Klinsmann discusses USMNT snubs, training camp and more

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When Jurgen Klinsmann named the 27-man roster for the current U.S. national team training camp, the players who didn't get called in were as big a story as the players who Klinsmann did call in. The absences of several players came as a surprise, while some other long-shots didn't come through for some fans.

In case you missed it on Wednesday, Jurgen Klinsmann spoke in detail about many of the players who most fans were curious about being left off the current USMNT training camp roster. In my Fox Soccer Training Camp Notebook, Klinsmann addressed the absences of Tim Ream, Eric Lichaj, Sacha Kljestan and Freddy Adu.

Among the more interesting tidbits was Klinsmann stating that Geoff Cameron is currently ahead of Tim Ream on the depth chart, and that Brek Shea's recent MLS suspension played a part in him not being called in (that tidbit actually didn't make it into the story, but Klinsmann did address it). He also laid down some very specific requirements for Adu to work his way back onto the national team radar.

Give the story a read if you haven't already. If you have, what did you think of Klinsmann's statements? Agree with his decisions? Still don't get why Lichaj didn't make the cut?

Share your thoughts below.

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139 Responses to Klinsmann discusses USMNT snubs, training camp and more

  1. wildchild says:

    Why am I not seeing the part on Brek?

  2. Adam says:

    I still don’t get Lichaj being left off given where things are w/ full-backs. That’s me. We’ll see what shakes out and it’s still a long way to go before 2014. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

  3. Air Jordanz says:

    While interesting, I wouldn’t say it’s surprising that Cameron’s ahead of Ream on the depth chart.

    Only the most myopic USMNT supporters will look at Cameron’s two most recent (and only 2 relevant) appearances and focus on nothing but the red card.

    While I’ll agree that Ream may have more upside, Cameron’s a much more well rounded package in the here and now. And I should note that I’m a Ream fan.

    While he may have had some rough moments to start this MLS season, the extended road trip and multiple lengthy breaks in action have certainly contributed to that.

  4. Old School says:

    I think it was fairly obvious Brek Shea was a favorite of his. Keeping that in mind, I was pleased to hear that he was able to make the distinction from a favorite of his to a player that was not producing.

    I also rate Geoff Cameron above Tim Ream and glad to see JK feels the same.

  5. BSU SC says:

    I actually agree with Klinsmann that Geoff Cameron is ahead of Tim Ream on the depth chart. Playing in Europe should not automatically place a player ahead of one of his MLS counterparts.

    I very much like the roster that was called in. And for all of you complaining about no Lichaj, Kljestan, or who ever you wanted to see…keep in mind that this is NOT the official roster for World Cup 2014. Whatever player you’re a fan of still has 2 years to work his way on to the roster.

  6. RLW2020 says:

    injuries aside im 100% confident he will be with the US for the Jamaica series in September. Apparently he is taking time to fully recover for next year.

  7. Diego says:

    I don’t get Agudelo. Otherwise, I get that Lichaj has just broken into Villa and that other players are more experienced. I get that Corona has been outstanding in Mexico. I get that it’s best to cap tie Boyd, Corona and Morales sooner rather than later. But I really don’t get the Agudelo call up.

  8. RLW2020 says:

    Andy Hertzog and Mattias Hammann have the best jobs possible! where do I apply?

  9. RLW2020 says:

    +1 Agreed. The others are explainable, Klinsy saying that it would be a good lift to his morale just sounds like crap. I would have called Beasley over him

  10. RLW2020 says:

    he said in an earlier interview that he needed to mature and improve his form in order to be apart of the US Squad. 100% agree with Klinsy on that.

  11. Mike says:

    We would never have gotten this sort of information out of Bob. Love that Klinsmann understands how unique the US Soccer culture is in their need to be fully informed and almost seemingly a part of the process.

  12. Bob says:

    Thanks Ives! Great follow-up article!

    We can all disagree with some of JK’s decisions, but it very refreshing to hear from the head coach as to why certain players were called etc.

    His only contradiction imo is Lichaj. How does Lichaj need more experience and Morales does not? If Morales was added so we could cap-tie him, then just be honest and say it.

  13. 2tone says:

    I really think Klinsmann is sending a message to Adu. Look you are a talented player, but you need to harness that talent every game; not just once and awhile.
    I understand the reasoning of leaving Lichaj off of the roster. Lichaj will a hve a very important role for this team in the future considering Chandler went AWOL. I would very much be expecting to see him in the fall WC qualifiers as long as he is still starting for Villa.
    I understand bringing in Juan because it’s still a position that is not solidified. I can almost gaurantee other strikers will eventually be brought in throughout this whole qualifying process like Cooper and Wooten.

    Klinsmann has already singled out Gatt as a player that is on the verge of getting a call-up.

    I too agree that Cameron is above Ream. Cameron is a more physical defender and is more comfortable on the ball, taller and better in the air, and has more pace.

    I like what he is doing and look forward to the continued progression of the USMNT under Klinsmann.

