Rossi tears ACL again

Rossi (Getty Images)

Just as he was on the cusp of potentially returning to action for Villarreal, Giuseppe Rossi faces yet another long spell on the sidelines.

The New Jersey-born Italian international tore his right ACL for the second time in the last six months during a training session and will be out for at least another six months, according to the club's official website. Aside from completely ruling him out from Italy's squad for this summer's European championship, Rossi will miss the opening months of Villarreal's 2012-2013 season as well, and any transfer value that he had for this summer — he had been rumored to be seeking a move to a bigger club — has also suffered a substantial blow.

Rossi first tore his ACL during an Oct. 26 match against Real Madrid and had been working his way back to fitness with an eye on returning for Italy this summer. Without Rossi in the lineup, Villarreal have struggled mightily, scoring just 33 goals in 32 games. The Yellow Submarine sit in 17th place and just above the drop zone in La Liga, seven points clear of relegation with six games to go.

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  1. Bruce Arena says:


  2. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    Let the schadenfreude begin. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  3. Annelid Gustator says:

    Poor bastard.

  4. Bruce Arena says:

    Don’t ruin the fun for everyone. You do not wish him a speedy recovery.

  5. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Agreed Lampart. Hope he gets healthy and makes a successful return

  6. Mig22 says:

    well, I could care less about his recovery but full marks for using ‘schadenfreude’ in a soccer post!

  7. Dan says:

    Never want to wish ill will to anyone, but I can’t help but think this is just karma for choosing Italy over the States.

  8. Herr Baker Out Now says:

    Time to retire to MLS

  9. Herr Baker Out Now says:

    Friday the 13th strikes

  10. jon says:

    sucks to suck

  11. elgringorico says:


  12. CA says:

    I hope it’s not karma otherwise a handful of USNT players are due for some catastrophic injuries.

  13. Anthony says:

    how can you guys laugh about that? immature pricks

  14. Mike says:

    Weve had our fair share thats for sure

  15. kimo says:

    Hate seeing injuries regardless of his allegiances. 2nd ACL on same knee for a player that depends on guile / quickness is virtually a career-ender.

  16. GSScasual says:


  17. maka says:

    Calling people immature pricks is the height of maturity.

  18. Oranje Mike says:

    Karma is funny.

  19. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Gooch Onyewu and Omar Gonzales would like a word

  20. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    No, actually I do wish him well. I got over his choice of Italy about six years ago.

  21. Diablo says:

    Can a loan to MLS be far behind LOL!

  22. MidWest Ref says:

    I think that this double ACL injury proves that Rossi really is an American.

    He reached a pinnacle in his career: successful scorer for his La Liga team, the subject of transfer rumors to Juventus, being regularly considered for national team call-ups, and then . . .

    Blows out his knee. And then does it again. That is the epitome of an american Soccer Player in Europe, isn’t it?

  23. MMV says:

    You people who are laughing are absolute idiots. If you had half a brain cell you’d have some sort of compassion and sympathy for Rossi. He’s a tremendous player with exceptional qualities and this could derail a career. Get over the fact he didn’t rep the US. He’s still very much an American and if you’ve heard his periodic interviews on MLS Extratime Radio you’d realize he’s quality, well spoken (albeit in his Jersey accent) young man.

  24. dino1er says:

    The curse of the stars and stripes.

  25. elgringorico says:

    I have also torn my ACL twice and I’m still laughing….! Sucks for him but he’s still a traitor! If you had 1/2 a sense of fandom you would know that laughing at traitors/opposing players is all a big part of the sarcastic fun of it all.

  26. 2tone says:

    To bad for him. But I don’t care much. It doesn’t effect the USMNT at all. It does however hurt Italy. Which their National team continues to struggle for a proven goal scorer. Unless the coach folds and finally brings in Balotelli.

  27. drew11 says:

    Sorry, who cares about some Italian playing for a second rate La Liga team blowing out his knee? This is a big nothing burger to me.

  28. asdfasfd says:

    bunch of American losers. look at all the foreign nationals you have on the US team.

    hypocrites but no surprise. This is what

    defines the US. Pathetic.

  29. Nick says:

    Too easy…

  30. elgringorico says:

    Don’t really understand what you’re trying to say, please extrapolate.

  31. torporindy says:

    Get. Over. It.

