MLS All-Stars to face Chelsea


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Chelsea is coming back to the United States for seconds.

According to Fox Soccer, Chelsea will be the MLS All-Stars' opponent this summer during the mid-summer classic at PPL Park. MLS will make the announcement official at a press conference in Chester, Pa., tomorrow.

The game will be a rematch of the 2006 All-Star Game at Toyota Park, which MLS won by a 1-0 scoreline on the strength of a Dwayne De Rosario goal.

What do you think of the opponent selection?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to MLS All-Stars to face Chelsea

  1. giaco says:

    boring. Can we do something other than an EPL team please?

  2. Chris says:

    No. No we cannot.

  3. Capt. Ob(liv)ious says:


  4. tommy says:

    effing terrible. chelski suck.

  5. Matteo says:

    Let’s bring in Bayern, AC Milan, Juve, Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, PSG. Someone other than an EPL team please.

  6. Edwin in LA says:

    I would of rather see Tottenham really, they are already in the States to play LA and I forget who else? How about the Gunners? Much more entertaining team and would match up better vs an in form in the middle of the season Red Bulls. Hell how about gettin Bayern Munich in the game? Real Madrid something? lol

    Chelsea just doesn’t stand out but maybe their rich owner will spend like crazy and make them better???

  7. Edwin in LA says:

    2nd that, maybe watching Gooch and his squad could of been nice, Juve not as popular as they use to be but might have a nice following after what could end up as an undefeated season in Serie A that at worst will be a 2nd place finish by a point or 2 or maybe a return to the Serie A crown, I think they might be approaching the 3rd on their crest for their 30th championship in Serie A.

    Ajax would be great, AC Milan also great….if you’re going to go EPL again then go with Arsenal or Man City or even Spurs but Chelsea? Hell I’d take Liverpool or even Newcastle?

  8. Reed says:

    Boring! Kill the all-star game!

  9. Adam M. says:

    The MLB All-Star game works because baseball is 90% individual matchups and doesn’t require much “team” play. The NBA All-Star game works because the court is small, the number of players on it is small, no one plays defense and everyone like dunks. The MLS All-Star game doesn’t really work because you can’t throw a bunch of guys on a pitch that don’t play together and expect it to look nice against top EPL teams (even in preseason form). Until MLS is a deeper league, I’d rather they not pretend to play a real game against a real team and instead play a pick-up game. Bring in a Chelsea, fine, but play MLS East v. MLS West and have the East and West captains pick Chelsea players to join them like you would on a playground. Do it in front of the crowd live on tv just before the game even. Henry takes Drogba, Beckham takes Lampard, etc. Then let instinct and fun and bragging rights take over. That’d be more fun that waht they are doing now.

  10. JRP says:

    Yawn. There are other leagues in this world. Let’s play the all starts from Mexico. That would be a game to watch.

  11. Kejsare says:

    Branch out. Get some South American, or heck! a Korean or Japanese squad out here.

  12. Big Chil says:

    I agree with the kill the All Star Game sentiments. I also don’t like the extra fixture congestion–it’s crowded enough.

    Do it after the season, like the Pro Bowl, in Hawaii.

  13. karbaz says:

    Jesus christ, another EPL team, how do you not bring the best team in the world in Barcelona. At least when they beat us they’ll do it in style not like ManUre.

  14. LoS says:

    so if some of the all star guys are from Seattle they will play them twice? LAME…

  15. JGD says:

    And when they beat the crap out of MLS’s “best” players, will they still suck?

  16. JGD says:

    Nobody wants to watch a South American, Korean, or Japanese team.

  17. Ivan says:

    Awful Garber: are you reading this?
    Get rid of this stupid useless “All Star” abomination!!!
    This is NOT the NBA! Don’t zombify the beautiful game!!!

  18. RedLine55 says:

    Nice post. I’m completely in agreement with the entire first portion. People should just enjoy it while they watch (hopefully it’s enjoyable football) and completely forget about the results — block them out of their memories forever, no matter which team wins!
    Even the second part sounds fun, but we all know lawyers and contracts and all the business side would get in the way of something actually fun to watch.

    But, in the end the All Star game is just another money-grab, like all the other summer friendlies. The visiting teams make a bunch of money, and so does MLS. The bigger team they can bring in, more butts in the seats, more money. All business, unfortunately.

  19. Major League Stupidity says:

    What an absolute and utter waste of time. Not only are Chelsea no longer entertaining, but they are over-exposed stateside as it is. Fortunately, it is a relatively small venue so that MLS HQ can find a way to fill it for the cameras.


  20. chris says:

    East vs West

  21. Matt says:

    Agree 10000%

  22. Shounen Bat says:

    I love this idea so much. Sadly, it’s way to cool to ever happen…

  23. Tyler says:

    As long as we live in reality, we’re not going to get East vs. West, so stop clamoring for it. There won’t be enough interest to get any kind of tv rating for it. You may not like it, but for ESPN to care about it, you need a big ticket item. And, to ESPN that means the EPL. Sure, they could get Barca or Madrid or Schalke or PSG or someone else, but … well, that’s not a great investment for ESPN. ESPN has a contract to show EPL games. Bringing them in for the All-Star game helps to build that brand more. And, for a league that is still growing and developing, that means something. Because it means money. ESPN’s money. Advertising money. Sold seats.

