Americans Abroad: Altidore exits with injury, Bedoya scores and more

Altidore (Getty Images)

The timing could not be worse for Jozy Altidore.

With three friendlies and a pair of World Cup qualifiers on the horizon for the U.S. national team and his club in a fight for a place in Europe next season, Altidore was forced to exit AZ Alkmaar's 1-1 draw with NEC in the first half with an apparent head injury. According to game reports from the Netherlands, Altidore was pushed into advertisement boards on the side of the field by NEC defender Kevin Conboy, hit his head and was knocked out. There has been no definitive word on his condition, and the severity of the injury and how long he might be out are not yet known.

While Altidore, who has scored 19 goals in all competitions, has relished his move to a new club this season, the same cannot be said for Alejandro Bedoya, but the U.S. midfielder finally got on the scoresheet in a rare appearance for Rangers. Bedoya scored the final goal in Rangers' 5-0 thrashing of Dundee United off a feed from Maurice Edu to open his account after moving from Swedish side Orebro in August.

Here is how Altidore, Bedoya and other Americans Abroad did on Wednesday:


  • Brad Friedel started, played 90 minutes and made four saves in Tottenham's 4-1 win over Bolton.
  • Tim Ream started and played 90 minutes in Bolton's 4-1 loss to Tottenham. 


  • Charlie Davies dressed but did not play in Sochaux's 2-1 loss to Ajaccio.


  • Alejandro Bedoya came off the bench, played 15 minutes and scored a GOAL in Rangers' 5-0 win over Dundee United.

  • Carlos Bocanegra started and played 90 minutes for Rangers. 
  • Maurice Edu started, played 90 minutes, received a yellow card and had an ASSIST for Rangers.
  • Mix Diskerud came off the bench and played 10 minutes in Gent's 1-0 loss to Anderlecht.
  • Sacha Kljestan came off the bench and played 10 minutes in Anderlecht's 1-0 win over Gent.
  • Jozy Altidore started, played 34 minutes and exited with an injury in AZ Alkmaar's 1-1 draw with NEC.
  • Michael Parkhurst started and played 90 minutes in FC Nordsjaelland's 1-0 win over FC Copenhagen.


What do you make of Altidore's injury? What forwards would you want Jurgen Klinsmann to call in if Altidore cannot compete in the upcoming U.S. matches? Happy to see Bedoya get on the board?

Share your thoughts below.

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38 Responses to Americans Abroad: Altidore exits with injury, Bedoya scores and more

  1. Air Jordanz says:

    Hopefully Jozy is ok and cleared soon. I am more optimistic since he didn’t tear anything, but a head injury could potentially be much worse.

  2. Air Jordanz says:

    Did anyone see the AZ match? “pushed into advertisement boards on the side of the field by NEC defender Kevin Conboy” sounds card-worthy to me. It doesn’t look like Conboy was booked, and Jozy’s not some twig that’s blown around by the wind.

  3. PD says:

    where does this Conboy live? I’ll bring the matches.

  4. Not Soony Saad says:

    He came back in for a couple minutes so maybe the substitution was precautionary. They wouldn’t let him back on if he was initially out cold, right? I hope not. God, I hope not.

  5. Old School says:

    If he wasn’t so lazy, he would have prevented this shove into an advertisement sign.

  6. biff says:

    That is disturbing. Don’t know the NEC field, but cannot understand why some fields in Europe have these heavy solid objects placed so near the out-of-bounds lines. Hope to hell Jozy is okay.

  7. biff says:

    god you are a stupid SOB

  8. Old School says:

    I’m aware sarcasm can be easily lost but trust me, even the SBI trolls aren’t that stupid.

    It was a joke.

    Thinking it wasn’t is actually incredibly stupid.

  9. g? says:

    This. I know that they get their money from sponsors, but those ad-boards are awfully close to the field.

  10. jon says:

    nice for bedoya to finally get a goal right towards the end of the season, and cool for it to come at the end of an edu pass. kid looked pretty emotional after the goal. classy finish and good run.

  11. Camjam says:

    I’m in favor of a universal move to designate sarcasm on the internet. What if we all put it in these tings <>?

    That being said….. Really biff? Really?

  12. NE Matt says:

    Didn’t you see the Barcelona medics let Pique back in after Valdes knocked him out cold in thei CL match vs Chelsea? Medics can be stupid

  13. theraccoun says:

    I’m not sure how you could possibly have missed that sarcasm

  14. GSScasual says:

    sartalics… it is like italics but going the other way.

  15. MensreaJim says:

    Yank-to-Yank European goals have to be pretty rare. I assume Fulham has had some before, but otherwise I’m struggling to think of any.

