Must-See Goal: David Beckham

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31 Responses to Must-See Goal: David Beckham

  1. swoopy says:

    What a lousy first touch.

  2. The Dude says:

    Que golazo! But Kris Boyd’s incorrectly disallowed second goal was even better. It really burns me up that the ref blew that call. It wasn’t even close, and if he scores, it totally changes the game. Poor MLS reffing rears its ugly head once again. The league has made it clear that the offside flag should only go up if a player is CLEARLY offside. Feel bad for Portland and Boyd. He should be on four goals. And had it been counted correctly, it would have changed the complexion of the match.

  3. Bond says:

    First touch was abysmal…

  4. PetedeLA says:

    “Not a goalkeeper in the world stopping that, Robbie.”

    I could name two.

    Nevertheless, good strike.

    But as swoopy said, what a lousy first touch!

  5. Kosh says:

    Que Golaaaaaaazo!

  6. Kosh says:

    Yeah, but the second, my oh my!

  7. GSScasual says:

    Goal of the week. Hands down… ~ nyrb fan

  8. whoop-whoop says:

    Hey man…. I thought the dude abides? Close one, but he was offsides… and was on the allowed goal. Fair result. I’d go on but…. I’ve got a beverage here.

  9. GW says:

    Name your keepers. The ball dropped in just behind the keeper’s hand and under the bar.
    Plus the defender screened the shot just as Beckham hit it and from the keeper’s perspective that ball came at him from AROUND the defender went up over his hand a dropped in.

    Tough shot for anyone to stop.

    Beckham has a fine first touch. He might have been lucky with the way the ball ran or he might have planned it that way. We’ll never know. He’s done this sort of thing often enough so I would give him the benefit of the doubt and say he set it all up very well.

    It’s only a lousy first touch if you lose the ball or wind up in a situation where you can’t do something positive with the ball.

  10. mouf says:

    asinine, he had space

  11. El Duderino (Not into the whole brevity thing...) says:

    That’s just like, your opinion….man….

  12. byrdman says:

    I love how guys sitting on their butts somewhere, try to attack the prowess and incredible skill of PROFESSIONAL athletes. Suddenly, you guys have world class knowledge of what it takes to play at the higher levels of sport. You may be correct about the first touch, but shouldn’t you be more impressed with the finish?! It was first class, NO DOUBT. I think it says more about you that you look to find fault rather than to applaud others. JMO

  13. Kosh says:

    ^ THIS! Every word.

    Well said, byrdman.

  14. King James says:

    MLS = retirement league.

    …oh wait.


  15. King James says:


    are you new to the internet?

  16. Kasey says:

    C’mon Birdbrain, it’s just Portland that LA got past

  17. byrdman says:

    sorry guys, I just get tired of constant criticism. Can we not just enjoy the skill, and not pick it apart. No it was not perfect, but the finish was nice. Enjoy the great players while you have them – see Jordan here. Beckham, not great anymore, but on occasion, yes!

  18. 2tone says:

    Give me the two goalies. I really want to hear your choices and logic behind it.

  19. whoop-whoop says:

    In the post game interview… Becks laughed, called the 1st touch rubbish but said luckily it put him in a good position to put a shot on goal. Damn fine one at that!

    Life’s all about what you make of it, yeah? One man breaks an egg and turns it into an omelette…. another whines about it.

    Shoot…. then again… some folks are just looking to be miserable and can F-up a day at the beach in Hawaii b%$*&^ about the sand.

  20. ?????????? says:

    Apology not accepted. Not for simply stating a truth.

  21. jon says:

    Yes. first touch obviously was not good. but why point that out without mentoining that the second touch was a vintage, bend it like beckham, perfectly placed in the top right corner, long ranger. it misses the point. sort of like saying of last year’s nba finals that Dirk missed an easy open shot in the third quarter of game 6, without mentioning that the mavs won the game and the series.

  22. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Birdbrain? Oh, I get it. You’re hilarious.

  23. beachbum says:

    nice ball by LD to find him in all that acreage and unlock the space for whatever first touch and then the classic Beckham upper 90

  24. JohnC says:

    Goal was just sick, who cares about the first touch, the goal and the only thing that matters was fantastic. The angle from behind the goal is just awesome.

  25. Brad says:

    What a hit.

  26. Pepe says:

    Tony Caig could’ve stopped it

  27. ElDudesito says:

    i didnt see that angle. i would like to hear commentators from other languages. i’m sure some other country has to be watching mls. i wonder whats its like in turkey.

  28. dudinho says:

    i Saw it live and the bend on it was nuts everyone in the stadium went bananas

  29. Timbers Fan says:

    Must-see bad defense, i think you mean.

  30. SilverRey says:

    Hope Solo would have saved that and landed on her feet!

  31. Gangmember FC says:

    Love this goal. We need more of this in the MLS. Nice work Becks