Agudelo traded to Chivas USA for Pearce, allocation money

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New York Red Bulls forward Juan Agudelo has been traded to Chivas USA for defender Heath Pearce, allocation money, and other considerations, Fox Soccer reported on Thursday.

The Red Bulls will receive what sources told Fox Soccer is a "significant amount of allocation money" as well as having Chivas USA pay a portion of Pearce's salary. The Red Bulls also secured a portion of any future transfer fee Chivas USA would generate from a future sale of Agudelo.

Agudelo became expendable after the emergence of Kenny Cooper as a viable forward alongside Thierry Henry, and trading him has bolstered the Red Bulls defense with the addition of one of the best fullbacks in MLS. Pearce should slide into the starting lineup at left back, where he should replace the inconsistent and injury prone Roy Miller.

The Red Bulls have also secured a big chunk of money to help the team go after more players this summer. The team still has an available Designated Player slot.

The trade is a big boost for Chivas USA, which adds a marketable young star and a forward who could help boost a struggling offense. The deal also reunites Agudelo with former Red Bulls teammate and mentor Juan Pablo Angel.

Agudelo and Pearce won't have to wait long to see their former clubs. The Red Bulls and Chivas USA play at Red Bull Arena on Wednesday.

What do you think of this deal? Happy with what the Red Bulls received for Agudelo? Think the Red Bulls are crazy for trading away a young star?

Share your thoughts below.

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141 Responses to Agudelo traded to Chivas USA for Pearce, allocation money

  1. Boo to the Red Bulls!

  2. boob says:

    Ah Cabron Juaninho

  3. alec says:

    i want to know how agudelo feels about this

  4. Zenga says:

    Booo…trade Rafa!

  5. Metro says:

    Why is Juan gone and rafa still here? WHY!!?!?

  6. The Dude says:

    We are the champions, no time for losers…! Seriously, fantastic trade for NY. Agudelo has some razzle dazzle, but he’s not a consistent scorer. He’s more image than substance, and NY is benefiting from that image (that they helped, ingeniously, to produce). In return, NY gets one of the best defenders in the league (at LB and CB), plus allocation money, plus part of any future sale for Aguelo (probably ain’t gonna happen, but it could). Now if NY can sell Rafa to Atlas and bring in two DPs, NY is the team to beat in MLS. Great day to be a fan!

  7. Jeremy says:

    How close is he to playing? I haven’t heard much about him since he got hurt…

  8. Zenga says:

    What will they do with Miller?

  9. dino1er says:

    Finally my Goats do something good for once and spend $$$$$$$$$$$$. Suck it haters.

  10. The Dude says:

    He’s not hurt any more. He’s been coming off the bench. Hasn’t scored yet. And for some reason he’s alongside Neymar in commercials….I wish Juan the best at Chivas, but he’s very over-rated. He might be a consistent scorer in 5 years, but he’s luxury at this point.

  11. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Sounds like a good deal for both teams

  12. 2tone says:

    Great trade fro Agudelo. He will be with a club that wants him and will see steady frist team minutes.
    NY gets a reliable LB, but is still a joke of a club.

  13. Michael says:

    If it gets him on the pitch with more regularity, then I am all for it. Sure he won’t benifit from around Henry but there is no substitute (no pun intended) for getting in the starting XI.

  14. Johnny says:

    Alex Comas has scored more goals for NY than Juan Agudelo….the kid is full of himself….good trade

  15. 2tone says:

    But he will also benefit from Juan Pablo Nagel. Lets be toatlly clear Henry and Agudelo didn’t get along either.

  16. desmond says:

    Maybe LA can do something now if they can find a way to have agudelo & angel in attack mode…..
    NY needed defense so i think this is a good trade for both.

  17. Well this came out of nowhere. This is an interesting move since Henry is still injured, and Cooper seems to be the only other striker on form there. I know they like to put Richards up there when they need to. Hopefully Juan can get some more playing time. I thought with Califf going to Chivas, that would slide Pearce to LB, I guess that’s not happening.

