Missed chances, shaky defending doom USMNT in 4-1 loss to Brazil


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LANDOVER, Md. — The U.S. men's national team looked to its match against Brazil as a way to gauge just how far it has come in its first year under head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, and the U.S. men found out there is still work to be done.

Four days after routing Scotland to open their busy summer, the United States suffered a 4-1 defeat to Brazil in front of a crowd of 67,619 fans at FedEx Field on Wednesday night. The Americans created chances, but a failure to to finish combined with some shaky defending ended the U.S. team's winning streak at five games.

"It's a very good team, and that's what we expected, with very good individual players," said Klinsmann. "Neymar and his technical skils that he has, and he has this freshness in his game to try things out and make things that you don't expect. They have a very powerful forward with Hulk that is a handful, there's no doubt about it. They have a a very good group that are coming through the ranks that Mano Menezes is trying to build."

Neymar scored early on a controversial penalty kick and added two assists for the Brazilians, while Alexandre Pato came off the bench to cap the scoring. Herculez Gomez, who started for the U.S. team for the first time since 2010, scored the lone goal for the hosts with a headed finish just before halftime.

The Americans had chances in the match to pull closer but were unable to convert. Oguchi Onyewu thundered a header off the cross bar in the second half, while Michael Bradley and substitute Terrence Boyd also failed to put away chances against Brazilian goalkeeper Rafael.

Both teams began the match by sharing possession and feeling each other out. But the United States fell behind in the 12th minute when Neymar beat Tim Howard with a penalty kick that was awarded to the Selecao following a questionable handball on Oguchi Onyewu.

Neymar went from scorer to provider 14 minutes later, delivering a corner kick that Thiago Silva headed home.

"(Onyewu) says he hit him in the stomach and plus he was outside the box," said Klinsmann. "Then you get another set piece, you're 2-0 down, so you run after Brazil, which is very difficult because then you open up spaces and they can counter break you."

The Americans got a lifeline just before halftime, as Michael Bradley hit Fabian Johnson with a pass down the left flank. Johnson sent in a cross that took a slight deflection, and Gomez was there to head it into the back of the net from close range.

"I thought the team reacted very well," said Klinsmann. "They fought themselves back in the game, they scored that goal. We wanted to avoid, obviously, a third goal coming out for the second half."

That did not happen. Seven minutes after the intermission, Neymar got down the left side and sent in a low cross that Marcelo smashed past a helpless Howard.

The United States attempted to rally after that, but things got chippy in the match. Jermaine Jones was given a yellow card in the 57th minute for taking down Neymar with a sweeping kick, and Brazilian fullback Marcelo was cautioned three minutes later.

"I think we mixed it up in the second half," said Howard. "We made them uncomfortable. I thought it was a great tackle on Neymar from Jermaine. They were pissing and moaning and rolling around, and got a little bit of help from the referee. We stood up for ourselves."

The final goal of the game came three minutes before the death, when Pato chested down a ball from Marcelo and rifled a shot to the far post despite appeals for offside from the Americans.

"The fourth goal, my information is the guy was two yards offside," said Klinsmann. "So we're talking about a goal two yards offside, we're talking about a penalty kick that's not be, so that kind of pisses me off to be honest. But it is what it is. Congratulations to Brazil for the win."

The scoreline does not indicate it, but in terms of performance the United States did better than they have in the past against the five-time World Champions. Rather than defend and counter, the Americans tried to take the game to Brazil when they could. And while it did work at times, the lack of finishing and shoddy defending ultimately cost them.

"We did have good spells where we moved the ball around," said Clint Dempsey, who entered the game in the 56th minute. "But it hurts you to concede a goal so early in a game like this. It puts more pressure on you and we just never really seem to get those type of calls."

The U.S. team next takes on Canada at BMO Field in Toronto on June 3 before starting World Cup qualifying against Antigua and Barbuda on June 8 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Fla.


What do you think of Brazil's 4-1 win over the United States? Who impressed/disappointed you? Encouraged by how the U.S. offense played?

Share your thoughts below.

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236 Responses to Missed chances, shaky defending doom USMNT in 4-1 loss to Brazil

  1. AshortDeparture says:


  2. DanO says:

    Coulda been 4-4 or 6-1. Crazy game.

  3. deepvalue says:

    Once Brazil pressed up high, we lost our first touch and started giving the ball away constantly. The US defender’s passing wasn’t good enough and the mids didn’t provide enough support to break the high pressure. Bradley and Fabian stood out for the US. We have plenty of young fowards and mids but where are the stud center backs??

  4. c says:

    take out gooch and edu and we are good. Don’t know who will replace gooch though.

  5. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Gooch had the hand ball (could’ve gone either way)…and was caught out by pato for a goal. Header was nice but it is time to see Goodson.

    Fabian was awesome

    Need to go to a 4-4-2 against these teams…edu doesn’t have enough class against top 10 teams.

    Gomez and Altidore up top has me salivating.

  6. JB says:

    I think this game showed that Bradley is one of our most important players and that he must be further up the pitch for us to succeed.

  7. Spencer says:

    score looks bad, but we are starting to show potential. This is a friendly and we have 2 years to prep for WC 2014. All things aside we are two players away from really turning a corner into a top team.

