Marquez’s latest bad behavior



Saturday night's match between the New York Red Bulls and the San Jose Earthquakes was a chippy affair, with plenty of questionable plays. None more questionable than Rafa Marquez's football tackle of Shea Salinas.

With the Red Bulls defending a corner kick situation, Marquez wrapped his arms around Salinas in the box, refusing to let go of his marker.  Salinas began to tumble under Rafa's weight, and Marquez followed through, driving the speedy winger into the ground.  As he rolled off the leveled body of Salinas, Rafa catches him with a kick to the arm that appears to have been delivered with intent.

No call was made on the play.  To make matters worse, Salinas would be taken off the pitch with a fractured left clavicle from the infraction.

Many have speculated whether or not Marquez delivered the blow with intent.  How will the MLS Disciplinary Committee respond? Do you think he deserves to be suspended?

Share your thoughts below.

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98 Responses to Marquez’s latest bad behavior

  1. maka says:

    The game was out of hand early starting with the elbow to Cooper’s head.

    That said, come on, Marquez.

  2. TheFrenchOne says:

    what an absolute piece of crap.

  3. Steven says:

    Marquez should be suspended.

  4. jon says:

    No one should be shocked at this. He is as dirty as they come, and he embodies everything Mexican soccer stands for.

  5. rph says:

    10 match ban.

  6. Modibo says:

    This was far worse than other suspension-worthy fouls – I’m thinking of Mullan on Zakuani from early last season in particular. Marquez wrapped around Salinas twice on corners, and there is no question of his intent to bring him down and THEN to harm him with his trailing kick. Mullan’s tackle was clumsy and violent, but I don’t think he intended to hurt Zakuani. 3 game suspension and a healthy fine in my book.

  7. Brett says:

    Just reinforcing our hatred for him and Mexican soccer. He is garbage. Fine him and ban him.

  8. Charlie G says:

    Suspension, maybe 5 games. The league should look at all Marquez’ play in this game also. His play shows a lot of disregard for his fellow players – and yes, he makes a point of dragging his leg over Salinas to make his point. Obviously I’ve never been a fan of “Rafa” after the elbow in WC2002, especially his smirking attitude on the way off the field.

  9. chris says:

    Deport him

  10. Yup I dislike Marquez for many reasons.

    FYI: Salinas walked off the pitch, Bernardez was carted off.

  11. Mike says:

    After Marqez’ antics at the end of last season, I thought MLS should have banned him from coming back in 2012. I’d suggest that MLS give him the 3 strikes and you’re out warning, this incident being 1 of 3.

  12. Poo says:

    hopefully he will just move on in the summer to free up the DP spot. He makes some nice long passes, but often gives the ball away on short easy ones. Overall, he is not worth the money by a long shot -on the field and off of it.

    Then he goes and does stuff like this. Will be interesting to see if he apologizes to Salinas. The video is so clear. Dirtbag.

  13. strider says:

    OBVIOUSLY Rafa deserves a ban for this. A second and perhaps equally important question is why a foul was not called. Referees have to man up and make these calls. We all KNOW it is against the rules, but people keep saying “it happens all the time”. Well, the only way to stop it is to call the foul and give a PK. Its time to enforce the rules. By the way, I am a long-time defender not a forward so I think I am being pretty objective here.

  14. joel says:

    He should be banned for a game, it was intentional.

  15. SVEN says:

    Actually, that plays embodies everything American soccer is: all physical and no skills.
    it looks like Rafa has learned well.

  16. Fred says:

    Apparently you havent seen a concacaf match SVEN.

  17. Jents says:

    Absolutely right. Marquez should be suspened (he obvioulsy hasn’t learned his lesson), as should Bernardez. He should’ve received a red card for an elbow to the head of Cooper. If the elbow was called right there wouldn’t of been all the chipiness the rest of the game.

  18. biff says:

    He is a PoS and that was definitely with intent and should be a 10-game ban. Just to refresh the memories of anyone who thinks this latest assault is a an exception and not the rule, take a look at the this video and watch him intentionally head-butt USMNT player Cobi Jones in World Cup 2002. This was vicious assault that could have maimed Jones. And then look at the smirk on his face after he is red-carded and is leaving the field and you are just hoping to see it bench-slapped off his face.

    link to

  19. Chris says:

    I’m a Red Bull fan and I hope he gets banned for life.

