Must-See Goal: Alvaro Negredo

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12 Responses to Must-See Goal: Alvaro Negredo

  1. elgringorico says:

    Holy sh*t that’s way cooler than a normal bicycle kick.

  2. Papabear says:

    Oh my….

  3. FIREBB says:

    Now this is truly a “must-see” goal! Goal of the year, at least.

  4. Andy in Atlanta says:


  5. Red Card says:

    Fantastic goal, and the pass was fantastic too!

  6. Boris says:

    Fully agreed! Absolutely stunning.

  7. TomG says:

    Amazing, amazing goal, but…. wouldn’t it have been much easier to just head the ball in? This is kind of like the baseball player that slows down and then dives to make the spectacular catch.

  8. Gnarls says:

    I imagine that’s how every bicycle kicker envisions his attempt; only this one actually worked. What a beaut.

  9. Gnarls says:

    What the angle of the pass/run. I doubt a header would be effective.

  10. Gnarls says:


  11. Francois says:

    Wow, stunning. Absolutely magnificient, great creativity and technique.