    Outside of Portland, Seattle, and (maybe) KC, would an East-West game even be a sellout? Probably not.

    Of course, if they had to go for an EPL team, I would have preferred Everton, with the winner getting Donovan …

  24. elmo says:

    Im not mexican so no it wouldnt be a game to watch!

    epl teams represent different cultures and races

  25. Tyrese says:

    ESPN also has a contract to show La Liga games

  26. elmo says:

    Everyone is talking #$%^ about the ALL STAR GAME but I guarantee everyone will watch it!

    I went to an irish bar last year and all the irish/english fans showed up in numbers to watch that game !!!!

  27. Lorenzo says:

    I thought Benfica would have been cool.

  28. UKSubs says:


    If they were to bring Santos, no one would watch Neymar, Ganso, and their gang?

    come on.

  29. BamaMan says:

    Please please tell me why we cannot have MLS v. MPD for the All-Star game. The MPD needs broader exposure to the English speaking audience and it would keep the All-Star format while expanding the MLS’s appeal. Plus it plays into the one great thing North American soccer has going for it which is tension between US and Mexico. It would be a sellout almost anywhere in the USA.

    Playing an EPL is lose/lose for the MLS. Sure, people watch, including Eurosnobs. But it just makes the league look smaller and weaker in their eyes.

  30. guanaco20 says:

    Yes they still will because this is LAME!!! Boring!! MLS, please no more boring EPL opponents, please!!

  31. BetaMale says:

    hate to say it, but no… nobody would watch that.

    I would though.

  32. BetaMale says:

    The good news is in a few years people will be tired of this current All-Star format & the pointless mid-season friendlies. They will then go away.

  33. beingserious says:

    Sweet, should be a fun game to watch

  34. King James says:

    Torres will still suck. That much everyone is certain of.

  35. MLS says:

    Let’s go MLS allstars!

  36. King James says:

    as would I. as would countless people I know.

    hate to say it but you may be surprised how many people would.

  37. Eugene says:

    Followed by the announcement that Frank Lampard is signing with the Red Bulls? Fingers crossed…

  38. eddie says:

    Useless, doesn’t proven anything, but waste of time.

  39. Dlewis says:

    This is about attracting the casual viewer and a team like Chelsea would do that. Sure, fans with more knowledge would love to see Santos but the average fan wouldn’t.

  40. CplDaniel says:

    I would like to see Ajax, by far, because they are hard to find for me, and because of its reputation as a major talent producer. Then Arsenal. After that there is a huge drop-off in my interest. So somebody, bring AJAX over here some time for the MLS all-stars.

  41. Mick says:

    MLS beat them 1-0 in 2006. The talent in the league is better now. I say MLS beats the crap out of them.

  42. Cory says:

    MLS usually wins and the game has been a success the past few years…It works

  43. 478 says:

    I’d rather see MLS All-Stars VS J-League All-Stars or Brazilian All-Stars.

  44. Jim says:

    I personally like the All Star Game. Even though I am an ardent Union fan, I am just a casual fan of the MLS. The All Star game gives me a chance to know the good players from other teams as well as rewarding the city/state where the All Star game is held every year as a Thank You for building the stadium.

    As for the opponent, I am disappointed. I would rather see a team who the MLS hasn’t played yet, not to mention that Chelski has some issues right now. Maybe they spend the money to make their team interesting again this summer, but I would rather see some of the other teams mentioned above.

  45. BSU SC says:


    I was hoping for a team like Santos from Brazil (would have loved to see Neymar), Boca Juniors, or even Club America.

    What’s with the crush MLS has on the premier league?

  46. Helium-3 says:

    Yes, this is a good idea. Might also include Liga Mexicana All-Stars too.

    I would have preferred Bayern Munich or Real Madrid/Barcelona. EPL teams are too predictable in how they play.

  47. JGD says:


    You and I know of the quality of Santos and Neymar. Your casual soccer fan does not. Let’s face it, there aren’t enough knowledgable fans out to warrant bringing in a ‘small name’ team. The father taking his young daughter to the game is much more likely to buy tickets against Chelsea (or even Bolton!) than Santos. MLS should be looking to spread the game, not feed those who are already hooked.

  48. Joamiq says:

    Why would you assume this? They’ll be in preseason, and last time they came, with a better team, they lost.

  49. Joamiq says:

    Why would Chelsea agree to this? I’m guessing they’d rather just play friendlies where their players can play with each other rather than random guys from another league.

    I’m all for just going back to MLS East v. MLS West. There’s enough talent in the league now to do this. Of course, it’ll never happen, since they make more money this way…

  50. Joamiq says:

    As awesome as this would be, the chances of broken ankle tackles are just too high…

  51. The Great Garber says:

    Sorry, Ivan, but our league is better served by using this midseason opportunity to make lots of $$$. Thanks for supporting MLS!

  52. uksubs says:

    from who?

  53. Joamiq says:

    Anyone really. It’s rare that an MLS-FMF match ends without tempers flaring. Same thing that makes them awesome makes them a bit too risky for an exhibition.