Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

MessiTerry (Reuters Pictures)

It's do or die for Chelsea and Barcelona today, and in many ways it's the same for Aston Villa and Bolton, albeit under completely different circumstances.

The two UEFA Champions League semifinalists battle for a place in the Munich final at Camp Nou, with Barcelona looking to rebound from last week's 1-0 loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and the 2-1 home loss over the weekend to rival Real Madrid in league play. 

As for Bolton, the Premier League club that employs Americans Tim Ream and Stuart Holden is in a fight for its top-flight life and desperately needs points to climb out of the drop zone with the season winding down. Bolton take on Eric Lichaj and Brad Guzan's Aston Villa, another club threatened by relegation but one a few points clear of the bottom three. The level of urgency and desperation for both teams should make for one tense atmosphere at Villa Park.

Here is the viewing schedule for the day's matches:

2:45 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Barcelona vs. Chelsea

2:45 p.m. – Fox Soccer Plus/FoxSoccer2Go – Aston Villa vs. Bolton

If you will be watching either of Tuesday's matches, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

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182 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Vic says:

    It will be very tough for Chelsea. Last four times Barca was in trouble in the Champions League (Chelsea 09, Arsenal 2011, Madrid 2011, Milan 2012) Barca got a favorable call that changed the outcome of the game.

  2. Polo says:

    You people are absolutely insane. Conspiracy theory nutjobs.

  3. Bob says:

    anyone know a link where i can watch it online?

  4. away goals says:

    Best thing about the aggregate coming in is that the outcome will be in doubt until barca are up by three goals.

    Or I guess until chelsea are up two goals. But that’s… less likely. Sorry mig.

  5. RLW2020 says:

    second that, my sites aren’t working!

  6. ec says:

    Doesn’t look like Barca learned anything from the Clasico (or decided they didn’t need to mix it up). Another line-up without any real threat out wide. Gary Neville calls it “a collection of players… rather than a system”, although you could argue that Barca are just working on their 0-10-0 system again.

  7. ec says:

    Gary Cahill out injured in the 10th, Boswanga comes on.

  8. RLW2020 says:

    they way they play is conducive to picking up fouls. and they are incredibly good so other teams are forced to.. its no conspiracy its just how they control the game

  9. Nate Dollars says:

    Gary Neville is a moron. :)

  10. Polo circa two weeks ago says:

    “Man I’m so sick of this. I don’t even want to watch the EPL anymore.

    The officiating this year is so consistently bad in favor of major clubs that claims of incompetency just don’t cut it for me anymore.”

  11. ec says:

    Valdes comes out strong… and may have given Pique a (mild) concussion slamming into him (and then his head bouncing off the turf).

  12. Dave says:

    that, and they have some olympic caliber divers

  13. Illmatic74 says:

    It was funny to see Terry delay Cahill’s substitution. That certainly won’t put the bed the coach Terry jokes.

  14. Illmatic74 says:

    That Barcelona goal is coming any minute now.

  15. ec says:

    The physio has him stick out his tongue, which shows no sub needed. That was even more mysterious than magic spray!

    Ooooo, Messi has the first real shot saved well.

  16. ec says:

    Seemed like Barca were turning the screws… and then Drogba almost steals another goal!

    Still think Barca messed up starting Fabregas at forward with Messi, start Pedro already and at 60 mins plug Cesc in for whoever is running out of steam. I think this run is going to result in at least an offer for RVP this summer.

  17. ec says:

    Just before that, Alves replaces Pique at the backline, who never got over his serious collision with Valdes.

  18. CR says:

    That dive from Sanchez is EXACTLY why I’m rooting against Barca. I know every team has divers, but Barca really does take it to a whole new level.

  19. Polo says:

    This time wasting is pathetic. And Neville is scum.

  20. chris says:

    haha Mikel taps Sanchez and he’s already rolling on the ground

  21. al17 says:


  22. Polo says:


  23. ec says:

    There is the goal! Busquets gets it, just as it seemed like it was time to get nervous…

    And a RED Card for Chelsea! Terry!

  24. RK says:

    terry gone!

  25. al17 says:


    What Happened?

    I’m at the gig and can only follow on Match Tracker.

  26. JJJ says:

    Terry is an idiot thug.

  27. Polo says:

    Wow, John Terry is a complete thug. Walks right up behind Alexis Sanchez and just knees him directly in the back.

    I mean is he serious?!?! Just intentionally knees him right in the back.

  28. Illmatic74 says:

    John Terry makes it really hard for people to defend him. Unbelievably stupid from him. Chelsea have absolutely no chance now.

