Klinsmann announces first 16 players for USMNT camp in Orlando

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U.S. men's national head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has released the first part of the roster that will take part in a training camp in Orlando later this month, and there are several veterans included and one big omission.

Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and Michael Bradley are among the group of 16 players announced by Klinsmann on Tuesday, while fullback Timmy Chandler is not on the team. Klinsmann said Chandler's absence is a result of the player needing a break.

Klinsmann will announce added selections on May 20.

Here are the first players called up the USMNT training camp roster:

Goalkeepers: Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

Defenders: Carlos Bocanegra (Rangers), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Alfredo Morales (Hertha Berlin)

Midfielders: Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Michael Bradley (Chievo Verona), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Jose Torres (Pachuca), Danny Williams (Hoffenheim)

Forwards: Clint Dempsey (Fulham)

While Alfredo Morales' inclusion is a surprise, the absence of Chandler is the most notable aspect of this roster. Klinsmann touched on that very topic, explaining that Chandler's omission is due to the player wanting a break.

"I have had long conversations with Timmy about where he is in his professional career and his commitment to playing international football," Klinsmann told ussoccer.com. "He has expressed his appreciation for all the opportunities we have given him, but he also feels at this point he needs to take a break.

"It’s disappointing not having him as a part of the team at this important juncture of building our team, but ultimately a player must decide what is best for him. The door is certainly not closed on Timmy, but in the moment we move on without him.” 

Klinsmann also touched on the next part of his roster selections, which will come on May 20 and could include up to 13 more players. Klinsmann said a mix of MLS-based and foreign-based players will be added to the group.

“It will be exciting on May 20 to have all our MLS players join camp, as well of some of the foreign-based guys who are finishing their commitments, because they are in a full run right now and they should all be really fit and they should be excited," said Klinsmann. "Because of the different schedules for the season, it’s always a challenge for us because you want them all to be in top shape and be confident and feel like they’re ready for the competition.

"It’s going to be really exciting for us, for me personally and our coaching staff. It’s the first time we have our best players together for a longer stretch of time, which is why we put so much planning into this camp. A lot of work was being done before the players actually arrived that we hope the players will appreciate, but on the other hand we also expect them to work very, very hard now in the next four weeks."

One of the confirmed players who will get called in during the second part of this roster selection is Borussia Dortmund forward Terrence Boyd, who revealed via Twitter on Tuesday that he was called in.

The inclusion of players like Boyd and Morales might be a surprise given their lack of playing time with their respective clubs in recent months, but they are part of the group Klinsmann says is his top team.

"All the players coming now for this very special four-week period represent our core," said Klinsmann. "If tomorrow was the World Cup, this is the group that comes in for our World Cup roster. It’s a clear signal to other players that right now it’s down to business. We’re playing World Cup qualifiers. It’s not about experimenting or seeing different players, it’s about who we think are the best.”

The United States begins its summer matches by taking on Scotland in Jacksonville, Fla. on May 26, Brazil four days later in Landover, Md., and Canada in Toronto on June 3. The Americans begin their World Cup qualifying campaign in Tampa, Fla. on June 8 versus Antigua and Barbuda before paying a visit to Guatemala on June 11.


What do you think of the roster? Surprised by anyone's inclusion/omission? Who do you see making the final 23-man roster from this group? What do you make of Chandler denying a call-up?

Share your thoughts below.

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317 Responses to Klinsmann announces first 16 players for USMNT camp in Orlando

  1. Timmy says:

    The sky is falling.

  2. Brad says:

    Chandler is dead to me.

  3. Yellow Submarine says:

    Alfredo Morales?

  4. Yellow Submarine says:

    “Me too.”

    -Omar Gonzalez

  5. MensreaJim says:

    Aye aye aye. I don’t see how he ever gets back into Germany’s fold, but the cap-tying only absences are suspicious.

  6. Timmy says:

    But seriously…is there any shot that Lichaj is part of the second round of call ins? Outside back is looking very, very shallow right now.

  7. Stefan says:

    Wow, is Landon hurt?

  8. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Kyle Beckerman is officially the new Jonathan Bornstein smfh!

  9. maka says:

    Seriously, Chandler?

  10. Timmy says:

    He’ll be in the second wave of call ins. Along with Gooch, Jozy, Goodson, etc.

  11. Yellow Submarine says:

    These are friendlies and not cap-tying.

  12. Joel says:

    Hard to fault Timmy Chandler for preferring Germany (home country + more likely to win major trophies) if he has the chance. I’m assuming he needs to ‘rest’ until Germany calls him up.

  13. Dat Dood says:

    Nothing like bailing at the last minute, Timmy.

  14. mark says:


  15. Just Curious says:

    Real Salt Lake is now a foreign team?

  16. Brian says:

    Screw Chandler and/or FC Nürnberg. I wonder who really is responsible for the decision.

  17. Al says:

    No LD again is disappointing, but wouldn’t be surprised if he is in the second wave of call-ups. Most disappointing is the absence of Altidore, as I was looking forward to seeing in-form Jozy and Deuce together on the pitch. Can’t wait until later in the summer when they are (hopefully) teamed up front together.

  18. Rags from DC says:

    Where is Beas? I thought that Morales would get called. Curious about the next 15 called up.

  19. malkin says:

    yes but cap-tying is a week after the friendlies. This is the squad.

  20. Peter says:

    Yeah the first games are but this is world cup qualifying for the first game june 8th. He seems to always be gone for qualifiers. Looks like he wants Germany to me.

  21. bryan says:

    only surprise for me is Williams and Morales. i honestly think the Chandler excuse is PATHETIC. i don’t buy it for one minute. he better be in qualifying, otherwise, i’m done with him.

    beckerman isn’t much of a surprise given it’s a 29 man roster. i’m really curious to see who isn’t getting the call because of Williams and Morales.

    also, Boyd tweeted he got called up. so i’m confused. USSF needs to stop being dumb and JUST RELEASE THE WHOLE #@$%& ROSTER!

  22. malkin says:

    no game this weekend.

  23. Alex says:

    Yeah, no, the WCQ’s, which are the purpose of this camp, are cap tying.

  24. Timmy says:

    I assume those two players are included because RSL doesn’t play again until May 26th whereas the rest of the MLS teams have games this week/weekend.

  25. Dan says:

    The qualifiers are, and its pretty clear he won’t be a part of them.

    It’d be one thing if he was hurt. But this is now the second summer in a row he has needed “more rest.”

    The World Cup is also in the Summer.

    I think it’s pretty clear he’s just using us for the showcase aspect and wants no part of being tied to us. So I think we should move on.

  26. EN says:

    Two Xolos called up – nice!

  27. Dat Dood says:

    I thought Williams was hurt?

  28. Mat says:

    What is up with this 2 step roster announcement? This is so ridiculous. Just wait a few more days and give the whole list at once geez. lame

  29. LA Galaxy says:

    Not me!

    -David Lopes, Tommy Meyer, and several other sucky sucks.

  30. bryan says:

    “On how pleased he is with the form of the players coming into this camp: – …Oguchi Onyewu plays for a very prestigious club and after being injured in his time at AC Milan now finally is getting consistency in one of the top teams in Portugal.”

    ummmm, Gooch isn’t listed…so i guess it’s safe to safe Gooch is also called up despite not being listed in this initial 16. this is so dumb.

  31. Dennis says:

    So, I guess it was not Bradley specific when Chandler would not play for the USA last summer. Maybe he is just a kid whose endurance is lacking after a long season, he certainly seems to be the kind of player who goes all-out in every game and that can wear on a body, Maybe he has hopes of a German call-up, who knows?

  32. Yellow Submarine says:

    Which is what Klinsmann has stated they’re doing.

    I’m not overly concerned. He’s shown flashes but we’re surprisingly ok at that position.

  33. dave says:

    A good way to make a player change sides is to have fans jumping to conclusions and assuming he’s screwing you in some way when maybe he just played close to 40 games and needs a breather. Maybe stay calm for a little bit longer…

  34. bryan says:

    also, no Lichaj on this initial list…

  35. Ryan in NY from NC says:

    This guy calls in Edgar Castillo but leaves out Bease, Sascha and Eric Lichaj. I try to give JK the benefit of the doubt but c’mon man. Kyle Beckerman AGAIN?!? Ridiculous.

  36. sciroccer says:

    Kyle’s deserved to get the call up for years. USMNT now has a coach that’s going to put the best he can out there, and Kyle’s one of them.

  37. ED^^ says:

    good question. i don’t see him making the cut

  38. Yellow Submarine says:

    I agree.

    A soccer blog and random people posting from home, school or work is going to alter his decision.

    …wait. No, I don’t agree with that.

  39. Brad says:

    Does Chandler actually think he will get the call from germany? Phillip Lahm currently holds his position, and he would never get a look in their mid-field. Even if he gets a call, the best he will ever do is ride the pine. I could see him playing in 3 or 4 World Cups for us. What a shame.

  40. Dennis says:

    Is Altidore still recovering from his rude introduction to a cement wall or is this a snub by Klinsmann?
    Dempsey must not have that much of an injury to his groin.
    Williams shoulder must be all better now.

  41. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Players like Chandler, Onyewu, Altidore, Gomez, Donovan are expected to be called up in a few days from now.

  42. Brad says:

    Altidore’s knock was not as bad as it seemed.

