Nowak suspended additional game, Fraser fined for Union-Chivas USA scuffle

PeterNowak (Getty)

Philadelphia Union head coach Peter Nowak was suspended an additional game and fined $5,000 by MLS for his role in a scuffle during the Union-Chivas USA match last Saturday.

Nowak left the technical area and walked on the field as a scuffle ensued following a red card challenge from Gabriel Farfan on James Riley. Nowak was ejected from the match and was already set to miss the Union's upcoming match against San Jose, but will now miss a second match due to the suspension (Philadephia's May 5th trip to Seattle).

Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser was fined $500 for leaving his technical area and Chivas USA was fined $2500 for the behavior of the team's players and staff. Philadelphia was fined $5,000 for the behavior of the team's players and staff.

What do you think of these fines? Surprised the league came down on both teams? Think some players should have been issued suspensions for their actions?

Share your thoughts below.

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12 Responses to Nowak suspended additional game, Fraser fined for Union-Chivas USA scuffle

  1. Dan says:

    It’s fair i think… Chivas should have let the ref handle it. Watching too much hockey

  2. Gnarls says:

    Anyone know roughly what Peter Nowak earns? I would think $5000 stings pretty bad for an MLS coach.

  3. pd says:

    Yep. Team of the week.

  4. pd says:

    Only when you’re not bat$hit crazy….

  5. SuperChivo says:

    Good job MLS; get that crap out of the game.

  6. 99 says:

    Well played.

  7. HairyPervyBonobo says:

    Both teams shouldve been fined equally. This happens w/Galaxy too, getting fined more simply cause you’re seen as a higher profit/higher dough team. MLS is full of it. Trust me, Quakes or Crew will never be fined 10k or higher

  8. The Dream says:

    This has to be good news for Philly, right? They will win the next two games and then go back to sitting Califf for no good reason and losing some more.

  9. BY says:

    Nowak is falling apart

  10. Todd says:

    I agree with it. Like Dan said iMLS can be like watching hockey. I live for the Day when MLS is more about skill than thuggery. It can be hard to watch sometimes. Maybe that is why ratings are bad again?

  11. Jose Is A Translater says:

    I’ll always remember Nowak for his Infamous comment during a pre-season match toward Atiba Harris while he was still coaching DC. Alot of people at the match claim that Nowak said: “send him (Atiba) to Africa”. It of course was later ruled that Nowak said: “send him to the Hospital” which Nowak swore he aactually said, kind of tells you of his mindset LoL.

  12. Cavan says:

    Is Nowak the new Preki?

    Never thought that a guy who coached skilled teams here from 2004-2006 would coach rough thug teams in 2010-present. Is he losing his mind?