  29. JJJ says:

    Terry knees player in the back off the ball, called by the linesman

  30. CR says:

    And wouldn’t you know it, Barcelona is in a Champions League Semi against ten men.

  31. Judging Amy says:

    Terry knees Sanchez from behind away from the ball. Sanchez goes down quicker than a 2bit trick. Stupid from Terry. Expected from Sanchez.

  32. ericJ says:

    A bit of embellishment of course, but really dirty play by Terry.

  33. Wayne Bridge says:

    You deserved that red card, jerk.

  34. Spectra says:

    knee to the butt

  35. ec says:

    Goal came on a corner. Drogba headed clear but Alves picks it up, defense watches as he runs into the box and starts the tight passing, which ends up at Busquets’ feet and an open goal.

    Terry then (after kick-off) brutishly knees Sanchez in the back off the play for zero reason.

  36. ericJ says:

    Blame Terry.

  37. ec says:

    NO kidding. Leave the conspiracy crap, 100% fault of England’s Brave.

  38. KC says:

    That’s shocking on Terry. He’s usually such a class act……

  39. Polo says:

    Yeah man, God forbid people get ejected for kneeing people in the back off the ball.

    Quit being thugs and you won’t lose players.

  40. Illmatic74 says:

    Barcelona causes teams to become frustrated and reckless.

  41. Judging Amy says:

    Legitimate red. Barca extremely fortunate yet again in Champs League play. Although as many have pointed out their style of play undoubtedly frustrates opponents and leads to a lot of fouls. Practiced diving encourages the refs.

  42. ec says:

    Almost as important, Nou Camp is alive and rocking again. There seemed like a bad case of collective sphincter-tightening that was happening.

  43. ec says:


  44. JJJ says:

    Goal Ineista!!!

  45. ericJ says:

    Good second goal for Barca.

  46. chris says:

    Sanchez is the biggest p*ssy. Cant stand this team

  47. Illmatic74 says:

    That all folks.

  48. Judging Amy says:

    And. that. is. the. game.

  49. ec says:

    Sorry, Ineista. But Chelsea are toast.

  50. ericJ says:

    I’d say Drogba and Sergio are worse, but meh.

  51. TerkyJerky says:

    I know right that shouldn’t be a red card lets just start teaching every defender to just knee people in their back away from the ball.

  52. ec says:

    Yeah, that was vintage, even if against 10 men.

  53. JJJ says:

    Goal Dragba!!!!!!!

  54. ericJ says:

    Goal Chelsea… game on!

  55. chris says:

    F*ck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. ec says:

    WHAT A GOAL, Chelsea! Ramires! Game freaking on!

  57. Judging Amy says:

    bahaha perhaps not

  58. ericJ says:


  59. JJJ says:

    Chip over the keeper on breakaway.

  60. The Rog says:

    Not so fast, my friend…Ramirez nicks one for Chelsea! Time for the Blues to park the bus.

  61. ec says:

    Chelsea break, Lampard finds Ramirez who has two defenders jogging beside him, curious what he’ll do. What he does is launch a gorgeous chip over Valdes who never made a move.

    And that is the half, Barca need a goal to not go out.

  62. MemRook says:

    Game ON!!!! If Messi scores that goal the collective soccer universe comes its pants but Ramirs scores it so it’s not as magisterial

  63. Polo says:

    Cannot see Chelsea holding Barcelona scoreless in the second half missing both CBs.

  64. KC says:

    Back To Bunker for Chelsea

  65. chris says:

    It was a clutch chip. Straight nasty

  66. MemRook says:

    OR a simple mistake. Your comment makes you look worse than his mistake.

  67. The Rog says:

    Ramires…my bad. My half-brazilian GF would be sorely disappointed in me.

  68. Judging Amy says:

    this is probably true. they’ll need to keep threatening on the counter.

  69. JJJ says:

    LOL…..I stand corrected. Got excited and called it wrong.

  70. fischy says:


  71. Judging Amy says:

    that was a hell of a goal.

  72. Polo says:

    They might be better pressed attacking. Bunkering without Terry and Cahill could get ugly. Terry blocked like 5 shots in the first half alone. He singlehandedly kept them in the game until his card.

  73. Illmatic74 says:

    Another thing on the Terry sending off. We have a Turkish crew reffing the game. If you ever seen soccer in Turkey(Altidore was there last season) you would know you have to almost commit murder to get sent off. A player like Anelka was completely nullified in Turkey. So Terry was of really messed up to get sent off here.

  74. Judging Amy says:

    busquets is worse.

  75. Illmatic74 says:

    If Chelsea pull this off no Terry in the final.

