SBI Reader Poll: Do you love or hate the new U.S. Men’s National Team jersey?


The unveiling of the U.S. Men's National Team home jersey was met with a thorough mix of love and hate. Some fans were excited at the red stripe look, while many fans absolutely despise the new look.

To some, the ode to the American flag is enough to make the new jersey a winner. To others, the fact it looks more like the striped sweater from Where's Waldo makes it a loser.

Which side are you on? Cast your vote after the jump:

Which way did you vote? Do you love the new jersey, or do you hate it?

Share your thoughts below.


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120 Responses to SBI Reader Poll: Do you love or hate the new U.S. Men’s National Team jersey?

  1. solles says:

    definite LOVE

  2. solles says:

    ….and those are HOOPS, no stripes.

  3. Lampard in the End Zone says:

    I just wish the USMNT had a uniform identity – be it sash, horizontal stripes (or hoops if you will), etc. I know Nike has quarterly guidance to meet, but at least keep things in perspective.

  4. 19691 says:

    its says colorful prison break

  5. jai_brooklyn says:

    A pic with a screaming Deuce can make any kit look good.

  6. fred says:

    Big time meh.. -_-

  7. Patrick D says:

    My initial thought was that the stripes were a bit awkward/Amurican, but after getting used to it, I think the kit is actually cool. Nice to be back to a bright color, and nice to get away from the generic (mostly) solids of recent times. Reminds me of the Dutch uni in that it’s easy to dismiss, but actually quite unique.

  8. K-Town says:

    Terrible I hate it, will never buy it or even wear it. I guess i will go retro until the next upcoming change. Please, tell me they are going to change it.

    Ok, i got it out. My real beef is the inclusion of that *#&$^%^&# stupid @ss hidden sash! Put a prominent sash or NONE AT ALL!!!!!! It completely breaks up the horizontal stripes and is EFFING ridiculous! Designers should be shot and fired.

    Stripes only and I would have liked it. I liked the old sash on the blue and red jersey. But I HATED the subdued grey sash on the white jersey (thought it should have been blue or even red). This is a much worse travesty. the stripes alone would have been nice, with the sash it is an abomination. I was really hoping it was just a copyright watermark on the photos before. Now I will not be buying one.

  9. K-Town says:

    I agree. I am fine with sash or horizontal stripes. But not both at the same time. Why not a sash away, and stripes home jersey and keep it that way?

  10. Call Up Lichaj says:

    I think it’s a pretty decent effort, certainly a better striped jersey than the one France has.

    But, personally, I won’t buy/wear one. Really no way to pull that off unless you’re watching a match at a soccer bar.

  11. steveo says:

    where are the blue shorts with white stars?! complete the flag analogy and lose the sash…

  12. GoQuakes says:

    Where’s Wando

  13. El-DudeMan says:

    dude take it easy on the stripes clashing w/the sash. Breathe. Just because you went to fashion school and know all about the ins and outs of color and design on fabric doesnt mean you should throw a hissy fit when someone else doesnt. Clothes is whatever you make it. The world isnt falling apart when what one considers rules of fashion isnt followed.

  14. El-DudeMan says:

    correct, the blue shorts do have stars, but its not 50 its the number of goals Duece has scored for the national team. In fact, duece designed it. From the kits to the meals to the travel arrangements and rules on visitors before national team games, its all now set by duece. The US national teams is all about duece.

  15. Eric says:

    My thoughts exactly…hate it

  16. Jim says:

    My favorite remains the Victory-styled ones from 2005-06.

    These are terrible.

  17. Timber Dan says:

    Not in the U.S. of A. they’re not. Here, they’re STRIPES. As in Stars & Stripes forever baby!


  18. Oranje Mike says:

    All I can think of is Waldo. Terrible jersey.

  19. Keith says:

    I love it. The problem is they never make them for fat guys! Just because I am no longer at my “playing weight” does not mean I do not want o represent the USMNT!

  20. JSmiley says:

    Would rather have the SnorgTees.

    Especially if the SnorgTees babes were in them.