  14. Bob says:


  15. jermaine says:

    Don’t get Agudelo? Klinsmann stated that he was number 2 on the depth chart from the start. He scored two goals( More than Wondo who sits at 0!, and as much as Gomez, for the national team) Has more upside than both of them put together, and was very good for the U-23 until his injury during Olympic qualifying, I might even say his injury was one of the main reasons that team didn’t go anywhere. This Agudelo hating is pitiful, and borderline proving that Americans know too little about talent.

  16. GTRX7 says:

    At some point, who cares what Fredy Adu is doing for his club? He has proven over and over again that he is an impact player at the national team level. He has been the best player on multiple youth teams, including a lot of the other guys who did make this roster, and he has shown to be one of the best players on the field for the full national team against Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. If he is getting it done for the Nats on a consistent basis, who cares what he is doing in MLS?

  17. Old School says:

    Even if that was not JK’s intention, I think your summation of Adu is perfect.

  18. Juan says:

    Idk what to think… on one hand, what he says makes sense.. on the other hand…there are guys that don’t fit the description if what he’s saying and yet get they still get called.

    I for one dont put as much importance on club performance as NAT team performance. You’re ability to “put your mark” on your club is as much a function of the club you’re on as it is you’re own ability. Put Donovan on Toronto and I promise he would be nothing.

    Examples of players that don’t fit what he says…. Boyd (bench), Agudelo (until trade.. behind Cooper), Guzan (bench player), Altadore (before current team). Players that do it at the Nat level but less so at the club level include Adu (U23 and Gold Cup). Benny (key player during last WC) and Shea (nothing much at club).

    All that should matter is what you do for the NAT team

  19. Darwin says:

    Like he said, Castillo and Joe Benny have club chemistry. If one is on the field, both are. Watching them over the season with Xolos, even though Joe Benny switched sides and had freedom, the two have started developing their game together. It was impressive at times how Castillo could cut through that side of the field. His speed and attacking game are there, but he is behind Lichaj in terms of defensive movement. Castillo has better recovery speed though, and it is clear that he is on the roster to attack and recover.

  20. stpauljosh says:

    I know, right! Totally agree.

  21. jermaine says:

    I agree Juan…I agree, the truth is that some players do better in the national team setting, and some do better in the club setting. Wondo a prime example.

  22. jon says:

    Josh Gatt should’ve gotten a call-up. If Alfredo Morales can get a call, Josh Gatt is certainly a no-brainer.

  23. Jeff says:

    Did he mention that Beasley was done forever in his book?

  24. Weaksauce says:

    I would like to hear why Andrew Wooten wasnt called in ????

  25. Diego says:

    Heh. I’m South American. No problem with Agudelo’s upside. I like the kid but in the last year he hasn’t accomplished too much. Needs to earn it just like Adu. But hey if Klinsmann thinks that he needs the ego boost fine. I’d rather call Cooper myself.

  26. JD says:

    I just think Freddy is held to a higher, and unfair, standard. As others have said, when he plays for the US, he performs and looks easily in the top 11 players we have. But he can’t get called to a 30-man camp?

  27. Weaksauce says:

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……. i dont watch mexican soccer. I cant relate to watching one ethnic group, small people, and diving!

  28. Lost in Space says:

    Obviously the National Team coach does consider it important. I happen to agree that if you perform well/consistently with your club you’ll earn a chance to prove yourself with the national team. My reasoning may be different than others…but to me if you’re not a 90 Minute contributor to your club team (easier compitition) how can you be expected to consistently contribute to the national team (higher speed and compitition.

  29. Ryan says:

    Also he may already like what he sees in lichaj so maybe he wants to get more looks at other players

  30. RLW2020 says:

    no one doubts the fact that he has tons of potential but so does Adu, Gatt, Bedoya, Ream, etc. They were not called in cuz they are not quite there yet. no one is hating on agudelo!

  31. Joe+G says:

    On difference is that Gatt is now in-season.

  32. RLW2020 says:

    things like that are read between the lines. It would be a bit disrespectful to Boyd, Morales, etc. to say that out loud.

  33. Vic says:

    A) I disagree with Klinnsmann most about the Lichaj call-up

    B) I credit Klinnsmann for his honesty

    C) Even though I disagree with some selections, the German and Mexican based players have given us alot of depth so i’m overall pretty happy with the selections

  34. elgingorico says:

    Not digging on Klinsy or disagreeing, but it’s not the head coach’s job to be a PR man or appeal to the fans. Bob put the right players in the right places and did his job very well. So what if he wasn’t as relatable. What matters are the results.

  35. Damned says:

    Different positions. Gatt is a winger (Midfield or forward) while Morales is a Center Defensive Midfielder, Center Back, or Outside back. Morales has actually reciently played for the US U-23 and played well, while Gatt was called back to his club. splitting hairs but I think all played a part in JK’s decision to call one over the other

  36. Darwin says:

    Too bad, we have many nats there. Well, Mexican soccer isn’t missing you.