  43. bryan says:

    On the exclusion of Timmy Chandler from the roster:
    “I have had long conversations with Timmy about where he is in his professional career and his commitment to playing international football. He has expressed his appreciation for all the opportunities we have given him, but he also feels at this point he needs to take a break. It’s disappointing not having him as a part of the team at this important juncture of building our team, but ultimately a player must decide what is best for him. The door is certainly not closed on Timmy, but in the moment we move on without him.”

    1. just about everyone has played 40 games.
    2. sounds like Timmy decided to turn down this call up
    3. does that sound like a coach who is happy with the decision? or confident Timmy is still committed to the USA?
    4. this is World Cup qualifying, not some crap friendlies in the middle of a season.

  44. Sean says:

    I think you mean Scotland in Jacksonville, Ives.

  45. josh says:

    16+ we can add

    Altidore, Onyewu, Goodson, Parkhurst, Gomez, Boyd, Lichaj, Ream= 24

    Donovan, Wondolowski, Adu, Zusi and Pontius= 29 ???

    Maybe Cameron or Cooper?

  46. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Kyle Becherman obviously has dirty pictures of Jurgen in a safety deposit box somewhere

  47. bryan says:

    On the status of Clint Dempsey:
    “Clint has a minor groin injury which should be fine within the next couple of days. We’re going to take it a bit easy in the beginning, and from there we don’t expect any problems.”

    I don’t understand why Jozy isn’t listed right now. I can’t imagine he isn’t getting the call.

  48. Air Jordanz says:


    1. Glad to see Corona and Morales. We have a larger sample size of Corona’s performances, but hopefully both can live up to the potential they showed as U23s.

    2. Surely Lichaj’s getting the call and just has another week of commitments…I hope.

    3. Bummed about Chandler, but the sky isn’t falling yet.

    4. WHY do we need Beckerman with Bradley, Jones, Edu, Morales and Williams available at the same position?

  49. Yellow Submarine says:

    Dirty hair? Perhaps.

    …but Beckerman is not Bornstien. Beckerman is there on merit and not based on being left footed.

  50. josh says:

    Um…Berckermann is probably the top defensive midfielder in the MLS. He deserves a call.

  51. Aaron in StL says:

    Disappointing on Chandler… hope he comes around. Only so many fatigue / rest excuses you can give before people start to get the picture.

  52. bryan says:

    agree that Jozy, Gooch (who JK mentioned will be in the camp on USSF despite not being listed), Goodson, Gomez, Boyd (he tweeted he got the call for crying out loud), Lichaj, Ream, LD and Wondo will get the call.

    i think only one, MAYBE two, get a call out of Adu, Zusi, Pontius, Cameron and Cooper.

  53. josh says:

    Williams will probably be slotted at RB.

  54. Air Jordanz says:

    The only MLS players who were called up in the first wave are the RSL players who are inactive this weekend.

  55. bryan says:

    agreed. he deserves to be in the 29. whether or not he should be in the 23 is another question when you have Jones, Edu and Bradley.

  56. VADCUfan says:

    I would disagree, I remember watching Beckerman live at a 2009 Gold Cup game against Honduras where he was a turnover machine and lacked his current ability to dominate the midfield. This was not even against Honduras’ full first XI and it took the entrance of Feilhaber and Davies to get the win in the second half. That said, I think he definitely deserves a look now.

  57. Randy says:

    Let’s quit with the Chandler bashing until we know something real. The way this is going we might as well bash Jozy on speculation that he is making a one time switch to Haiti. If Chandler bails this summer for the qualifiers I’ll be the first to bash him too. Until that time think of something better to say.

  58. Dennis says:

    What Klinsmann actually said is at link to ussoccer.com

  59. GSScasual says:

    no just invisible.. he shouldnt get a call just because he was on fire months and years ago..

  60. Yellow Submarine says:

    Edu has been less than impressive in recent call ups.

    Times he’s shined has been few and far between than the majority of him making errant passes and not playing well along side a fellow DM.

    I’d much prefer a Bradley/Beckerman or Bradley/Jones combo.

  61. Air Jordanz says:

    Morales is versatile (FB, DM, CB) and, despite playing for a crap club, looked awesome against Mexico for the U23s.

    Williams has speed, strength, and pretty good defensive instincts. He offers little on the attack from the wing, but put in a solid defensive effort there against Italy where he mitigated the speed on their wings.

    Plus, this roster will end up cutting 6 players, anyway. Klinsmann has already stated that Williams was called in to evaluate his fitness.

  62. Tommy says:

    I’m thinking 11 more making 27 for camp. I know they said 29, so I am missing 2 if they stick with that. Sunday, I say they call in: Lichaj, Ream, Cameron, Gooch, Parkhurst, Adu, Donovan, Jozy, Gomez, Boyd and Wondo.

  63. bryan says:

    yeah, no Beasley is really dumb. he deserves to be in the 29. i’m hoping him and Gomez get the call up later.

  64. James says:

    All aboard the Sheanon Williams future MNT career bandwagon!!!

  65. Randy says:

    Disregard. My bad. What a piece of crap. R

  66. josh says:

    I think they’ll give some slots to MLS midfielders…maybe Zusi,Pontius (as a possible striker) or Cooper.

  67. bryan says:

    I understand that, but this is world cup qualifying and i was not expecting Morales to be a part of it. i’m certainly okay with it though.

    again, i understand what Williams brings to the table. but he is injured and will be for a few more weeks. so i find it strange he got called in instead of going with someone like Beasley.

    where did JK say that about Williams? i am looking at his comments on the 16 and he makes no mention on Williams. at least on USSF.com.

  68. Frank says:

    Danny Williams?? I thought his shoulder injury would keep him out awhile. Either way I do not want to see him out wide!

  69. josh says:

    Or maybe Sacha will get a call now that others have dropped out.

  70. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Put down the pitchforks people.

  71. Dennis says:

    Naw, Beckerman is a really good player. He just is not is good athletically as Jones, Edu or Bradley and tactically he is not as good as Bradley or Jones. What he does bring is the same hard effort that Bradley and Jones display, probably more active than the otherwise better players. That effort and tirelessness can be important and are essential in a camp that is supposed to be competitive.

  72. Tommy says:

    Forgot Sacha. He’d seem to fill a need with this group. I’d love to see Pontius or Zusi get a shot.

  73. bryan says:

    seriously. i swear, the US is the most ridiculous organization when it comes to rosters being released. why not just name the 29 all at once today and state that MLS players, or other players finishing commitments overseas, will join on May 20?! then the roster will be cut to 23 before qualifying starts.

    the USSF is filled with a bunch of drama queens.

  74. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Too bad Zak Whitbread will never be part of the USMNT I think he’s way better than Goodson and Parkhurst. I would love to see both Ream and Whitbread being the backup Center Backs but doesn’t look like it will happen since JK prefers Goodson and Parkhurst smh.

  75. elgringorico says:

    Interesting… that quote definitely makes Klinsman seem doubtful about his future with the team. Maybe he will go Germany after all…

  76. Graham says:

    Maybe Chandler just doesn’t want to play international football or is getting burned out? Not everyone has the same goals in life.

  77. bryan says:

    1. Castillo has been playing VERY well for Xolos, so you either haven’t been paying attention or just don’t like him. He deserves to be in the 29.
    2. Beasley and Sasha should be here for sure. At least in the 29.
    3. Lichaj must be getting a call up, there is NO way he isn’t especially with Chandler out.
    4. Beckerman deserves to be in the 29 too. Maybe not the 23, but certainly the 29.

  78. Ryan in NY from NC says:

    “4. WHY do we need Beckerman with Bradley, Jones, Edu, Morales and Williams available at the same position?”


    I don’t understand this logic. We DON’T need 4 men who play the same position.

  79. biff says:

    (good scoop an hour ago, Bryan, about the Castillo call-up—you beat everyone…) As a long-term supporter of Timothy Chandler, I am gutted by this news. There is no other meaning other than Chandler is not yet ready to be cap-tied to the USA and it could be that the German national team has already whispered in his ear that he is on their radar. After this, Klinsmann should definitely call up Boyd and get him cap-tied in June, as it appears he is going to do with Daniel Williams and Alfredo Morales.

  80. bryan says:

    He has, but Beckerman hasn’t been that good either. Based on club form, I’d pick Edu right now. He’s been playing well for Rangers recently.

    In the end, Edu and Beckerman wouldn’t start if it was my team. Jones/Bradley for sure.

  81. bryan says:

    Lets wait and see who is missing after all 29 are called in. So long as there isn’t a glaring omission(s), I’m okay with all of those players being called in for the 29. there shouldn’t be more than 3 or 4 in the 23 though. unless once is listed as a defender.

  82. jones says:

    ^^Agree with this assessment. Everyone else had long seasons, too.

    Chandler might be a great guy, but it doesn’t matter if he showed well in meaningless games – if he can’t commit to the ones that count, Klinsmann should forget him and focus on preparing another option. Otherwise it’s a waste of everyones time.

    It’s too bad, cause we have few options back there. Hopefully someone will step up.

  83. bryan says:

    “On the exclusion of Timmy Chandler from the roster:
    “I have had long conversations with Timmy about where he is in his professional career and his commitment to playing international football. He has expressed his appreciation for all the opportunities we have given him, but he also feels at this point he needs to take a break. It’s disappointing not having him as a part of the team at this important juncture of building our team, but ultimately a player must decide what is best for him. The door is certainly not closed on Timmy, but in the moment we move on without him.” ”

    Does that sound like a player who will be in qualifying?

