Champions Real Madrid, Juventus set for summer showdown in Las Vegas

RealMadrid (Reuters Pictures)

Real Madrid and Juventus will be going head-to-head in this summer's World Football Challenge, but they won't be doing so in an established MLS market. They'll be doing it in Vegas, baby.

The newly crowned Spanish and Italian champions will clash on August 5 in Las Vegas' Sam Boyd Stadium, a 36,800-capacity venue that is the home to UNLV football, as part of the summer tournament in North America, match organizers announced on Tuesday. The match will be played at 8 p.m. local time to combat the summer Nevada heat. Madrid just put the finishing touches on their 32nd La Liga championship, while resurgent Juventus is a game away from sealing an incredible undefeated season, with their last loss coming almost a full calendar year ago.

Both teams will be making their way to MLS markets as well. Madrid will be playing against the Los Angeles Galaxy three days earlier, while Juventus has been rumored to be playing D.C. United a week before the Vegas showdown as part of their summer American tour.

Booking your road trip to Vegas now? Intrigued by the matchup?

Share your thoughts below.

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17 Responses to Champions Real Madrid, Juventus set for summer showdown in Las Vegas

  1. Jon says:

    CR7’s hair is going to melt.

  2. jason says:

    Summer in Vegas? As a Rebel alum, no thanks.

  3. RLW2020 says:

    don’t care for the match-up or the August date but I hope this is the beginning of a few more games in Las Vegas, im thinking January camp, fall friendlies maybe an MLS game or 2.

  4. soccerroo says:

    That is going to be a very hot day in a very hot place. Maybe they can try out some of the floating airconditioners they are playing on using for the 2022 world cup

  5. JJJ says:

    It might cool down to a nice 105 degrees by 8 pm

  6. Insane. That’s almost as clever as staging a world cup in Qatar. I think part of the tailgate/pre-match festivities should include frying an egg on the sidewalk or car hood, a fairly manageable feat at 110F. But, don’t get me wrong … I’ll be there.

  7. elopingcamel says:

    Sweet! Finally some love for Vegas. I will be there.

    Also, I used to play multiple times a week during the summer nights in Vegas. Once the sun goes down it doesn’t feel too hot at all. It’s quite nice.

  8. RK says:

    Similar to the weather in madrid…

  9. solles says:

    So according to that article, the matchup is sexy and Chivas USA is a Mexican team.

    WHy do I waste my time.

  10. huhe888 says:

    Vegas in August is unbearable.

    Monsoon season.

    45 degrees C during the day.

    Thunderstorms and humidity in late afternoon with flash flooding risk.

    The casinoes are mostly empty. Tourists avoid the period between July 4 and Labor Day.

    The locals are looking for any excuse to escape.

    I don’t understand CAA’s thinking for putting a match in Vegas in August.

    Expect attendance in the 15000-20000 range with plenty of good seats available to the walk up crowd.

  11. huhe888 says:

    Sam Boyd Stadium features metal bleachers.

    8pm kickoff is too early for August. 8:45pm or 9pm would be a little bit more comfortable.

  12. Mark says:

    Yeah it will be hot but I’ll be making the trip from Utah. My biggest hope is that they’ll put in a temporary grass pitch like they did for the Rugby Sevens tournament held at this stadium this past February.

  13. bryan says:

    hahaha i love that the DC/Juve link is to ticketmaster. did someone accidentally put that up there without realizing it isn’t confirmed?! well, publicly confirmed.

  14. josh says:

    Let’s see… young foreign millionaires in Vegas, 100 degrees on the field, nothing at stake… this should be a thrilling match.

    This isn’t much more than an opportunity for these guys to get paid to go to Vegas.

  15. Luke says:

    I hope they are laying down real grass for this! If it’s on turf it will still be scorching hot.

  16. bryan says:

    so the Chelsea/Milan game is on the 28th of July, which is the same day as ticketmaster is showing DC vs Juve…

    is that a joke?! or just a complete failure to plan?

  17. Phil says:

    Ok as a Vegas resident 8PM is not bad it may be 90 Degrees but will feel like the 80’s.

    Also this will sell out anyone who says it wont obviously has no idea of the soccer culture or demographics here. Lets see Real Madrid in a predominantly Latin American demographic. Thats like saying Guinness wont be drank in Boston.

    This is a great jump to the Soccer specific stadium that just got approved in Hederson Nevada.