  18. Jeremy says:

    Cool, thanks for the update. I also think he is very overrated, but he definitely has some skills and is young. Who knows with Chivas, but getting some playing time should help with his consistency.

  19. ec says:

    Well, at least he won’t be buried on the NY bench anymore. Hans didn’t seem too interested in moving him along, so hopefully good for Agudelo in the long run. Would enjoy seeing him and JPA, so if they can stay healthy that turns a mostly-unwatchable Chivas team into yet another MLS team worth tuning in for.

  20. drew11 says:

    He started one game this year. I can’t imagine why he isn’t a “consistant scorer”.

  21. chris says:

    Haha yes! Now i have no reason to like the red bulls

  22. Rabid RBNY says:

    Henry prolly criticized JA’s work ethic and JA thinks he is abovey criticism from anyone no matter who they are or what they have accomplished.

    JA was dogging it in the US vs. Ecuador friendly. If don’t want to hustle their? See kids, when don’t give 110%. You get traded to Chivas USA!

  23. Kevin G. says:

    Can’t see Atlas paying for Rafa, he will need to go for free.

  24. THomas says:

    Judging by all of the comments on both sides, sounds like this was a good trade all around.

  25. Eurosnob says:

    Blame the NYRB front office. I thought that trading DeRo to DCU was inexcusable for Red Bulls management, but trading Agudelo might top it. However, as the USMNT supporter, I am happy for Agudelo. He is more likely to get playing opportunities with his new club and develop at a faster pace.

  26. slowleftarm says:

    Hans Backe is a joke. Sad to see Agudelo go, as a NYRB fan, but it’s for the best for Agudelo’s development.

    Pretty disappointing. How many of these dull, physical, technically deficient MLS style “athletes” do we need? I know Backe wants a team full of them. Sure makes them tough to watch!

  27. Weaksauce says:

    This article isnt even on MLS soccer yet

  28. DingDong says:

    Hope Agudelo likes San Diego.

  29. jon says:

    this suuucks. new yorker, just waiting for the cosmos now.

  30. vic says:

    Damn I wish Houston would have gotten in on an offer.

  31. Tweaked says:

    NYRB have never been and will never be the “team to beat” in MLS.

  32. Modibo says:

    I agree about Agudelo and the USMNT. He needs playing time.

    I just became a lot more interested in Chivas, that’s for sure.

  33. patrick says:

    wow, you clearly dont know much about Heath pearce if you’re calling him a “dull physical technically deficient” player. He’s a SIGNIFICANT upgrade over what the red bulls have, and is a proven, experienced defender who has 33 caps for the US.

    It’s been clear for a while that Backe doesn’t rate Agudelo, and deems him surplus. if that’s the case, as a red buls fan, I’d rather trade him for a much needed defender.

  34. Sticky says:

    I didn’t know that the Chivas fan reads this blog! Cool!

  35. David says:

    Newsflash Hans has the best winning percentage of any coach this team has ever had. He can’t be that wrong.

  36. Scott A says:

    Wa wa wee wa..

  37. Eurosnob says:

    Dude, Agudelo is a luxury for NYRB only because their coach preferred to keep him on the bench and play more experienced, but low upside, players like Luke Rodgers and Kenny Cooper ahead of him. If NYRB had a bit of a long term vision instead of immediate results (which turned out to be rather underwhelming last season), they would have given more minutes to Agudelo to develop him. Agudelo is talented enough to be one of the main options at striker for his country’s national team, while Cooper and Rodgers are not.

  38. David says:

    It is amazing that the Red Bulls have 2 of the top 3 scorers in the league and people still think trading Agudelo is a bad idea or that he should be playing more. are you really going to sit Henry or Cooper to play him or trade him while he has good value. Seems a no brainer to me.