  84. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Or he wants to play for the country where he has lived his whole life? Either way, your point about different goals is valid, and we should all remember it

  85. rambo says:

    Edu, Jones, Bradley and Williams are better CM’s than him. He is a good player, just not one of the best.

  86. Spank says:

    You can’t blame Frankenstein for being fatigued and exhausted after a 40 game season! He was brought to life by a lightning bolt! What else could we ask for?!

  87. bryan says:

    @ elgringorico – yeah, i just didn’t get a good feeling when i read that quote. doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in his commitment. i can only assume he is having other German coaches tell him that he could end up with Germany. but man, that’s a gamble…

    @ biff – haha im just lucky my buddy with twitter told me. And yeah, I’m pretty bummed about Chandler too. As for Boyd, Boyd tweeted he made the call up…sooooo, I’m not sure what the deal is with that.

    @ jones – exactly, and it seems JK thinks that too. still leaving the door open for him, but moving on.

  88. jones says:

    Right – I mean, if Germany called him right now, could you imagine him telling Löw the same “I need a rest” BS he told Klinsmann? Doubt it.

  89. jones says:

    yeah, as I said upthread – if Germany called him right now, could you imagine him telling Löw “nah, maybe next time. I need a rest”? I seriously doubt it. If he wanted to play with the US badly enough, he would be here.

  90. jones says:

    I guess he figures we will take him when he comes crawling back (sad, but true).

  91. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Chandler should just take a week rest because it is suspicious that our qualifiers are just around the corner and he decides to skip it. If he really wants to be part of this team then why won’t he just play one quaifier get subbed in for the last minute o the game then he can go home an rest. I know I would do that if I was in his shoes ambi was pretty much exhausted from playing and needed a break. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

  92. RLW2020 says:

    certainly a surprise as he is not playing the same level as the others but if you watched the U-23 vs. Mexico U-23’s you would see that he is a very dynamic player that can bring a lot of pace and ball control to the midfield or back line.

    I would be surprised to see him make any appearances with top players on the field but he should be considered one of the US’ top prospects. Its a shame he wasn’t on the Olympic qualifying team.

  93. byrdman says:

    Seems to me he played pretty good against Italy

  94. Taylor says:

    yea it’s strange that he answers ever call-up for a series of friendlies, but he always seems to be tired or have a niggling injury whenever he might get cap tied. very strange if you ask me

    also, lichaj better get that call up regardless of chandler’s status.

    lastly, isn’t Danny Williams out for an extended period of time? why call up someone who can’t even train

  95. bryan says:

    my additional 13:

    Gooch, Lichaj, Jozy, LD, Shea, Beasley, Goodson, Boyd, Gomez, Wondo, Ream, Sasha, Gatt

    Spector and Wooten are close calls. As well as Pontius and Adu.

    What’s funny about my list is only three of those players are MLS players (five if you include Pontius and Adu). It’s pretty clear the additional roster selections will be mostly Euro based players.

  96. RLW2020 says:

    i don’t get the two rounds of call ups I thought that player’s whos seasons are already over would be called first then those who have games this week. so why no Jozy, Gooch, etc. do they still have games in hand.

  97. Vic says:

    Really upset that Lichaj wasn’t called up, hopefully he’s in the next round of callups. Castillo had a really good year for Tijuana. I don’t think he’s a LB, but he can definately get a look at LM. I’m also really excited about the Joe Corona callup.

  98. RLW2020 says:

    Beckerman is way better than bornstein.

    bornstein got called up cuz we had no one else at LB and Bob was afraid to use anyone else. Becks is a good player that plays the most crowded position (CM-CDM) good for him to get included in the group.

  99. Taylor says:

    wow, are you being sarcastic or just an idiot? Donovan might be out of form, but we’re not going to leave out one of our best players for qualifying. so many US fans are so fickle. one minute he’s their hero, then they hate him for a short poor stretch of form. grow up idiots, he’s our best player ever

  100. NE Matt says:

    My two cents on Chandler:

    1.) I hope he is concentrating on a move to a bigger club and pulls the trigger on a move once the “silly season” begins.

    2.) I hope he realizes that Germany has already announced their Euro roster and he doesn’t stack up to their defenders and midfielders. I also think Loew will only look at him if he were on a bigger team.

    3.) He realizes we love him as a Yank

    4.) Klinsy grows a pair and realizes that the clamoring for Bradley’s head started when he didn’t nail Chandler down for the Gold Cup and we “lost it because we had only had Bornstein once Cherundolo got hurt”. If he starts letting players slip too, then the murmuring will start for him too.

    5.) Maybe he only wanted to come if he was going to start. Klinsy has repeatedly said Dolo is his right back. Maybe Timmy wants to be a walk on starter and will play once the RB slot opens when Dolo retires.

    I don’t know, some may be grasping at straws, but I love Chandler and am so upset he isn’t playing these games.

  101. Scooter says:

    Jozy is with AZ in Curacao (a dutch colony). They are doing some camps for kids till the 21st so he’ll be in camp after that

  102. chris says:

    Lichaj had better be on this team. I’m pretty sure the starting LB for Villa deserves a spot.

  103. jones says:

    I like the Corona callup as well – it will be interesting to see how he does with better players. Still not sure about Castillo, but I’ll admit I haven’t seen him play in a while, so it would be unfair to make any judgements.

  104. byrdman says:

    It is clear that Germany has contacted him, and expressed some possible opportunity, if he continues to grow as a player. You know they aren’t going to let a guy with that kind of athletic ability and a growing technical ability end up on the US roster. NO WAY that happens. Until they tell him, he is not good enough, he will dream the dreams of a German national team player.

  105. RLW2020 says:

    if he wants to sit out a camp and three friendlies thats fine. A good player would travel with the team but sure take a break.

    If they pull the same B.S. during the actual qualifiers then the writing is on the wall. I’l wait to voice an opinion until then.

  106. bryan says:

    100% agree. there is no way he would say the same thing. it’s obvious he just doesn’t have ambition to play for the USA when he is tired or he is waiting for Germany and avoiding being capped tied.

    and i agree if he came crawling back, we’d probably take him back…

  107. joel says:

    As far as I am concerned, no more Chandler.
    No more call up consideration. He is holding out
    with the hope of Germany calling him. Screw him.

  108. bryan says:

    yeah, i guess that is still a possibility. essentially take two weeks off and then join the team in early June?

  109. fischy says:

    Wow. You think Adu and Pontius are on his radar right now? Or Parkhurst? Spector gets a call. Wouldn’t be surprised to see DeMerit invited for another go-around (though Cameron is a possibility instead). Along with Lichaj, Goodson and Onyewu and Ream, which would get us to 10 defenders — 5 CBs and 5 FBs. Not unreasonable for 29 or 30 players.

    I guess Adu is a possibility, but Pontius? He got hurt in his first camp. He’s never had a real look from the USA. Plus, he’s still trying to find his place in the DCU lineup. My guess is he doesn’t get an invite until after the season. Not that I don’t think he belongs. He does. Just that I would be surprised to see him suddenly added to the mix with such a short lead-in to WCQs.

    Altidore, Gomez, Wondo and Boyd added to the striker mix. Long shot: Agudelo. Donovan, Zusi, and possibly Adu to the midfield. Long shot: Brad Davis.

  110. bryan says:

    good to know. so, out of the 13 left, we know Jozy, Gooch and Boyd will take up three spots.

  111. RLW2020 says:


  112. JD in FL says:

    Sasha’s absence is BS after the season he has put together.

  113. KevDC says:

    Is the name-calling necessary? Have you not learned to disagree without acting like a kid in grade school?

    Donovan will be called up because of his body of work even though he’s not exactly lighting up MLS lately. And he’s earned that.

    But he should have to show some fire in camp to make it on the field.

  114. djs says:

    Agreed… aside from Chandler, the omissions from this list that immediately jumped out at me were Beasley and Lichaj, who I think really ought to be included in the next wave of callups. Without Chandler, we really need depth at fullback, and Beasley is a quality speed option on the flank off the bench.

  115. bryan says:

    I agree with this. I think it’s funny people think Parkhurst and Cameron will get called up with Gooch, Ream and Goodson are basically guaranteed spots.

    And yeah, Spector gets a call before Zusi, Adu or Pontius. As a DCU fan like you, I agree with your comments on Pontius.

    I think the last 13 will be Gooch, Lichaj, Jozy, LD, Shea, Beasley, Goodson, Boyd, Gomez, Wondo, Ream, Sasha, and Gatt.

    Spector and Wooten are close calls.

  116. 2tone says:

    Glaring omission Lichaj. But he better be called up with the second wave. And whats up with this two part roster call-up situation? Seems very pointless and dramatic. Klinsmann has some explaining to do!

  117. fischy says:

    Actually, I kinda suspect your additions are pretty close, though I don’t think Gatt is in the USA mix. Nor Wooten. I had forgotten about Sacha, Shea and Beas when I was doing a list above. My guess is Klinsi goes for the experience. He might pull all 3 in, but I’ll guess he goes for 2 — probably Sacha and Beas. I also think Spector is in, along with Zusi (though I could see Shea edging out Zusi). I haven’t ruled out DeMerit, yet, either. With question marks around Gooch, DeMerit’s experience is invaluable. Despite their age, I think DeMerit and Boca are still the 2 best USA central defenders.

