Must-See Goal: Eric Hassli

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30 Responses to Must-See Goal: Eric Hassli

  1. ec says:

    What a goal, but I want to see the shaved head again, Hassli is way more intimidating with it.

  2. cj says:


  3. Marlon says:

    It’s an amazing goal, but it kind of looks like he slices it when he meant to hit i far post.

  4. Dos says:

    Hahaha are you out of your mind? HAve you ever played the sport? Do you know the skill that takes? He did exactly what he wanted to do there . . . you aim on frame with a volley and allow the ball to do the work off your foot . . . it is called technique

  5. TADevil says:

    Wow, that was sick.

  6. malkin says:

    Poor Toronto. But hey, at least they still got their first point.

  7. James says:

    Actually, they didn’t. This isn’t and MLS game. Toronto’s still a pointless team. But we knew that already.

  8. malkin says:

    Ahh, my bad. Well done on the “pointless team” comment, too.

  9. Kosh says:

    Ouch, dude! Ouch.

  10. Kosh says:

    That was all skill, all intent and superbly executed! Simply put a gooooooooooolaaaaaaaazzzooooooooooo!!!

  11. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Thankfully the ref played the advantage in the build-up, we would have missed one hell of a goal otherwise. How does this compare with his wonder goal from last year?

  12. Weaksauce says:


  13. THomas says:

    That’s about as good as a volley gets.

  14. Modibo says:

    A real cracker! Well worth watching. No way the TFC keeper was getting anywhere near that.

  15. TomG says:

    Hassli is the King of all Volleys.

  16. Bozeman says:

    He sliced it on purpose; it’s called an ‘inside-out’ type of shot. You hit it with side-spin to make it go in the opposite direction after traveling in the direction you hit it for a little bit. In this instance he wanted to literally curl it inside the near post, then away from the keeper enough so he couldn’t save it, but he also wouldn’t hit it wide.

  17. Marlon says:

    I’ve played tons of soccer, I’m just not good enough to slice a volley on purpose.

  18. Kishan Jeter says:

    I’d have to say that he just asked for the pass, saw it coming, adjusted his stance and took a swing at it. Sure, he’s good at volley’s and it’s a wonderful strike but I disagree that he “purposely sliced it on purpose with this so called “inside-out” type of shot that you’ve mentioned. It just happened to work out that way.

  19. Kishan Jeter says:

    Correction: Zinedine Zidane is the King of Volleys. Hassli is the Prince.

  20. Jamie Z. says:

    It’s obviously a total fluke. Just like that other Goal of the Year candidate a couple years back that was also a total fluke.

  21. Bozeman says:

    If you look at his plant foot, it’s pointing right where the ball went, as well as how his leg follow through goes to put spin on the ball. Lucky or not, he still put it where it intended to go. Having both been on the end of, as well as done this type of movement on a shot, you can make a ball do some strange things with enough spin, so don’t discount the “so called inside-out”….

  22. bryan says:

    fantastic goal

  23. Bryan says:

    Nice to see MLS producing some nice goals this year, these past few weeks have had some beauties.

  24. Joamiq says:

    That was beautiful. I don’t care what you think about degree of difficulty or intention or luck or whatever. That is just purely aesthetically gorgeous.

  25. b says:

    A couple years back was last year. And imo it was the best goal of the year in the whole world, certainly top ten.

  26. b says:

    This is an MLS team but not an MLS game, but agreed w your general point.

  27. PetedeLA says:

    Great goal. I’d love to see this guy in training.

    I have a feeling he can hit those shots all day.

  28. TFCfan says:

    God damn them Vancouverites!
    Nice shot by Hassli, though.

  29. Brent McD says:

    Hassli = beast