  21. marco says:

    I think they’ll look bigger and faster. Red hoops should disguise blood from COCACAF attacks.

  22. Lake says:

    Really don’t like these. Why change the best kit the USMNT ever had?

  23. Cosman68 says:

    Thats what my wife said… but she is always wrong. It’s gonna grow on us!! One of the better Kits we have seen.

  24. Joshua says:

    Didn’t we just get a new jersey? No reason to get all excited about this one. New one’ll arrive in 12-18 months.

  25. No Dempsey for PFA...WTF? says:

    COCACAF Attacks = Mexican Coco puffs?

  26. Mike in Missouri says:

    1980’s called and wants their fashion back.

  27. Carlos says:

    I’m usually never on the extremes on most polarized topics, but…this is an exception. I keep seeing either Waldo, a French Beret or a minor league Euro team.

    Our we expecting new jerseys for the 2014 WC or are we stuck we these?

  28. dannyk says:

    It’s deuce

  29. Neumannator says:

    Just ugly.

  30. JW says:

    I didn’t like the Waldo-ness… But then I realized how sweet it will be whenever does a “you can’t see me” celebration in it.

  31. Matt says:

    Blue Shorts with white stars? I’d wear them. That would kind of be like Orvis throwbacks – totally American.

  32. Jorge Belon says:

    I think the U.S. soccer federation should stick with the World Cup Uniforms and the Red Jersey with the blue stripe. This is just ugly!!!!!!!

  33. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. Just as I started to think that they couldn’t possibly do any worse, they come up with this ugly design.

  34. f says:

    brek shea will feel at home, but thats about it. bleh.

  35. Leo says:

    If they win in it, I’ll love it. If they lose in it, I’ll hate it. Simple, really.

  36. Macomber says:

    Needs stars on the blue shorts.

  37. supergrandefilms says:

    Agree. Stripes are terrible. And yes… it will certainly accentuate all those XL fans while they eat their burgers and hot dogs. Not a good look.

    I say go with the sash and stay consistent. Otherwise it seems like we have an identity crisis. You don’t see Argentina or Brazil changing their uniforms like this.

  38. CplDaniel says:

    That’s what’s wrong!! You can’t wear this out of soccer bar! When you rep the team outside of the soccer world, you should look reasonably good doin it. How will people look wearing this in the FSC soccer-culture-lifestyle ad?

  39. primoone says:

    I dont know of any other national team using that design but it reminds me of Dallas and I hate their Kit. Would much rather see a Red white and Blue Sash over a White long sleeve kit.

  40. Goalscorer24 says:

    If they win, I don’t care what they wear! Hell they can wear potato sacks. Just win baby!

  41. CplDaniel says:

    OK. I’ve got it. They need to break up the hoops on the sides of the uniform so that they ARE in fact stripes and not hoops. Hoops look silly. Hoops are trademarked by Waldo. USA is not Waldo. Do something to the sides of the uniform to break up the damn hoops.

  42. ELAC says:

    Mexico has an all black kit and we have……..hoops with a hidden sash. Compared to what Nike did for France and Holland, this effort is a monumental failure.
    Oh well, its just a kit and we have to hope that Klinsi doesn’t screw up our WCQ.

  43. pd says:

    Listen to your wife; she’s clearly the sensible one.

  44. fischy says:

    When the USA wins a quarterfinal match in Brazil, y’all will be loving this kit (except that they’ll probably introduce yet another new jersey before the tournament).

  45. mikeandike says:

    now Tim Howard needs to wear a stars jersey and the team will look like the flag…

  46. Mr. Maxican says:

    on the bright side the old red jersey should go on sale.

  47. Brad says:

    The thing that has bothered me since ’10 is the FIT of the jerseys, at least the replicas. They fit like a burlap potato sack, all square and tight in weird places. I still prefer my 2008 home jersey.

  48. Chicharito says:

    US Nats Fans must be A.D.D. Why so may kits?

  49. chris says:

    I want those charcoal uni’s back.