  118. Bird says:

    No one is mentioning Shea. I know he hasnt been in the greatest form lately, but if JK wants him to develop this is the time to get him experience in real meaningful matches and I can see him being called in for that reason. I agree Adu gets called. Goodson, Lichaj, Cameron, Gooch, Jozy, Boyd, Gomez, LD, Adu, Shea, Agudelo, Wondo,and Spector. Possible Ream over Agudelo or Wondo.

  119. 2tone says:

    I think it’s safe to say by Klinsmann’s comments about Chandler that him and US soccer are moving on. Lichaj will be Dolo’s successor at RB. Which means he better get a call-up from Klinsmann!

    I know that F.Johnson is put with the Midfield section, but I can tell you right now he is better than Castillo for LB. Not unless Lichaj will be put in at LB.

  120. 2tone says:

    1 of these MLS RB’s may get called in: 1. Beitashour(SanJose), 2. Loyd(Dallas), 3. Myers(K.C.)

  121. bryan says:

    No one is saying it because MLS players weren’t going to be called in today anyway. So it’s a non issue.

    I think it’s silly you have Cameron over Ream though.

  122. RLW2020 says:

    next calls will be:

    DEF: Oneywu, Lichaj, Ream, Goodson
    MID: Donovan, Shea, Kljestian, Beasley, Gatt
    FWD: Altidore, Boyd, Gomez

    makes 29 players:
    3 Keepers
    2 LB’s
    4 CB’s
    2 RB’s
    4 Wingers
    9 CM’s
    5 CF’s

  123. Tom says:

    Who is Sheanon Williams and what can you tell us about him? Who does he currently play for?

  124. bryan says:

    yeah i agree. and knowing 3 of the last 13 spots will go to Gooch, Boyd and Jozy, i can only hope Beasley and Lichaj are a part of that.

    Note: I’m not including LD, Shea or Wondo given they are MLS players and weren’t going to be called up today anyway. In other words, I’d say 6 out of 13 spots are probably 100% sure.

  125. DCUPedro says:

    NE Matt, What is this crap about “Klinsy grows a pair and realizes that the clamoring for Bradley’s head started when he didn’t nail Chandler down for the Gold Cup and we “lost it because we had only had Bornstein once Cherundolo got hurt”. If he starts letting players slip too, then the murmuring will start for him too.”

    This isn’t the Vietnam Draft, dude. It’s very clear now that Bradley did not fail to “nail Chandler down for the Gold Cup” anymore than Klinsmann is “letting him slip”. If a player doesn’t want to come to a camp, he doesn’t want to come. The player has all the leverage. The coach can not “nail him down” against the player’s wishes.

    The coach can make it clear to the player how important being in that camp or tournament is to a player’s future with the national team, but that’s all. It’s up to Chandler, it has NOTHING to do with Bradley or Klinsy.

  126. biff says:

    OFF TOPIC: Amazing scenes right now in the relegation match between Berlin and Dusseldorf, police on the field with attack dogs and fans storming the field with two minutes yet to play. Players now in dressing rooms waiting to see if game can be finished.

  127. bryan says:

    I agree. There is no reason he should not be in the 29. I can see him getting cut from the 23 given all the CMs we have. But it would be ridiculous if a CM who just played a starting role in his team winning the Belgium league was not called up.

  128. MMV says:

    As for Boyd there has been some rumors floating about that he Is on the verge of signing with a 2nd Bundesliga club. Nothing is set in stone but supposedly he’s looking to agree on a deal Wednesday so that could be a reason his name wasn’t released quite yet despite Boyd tweeting a call-up. It might be a courtesy for him to get his ducks in a row club wise then announce his call up in the 2nd phase of players.

  129. DCUPedro says:

    byrdman, it isn’t clear at all that Germany has contacted Chandler. That’s a complete guess on your part.

    The only thing that’s clear is that he just isn’t that into flying back and forth across the Atlantic to play for us. Whether he has alternatives or not, or who else has contacted him, is guess work.

  130. Brian says:

    You have to remember too that Klinsi sometimes trots out a 4-5-1 where there are essentially two holding midfielders, with one free to move further up the pitch. So having four guys who are proficient in this spot is not necessarily a bad thing if this is the formation Klinsi is planning on using.

    On Beckerman, I’ve been an RSL supporter for a few years now, and he’s such a stalwart in central midfield. He does all the dirty work in front of the back four, and his distribution is fantastic. He’s very skilled with one-touch passes and making quick decisions to transition the ball further up the field for RSL. I agree that he needs more international experience to get accustomed to the faster pace of the game, but he can definitely do it.

  131. bryan says:

    Yeah, to be honest, I don’t really think Gatt or Wooten make the cut. But I do think Shea edges out Zusi if it came down to it. Spector is probably a safe bet like you said. And frankly, for a 29 player camp, there is no reason Beasley and Sasha shouldn’t be in it.

    As for Gooch, JK said in a quote, when asked what players IN CAMP are in impressive form, he mentioned Gooch (go to USSF’s website, although, i posted the quote in here somewhere). So to me, it sounds like he let it slip that Gooch WILL be called up.

    Interesting thoughts on DeMerit. I like the guy, so I wouldn’t ever be mad if he got a call.

  132. MMV says:

    I think the point is to see a few more MLS games but Klinsy makes a final selection on those players. It hurts nothing. As for the players abroad who haven’t been announced it could be a delay to make sure they are 100% healthy like Gooch.

  133. Brian says:

    Also, I think the reason why Beckerman has been one of Klinsi’s darlings so far is that RSL plays a very possession-oriented style that the national team is now pushing for. Beckerman is extremely comfortable being the engine of this type of team.

  134. b says:


    Danny Williams should not be on the roster if he is still returning from injury.

    If Danny Williams is healthy, he should be on the team, but as the #3 defensive midfielder behind Bradley and Jones (ahead of Edu and Beckerman), and NOT as a winger!

  135. NE Matt says:

    So don’t “leave the door open” If we aren’t firm now then we will continue to get played in the future. Charles Renken is/did the same sh*t to get a better standing with the Zambian team

  136. bryan says:

    yes, technically what you say is true. but come on man, it’s an educated guess. this is the second time, same excuse, chandler has turned down the opportunity to play in a MEANINGFUL game for the USA. that’s what is absolutely clear. two chances to commit to the USA, zero chances taken.

    i think it’s okay for people to think he is holding out, because with what we know, it’s an educated opinion. not completely random.

  137. bryan says:

    lets be real, Loyd and Pearce are the only two MLS fullbacks with a real chance in THIS camp.

  138. Ryan in NY from NC says:

    Castillo has proven every time he’s put on a Nats shirt that he’s out of his league. He’s far too small and we have better options. It’s not a matter of me “not liking him” or “not paying attention.” The fact is he struggles tremendously on an international level and I’d rather bring in someone else to have a chance to prove themselves.

  139. Air Jordanz says:

    I won’t call you any names, but I will call attention to that fact that Donovan was lighting it up with Everton only a couple of months ago.

    His motivation to excel for LA has taken a hit after winning the Cup. He’s contract-tied to the Gals for another season when he probably doesn’t want to be. While he has another WC cycle in him, he knows he’s getting close to 30.

  140. bryan says:

    you only listed 12 more. i’m assuming you meant to include Wondo?

  141. bryan says:

    good info. also, for anyone wondering about Boyd and his call up:

    “Terrence Boyd ‏ @TBoyd91
    Called up for USMNT. Gonna be sick”

  142. Air Jordanz says:

    link to tinyurl.com

    My mistake on the Klinsmann statement, but this article from US Soccer says:

    “Williams will be evaluated after injuring his shoulder last month.”

  143. DCUPedro says:

    Matt, you don’t close doors. Not in this business or any others. You don’t burn bridges, and you don’t make delcarative statements that you won’t hold yourself to later.

    What happenes if Chandler has a change of heart and says I’d like to play for the U.S. team? You want to be the coach that says, “sorry, screw you, we meant what we said that you couldn’t come back?” That may be satisfying for you right now. But you and most others will be reading the JK the riot act if its February 2014 and Chandler is starting for a big club and playing great football. So no, you don’t close doors, and if you’re a coach, you don’t box yourself in like that. You say exactly what JK said. “He’s not committed right now, so he’s not in our plans. The door’s still open, but its not foreseeable right now”

  144. Mike says:

    The loss of Timothy Chandler to Germany is possible. Likely? Nein. If I was in his spot I would wait until the last possible moment to get a call from Germany. Germany? For real? At the same time I like my prospects with the USA. Both teams would showcase well to help a playing career. Between the USA and Germany I would pick Germany. I would not fault Timothy Chandler if Germany made that call. At this point move on without him…like his Wikepedia info says: formerly played for United States National Team. Fabian Johnson is an upgrade over Timothy Chandler @ LB anyway.

  145. Joe+G says:

    Jozy’s taking a Curacao break of a week or so and Gooch still has the Cup final in Portugal.

  146. BrianK says:

    Agreed with all the comments about the dubious nature of Chandler’s need for rest. He doesn’t wAnt to play for the US,….plain and simple. It might have been different had we qualified for London and the USA program had the allure of the Olympics as well. As it stands we seem like a program that is going backwards,…not forwards. Nevertheless, the USA does NOT need half hearted internationals like Chandler. What we need are Stewarts and Dooleys. Players totally committed to the red, white and blue.

