Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

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If the English Premier League title race is going to last much beyond this weekend, Manchester City is going to need to deliver a victory today against Arsenal in the top match of the weekend.

City is trailing Manchester United by five points, and anything but a victory today at the Emirates would all but eliminate the Citizens from the title race. United does have a match today against Queens Park Rangers at home, but barring a major upset, City could be as many as eight points behind when the Arsenal match kicks off.

Real Madrid has a three-point lead atop the La Liga standings heading into today's action, but can increase that lead back to six with a win against third-place Valencia. Jose Mourinho's side can't afford a loss, especially not with the Madrid derby up next on the schedule, and the vital Clasico showdown with Barcelona at the Camp Nou looming in two weeks. 

In France, Paris St. Germain is still struggling to hold off Montpellier for the top spot in Ligue 1, but a win against rival Marseille could help the big-spending Parisians take a step closer to a title.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump): 


6am- ESPN3– Levante vs. Atletico Madrid

7:30am- Fox Soccer Plus– Hibernian vs. Motherwell

8:30am- Fox Soccer Channel– Manchester United vs. Queens Park Rangers

9:30am- ESPN3– Schalke 04 vs. Hannover 96

10am- DirecTV– Mallorca vs. Granada

11am- Fox Soccer Channel– Arsenal vs. Manchester City

11am- Fox Soccer 2Go– Caen vs. Bordeaux

11am- Fox Soccer 2Go– Nice vs. Lorient

Noon- GolTV– Athletic Bilbao vs. Sevilla

1pm- Azteca America– Puebla vs. Toluca

3pm- Fox Soccer Channel– Paris St. Germain vs. Olympique Marseille

3pm- GolTV– Guarani vs. Palmeiras

3:30pm- ESPN2– Real Madrid vs. Valencia

7pm- Telemundo– Chivas Guadalajara vs. Club America

7pm- Azteca America– Cruz Azul vs. Queretaro

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72 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. kev says:

    so which CL side is going to put down the big bucks for Clint? Arsenal would be the easiest move for him. Huge club, lots of history, they would pay him more, he’d play with more talented players, already in London

    and yet his age might be the block

  2. sports says:

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  3. deepvalue says:

    Offsides and PKs, two big calls the refs get wrong. Sometimes both on the same play.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hey, nice gift-wrapped game for United again.

  5. pd says:

    Tottenham. That or he’s heading to Italy or Germany.

  6. pd says:

    So hoping Olympique Marseille starts an underrated run for the remainder of the season today. Droit au but!

  7. Jon says:

    The Schalke/Hannover lineups are sadly lacking in Yanks.

    Dolo is on the bench, but I don’t see JJ anywhere. Let me guess…suspended for yellow card accumulation?

  8. pd says:

    UnDEFEATED… Damn predictive texting… My phone must be a PSG fan…

  9. CSD says:

    It was the trifecta of crap when you throw in the red card. The offside miss is the part that amazes me.

  10. pancholama says:

    In his SI web column Peter Berlin opines that the Deuce my be headed to Arsenal, that Wenger is making him Dempsey one of his transfer window priorities for this summer.

    Rock on Deuce!

  11. CSD says:

    QPR really had no chance but now it makes the whole game a joke in my opinion. What is the point of taking a game seriously and watching it when the refs don’t really seem to be watching it or caring much either?

  12. JC says:

    Don’t know about JJ, but Dolo and some others are getting a rest after the EL games. And Schalke scores, 1-0.

  13. Polo says:

    Color me surprised.

    Man United should simply get a win for every game on the schedule. That is more fair than the crap their opponents have to deal with on the pitch.

  14. JG13 says:

    Per YA, he’s suspended for picking up his 10th yellow last weekend.

  15. huhe888 says:

    Ives is continuing his one-man boycott of the Univision Networks.

    Petty little feud.

    Not impressed.

  16. beachbum says:

    Balotelli red card earned but not given, not even a foul given…Song got nailed with that

  17. Jeff says:

    Might be overselling that a bit. Looked like a clear yellow to me. It must be noted that Toure had to be subbed off after a similar challenge that also wasn’t called.