    The guy is overpriced, he can’t run anymore, can’t defend, continues to be a hot-head on the field, and his own fans want him gone. It was a terrible signing by Red Bull in the first place and he has yet to play anywhere near the level that was expected of him. He’s past it and he’s a liability. Red Bull should get rid of him, free up that cap space and DP slot and sign a CB and CM.

  20. MidWest Ref says:

    Mullan’s takle was not clumsy. It was violent. It was in retaliation for a foul he didn’t get earlier. Mullan was going to get that ball whether Zakuani was there or not. I doubt that he meant to break his leg, but he sure meant to hit him hard.

    Rafa’s is a dirty professional foul, where he is trying to get a little extra kick in . . just because. I think it is no less violent than Mullan’s and should be treated the same.

  21. BK says:

    The precident has already been set with the league giving out suspensions for malicious play…even play that DID NOT result in injury. If he is not given a suspension comensurate with the infraction, it will say a lot about the league and preferential treatment it gives to the large market teams and players.

  22. Greg G says:

    This may pointless to some, but it’s worth noting. We don’t know what caused Salinas’ clavicle break. Was it the fall or the kick? His first fell down hard on his left side and was later kicked on that same side by Rafa’s foot. Now, surely, Rafa meant to kick him. That’s clear. But, did he intend to to injury to him? Who knows? Does it even matter, though? Maybe violent contact is enough. Then again, had Rafa not tackled him, his clavicle wouldn’t have been broken.

    Rafa’s violence is how he makes up for bad play. He totally got burned on the first goal. He was marking Baca (not Hans, the player for San Jose) and just stopped running, letting Baca be wide open to slot home that sitter. Redeem yourself with good play (see, Dax MacCarty’s wonder strike after his giveaway caused the first goal). Don’t resort to shady tactics.

    As a RBNY fan, I’m all for a suspension here. Maybe 5 games.

  23. Brain Guy says:

    He intended to hold and push and even knock him down. Should have been a penalty and even a yellow card. But I don’t see malice, or an intent to injure, or recklessness. And I don’t see an intent to kick him — Marquez was bouncing off the turf. What I do see is stupidity and ridiculously bad defending, “physicality” taking the place of good positioning. I understand the vitriol aimed at Marquez for this, based on his past behavior, but this might not even have been the worst foul I saw in the match. Miller got scissored down from behind right in front of me (I was in Section 128) and had to leave the game, and that only drew a yellow.

    Don’t get me wrong — I’m no fan of Marquez. For every good pass he makes, there are three bad ones and two instances of lazy defending. I actually think RBNY would be better off without him, if they can fill his roster spot with a good creative midfielder.

  24. fischy says:

    Don’t oversell it. It’s a deliberate kick to be sure, but my guess is it wasn’t what caused Salinas’ injury. I”d bet the fracture came when Marquez fell on top of him, pinning his arm under the pile. It was a kick, and totally out of bounds to do since it wasn’t even part of the play. However, it wasn’t as violent or dangerous as some of the high-speed tackles you see in the game.

  25. Kris says:

    Apparently, the majority of you have never watched any international, epl or any other league games. Look what John Terry did yesterday. I know no one got hurt, but do you have to get hurt for it to be a bad foul?
    I’m not a fan of Marquez, but he can’t be suspended for that play. It was more unfortunate than anything else. Also, Salinas has a body of a 15 year old, so he was sure to get hurt, if anyone that weights over 100lbs lands on him.

  26. Jonathan j says:

    The way I see it Marquez was just helping Salinas cope with the pain from breaking his clavicle by kicking him in the face.

    Should be a nice lengthy suspension.

  27. fischy says:

    FYI — Unless MLS’ video package has got it wrong, you’re wrong. Salinas was carried off the pitch on a stretcher…and probably put on a cart after that.

  28. Joshua says:

    I want the Quakes to sign Rico Clark back so he can kick Marquez in the head.

  29. Lex67 says:

    The highlights show bernardez getting carried off the field in a stretcher but salinas did walk off the field if you watched the actual game

  30. Bham Chuck says:

    Dear RAFA,

    There’s a bus ticket to Chihuahua @ Union Station with your name on it.
    ADIOS MF’r !!