    Good riddance to you Timmy!

  147. Joe+G says:

    He’s waiting for the most popular boy in school to ask him to the prom.

  148. DCUPedro says:

    Byrdman didn’t say he was holding out (I could have agreed with that), he said that it was clear that Germany *had contacted him*, which is very different and completely speculative.

  149. Kevin G. says:

    I doubt he’s thinking about a switch, he knows he’s a german reject, freaky looking one at that.

  150. Air Jordanz says:

    I like Sacha, but he’s obviously failed to impress Klinsmann in several camps.

    He also did not impress against Italy, even though he’s an attacking player who was called on primarily to defend.

    At this point, Dempsey, Johnson, Torres and Corona are getting looks for that attacking midfield/withdrawn striker role.

  151. bryan says:

    awesome, thanks!

  152. Joe+G says:

    I don’t think Chandler will get another call.

  153. bryan says:

    Who else is there dude?! We literally don’t have another option that shows as much promise as he did this year for Xolos. that’s the point. with Chandler out, Castillo takes his spot. it’s not that hard to understand he’s in a camp made of 29 players.

  154. Air Jordanz says:

    Um… Edu was a beast against Italy and has been playing very well for Rangers.

  155. Neruda says:

    Beckerman is having a very good year in MLS. He’s a stat hog at the position. He’s not guaranteed a final roster spot but his inclusion into the larger pool is deserved.

  156. bryan says:

    absolutely, he plays a 4-2-3-1 more than a 4-4-2. but with Morales (same position), Torres (similar position), and Williams (same position), it starts to get really crowded. that’s 7 players who could essentially all do the same thing. and Corona is still a CM. it leaves us with hardly any options on the wing. i guess that’s my biggest issue with it. i think Beckerman is a solid player, but i just hope JK doesnt bring Edu, Williams, Jones, Bradley, AND Beckerman. I think four players who are 100% defensive minded is enough.

  157. fish says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Rimando is a fantastic keeper, but he has to be the most overrated keeper in the MLS. He has good positioning and athletic saving ability (which keeper doesn’t?), but nothing outstanding by any means. I’m not sold on Hamid or Johnson yet either, but you can definitely see something there. I think guys like Tally Hall and Matt Pickens are better keepers than any of those guys

  158. bryan says:

    true. fair enough.

  159. DressedToGetBlessed says:

    Beckerman is worlds better than Edu.

  160. squirt-lover says:

    Is it wrong that when reading Klinsmann quotes I read with a German accent?

  161. Air Jordanz says:

    Why is that silly?

    Cameron outmatches Ream in every aspect aside from distribution out of the back. Even then, not by much, as that is also one of Cameron’s strengths.

    As of two days ago, you can’t even definitievely say Ream plays in a better league.

    Honestly, I’d call both in ahead of Goodson–he’s slower and just as error prone as either, plus his club has been hemorrhaging goals lately.

    That said, Goodson will get the call due to experience and participation (if not actual contribution) against Italy.

  162. Brian says:

    Agreed. As others have said, Klinsi seems to be bringing in Williams to assess his fitness (which seems like a waste of a call-up…), so I think he gets cut when the 23 is announced. And I think we’ll be left with Edu, Jones, Bradley, and Beckerman.

  163. Air Jordanz says:

    Rimando saved the USMNT’s collective butt against Panama. That alone is good enough to be called in as 3rd keeper.

  164. Brian says:

    Why wouldn’t Lichaj be called in?

  165. pd says:

    no herc or jozy first go round? meh.

  166. The Seagulls Following the Trawler says:

    Beckerman has not shown the ability Edu has international or club competitions. He should be congratulated for being included in the deepest position for the US; but we have many others who have shown far more ability to be included on the roster. Bornstein was included out of desperation–Beckerman simply does not need to be included on this roster.

  167. Mark says:

    Herculez Gomez better be on the final roster!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him start up top with Dempsey. Jozy can have a break.

  168. Shounen Bat says:

    Seriously. I know it’s slightly petty, but I’m especially annoyed with that whole debacle now that Chandler is being evasive. I was willing to let it slide when he seemed committed to our national team!

  169. Air Jordanz says:


    Honestly, the drop to the 2.Bundesliga will probably be good for Morales’ PT.

    Hertha will have to unload some of their more expensive players to deal with the drop.

  170. Air Jordanz says:

    Good thing is, Castillo is probably a better LW than an LB. As an LB, he sometimes forgets to defend.

    Note: Not better than Johnson at either position

  171. Jamie says:

    The only thing that angers me about this is that he appears to have used the USMNT for his own gain, I have no problem with him choosing Germany over the US, we would expect players like Jozy, Tim Howard, Gooch, etc. who have similar dual-national ties to do the same.

  172. Air Jordanz says:

    Agreed. Beitashour ought to get a look next January if he puts together a solid full season. Same with Myers.

    Now’s not the time to be testing out new players for the squad.

    Everyone called in so far has at least one cap at U23 level or above.

  173. THomas says:

    Haha…Agreed. If he wanted to switch, he’d still have to apply the proper paperwork w/ FIFA to make his one time switch. So doubt he’s going anywhere.

    Besides, he likely would be behind Cherundolo at right back with Fabian Johnson at left back. That gives us the best players on the field anyways since our midfield is so stacked.

    I’d love a 4-1-4-1 with:







  174. KevDC says:

    Hey, I agree that he deserves to be brought in, but Everton was three months ago. All I’m saying is that his form has been lacking since. If he were a player of lesser stature he might be on the bubble, but he’s proven he can take it up a notch when needed.

  175. NE Matt says:

    I just want to point out if you are a bellhop/doorman or a limo driver or even a carpenter, then you are in the business of closing doors (sticks tongue out)

    You make good points though – its my anger that is making my decision making at the moment irrational

  176. Yellow Submarine says:

    Appreciate that info, RLW.

  177. THomas says:

    Obviously defense is a bit thin, as is forward…but this team alone is stacked w/ talent we haven’t seen in years. Still no Altidore, Donovan, Shea, Gooch, all starters in previous Klinsmann games. Add those guys in and good luck picking a roster

  178. robert daniels says:

    Jk’s comment “we’re moving on with out him” regarding chandler doesn’t sound like he’s expecting him to come in in a couple of weeks.

  179. DCUPedro says:

    Not to pick nits, because I don’t entirely disagree with the assessment , but the key word here is “wikipedia”…

  180. Timmy says:

    I don’t get it either RLW. When they announced that there would be two rounds, it was supposed to be Europe and then North America. Clearly didn’t happen that way.

  181. Jamie says:

    Something worth remembering is that Chandler doesn’t have a relationship with his Dad(the american side of his family) I believe. So unlike other Germamericans, he probably didn’t grow up going to the US for the summer and stuff like that that might strengthen their connection the US.

  182. b says:

    And for John Anthony Brooks.

    Same with Wooten at Kaiserslautern.

  183. b says:

    Matt Pickens?

    Tally Hall or Dan Kennedy.

  184. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Who speaks German and can call Chandler to offer him a spot with the Germans? This way we can put an end to all the speculation. I’m done with him. Call up ADU in a few days PLEASE!

  185. Goalscorer24 says:

    Chandler does not want to commit, because he does not want to get tied down. He still wants his chance with Germany.

  186. fischy says:

    “Why wouldn’t Lichaj be called in?”

    Well..suppose he was under arrest for bank robbery? Or, suppose he launched into an expletive-filled tirade when Klinsi called? What if he took off for some remote island in the Indian Ocean and wasn’t reachable?

  187. Ryan says:

    I agree, Klinsmann should just give him an ultimatium. It doenst help the US to continue to play him instead of giving other players that are not going to back out a chance at national team experience

  188. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Maybe the Futsal team will come calling

  189. KillerInstinct says:

    By not bringing a Mexican-American, Klinsi would not meet the quota…if not, he would be doing a diservice to the federation by not trying to bring some of the El TRI supporters to the US side. This is all about target marketing a huge demographic group who live in this country, but choose to cheer for opposing teams, so the federation can attract that base to bring in more money to the organization. Torres, for example, has not had consistent playing time, nor has been an impact player for Pachuca. Castillo has looked better and Herc it goes without saying, but my problem is that, I feel sometimes we are trying to fullfill a hidden agenda. Benny Feilhiber and Freedy Adu (as a super sub) can play that #10 role better than Torres, compared to what Benny did in the conferdations cup in 2010 or Adu’s performance recently in the U23. I know they both are not known for their defensive ability (tracking back, grinding it out), but they don’t lose the ball neither. Torres was a turn over machine in the last friendlies he was a part of and he is not known for his defensive prowlness neither…just saying

  190. drew11 says:

    Chandler is gone. He just blew off WCQ’s and a nearly certain spot on a WC roster. He wouldn’t have done that without a strong hint that he will get a look/call up after the euros from Germany.

  191. Tony in Quakleand says:

    He’s the top DM in MLS not from Cuba. But yeah, he’s under rated by most folks and deserves the call up.

  192. drew11 says:

    DCUPedro, there is no way he would blow off an almost sure WC roster spot without some type of commitment from Germany. These are WCQ he is bailing on. This is a BFD.

  193. GW says:

    Bulls**t. Beckerman deserves his call up and has played well when called upon.

  194. Felix says:

    Or suppose he was Herc Gomez…..

