Behind the Crest: A closer look at USMNT training camp ahead of five-game stretch

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  1. John says:

    Danny Williams spoke English better than/less accented than I thought he would.

  2. Kosh says:

    That was really informative and well done – a fun watch. It was nice to see the camaraderie between the guys. This is something that we often take for granted but to me is a huge plus for our squad.

    I like the logic of the 5 game tourney approach too and really enjoyed JK sharing his plan and vision and as always his energy and smile.

    We get to do our blog thing, which is what fans do. But seeing these guys do their thing – trying to execute a plan, while smiling, joking, teaching and learning from each other – it was a refreshing opportunity to step away from our environment. Well done US Soccer.

  3. Yo-Joe says:

    That was well done. Provides a good flavor for how this team is pulling together.

  4. Alex G says:

    Great team spirit, atmosphere and chemistry, let´s see it on the field.

  5. 2tone says:

    I hope they plan to do a few more of these. Great to see the chemistry between these guys.

  6. louis z says:

    so, 5 players will be cut in about a week…jozy won’t be there until after the first game, he will be the 23rd player.

  7. b says:

    I don’t think anyone considered Jozy to be in danger of missing the cut, given that he’s our starting forward.

  8. Dinho says:

    Aside from the creepy voiceover guy, that was probably the best little USMNT documentary I’ve seen. Wish there was more footage of training, but still a really interesting little clip. Keep ’em coming!

  9. Yusef says:

    I thought he was out with an injury.

  10. MMV says:

    Though this wasn’t designed as a “rah-rah” piece, it certainly got me pumped up. The road to Brazil has officially started!!! It’s going to be long, winding road to Brazil but I’m excited to see our pool of players mature and expand. It shall be fun.

  11. Bartleby says:

    why is our national team acronym USMNT? I think we are the only country in the world that does this.

  12. vik says:

    Guess that American girlfriend of his is giving him some practice.

  13. Yoreau Snaub says:

    Most other countries have equally frank names for their teams – “The selection” in several countries(Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Argentina), “The national team” (Germany) and “Netherlands National Football Eleven” (Netherlands). If you look past all the other cool names that these teams get, USMNT isn’t half bad.

  14. Yellow Submarine says:

    Well, this dub-step themed music went much better than the last musical production that accompanied the Red Bull highlights last week.

  15. biff says:

    oh, yeah. that is a good piece, although maybe could be toned down a bit to sound less like an advertisement. In any case, I look forward to more video updates like this every few days during the next four weeks. The team looks happy under Klinsmann and focused on moving up to the next level. Can’t wait to see how they do now in game situations.

  16. Randy says:

    i wonder who the fastest player on the team is right now… i would have said beasley but he didnt get called in…

  17. Eric says:

    I know everyone harps about certain players being left off the roster every time callups are made, but I think Bocanegra said it best. The coaches are calling up players who bring something specific to the team each time.

    As much as I would love to see Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream or Sacha get a look this camp, I’m going to put my faith in Jurgen for the time being and assume he has a plan in mind for where this team is going and that he’s calling in players that will help get his system in place quicker.

    I will say that I’m still worried by our lack of speed at centerback though.

  18. Joe Creighton says:

    I’m really digging these videos. US Soccer Federation has really stepped up the production quality of these videos. I love watching them and sharing them with friends. Great stuff!! Keep them coming, we want to see our boys!

  19. elgringorico says:

    Agudelo: “it’s a big, big tournament.” OH IS IT JUAN, IS IT?

  20. biff says:

    Amen, but for one exception–still don’t understand how JK can justify bringing in Juan Agudelo. Aside from that, I agree: In Jurgen We Trust (until we learn that we can’t)

  21. Tyler says:

    This was very well done.

  22. ko'd says:

    I could watch this stuff all day. Really well done.

  23. otergod says:

    Technically there are only 27 players being called in, so only 4 will be cut. By the Scotland match when the 4 cuts will be made there will only be 26 players in camp (jozy being 27).

    So after the cuts we’ll have 22 players in camp for the Scotland match, then Jozy makes it 23.

  24. otergod says:

    to be fair that “creepy voiceover guy” made it sound like an actual ESPN documentary. I thought it was well done

  25. away goals says:

    Ol boy had a real ‘unsolved mysteries’ quality about him didn’t he?