  39. Dainja says:

    As a combined USMNT and RBNY fan…i’m CRUSHED.

    But if I separate the two, its a great deal. For the Red Bulls, we get a great upgrade in defense in exchange for a guy that wasn’t playing much. As a strictly USMNT fan, its great too cuz Juan finally goes to a place where he can start! Its gonna be huge for his development. So I’m happy and sad all at the same time.


  40. David says:

    How can you justify playing Agudelo when Henry and Cooper are 2 of the 3 top scorers in the league? It isn’t the Red Bulls job to develop USMNT players.

  41. Julio says:

    Fairly shortsighted I think by the Bulls. Cooper is only a force with the likes of Henry setting him up… or at least drawing people off him. Saw Cooper play against New England recently without Henry on the field and he was invisible. Juan on the other hand may turn into something as he matures. We’ve already seen the best Cooper has to offer and he’s not a franchise player

  42. downintexas says:

    how so? Juan was not getting minutes and they need a stonger defense. (Yes they have been doing well with a patch work D)

    This looks like a win for everyone

  43. Old School says:

    I didn’t know Chivas had fans.

    Even better!

  44. downintexas says:

    I’m shocked that they have fans

  45. MPF says:

    Are you kidding? NYRB/Metro have always been the team to beat — which is why year after year, everyone beats them and beats them.

  46. georkt says:

    Ives called this move last year and yes, it will be interesting how it pans out.

  47. MPF says:

    See kids, when you don’t pay attention in grammar class, your writing looks like Rabid RBNY’s.

  48. wides says:


  49. Eugene says:

    I’m going to vomit

  50. 19561 says:

    Yes Cooper is right along Agudelo as not being a franchise player.

    Not a bad trade – its also win now.

  51. Eugene says:

    Actually, I take that back, this isn’t a bad deal after all. They get a % of whatever he’s sold for eventually, and they get a good player in Pearce and a bundle of cash now. If this helps the team win MLS Cup this year, this will be seen as a very clever trade.

  52. Eddie says:

    Good luck to Juan. It was a pleasure seeing him play live many times. And thank you, Red Bull organization, for confirming yet again why I didn’t renew my season tickets.

  53. al17 says:

    What the F..k???

    I’m no Red Bull fan but this is pissing me off.

    Hell at least he’ll get playing time but this is mind boggling stupid like a TFC move or something.

    Course the Fire fan in me likes this deal. Lemme see, sign Conde, keep Marquez and get rid of a young player with talent who will only get better when you actually play him. Yep, I’m following the logic RedBulls, following it bigtime.

  54. Tweaked says:

    well played MPF

  55. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I was thinking the same thing…move over ELAC…

  56. Eurosnob says:

    Let’s see if NY will still have 2 of the top 3 scorers by the end of the season. Even if one were to accept your assumption that Cooper is a superior player (which is highly debatable particularly based on the national team call ups for him and Agudelo in the last couple of years), you can never have too many quality forwards. Barcelona lost to injuries at various points of the season David Villa, Pedro, Afflay and Alexis Sanchez. By the way, Henry is out for several weeks due to an injury and he will be 35 this summer. What if one of the top two NYRB strikers gets a season ending injury?

  57. Eddie says:

    And he’s won what exactly? Considering the players he’s brought in, I’d say he has underachieved. Also, comparing his record to previous Metro/RB managers isn’t exactly the toughest comp is it?

  58. JB says:

    Nice trade for both teams, although it sounds like Chivas may have given away a bit too much.

  59. Neruda says:

    If the Cosmos can work a stadium deal on NY state soil it’s easy to see them winning an MLS Cup (or any other trophies besides Arsenals pre-season tourney) before NYRB.

  60. Kevin_Amold says:

    Who is hating?

  61. Ron Burgandy says:

    Wish it was to the San Diego Soccers, or the San Diego Aztecs, or the San Diego Whale’s Vag-nas.

