UEFA Champions League’s Top 10 Goals

The 2011-12 UEFA Champions League final is on Saturday, when either Bayern Munich or Chelsea will be crowned kings of Europe to mark the end of a memorable tournament. While either side might come up with spectacular highlights in the final match, Fox Soccer has compiled their top 10 goals from this season's competition so far. Enjoy:

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4 Responses to UEFA Champions League’s Top 10 Goals

  1. Mike says:

    Boateng’s and Iniesta’s are just nasty.

  2. Kevin_Amold says:

    Some really great goals. I want so desperately to hate on Kevin-Prince Boateng’s goal, but I can’t. It was amazing. Iniesta’s and the Dortmund volley were great too.

  3. Dillon says:

    Ramires should be higher considering the magnitude and coolness of the finish.

  4. eman says:

    nods head