  8. David Wayne says:

    Wasn’t really upset with this game. We have enough opportunities and there were some bright points. It is obvious that our D needs much work. It was obvious gooch isn’t at the national team level. fabian and gomez were brilliant, bradley was solid again along with donovan. there are still some guys that just aren’t at this level…edu is not ready, he couldn’t pass for the life of him. brazil had there scoring chances and so did we but our back line isn’t good enough yet. what do you guys think about the game. i am very intrigued by the way that some of our guys played and we had many more opportunities than we usually have against top opponents. yes they were a olympic brazil team but they are still brazil and still dangerous.

  9. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Also I still don’t rate Parkhurst and would’ve liked to have seen Lichaj (which we will by end of WC qualifying.

    Agree a more fair scoreline could’ve been 4-3

  10. Jason b says:

    Gooch sucked…. Everyone was upset w Cameron about the own goal. Gooch cost us at least 2. Slow and relies on long ball clearances. I’m kinda glad we lost, so theres a fire under their butts for qualifying. Seemed like an unlucky game. I would rather see Cameron start and I think Gomez was awesome and wanted it! I wish Joey had half his will.

  11. David Wayne says:

    agreed…cb position would be huge for us to gain an impact player. who is ready for this level? fabian is something special and i like jermaine as the enforcer type.

  12. Colin says:

    I really thought, from an offensive standpoint, we have never looked so good going forward against quality opposition. In all honesty the only real difference today was the quality in front of goal as we just could not finish some great chances (and how freaking good Marcelo and Neymar are). Their keeper also came up big (A little dissapointed in Howard today, not particularly at fault for any of the goals, but if he is top 5 in the world as Klinsman says, he would be coming up with at least one save on the four goals.) My favorite player is howard by the way, I am just really critical of him….

  13. Gooch 4 President says:

    How is it obvious that Gooch isn’t “national team level”? He had a questionable hand ball called against him and was “caught” as many people say on the fourth goal (no one wants to question Castillo not being able to look over his shoulder or the lack of pressure on the ball?) Everyone is going to crucify Gooch for his (sub)par performance but I have yet to see anyone say anything about Landon Donovan’s lack of a performance….

  14. DingDong says:

    It was good to lose in the way they did. They weren’t humiliated and they obviously are playing well. But if they had pulled off a win, I’d be worried about them being too confident heading to Guatemala.

  15. AG says:

    The same midfield formation from the last game should have been played.

  16. Josh From GA says:

    Don’t know what you people watched but Donovan was terrible to me…he kept doing the same lil move on Marcelo and got beat EVERYTIME…aside from his free kick service he was trash. Herc, Johnson, and Bradley for me made my night.

  17. David Wayne says:

    i totally agree with your point about the attacking this game. we had lots of chances just couldn’t convert.

  18. JJJ says:

    Marcello owned Donavan tonight. Great player, it’s a shame he’s a punk.

  19. Kevbo says:

    If Gooch gets higher than 2.0 in any of the player ratings tomorrow, the piece was obviously written by Gooch.

  20. Shaggy says:

    Chris Shuler, RSL. He should get a look after the 2014 World Cup. With the way he is progressing I don’t think that will be a problem for him. He doesn’t look fast but he doesn’t seem to get beat by speed to often and the best thing I like about him is his passing skills.

  21. Colin says:

    I dont know why you think this shows Gooch is not at the national team level…. Yes he had a bad game, but everyone has bad games, at other times he has been immense for us against quality opposition (Spain in the confederation up for example). He is also playing for one of the best teams in Portugal, which is no small task. Give him some more chances as he is in the process of getting reintroduced. In the end the handball was just bad luck and not really a reflection on his ability.

  22. Ryan Nanez says:

    edu was poor tonight gave up sooo many balls. lucky he poor control of the ball kinda led to our one goal

  23. gene says:

    I wasn’t too upset with the play, particularly in the 2nd half. Very tough penalty call, crossbar on Gooch’s header, clearance off the line by Brazil. I liked the play of Gomez, Johnson, and Michael Bradley. Torres shows promise, though he kept the ball too long, at times.

    In fact, a few players, including Edu, tried to dribble too much in their own half when a simple pass was available and would have been a safer play. May be it was the “Brazil” factor.

    It also seemed like US players got occasionally outmuscled in the middle.

    I did like that they went for it in the 2nd half — it is a friendly, it is a home game, you’ve got to take your chances.

  24. SuperChivo says:

    With Lichaj there would always be the option of moving Johnson up closer to the goal. Plus we would be spared seeing any more of Castillo.

  25. Gooch 4 President says:

    Gooch completed 24 or his 29 passes, but you are right he relied on long ball clearances…please give us more analysis

  26. Colin says:

    Not awful, not horrible. Service was brilliant all night long and could have had 2-3 assists on the night if the finishing as better. Not great running at Marcelo, but I think that is more of a testament to marcelo. Overally I would give him a 6/10. Would have liked him to step up a bit more…

  27. David Wayne says:

    he isnt “at the national team level” right now, there is a difference. i thought it was pretty obvious that he played a sub par defensive game to be honest. and donovan still created opportunities. i mean just because we couldn’t convert doesn’t mean he had a lack of a performance. gooch didn’t play well..he was sluggish at times and couldn’t make a touch pass for the life of him.