  62. Sticky says:


  63. Neruda says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Pearce who is good (top 5-10 defender in MLS but isn’t young), money and a guarantee of more money if Agudelo gets a chance for a European club. I can’t help but think that’s too much for Chivas to give away.

  64. 2tone says:

    HAHHAHAHHA- What happens if both Cooper and Henry get hit with Injuries this season. Who exactly is going to come in and score goals? Not unless they intend to go out and buy a few good strikers now in the summer transfer window.

    Good move for Agudelo!

    This gives me reason to pay more attention to Chivas which is exactly what Chivas was hoping to do in this trade. I gaurantee their attendance numbers will increase now.

  65. Aduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu says:

    he’ll be thrilled playing for the galaxy (where he’ll eventually go as chivas usa owe the gals big time). if not, he might benefit from being w/two other colombian forwards

  66. Gnarls says:


    Damn you, Chivas.

  67. Eurosnob says:

    Henry is currently injured and will be out for several weeks. He is also very versatile and can play numerous positions in many systems as he did with Arsenal, Barcelona and French national team. Some coaches try to peg players into their system and are unwilling to experiment, others tweak their system to maximize the talents of their players. Backe is the former. As for the statistical results we don’t know how Agudelo would have performed if given an opportunity. Last year, NYRB traded DeRo to DCU because DeRo did not fit their system and DeRo earned the league’s MVP with the DCU. I agree with you that it is not NYRB’s job to develop USMNT players, but it is their job to develop their own young players if they want to be successful and win their first MLS cup.

  68. jimmy says:

    Cooper and henry are old, At most 3 more years??? If RBNY had a future outside of DPs it was Agudelo growing getting better. Even this year if they say as promised to take the US Open Cup more seriously perfect spot for Agudelo.

    Im not saying hed be anything more than an MLS striker. But come on the hint of a 19~20 year old pacey striker gotta be worth something in Sweden/2 Bundesliga/League Une/Championship.

    RBNY never really was interested in trasfer dollars though the owners plenty rich as is. A DP every 2 years is an actual viable strategy for them.

  69. Jim says:

    Good deal for the Red Bulls. *IF* Agudelo develops he’d quickly go to Europe (ala Jozy) anyway.

    Listen, I would LOVE to see Agudelo develop into an excellent player. But I watched him for two years… and he’s got lousy training habits. Obviously I don’t get to see him in closed door practices. But my tickets are right where the subs warm up, and Agudelo always coasted while warming up. He was always lackadaisical in pregame warm ups and in open practices, too. I’m firmly convinced the reason Rodgers started over him was that he out WORKED Agudelo. That has to change, and maybe this will be the catalyst that starts it. Great talent, needs more dedication.

  70. Corey hertzog says:

    We get good player , 250k allocation and 75% of future transfer few … That is a good trade. Juan will be gone this summer anyway .

  71. Gnarls says:

    Wonder what this means for the supposed Califf-to-Chivas deal? No deal, I guess.

  72. Sabella says:

    As a RB fan, I’m very sorry to see Juan go but happy for him. Hopefully now he can get some playing time and develop into the player he is projected to be. At 19, he is still exceedingly young. His skill and raw athleticism is abundantly clear, but he needs minutes so he can learn how to play the game. I’m disappointed the Red Bulls couldn’t find a way to develop him. Last year, those 88th minute substitutions didn’t quite give him the experience he needed. On the upside, Pearce is a nice addition.

  73. Vic says:

    Hans Backe likes to play a possession game. Juan Agudelo maybe a good finisher but his touch and passing isn’t very good, therefore, he doesnt fit Backe’s system. The trade will give Agudelo much needed playing time and an opportunity to develop. It will also give Red Bulls more depth on defense especially which they need with Conde being injury prone. I would prefer Lindpere be moved to the middle and Miller play Left Mid.

  74. Gnarls says:

    Chivas reporting the Califf trade has been finalized too.
    link to

  75. Rabid RBNY says:


  76. BoBo says:

    I didn’t know Chivas fans could read.