    THE United States of America

  31. Cobi says:

    What a nice fella

  32. CA says:

    Jermaine Jones approves of this play!!

  33. nynjmetro says:

    RB fan – I think it will be a 5-10 game ban from MLS disciplanry committee in light of the recent ones handed out to other players.

    Whats disheartening is he often doesn’t look like he cares. Blanco was slow as molasses but played with passion and I think he brought the players around him up. Rafa – not so much.

    Anyone have video of the Bernardez elbow?

    Red Bull depth to be tested… NOW.

  34. Ha, Rafa is so hated there is no need to write “To make matters worse”.

    Not sure if it is because this was the sites first story of the morning or if the Rafa venom is that strong, but 30+ responses in the AM in 1 hour of posting is awesome.

  35. marco says:

    3-5 games

  36. marco says:

    The officials need suspensions also

  37. beachbum says:

    hahaha!!! what a load of crap SVEN, please evacuate your bowels elsewhere

    Rafa, a player with skills who instead loses out to his own emotional instability repeatedly…again and again and again and again…….

    the beautiful game exposes weakness like his, again and again and again and again…….

  38. Grmnbreesy says:

    He’s garbage. He should go Play in Mexico. I’m still bitter about his Mexico mnt days when he’d start fights with the u.s

  39. Dan in New York says:

    “He makes some nice long passes, but often gives the ball away on short easy ones.”

    That’s actually a good summation of all Rafa does for this team. I’ve tried to like the guy but I think this is the final straw. He does not learn nor help.

  40. Rees says:

    You’re right. Smaller players are asking for it by playing the game and don’t deserve protection from the referee. The little Ferreiras, Moraleses of the world need to learn that they’re playing a big boy game, and they should accept the fact that when players intentionally foul them its their fault if they get hurt because they’re so small. Get real man. Its not always easy to tell the difference between a professional foul like a jersey tug vs. a malicious foul that’s designed to intimidate or hurt an opposing player, but this is a pretty simple case. Salinas has every right to expect that the ref and the league will enforce the rules in a way that will keep him from being rugby tackled on the pitch. If they don’t, and rugby tackles are allowed in MLS, then you’re right – and it’ll be time for the little guys to find a new sport to play.

  41. JG13 says:

    I remember this vividly and it’s the #1 reason Rafa is by far the player that I hate the most. It’s worth noting that he also kicks Cobi studs up on the same play.

    FIFA should have given this clown a life-time (or at least 1 year MINIMUM) ban for this, as it was NOTHING but an all out assault.

  42. beachbum says:


    some teams get that call btw, recently even

  43. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Marquez is a thug. Not only does he tackle the guy and break his collarbone, Marquez is bear-hugging him the whole way and ends with a kick as he rolls off him.

    He should be out three to five minimum.

  44. beachbum says:

    great call in comparing him to Blanco.

    Hated Blanco more than any other player ever, then he came to Chicago, opened the game with that classic butt trap of his, and off he went. The guy played in MLS with passion and represented Mexican soccer so well here, I became a fan (which deserves recognition on the old TV show “That’s Incredible!”)

    Rafa is dog poop instead, literally a 180 degree opposite representative

  45. ... says:

    It was dumb, uncalled for, etc. The tackle was stupid but not malicious, and I think the fall is what broke Salinas’s collarbone. It should be a suspension for Marquez for the kick at the end, no question there, But I disagree that this was “most questionable” of the chippy plays. How about Chavez’s from-behind, two-footed, scissoring lunge of a tackle on Roy Miller, who also was forced to leave the game injured? That tackle had RED written all over it.

  46. Indigo Montoya says:

    This. As a Quakes supporter, I’m livid.

  47. Luke Rodgers says:

    Bloody Hell!!! You gave this guy a Work Visa and not me?

  48. Indigo Montoya says:

    To quote Lil’ Jon: What?

  49. Indigo Montoya says:

    That’s brilliant.

  50. Indigo Montoya says:

    Nicely done.

  51. me says:

    Hahaha!! +1

  52. babieca says:

    I imagine Lenhart would be up for it if given the chance.

  53. Judging Amy says:

    I’m as diehard USMNT as they come but Cuathemoc is the man. Agree completely on him being a great representative for Mexican soccer.