  37. RLW2020 says:

    so true. I doesn’t make sense but its true. If we find ourselves in qualifying needing a jolt of energy in the midfield/forward role bring him in, but its hard to say he is deserving of a call to this camp.

  38. 2tone says:

    But I also agree that Klinsamnn has contradictory comments. Personally, he just needs to say I feel this player fits with the program right now while this other player needs more time. Thats all he needs to say.

  39. chris says:

    Well, maybe it’s a bit of a mind game. Wouldn’t be the first time. I think Adu could do a lot as well and I appreciate his abilities, but maybe JK is saying sort of “with your talent, you should be breaking things open every game.” And maybe he really has to do that to make up for liabilities (defense-though getting better it seems-and speed).

  40. Andre says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Maurice Edu is complete garbage? Why does Klinamann refer to him as mainstay who can’t be “unseated”.

  41. Kosh says:

    I was a big fan of Bob’s too but he put the right players in the right spots for his system as JK is doing for his. I am quite certain that JK is working for results too.

    Plus I don’t know about the PR man thing either. It’s a style thing, for me. JK likes to keep things open – gives the fans access to the players, talks to the press, smiles a lot and celebrates like a baby when his guys score. Bob was a different guy. Neither is good or bad as long as the job is getting done. Just different.

  42. Eurosnob says:

    Boyd started regularly and had 20 goals for Borussia Dortmund’s second team. I think it is unrealistic to expect that a youngster like him would be starting for German champions ahead of more established players, but he got plenty of playing time with their second team and did well in the Olympic qualifying. Altidore was the lead scorer for the US in the last WC qualifying and had a strong Gold Cup prior to his injury. He is our No. 1 striker. I agree that Agudelo is a special case, but reading between the lines, I get an impression that he did not get a fair chance to win the starting job in NY which prompted his request for a trade. Klinsmann appeared to be pleased with this development. Agudelo is not ready to be a starter, but he was great as an energy option off the bench. He also did well for the USMNT against international level competition in the past (e.g. his goal against Argentina).

  43. Dinho says:

    I don’t disagree, Andre. I feel like Mo is a great athlete and is able to hide his technical deficiencies by covering a lot of ground and tackling like a mad man. Unfortunately, as the #6 in JK’s system, he actually can get away with it. Any other position and he’s completely useless, in my opinion.

  44. Mig22 says:

    I agree with much of what you say here but if you put Donovan on Toronto, two things happen:

    1. Toronto has a new best player
    2. Toronto is a better team than they were yesterday.


  45. Grubbsbl says:

    I ask in all seriousness, why do you think Wooten deserves a call up? And who would you like to see him replace on the roster? He is a 22 yr old player just starting to establish himself in the Kaiserslautern first team. Plus he has made zero appearances at the youth level for the US set up and never been part of a full national camp. I imagine the coaching staff is aware of him but no way he is even ahead of other players in his age range (Sapong, Bunbury) at the moment.

  46. Sam says:

    It’s not just us, Gio dos Santos is another perfect example of that for Mexico.

  47. Air Jordanz says:

    The problem with Cooper is that he doesn’t play the target role that Agudelo and Boyd do, and he hasn’t shown the same poacher’s quality for as long as Wondo and Gomez have.

  48. locoWorm says:

    Is it true that Chandler blew off camp cuz he’d rather attend HasslehoffFest?

  49. PGS says:

    give me freddy or give me death

  50. Excellency says:

    Edu tends to play in front of the goal/keeper/centerbacks.

    You have to ask yourself this question: If Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra and Gooch didn’t want Edu playing as the first line of defence in front of them, why would he be playing? It’s possible we see somebody else there ultimately but, at the end of the day, the CB’s and keeper will have a lot to say about who plays in the big games.

  51. Tab says:

    Dear Ives,

    A snub is a disdainful rejection. It’s a rejection made in bad form.

    Maybe people would have liked a different roster (if I were god, I’d have picked Lichaj).

    But JK seems above board. He has reasons. He explains himself. I’ve never seen him nasty, negative, or disdainful.

    Headlining this “snubs” is off target. It’s just stirring the pot.

  52. Robbie says:

    He’s better than Beckerman, imo

  53. dcm says:

    hah, so true, but Ives is just following the premiere league protocol, everything is a ROW or a SNUB! gotta make those headlines, man.

  54. b says:

    He’s definitely ahead of Bunbury, that guy is awful. Wooten has a goal, should have two, for a Bundesliga team that had real problems scoring. That’s practically more than Kenny Cooper ever did in his European career already.
    Boyd got called in despite having no Bundesliga minutes, Morales despite being benched, there’s no reason Wooten shouldn’t at least be in the second target forward behind Jozy discussion with Boyd and Sapong.

  55. b says:


    That’s “journalism” in our modern era…

  56. boosted335 says:

    Too difficult to ask him about G.John Ives?

  57. crocajun says:

    Boyd was called up b/c he is one of the best we have at his particular position.