  77. bryan says:

    innnnnnnteresting. too bad he keeps playing for teams i hate.

  78. Wispy says:

    I think RBNY fans who are hating this trade are not thinking very clearly. Juan Agudelo is a great young talent, but after this trade your team now has:

    1. a huge upgrade at LB

    2. more flexibility in the back 4

    3. allocation money to bring in more talent

    4. potential for more money if Chivas sells Agudelo

    5. and still the TOP TWO SCORERS IN MLS

    This was a no brainer, and Chivas gave a way too much for a young, talented forward that nevertheless has yet to prove he can score with regularity. RBNY hasn’t gotten a lot right, but they did this time.

    And if you’re a USMNT fan, Agudelo is now in a place where he actually has a chance to develop.

    I like this deal.

  79. Tyler says:

    I nominate you for the official SBI Comment of the Day award

  80. Ricky B Free. says:

    Del Piero to NY Red Bulls. You read it here first. If it doesnt happen it doesnt matter.

  81. dan says:

    they are setting up a massive DP signing this summer. plus agudelo needs to play and he wasn’t getting time there, too bad he has to go to the shittiest team in the world tho…

  82. Eddie says:

    So … speculation based on watching player warmups before matches.

    Interesting that Klinsmann sees enough in Juan to bring him in and give him minutes but Backe doesn’t. I know whose opinion I trust more and it ain’t the chubby Swede.

  83. BOO says:

    Win win I think. And good for agudelo, too as he’ll play. I’m a metro fan, I’ll miss him, I’ll root for him, and Ill be pissed when he shines for other teams. But he wasn’t doing too much for us, and I’m convinced the second he starts scoring on anything like a consistent basis he’ll be snapped up by a European team. Agudelo has impressive technical and athletic tools, but Cooper and Rodgers have both shined playing next to Henry, while agudelo has drifted in and out (but mostly out) of the games he’s started. And he had more starts than people seem to realize last year. I believe he’ll develop into a big time striker, but he’s not there yet. For a team that wants to compete now and needs help on defense, this move makes sense. All the best Juan! Give JPA our love and get ready for 2014.

  84. georkt says:

    Quality move there Eugene. Any RB fan will initially be saddened by losing Juan but the more you think about it the more it looks like a good move for RB. Only time will tell.

  85. d3 says:

    I think metro NYC people fall in one of 2 camps on this issue:

    1) USMNT fan, love Agudelo and think Backe is a jerk for never playing him.

    2) Red Bull fan and love the fact that Backe is getting players they actually need for Juan.

    I’m in camp #2 and think Juan needed to go to a lesser quality team where he can get minutes.

  86. georkt says:

    Klinsmann doesn’t have Henry.

  87. Brain Guy says:

    While Agudelo is a rising star, this is good for RBNY. They have plugged a hole on defense with a proven MLS starter and national-teamer, and gotten some allocation money besides. As soon as Agudelo gets really good, he’ll be gone to Europe anyway. And when that happens, RBNY will still have Pearce, plus a portion of the Agudelo transfer fee.

  88. elgringorico says:

    This will come back to bite them just like the DERO trade, haha

  89. Andy says:

    I didn’t know Chivas fans had internet.

  90. drew11 says:

    Neither does Backe half the time.

  91. Andy says:

    Good deal on both sides, but I honestly couldn’t care less about either team so hopefully it’s good for Agudelo’s development. That’s all neutrals really care about in this trade I’d assume.

  92. Not Again says:

    As an NYRB fan this move makes sense, but watch Agudelo become the league’s leading goal scorer, a MVP contender, lead his new team into the playoffs, all while the NYRB scrap their way into the playoffs…wait NOOOOOO not again! Please not again!!!

  93. wes says:

    Agudelo has been overated ever since he put on a pair of cleats, good move!

  94. Eddie says:

    But he also hasn’t called in Cooper, has he?

