Klinsmann cuts Agudelo, Morales, Williams, Zusi ahead of U.S. matches

Agudelo (Getty Images)

The U.S. men's national team's final 23 are on their way to Jacksonville.

Juan Agudelo, Alfredo Morales, Danny Williams and Graham Zusi are not among them, as the four were cut from the national team roster by coach Jurgen Klinsmann ahead of the team's upcoming five matches. 

Here is the 23-man roster for matches against Scotland, Brazil, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda and Guatemala:

GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake) 

DEFENDERS: Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers), Geoff Cameron (Houston Dynamo), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Oguchi Onyewu (Sporting Lisbon), Michael Parkhurst (Nordsjaelland) 

MIDFIELDERS: Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Michael Bradley (Chievo Verona), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Jose Torres (Pachuca) 

FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore (AZ Alkmaar), Terrence Boyd (Borussia Dortmund), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Herculez Gomez (Santos), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)

Joe Corona is the only player among the 23 to make his first senior national team roster, and an appearance in one of the World Cup qualifiers would officially cap tie him to the United States. The same can be said for the 21-year-old Boyd, who is coming off his first cap in a friendly in Italy back in February.

Corona's club teammate, Castillo, returns for the first time since September, while Gomez also makes his return after a lengthy absence following a championship season with Santos Laguna.

As for the cuts, Williams was nursing a shoulder injury he suffered at the end of his season with Hoffenheim and was not fully fit. Agudelo just got dealt to Chivas USA and is working his way into his new club while finally getting extended minutes. Zusi was unable to distinguish himself in a crowd of central midfielders, and Morales, who can play in the midfield and defense, ultimately lost out to more experienced options ahead of him.

Agudelo and Zusi will be available for their respective clubs' games this weekend. Chivas hosts the Seattle Sounders Saturday night, while Sporting Kansas City hosts the San Jose Earthquakes.

"We have said from the beginning that these games are all about results, and we have chosen the 23 players who are in the best form right now and ready to get the job done," Klinsmann said in a U.S. Soccer release. "These guys have put in a tremendous amount of hard work in the last 10 days, and they are hungry to get started with the matches. We want to thank the players who have gone back to their clubs for all of their effort here. They are knocking on the door and will be ready to go if needed."

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173 Responses to Klinsmann cuts Agudelo, Morales, Williams, Zusi ahead of U.S. matches

  1. Joel says:

    Not too surprising. They’ll all get their chance eventually.

  2. Ugh. Wondo instead of Agudelo?

  3. elgringorico says:

    Yeah that is probably the only change I would make. Otherwise this is expected now let’s rock and roll!

  4. rambo says:

    could be a few things: just coming back from injury, starting with a new team, probably will get more playing time with Chivas.

  5. Mike says:

    I’d bet that Agudelo being cut was the plan all along. He wanted to get him into camp to see where he’s at.

  6. jermaine says:

    I was hoping to see Boyd and Agudelo up top…this kind of depresses me, more Wondo missing at point blank range…joy.

  7. Seriously says:

    Should have dumped Beckerman and kept Zusi. Instead we have a 30 year old who brings nothing to the table other, younger players dont do better already, over a guy who is 25 and brings a different look.

    Agudelo, needs to settle into his new club situation so not surprised they kept Wondo over him. Wondo still sucks as a Nat, but we have plenty of forwards in this team.

    Morales was a surprise inclusion to begin with, but has a good future ahead. Williams probably just got crowded out.

    Nothing too surprising, just hate that Klinsmann is so dead set on Beckerman.

  8. Steve McSteve says:

    Yeah, why pick the guy leading MLS in goals over a guy with 6 goals in his career?

  9. Not Soony Saad says:

    Agudelo is not in great shape and needs to cement his position at Chivas.

  10. John says:

    Williams is still recovering from injury, Morales is still new to the setup and hasn’t played much for Hertha Berlin, and Zusi wasn’t going to get ahead of the guy in front of him. The Agudelo cut I’m pleasantly surprised about. He hasn’t really done much to warrant inclusion with the full national team. Hopefully it makes him hungry and he tears up MLS now.

  11. allouez86 says:

    or… Could it be that wando is having a fantastic start to the season where Agudelo is not?

  12. DEAC says:

    No one else is at all bothered that U.S. now has only two outside backs on its roster? I know Boca can play there, but it’s not what he’s done for U.S.

  13. KC fan says:

    SKC gets Zusi back. I suddenly like their chances much better vs San Jose without Wondo and Lenhart.

  14. Steve McSteve says:

    Good cuts. Morales shouldn’t have been called up in the first place. Williams is still hurt. Agudelo isn’t fully match fit. And Zusi wouldn’t be used properly anyway (he’s not a winger, he should be played centrally, the middle is crowded. Also the best part of his game is his dead ball service, which he wouldn’t be entrusted with anyway)

  15. hartley says:

    I would love to see Zusi playing for the Nats, but I’m kinda glad he’s cut. Sporting needs him right now with Espinoza and Kamara out with their national squads — especially with Open Cup matches adding to the schedule.

  16. Mike says:

    Beckerman is an extremely capable player. He is arguably the best DM in the league, maybe Chicago’s Pavel Pardo sits above him.

    Beckerman brings an extreme work rate, great tackling, good possession, and limited mistakes. Those are the exact qualities you look for in a DM.