    “If you, or someone you know, has any information on the whereabouts of eric lichaj, please contact USSoccer at the number on the screen.”

  26. Kevin_Amold says:

    “In a world where the USMNT has 5 upcoming games….”

  27. mistadobolina says:

    two things i got out of the video,

    1, bocanegra is the only one who still pops his collar
    2, timmy howard is an all-star handshaker. serious future in politics if he ever retires.

  28. fifawitz1313 says:

    Too bad they can’t make this a full series like a “Hardknocks” and follow the process all the way to Brazil. All I want is more!!!

  29. VMan says:

    it’s amazing how many “24/7″ knock offs there are out there these days. Anyway, this was good, but the voice-over robot has got to go.

  30. Felix says:

    Did anyone catch that comment Tim Howard made when he walked past the Mexican-American players – “you all stick together don’t you”….. wonder what that’s about lol.

  31. TheFrenchOne says:

    where’s heather?

  32. Tolo says:

    yeah, talk is cheap.

  33. bryan says:

    i love these videos. im sad it was only 9 minutes, but happy it wasn’t less. that dub step in the beginning was awesome. hahaha

    moar please!

  34. bryan says:

    hahaha yeah i heard that. im sure it wasn’t about anything and meant as a joke.

  35. b says:

    It would be Chandler if he had accepted the call-up. It would have been Gatt if he had been called in. As it is, there is no one exceptionally fast in the current camp.

  36. b says:

    I heard that is the tagline for Brazil 2014.

    The World Cup: a big tournament

  37. b says:

    Fox Soccer will be doing that… for freaking Liverpool as they tour the US this summer.

  38. The Imperative Voice says:

    If this is a 5 game “tourney” then why have ESPN and NBC greedily snapped up the first 3 “group stage” friendly games — meaning nothing but with bigger name opposition — plus the first competitive quali, against modest Antigua, but suddenly found themselves too cash-strapped for the “final,” the really meaningful road quali in Guatemala? I find it a little off that we’ll pony up for Brazil in a no-counter, which is supposed to be build up to the qualis themselves, but then ostensibly run out of cash for the “upshot.” As I said on another thread, it’s like showing the Australia game or other pre-WC friendlies in 2010 but then suddenly resisting the WC games themselves. This logic could only make sense to a network which wants to throw “Brazil” to a semi-informed sporting public as the big show, even if it’s really supposed to be the undercard.

  39. b says:

    The narrator even said it was a joke.
    Of course Castillo and Corona are going to stick together, they play for the same team!
    And right next to Torres/Castillo/Corona was Rimando/Guzan, the goalkeepers also sticking together. With a chair in between them, possibly reserved for Timmy himself.

  40. Dave says:

    of course it might be because the Brazil game is USMNT controlled and the Guatemala game is not.

  41. Old School says:

    Now that you mention it, he may already be. Look up Corey Booker.

  42. Old School says:

    Yes, because 24/7 production style was the first of it’s kind?

  43. bryan says:

    i understand your frustration, but USSF controls the games in the USA so it’s much easier for them to buy the rights from USSF. and USSF isn’t trying to screw them over.

    Guatemala, on the other hand, is clearly asking an insane amount of money for the TV rights to that game. not a single network picked it up. that tells you something.

    i wish CONCACAF would get together to put in rules that prevent this type of a thing.

  44. The Imperative Voice says:

    Let’s say I accepted your argument, that still means that the ESPNs of the world would rather show a meaningless Brazil game they can be handed cheaply by US Soccer rather than actually pay some money to telecast a more meaningful game, a qualifier, just because it’s Guatemala. Recall that THE PIVOTAL qualifier of the last cycle, Honduras away, was also not on US TV. So basically we can get as many EPL games or World Football Challenge games or friendlies or cheap MLS games, but woe be those who suggest they should pay for and show the important qualifiers. If you’re not seeing the disconnect in them being willing to routinely show foreign leagues, meaningless friendlies, or outright made-for-tv stuff, but not every USA game, I’m sorry.

  45. Joe Creighton says:

    I feel like people just like to say the words dub step just to sound cool.

    Dub step
    Dub step
    Dub step

    There…now I’m cool

  46. Joe Creighton says:

    I don’t know but I’ve sure been missing her these past few days. I wonder what she’s doing now?…

  47. Karel says:

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  48. Brian says:

    I’d probably say LD or Castillo.

