Must-See Goal: Kyle Walker

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12 Responses to Must-See Goal: Kyle Walker

  1. BFT says:

    Outrageous goal. He could try that again 50 times and probably not hit it again.

  2. Kjfsunshine says:

    I love that number 8 literally ducks out of the way after he jumped to get in the way, but still what an amazing goal!

  3. Kevbo says:

    Cap him!

  4. Harry says:

    triffic goal… boy’s got talent

  5. Max says:

    As a Spurs fan I’d have to say that he’s been our best player this season. And this goal seals it.

  6. Marc Silverstein says:

    next time sacrifice your face

  7. solles says:

    Walker’s one of the most talented young players out there, he was fantastic with QPR on loan (the R’s faithful would do anything to get him back) and has had some really superb moments this season for SPurs. One to watch.

  8. solles says:

    dont bet on that

  9. Joey Lawrence says:


  10. Joamiq says:

    Er… I’ve been satisfied with his play given his youth, but he hasn’t even been close to our best player. Not even our best fullback – BAE by a mile.

  11. Joamiq says:

    That was some seeeerious Beckhamesque stuff.

  12. shweazy says:

    I saw one from DeRo a few years ago that was similar and better IMO but great goal.