  76. Judging Amy says:

    Great game so far. All bias aside Barca really is an incredible team (not that it needs to be said).

  77. fischy says:

    This…is going to be…fun.

    Don’t understand what the FOX studio guy is going on about Barca gotta score twice to go through. They score once, they lead in the tie.

  78. MemRook says:

    Oh you’re preaching to the choir, man. It was as you say quite nasty. As good and as important as any chips Messi has scored. But I bet it won’t be recieved the same as if Messi had scored it

  79. Judging Amy says:

    Kneeing a guy in the back away from the ball during a stop in play should get you a red every time.

  80. ericJ says:

    Damn y’all, I was just kidding. Calm down.

  81. ec says:

    Totally unnecessary comment. No one said it was anything but awesome. Definitely the single best thing I’ve seen Ramirez do.

  82. ericJ says:


  83. Illmatic74 says:

    That was my point.

  84. Polo says:

    Probably meant that they need to win by two. Which is the case, they needed to win by two regardless.

  85. ec says:

    The mean that Barca have to win by 2 to advance to the final.

  86. Judging Amy says:

    I know. I was agreeing with you. Perhaps pointlessly. This post may also be kind of pointless. Either way, cheers.

  87. MemRook says:

    Sorry man, didnt catch the sarcasm. Can you blame tho when a million other idiotic comments make their way on this site from people who are completely serious? Without context i thought you were making an absorb assumption. But that’s my bad.

  88. MemRook says:

    Geez! Effing auto correct: *can you blame ME* and *absurd* not absorb.

  89. ec says:

    Buckle up, 2nd half about to start!

  90. MemRook says:

    Ha ha. Now you’re just trolling (EVERYONE’s favorite new word)

  91. MemRook says:

    Actually you’re wrong: my buddy next to me said after that goal, “Eh, it’s got nothing on Messi’s 400 other chips….” (to be fair tho, he’s a huge Barca fan so clearly biased). I punched him in the face and now he’s crying.

  92. Judging Amy says:

    Wow. Poor call. Objectively. Poor call.

  93. Judging Amy says:

    Football gods bring justice.

  94. MemRook says:

    Actually I should have said I kneed him in the back and now I’ve been sent to sit in the corner. But I didn’t say that. So oh well

  95. The Rog says:

    Wow. Ball don’t lie.

  96. XPK says:

    Leave it to John Terry to potentially ruin another Champions League for Chelsea. (I know he only slipped taking the decisive PK several years ago. Still…it was Terry ruining it.) Anyway, no reason for that foul. (And if you’re gonna go…at least pull a headbutt like Zidane on Materazzi in the WC.)

  97. kimo says:

    LOL…rear angle showed a complete dive by Cesc … yeah Amy … justice

  98. ManicMessiah says:

    Watching that Terry play on Sanchez about 15 times on Ives’ twitter feed, I’m not even sure if Terry made contact anymore. Looks to me like he was trying to get his leg right up against him so he can’t turn him quick if he gets the ball.

    Sanchez is looking at Terry the entire time, sees Terry moving his leg in his general direction, and decides to go down. I don’t think it’s a red card.

    I’m conceding I could be wrong, but it certainly doesn’t look as cut and dry to me as it does a lot of other people.

  99. Polo says:

    Did anyone else hear the commentator relaying John Terry’s explanation for how he didn’t intentionally knee Sanchez in the back?

    And man, my streams keep getting shut down. Hate this.

  100. ManicMessiah says:

    Ronaldo would have made that penalty. Oh wait…

  101. kimo says:

    Lampard should have pulled a Sanchez when Messi pushed him

  102. kimo says:

    You’re right … he barely touched him.

  103. Polo says:

    Dude, he clearly makes contact with him. And yeah, offensive players always look back to see where defenders are.

  104. Judging Amy says:

    Chelsea can’t possibly absorb all this pressure for 30 plus more minutes.

  105. ec says:

    Holy cow, Drogba has a pop on the run from midfield, and Valdez has to make a diving save! How insane would that have been. This match is unforgettable!

  106. Vic says:

    Not a surprise by the bad calls, just look at my prediction at the beginning of the thread.

  107. ec says:

    Kalou on for Juan Mata. He’s never really been in this semi. Even more improbable for Chelsea to be 30 mins from advancing.

    Also, I can’t BELIEVE people are talking about the Red Card still. Red Card all day, every day.

  108. Polo says:

    Please tell us why John Terry should not have been red carded for kneeing a player in the back off the ball.


  109. ec says:

    Here is a legitimate horrible call. Cech gets a yellow for time wasting when he wasn’t, how fast did they expect him to go?

