Mid-Day Ticker: Rossi out 10 months, Pizarro denies deal, and more

Giuseppe Rossi (Getty Images)


Giuseppi Rossi's injury is worse than originally feared.

After being projected to miss another six months with the torn ACL he suffered earlier this month, Rossi is now being ruled out for 10 months. The Italian international needs two surgeries to repair the damaged ligament in his right knee, but the latest timetable for recovery means Rossi will miss most of next season.

The 25-year-old Villarreal forward already had one procedure done on him in the United States last Friday, and he will now need to recover for four months before having a second operation that will keep him out of action an additional six months. 

Rossi has been plagued with injuries in recent months. He suffered a knee injury six months ago, only to return and suffer this knock in one of his first training sessions back.

Here are more stories from Monday:


Werder Bremen forward Claudio Pizarro's future with the club is up in the air, but the Peruvian international is denying that he has agreed to join Bayern Munich after this season ends. Pizarro said he does not know where he will be playing next season, though he continues to be heavily linked with a return to Bayern Munich. Pizzaro, who has scored 16 Bundesliga goals this campaign, previously played for Bayern Munich from 2001-2007.


It is not uncommon to see teams fire multiple head coaches in one season. Just ask Alberto Malesani, who was fired for the second time this campaign by the same team. Malesani was let go by Genoa after the Italian club fell to Senia, 4-1, in a match that was suspended for 45 minutes early in the second half due to protests from upset Genoa fans. Malesani was rehired earlier this month after getting fired in December following a 6-1 loss to Napoli.


Manuel Almunia is ready to end his time with Arsenal. The 34-year-old goalkeeper revealed he wants to make a move to a new club this offseason, but he prefers it to be a London-based team. Almunia, who has made 175 appearances for Arsenal, fell behind Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski in the goalkeeper depth chart this season.


What do you think of Rossi being ruled out 10 months? Expect Pizarro to wind up with Bayern when it is all said and done? Hoping Malesani gets rehired and then fire by Genoa again for a hattrick performance of firings?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to Mid-Day Ticker: Rossi out 10 months, Pizarro denies deal, and more

  1. Air Jordanz says:

    I’ve never really been into the Rossi injury Schadenfreude, but there is a positive spin on this…

    Were he our premier striker, heading into WCQ would suck right about now!

  2. NE Matt says:

    i’m sure italy will be fine. the yellow submarines suck without him, but italy has tons of depth. plus if he is ready by the time world cup 2014 rolls around, its a good problem for the italian national team gaffer to have. if not, i’m sure they won’t lose any sleep over him

  3. julio says:

    Karma Rossi, that happens for turning your back on your Country and celebrating with GUsto when you scored 2 goals on them like if you hated them. Not glad he is hurt, but i’m not sorry or sad for him.

  4. Yellow Submarine Sinking says:

    I don’t hate Rossi as a person but Rossi as a footballer, I have zero remorse or shed an ounce of pity.

  5. Dimidri says:

    Saying Karma about somebody getting injured for such ‘malice’….oh the irony…

  6. Mig22 says:

    I think it’s rather amusing that it was bad news when Rossi took his shot to play for Italy. We got ‘stuck’ with Jozy. Which has been more productive for their national team?

    Rossi has played Confed Cup and maybe 5 Euro/WCQ games total. 3 goals for Italy. And he may be done as far as being an International.

    EDIT: 3 goals in non-friendlies.

    Advantage: Josmer

  7. John says:

    Not a fan of Pizzaro. I don’t think he has the legs to keep up with the front line of Bayern anymore.

  8. Crazy scene in Genoa. I wonder why it isn’t a bigger deal, maybe the super classico.

  9. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    May I suggest a shrink instead of trolling an NG about a player that never represented the US at any youth level? I am sure you do not feel the same about Holden, Jermaine Jones, Chandler, et al.

  10. d says:

    Feel bad for him but it could be karma for selling out your country

  11. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    But he’s lazy and out of shape and plays in a weak league and slow and hates kittens and steals food from panhandlers!