    I understand the rationale for the trade. I just don’t think Backe is a particularly good manager, particularly when it comes to how he uses players, and the organization has proved that it doesn’t consider depth important. I’m also not a big Pearce fan and would have rather RBNY try to get a centerback, preferably a young one. But I suppose the likelihood Agudelo will be in Europe this summer makes my bitching about the trade irrelevant.

  95. Graham says:

    Uh, everyone replying.

  96. JoeW says:

    Actually, the real question is when you have Agudelo and Henry (and are still trying to sign Rogers in the off-season), why do you trade for Cooper instead of doing something like, uh, using that money to get a left back and a central defender.

  97. Jim says:

    As any season ticket holder in ANY sport can tell you, if you watch the guys enough, especially when they’re not playing, you’ll eventually pick out who’s dogging it. Agudelo flat out dogs it at times. I’ve heard coaches yell at him for it before. They’re not doing it for their health.

    But I still said he’s got a ton of talent. Great instincts. THAT’S why Klinsmann brings him in, as he should. And I’m sure when the spotlight’s on, like it always is for the Nats, he gives 100% all the time. But the only way he gets better is if he does that ALL the time, for club AND country.

  98. The Imperative Voice says:

    (a) I think he could be potentially useful in wing midfield, so saying he wasn’t beating out Cooper and Henry is thus neither here nor there, unless one insists on him as a forward;
    (b) It’s a risky strategy to favor a 34 y/o dude with recent injury history, to the point of shipping off the protege;
    (c) He’s 19 and managed 6 goals despite significant disuse last year. 19!

    I think the move says more about Backe and Chivas’ desire to tinker than about Agudelo, who looked good with the U23s before hurting himself.

    We’ll see how it works out. Backe obviously thinks he has a winner that just needs a little more offense, and this is a win-now move.

  99. drew11 says:

    Nobody is snapping up Juan for a big fee with Jozy’s track record. They are similar and European clubs will notice how well Jozy worked out for Villarreal. Juan is going to have to really blow up for a big fee. When is his contract up?

  100. soccerroo says:

    How is Cooper Old? He is 27 in his prime and right now is scoring goals at a rate of 1 for every 80 minutes played. Yes it would be nice to see Agudelo develope and become NYRB star but this is not a bad move since they still collect some if he gets sold to Europe and the get help on defense.

  101. The Imperative Voice says:

    Agudelo made $55K base/$85K guaranteed last year. Luke Rodgers made twice what he did! That’s less than Houston was paying such offensive illuminaries as Watson, Weaver, Sarkodie, Clark, Carr, and Bruin. For what he is, he is incredibly cheap. So cheap that he is not some big cap piece that frees up scads of room to play with, which is surely why NY insisted on allocations and god knows what else besides Pearce. Agudelo is so cheap that the move basically means they either just had to get him out of town, had to have a back, or are looking for allocation to make another shoe drop.

  102. Chris says:

    As long as Cooper keeps scoring, it’s a good deal for RBNY. You’re all excited about JA, but the main thing is to get H*lgersson off the field.

  103. RM37 says:

    HAHA! YES +100000

  104. georkt says:

    Your last sentence says it all and RB get a piece of that.

  105. Mike D says:

    After reading all these comments, I don’t think people understand the “real” reason for the trade… The Red Bulls get a quality defender (which they NEED) and allocation money so they can obtain a better DP (they have a DP spot left even with Marquez). It is as simple as that. They want to bring in a player from overseas to play up front. So, that makes Agudelo, who has been on the bench or hurt, expendable. So, this trade benefits both and makes total sense for both.

  106. 2tone says:

    Notice how well Jozy has worked out for AZ! Oh and Villarreal were relegated, so the joke is on Villarreal.

  107. Mike D says:

    It didn’t work out for Villareal but ask AZ Alkmaar how it is working out for them? He was a pure scorer for them, and scored many of them in big league games. Now if Juan becomes a Freddy Adu………

  108. Mike D says:

    This. “Del Piero to NY Red Bulls.”

