MLS Week 6: Match Night Commentary

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A loaded slate of eight matches fills up the Major League Soccer schedule today, with two top match-ups serving as the headliners of the day.

Sporting Kansas City and Real Salt Lake square off in a battle of conference leaders. Boasting a combined 10-1 record, Sporting KC and RSL have been the class of the league this season and should provide an entertaining and high-quality match.

In New Jersey, the high-flying New York Red Bulls take on the fast-starting San Jose Earthquakes in another quality showdown. One that features the league's three leading goal scorers. Thierry Henry and Kenny Cooper will try to break down a tough San Jose defense, while Chris Wondolowski looks to torch a short-handed Red Bulls defense.

Here is my Fox Soccer preview of this weekend's MLS action, including a look at the Sporting KC-RSL clash.

Here is a rundown of today's MLS matches:

  • 3:30pm– Philadelphia Union vs. Columbus Crew
  • 4pm– Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids
  • 4pm– New England Revolution vs. D.C. United
  • 4:30pm– Toronto FC vs. Chivas USA
  • 7pm– New York Red Bulls vs. San Jose Earthquakes
  • 8:30pm– Sporting Kansas City vs. Real Salt Lake
  • 8:30pm– FC Dallas vs. Montreal
  • 10:30pm– LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers

SBI will be providing commentary on all of today's matches right here, so please feel free to follow along with all the action right here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Live Commentary is after the jump):

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68 Responses to MLS Week 6: Match Night Commentary

  1. PD says:

    Great Lineup for Philly.

  2. PD says:

    ooops. spoke to soon. Califf a last minute scratch… hamstring prblems?

  3. Blahhhh says:

    Farfan looks good at LB. Philly with some good possession early on. Some good passing on both sides

  4. ec says:

    Revs break with a great goal, Sene to Moreno. If they can get Joseph and Feilhaber in the lineup, they are going to be fun.

    Please – does anyone know what injury Benny has?

  5. ec says:

    What a goal for DC to equalize! DeRo hits a bicycle kick one hop cross, and Santos heads home, 1-1 20th

  6. ec says:

    Alston clears a Nguyen header off the line! Great action for NE-DC

  7. ec says:

    (totally screwed that up… Nguyen clears the a DC header off the line)

    NE crowd chants “Free Shalrie”, lol

  8. ec says:

    Nguyen wins a free kick, Chris Tierney puts it off the post, still 1-1 29th

  9. James says:

    Yeah, its crazy how much better Garfan is at LB than a natural LB like Lopez. Lopez looks to be only the second bad personnel move in Nowaks union history.

  10. ec says:

    Seattle fans in fine voice today, singing away.

  11. marco says:

    EJ has stopped running at 35 minutes.

  12. deepvalue says:

    DCU playing a nice style lately, but Salihi doesn’t seem to be clicking yet.

  13. Joemybro says:

    DCU@NER. Does Salihi not like Cruz? He’s taken 2 or 3 bad shots with Cruz nearby and wide open #getyourheadup

  14. Blahhhh says:

    Why take Freddy adu out? nowak just hates the guy

  15. Polo says:

    Why is Nowak taking Adu off?!?!?!?!?!?

    OMG This guy is insane. He’s been your best player!

  16. iheartscotch says:

    Way off topic but I’m surprised there is no article about the italian dying of cardiac arrest today yet. The videos that are up are super sad.

  17. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I’m actually starting to feel sorry for TFC. I mean, how did they not score? It’s mind boggling

  18. fischy says:

    I think Salihi is frustrated with Cruz’s lack of finesse….

  19. fischy says:

    Nice win. If you’re in DC next weekend, some great action for you to watch.

    You can come out Sunday to watch the Red Bulls’ 2 DP players, and then you can come out to the RFK training field the next morning for the Reserve League match, to see DC United’s two DP players in action, along with our US national team goalie….

    It’ll be a rare chance to see both of DC’s DPs on the pitch together, so you don’t want to miss it.

  20. fischy says:

    They have a miserable side. Some of the pieces look good, on paper, but they don’t mesh. I haven’t seen them play since the CCL, but I’d guess a weak defense is keeping the offense from getting any rhythm.

  21. Alex says:

    I’m with you. What incredible news, especially only one month after Muamba

  22. chris says:

    Both your DP’s blow and Willis is just as good as Hamid. Might as well get rid of the two DP bench players and use the cap space to help your team

  23. chris says:

    Is it sad the Red Bulls play the same number of Americans as Tijuana?

  24. Cholmondeley Warner says:

    Bring back Preki

  25. Chris says:

    Everyone loves to disparage Chivas for being the worst team in the league/being an embarrassment to the league, but let’s take a look at TFC. Sure they had a good run in the CCL, but let’s look at the rest of their history, in six years they’ve never made the playoffs, they’ve yet to have a winning season, and their attendance situation is pretty bad right now.

    With a better record Chivas could bring in better attendance numbers.

  26. SilverRey says:

    Nowak problems…

  27. ec says:

    Glad to see DC United playing good attacking soccer, MLS is better when they are good. Also really happy for Pontius, who has been fantastic early in the season on his injury comeback.

  28. ec says:

    Gets in Henry’s face, then scores a great header – Wondo ballin’ like a boss!

  29. ec says:

    Yeah, they are not being run successfully, with their fan support (historically, not before their fans starting giving up) they have resources to compete but can’t get it right on the field.

  30. Petaluman says:

    Rafa = dirty thug. Should have been a PK, Red Card, and now Salinas is out. Please discipline committee come down hard on this guy.