    Marales was called in b/c he has tremendous upside, will push the veterans in training, and needs to be capped immediately.

    It seems like JK is playing a mind game with Lichaj, Ream, and Shea. He’s got big plans for these guys, but needs them to understand that their position on the national team is not a lock and they must continue improving.

    JK has the ability to motivate make these moves b/c the quality of opponents in the qualifiers is not that high, and the squad is fairly deep.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  58. nick says:

    Completely agree that Adu is held to a different standard than all other players! Donovan often disappears for very long stretches of the game!! Same with Dempsey! If Klinsy doesn’t like how he particularly gets “lost” in some games, call him in and work with him on it. he has way too much skill and game-changing ability to not get a look on a 27 man roster!

  59. boosted335 says:

    Nevermind..looks like he told you anyways.
    I probably should read the article first next time.

  60. crocajun says:

    I have enjoyed JK’s call-ups and openness.

    He does a great job of mixing youth and veteran players. He rewards guys for good seasons and doesn’t seem to have “his guys” that will get called up regardless of form.

    Excited to see how the team comes out and plays.

  61. Ryan Nanez says:

    im just pissed dempsey wont really be available till the antigua game due to his groin strain. and altidore wont be here for the scotland game.

  62. crocajun says:

    You can’t compare Adu to the strikers. Adu plays a position at which we a very deep.

    Considering we expect Deuce and Donovan to go 90 every game I’m just not sure where he slots in at the moment.

  63. louis z says:

    I’m sure J.Borstein appreciates your comments.

  64. ManicMessiah says:

    To be fair, there are dictionary definitions and there are common use definitions. ‘Snubs’ in a sports context has a clear meaning. All star snubs, bowl game/march madness snubs. The connotations of the word are not as strongly tied in this instance.

  65. GW says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate I suspect the reason Boyd is in and Wooten and Bunbury are not is:

    Bunbury was crap for the Under 23’s

    Boyd has already been in a couple of camps, has played for JK and did very well for the Under 23’s so he is a known and , apparently impressive, quantity to the USMNT staff.

    Wooten, by comparison , is not as well known to them. I don’t know why Wooten has not gotten as many opportunities, at this point, with the US set up as Boyd has but that is the way it is right now.

    I’m not an expert but Wooten and Boyd look like very similar players to me so why not go with the one you know?

    I don’t know how eager Wooten is to play for the US but Boyd is certainly eager. So cap him against Scotland and get it out of the way and tehn go wrok on Wooten.

    If Wooten continues to impress then I see no reason why he won’t get a shot down the road sometime.

    But you can only work with so many target forwards at one time.

  66. jermaine says:

    Still american! 😉 cooper has had his chances and stunk them up. Not an international striker. Agudelo has a gold cup campaign under his belt and a show of maturity( leaving ny for chivas) to get playing time, just like klinsmann probably told him too. He had to reward him.

  67. GW says:

    What separates Agudelo from all those guys is he has the potential to be something very special, especially for the US, a geniune goalscoring forward.

    I would not have called him in to this camp but JK obviously sees something there that needs attention now.

    Since JK was a pretty damm fine goal scoring forward himself and really supported a guy named Miro Klose with Germany early on, I’m inclined to give him a pass on what appears to be his pet project.

    Clint’s not going to be around forever.

  68. Henry Alvarado says:

    lol!!!!! Maybe we should have Hasselhoff recruit for us

  69. SD says:

    boyd can only be cap tied in the qualifiers….

  70. SBI Troll says:

    Miroslav Klose

  71. GW says:

    I happen to think BB was a fine manager but if had been just a bit more media savvy it would have gone a lot better for him. He didn’t have to be a frickin chatter box like JK. Not that I mind that.

    When you never explain anything you do, fans often make their own answers up and more often than not, get it wrong.

    Bob is no dummy. Look at how well he is handling an impossible situation with Egypt.
    I defy any of the haters to say anyone could have done better.

  72. Pete says:

    No its Mirosław Klose

  73. GW says:

    Well, if you’ll notice, no one asked him about Morales and the idea of cap tieing him. Lichaj is no longer eligible for Poland so he is stuck with us.

    Plus Morales has been in camp with the team before and with the Under 23’s. So JK knows a lot more about him, first hand, than he does about Eric.

    Lichaj has been with Villa since 2008 and has played 15 league games for them, including the 9-10 he played this year. He has a lot of potential but it is not yet clear that he has won a job at Villa as most of his starts seem to be due to others getting injured. And whentheothers are the likes of a guy like Hutton, well… So Eric far from an established EPL starter.

    I would not have been upset if he had been called in but it’s hardly surprising either.

  74. GW says:

    Freddy went to Europe in 2007.

    Since then, for whatever reason, not that it matters, he has averaged 11 league appearances a season for his club teams.

    Eleven appearances, not games.

    If Adu is going to be on this team he needs to be our version of Iniesta, or Hazard or Nasri.