  54. Dave says:


  55. nynjmetro says:

    Thanks – Agree with you on Blanco. Didn’t like him before MLS. Now a fan.

  56. RobsterCraw says:

    I think a lengthy ban and a large fine are called for. Here is why:
    1) Wrapping your arms around a player and wrestling them to the ground is never allowed in the game. Unlike a sliding challenge, which can be perfectly legal if it is done right. Marquez wrapped up Salinas on a previous corner too. Should have been a penalty in both instances but the ref “didn’t see” either.
    2) Kicking out your leg like that in the follow through isn’t incidental. Anyone watching that replay without a taste for energy drinks will conclude that it was intentional. Which is just straight violent conduct. There is no manner in which that can be mistaken. Marquez should have been red carded for that.
    3) A player was badly injured because of the completely unnecessary and violent actions of Marquez. SJ should have had two penalties and an entire half to play with a one-man advantage, instead they saw a starter being carted off for at least a month.

    The league has been hitting players with suspensions and fines for much less than what Marquez did, if there is any justice in the League, Marquez will see the longest suspension of the season so far.

  57. Andrew says:

    And MLS would be doing you guys a favor by suspending him for a long time. I’ve seen RBNY both with and without Marquez, and they’re better when he’s not in the lineup.

  58. pancholama says:

    Suspended – 3 games minimum.
    A lo minimo – una suspension de tres partidos.

    I will spare you the choice Iberian Spanish, and DF Chilango slang that I reserve for Rafa.

    And I am a Red Bulls fan to the death. But his track record is abysmal, from flying kicks at Timmie Howard on corners during US-Mexico “friendlies,” to this – he is a malignancy upon the whole sport.

  59. QuakerOtis says:

    There’s a video above. Watch it again. Observe Rafa watching Salinas as he begins to roll over top of him. See the sharp snap in Rafa’s leg as he’s looking at Salinas, and try telling me one more time that the kick wasn’t intentional… or get some new glasses.

  60. Aguinaga says:

    Marquez’s bear hug & tackle was unnecessary and dumb. No excuse for it, should’ve been a yellow/red and a penalty. But watch the beginning of the 2nd half and tell me Chavez’s from behind studs up scissors on Roy Miller in retaliation wasn’t worse. Miller was lucky to strain his knee and have had to come out vs break anything. Ref was very hands off all around. In the media though, somehow Marquez’s foul is the only one being paid attention to. Does it take Miller breaking his leg for people to be impartial given Marquez’s history doesn’t help him? That’s really not right either. The SJ plan was to rough em up from the beginning to try to slow down Henry. It was bound to get physical, and both teams paid for it with injuries. Wish the ref had stopped the shenanigans from the start. I think these two teams really don’t like each other.

  61. TADevil says:

    +1. What a piece of crap.

  62. Anon says:

    Because the league is pushing the NY and LA brands?

  63. QuakerOtis says:

    Maybe not “intent to injure” in the sense that Rafa didn’t want to suffer the consequences that this sort of play SHOULD impose on him, but it wasn’t exactly a love tap.

  64. Brain Guy says:

    I did as you suggested, and I stand corrected. Marquez does look back and seems to snap his leg down. Maybe I first saw a different reply or a different angle. Given their positions, I don’t think the kick could have caused the injury — the tackle did — but that’s irrelevant. I wish RBNY had the courage just to release this joker. And failing that, I wish Henry, who has done a terrific job this year of balancing optimism and criticism without calling out individual teammates, would exercise his captaincy to bring Marquez into line. I go back to 1996 with this club, but Marquez makes it so hard to get behind them fully.

  65. Joamiq says:

    I’m a RBNY fan and I think Rafa is an absolute disgrace. 3 games at the very minimum, should probably be more like 5-10, considering his history. Frankly, the sooner he’s out of MLS, the better.

  66. Clayton says:

    Yup, have to agree with you here. I’m having a flashback to a World Cup game vs. the US a decade or so ago (maybe someone can remind me who one that one) … Red card?? Dirty player?? Yes – he always has been.

    Marquez sucks! Way to make your country proud.

  67. TimN says:

    This tackle was clearly carried out with intent, and the end result was serious injury. This is every bit on the same level as Mullan’s tackle on Zakuani last season, and should receive a 10 game ban and a fine. You simply cannot have this kind of crap…it’s not part of legitimate soccer.