    Every roster will have 1 or 2 players that should be called in that is not.

  195. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Yeah that’s why Edu plays in Europe why Beckerman is in the MLS. I guess Beckerman is way too good to play in Europe. #Sarcastic

  196. Thorpinski says:

    a couple of three things

    1.we have Stevo
    2. we have Lichaj
    3. We have Josh Gatt

    and Chandler will be there in the end

  197. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Bob could have just left Bocanegra at LB, he could of just went with Castillo over Bornstein, Bob could of even put Spector at LB over Bornstein. All of those options would have been a better solution than having Bornstein at LB. He’s the reason why USA lost to Mexico in the Gold Cup. Bornstein can’t even get 5 minutes of playing time in Mexico. He is clearly a bust and should stay away for the USMNT for life. As for Beckerman I’m not saying he’s a bad players but we do have plenty of players that are better than him and he’s one of JK’s favorite just how Bornstein was one of Bob’s favorites that is what I meant that Beckerman is the new Bornstein.

  198. GW says:

    Chandler is, by some distance,the US’ best defender after Cherundolo and Boca.

    If he’s burnt, he’s burnt. If the US needs him to get by these two qualifying games they won’t make the WC anyway.

    Either Chandler is telling the truth or JK is waiting him out.

    Jim Brown retired early because he was late getting back from shooting a movies and Art Modell told him to choose between movies and the Browns.

    Modell refers to it as the biggest mistake of his career.

    No sense in JK burning a bridge if he doesn’t have to. If you have been paying attention to Germany, they don’t need him. If there is anything going there don’t you think JK would know about it?

  199. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Jones, Bradley, Williams, Edu, Torres, Kljestan, Corona, Diskerud I can keep on going if you want are better options than Beckerman. I’m not saying he’s a bad player I just don’t see why he’s always getting called up he makes plent mistakes during the past friendlies and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  200. GW says:

    If you guys would bother to go to the US soccer website, JK has a detailed explanation of the callups.

  201. AG says:

    Santos are in the final.

  202. The Imperative Voice says:

    Let’s be real, while certain players like Dempsey are being brought in to camp assured to “stick,” x% of these players like Morales are likely being brought in for a quick sink or swim audition. If Corona or Morales, for instance, hold their own in this camp window, they probably make the full camp. If they look out of their depth, maybe Klinsi runs them off and replaces them in the next salvo, maybe he keeps them around for experience but doesn’t dress them for games.

    The whole Chandler bit is worrisome because he is a pretty good player who had resolved either the left back issue or the Dolo succession issue, either of which could be problems this World Cup cycle and/or the next.

  203. GW says:

    They don’t all play the same position all the time.

    Beckerman is the only pure defensive sit in front of the back four midfielder of the bunch and he may be the best of the lot, at that particular role.

    Besides, the roster is not complete.

  204. Bromigo says:

    Bros, Chandler is ok and he is really ugly. Do we really want an ugly player on our team? Let ugly guys like Chandler and Ryan Mearbro go to their Euro countries.

    TBCFH (to be completely effing honest): I predict Lichaj (plays in the effin premier league), my boy edgbro castillo, and even sheanon ‘get some’ williams will all be worthy LB/RBs for the greatest CONCACAF team ever (U.S.).

  205. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    The Germans have already said it time and time again “We are not interested in Chandler.” If I was in Chandler’s shoes and my country were not interested in me then I would just say screw them I’m going to play for my other country. Do the right thing Timmy!

  206. GW says:

    Really? So what is Landon’s excuse?

  207. Californialovin says:

    What’s the deal with Donovan? Did I miss something here??

  208. Lost in Space says:

    I’ll give him this one last pass, but if come the September Qualifiers if he is not prepaired to suit up and play for the USMNT than I’m for moving on with our next series of options. September 11th will be in the middle of the 1st half of the season so he wont have this excuse of needing rest…

  209. GW says:

    “since JK prefers Goodson and Parkhurst smh. ”

    JK prefers players who can actually get on a field and put together a few games without getting hurt.

  210. marco says:

    I don’t like 3 of the 16 picks, Beckerman, Williams, and Castillo. Williams would be the 6th CDM which means Klinsmann is thinking of playing Williams on the wing once again, where he is horrible. Castillo would need to play LW where I’d prefer Beasley or Shea. Beckerman is OK but 4th or 5th at CM depth chart.

    Chandler is not getting called into die Mannschaft now and maybe not later. So what happened. My guess is Klinsmann said start at LB or sub Dolo at RB and he didn’t like either.

  211. GW says:

    NE MATT,

    If Chandler shows up he is the starting left back. JK made that clear a long time ago.

    If Bradley beats Ghana and if they beat Mexico in the Gold Cup final, Bob would still be here.

    No one loves Chandler as a Yank. You all think he looks funny and if he wasn’t the third best US defender none of you would care about him at all.

    If there is something going on either with Loew or with a transfer, I’m pretty sure JK knows about it and I’m also sure he wouldn’t tell us anything.

    I do think JK will leave out Donovan.

  212. Lost in Space says:

    Still believe that its an either/or situation with Gomez and Wondo. They are essentially the same player…same age…and bring the same things to the talbe. I’m fine with calling them into the 29…but only 1 should make the 23.

  213. bryan says:

    i’ve been on there all day. nothing detailing lichaj and beasley specifically. other than a generic statement that more Euro based players will be called in. which still does not include beasley. only mexican player with a reason to not be there is gomez because of their games coming up.

  214. broadstreethooligans says:

    “Yeah that’s why Edu plays in Europe why Beckerman is in the MLS. I guess Beckerman is way too good to play in Europe. #Sarcastic”

    Can we take a vote on whether or not the SPL actually counts as a “European” League? It feels like all but the top would be midtable MLS teams.

  215. marco says:

    The Berlin coach who wouldn’t release Morales, never played him for a minute. They might be relegated, by a 2nd division side.

  216. bryan says:

    Torres has played 90 minutes every game since he came back from injury and has assisted on multiple goals. So yes, he has been an impact player for them and had consistent playing time.

    The rest of your points about Torres vs. Benny vs. Adu are fair enough.

  217. bryan says:

    i agree. i think both will make the 29 and only one will make the 23.

  218. bryan says:

    Ream signed for Bolton two days ago? Wow, news to me! I’m just going to have to agree to disagree with you about Ream and Cameron.

    As for Goodson, I like the guy, and like you said, he brings experience. Which is why he will beat out either of the other two for WC qualifying, but I wouldn’t mind if he was dropped for Cameron.

  219. GW says:

    “with what we know, it’s an educated opinion. not completely random.”

    Everyone is so fricking well informed.

    What exactly do “we know”? So bryan, tell me all about Chandler’s personal life, his family, his friends, who are they?

    We know nothing, that’s what.

    So it’s not an educated opinion, it’s an ignorant one.

    Someone said everyone has played 40 games like Chandler but the last time I checked, every player is a different person and everyone reacts differently. Chandelr may have all sorts of issues in his personal life. I’m guessing you don’t know the man.

    Like I said, all we know is Chandler ain’t supposed to be here for now, that is all “we know”.

  220. bryan says:

    Yeah, I’m really curious to see what happens with Williams.

  221. bryan says:

    Jones is absolutely the same type of player. Bradley and Edu CAN be used differently, and SOMETIMES they are. But lets be real, for the USMNT, they all play the same role other than Williams.

  222. GW says:

    Morales may be the right back.

  223. bryan says:

    Yeah, or he knows that come September he can still (probably) get a call up.

  224. GW says:

    Villa is horseshit. They should have been relegated.

    Being the starting right back for them, for a guy like Mcleish, is not as wonderful as it sounds.

  225. bryan says:

    Ok GW, I’ll tell you what I know since you apparently can’t piece the info we do have together.

    1. We know, for the second time, Chandler has opted out of camp because he was tired.
    2. Those two decisions were either personal decisions or his club team convinced him (or both).
    3. Both times he would have been capped tied.
    4. He’s a promising player who is still young and is eligible for Germany.
    5. Everyone else has friends/family/personal life and they showed up.
    6. If something is wrong with friends/family/personal life, then I can’t do anything about the fact that he said he is tired as to why he didn’t come.

    Based on those FACTS, you can make an educated guess as to WHY he chose not to take a call up. NONE of that is ignorant. It’s naive to think it’s not possible he just isn’t committed to the USA. Not a single person, well, at least me, have said ANYTHING definitive or acted like I knew exactly what is going on. But piecing information together to make an educated guess is certainly not ignorant.

  226. bryan says:


  227. bryan says:

    Yes apparently you did. He’s an MLS player with a game this weekend. Only MLS players are RSL players who have a bye.

  228. Lost in Space says:

    Of the players identified the only one I have real issue with is Beckerman…and since we’re dealing with 29 players right now even that is acceptable. Now if Beckerman makes the cut to 23 I’ll be more concerned.
    Williams inclusion is a good thing in my eyes. He can be used (if he makes the 23) as a utility player. He’s played across the backline (LB, RB, & CB) as well as CDM for his club. Someone with that level of versitility is always welcome when playing 5 games in 21 days.
    Castillo…while not one of my favorite players…did have a good year with his club. I see him more as a LM than a LB, but with Chandler not attending I’m OK with his inclusion.