    Also, 30 for a DM is average. Many great DMs are into their mid-to-late 30s.

  17. THomas says:

    Right…makes sense.

    Agudello needs to get settled at Chivas, Morales likley came in to get wooed by Klinsi so he’ll stay w/ the US, Williams hasn’t performed outstanding and is likely down in the pecking order at outside mid behind Donovan/Johnson/Coronoa/Gomez, same could likely be said for Zusi.

  18. James says:

    “Sacha hasn’t shown anything in NT games!!! That’s why he doesn’t deserve to be called up, fantastic club form be damned!!! rah rah rah!!!”
    “Yay, Wondo made it! Yay, Corona made it! Parkhurst and Castillo too!!!”
    Yup, nice to see there are no double standards in the defense of the squad selection.

  19. THomas says:

    Can Cameron play right/left back? Or is he strictly central defender?

  20. jermaine says:

    So my question to you is if he scores 100 goals for San Jose…and none for the national team…should anyone care?

  21. Clueless says:

    Backe was right. Agu is shite.

  22. Chupacabra says:

    Why? Do you want the US to lose?

  23. Cory says:

    Fabian Johnson can also fill in there quite capably.

  24. What part of this is hard to understand, Kyle?

    In the past 3 seasons, Wondo has 46 goals in MLS and Agudelo has 7.

    11 in 12 games so far this year to Agudeo’s 1 goal in 6 games.

    Picking Wondo over Agudelo was probably amongst the easier decisions.

  25. Boyd + Agudelo = 0 goals.

  26. elgringorico says:

    Also it’s probably worth clarifying that Beckerman will not likely play much. I would imagine he is behind MB, Jones and EDu.

  27. pd says:

    And you’re not dead set against him?

    This is not a Johnny Bornstein scenario in terms of having limited options. JK must rate him over other options for a reason, might have to do with work rate, performance, hairdo, whatever. The coach is doing what coaches do, watching players and making assessments and roster choices based on all that plus a lifetime as a top-flite footballer. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  28. Are you serious? What’s Carlos Bocanegra done for the United States? You mean other than captaining the team and being a consumate professional, leader and excellent defender for more than 11 years and through more than 100 caps?

    Come back here when you are for real ad not just trolling.

  29. jermaine says:

    Sarcasm lost on you I take it?

  30. He would be a last-choice, emergency-only wide back.

  31. jermaine says:

    ummm actually Agudelo has two goals on international level…note the difference…Wondo 0…

  32. jermaine says:

    ohhh wait a minute…you do know that Clint Dempsey, and Altidore are not playing against Scotland? That we probably will not have a full team until Brazil?

  33. Steve says:

    Lineup v. Scotland:


    Just a guess, not nec. my preferred lineup.

    Can see it sliding into this…

    –Donovan —Boyd—–

    and this…


  34. Mike says:

    Calm down there Tiger. He said playing left back isn’t what Boca has done of the US… not what has Boca done for the US.

  35. Brent Storrs says:

    No Lichaj, Klijsten. Who would of thought we could leave players out like this 10 years ago. Corona and Boyd seem to be surprises. Good Luck!

  36. Helium-3 says:

    Exactly. Zusi’s best qualities would served playing behind the two forwards or him as a 9.
    He’s not a two-way player or winger. Don’t worry, Zusi is a good player and he will get his chance; better for him to be playing with KC than making the bench on the MNT.

  37. Rlw2020 says:


    For qualifying.

  38. Ryan Nanez says:

    okay so let me get this straight. people actually think wondo is actually gonna give us this spark up front agaisnt scotland or brazil. my stomach hurts from laughing. kudos to him for making the squad. and to be quite honest i hope he proves me wrong and i have to eat my words, but i dont see it happening

  39. Ryan Nanez says:


  40. foo says:

    Reading comprehension is your friend, EH.

  41. pd says:

    Having a standard is one thing as it defines your general expectation to players. Having said that, it is a coaches prerogative (I would say responsibility) to look at each player on a case by case basis. I’m thrilled that Kljestan had a great season, but tell me honestly, who is he starting over with players like Donovan, Dempsey Jones and Bradley in the mix?

    Castillo and Parkhurst are versatile players who have the potential to fill a variety of roles in areas where the team does not have a lot of depth. For him to overlook them in the name of holding a universal standard doesn’t do anyone any favors.

  42. Moises says:

    Boyd is still with Germany on FIFA 12, what am I suppose to do now…

  43. Brent Storrs says:

    Is Boyd really better than Jozy? Jozy has gotten better and is only 22 and is not a finished product. 46 app with 13 goals

    Terrence Boyd has not yet reached that level or?

  44. I wasn’t talking about historically. I was talking about what would happen if we played them up top together. Agudelo doesn’t belong on the USMNT right now. Wondo does.

  45. slowreno says:

    I’d like to see a variation on your second formation:


    Supplant Altidore for Boyd if he was in attendance. Also wouldn’t mind swapping out Dempsey for Boyd and leaving Torres @ the top of the diamond.

