Impact sign DiVaio as Designated Player

MarcoDiVaio (Getty)

The Montreal Impact have announced the signing of Italian striker Marco Di Vaio.

The 35-year old joins the Impact from Serie A side Bologna, and will count as Montreal's first Designated Player. He will be eligible to join the team when the MLS transfer window opens on June 27th.

What do you think of the signing? Think the Impact can be a playoff team in year one? Still think they're a few pieces away?

Share your thoughts below.

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26 Responses to Impact sign DiVaio as Designated Player

  1. jon says:

    as the great shep warned last night during the metro broadcast…. it is fine if the older players come over, but they have to be ready to bring it

  2. Cory says:

    Yeah, I don’t see any positive contributions coming from this player. Not when he’s a 36 year-old striker coming from a league not nearly as physically demanding as MLS. If he were a deep mid like Beckam/Pirlo or a GK, then sure. But not as a striker.

  3. fischy says:

    I think he’s gonna be pleased with the quality of the Italian food there.

  4. Mig22 says:

    Pretty good scoring record in Serie A. I haven’t seen the guy play much but 10 G / 7 A in that league with Bologna is damn good.

    Now, can he defy father time for a year or two?

  5. somedude says:

    yeah cause a 36 yr old Bernardo Corradi isn’t making an “impact” for the Impact.

  6. Ryan says:

    I suspect he’s got another good year or two. He’s not a target striker or a poacher. He’s actually quite mobile, with very good feet and a fair amount of quickness left. And he’s a classy finisher. Normally, I would agree that a 35 year old striker accustomed to Serie A would be a bad fit but I think this is a very good signing.

  7. MTk says:

    What a bunch of idiots from montreal who buys 36 year old prick WTF Lol

  8. MTk says:

    good for waht stupid mls?

  9. MTk says:

    Son he is almost 36 and how guy can be quick at that age LOL!

  10. Old School says:

    Surely it’s a typo. He’s 26, right?

  11. TFCfan says:

    First Game vs Toronto FC

  12. galfan says:

    this player is of great quality. He still has a little more than a year left in the tank. Plays at the highest level

  13. Marcus says:

    Fetish for Italians, Montreal?

  14. Vic says:

    Good signing considering he had 10 goals in Serie A last year. The lenght of the contract is key though because a player of his age can decline very quickly.

  15. DynaMatt says:


  16. Mike says:

    Why not?

    The best players in MLS right now are a bunch of ‘old guys’. It only raises the quality of the league.

  17. RLW2020 says:

    the owner is one.

  18. Cory says:

    Corradi’s scored 4 goals so far. Only one of them hasn’t been a penalty kick.

  19. Ryan says:

    It’s actually ironic that after calling me son, you write “LOL” like a text happy 15 year old. In any event, it’s foolish to assume he can’t be quick at his age. Apparently you haven’t seen him play. My opinion remains that he will be a successful DP signing for a couple years. Let’s revisit at the end of the season to see whether my comments deserve “LOL.”

  20. Pedro Páramo says:

    They’re getting him on a free transfer, so it’s not like it’s a poor long-term investment. He is a great forward with a strong record — and he is still playing at a high level. Nothing wrong with this deal. Well done, Montreal.

  21. Forza Lazio! says:

    LOL at these kids that think MLS is better than Serie A. When will you wake up and realize that MLS is not even a top 10 league, hell even the Mexican League dominates you guys! ( Seattle Sounders vs Santos Laguna 0-7 domination)

    This guy will for sure contribute goals, assists, and will mentor the young American strikers yet to develop technical ability of his level.

    Good pick up for Montreal, should help them in the weak East

  22. Travis says:

    Sounders beat Santos 2-1 at home and then lost 6-1 on the road, obviously the result wasn’t great but there isn’t a huge gap between the two leagues anymore. Sounders also won at Monterrey in the same competition.

    Nobody is claiming MLS is a top 10 league, literally nobody. They are just saying this guy is old (he is) and that most players are way on the downswing at 36.

    Do not see this pickup helping the Impact much at all.

  23. Forza Lazio! says:

    Been reading this and all saying MLS better than Serie A and Serie A is weak yada yada yada. This guy will help the team out this season and next season, maybe not for 3-4 more years but we will see. Overall, He will help the team get established in Montreal and hopefully qualify for playoffs in the East which might be possible

  24. Gnarls says:


  25. Travis says:

    Anyone who thinks that MLS is better than Serie A is a fool, again I have never seen a soccer writer say this (bloggers don’t count).