  32. David St. Hubbins says:

    “Instant Karma” – John Lennon

  33. DirtyLeeds says:

    oh too bad

  34. Irrlicht says:

    Nobody retires to the MLS… Retire to the MLS so that you can run ragged in the summer sun, get battered around and then get your ankle broken by Mastroeni… Calling MLS a retirement league is so very 2002… Time to step up and support your league

  35. Jacknut says:

    I do feel bad for the kid, but not as bad as I would have if he didn’t spout all the “In my heart, I’m American” B.S. I’d have a lot more respect for him if he had just come out and said, “I made a business decision to go with Italy.”

    I’d call this the ESPN: The Magazine curse.

  36. Brain Guy says:

    Who’s Giuseppe Rossi? Is SBI now covering Italian players on mediocre Spanish teams?

  37. Don Pelayo says:

    It is quite disturbing that so many people on this blog are reveling in his injury. He’s from an Italian family, so he chose to play for Italy. It’s pathetic that so many people still dwell on his decision and treat him like a traitor. I wish him all the luck in his recovery.

  38. Herr Baker Out Now says:

    the only foreigner is Jurgen the baker Klinsmann

  39. bryan says:

    he jinxed it by talking about a transfer. he should have been worrying about coming back from injury and helping out his team. sucks dude.

  40. Max says:

    LOL, “from an Italian family”

    So are 50-million other Americans, but they all still choose to rep their own country over that of their ancestors. He’s just as Italian as the cast of the Jersey Shore.

  41. MMV says:

    And yet you felt compelled to comment. Interesting. Why post if you don’t care?

  42. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Or move into the John O’Brien retirement center.

  43. CA says:

    Bad for Rossi and bad for football.
    Here is hoping that what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger.
    Forza Rossi

  44. Mike z. says:

    You do realize that both his parents were born and raised in Italy. I’d say that qualifies him as much more Italian than those fools on Jersey shore and most of the “Italians” in the Northeast.

  45. Andy says:

    It’s not that I’m still pissed he picked Italy; it’s just that I don’t give a damn about the Spanish league and definitely even less about a team that isn’t Madrid or Barca.

  46. Herr Baker Out Now says:

    Football-wise (soccer-wise) he’s Italian though. He got as good as he was by moving to Itay when he was a young kid

  47. René says:

    Rossi deserves this, for his Act of Treason!

    link to

  48. BrianVT says:

    Just curious — does anyone know the type of surgery he had the first time?

  49. downintexas says:

    Pointing out some ones lack of maturity is…Oh, wait. never mind.

  50. dgoshilla says:

    What do North Korean missile launches and Rossi’s knee have in common?

  51. wilyboy says:

    And we could have been counting on this guy. We dodged a bullet. Or rather, his ambition jumped in front of one.

  52. JGD says:

    To anyone who *still* criticizes Rossi or calls him a traitor for not choosing the U.S., keep this in mind: Corona, Torres, and Gonzalez could have chosen Mexico; Johnson, Jones, Williams, Chandler, Morales, and Boyd could have chosen Germany, and Agudelo and Bedoya could have chosen Colombia.

    The majority of USMNT players are either foreign-born or 1st generation Americans. I’d rather have the option of choosing all those players for USMNT selection than just one Giuseppe Rossi.

    Stop getting your panties in a bunch. Wishing ill on any player makes you all sound like little 12-year olds taints.

  53. JGD says:

    If only 12-year old’s taints could speak.

  54. EAA79 says:

    Can’t believe so many people are still butthurt over this. He chose Italy, so what. Timmy Chandler chose USA, so what. Nevin Subotic chose Serbia, so what. Thomas Dooley chose USA, so what. David Regis…well, whatever. The list goes on and on from the beginning of time for every team. I’m more concerned about the players that we do have than 1 player that we don’t, especially when those players fail to qualify for the Olympics. Fix the program and we won’t have to worry about the Rossis and the Subotics of the world. It only matters when your team has no depth. I don’t think Brazil was crying too much when Deco chose Portugal.

  55. Timmy says:

    Anyone else see the karmic irony in celebrating the karma of another’s injuries/setbacks?

  56. pglo says:


  57. Dimidri says:

    +1. And if we’re being totally honest, Rossi has much larger ties to Italy than any of our German-Americans do to the US. I also love how people are so quick to say things like ‘he does xyz that is American’, well yes, that’s because he is. You reduce duel-nationality to something its not when you must choose one over another(in any situation other than FIFA because obviously its a forced choice there).