  46. MMV says:

    I’m a little baffled as to why Williams was brought in to begin with. It was no secret that he had a significant shoulder injury that, according to his club and doctors, had no timetable for recovery. I can see him being evaluated by USMNT doctors but I don’t understand using a roster spot on him. It could have gone to someone else. Nonetheless, it’s no surprise, after seeing then initial 27 man roster and knowing the injury was present, that he was cut. Williams is in the mix long-term anx I hope he gets proper rehab on that shoulder.

  47. Brent Storrs says:

    that’s my line up as well.

  48. slowreno says:

    I believe Jozy isn’t with the team until the 28th

  49. Ryan Nanez says:

    dempseys out of that game with his groin still bothering him

  50. I read it clearly. Doesn’t change my point. Boca can play that spot just fine. And he’s proven it before. Learning to analyze would be your friend, EH?

  51. Helium-3 says:

    Cameron is better than Bornstein as a LB. Good defensively as Castillo but Castillo has the edge with his individual skill. Cameron has power & pace over Castillo.

    Sort of like comparing Maicon with Lahm; they have different qualities and use depending on opponent and their weaknesses. I’m not saying Cameron = Maicon but you get the idea.

  52. Four Cents says:

    The only two I see in the defense that would be uncomfortable playing outside would be Gooch & Goodson.. JK has some very versicle players on the list- he knows what he’s doing… LETS GO YOU YANKS!!!

  53. Four Cents says:


  54. jermaine says:

    Wondo has not proven he belongs in international futbol period. That was why even Bob Bradley had Agudelo ahead of him at the Gold cup. Your history argument fails in all aspects. As Im sure all of us have watched. I want him to succeed, but he is a step slow at the higest level.

  55. sumfunguy says:

    Beckerman will start, or have you not watched or listened to the coach

  56. Weaksauce says:


    Agudelo + Rimando + beckerman + zusi is my list

  57. elgringorico says:

    So, like, cite your source, man. I personally have seen no guarantees by Klinsy that Beckerman will start. I know he has started in the past friendlies, but these matches are much more meaningful and the full squad is finally here.

  58. Mat says:

    No Eddie Johnson???
    I jest, of course.
    I like this squad. It’s very balanced considering the player pool.
    Only thing that USMNT has trouble producing is speedy wingers on the attacking side (though I suppose Landon can fill in there), though we’ve become a defensive midfield creation machine.

  59. MemRook says:

    Easy. In game transfer to the nats. Done!

  60. yankiboy says:

    I’m not sold on Edgar Castillo. Nice to see Beckeman get another look.

    The native Marylander had better make the most of this one. He’s got to do more when he’s wearing a US jersey.

    Given our high expectations a couple years ago, I had kind of hoped that JT would lbe a little further along. Maybe he will show us some good stuff in the midfield.

    I would have liked to see DMB back in the midfield but it is clear that Klinnsman gets cised for Joe Corona. The kid has a bright future.. I’d like to see more of Johnson.

    Jermaine Jones looks good when he looks commited. Sometimes the lack of a sense of urgency that Jones demonstrates makes me want to tell him to go all in or go home because when you’re wearing that jersey, you’re not on vacation. Hopefully, those days are behind him.

    Is it me or is there anyone else who question if Wondolowski is going to be like Taylor Twellman (when he was healthy)? Great in MLS but just not able to produce at the next level, even when we are playing our weaker neighbors.

  61. Air Jordanz says:

    Altidore and Boyd are ahead of Agudelo in the target role (or as close as the USMNT has to a true target role).

    Deuce, Wondo, and Gomez are the poachers, though Herc could be deployed on the wing.

  62. Mat says:

    Re: Wondo
    I think the problem is the US doesn’t have too many real options at center forward. Dempsey and Landon are good attackers, but neither is a “pure” forward (they are attacking mids/forwards), like say an Altidore. So aside from Altidore, JK has to take the in form guys, like Herc and Wondo.
    It’s also a good message that if you’re consistently producing at the highest level in your league, you’ll be rewarded.
    I’m not sold on Wondo from what I’ve seen at the international level so far, though given the lack of other options it’s hard to argue he deserves a spot on the roster right now.

  63. Georg says:

    Klinsmann likes Beckerman dispite all the hate we see from many fans, I guess JK likes the stability and decision making that Beckerman brings to the team.
    I hope he makes the final cut and participates in Brazil, he will undoubtably become a media favorite.

  64. Conrad says:

    Clever read! That was his plan all along — waste a spot on the roster to call in a player who was [semi-vulgar Britishism that sounds pretentious unless spoken by the singer of the Arctic Monkeys]. That’ll teach him.

    Unless you think it could be to show Agudelo that he’s close but needs more effort?

  65. Four Cents says:

    How many yellow cards do you see JJ acquiring in the next five games? Thinking of a number between 2 & 4.. 😛

  66. 2tone says:

    Pretty much what I expected. Now lets get cracking.

    The news that has me exctied.

    Jorge Ramos of ESPN is reporting from CONCACAF summiot and has been confirmed that a Pan American Cup between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF will be played in the USA in 2016! This is absolutley awesome. It will be a huge success, adn will determine if both confederations decide to make it an every 4 year tournament after 2016. It will rival the Euro’s. Now what still has to be determined is the number of teams. I think it will be 16; 10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from CONCACAF. So excited for this to happen.

  67. Mat says:

    To be fair. Beckerman has performed decently under JK. He’s doing what is asked of him, while understanding his limits and not over complicating his game. He seems the prototype of the not super talented blue collar player who is very sound tactically and does his job.
    I don’t think he’s starter material, but he does bring that defensive security as a late sub for instance.

