SBI MLS Player of the Week: Fredy Montero

FredyMontero2012 (Getty)

It took him eight weeks, but Fredy Montero finally notched his first goal and assist of the season during MLS Week Nine, and both of them proved worth the wait.

Montero's long-range blast of a goal in Seattle's 2-0 win against the LA Galaxy, and his brilliant game-winning assist in Seattle's 1-0 win against Philadelphia helped the Sounders register a six-point week. Those plays, along with so many more he put in during a pair of quality performances, earned him SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

Montero beat out San Jose's Chris Wondolowski, Real Salt Lake's Alvaro Saborio and Vancouver's Eric Hassli's for this week's honor. Montero's work in the Seattle attack gave defenses fits this week, and only some stellar saves and the woodwork kept Montero from stockpiling more goals.

What did you think of Montero's week? What player got your vote for MLS Player of the Week?

Share your thoughts below.

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21 Responses to SBI MLS Player of the Week: Fredy Montero

  1. Aaron says:

    Yawn, one goal in eight games, that’s really impressive. Seattle looks totally uninspired against two listless teams, I am so impressed. The kings of plastic have some really explosive offense, looking forward to their first round playoff implosion this year.

  2. aitchpat says:


    But really, look at the PPG on the table before complaining about production. As to your point about just having one goal, I am sure that you are well aware that those numbers do not represent a player’s worth on the field. It would absolutely astound me if you were to think otherwise.

  3. JJ says:

    Sooopa, Sooopa Fred, Sooopa, Sooopa Fred, Sooopa, Sooopa Fred, Sooopa Fredy Montero!

  4. EARL says:

    I am willing to bet Seattle has more points than your team and Fredy Montero is better than your teams number 9.

  5. James says:

    Well deserved. Montero looked very good in both of those games. A major contributor in two wins.

  6. swoopy says:

    Notice that Montero goes as Rosales is healthy. Rosales makes everyone around him better.

  7. Diablo says:

    Fredy is one of the best players in the league. And still one of the most overrated if you read ESPN. It’s strange. One thing I like though is that he has really seemed to mature over the last year or so. He dives less and although he still whines, so does pretty much everyone else.

  8. David St. Hubbins says:

    montero had a big week but Wondo had a bigger one. 3 goals > 1 goal/1 assist

    (SBI-Sorry man, but the Player of the Week award isn’t just about what player compiles the most stats. At least that’s not how WE do it. Others clearly do, but I just don’t think goal/assist totals alone tell the whole story of a player’s impact in a given week. It might for people who don’t watch games and only go by box scores.)

  9. Ian says:


    Though we all know Ives has him on his fantasy team…

  10. Luis F says:

    I might go with Felipe for the goal with the most impact this week, but Montero was a catalyst all week long. He could easily have had two more goals.

  11. WileyJ says:

    Solid output, well deserved accolade.

  12. marco says:

    Strange pick based on anemic stats. Yes, strikers are expected to score. Jozy never got this benefit while scoring ten times as much.

  13. garimundi says:

    I thought this was player *of the week*, what do season stats have to do with it? If you saw both Seattle games, Montero created a ton of chances for himself and others this past week.

  14. Bri says:

    pappa, 2 goals, one (really two) against montero and seattle, plus another on saturday.

  15. WK says:

    Wondo won North America Soccer Writers POW, so it’s all good.

  16. marco says:

    If player of week is based on a potential of what might have happened (chances but not scores), then choice is potentially correct. Montero certainly could have had good games, while others fall short because they did.

  17. Confussed?! says:

    What a Joke. WOndo had three goals and and assist and the weekly honors goes to the Rapist? Just doesn’t make sense.

  18. peterjh says:

    the offside call was correct, and it wasn’t this week.

  19. marco says:

    I agree, Wondo or Saborio

  20. marco says:

    It may have been the percentage of improvement, from zero to one.

  21. Shittle says:

    LOL… if thats the case I would have picked SJ CB Morrow for his 1 goal. Funny the think a CB has the same stats as the player of the week. lol