  50. Dune man says:

    Rather then the hidden watermark sash….and knowing there would be Waldo n FC Dallas comments…why not red and white BUT make the strips all in the same angle as the sash?…I know it’s not a “sash” if it’s multiple red and whites angled across…but I would think they go with no sash of any kind to say “we need to move to a non-sash option for this one” or just make the hoops all in the sash angle… Horizontals but still with a watermark sash just seems like an odd combination to me.

  51. 2tone says:

    And whats wrong with the jersey being American? Whats wrong with honoring Old Glory as the USMNT jersey? Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

  52. eman says:

    i don’t care…

    keep em comin’ differently all the time… im fine.

    change is always good

  53. RAMONE says:

    link to

    My thoughts exactly.

  54. Fake Steve Davis says:

    Whatever you say, Steve Davis

  55. brian says:

    I don’t care what it looks like…I just want US Soccer to pick a design and stick with it. I refuse to buy a ‘flavor of the month’ jersey. I just want them to pick a look and stick with it for a generation so the world associates it with the ‘never give up’ attitude that the USMNT and the USWNT demonstrated during the most recent WCs. IT HAS TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN A BUMP IN JERSEY SALES!!!

  56. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    I’m one of those who wish that the U.S. would develop a *consistently* recognizable look. This uniform is basically the same design as Paraguay’s, only the stripes are horizonatal instead of vertical. Does Nike do any market research before coming up with this garbage? Whoever designed this should be fired immediately!

  57. Neruda says:

    It’s like a big American flag wrapped around Deuce. It’s cool.

    Now we just need results.

  58. Max says:

    I think the away jersey is f***** awesome, but this red one is a wait and see.

  59. Russell says:

    agree. add in the damn commercialism of changing the uni so often.

  60. Kevin_Amold says:

    I like it a lot. Ordered it tonight.

    Why do I do such things? It’s a freaking shirt! I guess I picture someday handing on a collection of USMNT shirts to my future kid(s). For all I know they may prefer drama or, worse, football to soccer.

    Ah, to be a soccer fan…

  61. Jeff says:

    Lame FC Dallas shirt. Would have liked a philly union design with white middle, blue sides, red trim. Oh well.

  62. Dr Seuss says:

    Inspired by The Cat in the Hat…Thanks

  63. Good Jeremy says:

    I really liked it, until seeing Demps wear it. Great jersey in theory but it doesn’t look right when worn.

  64. vik says:

    haha, true

  65. Earl says:

    Where’s Wondo???

  66. yameson says:

    If we win wearing it, it will become a classic, and I will love it. If not, expect more flavors-of-the-month. Until one or the other happens, I would have preferred vertical stripes…

  67. DanO says:

    Yeah, but it’s “laser cooled”!!!

  68. divers suck says:

    Crap kits, they remind me of old 1920’s silent movie clips of jail breaks prison garb!

  69. Rich in DC says:

    They do have an identity. Their identity is constant jersey rotation.

  70. BrianVT says:


  71. BrianVT says:

    If the USMNT relies on jersey sales for at least part of their balance sheet, this will hurt them. It looks too much like an FC Dallas jersey, and it won’t sell as well as the previous design.

  72. Yaznasty says:

    In San Jose where he belongs

  73. Adam M. says:

    I never like it when you are forced to buy numbers/letters to make the shirt look right. The “true” replica has large blank spots on the front and back where the numbers have to go. Its unwearable otherwise. The other replica has the stripes all the way ’round, but that’s not the shirt on the field, is less attractive that the “correct” shirt, and if you put numbers/letters on that, it doesn’t look right. So no go for me on this one.

  74. fxb says:

    That transparent sash going through the hoops is stupid. I agree with you. I’d be okay if it was 1 way or the other. People will buy it regardless.

  75. Nicholas says:

    Unis don’t excite me but the numbers (great design element) do make them a bit more tolerable.

  76. Brett says:

    Worst jersey since the 94 world cup denim. I hate the candy cane/Where’s Waldo look.

  77. chupacabra says:

    No. It looks like he’s making a run for freedom away from a chain gang.

  78. Detroit! says:

    I think it looks daffy.

  79. chupacabra says:

    She married him, so maybe not.