  68. Conrad says:

    This is a real litmus test. Let’s try this. Remove all letters that are bigoted and xenophobic (any reference to “dirty Mexicans” and so on). (Also: the word “thug” is a right-wing-radio dog whistle for any brown-skinned person not on your team, fyi.)
    Next, filter out all the knee-jerk anti-Red Bull sentiment.

    And this is what we are left with. A foul in the box, but the kind of foul that is committed on every corner kick in every Premier League game, and surely many MLS games. (See Maurice Edu’s goal in the WC against Slovenia; note the embrace on Gooch..)
    But still a foul. The falling was unfortunate, and I would doubt seriously that it was intentional. That’s obviously what broke his clavicle. The kick afterward is inconclusive, but I’d bet it was not an accident. For that you might get a match ban.

    But as for Rafa himself? This guy’s a disaster. I do feel bad for him. And the comparisons to Blanco are apt. I saw Blanco play, and what you never see on TV is that literally every touch, the guy was either completely hacked — or he dove. It must be even worse for Rafa. He must get such a working-over on every play off the ball. I mean, wouldn’t you give Rafa a shot whenever you got a chance?

    The guy was brought to New York to be a star. He played at the highest level for the best teams. Unfortunately for him, nobody cares that he played with Barça.

    I’m a Red Bull fan, and I think the team is much better without Márquez. He can chip the nice long ball with amazing accuracy, but that’s about it.

    And he completely lost me not in the play this weekend, but last year with his missed punch and dive after the Galaxy game. He should be somebody else’s problem.

    I don’t really see a suspension for him, but it would definitely save RBNY some trouble in not playing this guy.

  69. hush says:

    Both of you are idiots.

  70. Bob34 says:

    I don’t watch Red Bull games or support them in any way and won’t until Rafa is gone. He’s a disgrace to himself, the team, and the league.

  71. polish Pete says:

    Ok ban Rafa , but if you do Chaves needs to get 4 x the ban as he intended to brake Millers legs , baniteraz for each elbow (2) in second time he gave to Mayra but our boy is strong …then salinas for swinging at our medical so Rafa gets 5 , Chaves gets 20 baniteraz gets 10 and salinas 3 ….so basically SJ will lose 3 starters for a season, if we want to be fair ….

  72. Brain Guy says:

    A bit over the top from Polish Pete there, but if Shalrie Joseph got suspended for his tackle then whoever scythed Miller down outside the box (Chavez?) should get suspended too. I understand — and agree with — much of the bashing of Marquez, but if he had tackled a SJ player like Miller got tackled, or elbowed someone in the face like Cooper was elbowed, people would be calling for his immediate arrest. Marquez deserves all the punishment and vitriol he attracts, but that should not serve to paper over the rest of the shenanigans in this match.

  73. Neruda says:

    MLS has matured past the crap level. NYRB should be proactive and get rid of him before MLS slaps a multi game suspension this week.

  74. David St. Hubbins says:

    8 match ban.

    2002 WC red for assault on cobi jones
    2009 WC qualifying red for assault on tim howard
    2011 MLS Playoffs started melee on the field after NY eliminated by LA
    2012 breaks shea salinas’s clavicle
    2013 beheads brek shea, banned from soccer for life by FIFA
    2014 signs multi-million dollar contract with UFC
    2015 banned from UFC for life after stabbing a fighter in the back with knife in the locker room
    2016 becomes a soldier in infamous Mexican drug cartel “Los Zetas,” soon kills his boss and takes over the operation

  75. Mike from Baltimore says:

    Sorry- I watched this and it’s no worse then what happens on every corner in the EPL every weekend. And I’ve watched the video 20 times and still can’t say the kick was intentional. I HATE Rafa and the Red Bulls, but this just isn’t a suspension for me. It’s unfortunate that the player was hurt- but if he hadn’t been I doubt this video or incident even gets attention drawn to it.

  76. brian says:


  77. Conrad says:

    You’re right. Not everyone can see it.
    But that kick was intentional, for sure. What we can’t see is whether Salinas is pulling back on Rafa and dragging him with him, which at least gives “logic” to the f— you kick after they fall.

  78. Conrad says:

    They must love you in the mailroom.