    And he won’t be that if he only plays eleven league games every season. I don’t care how talented he is. That is why he is so dammed inconsistent, why he is brilliant for a half with the Under 23’s and anonymous for the other five halves.

    You can’t stay reliably sharp if you don’t play regularly. And Freddy is not consistent or reliabel. So you don’t call him up until he is.

  75. GW says:

    When Adu plays as many games in a season as Klose scores goals then he can talk.

  76. ronniet says:

    yeah im puzzled to death why DMB didn’t get a callup because he was a big impact player all year for Puebla….if you notice though, there are no true wingers in the squad this time around so maybe beas gets a call up later in qualifying!

  77. GW says:

    Boyd (bench)

    Not true. He plays and scores regularly for
    Dortmund’s reserve team.

    Guzan (bench player)

    Keepers are different

    Altadore (before current team).

    Our second leading scorer in Europe THIS year. You’re kidding right?

  78. GW says:

    Josh Gatt is not eligible for any other country.

  79. ronniet says:

    garbage? he’s had bad games for the nats just like alot of people over the years but he’s a good two way player and has scored some big goals for his club the last 2-3 years! i guess yu didn’t see him against Italy? Balling!

  80. GW says:

    “Maurice Edu is complete garbage? Why does Klinamann refer to him as mainstay who can’t be “unseated”. ”

    He did not say that.

    He said Sacha couldn’t unseat him. Today.

    Tomorrow may be a different story but he won’t beat him out today.

  81. boosted335 says:

    Agree with everything less your last paragraph.

    To blame him getting continuely being stripped of the ball as a central defender (and LAST MAN BACK) on lenghty roadtrips and time off is a lil crazy.

    Its more likely this continues to happen because he doesnt have the experience and mindstet to play the position at the level we expect him to considering his skills.

    This is why John (who has an extremely similar skill-set and body frame) would’ve been the smarter choice as he has proven he can play CENTERBACK at a high level for nearly 4 years now.

    Oh well…as long as we qualify i’ll be happy but our D is looking mighty suspect at the moment

  82. Kenny_B says:

    Castillo has better recovery speed than Lichaj?

    I’ll be honest in that I haven’t seen that much of Castillo, but Lichaj is known for his speed. It’s one of the knocks against him in that he perhaps gambles too much, relying on his speed to bail out his poor positioning.

    Is Castillo really that fast?

  83. ANM says:

    Agree with Tab and I was actually going to post the same thing. A better use for snub would be for Chandler declining our call up because he’s “too tired.” Now that’s a snub!

  84. GW says:

    “He has proven over and over again that he is an impact player at the national team level. ”

    What World Cup games or Confederation Cup games did he win for us?

    He did okay in the Gold Cup but we lost that in humiliating fashion.

    He was CAPTAIN of an Under 23 team that under-performed massively.

    So if he has had an impact it hasn’t been positive.

    Being a brilliant, entertaining player who can’t help his team win makes him the Alan Iverson of the USMNT.

  85. Kenny_B says:

    Bradley did ONE really, really, in depth interview. I really enjoyed reading his thoughts about tactics, what he was trying to accomplish, and his plans for doing that. He came across as extremely intelligent.

    It would have helped him, in terms of public opinion, had he been a little more open. Like it or not, but Gulati was swayed by public opinion. He would claim he wasn’t, but in hindsight that claim seems silly since the public was clamoring for JK and he (Gulati) went back to the well more than once.

    It’s ok to be cerebral, but I don’t think BB’s appearance as a brooding coach helped his cause.

  86. Kenny_B says:

    Totally agree

  87. Eugene says:

    Given how he wants wing players, its interesting that he didn’t call in Beasley… what’s Klinsmann’s thought on DMB?

  88. Kenny_B says:

    Adu is slow. The only time he has looked dominant has been against lesser competition.

    I’m not recollecting these tremendous performances against Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. Those games we struggled to maintain possession of the ball.

  89. SilverRey says:

    Adu needs to define his role still at Philly, something they should have had worked out in Spring Training. Until he starts playing his style with consistency I’m fine with him not getting called in.

    That being said, I think when Klinsman talked to Adu last, it lit a fire under his a$$. He was playing out of his mind in the first half of the game against the Red Bulls – until he got the red card of course…

  90. Kenny_B says:

    I hate to be such a Freddy basher but I think you really should evaluate play by play what Adu accomplished and what he didn’t accomplish during the Olympic qualifiers.

    He was awful versus Canada, and barely mediocre versus El Salvador. That leaves the game against Cuba, where he performed well in a blowout.

    Where is the performance when it counts? He holds on to the ball way too long and is very selfish anywhere near the goal. Caleb Porter had the game flow thru Adu. Adu had the ball continuously and he did not step up.

  91. Travis in Miami says:

    “The only time he has looked dominant has been against lesser competition”.

    Like teams the NT will play in CONCACAF for qualifying? Or like the teams previously mentioned in this thread – Argentina, Spain and Mexico?