  18. ec says:

    Bad signs for Arsenal. Dominated the first 20 mins, do everything but score, but here we are at 0-0 29th and City are steadily creating more danger.

  19. ec says:

    +1, would’ve been a soft red for sure. Which still makes it an awful no-call.

  20. ec says:

    Actually, maybe beachbum has a point. Pic of Song getting very, very lucky to be able to walk for the next 6 months:

    link to

  21. ted says:

    Wasnt a similar challengr at all, baloteli had his studs raised at songs knee, thats a red on most days. Toure and song bumped knees

  22. beachbum says:

    excellent pic…that’s a red card in my book

    Balotelli just received his yellow, btw, for another studs up challenge, this time on Sagna

  23. ec says:

    Third time is the charm as Balotelli FINALLY sees a card. Hopefully the ref can settle this game down a touch.

    How fit is Tevez? City could really use him running around and causing trouble.

  24. ec says:

    Kompany shows how to tackle and just shuts down a Walcott break in the open field. Almost halftime.

    Tevez on for Balotelli, right?

  25. Jeff says:

    On second review, the challenges aren’t similar. But I think the still photo doesn’t really capture the fact that there wasn’t a lot of force or malicious intent to the Balotelli studs up challenge. It was rash and late, but not a red for me. Challenges like that happen just about every game. Clear yellow. Not a red.

  26. beachbum says:

    that high line Arsenal is playing needs one good thru ball…City close a couple of times too. Arsenal’s early energy hasn’t paid off

    Balotelli asking to get sent off w/ petulant play…would not be surprised to see him subbed off by Mancini

  27. Jeff says:

    Balotelli needs to come off though (for Tevez). He doesn’t seem to understand that he needs to take more care with his challenges or he will be sent off today.

  28. Polo says:

    How in the hell did Balotelli avoid one red card let alone like 5?!

    Jesus there were 3 different straight red-cardable offenses there.

  29. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    To be fair to Balotelli, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the second one. Should have seen red for the first, though.

  30. kev says:

    Happy Easter to us all

    and congrats to DEMPSEY on his brace

  31. Jeff says:

    BS. One that could have possibly been red. The rest are fouls. That’s all. Sorry.

  32. Jeff says:

    That said, these add up with refs. Would have liked to have seen him subbed. He is taking too many chances today.

  33. ec says:

    Congrats to Dempsey on breaking the Fulham team record for top flight goals!

    Best American season ever, with respect to Claudio Reyna at Rangers and that year Beasley scored all those Champions League goals as PSV nearly made the final.

  34. ec says:

    WOW Balotelli starts for the 2nd half. You have to pull him so you aren’t down to 10 men.

  35. charlie says:

    Red anyway you look at it. That was an horrific foul and the ref blew it there.

  36. ec says:

    Ridiculous by Santos. Obvious foul on Balotelli, then gets in his face. Not very calming from your sub. City still look more likely to score.

  37. ec says:

    And he hasn’t done anything positive in between dangerous tackles. Don’t get it.

  38. ec says:

    Almost a successful jinx as Van Persie heads off the post, heh heh.

  39. sandtrout says:

    Please elaborate on this feud.

  40. Jeff says:

    My point is Kocielny’s studs-up challenge on barry not much better than Balotelli’s. Marginally better. No one calling that horrific.

  41. beachbum says:

    what a sequence! poor Arsenal

    Balotelli must come off

  42. SilverRey says:

    Wow, shouldn’t it be 3-2 now? not 0-0?

  43. beachbum says:

    instead Mancini puts Balotelli up top and off that left flank where he had become a defensive ghost, Kolarov on

  44. beachbum says:

    somehow he’s still out there in the 80th minute and wins a free kick, but I’m with you

  45. Jeff says:

    Mancini doesn’t seem to feel a need for three points. Bizarre.