  31. Kosh says:

    Pending suspensions – Henry, Marques, and counting…

  32. MLS disciplinary committee needs to suspend Marquez. That definitely looked like he intended to do that. Losing Bernardez sucks, but Hernandez is solid and there is Opara for cover. I just hope his injury is not as serious as it looks from him being stretchered out.

  33. ec says:

    Is Gus Johnson really doing commentary on the San Jose tv feed??? I love listening to Shepp Messing, but I would love to hear what he does with soccer. What will the man known for over-the-top excitement do for a goal? Is he excited about soccer?

  34. ec says:

    Henry for what, the one studs-up challenge on Wondo, or was there another that I missed?

    That one looked like a solid yellow to me.

  35. beachbum says:

    thinking the same things man…Gus Johnson stepping in to USA soccer? Do it!

  36. ec says:

    Broken face! That won’t do Marquez’s rep any good in this league. Will they go as high as 5 games, or more like 3?

  37. WK says:

    Marquez is still the dirtiest player to have ever played the game. NY fans must be so proud to have him on their team. tackles salinas in the box rolls over him, breaks his clavicle and kicks him in the face for good measure. good god ref- what else do you need to call a PK?

  38. WK says:

    they’re saying strained MCL. will have to wait on the MRI

  39. ec says:

    NY-SJ seems to be limping to the end with a draw. KC-RSL time!

  40. ec says:

    It’s pretty crazy the KC have a guy (Julio Ceasar) who played for Real Madrid but isn’t a DP. In a strange way that’s a small sign of progress for MLS.

  41. Northzax says:

    Uh, that was the joke, hoss. Come see the dp’s and a national team guy in the reserve match. Sheesh.

  42. Northzax says:

    Ask Brandon MacDonald about that. Based on history so far, that’s a week’s vacation.

  43. That’s for Bernardez.

  44. I think he should get at least 3 games.

  45. Northzax says:

    Won’t both red bulls dp’s be on vacation? If the league is consistent…

  46. kfly says:

    Gee, look at Mr. Observant over here!

  47. ec says:

    SKC-RSL still scoreless 35th, finally starting to heat up, Borchers makes a fantastic tackle as Sapong is charging in on goal.

    I’m a huge Convey fan, but he is having a bad start for KC.

  48. ec says:

    First dangerous ball all night from Convey. Almost half time and…. Sapong has a goal called back for a foul! Slow first half in general, I guess big games everywhere often don’t meet the hype.

  49. Kosh says:

    Exactly. This is going to be a test of this committee’s consistency.

  50. DJ says:

    Referee mistake of the year: Sapong’s goal disallowed because of a “foul” toward someone while Sapong merely jumped straight up. His hands were at his side. Ref was absolutely certain there was a “push.”

  51. Mouf says:

    Kyle Beckermans dad is the center for the SKC game

  52. Dave says:

    Gaffe of the year is right. What a killing mistake. Refs get evaluated, right? That decision dramatically affected the first half of SKC vs. RSL…

  53. ec says:

    Tony Beltran continuing his strong play for RSL. This game really needs a goal, KC look more likely, except Espindola could be running in on goal at any time.

  54. liz2 says:

    Brek Shea seems to have a Olympic qualifying hangover

  55. ec says:

    Soft, soft penalty in Dallas, Davy Arnaud gets his feet tangled with Zach Loyd as he goes for a header in the box, and they call it a foul.

    Glad to see KC get a goal, maybe RSL will start to put together some kind of attack.

  56. ec says:

    Uh oh. Kei Kamara passed the ball quickly and laid down clutching his knee under ZERO pressure. Hope he’s okay, for better and worst he’s been in the middle of what KC’s done. Nevermind, back on.

  57. ec says:

    Funny goal by Perez to equalize for Dallas, John put a header off the bar, Perez heads the rebound home. Hope Dallas get to play with Perez, a healthy Ferrara, and a rested Shea.

  58. ec says:

    Congrats to RSL for managing a shot on goal, here in the 91st. But saved.

  59. liz2 says:

    and I spoke too soon. 2-1 dallas on a goal from brek

  60. ec says:

    I still agree. His form is down, but he showed his class on the go-ahead goal, not many guys in the league have both the touch and strength to pull that off.

  61. ec says:

    No excuse time in LA. Keane, Beckham, Donovan, Juninho all playing.

  62. bruted says:

    Great game KC. Not very often that RSL gets dominated in possession like that. It just seemed that RSL was a step slower to the ball all game. Enjoy Sapong this season, because I can’t imagine him being in MLS too long. Holy Crap!! He was impressive and if I ever see Ching or some other stiff ahead of him on the national team, I will scream. Strength, speed, height, and an ability to go get the ball that I don’t think any of our other forwards can match.

  63. eggads says:

    John was an absolute beast that game

  64. ec says:

    I was JUST going to say that I hadn’t seen Donovan make a play in ages, but he scores. Great play by Keane to set the table for him. Some high dollar goals in the first half from the DP’s.

  65. Adub says:

    The mls officiating really needs an overhaul. I watch the game all over the world and mls refs blow more offsides calls, soft pk’s , no consistency

  66. Modibo says:

    Agree 100%. Not only did Marquez wrap and drag down Salinas, it’s obvious that he looked at him and aimed before kicking him. Low class stuff from a supposedly high class player. Red Bulls need to rethink their options here.

  67. mouf says:

    So does Olave get fined for diving…. goose/gander