Donovan reunited with ball from Algeria goal

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24 Responses to Donovan reunited with ball from Algeria goal

  1. MarkFishkin says:

    Absolutely fantastic.

  2. DanO says:

    Donated to the hall of fame… Well done fellas. Much respect on that one. That’s why I love this team and its fans. Well done.

  3. WileyJ says:

    These Dude’s are true Patriots!

  4. jai_brooklyn says:

    Well played!

  5. Drew says:

    These dudes better get plenty of USMNT swag for life

  6. b says:

    God I love our team, our players, and our fans. We’re #1 in my FIFA rankings.

  7. Old School says:

    This is why our American soccer community rocks.

  8. Too cool! Thanks a bunch guys for the donation.

  9. Texian1856 says:

    I was there right in front of where Landon slid after the goal. I dont even remeber him kicking it. I thought the goalie just kicked it back out onto the field. I guess the screaming and yelling and chanting USA USA grabbed my attention away from the pitch! Way to go guys.

  10. squirt-lover says:

    I was too busy pulling myself of the floor, back on to the couch, and wiping the tears to notice what in the hell happened to the ball!

  11. crocajun says:

    These guys have some serious karma on their side. Hopefully Landon hooks them up with some cool stuff.

  12. El Torito says:

    So the ball gave him his super powers. Awsome! Great thing those fans did. Pure class

  13. Wm. says:

    Texian1856 = lucky dude

  14. peterjh says:

    On the replay it’s pretty clear Donovan didn’t kick the ball into the crowd, at least not right after he scored. He scored ran to the corner and did the dive, and was buried by teammeates. Maybe someone else did, I can’t tell that from the replay.

  15. peterjh says:

    Oh, listening again to the interview, they say he kicked it into the crowd after the final whistle.

  16. FR Soccer says:

    Youtube video confirms that ball was kicked into the stands after the final whistle.

    link to

  17. Matador says:

    how is it possible that Donovan does not remember kicking the ball? Didn’t you watch the highlights of one of the greatest moments in US Soccer history where you were the main hero? Whats up with that?

  18. FR Soccer says:

    Matador, highlights rarely include the final whistle. Also, it was basically all of the players running together. I am sure the pure adrenaline of the moment explains the situation.

  19. Texian1856 says:

    Greatest sports minute of my life. I have been to big games here in America, but that was whole World Cup experience was off the charts. You guys would have been proud of the fans afterwards. They sang the anthem, hugged, cried and even hugged all the Algerians – trading flags, shirts. Wishing them well. PROUD!

  20. x says:

    Top athletes probably do watch highlights, but Landon “NO HEART” Donovan doesn’t care enough about the US national team to do so…

  21. Grant says:

    Anyone know how that fan got that jersey already? Thought it wasn’t for sale until July?

  22. FR Soccer says:

    The jerseys have been on sale online for about a month or more.

  23. bryan says:

    i take it you missed the Scotland game where about 50% of the stadium had one on?

  24. bryan says:

    this is awesome. absolutely awesome. and it gives me another excuse to watch the goal again!