    Cech with a big save on Cuenta!

  110. Polo says:

    Think it was more a collection of time wasting on goal kicks thing. He certainly didn’t waste as much time on that one as he had on previous ones.

  111. ec says:

    Oh my. One of the Chelsea CB’s has an open header off a corner, but he gets it all wrong.

  112. Jort says:

    I’m with Polo, please explain to us how that wasn’t a straight red. I look forward to hearing whatever crap you manage to shovel.

  113. ec says:

    Messi is playing from very, very deep again, like in leg 1 and against Real. And I don’t think it’s worked in any of them. He’s also kind of losing his cool, he gave Lampard a good shove earlier.

  114. ec says:

    Ivanovic is the one who wasted the chance.

  115. Polo says:

    Wow Drogba fakes a cramp. After the first leg that’s not surprising.

  116. CR says:

    Not a conspiracy, just saying it has a track record of not working for 10 man teams.

  117. ec says:

    And there is a Yellow Card to Messi! After losing the ball he cynically hacks the man down before a break can happen.

    And then Lampard with a Yellow for taking down Cesc. It’s well past chippy.

  118. kelso says:

    bbc radio have the opinion that there wasn’t really much in the terry red card but he’s an idiot for even doing it. Terry was quoted as saying he’s never been carded this season in UCL and he was raising his knee to stop sanchez from running into him. I haven’t seen the replay so I don’t even know if that makes sense…

  119. Francois says:

    Haha you’re so biased, it’s funny to read your comments and see the difference between what you say and what is actually happening.

  120. ec says:

    Cesc out for Keita. Can Barca stop using Fabregas as a forward?

    Time for Messi to step up, he hasn’t shown much since missing the penalty.

  121. ec says:

    I think it’s best explained as a Red Card for idiocy.

  122. ec says:

    There are so many people in the box, of both teams, that it seems mathematically improbable that a shot on goal could actually reach the goal.

  123. Illmatic74 says:

    At this point even Liverpool would scored the third goal by now.

  124. Vic says:

    I’m talking about the penalty kick, fool!

  125. Polo says:

    Let’s see… Drogab loses the ball and then goes down on his own behind the play. Ball isn’t played out until Chelsea clears it. Drogba looks over to see that it isn’t being played out and he gets up. Referee comes over and gives him a talking to for doing it.

    What happened is exactly what I said.

  126. Judging Amy says:

    clear offsides. beautiful play.

  127. Polo says:

    Barca scores but Alves is a yard offside.

  128. ec says:

    Messi off the post! Under almost no pressure from the edge of the box too.

  129. bryan says:

    lol messi must be ready to kill something

  130. ec says:

    And they almost have another chance, but Cech is immense to come out and punch the ball away.

  131. Judging Amy says:

    barca deserve a goal. (hate to type that).

  132. Polo says:

    Cech saving Chelsea’s *ss with a ridiculous save on a Messi shot.

  133. Illmatic74 says:

    Torres has done a solid job replacing Drogba at Left Back.

  134. NE Matt says:

    Bolton up 2-1 with less than 10 mins left. I know its the backburner game on todays docket, but a huge win for Stu and Ream if Bolton can hang on

  135. Francois says:

    I’m not just talking about this comment, i’m talking about this thread and the last leg.

  136. Polo says:

    Dani Alves is choking. Hard.

  137. chris says:

    Another f*cking dive

  138. Judging Amy says:

    how much extra time?

  139. Polo says:

    Peter Cech turns into superman. Wow.

  140. Judging Amy says:

    3 minutes. very fair.

  141. Judging Amy says:


  142. The Rog says:

    Game. Set. Match.

  143. Judging Amy says:

    sorry barca.

  144. Francois says:


  145. chris says:

    hahahhahahaha f*ck barcelona

  146. bryan says:


  147. Judging Amy says:

    great game.

  148. Judging Amy says:

    chelsea missing terry meireles for the final.

  149. Vic says:

    Wow!!!! So the sneaky, diving cheats didn’t get their way this year. Despite the refs doing their best to help them. Bad year for Fabregas, he dumped Arsenal to win trophies and hasnt won a major one this year(I don’t count Copa Del Rey as major).

  150. bryan says:

    and Ramires, Ivanovic and possibly Cahill

  151. Eric says:

    What a game

  152. Illmatic74 says:

    The craziest game I have seen.

  153. Illmatic74 says:

    Also, who knows if Luiz will be ready.

  154. Ricky says:

    11 vs 10. A penalty missed by Messi. Torres scores the equalizer.

    CHELSEA is in the finals and they deserve it.