  229. Jamie says:

    Really? I wouldn’t, depending on the situation. If he doesn’t feel right as the Star Spangled Banner plays, or feels no connection to the country of his Dad who walked out on him when he was an infant, or feels odd playing for a country of which he doesn’t speak the language and frankly just feels German, why would you play just for the sake of playing? Isn’t that totally the opposite of what international soccer is supposed to be about? I love the Germanamericans, but only want them if they want us. Only way to play the game fair.

  230. Louis Z says:

    Sometimes I wished my intuition wasn’t always right, I got that feeling when he came up with the same lame excuse pre-gold cup. The thank you talk from Chandler is like another nail in the coffin.

  231. bearusky says:

    seriously? have you not seen him play every time he gets an opportunity? sucksha doesnt need to play for us anymore. he’s t athe same level as night mare on bornstreet.

  232. Mike says:

    Time to institutionalize Josh Gatt into the USMNT in these friendlies coming up. Josh Gatt erases memories of Timothy Chandler already.

  233. Louis Z says:

    Donovan is a good player, he was way better a few years ago. He is not having a good season, or anything remotely to his top game. To say he was lighting it up with Everton is a bit of a strech in my opinion.
    This is from a Galaxy fan that is keeping a close eye on him.

  234. Sanchez Piero says:

    I agree that Beckerman is a good player but do not think he has ever shown enough at the international level to make the final cut.

    Its funny that every coach has their lil favorites as well as those that can’t catch a break. Bradley had Bornstein, Klinsmann has Beckerman.

    On the bad side…. we have Benny and Adu that can’t catch a break even though both have shown very well in the past….Klinsy just doesnt like em

  235. Sanchez Piero says:

    Dont worry…two weeks of laying in the sun, pigging out and drinking will get Jose into the shape we’re used to seeing him in

  236. Sanchez Piero says:

    OMG its over for him already

  237. Sanchez Piero says:

    Ask Rossi how that worked for him with Italy

  238. Rags from DC says:

    13 left.

    I think Klinsi call these 7: LD, Shea, Gooch, Jozy, Boyd, Goodson, Lichaj,

    I’m guessing these 6: Cameron, Ream, Sacha, Adu, Gomez, Wondo

    I’d like to see: LD, Shea, Gooch, Jozy, Boyd, Goodson, Lichaj, Beasley, Spector, Adu, Cameron, Gomez, and a surprise inclusion of an attacking player with out and out speed.

  239. pd says:

    Easy there, your knee jerking nearly cracked my monitor…

  240. pd says:

    Please don’t smoke crack before you post. They’re filling different roles in this system, you might as well compare either to a striker…

  241. Sanchez Piero says:

    Saw enough of Ream at the Gold Cup to make me not want to see any more for a long time

  242. Isaac says:

    I think that until Sacha is given a fair chance in a central role, we’ll never really know. So far he’s barely had cameos for Klinsmann.

  243. DCUPedro says:

    Drew, first of all, nobody is saying that it isn’t a BFD. At least not me.

    Second of all, you’re just being silly if you think his turning down a spot with us means he has received a “commitment from Germany”. There’s a host of other possibilities, ranging from him trying to keep his options open for a call up with Germany, to him just not being that interested in a USMNT career. He may believe that the US option will always be there for him later.

    You have no evidence to assert that Germany has contacted him and offered him anything. All we know right now is that he may be attempting to leave doors open. Sorry. I like to work with facts not BS conjecture. And just speaking personally, I’d be SHOCKED AS HELL if Germany called up Tim Chandler.

  244. Kevin says:

    Beckerman is a good MLS player, be he looks sadly lost and in over his head on the international level.

  245. DCUPedro says:

    I think we see the 13 as:

    D: Onyewu, Goodson, Ream, Spector, Lichaj

    M: Donovan, Klejstan, Shea/Adu

    F: Altidore, Gomez, Boyd, Wondolowski, Agudelo

  246. GW says:

    JK is the only one whose feelings count in this case.

    You are like lots of USMNT fans, you keep thinking its about putting the 11 most talented players on the field.

    Go back and look at the teams JK played on and you will realise how much he buys into the cliche World Cup winning manager Lippi used to say.

    Something about you play the 11 who play together the best, not the best 11 players.

  247. DCUPedro says:

    Agree. Having Danny Williams in the side could be beneficial down the line. I see him as Ricardo Clark type player. And before folks laugh…. Clark helped us out a ton during our qualifying run when we needed depth and versatility, including a huge goal for us against Trinidad.

  248. GTV says:

    Klinsi picked the wrong “du”. We need “A”du not “E”du.

    Und wo ist Der Gooch?

  249. Lparra3 says:

    ugh…. *looks over at my Clint Dempsey jersey while shaking my head at you*

  250. Lparra3 says:


  251. Rags from DC says:

    Agudelo is hurt, no?

  252. GW says:

    Everything you listed adds up to what I said it did.. which is we know nothing.

    We have lots of suspicions but no facts.

    The series of games that he refused to play in (Gold Cup and WC qualifying)also came at the end of exhausting seasons for him in both cases.

    From what I’ve read the Gold Cup excuse was legitimate. Maybe this one is as well. Maybe he’s lying. Who knows?

    So like I said, other than the fact that he ain’t here, we know nothing worthwhile.

    Bring on Morales.

  253. drew11 says:

    No evidence, LOL. He just turned down a cap tying call up again. Tony Sanneh from his German contacts knew something was up back in September. Did you notice Chandlers tweet with a little love for the German NT? Interesting timing on that little gem.

    There is at least a little bit of fire with all this smoke here. Has to be because passing on a WC is a big deal for a soccer player. He is gone at least for this cycle.

  254. drew11 says:

    Agudelo is back but not fit. Even for MLS.

  255. SuperChivo says:

    Beckerman the best out there? Really? A quick list of players who have played his position at a higher level over the past year: Jones, Bradley, Danny Williams, Sacha Klejstan, Jonathan Spector, Jose Torres. That’s six players who are regular starters for higher level teams, roughly in order, off the top of my head. Oh yeah, and all of them are younger than Beckerman.

  256. SuperChivo says:

    Jones/Bradley would be the obvious pick, which is why I doubt we will see it.

  257. GW says:

    JK has had Sacha in training. And when Sacha has had his cameos it seems he hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunity.

    JK has lived in LA for a long time so I would have to think he is not unfamiliar with Sacha and his qualities.

    Finally who do you drop in favor of Sacha?

  258. GW says:

    Depends on who is looking. The evidence would be that JK does not agree with you.

    Soccer is no different from any other sport. Besides the obvious variablehe has and he seems to me to be very consistents, when evaluating a player,there are the intangibles.

    I don’t think Beckerman is very talented but he makes the most out of what he has and he always leaves it all out there. I can’t say that about all of his competitors for playing time.

  259. john says:

    If you guys have been watching Lichaj lately I think people wouldn’t be nearly as worried about Chandler. Lichaj is arguably better than Chandler is as he plays in a better league. Personally, I would rather have someone like Lichaj who would walk to US to play for the national team than somebody like Chandler who clearly isn’t that commited. Alot of these qualifying games come down to grit and determination, in the 90th minuet when players are gassed and trying to hold a one goal lead in some obscure Central American country I would take Lichaj over Chandler any day.

  260. divers suck says:

    He wasn’t too injured to play for the Gals or meet the prez. Dempsey made the call-up despite missing the Fulham finale vs Tottenham due to a few nicks. When was the last time Donovan and Dempsey even played together?

  261. jcs says:

    What about Holden?

  262. byrdman says:

    I guess I was the one that was “definitive”. SOrry that was my definitive opinion. This is a message board after all. But I think the handwriting is on the wall. BUT DCU and GW have the right to their opinions. I hope you guys are right, but I’ve been around enough athletes/competitors to know who wants to play and who is just thinking about it.

    That last part is an opinion in case you aren’t sure.

  263. roysterer says:

    Landon Donovan played very well for Everton, and this is from an Everton fan who watched every game. He had six assists in nine games and was named the team’s player of the month for January. That seems fairly luminous to me.

  264. marco says:

    No he’s not. For one Alonso is better.

  265. JB says:

    not necessarily saying Sacha should get playing time, but surely he merits a call in to camp, no?

    also hoping Herc and Lichaj get called in.

  266. caerbannogfc says:

    eh, whatever. at least he got fabian in. i know he hasn’t been getting playing time but every game i see diskerud in an MNT jersey he impresses. And lichaj (despite villa being a lost cause).

    close enough. bring on Antigua!..

  267. Thomas says:

    I think JK handled the Timmy Chandler think well in his quote

  268. bryan says:


  269. bryan says:

    that’s what i thought too. but he’s looked like a good option for our bench. he’s played pretty well at Bolton. i don’t understand how we don’t include a starter for (what was) an EPL team. and don’t say Whitbread, dude can’t stay healthy. and if you were going to say Lichaj, i agree he should be there and likely will be.

  270. Ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Adu needs to be selected. His inspired play for the U23 team and during the Gold Cup cannot be ignored. Both teams ultimately failed but he proved to be a leader, an offensive and creative threat, and a player who truly cares about playing for this country. With thr likes of Chandler bailing, Klinsi needs to reward those who step up to the plate for our country and perform at a higher level. He’s in form too!

  271. bryan says:

    and fwiw, i don’t think Ream should start for the US. i’d still start Boca and Gooch for sure.

  272. Louis Z says:

    you are correct he had 6 assists and ZERO goals. to me that is not lighting it up, and I also saw every Everton game, he was good just not good enough to be labeled lighting it up.

