SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm today

DeRoWondo (Getty)

It's that time again. Time for us to discuss all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

Join me at 1pm today as I field questions from SBI readers on everything under the soccer sun. Want to talk MLS? USMNT? Europe? Or maybe you want some non-soccer questions, perhaps about music or movies or other pop culture topics?

Let's talk about it all at 1pm.

Join me then, right here on SBI.

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10 Responses to SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm today

  1. RLW2020 says:

    my question, when is SBI going to get rid of these noisy pop-up adds!

  2. Flyer says:

    Ives, not complaining like the guy above me!!!

    What do you think of the impact Chris Rolfe will have on the Fire this year when healthy?????

    Why would Di Vaio sign with MLS, when he could go to China and make bank? (not a shot at MLS at all just question

  3. marco says:

    I wont be here for the live show. Someone ask Ives about Beckham and Keane not traveling to Seattle. Arena took the heat, but I feel they have that veto power over him to decline the trip. Did Ives and others factor these absences and more likely to come, when they picked Galaxy to repeat.

  4. adi from Oregon says:

    Who is going to win between the upcoming Chelsea vs Bayern Muenchen game & by how much?

  5. Vic says:

    Who are your starters for WCQ?

    Which young players may get called for WCQ?

  6. bryan says:

    you guys realize he won’t answer the questions in here right? haha

  7. Kelly says:

    Where is it?!?!

  8. Andy says:

    Because he can live in America, still make decent bank, and he doesn’t have to learn some form of Chinese.

  9. KokoTheGorillaWill-F-U-Up says:

    nah, Donovan said the team needed to “get into gear”, but that car metaphor is not used in England so Becks and Keane thought Donovan said the team needed to get some gear. DB & RK then headed off to neiman marcus to get some gear.
    Thats why they missed sea.

  10. KokoTheGorillaWill-F-U-Up says:

    My question is, and this is the most important one, when will SBi start a weekly podcast?