  155. Judging Amy says:

    so after all the talk of Spanish football dominance we may have no Spanish teams in the Champs final.

  156. marco says:

    Great win by Chelsea. Pep/Barcelona reign is over. Reasons,
    1. No striker/ Messi worn out running down middle
    2. The “new” additions to first 11, Thiago, Cesc, Alexi, just not good enough.
    3. Poor wing play, Chelsea almost never doubled on the wingers, thus keeping the middle closed.

  157. fischy says:

    I was wrong. It wasn’t that much fun. Barca just did not look good in the 2nd half.

  158. Illmatic74 says:

    And all the talk of English decline they will have at least one team in the final for the 6th time in 7 years.

  159. Judging Amy says:

    too early to declare the end of Barca’s dominance. Chelsea was hanging on for dear life for a lot of that second half. And though that pk call wasn’t legitimate the red card certainly was.

    a few signings, the blossoming of some of their youth ranks, messi is still young, who knows, they could come back and win a treble next year?

    hopefully not tho.

  160. Good tactics by Chelsea. Very well taken goal by Torres.

  161. ManicMessiah says:

    Come on Bayern! (or Madrid, I guess).

  162. Judging Amy says:

    really? i thought they looked good. they created a lot of chances they should’ve finished. game was super tense and exciting.

  163. KC says:

    oh goody! another 90 minutes of boring anti-football

  164. bryan says:

    you should wait to see what happens tomorrow…

    also, there are still 3 spanish teams in Europa. so because one English team makes it to the final, that discredits the fact that there were 5 Spanish teams and 1 English team in the semis of the CL and Europa?

    what if Madrid make it? then La Liga will match the EPL this year in CL and have more teams (at least one) in the Europe final.

    come on now…

  165. orga says:

    Torres with the game winner. Outrageous.

    and this is from a Liverpool fan

  166. PD says:

    wow. all I can say is wow.

    It’s been coming all year since Barca has looked mortal all season, but it’s still hard to believe their year is essentially over.

    Full credit to Chelsea for never quitting.

  167. PD says:

    That said, I really hope this is John Terry’s last season in blue.

  168. ec says:

    Hats off to Chelsea (other than Terry), very impressive performance. This tie looked like a joke 2 weeks ago, but a VERY worthy and memorable addition to the Barca-Chelsea CL saga.

  169. bryan says:

    there was no game winner and since Barca did not score another goal, his goal was just icing. game ended 2-2, 3-2 on agg. but the Ramieres goal was the “series winner”

  170. fischy says:

    A lot of chances? One or two, unless you count Fabregas’ dive.

  171. Ricky says:

    Barcelona meet Karma, Karma meet Barcelona.

  172. ec says:

    Barca were definitely creating chances in the last 20 minutes. Chelsea were able to pack it in, and Torres came through when it mattered as the man to relieve pressure.

  173. gt says:

    Anybody else see what looked like handling in the Chelsea box right before the ball was sent to Torres on his goal? Couldn’t get a good replay.

    Exciting game. Chelsea still has a huge mountain to climb no matter who they face in the final being down so many men and facing either Madrid (current best team in the world?) or Bayern (home match). Props to them for making it this far, though. Especially given how the rest of their year is going.

  174. ec says:

    Football. Bloody hell. What a classic victory, that was more of an upset than Inter beating Barca.

    Who Chelsea are missing for the final: Terry, Ramires, Ivanovic and Meireles. No way, right? Right?

  175. ec says:

    What wing play? I don’t think Barca ever recovered when David Villa went down, they were much better with him and Pedro on the wings. I swear they just play 10 midfielders out there.

    Back up the bank truck to a certain RVP as far as point 1…

  176. ec says:

    And congrats to Bolton for winning! Hopefully they can survive.

  177. Illmatic74 says:

    There were 3 Portuguese in Europa semis last season. Since when was the Europa League the barometer of European dominance?

  178. Cervantes says:

    Chelsea have absolutely no chance now. Nice call!!!

  179. Yo says:

    where are all the barcelona apologists

  180. bryan says:

    no one said it was, but it surely is something to note…

  181. bryan says:

    “Bolton survived the first half onslaught, with defender Tim Ream impressing, and looked more of a threat after the break with Mark Davies influential in midfield.” – ESPN

    sounds like Ream played well.

    “Bolton boss Owen Coyle and Villa coach Kevin MacDonald had to be kept apart by fourth official Craig Pawson after Miyaichi was bundled into touch by Villa full-back Eric Lichaj.” – ESPN

    Doesn’t say anything about overall play of Lichaj, but that was a pretty funny line to read.