  79. biff says:

    In Germany, Bundesliga coaches/clubs can fine players huge amounts of money for reckless behavior on the field, team rule infractions, etc. Does anyone know: Is that possible in MLS? Red Bulls are in a bind with a high-priced jerk who fans hate but who also is protected by his contract. I am just wondering, if MLS would really throw the book at Marquez, which he desrves, would the Red Bulls be able to recoupe at least part of his wages by imposing a big fine or, even better yet, get the lawyers to study if Marquez had broken terms of his contract.

  80. BenH says:

    Isn’t most of the MLS considered reckless behavior? Watching the league in general reminds me of a bunch of clumsy players invariably leading to clumsy and reckless fouls…

  81. d says:

    Chavez’s tackle was not directly from behind…it was more from the side, and at least he did get the ball. The problem is that he did go through Miller to get it.

  82. BenH says:

    What antics? Tossing the ball to Landon’s feet after a playoff game? Yes, that is definitely perma-ban worthy.

  83. d says:

    Chavez’s tackle does not negate Marquez’s actions and dirty play. And the discussion here is not about Chavez, it’s about Marquez.

  84. El-DudeMan says:

    bernardez, marquez, and lopes from LA should all be suspended for 2 games and fined

  85. d says:

    and you know SJ’s “plan was to rough em up from the beginning to try to slow down Henry” how? Were you privy to the pre-game speech? And how does fouling a no-name player slow down Henry? Henry said before the game that they had to stop Wondo because given any chances, he would punish the Bulls with a goal. So clearly we know that that is exactly what must have been going through Henry’s mind when he two-footed studs-up tackled Wondo.

  86. d says:

    who the heck is baniteraz?

  87. Chuck says:

    Marquez is a snobbish a$$hole who thinks he is on vacation and too good to play in MLS and can get away with whatever he does (as a complete opposite to Blanco). Send him back to Guadalajara where people revere him.

    Hatin’ him since he hit Cobi. Sore loser.

  88. Roger says:

    Hahaha really? Come on dude get it together.

  89. Kelly says:

    Backe should have banned him for the season already and sent him packing to Atlas or wherever. I was really disappointed that he did not go skulking back home over the winter break.

  90. Spike says:

    If Marquez hits the pitch again before Salinas does it will be a travesty. How about Salinas recovery time +3 games. If you knock a guy out for the season with an intentional foul your season should be over too.

  91. The Special One says:


  92. roompa says:

    get that POS out of MLS. He was dirty playing for Mexico and he’s still dirty today. He’s on my list of players I despise irrationally along with John Terry and Sergio Busquets.

  93. Kenny_B says:

    Personally I can’t stand Marquez because he seems to be a total a-hole on the pitch. However, that being said, he didn’t try to break Salinas clavicle. That was unintentional. It had to be a result of the foul, not the kick out.

    Hypothetically, if Salinas hadn’t broken his clavicle, and Marquez hadn’t kicked out at him at the end of the play, the only thing you could really argue would be a missed penalty.

    That didn’t happen, so a second hypothetical is Salinas still doesn’t break his clavicle and Marquez kicks out at him. I think you suspend Marquez for the kick out. Is that one game, two games? That should be his punishment IMO.

    I seriously doubt Marquez was thinking if I tackle this guy his clavicle will break. That part is very unlucky for Salinas, and a little unlucky for Marquez in terms of public opinion. I think he’s still a d.*.c.k but not an intentionally-clavicle-breaking-one.

  94. Adam M. says:

    One match suspension because it should have been a red card, but I’ve seen harder hits in middle school flag football. This isn’t like a studs up scissor kick to the shin; there is no way to anticipate a broken clavicle on that play. Its also not clear that Salinas, though clearly fouled, didn’t go down on purpose hoping to draw it. What burns me about Marquez is the stupidity of the foul — it was unnecessary. But legal shoulder to shoulder hits are often much more violent than that. So yes, very bad on Marquez and one game, but let’s not go over the top on this one.

  95. Dr Rosenrosen says:


  96. PTM says:

    10 for the American football tackle.
    3 more for the petulant kick after he’s on the ground.

    Stay classy, Rafa!

  97. wildchild says:

    no suspension. it was hardly a football tackle (i played both american football and soccer). looked more like an accident, as Salinas tripped, marquez fell on top.