  58. Dimidri says:

    That’s why one of our duel-nationals took out the ACL of another duel-national….

  59. 2tone says:

    What country doesn’t have dual nationals nowadays.

  60. The Imperative Voice says:

    People forget Jermaine Jones actually did choose Germany three times before making his one-time switch to the USA. He and Castillo (Mexico) had to wait in 2010 for the nationality change paperwork to clear, and Castillo underwhelmed and Jones never quite got his shin break healed. So though the process has taken off in earnest under Klinsi there was a trickle starting under Bob.

    Point well taken that we are both profiting and losing on the multiple-nationality front, we are fielding quite a few players now with tangential affiliations with the US at most.

    But it’s worth saying that even though most sports fans rationally get you won’t run the table on every acquisition and game, some animal instinct wants us to get every player we pursue and win every game we play, and Rossi makes for a nagging reminder of our imperfection.

    However, Subotic should really be the more infuriating loss because Rossi went to Italy at like 12 and worked his way up the Italian age group NTs. It was always a stretch he’d switch back. In contrast Subotic was living here after a certain point and worked up our youth NT pipeline.

  61. JGD says:

    Exactly. Just look at Germany’s World Cup squad: Ozil, Khedira, Klose, Podolski, Boateng, Gomez, Cacau. All were eligible for other national teams.

  62. JGD says:

    Good point about Subotic. I think Rossi compares quite favorably with another U.S.-born international in Brede Hangeland, who was born in Houston to Norwegian parents but grew-up in Norway. American citizen through-and-through, but not really an American at heart.

  63. elgringorico says:

    Come on man, it’s fun. We’re fans. We’re allowed to do this. We know the stats, we also just love our team.

    I’m sorry you are so concerned about an Italian guy you never met, who the only personality/moral/ethical evidence you have about him is that he’s a liar.

  64. that's cause GOD'S a MURICAN says:

    take that rightous smiting, o rossi you traitorous traitor!

    (silly, innit?)

  65. JGD says:

    What exactly did he lie about? There’s a difference between being a uncertain of your future and not wanting to piss-off anyone as a teenager and flat-out lying.

    Ever torn your ACL bub? Not something I would wish upon any player, regardless of my personal feelings for them. That’s the issue here.

  66. Blahhhh says:

    Yep. I’ve torn my right acl twice and it’s downhill after number two. Early osteo arthritis sets in and it’s just a pain.

  67. uksubs says:


    How is he a traitor? His whole development was in Italy-Europe. And he chose to to play for them.

    The US is milking the German development system and no one whines about that – in fact you (fans) keep looking for the next best thing playing in some 4th division german team.

    Get over it. You sound bitter and jealous.

  68. john says:

    If Villarreal are “second rate” then Jozy being the best striker for the US makes the decline in talent even more laughable.

  69. GL6GL6 says:

    Our players from born in other countries all of them are players that were constantly over looked by their home country and chose the USA, because we would give them a chance. Nothing wrong with that.

    Rossi was a traitor, because his home country constantly was calling him to come play. he went with the county the was constantly over looking him. Now karma keeps hitting him in the knee and he might not ever play in a World Cup. If he played for the USA he would have been to 2 world cups already.

  70. eman says:

    yep, poor guy.

    seems like a decent guy too

  71. Herr Baker Out Now says:

    Jurgen Klinsmann is milking the German system to hide his inability to coach. And there are people complaining about it

  72. Herr Baker Out Now says:

    I support my local teams which doesnt include an MLS team

  73. vik says:

    seems good american players are jinxed regardless who they decide to play for. Hope he recovers and can continue his career. Seems like a decent kid.

  74. Poo says:

    look, I wish he chose the US also, but bad karma? Maybe he would have had worse karma had he chose Italy, and turned his back on the country where he developled into a pro

  75. josh says:

    Ahh, I remember when I was 15…

  76. fischy says:

    Rather than all this juvenile joy at his injury, and the back-and-forth about it, I’d rather see a debate about ACL injuries. Unfortunately, they incredibly common in soccer and I don’t know how to limit them, except to rule out most sliding tackles. Of course, some happen with little or minimal impact — I’ve torn both ACLs and neither was really a contact injury — but we could limit the number if bad tackles were more rigidly penalized.

