give same to ref for not catching this. Unforgivable on the ref’s part

  97. Neuwerld says:

    8 games

  98. beachbum says:


    has to do with his repeated offenses over and over and over again, his lack of respect displayed repeatedly, and his history on this speaks volumes for itself

    not some racial tone as you suggest

    your comparing him to LD is ridiculous and reveals your own bias. try the mirror to see who is kidding whom

  99. beachbum says:

    well played sir!

  100. beachbum says:

    Shep Messing was unequivocal. Rafa was doing it on every play to Salinas, Messing called it before that specific play occurred, and he did not defend Marquez even a little bit, and he’s the Red Bulls commentator

  101. beachbum says:

    there are more…Garcia Aspe comes to mind

  102. AJ says:

    I know they’d never do it this way, but why not have Marquez out on ban for as long as Salinas is on the dl.

  103. Dennis says:

    This was the second NFL tackle from behind Salinas in the match, I guess when Marquez couldn’t get him under sufficient control in Marquez’a mind the first time, he applied more force.

    Pure thuggery. As they say in the referee’s course, this kind of stuff has no place in the game. Let”s hope league officials take to heart what FIFA refereeing instructors say.

  104. Sam says:

    breaking a leg is much worse than breaking a clavicle

  105. baldomero123 says:

    I don’t get the purpose of this poll. To stir up fan’s emotions, boiling to show their indignation and their deep-seated hatred of Rafa?

  106. This Guy says:

    You are completely clueless.

  107. Tom says:

    remember brancos foul..fouls? as i remember the league permantly suspended him from playing