  28. Céu says:

    Brasil does not use KILT.

  29. Ryan Nanez says:

    exactly. you could never expect that work rate from jozy. gomez was hustling back and defending in the 80th minute. talk about a team player.

  30. Eric says:

    Highly entertaining game. Very frustrating because of the chances we flubbed. Brazil’s goals were way to easy. Really just terrible defensive play from Gooch. I mean I would hold him responsible for 3 maybe even 4 of the goals. I dont even think I’m being harsh either. Bright spots Bradley, Johnson, and my U.S MOTM Gomez.

  31. Daniel says:

    Not having a player in the back to distribute really hurt… beyond the giveaways/takeaways when pressured, how many balls were played back to Howard tonight for him to knock forward? i think Gooch’s time has come & gone…

    Donovan needs to strap-on a set… very passive in possession…

    Fabian appears to be the real deal…

    Don’t understand why Klinsmann had Edu & Bradley swap spots for this game… regardless, Edu is SOOO limited on the ball and hurt our efforts to get out of the back…

    While we had chances to score, this game felt a lot more like a spanking (even if we would’ve pulled a couple back)…

  32. YO says:

    Marcelo owned Donovan, it was embarrasing at times. I think Bekerman would have done better than Edu at that position — I am still scraching my head as to why JK played Edu in front of Bradley. Gooch sucked!

  33. Shawn says:

    I have to agree with Colin in the main. I would’ve wished to get a little more from Timmy. He had one big save, but really, he was outplayed by his counterpart.

    The game really ought to have been 4-3 rather than 4-1, I think.

    Gooch wasn’t ready for a match against a top-tier team, and Boca and Gooch together just are too slow for a pacy front line. Both were disasters for my money tonight. Dolo looked slow as well. That’s been happening more often, and should be troubling. Donovan’s touch seemed to betray him at times this match. Edu simply did more to put his team under pressure than help, not sure he’s best for this quality opposition either.

    Gomez surprised me, though I detested the one 60 yard backpass he played to Boca that led to a Brazilian break. Really should’ve had more than the 1 goal. Dempsey and Donovan looked good on the pitch together, telling given that Deuce still isn’t 100% and LD was probably gassed when he came on.

    Bradley looked quite good once Brazil’s MF stopped mobbing him. It was clear they gameplanned to shut him down in the early going. Don’t know if they slacked off, or if the US changed tactics to give him more space. But he looked good after. Fabian Johnson was the best US player for my money, though. Consistently looks good going forward, and yet never looked beat by Hulk. Says something when the virtual debutante LB for the US looks light-years better than the established steady RB.

  34. Colin says:

    Im also defending Gooch, but lets not jump on Donovan’s back. He did not have a great game, but was certainly not horrible either. I would call it a workmanlike performance and he put in some great service on set pieces. 6/10 at the worse and he showed better than Golden boy dempsey (who, btw, I really like and is admittedly coming back from injury).

  35. SuperChivo says:

    + 1, it was a subpar and unlucky game, not a horrible one. I didn’t see Cameron exactly make the position his during the last match against a team that is not even close to the level of Brazil.

  36. Roger says:

    I said it. Back to reality :(

  37. Colin says:

    But you did not include “right now” in your original assessment so you can hardly blame us for jumping on you.

  38. andrew says:

    what about gooch’s misclearance for a corner kick for Brazil’s second goal?

  39. Getrealtime19 says:

    Just wasnt Gooch, Bocanegra looked bad. yeah he had a few step ups but he looked sloooooowwwwer than he ever looked. Against speed these guys just can’t hang anymore. Goodson, and Cameron may be better options. Are are center backs looked looked lost with the ball at their feet.

  40. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    USA is a good team but Brazil is just the Best team.

  41. David J S says:


  42. Slowreno says:

    As my friend said, “Gooch looked like a baby elephant..” Both he and Edu unfortunately looked uncomfortable on the ball (shocker!). To his credit, Edu was played out of position IMO. Swap Bradley and his positions and responsibilities and the game looks far different. Play Cameron or Goodson over Gooch @ CB. We need players that can hold and distribute the ball. Both Edu and Gooch’s controlling touch is too heavy against an opponent like Brasil that closes you down quickly. On top of that, pairing Gomez with Boyd tonight would have helped to press their back line and taken a ton of pressure off of Torres and Donovan.

    On the bright side, Gomez proved my thinking since 2009 that he belongs as one of our top 2 strikers. Wishing he’d have started over Findley in every game in South Africa…but I digress. Looking forward, we have a ton of upside. Hopefully Klinsi can take a hard look at this game realize where mistakes were made in the line-up that translated directly to on field action. While we just lost 4-1 in a game that could have been, as stated above 4-4 or 6-1 easily, I have not been this optimistic about the MNT future in a long time. Looking forward to Sunday and more importantly the upcoming WCQ matches.