  109. Mike D says:

    agreed. Allocation money for their remaining DP was huge in this deal.

  110. Chodilicus says:

    Who wouldn’t like San Diego? I think you meant that as a jab but I can’t see anything negative about Chivas moving to San Diego from a player’s perspective.

  111. smokeminside says:

    You had me at abovey

  112. Arsenalkid700 says:

    Cooper, old??? Umm. Okay… what you smoking?

  113. fish says:

    All of you are as$holes. Congrats Chivas man, I’ll be paying more attention to the goats now for sure

  114. Seriously says:

    What are you on and where can we get some? What a delusional comment.

  115. rick says:

    As long as Agudelo is playing every week I am happy. We need him sharp for the USA Nats.

  116. drew11 says:

    They had someone to play that role, DeRo. What was the problem with him?

  117. drew11 says:

    AZ didn’t play 6 million euros or whatever Jozy left MLS for. You want Agudelo to leave MLS for a low ball fee like AZ paid Villarreal???

  118. jimmy says:

    Hes 27… yikes. my fault i guess he only plays old.

    I’ll give him a chance though. I guess more of corey hertzog in the US open cup… make of that what you will.

  119. fish says:

    Well said BOO man

  120. Conrad says:

    That joke of a first-place club….

  121. Conrad says:

    Put the stone down. Deep breaths. Have a beer.

  122. WildDrawFour says:

    No kidding. If an exciting young attacking player is on the move, I can tell you where he is not going: Houston. Sad day.

  123. SuperChivo says:

    MPF is on fire!!

  124. Kevin_Amold says:

    Uh, in response to HIS message calling out “haters”….

  125. Conrad says:

    He didn’t work out.
    Truly, he was lost out there with RB. Not his fault at all. I know the RBNY front office takes heat for losing him, but keeping him was throwing good money after bad. Stings a little that he killed for DC right away, but in the end, it wasn’t working. Plus, he’s kind of a second-tier DP, when you’re looking at the likes of Del Piero.
    But I’ll say it again.

  126. Pedro Páramo says:

    Fantastic. For me, there are no more reasons to watch the Red Bulls, and I am suddenly interested in Chivas USA. It will be great to see Agudelo get some playing time!

  127. pd says:

    it could be worse. You could be a Union fan. We just traded out the team captain for a sack of potatoes.

  128. Johnny Ramone says:

    Cooper is 27? How old are you? 14?

  129. Roger says:


  130. Hesyourlifelight says:

    That pretty much sums them up, yes

  131. Rabid RBNY. says:

    It is an indication of how many people have forgotten what things were like before Backe/ Soler arrived.

  132. Good Jeremy says:

    or if they don’t work a stadium deal in the near future. Orlando, Vegas, and San Diego will probably win MLS cups before Red Bulls too.

  133. Tom Patton says:

    What has Agudelo done, in all seriousness, that gives everyone such faith he will blossom into something special?

  134. Conrad says:

    link to

    He’s a special talent. He may be lazy, but his touch is insane.

  135. coop says:

    Oh cool there’s a Chivas in MLS now? Where do they play?

  136. b says:

    You win

  137. Mac says:

    What, they are just going to give them to their rivals? No

  138. Ghoul says:


  139. Jack says:


  140. fischy says:

    I”m not a Red Bulls fan, but this is a great deal. With Pearce, they fill a need and probably have the better player. To top it off, they get the allocation cash which they’ll use to bring in a 3rd DP.

    Down the road — after Henry has retired, they might miss Agudelo. On the other hand, they’ll probably sign some other DP striker…so, they’ll survive that.

  141. DCLee says:

    For Chivas this is a good deal as Agudelo will be getting some good service and set up from Nick LaBrocca and NYRB needed the D and got that with Pearce. Just a good trade.