  80. gas huffer says:

    Kinda flaggy…

  81. al17 says:

    I wanna see in person. I like the look but will reserve final judgement til I see in person.

  82. AP says:

    I hate it, but it’s only from pictures, they will be differences live, but I think it will make US look like a “chain gang”.

  83. BB says:

    Great, we can humiliate ourselves not only after we lose important games but now all before and during them too!

  84. Hate it says:

    Where’s Waldo?

  85. oscarinfw says:

    i like it. It almost looks like an FCD shirt…:)

  86. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    It’s silly. On top of that it’s ugly. Is Nike not on top of design trends all of a sudden? Were they not aware of MLS history and the FC Dallas jersey’s of yesteryear and how terrible they were? On the bright side, no way this is the jersey we wear at World Cup 2014.

  87. Dave says:


    I don’t like them

  88. 99 says:

    here come the clowns.

  89. Jason says:

    Looks too much like an FC Dallas jersey. Worst national kit since the 94 World Cup.

    Less is more, and overhaul the US soccer logo while you’re at it. I’ve always hated its look.

  90. sciroccer says:

    They should have kept it closer to a solid color, I know some would say that’s boring, but if you remember some of the old MLS jersey’s (KC, Burn,Clash, etc) they don’t look like a good idea. Almost clownish. And I think that’s what will happen with this one. Not the worst, but I won’t be buying one.

  91. Arkie says:

    Can we get a unique goalie keeper shirts for a change? I hate when almost every country sponsored by nike has the same keeper design. Even if they don’t sell very many I feel like national teams deserve their own designs. Plus we already know he looks great in camo

  92. Barrio Rico says:

    LOL fat dudes wearing these will look like human candy canes.

  93. pancholama says:

    I thought the 2002 and 2006 WC kits were really classy.
    It’s all been downhill since then except for the diagonal sash kits which were pretty cool.
    I think the hoops look ludicrous.
    Marketing, hype, BS, silliness – whats wrong with all white or all navy blue? It says so much, so classy.
    Just my humble opinion.

  94. I don’t think you caught the subtle difference between American and Amurican. It’s like the difference between a good boy and a good ole boy.

    Either way this looks loads better than the blue kit with white sleeves. This makes sense that was just dumb. Nobody else is really mentioning that we had a stripes kit before. This can only mean that they are gonna start running out a version of the ’94 stars kit which will make me so happy.

  95. Sandy says:

    They look fine on Deuce, but from a merchandising perspective, that is a huge mistake horizontal stripes are a no no for people who are not built like a pro athlete. I wouldn’t but it for that reason alone.

  96. NodaNob says:

    I guess our real identity when it comes to kits, is we don’t have one… Think of any nat team in the world worth praising and you always remember an iconic jersey. Germany throughout it’s history has been white with black shorts. Brazil, ‘scrach du oro’with blue shorts. Argentina and it’s blue and white vertical strips with black/blue shorts. Italy, blue/white. even freaking mexico has it’s ‘tri’ green/white/red uniform. So why in our (about 15 year) international history, we cannot pinpoint a single style/color/scheme??? I mean those other teams have close to 100 years wearing the same recognizable unis and we in 15 don’t have anything consistent! And even just in recent years with the sash being consistent we had something. could have kept going, but oh no… let’s avoid this “getting an identity” crap and go for the ‘MEH any league team’ and destroy any legacy the sash had.

    Me no likey!

  97. Self-Important says:

    Looks like we got fashion, advertising, history, philosophy and cultural experts…all on the SBI forum!

    What a shocker!

  98. Joamiq says:

    This is still the best USMNT kit of all time:
    link to

  99. josh says:

    I will love it if they win in it.

  100. A-Lott says:

    ’94 stars kit?

    Sounds awfully Amurican to me.