  43. Dave S says:

    I am not happy about a 4-1 final score, but the stats show the Yanks took it to them and a bit of different luck in front of the goal might have been a 3-3 tie. We should be happy with the box score results:
    United States Brazil
    17(6) Shots (on Goal) 13(7)
    10 Fouls 12
    8 Corner Kicks 5
    1 Offsides 1
    48% Time of Possession 52%
    2 Yellow Cards 2
    0 Red Cards 0
    3 Saves 5
    We outshot them, had similar quality shots on goal, more corner kicks and only slightly less possession. This was a Klingsmann style game and a similar effort should result in W’s in the next three games in this tournament simulation…

  44. Getrealtime19 says:

    Our center backs looked lost with the ball at their feet. Sorry brain went haywire there…

  45. Gooch 4 President says:

    You are correct there is a difference, you should have used it the first time. Other than his set piece services, the only opportunities I can think of Donovan creating were the ones he was giving Marcelo for 90 minutes. Like I said in another comment, Gooch completed more than 3/4 of his passes and if you want to throw him off the national team for that hand ball then Cameron should never get a sniff again for his own goal.

  46. ThaDeuce says:

    good game. fabian is great. bradley is amazing. donovan disappeared. no excuse to keep herc out again. he may even replace jozy in a 1 forward formation. brazil’s keeper is a keeper. gooch needs work. not sure why we have parkhurst instead of lichaj. centerback, instead of left back, is now our worst position. edu should be d-mid only, not attacking mid. bradley is good wherever he plays. forget chandler.

  47. Mike says:

    It’s been said, but I’ll say it again.

    Gooch didn’t belong anywhere near the pitch. It was that bad. Otherwise the game wasn’t that bad. The Brazilian keeper stood on his head. He put on a clinic with some amazing saves.

    We created more great chances against a world class opponent than I’ve ever seen. Klinsmann is really making this style change happen.

  48. David J S says:

    agreed about playing Gooch and Boca together, especially against a team that presses like Brasil. In most games I don’t think them playing together would be a problem but if we want to build from the back against World Cup caliber team, we need a distributer (or two) in central defense. Hopefully by WC2014 we can play Ream, Cameron, or someone of that mold at CB without losing anything defensively.

  49. Kevin G. says:

    Yeah, might have been more like 6-3.

  50. Colin says:

    I know stats dont tell the whole story, but I think they tell more about the reality of the game then the scoreline. I think we are making strides and looked dangerous in a way we never really have before. We also seem to have a lot of options going forward… Looking forward to the next 3 games.

  51. KillerInstict says:

    Exactly!!!! They had Bradley as the destroyer and edu as an attacking midfielder…we all now that edu does not hold the ball well, he is more about breaking up plays. The offense picked up when Bradley started pushing up. Not sure what Klinsi was thinking…if he wanted to experiment, thats fine, but by half time he should noticed it and made the reversal. Of course when Deuce came in, you could teel the difference….but Fabian and Herc were a beast tonight

  52. louis z says:

    if gooch completed 3/4 of his passes is because they where all back or lateral, he has no game going up to the midfield. he just clears the ball if not passing bacl.

  53. juan says:

    Hmmmm that makes him involved one way or another in 3 of the 4

    Ive always wondered if the pros out weight the cons with him. He tends to foul in dangerous positions and tonight, the speed of Brazil was too much for him. I think he’s in the mix but not sure he’s an automatic anymore. That goes for Altadore too

  54. Kevin G. says:

    Marcelo trashed Donovan. I hope Donovan can sleep tonight.

  55. Meat1 says:

    The U.S. will get where they need to be in two years from now. They will learn and get better.Kilnsi is doing fine. U.S. needs a healthy duece.The U.S. will be fine.

  56. jjraines says:

    “gomez were brilliant”

    LMAO. The USMNT: Where squandering several good chances, and scuffing even more half chances, but provide a great workrate (!) makes you brilliant, like scoreless no-goods Brian Chang and Altidore (at his worst) before him.

    I know Twellman told you he was so brilliant, but I for one have a different standard of FORWARDS for the US NATIONAL TEAM. I think it’s fair we fans should now expect to be able to field forwards capable of putting chances away. With basically one exception, Brazil pounded in their best chances. We were unlucky in that regard to some extent, but that was the difference in the scoreline. And when it comes to forwards, THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN CLASS. Gomez was rubbish to me.

  57. Joe from El Paso says:

    Did Jermaine Jones get two yellow cards? Am I the only one who noticed this??? The first when he grabbed the ref, and the second on the nasty second half challenge.

  58. Jacques says:

    It’s nonsense to talk about what might have happened with a bit of different luck in front of goal. Brazil convert their chances because they have players with vastly superior skills. It’s as simple as that.

  59. David J S says:

    I concur, on every point. Edu isn’t as awful as he’s made out to be on SBI, but he is basically a more athletic version of Beckerman, nothing more, nothing less, a solid defensive mid, nowhere else. I think Gooch and Boca are the safe choices for their CONCACAF experience, but we need center halves who can play a tidy pass that can allow the mids a chance to link up with the forwards. Knowing that our CBs and mids won’t cheaply give away possession allows Fabian and Dolo to get forward and create like they have so well vs Scotland and Brasil. I’m just hoping to see Cameron or Ream get to the level defensively that we can trust them because they are the type of players that we need.