    I would like to raise another point. When I had my surgery, the recovery time was 9-12 months, not 6-9. I think soccer players are being rushed back into a contact sport when they’re still at greater risk. Even if the ligament is at full strength — and I have my doubts — the muscles that protect it are not. Players may be ready to run straight ahead but the planting and turning in games leaves them at greater risk, especially if contact is added in. They need more time than they are being given by teams.

  77. Bruce Arena says:

    blow me

  78. Bruce Arena says:

    Yeah man, all of 1 year ago

  79. Bruce Arena says:

    Yes, but we really, really just don’t care.

  80. Bruce Arena says:

    *Was* a tremendous player

  81. Kevin_Amold says:

    Ok, this needs to be addressed. Just because we give _____ a hard time about choosing Italy over the US doesn’t mean we can’t bring in players that are eligible for other nations. It means we were jilted by a player that we could really really use, but who didn’t want anything to do with us. That bothers me and it puts him in a group of players I will not root for.

    However, just because we use and like Fabian Johnson, Joe Corona, etc doesn’t mean that we are somehow giant hypocrites. I wouldn’t blame German fans or Mexico fans from holding those players in contempt for turning their backs on the other nations they were eligible for. However, the likely fact is that those fans won’t care much because there are PLENTY of talented players.

    We badly, BADLY need a striker of _____’s pre-injury talent. Wishing injury on someone or delighting in his hardships is further than I’m willing to go, though. There’s no reason for that.

  82. Jamie Z. says:

    I’m going to add you to my personal list of people who don’t know what “karma” means.

  83. Brett says:

    Reaching out to eligible players = milking the system?

  84. Rossi illicits strong emotions because he’s quality and an elite forward and would have had a very big impact on the US’s successes. Imagine Rossi along side Jozy in the World Cup instead of Finley.

    Yes, we are taking advantage of the German Americans that came up through the German system. But Germany owes us as we protected West Germany from Communism and helped take down the Soviets econmically so they can reunite and be an even stronger soccer nation.

    Besides, the guys we take from Germany are not their 1st or 2nd choices … so it is no big loss for them. However, imagine if Ballack or Schweinsteiger were eligible for the USA … and they chose the USA. Germans would be very upset at them like us with Rossi.

  85. JGD says:

    Well said, fischy. I think we are seeing the professional leagues getting more serious about. A studs-up tackle, regardless of whether contact is made, has been grounds for caution, if not a dismissal, in the BPL this season. Even MLS has been handing out an unusually high amount of suspensions for dangerous tackling this season. Outlawing slide tackles all together is not the solution, imo. But players need to learn to either tackle better or not at all.

  86. Brett says:

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t give a little chuckle when I read it. I’ve wished poor form on him for a while. He could have been a star for the US, become the face of soccer in America…now he’s gonna be passed over by Italy without ever featuring in a prominent role for them.

    But the more it set in the more clear it became that this might spell the end of his career as a game-changing player. Two ACL injuries will limit his change of direction significantly, and might reduce all his explosive movement and lower body agility to that of an average 30 year old man. He still might have enough technique and discipline to be a decent league player, but he won’t be playing in any more major tournaments. In that light, I actually start to feel a measure of sympathy for the guy.

  87. uksubs says:

    cosntantly overlookign him?

    he played for the u-16, u-17, u-18, u-21..went to the olympics with italy…how is that overlooking him?

  88. elgringorico says:

    Yes, bub, twice. Plus MCL both times. Yes he’s a pro and obviously I’m not, but he should be able to man up and move on with life just fine. I think you are forgetting the point: it’s all in good fun to make fun of opposing teams, who cares!! These guys are freaking millionaires, THEY’RE GONNA BE FINE.

  89. Spectra says:

    Is an ACL weakened after the first one? Meaning are you more likely to tear again for the rest of your life? Or could it be a thing of returning too quickly?

  90. elgringorico says:

    ACL tears are inevitable because the knees are the most fragile, flawed part of the human body. I’ve torn both also, and it sucks, but neither of my injuries were a result of reckless tackles. Not that I’m justifying them, because they are still poor form, but I think they result more in serious fractured/broken leg/foot/ankle injuries moreso than ACL. ACL is the lateral stabilizer in your knee and tears often come from planting at the wrong angle.