  49. The Imperative Voice says:

    This is Disney and NBC!!!!!! They have enough funds to show routine friendlies. They have enough funds to show home qualis. They have enough funds to show WFC. They have enough funds to show MLS. They have enough funds to show every other game in the “series.” They have enough money for soccer to pay approx. $100 million for WC rights. They have enough $ for the Euros. But they suddenly get outbid for games like Honduras and Guatemala by a company Traffic, generally known for player rights rather than broadcasting? [BTW, the implied corruption argument being tossed around has to either be doubly true or doubly bull because this is two biggies lost within about 2-3 years. It’s not just Guate, it’s a recurring theme now…]

    I might feel different if they put their bids on the table and we could tell if the Guats got greedy, but at least one factor to be considered is the networks like cheap soccer outside of the blockbuster events like the WC.

    Part of the reason I bring this up is all this 5-game “PR concept” is all well and good except only the last two games really count and the more important of the two won’t even be televised. So it’ll be build up build up build up….then one game for real….then checking Matchtracker. Losing the key game makes the prospect televisually anti-climactic.

  50. EA says:

    Probably because the USWNT has as much (if not more?) recognition and appeal across the American public.

    If you tell someone you’re going to see the “US Soccer team play against Scotland”, one of the first questions you’ll get is “men or women?”

  51. bryan says:

    Yes, and those are massive companies who report to shareholders. You can’t just buy something knowing you won’t make a profit just because. Obviously they would be ok and I wish they would just do it. Fox is massive too. But if it is going to be $20 PER PERSON to get it on PPV, you can start to do the math and see how much Guatemala wanted for the TV rights. They have enough funds to show every other game because they purchases the rights from USSF. And I guarantee USSF is probably not charging that much because it’s in their best interest to have those games on TV.

    For the Euros, it’s unfortunately, not comparable because that’ll make a lot more money from advertisers than a qualifier against Guatemala would make. But that says more about soccer in this country than about the networks.

    I agree that it would be nice if Disney, NBC, or Fox disclosed what Guatemala was asking for. I think they should so we can all see. And maybe they will. I agree it seems weird that Traffic can afford it and the others can’t, but I think Traffic realizes that if they buy the rights and charge as much as they are for PPV, they’ll make their money back. Networks don’t have that “luxury”. It would not make sense for Fox/NBC/Disney to match Traffic’s bid and then show it on PPV so they make their money back (although at least we would get HD…). Instead, they all decided the price was way too high and Traffic was able to get the rights and sell the rights via PPV.

    It’s a completely messed up situation, but take a step back and realize this is probably related to Guatemala being ridiculous in their asking price and the networks realizing they would have to charge per view to break even and charge $20 per view to make a profit. It sucks for sure. But even though I love blaming ESPN for this type of thing, I think they are probably not the ones at fault this time around.

  52. bryan says:

    cool story bro. you are absolutely cool.

    i mentioned it because i was not expecting to hear dub step on the intro video for the USMNT. the “awesome” had more to do with it being funny the producers went with dub step and less to do with the song actually being awesome.

  53. Joe+G says:

    A new language is best learned horizontally.

  54. WK says:

    I’m telling the Mods!

  55. predicto says:

    What does Cherundolo say to crack everybody up after Klinsmann asks him “Stevey, what’s our plan for the afternoon?”.

  56. bryan says:

    “some shooting and 5v2″

  57. WK says:

    there’s only 11 guys present and two of ’em are GK’s. hard to do too much with a small group like that.

  58. Sporting Wood says:

    word…the agent from the matrix

  59. Bartleby says:


    not true. Not even close.

  60. GW says:

    The coaching staff participates. I’d like to see footage of JK doing shooting drills.

  61. divers suck says:

    What don’t you understand about the fact that Guatamala and Honduras choose to hold the rights to TV coverage “hostage” in their own countries? Do you suggest we give in to such greedily exhorbitant overpriced “rights” to this coverage? They are only really hurting themselves by not exposing their own NAT teams, but it is their right I suppose. There are plenty of streams that will show the match on line.

  62. hush says:

    I argued before about the lack of coverage of the USMNT. Before I had to go to Univision or Fox en Espanol for in depth video coverage of the USMNT. Now in the past year or so we are having legit coverage by our own peeps. Good job!