  92. Travis in Miami says:

    Agudelo is coming off an injury and is not fit.

  93. PD says:

    I agree that it’s odd in that Agudelo doesn’t fit JK’s self described pre-requisites of “thou must be a starter for your club” but it will certainly get him into game shape for Chivas right quick and it will give JK and Agudelo a good look at his competition up top. My bet is he’ll be released when the cut is made to 23.

  94. marco says:

    Good read. Klinsmann was interesting and brave for letting fans into his selection thoughts. Arena and Bradley never revealed half as much. One doesn’t need to agree with all the decisions to be grateful.

  95. PD says:

    No,it’s not always a coaches job to be such a visible mouthpiece, but JK is an internationally recognized soccer hero–he and Roberto Baggio and Diego Maradonna are some of the biggest names of their generation. Therefore he’s naturally an excellent ambassador for the game in that when he speaks “normal” people listen, not just soccer geeks like us. Plus, JK clearly has made it his mission to bring soccer to a new level in the US midset, so in that regard I get the extra face time he’s engaging in.

    Rightly or wrongly, Senior never had that kind of street cred, although perhaps if he brings Egypt to success folks will be more eager to hear what he as to say in the future.

  96. GW says:

    True, I was mistaken there.

    But since Jozy and Clint are not available for that you have to feel he will play if he doesn’t get sent home before the game.

    And if he does well then he’ll have a good shot at getting on the field during one of those three qualifiers.

  97. Dennis says:

    Adu can’t win a starting spot on any team he has been on. How does that make him a player for the USMNT? Sure, he has moments of brilliance, but mostly he does not.

  98. GW says:

    Castillo probably beats Lichaj if they are both running on a track.

    But soccer isn’t like that. There is this ball you have to dribble and angles you have to play and so on.

    The best quote I ever heard on speed in soccer came from Cruyff who said something like, ” The faster player is the one who starts running first.”

  99. GW says:

    Actually, I would say Cameron has more upside than Ream, though Ream has better hair.

    Maybe when Cameron moves to Europe they will fix his hair.

    You can’t have two guys on the same continent with the Ribery hairdo

  100. Darwin says:

    Which is what people keep forgetting. We can cap-tie some players, why not call them to camp first?

  101. GW says:

    Klinsmann, as a player and then as a manager, was a very big media star for a long time in a much more pressurized and hostile environment than Arena and Bradley ever experienced.

    So he was always going to be much better with the fairly low key, low pressure US soccer media than Arena and Bradley.

  102. TomG says:

    Watching them both, Lichaj seems much faster. He’s clearly a much better crosser of the ball, as well.

  103. Eurosnob says:

    If he is not fit, he will not be in the final 23.

  104. BrianVT says:

    Incorrect. He’s already “apart” of the US Squad. What he really needs is to “mature and improve his form in order to be a part of the US Squad”.

  105. divers suck says:

    “The absences of several players came as a surprise,”

    I stopped reading at this phrase….Can this really be a bad thing?

  106. Kenny_B says:

    I’m not following your comment. I said i don’t recall some great performance by Adu against Argentina, Spain, or Mexico.

    Did Adu even play versus Spain? I don’t think he did.

  107. marco says:

    “Bob put the right players in the right places and did his job very well.”

    I have not forgotten Bornstein at the Gold Cup, and never will. You cannot erase it.

  108. Skywardo says:

    Spot on Ryan, IMO

    Castillo could be an offensive threat in that he can slice and dice, which he may do as well as Lichaj or better. Having said that, my money is that of Lichaj stays healthy, he’s our right back

  109. Skywardo says:

    Thumbs up Jermaine: I see Agudelo as having a special knack of cleverness and skill that set him apart. His passing is great with the Nats, , and his speed has surprised me at times.
    And the Colombian heritage goes real well with me

  110. Weaksauce says:

    LOL, yeah right mexicans always come on here and try to brag about that crap league. MLS will surpass is pretty soon. Nobody that is non-mexican wants to watch that league. Mexico is such a loser soccer nation that they have to play their games in the USA and in 10 years majority of their national team players will be born in the USA

  111. Skywardo says:

    Who goes in instead of Bornstein in that situation?

    I actually tire of the Bornstein insults. It’s true, he should not play for the Nats, but for Gods sake he did his best. He actually played decent against Ghana, and he was sorely outmatched.

    Okay, got it out. I worry that Castillo will take the role of defensive butt

  112. biff says:

    “This Agudelo hating is pitiful, and borderline proving that Americans know too little about talent.”

    That is a ridiculous statement. I’m not saying your are stupid, only that your statement is stupid.

    Agudelo “(leaving ny for chivas) to get playing time, just like klinsmann probably told him too. He had to reward him.”

    There might be a grain of truth in that. When the Agudelo transfer was announced I saw Klinsmann’s fingerprints all over that and it could be that the surprising call-up was a thank you from Klinsmann.