  91. Dimidri says:

    Your false distinction of ‘We need Rossi but they don’t need Corona/Johnson’ proves you use the same logic you criticize Rossi of using. You either a) think Rossi truly considers himself more Italian than American and I have no idea what your beef is or b) think the opposite and dislike Rossi for not choosing the country he feels closer to in favor of a team that will further his competitive goals. Presumably it’s b).

    Your argument that there is a difference because Rossi is better shows you allow competitive, not patriotic, motives to determine where somebody should play. If you have an issue with a player playing for a team he has less of an allegiance to than another, then that should be universal. Chandler is taking advantage of the relatively lax rules of international soccer just as much as Rossi is. It’s not a question of who needs who more, that’s totally arbitrary, its a question of how players decide what country they should play for. The fairest and least arbitrary way to decide that(which also is the best indicator of which country is actually better) is for players to play for the country they feel aligned to most. If the US were to win the World Cup with a bunch of guys who consider themselves American only tenuously(and I’m not saying these guys do necessarily, but for argument’s sake), that is a poor indicator of how good the US is.

  92. Tyrone says:

    This is basically how I see things too. Also, As much as there are people on here whom are making light of his injury, there’s also a lot of people on here who apparently feel they need to protect Rossi’s feelings. Fans are fans because they get to praise and they also get to tease. No reason to get butt-hurt either way.

  93. Dimidri says:

    Even if the US does draw disproportionately from immigrant populations relative to our population at-large, that’s true of every country. Every country draws disproportionately from minority populations that are more conducive to turning out great players-low income individuals per capita are represented higher in the EPL than their statistics would back up, children/relatives of former players hugely outweigh their percentage of the total population, etc.

  94. Dimidri says:

    Yes. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If somebody blatantly didn’t give an F about playing for the US, had the most tenuous of relationships to it(like their Dad became a citizen after living here for 3 years, left, never came back, etc.)then I would not want a player who is merely taking advantage of the team. That is not a good representation of the US and not fair. I’m tentatively ok with most of the German-Americans though, their dad’s risked their lives for the US, not to sound too trite, but that’s a big deal and presumably builds a relatively strong bond. Boyd, Williams, and Jones all have said/had moments that make me think they definitely care.

  95. Bruce Arena says:

    i don’t get it. do people not think the germans, canadians (bunbury, leroux especially) are happy about us “poaching” their players? It goes both ways when there are dual nationality situations. All of these people defending Rossi are either Unamerican or just stupid. (and probably not in AO)

  96. Kevin_Amold says:

    My argument is simple. I don’t blame other country’s fans for reviling either Corona, Johnson, etc should they so choose. I don’t like _____ for that same reason and people saying “Grow up” aren’t going to change my mind.

  97. Kevin_Amold says:

    Nowhere did I make the argument that they shouldn’t be allowed to make the choices those players made. They are allowed under the rules. Doesn’t mean I have to like it and wish well the ones that decided they wanted nothing to do with the team I love.

    It’s just one of those things that adds a little spice to being a fan for me.

  98. brian says:


  99. Luke says:

    Don’t know what kind of fandom you are referring to. On the field you wish your rivals to do poorly, but you never wish them to be injured, especially when it’s career or life threatening. Do you really believe people in Zaire are laughing at or saying it’s karma that Muamba almost died of a heart attack, because he turned his back on his native country and represents England. Or Blackburn fans were laughing about it because Bolten is big rivalry. Grow up people.

  100. Brett says:

    I am in favor of reaching out to the BEST players, regardless of whether they were born to GIs overseas, were born and raised in small-town USA, or simply lived here long enough to be eligible and never got a call from their other country. I feel like not doing so is unfair to every USA player and supporter. A coach should never ignore talent because of a few misguided opinions.

  101. Seriously says:

    As decent as any prick can be.

  102. Kosh says:

    For me, now, a couple of years later – it is what it is. The rest is all just coulda, shoulda, woulda.

    Get well soon, Giuseppe. Wishing you all the best and for a speedy and full recovery. I hope to see you back in the game soon doing your thing, bro.

  103. K Bone says:

    I sincerely hope all of you pathetic losers that have no life that are saying this is karma and other hypocritical bile that spews from your mouth suffers a terrible injury, and then I wish I could laugh in your face. That would be very satisfying…

  104. K Bone says:

    PS Seriously what kind of person takes pleasure in another person being seriously injured, especially when it’s their dream job. Boo hoo, he isn’t playing for America. Why don’t you grow up? You’re the kind of people I have to listen to in sports bars that I’d like to punch in the face…

  105. BurlingtonChelse says:

    The way I see it we dodged a bullet here.