  60. ronniet says:

    bocanegra was awful too, so let’s not bash gooch too much…edu looked scared tonight and i thought we should have taken him out after the half and moved torres into his spot…parkhurst looked pretty comfortable/confident out there to me…cherundolo didn’t have a goood game either…its time to bleed some young talent in the back!

  61. Dominic John says:

    The last 15 minutes of the game, the U.S showed just what klinsmann has been preaching. The U.S can hang,t hey just aren’t cant do it consistently which hurt them. They looked sluggish in the back way too often, and didn’t put their chances away when they had them, plain and simple.

  62. Matt Snyder says:

    key’s to the game:
    -Very poor defending by US (Gooch, Edu)
    -Poor finishing by the US
    -Poor referee

    And I will give credit where some is due; the Brazilians played hustling, swarming, energetic defense. Never thought that I would see the US get out-played on the defensive side by Brazil. They out-hustled us a good part of the game.

    Very frustrating.

  63. sam says:

    I actually disagree; I thought he was increasingly influential as the game went on playing from deep. Certainly he does and should push forward at times. But I like the idea of him linking from the back, playing longer balls through or over the top–his long passing was excellent tonight–and setting up some skilled players in front of him, i.e. Torres replacing Edu, and Dempsey taking Torres’s current spot.

  64. Dominic John says:

    He didn’t get one when he grabbed the ref luckily), I’m pretty sure the yellow was given to a Brazilian player.

  65. Ben says:

    Just no more Gooch. Yes, other players had a couple shaky moments here and there; yes, Donovan was more or less owned by Marcelo, which is why he plays for Real Madrid, but Gooch was a joke. All the soccer writers are going to defend Gooch, – oh he is important, oh he has played well for us in the past, oh he is big and strong and wonderful and has dreamy eyes- but that was shocking, simply awful. He was the one player who didn’t look like he even belonged on the field.

  66. Matt Snyder says:

    Correction — “Poor referee’ing”

    and their goalie played REALLY well.

  67. Rlw2020 says:

    So true. Leave the defending to edu jones ect MB is the #7

  68. boosted335 says:

    Luckily Klinnsman has George John next on the list. John SHOULDVE been ranked where Ream was a year ago and he WOULDVE been ranked where Cameron WAS a week ago (had he attented the January camp)Things happen for a reason though, I just hope we can qualify with the roster of CB’s we have now

  69. danny says:

    I’d say that Gooch is not at the skill level we want for the NATs. Today, there was a clear dropoff between him and the rest of the starting 11. But thats not to say he can’t help us win games in certain situations when he’s at his best, but I’d be very disappointed if he remained a starter for the NATS going into WC 2014. Gooch regularly makes boneheaded plays despite being such a veteran player- I don’t think this is a matter of him being match fit, but it is just characteristic of his play that has always been there. His lack of skill on the ball also hurts us- even if he is completing most of his passes, it often takens him a little bit longer too pass and his passes are a little bit off which hurts the flow of the team.

  70. Joe from El Paso says:


  71. ACS says:

    Yeah when was the last time we were this close to matching Brazill in possession and shots on goal? I am going to guess never

  72. jjraines says:

    Yeah, what was up with that change? Other thoughts on the game, some obvious some not as popular:

    -Contrary to what Twellman reminded us every 5 minutes, GOMEZ WAS NOT GREAT. In fact, he sucked. He is a forward. For the USMNT. I don’t care about his workrate getting back, I care about his first touch, shooting accuracy, and scoring ability. On all three counts he has failed every time I’ve seen him. I don’t care how many meaningless goals he’s scored in Mexico either. At this stage we should be able to have forwards who finish, and he couldn’t and can’t. Look at the way Brazil (sans the one off the post) finished their opportunities to see the stark difference.

    -Damian Johnson is a beast. He was by far our best player on the pitch tonight. By far.

    -Mandon devolved into Landycakes. Sigh.

    -Gooch and his cement boots need to stay off the field for the USMNT for the forseeable future. Absolutely brutal, and directly cost us two goals (one illegitimate).

    -Reymar has BITCHBLOOD. Ooooo fancy tricks with his feet! — does that ever not end in him flopping around the ground in faux pain? BITCH.

    -Marcelo is just unhinged.

    -It’s too bad people, especially the casuals, are going to look at the scoreline and assume “That 5-1 was false hope. We still suck at soccer.” But in reality you could argue we outplayed Brazil in the second half, and deserved a goal or two. Brazil came up huge to stop us.

  73. TheFrenchOne says:

    Congrats to Marcelo for winning the Rafa Marquez award. Lots of talent, but a piece crap

  74. juan says:

    Donovan is known for fading in and out of games. Against Scotland, he was great, against Brazil…intimidated

  75. Cornelius says:

    I think that first yellow was actually given to Torres, not Jones.

  76. Dw says:

    +1 on everything

  77. danny says:

    After watching the game, I think MB and Fabian Johnson look like our best two players. Its also awesome to see them playing so well together. The future is bright for those guys.