    I want to see Rossi Trolls versus Jozy Trolls.

  12. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    so, by your logic, Stewart Holden has the same karma?

  13. Mig22 says:

    Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly a huge Jozy fan (yet). But even given that, he’s been more valuable than Rossi.

  14. Mig22 says:

    I just KNEW he hated kittens too.

  15. jon says:

    and the winners fight the old “Mike Bradley is only playing because of nepotism” trolls

  16. ThaDeuce says:

    Howard AND deuce to Arsenal. : )

  17. ThaDeuce says:

    Guzan to Everton

  18. Madaoua05 says:

    And by that logic, all the “Germans” on the US National team are destined for some horrific injury at some point in the future?

  19. GSScasual says:

    FACT. He has done nothing for US soccer.

  20. ThaDeuce says:

    oh, nevermind. I read the first two of three sentences in that paragraph. This would make no sense at all! I was excited to post and assumed he was the starter.

  21. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    I like it.

    Back to Jozy, I have watched about 25 of AZ’s games this year. His hold up play and distribution have vastly improved. His runs and ability to read the game still need to improve, which is why people think he is lazy (watch some Chicharito videos). Overall, while the Eredivisie might be a little soft on defense, I would be hard-pressed to say he has not improved remarkably.

  22. Dimidri says:

    Just because I know a lot of PNW people will read this thread, why no USMNT games at Safeco(Mariners baseball field? Opponents have to play on dirt infield too, and probably aren’t as used to it as us. Home support of PNW against Mexico seems to outweigh not great field. Any other stadiums in Spokane or anything like that?

  23. Vic says:

    I’m sure some Scottish people feel that way. However, Holden has more of a connection to USA than Rossi does to Italy. Holden came to USA at a younger age lived longer and he didn’t come for soccer reasons. Regardless, its mainly Fifa’s fault for having such lax standards for national team play.

  24. Yellow Submarine Sinking says:

    Who’s Stewart Holden?

  25. Yellow Submarine Sinking says:

    PNW = Quit playing on carpet/baseball dimension pitches.

    I’d love to see a USNT in Portland but that pitch is about the size of my living room…and I live my mothers basement.

  26. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    This time last year Rossi looked poised to make the leap to being a truly world-class player. It will be interesting to see if he’s able to regain that form after missing more than a year.

  27. Bruce Arena says:

    I’m back boys…

  28. downintexas says:

    come on Mig you got to check out this wiki page. Its all on it.

  29. Charles says:

    I am reading a Council of Europe report about corruption in FIFA. Turns out some think that FIFA has been covering “commission payments” up.

    Anyone that is shock by this is lying or dumber than dirt.

  30. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    I respectfully disagree:
    Holden left Scotland at 10, Rossi left for Italy at 12. Rossi’s parents were both born and raised in Italy. He always maintained that he wanted to play for Italy. He has dual citizenship.

  31. MiamiAl says:

    Will never be the same. Career in jeopardy now…

  32. weaksauce says:

    Doesnt compare because Rossi is better than everyone you named. Having a player like Rossi would change the whole dynamic of the US national team. He’s a star among stars

  33. fischy says:

    ???? Weird response, given that the first commenter never even mentioned the Italians..

  34. RChris says:

    Wait, Rossi who?

  35. Vic says:

    Rossi only spent 4 years in Italy from age 13-17. Holden came here for non-soccer reasons at age 10 and stayed until 24. Thats fourteen years. Holden comes home to USA on summer breaks. Rossi also comes home to USA on summer breaks.

  36. fischy says:

    Probably so. I don’t know the details, and the link isn’t working for me, but if he requires two surgeries, then the damage extends beyond his ACL, and probably beyond cartilage repair, though it’s not out of the question to first fix the cartilage. That’s how it went for me, but that was mostly because of a weird set of circumstances and no MRI to confirm the ACL tear…so, dr. went in to fix the cartilage (didn’t have time on his schedule to do the ACL), saw the tear, and saved the ACL repair for later. For what it’s worth, I had enough sense to find a different doctor for the ACL. On the other hand, I really banged up my knee last night, when I slipped on RFK stairs — really hoping it’s jsut a deep bruise, and that I didn’t mess up the kneecap and the ACL repair….