  16. GW says:

    Detecting written sarcasm depends on knowing something about the person writing it.

    On a site like SBI no one knows anyone.

    I detected the sarcasm, but perhaps biff was simply tired of all the incredibly insane, ignorant,stupid, lazy and undeserved jokes made at Jozy’s expense,particularly at a time when Jozy may in fact be seriously hurt.

    For all anyone knows Old School may in fact be a stupid SOB ( note that I said MAY BE, who really knows?). There have certainly been worse, serious comments about Jozy on SBI.

    If it was a joke, it was a bad one.

  17. evan says:

    nice pass from Edu. i wanna see more of that…

  18. b says:

    Your first three sentences taken together are flawed, unless YOU know Old School. How else could you possibly have detected his totally obvious sarcasm… you must be very close friends.

  19. ben says:

    rangers must not think much of bedoya only playing him for the last part of a blowout against a subpar team

  20. Yellow Submarine says:

    Ok everyone. GW has cleared up that it was a “bad joke” so it must be.

    Who’s GW again?

    For all we know GW has zero sense of humor. If he does, it’s a very bad sense of humor.

  21. Petaluman says:

    So was Mix in response to Sacha or vice versa?

  22. St. Addi says:

    Jozy should slap the bejesus out of him with all four of his hands.

  23. GW says:

    So you think head injuries are funny? I don’t so I guess I’m lacking a sense of humour.

  24. Isaac says:

    Not a bad pass at all by Edu. Very nicely placed in the channel for Ale.

  25. Oranje Mike says:

    Edu and Bedoya linking up is wunderbar!

  26. ThaDeuce says:

    Absolutely agree, +100%!

  27. ThaDeuce says:

    I do, when they are put the way old school did. great delivery. totally funny. sucks for jozy though.

    see, i think jokes are funny, even jokes about head injuries. but no, i don’t think head injuries by themselves are funny. but you know, a good joke is funny.

  28. pd says:

    Considering how many tasteless drugnabuse jokes were peppered in the comments about Josh Sanders being checked into rehab I think douchey-dickiemo-ness knows no bounds as long as it’s followed up with the lame qualifier ” hey man I was only joking “… If that’s the case then news flash, you suck at joking.

  29. Joe says:

    It’s interesting to think during the Bradley era Bedoya was seemingly the future on the left, now with Klinsmann Shea seems like he is pretty much going to be a mainstay and correct me if I’m wrong but Bedoya hasn’t even gotten a cap under Kilnsmann.

  30. biff says:

    The day after, I regret my response. Pretty stupid of me to call someone a name. Normally not my style to be name-calling and I apologize. That said, I still don’t really understand such a comment after Jozy suffered what could be a major injury.

  31. Yellow Submarine says:

    I think your comprehension of funny is sorely lacking.

    That’s ok. I know people who take themselves far too seriously and they’re the most unpleasant people to be around.

    My bad if you’re in that category, too.

  32. sir coble says:

    good question. I was wondering the same thing. My guess was mix in response to Sacha.

  33. Air Jordanz says:

    Bedoya was a regular in the 18 making sub appearances at the beginning of the season. He’s dropped out of the 18 twice as a result of nagging ankle injuries.

    They obviously rate him since they made such a big deal about signing him from Orebro. It’s kinda hard to justify playing a guy that hasn’t been fit for over half the season, though.

  34. Air Jordanz says:

    Bedoya was in the process of making a big transfer when Klinsmann first signed on. If you recall, Bradley and Robbie Rogers stopped getting caps for a while for the same reason (and Guus Verbeek threw a hissy fit when Jozy was called up).

    Then, Bedoya managed to get injured and stay that way for most of Rangers’ season.

    Klinsmann doesn’t have any material on which to rate Bedoya at this point. Saying he’ll never play under Klinsmann is silly. It probably won’t happen until 2013, though, if it does since Rangers won’t have European competition over the summer in which to put him on display.

  35. bryan says:

    good pass from edu. nice run/finish by bedoya. would love to have bedoya back in the USMNT conversation, so keep it up!

    also, i think it’s funny Mix and Sasha were subbed on at the exact same time.

    as for jozy, i’m livid. i can only hope he’ll be ok and that it was precautionary…

  36. Joamiq says:

    Wow. ::slow clap::

  37. GW says:


    As far as I’m concerned everyone has the right to be as “douchey-dickiemo-ness knows no bounds” as they want to be on this site (until Ives says different).

    But if you want to be that way someone may call you on it and if can’t take being held accountable for your sense of humor, your bad jokes or whatever, for being perceived as a jerk, well I don’t know what to tell you.

    Do you expect a free pass? You are free to be whatever you want in this country. But that also means others are free to call you on your actions, within reason.

    Look it up.