Must-See Goal: Papiss Cisse

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35 Responses to Must-See Goal: Papiss Cisse

  1. A wise man once says:

    I think that might be better than Hassli’s.

  2. elgringorico says:

    Holy god. I mean it does seem lucky and he would only ever attempt a shot like that at that point in the match, but I’ve never seen a more wicked bend in my life. Off the outside of his foot? Wow

  3. K Bone says:

    That’s the kind of shot that happens once in a lifetime. Good lord, you could never hit that more perfect…

  4. PetedeLA says:

    Unfortunately, there are probably viewers who will say that this was an accident.

    Instinct+talent+confidence=great things!!!

  5. fifawitz1313 says:

    Holy Crap!

  6. sandtrout says:

    Funny, if he had barely missed that past the far post, it would have gone out for a throw in! That’s how much it was bending.

  7. VADCUfan says:

    He has been scoring insane goals at an insane rate since he got here. Your formula is absolutely correct.

  8. Michael Vann says:

    That was his SECOND amazing goal of the game. This one will get all the press, rightfully so, but his first goal wasn’t shabby either. Cisse has scored some azaming goals this season. Not a cheap one in the bunch. Best January buy in Premier League history??? Certainly feeling like it. Amazing talent.

  9. Kosh says:

    What in the world! The rocks on this guy!! What a goal!!!


  10. REALCoach says:

    Absolutely Freaking Unbelievable!

  11. PetedeLA says:

    And coaches around the Europe are scratching their head wondering why they didn’t buy this guy.

    Freiburg fans are not surprised to see his success.

  12. Empty Bucket says:


  13. Kent says:

    There was SOME luck involved. Coudn’t have been 100% intentional. Still, sick goal.

  14. Joe Creighton says:


  15. Manny Molina says:

    Awsome…Awsome goal

  16. CSD says:

    The 3 defenders near him are thinking “goal k..oh crap”

  17. tom says:

    Roberto Carlosesque

  18. GW says:

    Why unfortunately?

    Repeat those exact same circunstances ten times and how many times do you suppose it goes in again?

    He obviously went for it and good for him but he was clearly quite lucky.

  19. MemRook says:

    Was watching it live and literally for the first time in my life had a moment where I didn’t believe what I had just seen. I had to ask my wife sitting next to me if she saw what I saw and for the first time in my life I saw my wife truly impressed by anything related to soccer; her face was frozen in disbelief.

    In other words. That goal was nice.

  20. Steve says:

    By definition luck is something beyond one’s control. Exactly what did he not control during that shot? It did not take a funky bounce, I doubt there was a massive gust of wind (although I will concede that it is possible), it did not take a weird deflection off another player. Yea, it might not go in the other 9 times, but by your reasoning those nine misses are just as much unlucky as the one going in is lucky.

  21. Jay says:

    An amazing goal with him and Ba New Castle has a very nasty front line. They need better mids but they can fight for a top four again if they can hold on to them. I can see the big clubs raining in the cash for both Cisse and Ba. Will Newcastle sell is another story. I hope they don’t they have a really good squad their scouts are really good.

  22. GW says:

    “by your reasoning those nine misses are just as much unlucky as the one going in is lucky”

    Absolutely. So what? Are going to tell me he is likely to go 10 for 10 or even 5 out of 10 in such situations?

    I doubt it.

  23. Josh says:

    I’ve seen plenty of so-called golazos that were just nice goals. Cisse’s blast is a genuine golazo. What a vicious bend on that shot.

    Based on the evidence, Cisse will score a lot of must-see goals in his career, but if he ever scores another goal like that, his career will have been supremely blessed. What a blast!

  24. Matt S says:

    I fell to the floor in shock when i saw this goal. I was already pacing in front of the TV crying for Newcastle to hold out and when I saw that go in the wind was knocked out of me. I can’t describe how amazing this goal is. People throw out praise for good goals all the time but this one was one was the best strikes I’ve ever seen. Even better is that if anyone else took this shot it would have been more breathtaking but Cisse is making a habit of doing things you would only see in a video game. All he needs is one touch, a yard of space and to be within 25 yards of goal and he is lethal.

  25. fischy says:

    Might be? Better than Hassli’s goal?

    Are you kidding?

    That goal was the best shot that you or I or anyone else has ever seen.

  26. fischy says:

    I tried posting this comment at the time he scored it, but it didn’t post for some reason.

    “I have no hesitation in saying that Cisse just scored withthe most incredible shot I have ever seem. Ever. Period. Better than any bicycle or scorpion or anything else. That shot was otherwordly.”

  27. fischy says:

    I think you’re being a bit miserly with your praise. “One of the best strikes (you’ve) ever seen? I don’t think you or me or anyone else has ever seen a better one.

  28. Taylor says:

    no, but thats not the point. players try difficult shots like that all the time. this time, he just hit it absolutely perfectly. it wasn’t luck that he had had absolutely perfect technique there, it just so happens that usually players get something a little wrong, and on shots like this it will usually miss by miles.

    cisse is just in the form right now where he is confident and will try anything. here, he just got everything right and scored an unbelievable goal. whether he could do it 5 out of 10 has absolutely nothing to do with it at all, if you think thats how this sport works, like basketball free throws, then you must know nothing about soccer

  29. hush says:

    That was just disgusting!

  30. Andy says:

    Arsenal fans had been calling for his signature since Nam. Arsene probably should have listened…

  31. pillow pants says:

    cisse gets maybe the goal of his lifetime…awesome. saw it live. few goals come close to compare it to, but torres hits a hat trick the game before and no video? yet we get the mundane highlights from the manchester “darby.” BORING.

  32. GW says:

    Let me put it this way; the ball had to fall for him perfectly for that to happen the way it did. And obviously he had to do his part.
    Ask CIsse if he thinks he could do it again. If he’s being honest he will say yes if the same set of circumstances comes up again. Which is the whole point.

    Those circumstances don’t come up a lot because if they did you’d see a lot more of this sort of goal.

    Cisse is not the only player in the world with that level of skill.

    This is not an indictment of Cisse so much as it is an acknowledgement of just how difficult and rare such goals are. And if you truly believe that luck had absolutely nothing to do with it then I would say either you haven’t watched soccer for very long or whatever you watch does not have a lot of talented players playing it.

  33. GW says:

    Get on you tube and pull up goals by Matt Le Tissier, Zidane , Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho just to name a few. If you liked Cisse’s goal you should enjoy what those guys did.