  101. Duneman says:

    1- I still think if going with stripes and a watermark sash…rather then the watermark sash they just angle the strips so they mimic the sash angle
    2- I like they have a few versions so if you dont get numbers/names you can have the full hoops as a blank patch would look odd
    3- Slightly annoyed the alternate with the white space for the number/name does not have the same white space for the number on the front (maybe that is an error on the US site. I thought the authentic might just be fitted, slightly different material and the vent holes….so if you want vents and fitted you can pay twice as much…but with the number space on the front just wish that also made it to the replica version with the white on the back.
    3- still nervous to buy one with a name/number since we are doing the 1-10…i will assume Dempsey will keep getting the number 8 when he plays…but cant be 100% at this point so its an expensive gamble.
    4- I know people like a constant kit….but…it makes sense in Brazil, etc…people cant afford new ones every few years….while its expensive to buy new ones…perhaps part of our “identity” is that when you look up in the stands everyone in the supports areas might be in a US kit…but there is diversity in the kits just like in America. Sport the one from your first game, be the guy in the denim kit, pick your favorite time period…its America…be the same and different at the same time. Even with the red/blue/red…people just seemed to pick the color they thought they looked best in 😉 i dont think that many people tried to match their kit always to the one on the field…heck some people put on olympic hockey jerseies just because of the colors and big USA across….so I am fine with the different kits. If nothing else with all the people that love/hate a jersey you dont feel the need to get stuck for the next 20 years…if you love it…ware it forever…if you hate it…just pray when the next one comes out in a year or 2 they have a design you do like…if they fail again for you just by one of the older ones on eBay…no one will look at you odd when you walk into the US game with an old kit on…they will just be happy you came to support.

  102. Mark says:

    I wish Nike would ask fans from the US National team supporter groups what they think. It took them decades to provide us with a second Red jersey. They are just seem out of touch with the US Soccer fan base.

  103. inkedAG says:

    If I was an FC Dallas fan, I’d hate it because it is a ripoff. I’m not an FC Dallas fan and I hate it because it is a ripoff!!

    Awful design. Just as bad as those grey ones and the wannabe Yankee pinstripes from years prior.

  104. Air Jordanz says:

    A 4 game win streak, including an historic one over Italy, doesn’t constitute “results?”

  105. mwc says:

    +1. haha.

  106. treasure22 says:

    At least we got ride of one Sash. One to go.

  107. Air Jordanz says:

    I’ve been beating this dead horse at every possible opportunity, but I think the blue away jersey will look good with WHITE shorts.

    If the sleeves are the only white accent, and it’s paired w/ blue shorts, it looks foolish and not much different from the previous away iteration.

  108. ThaDeuce says:


  109. ThaDeuce says:

    what’s not to love?

  110. ThaDeuce says:

    no, qualifying for the world cup = results. that is just a good run of form.

  111. Joe Beck says:

    I really like it. I’ll take a longsleeve, and I won’t care about the Waldo jokes.

  112. JayMah says:

    My problem is that the USMNT Kits have no “IDENTITY” – we’re constantly changing the way it looks rather than sticking with a design and slightly modifying every so other year. England, Spain, Germany, Italy…there is something beautiful about simplicity and it becomes an identity for that nation. I actually like the red 3rd kit we “had” and wished RED is our home kit color like the person who wrote this blog:

    link to

  113. Kevin says:

    hahaha love the reference, Dave!

  114. Gangmember FC says:

    Now this is what I am talking about. Chain Gang attire. Looks like the National Team is getting on the Gangmember FC bandwagon! USA till I DIE

  115. Sam says:

    If they made it bold on the stripes, that would be hard on the eyes. If they didn’t have it, then the tradition/historical homage that everyone is calling for and that they are trying to provide would be gone.

    Look at other countries’ jerseys. They have muted designs on them, too. Nike’s trying to be creative (fashion forward, if you will…can’t believe I just used that term…)

  116. MF says:

    I didn’t like it, but eventually it hit me. That should have been our kit the whole time. Not all solid colors. It will look great on actual game day.

  117. weaksauce says:

    USMNT – The Peppermint Kit
    USWNT – A new Black one
    Acad – Needs to rock the old one with sash

    The jersey’s should NOT be the same

  118. Homersexual says:


  119. FCD96 says:

    I just got the 2010 white jersey for $30 on ebay… the red one is available too for about $35…

  120. Ash says:

    Agreed…This true scorer needs a longer look