  46. beachbum says:

    not the same as Balotelli’s into the knee of Song…sorry

  47. beachbum says:

    seems weird! I’m with you. Tevez finally on in the 83rd

  48. beachbum says:

    merited goal, beauty

  49. elgringorico says:

    Balotelli needs to be exiled to a remote desert island. When is this kid gonna learn?

  50. SilverRey says:

    That was a smack!!!

  51. SilverRey says:

    @beachbum, you were correct sir! Balotelli is now off!

  52. Jeff says:

    Got him in the shin, not knee. And Kolcielny’s was lower, but much better. Neither was horrific. Neither was a clear-cut red. Both bad challenges. Both happen all the time. That’s all I’m saying. The language gets ratcheted up all around when it’s Balotelli.

  53. Jeff says:

    Yeah, definitely weird. And Tevez on in the 83rd is what started the whole Munich debacle. Mancini was routinely running him out for 5-10 minutes when it was too late to make a difference. So it’s fitting that it ends that same way. (Not that it excuses Tevez’s behavior, but he should have seen it coming)

    To me, Mancini has absolutely got to go. Too defensive (with the best squad in England). Not so great with the players. Doesn’t have them motivated. Bizarre substitutions. He’s even started to throw up his hands and more or less blame the players. He isn’t what City needs to get it done.

  54. Jeff says:

    City does not deserve to win the title this season. Arrgggh, why does it have to be United though?

  55. kimo says:

    Anyone that can argue that Balotelli didn’t deserve a straight red early on is not worth listening to. Quite frankly he’s a mess and probably accumulated 4-5 yellows alone on the day.

  56. charlie says:

    Well deserved victory for the Gunners. You can’t buy CLASS.

  57. Jeff says:

    It is just not that clear-cut. Over the game, I agree — a sending off. That foul was bad. It may have been a red. But it just wasnt a clear straight red. I think there is an argument there. If it had been given it wouldn’t have been a bad call. But it was absolutely not horrific. It was not beyond argument. I am sticking to that!

  58. Jeff says:

    And beyond belief that Mancini didn’t see Mario needed to come off.

  59. kimo says:


  60. Kevin_Amold says:


  61. Kevin_Amold says:

    Yeah, justice was meted out at the end for Balotelli.

  62. Kevin_Amold says:

    I am one that happens to enjoy Balotelli….and his challenge on Song was for me a nailed on red card.

  63. Kevin_Amold says:

    Agreed. I’m tired of United. Maybe I’m just still angry over the penalty denied to Fulham a few weeks ago.

  64. beachbum says:

    no prescience calling that one :)

    cheers SilverRey

  65. MemRook says:

    It’s not just you. I’m still annoyed about that too.

  66. Kevin G. says:

    Explain please

  67. Zac says:

    Didn’t they just buy arteta?

  68. Naboo says:

    Sorry Jeff, you are absolutely wrong about the balotelli tackle. it was vicious. i think the media blows the balotelli horn a little too hard at times, but come on…that one deserved red no matter what the name on the back of the shirt is. if you dont see that you are at odds against 99.9% of people who have seen it. congrats to united on #20, well deserved.

  69. JP says:

    DeJong was right. Balotelli is a fool.

  70. Dice says:

    Sir Alex played mind games with Mancini, got in his head and made him coach not to lose……
    Dont like ManU but gotta give them credit where credit is due.

  71. Jeff says:

    I admit to being a Balotelli apologist. But I still don’t see what was vicious or horrific about it. It was a reckless and late challenge that may have been a red, but a yellow and a strong caution would have been defensible too. There wasn’t intent to injure or retaliatory aspect to it. There wasn’t a lot of force behind it. It was a late play for the ball. He caught him badly. He needs to be more careful with the high boots and the aggressive challenges – a lot more careful. And as I said, it may have been a red. But I have seen that same challenge literally dozens and dozens of times, either yellow or red carded, a few times, like today, missed completely. And Kocielny’s later in the game wasn’t far from it, just further down the shin. He’s not a monster. And the other challenges were even more typical. If anything, what is notable is that he doesn’t seem to take any more care when he’s on a yellow and/or lucky to have not seen a red.

  72. YO says:

    Why is Mancinni not gone yet?