  68. Air Jordanz says:

    Calling Morales into camp was a good move, even if he never had a chance to make the final roster. Remember… Klinsmann was open to bringing in 29 players and only brought 27, which means Morales didn’t steal a spot from anyone.

    He’s building familiarity with his teammates and the system, making him more likely to choose the US over Peru (his only other realistic option).

    Plus, if he had excelled, subbing him on against Antigua would have been a perfect opportunity to cap tie him.

  69. Air Jordanz says:

    In his first significant international appearance against Panama in the GC (the game vs. SA doesn’t count), Wondo looked a bit overwhelmed and blew a sitter.

    In the rest of his appearances in the GC and January 2012 camp, he’s looked very sharp, tenacious and registered several beautiful shots on goal.

    Clearly Klinsmann thinks he deserves to be there, and if you actually took the time to watch the games crticially, you would too.

  70. Federico from Texas says:

    I maybe way off but here’s what I’d like to see..

    Cherundolo Onyewu Bocanegra Johnson


    Donovan Dempsey

    I left Jozy out since he won’t be in till the 28th

  71. rj says:

    I would have liked to have seen us keep Williams and Morales on the roster, if only to try to get them into one of the WCQ’s to cap-tie them.

  72. GW says:

    Cameron and Parkhurst can play anywhere along the back line, which is one of the reasons JK likes both of them. Cameron, in particular, is just a very athletic guy.

    If you notice, JK is quite a fan of versatile players.

    National teams around the world, with their limited talent pools, over the years have often played midfielders as fullbacks, fullbacks as wingers, etc.

    It’s not the big deal many US fans would have you believe. In fact, Holland’s famous Clockwork Orange team from the 70’s made a point of having everyone play everywhere switching around during the course of the game. Johann Cruyff was very good at right back.

    Of course it’s not ideal but national teams rarely are.

    This is not the NFL. Having Cameron or Parkhurst as fullbacks is not like having Peyton Manning play left tackle or Tom Brady play cornerback.

  73. Mat says:

    Question: Is JK still allowed to tweak the roster before WCQ starts?

  74. Air Jordanz says:

    Elite Hunting’s right. I’m sure Cameron could play any position on the pitch (aside from GK) and actually has played most of them at one time for the Dynamo.

    That said, WCQs and against Brazil are not the correct time to test him out there unless every other FB goes down.

    Between Cherundolo, Johnson, Castillo and Parkhurst (who is somewhat used to playing FB), we’re adequately covered there.

  75. ManicMessiah says:

    If I was a Chivas fan, I’d be really annoyed that he takes Agudelo probably knowing he wouldn’t make the roster, forcing him to miss a game Wednesday. Getting a point probably mitigates that somewhat, I guess.

  76. Air Jordanz says:

    Copy down his stats and create him in Character Creator… duh!

  77. yankiboy says:

    I don’t know if it will be a financial success or not (I know that I’d be buying a couple of tickets for several matches) but just the idea of that sort of tournament gets me CISED!!!

  78. Jon says:

    Geoff Cameron is ready to be a complete badass for the USMNT. I love watching him play.

  79. marco says:

    On Beckerman, “He is arguably the best DM in the league, maybe Chicago’s Pavel Pardo sits above him.”

    Here’s the argument. If you go to MLS stats for DM for last year and this year, Alonso is miles ahead of Beckerman. Of course neither Pardo nor Alonso can play for USA, but the Beckerman myth must come down to earth.

  80. Mat says:

    Dolo, Gooch, Boca, Johnson
    Bradley, Jones
    Donnovan, Dempsey
    Altidore, Herc

  81. Federico from Texas says:

    Sorry, first time poster





  82. sam says:

    You acted like DEAC had insulted Bocanegra, when all he said was that Boca is more often a CB for the US. Which is true.

    Boca can play outside back, but he doesn’t have the pace or the attacking chops to be an ideal choice there.

  83. Air Jordanz says:

    That formation is WAY too heavy on the right side!

  84. buff111 says:

    Still miss Stu Holden in midfield and can’t wait until he’s back playing again.

  85. GW says:

    Three years ago the present editions of both Lichaj and Sacha would likely have been USMNT starters.

    The fact that they can’t even get invited to camp says great things about the program.

  86. Air Jordanz says:

    There are over 20 games left this season. Being mad about Agudelo’s missing one game is pretty silly at this point.

    Considering the price Chivas paid for him (Pearce & allocation), they should know that National Team duty goes with the territory.

  87. GW says:

    It seems like JK just wanted to get a closer look and spend some time with Williams. Clearly, Williams is in JK’s plans for the future.

    Remember, JK was supposed to bring in 29 players so two slots were left unused so Williams did not knock anyone out of a roster spot.

    Obviously, other than Chandler, JK did not want to invite any other players besides the 27 he did invite.

  88. Bubmy Hemmingway says:

    Dempsey is a attacking midfielder, deep lying foward, or winger.

    Gomez is a calssic poacher.

    Wondo is a poacher that cannot seem to hit the net in internationalt play.

  89. marco says:

    Hopefully it will lead to a merge and the end of CONCACAF CL one day.