  78. GoneinTx says:

    USA 1- Gooch 3- Brazil 1

  79. Kevin G. says:

    You must live in some fantasy world because NONE of our forwards can finish.What indication do you have that would fair to expect us to filed forwards capable of finishing against the likes of Brazil? As far as I know we have never had a good goal scorer.

  80. Rlw2020 says:

    Look its Brazil. They played incedible today. They didn’t miss a single chance and pressed the US every second plus their rookie keeper was outstanding! I really wish Boyd got that goal instead of the lucky foot save! Gooch, edu, LD, Jones, Howard and many other could have been better but all in all we played well. They said this was a way to measure how far the team has come and id say they are much better than years past.

    This team will destroy Canada and roll thru the first round of qualifing, no doubt not because of the low level of competion in concacaf but because this is a very strong US squad.

  81. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I’m not sure if you are dumb or just a troll.

  82. cj good says:

    My biggest issue with tonight is our backline, minus Fabian, looked old. Against top tier teams we need more speed. Bocca is not going anywere but we need one of the CBs to step up. Not sure if it will be Cameron, Ream, Morales, Williams, or somebody else but we need more speed in there.

    The right side is of concern. Dolo was fine tonight and not the reason they lost but he also was never a threat on the field. I know Chandler is a dream right now, but one of the right backs such as Lichaj need to step up. That right side could become a bigger problem and we need to begin the post dolo era.

    I want to see more Boyd wow that kid is an impossing threat out there. I think him and jozy up top could be a real threat

  83. Kevin G. says:

    Its a shared award with Jones, another POS thug.

  84. Rlw2020 says:

    If that bull pk wasnt called and he cleared the ball properly that one time you would say differently. Not a good game but he is still one of the top defenders.

  85. predicto says:


  86. Rlw2020 says:

    It would not be a game with out a yellow card for jones

  87. Thorpinski says:

    Dempsey was also very effective and Torres played well.

    Thought for sure Dempsey would replace Edu not Torres

  88. Jamie says:

    I love how people are so ready to construct Gooch having a bad game as an indictment of his overall talents-I guess the past 5 games he’s played in a USMNT jersey don’t matter? Everybody was crooning over how great he was in October. Absolutely he had a bad game. No it is not an indictment of his ability to play in JK’s system-Sporting Lisbon play a similar system and he seems to do pretty well there. People seem to be more rash with him than anybody else.

  89. Perspective says:

    Uhhh what?

    1) Gomez had great movement off the ball that opened space for others. He did finish, he scored. He did have a great match for him. No he isn’t the next coming of Brian McBride

    2) FABIAN Johnson is the name

    3) NEYMAR is the Brazil player’s name

    4) Neymar has much more to his game than “fancy tricks.”

    Don’t mind people speaking their mind and giving input. But when you speak in absolute statements like “gomez sucked,” you usually are incorrect by missing the subtleties; and worse contribute nothing of worth to the discussion. Enjoy ranting much?

  90. ACC says:

    That criminal tackle on Neymar should’ve been a red.

  91. pancholama says:

    We had some good chances – created sustained pressure in the last 30 minutes of the game.
    It’s that last pass – what Brazilians call “the little pass………to the net.” That’s what we were missing.
    Bradley’s header – nice. But it goes in the corner not to the goalies outstretched hand.
    Gooch’s “thundering” header off the crossbar, nice. But it goes in the upper 90 L or R, not off the middle of the crossbar. Hercules, nice run, great pass by Dempsey, thundering point blank shot. Lucky reflex save by the Brazilian keeper, and on the rebound.
    Still there was a lack of composure on the ball, and too many little mistakes in possession, giving up possession cheaply, etc. – characteristic of the old USA.
    Beautiful flashes of fast break, one touch, forward attacking football from the new USA.
    Our old ways are dying, a new spirit, a new style is emerging. As another post said – it could easily have been 3-3, or 4-3 USA, or 6-1 Brazil. Lady luck had her role.
    The penalty was questionable at best. The last goal was a 50/50 that might have been flagged as off sides (if it was a USA goal v. CONCACAF opposition, it was CLEARLY off sides!). A learning experience for the team – and it showed that there are some youngsters on the team ready to step up and play mano a mano with the best in the world – right now.
    Canada on Sunday.

  92. Rlw2020 says:

    Dolo looked good but there is a serious lack of depth at CB. Boca and Gooch were okay, got beat a few times, could be better but are playing well enough for right now. After them its a huge drop off Ream, Cameron, John, etc would have been embarassed today by brazil this group will be needed in 2014 and need to get in gear

  93. marco says:

    Gooch and Landon were poor. They contributed to all 4 Brazil goals. Gooch is in such poor condition he could hardly step up with the trap on two occasions. Why didn’t Klinsmann know this? Landon failed to track back on Marcelo too often as Dolo is tied up on Neymar.

    Gomez, Bradley, and Johnson played well. Edu cannot play forward/attacking mid. USA could have scored more, but Klinsmann’s Gooch selection and playing Edu higher are disturbing developments. If they’re not fit, they must sit, no matter their rank.