  273. bryan says:

    a definitive opinion is totally fine. something you believe wholeheartedly in. what i mean presenting an opinion as definitive facts. it’s one thing to say, “I think Chandler is holding out for Germany (etc.), and here is why:” and another to say, “Chandler said he is holding out for Germany.”

    that’s all i meant by what i said.

  274. bryan says:

    Well, I think this is something we could go in circles about, so I’ll just say that I’m stoked to see Morales too! I really was not expecting him, but I missed seeing him in Olympic Qualifying. Looking forward to that call for sure.

  275. jones says:

    I hope Adu makes it in, especially since Corona is there too. I thought they were both positives this time around with the U23s.

    Mixx hasn’t impressed me as much recently, though I think he was a bit off and can still improve. For some reason he reminds me of Benny.

  276. Murph says:

    tru dat maaan

  277. yellow says:

    Beckerman does specifically what Klinsmann wants him to do and that is shield the back four. He can’t boss the midfield like jones or bradley or provide any offensive thrust but he is capable of slotting in and doing a specific job at the international level. He makes plenty of offensive mistakes, but his defensive ones haven’t proven costly and he doesn’t get needless cards

  278. yellow says:

    its going pretty well

  279. Marsh03 says:

    Dude do you have a man crush on Beckerman or what? Just get over it Beckerman isn’t as talented as the other midfielders in our pool. He’s a decent “MLS” player and that’s all he”ll ever be. You make it seem like he’s 21 and is about to transfer to Europe. I’m pretty sure JK called Beckerman up for his leadership not for his skills. Have you seen him played against France, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy he got smoked out there when he was on the field. When you have players like Jones and Bradley thy are the clearly choices to put on the field in your team.

  280. Yoreau Snaub says:

    I have to agree with your comment about Mixx resembling Feilhaber. Other than the slight mistake leading to the last Salvadorian goal in the Olympics, Mixx had a really good set of games, and I think he showed a lot of improvement. He will get better. He is only getting scant playing time at Gent though. It will improve, especially as they go through Europa League qualifying.

    That said, I hope to see Mixx in the mix. We have 4 games coming up, right? Brazil, Scotland, Canada, Antigua. The more, the merrier. I would say Lichaj, Adu and Mixx are the three young guys I’d like to see most – I’m not worried about Chandler going to the Germans, and it won’t worry Klinsmann.

    Anyone remember the quote Klinsmann had, when asked what to do about players who don’t respond to call-ups?

    “If there’s a national-team player, he has to do extra work. He has to do extra weeks, and he can’t go on vacation even if he says: ‘Well, but I’m supposed now to have six weeks off.’ If he comes and says that, then I give him a hug and say: ‘Have fun the six weeks, but don’t come back here.'”

    I was nervous about the Chandler news, and every other post above this one captures about every emotion possible. Klinsmann isn’t going to mind, and neither should we. Either way, we are going to enjoy the next couple weeks a LOT.

  281. DCUPedro says:

    Klinsy has this whole bizarre “system” that leads him to favor players with two functioning knees.

  282. Aduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu says:

    Adu is the best player in Concacaf (after Demps & Vela). Dont answer unless you saw the Union game last Sat or the first 30 min of Gold cup, or even the olympic qualifying games

  283. Ivar Clam man says:

    Does Freddy Adu’s red card eliminate him from contenetion

  284. RokD says:

    Chandler is holding out for Germany…simple as that. Germany needs depth at right back, Chandler is German. Sucks for the US but if his heart isnt in let…let him go. NEXT!

  285. Seriously says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Seriously GW get off his jock. Beckerman is not international material and he has shown it multiple times. You can kid yourself and say otherwise or realise that he is klinsman’s little pet for some odd reason much like BB had bornstein. At least with bornstein it could be argued we had little depth at the position. beckerman’s inclusion does not come with such caveat.

  286. GW says:


    I’m not the one who keeps calling him in.

    Beckerman is not the most talented US midfielder but guess what, most talented doesn’t mean you always produce.

    I love Mo but who the hell knows which Mo is going to show up and for how long?

    Jones and Bradley do not do what Beckerman does. Their value is elsewhere.

    From what I can tell the team is more solid on defense when Beckerman plays and for all his talk JK knows uncompromising defense is job one. Look at the teams JK played on.

  287. GW says:

    Spector may still be injured.

  288. Camjam says:

    Frankly, a lot of credibility is lost when you call Beckerman a “decent” mls player. If by decent, you mean best holding/linking midfielder in MLS for the past 2 years, then yes, he is decent.

    The fact is, Beckerman does some things very well and a lot of other things not so well. But the things he does do well (effectively shield, control tempo, start good sequences) are what Klinsmann wants of the position. There are other guys who are better CMs (Edu maybe, Holden, Torres, Bradley, Jones) but Beckerman fills Klinnsman’s needs.

  289. Rlw2020 says:


  290. CplDaniel says:

    We should specify that it was a 2nd yellow…and that gravity and fancy footwork does make fools of us all when we try to dribble through 3-players. Should have been a no-call.

  291. Rlw2020 says:

    I like the brocaste for the future fullbacks of america

  292. CplDaniel says:

    Yes, I thought he was better 2-yrs ago too.

  293. Brian says:

    He just re-upped with FC Nürnberg for a few more years.

  294. shane says:

    It’s not USSF being dumb, it’s Klinsmann. This crap never happened before his days of consulting TFC to a league record setting losing record of 0-8-0 and now guiding the USA to the level of world reknown he thinks we deserve.

  295. Edwin in LA says:

    Guys you need to research more, it’s about how his club doesn’t want him to play more than the regular season….he’s a hot commodity for them as he was a revelation out of no where.

    Look up Chandler misses Gold Cup on youtube, the guys from the straight red card I believe had 2 segments where they addressed it, and I only found it a few months back WAY after the Gold Cup….they invited a guy from Yanks Abroad to talk, and he mentioned how Chandler had a HORRIBLE experience at a very age of U-13 or something and that he doesn’t really fit in with the pool and feels very much a part of the US.

    Kid is not in camp but that doesn’t mean he won’t be there for a qualifier, which we have 2 coming up and another in August/September….

  296. Edwin in LA says:

    I’m sorry what qualifiers have we played since Chandler came in the F-ing picture? lol

    He was on ANY USMNT radar since March last year officially making the call up for the Argentina & Paraguay games…..we played the Gold Cup, and yes he missed that but it has to do more with his CLUB not wanting him to, just like this time they probably only want him to go to the FIFA dates that they cannot do anything about….

  297. wondering says:

    uuuummmmmmm 3 games in what 8 years??? and he is now super great?

  298. bryan says:

    Beckerman deserves to be in the 29. It’s that simple people. I agree I would not include him in the 23, but I do not find it surprising or wrong he was called into the 29.

  299. bryan says:

    Yeah but USSF is ALWAYS releasing their rosters late. This very well could have been JK’s idea too. But USSF probably loved it. They like torturing us! haha

  300. bryan says:

    Oh yeah, I completely forgot he was even injured. That would explain his potential exclusion.

  301. bryan says:

    haha probably not for the friendlies, but once qualifying starts, JK said no more experimenting. i think after the Olympic disaster, they’re going to field the best team. which to me includes Bradley and Jones. but we’ll see…

  302. bryan says:

    I think Germany is doing just fine at RB. They currently have Lahm who will play for a little while longer and then Boateng who is only 23. And Schmelzer is going to be their LB for the foreseeable future.

    But for depth, can you list the depth that they do/do not have? Or are you just making assumptions?

  303. malkin says:

    You’d have to be pretty injured to not make a trip to the white house. Even Saunders was there.

  304. bryan says:

    and apparently Loew would play Benedikt Höwedes at fullback if needed.

  305. Jya says:

    There is Donovan, Howard, Chicharito, Ruiz, Baloy all out performing Adu for years he still has a long way to go. I don’t think I have ever seen a player get over hyped for this long in any sport ever

  306. DC Josh says:

    Unfortunate about Chandler. I see little chance of him breaking into the Germany squad. Maybe he never felt a connection with the US boys. Can’t fault him for not wanting to play for us if so.

  307. marco says:

    The inclusion of Williams as a 5th or 6th CM is disturbing. That means Klinsmann may be tempted to play Williams as a winger where he’s horrible.

  308. Louis Z says:

    well, I guess you can see the glass half full, there is just too many hints that he is not willing to commit when it matters most. As to your last paragraph, I guess you haven’t read JK statement well enough, there is no indication that he is taking a small break. My guess is that he is waiting for a call for Germany, why? maybe he knows something that we don’t know.

  309. Louis Z says:

    your hypothesis is valid. let each person end up with their own conclusions. For me, the kid just don’t want to commit to USA soccer.

  310. TomG says:

    This was a joke, right?

  311. Andy says:

    Adu, Lichaj, Cameron, and Pontius for me.

  312. What are ya all expecting from Jurgen…He is not a coach and we WILL LEARN THIS THE HARD WAY…..Without Donovan Jurgen and his Germericans will be MASSACRE WITH NO MERCY…

  313. Tom Patton says:

    He thinks he can play for Germany. I am not so sure he has got the goods to be considered by them.

    Just my opinion.

  314. Tom Patton says:

    Well…… Utah is a pretty far out state with all the cousins married and what not.