  90. Ryan Nanez says:

    i honestly agree about wondo being the next twellman

  91. Air Jordanz says:

    Good cuts. I personally would have liked to keep Zusi over Beckerman, but JK probably feels more comfortable with KB as the lone DM in a 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2.

    I would have liked to see Morales cap tied, but the reality is he was brought in as an FB when he has really shined as a midfield destroyer. He’s not bumping Bradley, Jones, Edu or Beckerman from those slots.

    He’ll get his chance, and I’m sure he’d like to take his chances in the future with the USA as opposed to Peru (we’re gonna assume he wouldn’t break into Germany’s squad).

    I was also afraid Klinsmann wouldn’t have the cojones to cut one of his pet players in Danny Williams. I like Williams, but at this time, cutting him was the right decision. He’s injured, and down the depth chart at any position he plays.

  92. Judging Amy says:

    Wondo is on track to become a lesser Taylor Twellman. Wonderful MLS forwards. He is even less complete as a player than Twellman. People harp on that bad miss Wondo had but all forwards have those. Clint, Donovan, Jozy, they’ve all had a few.

    What’s more concerning about Wondo is that he isn’t really great at anything. Not fast, not strong, not particularly skilled, not young. Good finisher at the MLS level but that rarely translates at the mid-high international level.

    I understand Klins calling him in and choosing him over Agu (tough not to call in a guy who produces at such a high level and so consistently for your domestic league) but I don’t think Wondo is a player for 2014. Even if he starts scoring a few goals during this stretch of friendlies/qualifiers IMO he’s not quality enough to be a consistent part of the squad for the future because he won’t do it against tough competition.

  93. Judging Amy says:

    But wouldn’t you agree that you misinterpreted DEAC’s statement as trolling when it clearly wasn’t?

  94. Mat says:

    I honestly think he has more upside than Ream on the international stage right now, though he needs to get to a stronger league or Ream will end up passing him in the depth chart.

  95. biff says:

    Is that really why Bob Bradley had Juan Agudelo ahead of Chris Wondolowski? If I am not mistaken, Bob Bradley and Juan Agudelo also have the same agent. Would BB have called him up they did not share the same agent? Maybe. In in case, being called up to the USMNT as an 18-year-old before he was even starting for his club most certainly raised Agudelo’s profile. Come on, jermaine, just like on the other thread, I repeat: Agudelo has talent and potential, but he was being called to the USMNT by Bob Bradley before he had truly earned call-ups. It could be that Agudelo one day will surpass Wondo as a striker. But as of yet, he ain’t even close and Wondo looked quite good at Camp Cupcake.

  96. louis z says:

    that is a bold prediction, your only shot is that we have 4 games to play with this group, so in a warped way, you may get your wish.

  97. JGD says:


    Beckerman may be the cream of DMs in MLS, but he’s the fourth-best DM on this roster. Surplus to requirements.

  98. Vic says:

    Duel Nationalities.

  99. JGD says:

    EH gets my vote for overreaction of the week.

  100. louis z says:

    calm down…you will live longer :-)

  101. biff says:

    That would be real smart, dropping players because of age. I guess that means we also have to immediately dump Landon Donovan, Jermaine Jones, 

    Oguchi Onyewu (all 30), not to mention old fogies like Steve Cherundolo and team captain Carlos Bocanegra world-class goalkeeper Tim Howard. And then next year, we’ll have to kick Clint Dempsey and Clarence Goodson off the team when they turn 30. Seriously, Seriously, I can’t take you seriously. Beckerman is club captain and a damn good player and as long as Klinsmann has faith in him so do I.

  102. Judging Amy says:

    Not trying to be a jerk man but this line cracked me up: “he’s looked very sharp, tenacious and registered several beautiful shots on goal.” Especially the shots on goal part haha.

    Bias is a funny thing (not referring to yours btw just in general). One person can watch a game and just see all the bad in a player while another sees only the bright spots- that’s where descriptions like “hustle”, “potential”, “he looked sharp”, “tenacious”, “intangibles”, “great throw-ins” come in. We all have our favorites.

  103. moses says:

    can you really transfer players from one nat team to another?

  104. Vic says:

    I would prefer to see Fabian Johnson at LB instead of Castillo. I would also like to see Corona or Castillo start in midfield.

  105. Air Jordanz says:

    Agreed. Apparently, Castillo has been excellent on the attack for Tijuana this year. Better to let him run rampant and not saddle him with defensive responsibility.

    Johnson does a great job getting into the attack from LB and also remembers to actually defend.

  106. Vic says:

    At LB, what about RB?

  107. Detroit! says:


  108. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    You have a point to an extent, but you can’t make that observation without also noting that every player you mentioned is either versatile enough to play multiple positions (Corona, Parkhurst), or plays a position (Wondo, Castillo) where there aren’t too many clear cut options in front of them.

    Sacha had a great club season, there’s no doubt about that. I don’t think his past performances had anything to do with why he didn’t make the cut though. In my opinion, the issues still are that:

    a.) he’s not versatile enough to be effective in multiple positions on the international level.

    b.) the position he’s best at and where he excelled this season for Anderlecht – as a box to box, deep lying playmaker – is already crowded with better players.