  113. biff says:

    Yeah, even as a Klinsmann fan, he can be a bit frustrating to me, seems that his rock-hard rules are selectively applied, can be softened for a few select players but will remain firm for others. Does seem unfair. But the program is running so well now with the guys seemingly so happy with the new coach, I can give JK the benefit of the doubt on the Agudelo call-up and then expect Agudelo to be released later today when the roster is cut to 23. I did notice in that US Soccer video earlier this week, showing Agudelo picked up at the airport, his whole body language and manner struck me as a kid that in his heart knew that he probably did not deserve the call-up according to Klinsmann’s call-up rules: Playing regularly for club and having a major impact on club.

  114. hush says:

    I guess my boy Adu has to be Xavi or Iniesta to be even considered in the USMNT. You guys just wait until we get in a bit of trouble in the scoring area during qualifying. I see Adu being called in and will do what he always does… Deliver

    Lichaj situation is mind boggling. We need someone on the left who can defend, and a player who can give us 2-3 chances to score. Both of those needs are in the U.S pool, we just ignore them because they need to be Xavi & Alves type players to play for us.

    Adu & Lichaj. Still smh

  115. biff says:

    Jonathan Spector was still on the bench ready for duty in the Gold Cup final. Also Maurice Edu, who BB started in the Spain fiasco friendly before the Gold Cup and was pulled out at half time of the Spain friendly and made a scape goat and then after that basically was relegated by BB to the bench for the Gold Cup, also was on the bench in the Gold Cup final. To me, Edu’s treatment last summer during the Gold Cup was not one of BB’s best moments and was also a major strategic mistake that was a key factor to the USMNT not winning the Gold Cup.

    But back to the point: The main point is that BB in the first place wasted a roster spot calling Jonathan Bornstein up.

  116. Hayes says:

    I think Adu needs to show that he can give a consistently high level of effort. Adu tends to drift in and out of games and provides almost no defensive pressure when he plays. His pace of play is too slow at times as he is always looking for the killer pass when, at times, he needs to be playing simply and moving to get the ball back. This works against lower level competition, but not at the higher level.

    In contrast, I think Donovan is much better when the level of play is higher and he can concentrate on getting down the wing, making runs in space and setting up his teammates.

    JK is building for the long hall, not just playing the guys that can do well in the first round.

  117. jermaine says:

    Why is that a ridiculous statement
    Biff? I think in a lot of cases it’s spot on. We are at the dawn of our Futbol knowledge compared to the rest of the world, and I dare say some still think that MLS players like Cooper, and Wondo can cut it on the international stage…they can’t. Agudelo has the skill set that will shine in the international stage, just like Altidore before him. Another young player that was degraded by the american fan base. The fact you think it’s stupid actually does nothing but solidify it for me.

  118. Russell says:

    Each player situation is different and these games in reality had better be the final tune up before it all really begins.

    Therefore Lichaj and Ream rest for the same reasons Chandler did last year. Give the young player a breather before what could/should their real breakout year. Adu can be classified here as well.

    Boyd, Moralles and Agudello need to be shown the love at this point more than they need the rest and each legit have upside potential and/or status checks Klinsi wants to see.

  119. KC says:

    It makes me sad that Kyle Beckerman is considered one of our top 4 central MF players.

  120. Nate Dollars says:

    not this last friendly against Spain, it was another one; and he was arguably MOTM for that one.

    and i agree with the OP: adu has been very consistent for the full national team. I don’t give a crap how (or even if) he plays for his club team; if a player brings it at the national level, then call them up.

  121. Nate Dollars says:

    agreed. i’m certainly not trying to bash kb–he’s one of the best in our league–but it’s the same as when we kept having to call up connor casey.

  122. biff says:

    You asked, I will reply. It is ridiculous first because you are accusing people who don’t feel Agudelo should have been called into camp as Agudelo haters. I think most people who feel Agudelo’s call-up was undeserved call-up feel that way because he has not even come close to meeting Klinsmann’s criteria for being called into camp and that some people more deserving were not called up. Not because we hate him. Secondly, it is a ridiculous statement because you say “Americans know too little about talent.” Admit it, jermaine, that is ridiculous. Most people who feel Agudelo should not have been called into camp, myself included, think that Agudelo has talent with the potential to develop into a good player, but that he still has a lot of hard work to do before he can win a slot on the USMNT. I imagine Agudelo will be released later today to go back to Chivas to work hard at improving his game. I hope he succeeds.

  123. elgringorico says:

    If we can only spot 1/2 of one game where Bob made the wrong personnell decision, then that is probably saying a lot about what he did. He built this team from the ground up and Klinsy has mostly inherited it.

    Separately: Do you think Bob would ever be accused of favoring Mexican/European players just because of the league they’re in or where they grew up? I actually think Klinsy favoring 1/2 Americans will sit poorly with real Amurricans and will be somewhat of a deterrent to expanding soccer’s audience in the US. What will people think in interviews when half the team can barely speak English? (Disclaimer: I am of firm belief that you field the best team you can, and I commend him for that, but I’m just curious how non hardcore soccer fans would react to this).