    Marcelo, man of the match.

  94. hudson says:

    Why was Donovan trying to take on Marcelo 1 v. 1 when he doesn’t even do that in Galaxy games? Usually his game is just trying to clear enough space between himself and a defender to send in a cross. But tonight it looked like he wanted to past Marcelo to the goal. Wasn’t happening.

  95. Spank says:

    If we maybe had Dempsey starting and D. Williams in Edu’s spot. Lichaj for Dolo and maybe even Ream for Gooch. We could’ve had a much better result

  96. mangoman says:

    Nobody mentioned that the USMNT match versus Brazil was against their Olympic team….. not nearly as strong as their full side.

  97. marco says:

    I agree but add Donovan to Gooch tonight.

  98. Mike Watson says:

    He was bad tonight. I really worry about who our CB’s are going to be at the WC. Would be extremely tough with Gooch and Boca. Wish we could get some younger guys settled in there.

  99. pancholama says:

    Roger that.
    Right on bro.

  100. pancholama says:

    Vraiment que oui.
    Brazil has a player pool of 750-1000, any 11 of which could have played at the level of what “os Canarinhos” showed tonight.
    They are still the master poets of the game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  101. Sam says:

    This game needed a 4-4-2 badly. When Brazil pressed as the US tried to get out of their defensive third, having two forwards would have split the field in two and given more long ball options. Gomez played good, but he isn’t a pure ST, needs someone bigger/stronger to play with–especially if he is going to track back on defense. Edu didn’t really do much, would much rather have had Boyd (Altidore if available) for longer.

  102. boosted335 says:

    Please dont disrespect John by grouping him with Ream and Cameron. Ream and Cameron are not dominant defenders ….John is a dominant defender who happens to be big AND quick AND technical AND (most importantly) consistent.
    Cameron and Ream have been mediocre when they haven’t struggled both internationally AND domestically at the position while John has dominated domestically for 3.5 straight years in MLS and has no national appearances so you dont know what he can do on this stage but by his performance here he’s given us no indication that he wouldn’t succeed for the Nats and we all better pray that he does just that when his time is called

  103. pancholama says:

    Quite strong a team – and a team that has had lot of time playing together, and is in the final stages of tuning up for the Olympics.

  104. jjraines says:

    -Apologies for TYPOS. Wrote in haste and didn’t review.

    -Yes, Neymar has more to the game than fancy tricks, but he’s still a bitch who rolls around in pain only to be up and smiling a minute later — like way too many soccer players.

    -My absolute negative statements re: Gomez are more in respond to the over-the-top positive commentary on his performance. Yes, he knocked in a sitter, just like the other goal he was inexplicably praised for a few years ago. But he was TERRIBLE in notable spots, e.g. the backpass to Boca while the US was moving forward that I believe lead to a goal, and the several other chances he botched. He wasn’t all bad but he wasn’t the Man of the Match either.

  105. jjraines says:

    By the way, lowering the bar for our forwards is exactly what’s wrong with fan expectations today.

    Look at Brazil’s finishing. Then look back at ours.

    Somehow this is “positive” in the view of most USMNT fans. smh

  106. Yellow Submarine says:

    “Yea guys. The past is all that matters!”


  107. AG says:

    Yes I was shocked to see the same set up in the 2nd half. Hopefully Klinsmann learns from this. I think we’re getting closer to seeing the most efficient and dangerous US lineup crafted under Klinsmann or possibly ever. And hopefully, there are still 2 more years to keep improving before BRAZIL!

  108. This Guy says:

    I agree with everything except your spelling.

  109. This Guy says:

    Gooch actually was responsible for 3 goals as he held 2 players onside on two separate occasions. I love the guy but he hasn’t been the same since the knee injury.

  110. Dennis says:

    Donavon and Dolo copuld not figure out how to avoid the trap the Brazilian defnse set for them on the right side. Multiple times, they tried to move up the touch line into 4 Brazilian defenders who use their numerical superiority, the touch line and quicker feet to disposses the duo. They never figured out that thay must at least some of the time cut inside or pass back centrally, that made them very predictible. I am surprised the coaching staff did not help them out at half-time so it continued into the second half. In contrast, Torres and Johnson on the left managed to avoid getting trapped most of the time by cutting in or passing back and bnot taking up each others space. (also Johnson could dribble past Brazilians, something Dolo did not do)

    You can’t always be the quickest or most skillful player on the field and when that is the case, you have to be smart enough to avoid obvious no-win situations. Sadly, not the case for Donavon and Dolo tonight.

  111. This Guy says:

    There are only two things we can take from this match:

    1. We can effectively attack against a top team.

    2. Fabian Johnson is our LB for a long time to come.

  112. Boise says:

    One good thing we’ll get out of this game is coaching points. When they see the film, they’ll see how often the CBs were ball watching and not man marking (which includes Dolo on a couple of give and gos). Brasil marked the man, and as a result we didn’t have nearly as many opportunities or time in the 18. JK should insist that whoever is playing CB must stop ball watching and mark the man. If we do this, we’ll be much more solid on defense. In terms of personnel, I would fault JK for selecting Gooch for CB tonight; this was a quick team playing most of their balls on the ground, and we needed speed at CB–not height.