    MB and Jones can do everything Sacha does and are just better. Edu and Beckerman play different roles in Klinsmann’s system than and are much better at them than Sacha. You could say he’s competing with JFT and deserved a call ahead of him, but is he clearly better? I don’t know if you can say that and Klinsmann obviously doesn’t think so.

    He probably did deserve a call-up for the original 27 – 29, but the fact that he didn’t get it is pretty strong testament to the state of the US midfield right now.

  109. Drew_ROC says:

    Have you ever watched Wondo live? He’s an opportunist like McBride and Ching were. The guy will stick his head, foot, knee or whatever into the mix if it means putting the ball in the net.

    Wondo and Gomez are late game goal grabbers. They’re not anything to form your game plan around, but they’ll certainly help.

    Agudelo doesn’t have the sharpness now.

  110. Rags from DC says:

    I totally agree with you Yankiboy. I was also wishing for DMB, but I think Fabian Johnson replaces that speed on the wing – and Donovan is sure to be on the other side. This leaves me to believe that Klinsi really is happy with Castillo’s growth this season in MX.

    Had he called Beasley (or if Shea was in form) I would have assumed that Johnson might be slated for left back.

    Worried a bit about the left side flexibility, unless Corona can play effectively out there and is fast enough. I haven’t seen enough of him nor watch the interplay with he and Castillo on the left side in Mexico to know.

  111. Joe+G says:

    As well as “Dual Nationalities”.

  112. b says:

    Danny Williams is a defensive midfielder and should be #3 in the pecking order after Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones. He is better than Maurice “I haven’t impressed anyone in over a year” Edu and Kyle freaking Beckerman. That he can also play outside mid when Donovan is out, or CB or RB, is a point in his favor. But yes, it makes sense to cut him, because he is INJURED.

  113. Dinho says:

    Why in the hell would we want that!?!??!!?

    We would NEVER qualify for the WCQ?

  114. MTk says:

    but, but like a Ching he is NOT international material.Sorry pal.

  115. poy says:

    yeah wondo is a pice of stool

  116. Annelid Gustator says:

    All of the players you listed are more important to MNT success. The point behind the age-related comment is, I think, to keep players that *are* important *now* and add players that have a lot of upside left. Beckerman is plainly less capable at the DM role than three of the others and will probably be retired in 5 years. Zusi will be about Beckerman’s age in 5 years and possibly even more crafty. Why keep the surplus player and drop the lotto ticket player?

  117. b says:

    Especially since Klinsmann has already said Bocanegra is a CB from now on and that he’s no longer a LB at the international level. Barring some sort of emergency. That’s nothing against Boca, he’s just getting up there in age and LB is more demanding than CB.

  118. Scooter says:

    Williams isn’t going anywhere, and I think Klinsmann is more concerned about making sure the best players are there for qualifying. I’m kinda worried about Morales, but I think he knows Klinsmann likes him

  119. Dinho says:

    I’m sure Ives will post an article asking for everyone’s lineup picks, but here are my guesses.

    US v. Scotland (4-3-3)(remember, Dempsey and Altidore unavailable; most starters will not play more than 45 minutes)

    ————— Howard ————-
    Dolo —– Gooch —- Boca —– Castillo
    ————— Edu —————-
    —– Bradley ——- Torres ——–
    Donovan —– Boyd ———- Johnson

    US v. Brazil (4-1-4-1)

    ————— Howard ————-
    Dolo —– Gooch —- Boca —– Castillo
    ———— Bradley ————–
    Donovan ——Torres ——— Johnson
    ———–Dempsey —————
    ————Altidore —————

    Obviously, there are a lot of possibilities (i.e. Jones for Edu; Herc for Boyd, etc.)

  120. b says:

    You guys want to start THREE defensive midfielders?? That is really depressing, at least Bob only played two…. Sadly you may be right, Klinsy’s new brand of exciting attacking soccer often includes a d-mid being played on the right (first Bradley, later Williams totally out of position). Like I said, really depressing…

  121. Dakota Sillyman says:

    Maybe even the month.

  122. b says:

    I’d go with Wiliams (being injured makes you #1 off the team), Beckerman, Rimando, and Morales.

    But I agree with Rimando, he won’t see a single minute. Guzan is younger and better (showed it this year at Aston Villa where he was top 10 in save % over 720 minutes), so why not let Rimando return to RSL where he is an integral part of the team?

  123. b says:

    To Jones’ credit, he never gets 2 in a game for Schalke. One per game is fine, we certainly have the d-mid depth.

  124. Annelid Gustator says:

    It might be quite good.

  125. Kevin_Amold says:

    I don’t know. Edu was pretty strong against Italy if I remember correctly.

  126. Annelid Gustator says:

    Or the folks he wanted were unavailable or unwilling. Or maybe he didn’t want to go out on a limb and get rejected by any other players this camp.

  127. Mat says:

    Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Johnson is the best LB we have. He past the audition vs Italy. Let him lock into that spot for a while, please.

  128. sam says:

    For Brazil, I’d go something like 4-3-2-1, with Jones lying deep and Bradley pushing forward to link play. Ahead of them, Donovan wide on the right and Torres tucking into the middle from the left.