  37. nic d "the TEXAS 2 stepper" says:

    Giuseppe “Bene-DICKt” Rossi, male, mid 20’s, about yay high, you know, the Italian who was born and raised in Jersey.

  38. Chuck says:


    He’ll never play a World Cup

  39. Dimidri says:

    Really? So you get mad at Rossi for choosing one nation over the other presumably on the basis of which one is better then use that same logic to arbitrarily say who is allowed to play for countries they don’t feel a huge tie to and who isn’t?

  40. Jamie Z. says:

    I really wish this site had a ‘Rossi Filter’. I don’t mind hearing about him as pertains to American footballers playing abroad, but I can’t stand all the idiots Rossi news brings to the yard.

  41. Raymon says:

    Almunia is still with Arsenal? I remember when he “volunteered” to be the England GK before SA2010 WC.

  42. Vic says:

    Here’s a crazy suggestion you may want to write down and memorize. When there’s a Rossi article click on it, read it to the end then stop before you start reading comments.

  43. Seriously says:

    The problem with Rossi is when he said “I’m American” yet plays for Italy still and yeah celebrated like a prick against his country when he scored. That creates animosity beyond the simple spurning.

    Plenty of people were upset about Subotic, but since he never did the things Rossi did you don’t see such venom when there is a discussion about him.

    Also SBI would do well to just quit talking about the dude. I don’t see why this site constantly brings a guy up that is not a part of the scene this site caters to other than to piss them off.

  44. PD says:

    actually he’s on crutches. regardless what’s done is done.

  45. francois says:

    Big blow for Italy. They’re gonna miss him in Euros.

  46. MF says:

    No they won’t, they got better players. We don’t….

  47. PD says:

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks that Arsenal is an ideal club for Dempsey. There’s really no place for him in the lineup. I keep opining that his best hope of playing in CL as a starter is to go to Germany. I can easily see him fitting well in Dortmund, Shalke of even Bayern. They all play a style and have a mentality that he would mesh very well with. At Man U, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal I think he’d have to sit way too much.

    Oh, and Howard ain’t going nowhere.

  48. PD says:

    yeah, and they might have advanced had they taken him up on that offer… but on the other hand the US might not have been gifted that goal, so nevermind…

  49. Mason says:

    Jersey “Italians” are the worst.

  50. josh says:

    Count the comments to now the answer to your last question…

  51. Dimidri says:

    No way! An Italian-American hasn’t totally jettisoned his American side? Crazy. You reduce dual-nationality to something it’s not, the oft-quoted ‘I’m American in everything but football’ is drastically taken out of context(Grant Wahl has mentioned this before). Yes, he likes going back to Jersey, he grew up there. He is allowed to be Italian AND American.

  52. mlser says:

    Bayern do not need Pizzaro! Why would they sign a 33-34 year old striker?? Look for the future, not retirees.

  53. julio says:

    You are so lame, you keep using the word “Troll” as if it was something new. Word was used 5 years ago in Social network sites, get with it loser.

    On Rossi, the only reason why I dislike the guy is because of the way he celebrated against his country of birth and then calling himself an American. He should look at Owen Hargraves, who said he would never celebrate a goal against his nation of birth just as other players who have chosen to play for another country. But now this guy wanted to be a Troll (here is a good insert) and fit in with his team and against a country that gave him freedom till his teenage years and a good life style. You tell me how you would not dislike a traitor like this???

  54. Dr Tom Jeffferson, UVA says:

    God speed, Joe Cool.

    Ever wish you had an undo button?

    Was this injury bad-luck or not rehabbing longer?

    I think desire and pressures to get back on the field makes players very, very susceptible second injuries.

    This is not uncommon.

    In which country was his first surgery?