  124. Crazy Fan says:

    How about Podolski? Never consistently outstanding for club but tremendous for Germany.

  125. jermaine says:

    The inability to separate a growing league like the MLS to the established International level, and not understanding the skill set difference is an american soccer fans greatest hurdle right now. Anyone that discusses the MLS, will clearly state it is hectic, with no calmness on the ball, typically. In the rare instances like Agudelo, Cameron, Ream, and a few others, we see the pedigree international type players. Is Agudelo there yet, no, but he has more tools than the Wondo and Coopers of the world. And there has been alot of Agudelo backlash of late…just like Jozy…maybe not you, but quite a few posters have said foolish things. So I will disagree with you and stand by my statements.

  126. James says:

    Your kidding? Adu is not selfish, he delivered vs El Salvador and was our best player and set up two goals. The defense did not deliver in that game and that is why we lost. He delivered in his last game for philly til the red card. When he is in form he is smart and should have the ball often even if he does get stripped a few times because he will do more good than bad. If he is not in form, it is a different story.

  127. GW says:

    At the risk of being obvious, life isn’t fair. National team managers certainly aren’t.

    If there were a guaranteed formula every manager could follow to insure the best team gets put together and achieves the best results then you would not need a manager, you would just need the formula.

    Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed formula and for the foreseable future, guys like JK will have many cases where they will just have to make some sort of judgement call.

    By definition judgement is subjective.

    Like the pirate movie says, “Klinsmann’s call-up rules” aren’t so much rules. They are more like guidelines.

    Everyone needs to lighten up on the violation of “the call-up rules” thing.

  128. James says:

    Everyone wants Adu to play well on a more consistent basis, but when he is in form, what he provides more than offsets any weak defense he has. And lots of players disappear during streches, not to say thats a good thing, but is Adu really alot worse at that than Donovan or Dempsey or Altidore?

  129. GW says:

    There is still a lot of racism towards, for example,the dual nationals from Germany who are primarily of African-American heritage as well as for and against our latino contingent.

    Nothing new there.

    By the way our dual nationals from Germany are not half Americans. They have American passports, which is the only way you can play for the USMNT.

    This means they are not half, but full Americans; whether you like it or not.

  130. GW says:

    “And lots of players disappear during streches, not to say thats a good thing, but is Adu really alot worse at that than Donovan or Dempsey or Altidore?”

    Yes. Absolutely.

    Look it up. Adu does not belong in the conversation with those three players.

  131. GW says:

    “agreed. i’m certainly not trying to bash kb–he’s one of the best in our league–but it’s the same as when we kept having to call up connor casey.”


    1. Of course you are bashing kb. Take ownership of your views. Be courageous.

    I love people who say ” not to be insulting” who then go on to be completely insulting.

    2. The Casey comparison is wrong. JK does not have to call up kb. He could call up Sacha in his place. But he does not. Because he thinks kb is better.

  132. GW says:

    Why wait?

    Since JK took over the US has scored 8 goals in 10 games.

    Does that not qualify as “a bit of trouble in the scoring area” ?

    Yet the biggest change to the attack in this camp is ….wait for it… Donovan is back, and Corona is here with his partner in crime, Castillo.

    You’d think if JK saw Adu as any kind of solution for a scoring drought he would have called him in for his “simulated tournament” by now.

    So what does that tell you?

  133. elgringorico says:

    They are 50% American by blood (1/2 American) with American passports.

  134. Juan from L.A. says:

    Geoff > Tim right now and possibly come 2014

  135. Kenny_B says:

    That game against Spain will be 4 years ago in June. That can’t be justification to include him now.
    Here are “highlights” from that game. link to thedenimkit.com
    There are two brilliant passes and one great turn into the box. Several of the “highlights” are in fact turnovers. A stepover with a heavy touch right to the defender, another where he takes on two defenders in corner. Even the turn into the box he ends up being lucky to get the ball back. His pass is behind his teammate, the defender pokes the ball away and Adu is able to take the ball to touch before serving an excellent cross.

  136. James says:

    According to:

    link to en.wikipedia.org

    I think he does. Adus USMNT average assists per game is not much at 0.18, but it is better than Dempseys at 0.11 and Altidores at 0.09. Donovan is the best with 0.46. The three do have better goal scoring rates than Adu but I am more interested in Adu’s playmaking than his goal scoring.

  137. aa shriner says:

    Shea’s last few outings in international play have been disappointing. Beckerman and Cameron’s appearances seem to be the new tokens to appease the MLS besides Donovan. Feilharbor’s absence is peculiar but we have so many midfielders. Then Wondo shows up?

  138. aa shriner says:

    Then you don’t know anything about Mexican soccer. You hate Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian, & German. Mexican soccer is more diverse and has less diving than any of these leagues. In fact I will bet that the English Premier League has more diving than Mexico.