    ————— Howard —————-
    Dolo —– Gooch —- Boca —– Johnson
    ——- Bradley —–Jones————
    Donovan ————– Torres———
    —————-Dempsey ————–
    ———Altidore ——————-

  129. sam says:


    ————- Howard ———–
    —————-Dempsey ———-
    ———Altidore ———

  130. JRP says:

    Kyle is where he is because he earned it with consistent play and his professionalism. He isn’t the most talented player in the pool but he is level headed and a great leader and sometimes those qualities are more important on the pitch than other qualities. In a way, you are right. Kyle FREAKING Beckerman. His reputation is why he is there.

  131. JRP says:

    Right, because Alonso took Chicago how far in the playoffs? And how far in Concacaf? And how far thus far this year? Beckerman is miles ahead.

  132. Dinho says:

    Not opposed to this in the slightest. Good call.

    For me, I much prefer Jones to Edu.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Goodson over Gooch for the Scotland game also.

  133. Old School says:

    People continue to reference this and you are not incorrect.

    However, that (in my memory) was his only recent positive contribution. His ball distribution has been poor too

    He DOES NOT work well with Bradley and when paired with another DM, sits back too much. Seems incapable at times of working the pulley system.

    I prefer a Jones/Bradley combo. Edu leaves a lot to be desired far too often.

  134. JRP says:

    Aston just let him walk. I wonder where he will go? MLS? Rimando proved his worth in the games he has played with the USMNT.

  135. Juan says:

    And yet when Twellman was doing the same thing…. he was nothing but a poacher on these boards

  136. Juan says:

    Herc is only in for the friendlies. No way he makes the qualifier roster

  137. Juan says:

    Sometimes the head is better held back. That attitude cut Twellman’s career short and we was better than Wondo at what they do

  138. Juan says:

    Unlike Bornstein who earned every minute of his call ups

  139. Juan says:

    Beckerman has looked slow in most international games he’s played in. I think Beckerman is to Klinsmann as Bornstein was to Bradley

  140. Juan says:

    These friendlies are just a scrimmage. Klinsmann is not going to burn out his real starters or put the injured ones on the field before the games matter. They may play a half before he starts going deep to his bench. Its all about having the “A” team get a run out and getting used to playing together again rather than getting them so tired they are dead come the qualifiers

  141. Juan says:

    OMG he will go deep to his bench in the friendlies. He is not going to burn out the starters in these friendlies ahead of the WCQ. Expect a half before he starts rolling in the second group

  142. Juan says:

    Klinsmann has to start preparing for life after Gooch, Boca and Dolo. All 3 may be done by the time the WC comes around. Use them during the run up but if they start to show signs of slowing down… have plan ‘B’ ready to go

  143. Colin says:

    Hooray. An actual goal scorer instead of a potential goal scorer.

    Never underestimate message boards for the power to disseminate ignorance.

  144. Dimidri says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes. This is what makes the exclusions of Lichaj/Spector(remember he played great against Italy) and Beasley/Shea(though I do understand his poor form/need to rest) all the more puzzling-there are only three Outside Backs, except one of those(Johnson/Castillo) is almost certainly going to be playing Left Mid, meaning if you start Dolo at RB, Johnson at LB, and Castillo at LW, there are NO outside backs on the bench…or even the 23…Beasley would have let Fabian Johnson play LB and keep a guy like Castillo on the bench, obviously Lichaj would have helped in that regard.

  145. Francois says:

    Haha man, you’re always so high-strung when you comment. You must be unpleasant to be around. Just chill man, it’s ok.

  146. THomas says:

    He has a better chance getting in on the wing the as a d-mid…that’s why I didn’t even metion that position. He’s behind Bradley, Jones, Edu, Beckerman, and likely even Torres in that spot as he can play deep too. But I didn’t realize he was injured as you said, which likely was the biggest reason he’s gone home.

  147. fish says:

    hey buddy, you’re posting on this message board

  148. primoone says:

    And therein lies the rub…its about results…not what you do at the club leve. Club level productivity justs gets you noticed. You need to produce on the national level. Once we realize we can no longer kick that same can down the road…its time to find a new can to kick.

  149. biff says:

    Well, that was my point. Of course, the guys I listed are important to USMNT success and it would be self-destructive to dump because of an arbitrary rule like age. Klinsmann is quote in the story above: “We have said from the beginning that these games are all about results, and we have chosen the 23 players who are in the best form right now and ready to get the job done.” WCQ is all about winning games now, not taking risks of losing because you want younger players on the team. The key words are “best form right now” and I think Klinsmann, in his inimitable style, is saying it is a fluid situation and in September some of these guys might no longer by among the top 23 players.

    We saw how well Chelsea performed to close off the season after Di Matteo brought back all the old farts and played them–the ones AVB had sitting on the bench. We’re in the real deal now and we need players on the field who can get the job done now, not players who might be able to get the job done three years from now, or two yaers from now, or even four months from now. So if someone wants to hit on Beckerman, pleeeeease, talk about his skills, not his age. That is just silly.

  150. biff says:

    parkhurst would be on the bench

  151. Greg says:

    Beckerman may be an above average MLS midfielder, but he seems out of his depth at the international level, and central midfield is not a place for your weakest link. I am not opposed to him playing with the USMNT, but I hope when 2014 comes around the only place we have to worry about nasty dreadlocks is from the street food vendors in Rio.

