SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: Nick DeLeon


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Nick DeLeon's campaign for Rookie of the Year took another step in the right direction this past weekend, with the D.C. United midfielder putting together a solid outing in the club's lopsided win over FC Dallas.

That won DeLeon the SBI MLS Rookie of the Week award, as his game-winning goal gave United their first win of the season, a 4-1 triumph over FC Dallas at RFK Stadium on Friday.

The 21-year-old DeLeon netted his second goal of the year at the hourmark of the chippy affair with a well-taken effort before delivering a pass to Danny Cruz for an insurance goal six minutes later.

The rookie out of Louisville beat out New England Revolution's Kelyn Rowe and Colorado Rapids midfielder Tony Cascio.

What do you think of DeLeon winning the award? Should Rowe or Cascio have won it instead?

Share your thoughts below.

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18 Responses to SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: Nick DeLeon

  1. David St. Hubbins says:


  2. Ne-Dub says:

    So frustrating. I was upset the day it happened and now its like De Leon is just rubbing it in my face.

  3. jailteeth says:

    The prince has a long way to go, but everybody already loves him here in the capital.

  4. fischy says:

    Because of all the stories about him going into the draft — out-of-shape for the combo, not a strong attitude, etc. Sometimes, ya just gotta go with how they play.

  5. fischy says:

    The prince? As In “Prince De Leon?” You do know the explorer was Ponce de Leon. No prince. Or is that some oblique “King of the Jungle” reference?

  6. Kejsare says:

    How many sons of NASL players have scored in MLS?

  7. Gon Darber says:

    I should have made him a home grown LA player.

  8. Salgado says:

    to Fischy… yes , he may be a bit confused. I think we should nickname Nick DeLeon, “Ponce”, since the real Ponce is an American who decided to play left back for the Mexican national team. At least this way we’ll have a “Ponce” who may play for the US. Looks like a good player. Wait… Nick doesn’t have Mexican eligibility as well does he?????

    Viva Estados Unidos!

  9. Sgc says:

    Because his dad was LeRoy (which means “the king”)?

  10. Sgc says:

    Taylor Twellman. Alecko Eskandarian. Kenny Cooper.

    Any others?

  11. abc says:

    Has the guy San Jose drafted instead of DeLeon played a single minute yet?

  12. wilyboy says:

    Hm… what about Simba?

    As in, De Ro and Simba sit at the top of RFK.

    De Ro “Everything the light touches is the District.”

    Simba “Wow. But what about that shadowy place?”

    De Ro. “THAT’s Baltimore. You must never go there, Simba.”

  13. thaDeuce says:

    He’s fun to watch, done good so far.

  14. thaDeuce says:


  15. David St. Hubbins says:

    no but he is not exactly impressing in pre-season or the reserve league… meanwhile DeLeon is balling it up with the first team.

  16. lprevolution says:

    Noticeably the hardest working player on the pitch, watching him live in the stadium. Benny Olsen-type player for sure. See him taking that role in the middle some day.

  17. Dlewis says:

    Could play for the Trinidad national team.

  18. Mr. T says:

    And LeRoy was the king, in his day his foot work was so domminant that he nutmegged Pele. You all just wait till this young prince has all of his confidence.