  106. MidWest Ref says:

    I don’t understand this comment. If Rossi elected to play for the US, he would have taken CD9’s place on the front line with Jozy at SA2010, instead we had to rely on Robbie Findley and Herc Gomez – which is fine, but Rossi would have been a big step up.

  107. Chuck says:


  108. karma says:

    hilarious that so many people have idea what karma means.

  109. Polo says:

    Everyone shut up about Karma.

    If this was karma, half the US team should be struck by lightening.

  110. anon says:

    and Charlie Davies and Stuart Holden.

  111. elgringorico says:

    DUDE! Life threatening injury like a heart attack is not even REMOTELY the same situation. You CANNOT tell me you haven’t secretly hoped for an opposing star player to go down injured before or in a crucial game/match. Come on!

  112. Dimidri says:

    Saying ‘x guy jobbed me, so I’m going to openly job other people, and because x jobbed me, I understand their reaction’ shows you are willingly complicit with what you criticize and doesn’t mean what you do is right. Moreover, Rossi’s ties to Italy are much less tenuous than people like Zak Whitbread, Timmy Chandler, etc.

  113. Dimidri says:

    There is a difference between being born to people who gave their lives for the US and some of the more extreme ‘he’s technically eligible I guess’ cases. I don’t want the US to take advantage of the system, it’s unfair to every USA player and supporter to have guys playing for them who don’t care about the US. The US does not deserve those guys, otherwise what does it mean when you win the WC? That the US had the best bunch of people who are eligible to play for them? That’s silly.

  114. Kevin_Amold says:

    I see that the rules allow certain players to represent multiple countries. Those players that choose the US, I like extra. Those that choose not to, I dislike extra.

    My argument is completely logical and consistent. You just don’t agree with it. Too bad, let’s move on.

  115. Irrlicht says:

    If you live in the US (or Canada I suppose) then MLS is still your league but good on you for supporting your local team and not just some Euro team in the pub at 8AM on a Saturday morning…

  116. Luke says:

    No! I never have! As a player, a referee, a coach or as a fan I never wish an opposing player be injured before, after or during a game. I would rather the team I play on, coach or watch as a fan beat a rival with their best players on the field. If you are actually saying you wish ill on an opposing player than something is seriously wrong with you.

  117. Sean says:

    My Mom always said, ‘if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all’. Therefore,…


    Thanks, Mom.

  118. Pool of Livers says:

    Bad Karma. I really don’t care for Rossi but I sort of feel sorry for him. Another torn ACL probably means the end of his career. I hope he get to retire in Italy and enjoy the rest of his life there since he really has no ties to this country anymore.

  119. Eurosnob says:

    +1. I also wish he selected the US over Italy, but gloating over a player’s injuries is just wrong.

  120. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I will always root against Rossi as a player. That said, those of you taking joy in the guy’s injuries need to sort your lives out.

  121. Sounders Fans (Yes I speak for all of them) says:

    I’m glad. I hope he dies.

  122. Pete says:

    I am willing to bet Rossi has an American surgeon repair his ACL :-)

  123. MF says:

    I don’t care for his failures or bad luck. All I am saying is that he could have been to 3 World Cups instead of watching them from his home here in Jersey. I said it so many times here and in other places already. I just don’t see him getting on the field for Italy in any important championship ever, and I am totally fine with that. He let his family influence him into a situation where I can say that he wouldn’t be given a fair try at forward anyway. It is not like Italy is struggling really at developing forwards. And even if they did need forwards, Rossi isn’t the type of striker Italy uses anyway. But he is a forward that would could have been used behind a McBride in ’02/’06. He is a striker we could have used behind a Jozy/Dempsey in ’10. At some point if he never ever gets a real good look with Italy, he will regret his stupid decision, and I will be there to remind him just like I hope every single USMNT Supporter will. And not because I hate him or because I feel he is a traitor. But because he never analyzed his situation to the fullest, he didn’t really ever even once probably think about the pecking order of both National Teams. He could have been a starter with the US instead of being what seems to be a bench/reserve player with Italy.