MLS Match Day 9: Your Running Commentary

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The San Jose Earthquakes, the hottest team in MLS at the moment, is in Canada today to put their seven-match unbeaten streak on the line against the Vancouver Whitecaps in the match of the day in Major League Soccer.

Today's schedule features seven MLS matches, and while the LA-New York tilt will garner the usual attention, the Earthquakes are playing the best soccer in the league at the moment and will take on a tough Vancouver side they defeated last month.

The Galaxy and Red Bull renew acquaintances at Home Depot Center, though New York comes into the match severely short-handed, with Thierry Henry among the laundry list of starters missing.

Sporting KC returns to action at Livestrong Sporting Park, looking to start a new winning streak by taking on the Montreal Impact.

Here is a rundown of today's MLS matches:

4pm- Toronto FC vs. D.C. United

4:30pm- Seattle Sounders vs. Philadelphia Union

7pm- Vancouver Whitecaps vs. San Jose Earthquakes

8pm- LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls

8:30pm- Sporting Kansas City vs. Montreal Impact

9pm- Real Salt Lake vs. New England

10:30pm- Portland Timbers vs. Columbus Crew

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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40 Responses to MLS Match Day 9: Your Running Commentary

  1. Paul H says:

    As a DC fan, this Toronto game has me very nervous. They’re going to be desperate for points, and I’m not sure that we’ll have our back line organized enough to keep them from scoring…

  2. As a DC fan, I could say the same thing about you.

  3. 20 says:

    uhh is Najar really playing right back? According to

  4. SilverRey says:

    Check out goff’s preview, he talks about ben’s ‘interesting’ line up for today. He’s shaking things up a bit today. Najar is reprising his role from the end of last game.

  5. Polo says:

    There’s no way that isn’t a concussion. Macmath takes a sprinting knee to the head.

  6. Polo says:

    How in the world can that guy yell at the official for carding him?

    He’s lucky Farfan has ups or that’s a broken leg.

  7. chris says:

    Herdlings a p*ssy. Whats Nowaks love affair with Pajoy? He hasnt done anything and its hard to believe Mwanga couldnt do better

  8. chris says:

    Rose lucky to still be on the field but as a neutral i cant complain

  9. PD says:

    at the half, some stats on Seattle and Philly

    shots on goal: PHL – 1 (0 on target) SEA 7 (4 on target)
    passing accuracy: 71% / 75%
    posession 47.6% / 52.4
    total passes 192 / 212

  10. deepvalue says:

    Turns out DCUs DP player does exist after all. So, cool.

  11. drew11 says:

    DC is the most entertaining team in the league to watch.

  12. Polo says:

    Montero is a POS. How he hasn’t had his leg broken yet is incredible.

  13. deepvalue says:

    Korb for DCU does not appear to be wearing shinguards.

  14. Polo says:

    Freddy Adu is like the only Philly player actually doing anything. The rest are… I don’t even know, this team is horrible.

  15. Polo says:

    Man this is painful to watch. Can we use some MLS front office power to get Adu and Williams off this team and away from this nutjob of a coach?

    He’s already switched tactics 3 times and just moves players randomly, desperately trying to luck his way into a solution.

    He’s got Freddy Adu playing as a winger on the same side as Williams and neither is touching the ball.

  16. Polo says:

    Adu’s patience in the midfield is leading to every credible attack the Union put together. He makes the smart passes and doesn’t try stupid things.

    But this Pajoy guy up top is really bad and flounders most opportunities. Mwanga is noticeably better, yet sits on the bench.

  17. Polo says:

    Man, I give Mwanga props and he turns around and does that? Come on that was terrible.

  18. Polo says:

    That’s horrible from Gonzalez.

    Stomps on William’s leg as he lies on the ground. Referee misses it. Can’t see him escaping a suspension for that. Just dirty.

  19. ThaDeuce says:

    Why did neal start over deleon?

  20. PD says:

    It just seems like no one knows what to do. When that many pro level players look like they don’t know what they are supposed to do that either means that they are totally outclasses or totally without leadership. Either way it’s a bad situation.

  21. Polo says:

    I think you’re spot on about a lack of leadership (and a bit of class as well). Players just move out of position constantly, and that starts on the practice pitch.

  22. divers suck says:

    Jealous Philly fan much? PIPE DOWN!!!…What did they do to even attempt to score? What did they do to stop the brilliance of Mauro Rosales? You guys have no clue on how to score a goal, live with it!!!!

  23. Wondo's Boot says:

    His name is Wondo. He scores goals for fun.

  24. Wondo's Boot says:

    Right after the team that put five past DC. 😉

  25. Polo says:

    Definitely not a Philly fan. But the entire league hates Montero. When you dive, whine and cheapshot as much as he does it’s inevitable. Clean up your trashy players and maybe people won’t have a problem.

  26. EARL says:

    You sound like a big ol baby.

  27. WK says:

    Oh look, Wondo unmarked at the back post. 1-0 Quakes!

  28. WK says:

    Ouch Beita on the wrong side of that mismatch. 1-1 On a nice header

  29. divers suck says:

    Speak for yourself, you do realize Fredy only has 1 goal this year right? I’ll take his play over ANYTHING Philly has to offer, which is nothing….SBI is so east coast biased, it’s pathetic!

  30. drew11 says:

    Is he cap tied? Does he have any Canadian or Burmudan relatives?

  31. James says:

    Adu’s too little to be that slow!

  32. RSLfan says:

    So the referee starts to take out a yellow for Johnson, then puts it back, waits a minute while the Revs players argue and make a substitution and then decides it should be a red. It was a bad tackle, but if you are going to give a red don’t wait until one minute after the tackle to give it after first allowing an opposing sub, this guy has been a joke all game and just keeps making MLS refs look worse and worse…

  33. SilverRey says:

    It’s only the refs 9th game and he has given out 5 reds already – talk about a case of nerves. He totally let the sideline ref (40 yds away) talk him into that one. He should have stuck with his first call when he had the yellow in his hand.

  34. RSLfan says:

    Ha…well he made up for it w/ an even worse red in our favor…a break in our favor, that is the first in a few matches…

  35. RSLfan says:

    Well no matter what side you are on (RSL/NE/Human) I think we can agree that ref was awful…

  36. Seriously? says:

    Agreed the ref was bad, but the first red wasn’t totally undeserved, even though the way it was given was quite strange. Johnson jumped into the challenge, showed his studs, and his foot was well off the ground when he made contact with the opponent.
    I’m sure he never would have given the 2nd red if he hadn’t given the first. Then it looked like he was scared to make a call after that. Five reds in 9 games is unbelievable, and telling.

  37. Seriously? says:

    just watched the play on the MLS site, and when he thought Johnson was just getting a yellow, the RSL color guy literally said “he’s very, very, very fortunate to stay on the field”. Then, in talking about how it appeared that the AR pushed it to a red, the announcer talked about a conversation with Kreis where the coach emphatically said that refs don’t use their AR’s enough.

  38. Dennis says:

    Funny how defenders always seem to leave Wondo unmarked. Either he is lucky or just sneaky smart!

  39. ericJ says:

    Just got home. POLO’s comments were hilarious.

  40. RSLfan says:

    I definitely agree it could have and maybe should have been red, but its just annoying that it took almost a minute for the card to come out and it wasn’t even the first thing the ref did, if he thought immediately it was a red he should have given it and he clearly had a better view than the AR it took place in the middle of the field about 10 yards from him.