  152. biff says:

    Well put. Johnson has looked good as a left winger for the USMNT, but considering that his new Hoffenheim coach has him starting at Left Back after playing attacking midfielder-winger earlier in the season, makes sense for Klinsmann to keep him at left back. But even from a left back position, we are going to see Johnson often racing down the sidelines and providing crosses to the box. I think Johnson also will score a goal now and then from an LB position.

  153. ronniet says:

    Have you/we seen williams play defensive midfield for the nats or hoffenheim to say that he is better than edu or #3 in the pecking order for that matter? I know i sure havent so until that happens all most people can go on is edu’s form for club and his last usmnt game, which was quite impressive! And speaking oF bradley, i recall him stinking up the joint not too long ago

  154. Travis in Miami says:

    Did you see Agudelo vs. the Galaxy? The kid is not match fit by a long shot.

  155. Old School says:

    Please refer me to where I said Williams was better? Actually please refer me to where I mentioned Williams at all?

  156. DCP says:

    hairdo? Now I understand why Beckerman made the team and no Shea…

  157. AndyGarcia'sBrother says:


  158. Henry Alvarado says:

    TO get better and maybe one day actually win it. Look at Australia, its football has grown because of its departure of Oceania.

  159. AndyGarcia'sBrother says:

    *Lineup vs the Scots

  160. Seriously says:

    Exactly. Most of the argumentative posts in response end up making my point in a round about way. I never said Beckerman was a bad player, nor did i say his age alone was the reason to keep him out (way to miss out the critical stuff there biff, not surprising with a name like biff though). There are at least 3 players on the roster that fill Beckerman’s exact position with more skill and most are younger. Zusi is a different type of player, coming off the bench he could bring a different element in the way that Torres does except even there we have a difference in style.

    It makes little sense to have Beckerman who is reaching top age with little ceiling left to climb to when you could keep Zusi who has much more time to grow and brings a change of pace when you look at the rest of the roster.

    Beckerman is surplus to the need as someone pointed out. We have better players who do what he does, the same cannot be said of Zusi. We don’t have anyone else who plays the way he does. This would have been a good opportunity to integrate a future member of the squad rather than waste it on a player whose role can easily be covered by others who made the roster.

  161. Seriously says:

    Did you even read the post? You must not have because your argument makes zero sense against it. I did not talk of Beckerman’s age as the reason to pull him. I said there are multiple better and younger players who fill his role so why keep him when we have the younger Zusi who brings a different look. Yes, age is mentioned in this statement, but if you think that is the defining point of the argument then you need to find someone who can teach you reading comprehension. My argument is based on skill, it just happens to come in combination with age making it even more odd that he is included. If there were 3 other players younger and more skilled than Donovan then yes we would leave him at home, that isn’t the case. It is with Beckerman. This was my point the whole time and had you actually read the post (or understood plain English, not sure which) then you would have seen this.

  162. Big BL1 Fan says:

    You seem to be unaware that we don’t play a pulley system anymore. We play with a dedicated #6 DM and a box to box #8 CM. Edu is playing his position correctly.

    Edu is leading all midfielders in passing % under Klinsmann. His ball distribution is not poor.

  163. GW says:

    Ever watch Manchester City with Kompany, Barry, De Jong or Yaya all on the field at the same time?

  164. GW says:

    If there were such a list, it would be fascinating to see who was #28, 29, 30 and so on.

  165. Brett says:

    I’m just glad Brek Shea isn’t there. “Giveaway” Shea as I call him.

  166. GW says:

    Probably because JK is supposedly using this as a “simulated tournament” and letting Nick play for RSL and be “on call” so to speak, like it was the Gold Cup would not be an option in the World CuP.

    Every time I hear about how a third keeper won’t play a minute I think about how if Howard or Guzan pull a hamstring getting off the bus, the US is suddenly down to having Geoff Cameron or Landon as the backup keeper.

  167. GW says:

    Every quote of JK on the topic of Beckerman has been very supportive of Captain Crofton.

    One thing no one seems to mention, RSL is a winning organization and breeds players with a winning mentality. Kyle is a tough bastard, limited but tough. Much like my favorite all time USMNT player, Frankie Hedjuk. He is living proof that attitude, mental toughness and heart can take you a long way.

  168. Oh No says:

    Beckerman should have been cut -_-

  169. Jose S. says:

    In FIFA 11 you could change a player’s nationality. They took that option out in FIFA 12.

  170. ben says:

    Is it me or do we still not have a left fullback on this roster? Williams is hurt, Lichaj did not get invited, Chandler dissed us….so is it Boca out there with Cameron and Guch in the middle?

  171. Kevin says:

    A lesser Taylor Twellman? What a joke.

  172. Judging Amy says:

    Twellman had 30 caps and 6 goals over his Nats career, starting at age 22 and ending at age 28. At 29 Wondo is already older than Twellman when he played his last game with the Nats. With 7 caps to his name, you think Wondo has 23 more Nat games in him considering the younger, better competition at his position?

    On the club level Twellman scored 101 goals in 174 league games. Wondo has an impressive 51 goals to 120 games rate. Still not as good as Twellman’s numbers though.

    Either you don’t know how good Twellman really was or you overrate Wondo (who I concede is a great MLS player). Stating that Wondo will become a lesser Taylor Twellman is in no way ridiculous (as the numbers show). Neither guy is (was) Nats quality against high level comp. Doesn’t mean they were rubbish.