  113. ACC says:

    Missed chances, shaky defending, Neymar, Pato, Tiago Silva, Marcelo……doom U.S. in 4-1 loss to Brazil

  114. Ben says:

    maybe a little, but those things happened. Even beyond the obvious mistakes, he looked terrified of having to make a forward pass.

  115. Boise says:

    Cornelius is correct; Torres got the yellow. The camera only caught Jones’ interaction with the center.

  116. The Special-er One says:

    Ok…here’s how it is or was or whatever….
    Defense looked like a virgin on prom night, ready to give it up for anyone that came knocking. Biggest offenders Gooch (sorry to say that) and the colonial Hun Boca. Where was Tim Ream? Where was Clarence Goodson? Where was Eric Lihaj? These are questions that need answered before 2014.
    Edu has to go. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a loyal Tim, but because our midfield would be the stronger for it. If another defense minded player is needed try out Danny Williams, or switch Torres back and have Bradley play a Xabi Alonoso role. I would like to point out that I said he should play a Xabi Alonso role; I did not compare him or his style of play to Xabi Alonso.
    Lastly….our forwards are young. Give them time. Altidore had his first full season, and plus the guy is a physical animal. Herc is developing as an excellent off the bench option, and Boyd is still practicing with the Bundesliga champions every week.
    Yeah we lost. Get over it. We will get better.
    Klini Ãœber Alles!

  117. hush says:

    Well, I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping maybe a 2-1 loss to the Sub 20 Brazil team, but 4-1 is very misleading. We played a little better than what the score indicates.

    With that said. Gooch and Boca must have partied late last night. They were way below their game. Bradley & Jones got better in the 2nd half. Both were just ok in the first. Bradley gave up too many balls in the midfield at times imo. Gomez had two good chances to score and he managed to get one. Props for that. I believe Wondo is not capable of that, so Gomez is a go for me. Boyd looked dangerous but not enough for me to rate him. He did miss a good chance, but the Rafael was just in BEAST mode today. He made Timmy looked like a noob.

    Timmy was awful. Didn’t make one good block.

    Neymar: A total bi-at-ch.lol I can’t stand his whinny self. He believes no one should play D on him. smh
    Marcelo: He is a SUPER B%&*. I use to love the old Brazil when they were all humble and fun to watch. Nowadays Brazil is full of thugs.

    Brazilian goal keeper is the player of the game. He saved 3 clear goals.

  118. Boise says:

    Very good analysis; thanks Dennis! If we can coach up our defense (esp CBs) to stop ball watching and start man marking, we’ll have a much stronger team.

  119. Jason says:

    If you look at the score, it seems like a rout, but if the Brazilian goalkeeper wasn’t as good as he was the story would be very different.

    I thought the attack looked great, which is something that has always sorely lacked with the US. Gomez was a workhorse the whole game and definitely has shown that Altidore needs to get his act together in order to earn that place up front.

    I think Fabian Johnson has truly locked in the LB position. On the other hand, the rest of the back line was shocking. That had to be one of Bocanegra’s worst games as a Nat. I’m not ready to write him and Gooch off yet for new jacks, but definitely time to look at options when the attack finally seems to be coming together.

  120. hush says:

    Oh yeah, FABIAN, Dolo, and Gomez were my players of the game for the U.S.

    Fabian was my POTG for the U.S. The kid is in beast mode all the time. With Lichaj on our pool as well, I can care less for Chandler. Thank you Fabian for making U.S fans once again happy.

    Parkhurst looked lost. This dude doesn’t convince me.

  121. The Special-er One says:

    And when is Stuart Holden coming back?

  122. Madaoua05 says:

    I was at the game tonight, and I came away with a couple of takeaways:

    – I was extremely nervous when we went down 2-0, but we played quite strong at the end of the first half. Credit must be given to Bradley, Johnson, and Gomez for keeping the score close as halftime came about.
    – As we all have acknowledged, Gooch had a tough night. But lets not lay all the blame on him. Dolo had a tough night dealing with Neymar and Marcelo (what an amazing left flank) and on an occasion or two, Gooch was pulled out of position to cover for Dolo.
    – There was a noticeable uptick in our performance once Dempsey came on the 2nd half – passes were connecting with more pace and consistency. Runs off the ball towards goal were more crisp. He’s a spark that is fantastic (btw, I see him playing this role for Arsenal or PSG next year).
    – Torres held his own in the midfield. I was worried about his size, but his foot speed and ball command were assets.
    – Overall, Johnson and Bradley were our two “men of the match”. They showed real class.

  123. hush says:

    For those arguing over how bad we played. Here are a few stats to show that we weren’t as awful as the scoreboard indicates.

    Shot on goal: USA 17 Brazil 13
    Fouls: USA 10 Brazil 12
    Corners: USA 8 Brazil 5
    Possession: USA 48% Brazil 52%

    Not bad at all against the best imo.

  124. pancholama says:

    Just wanted to reiterate what a previous poster put up – that stats for the game.

    United States Brazil
    17(6) Shots (on Goal) 13(7)
    10 Fouls 12
    8 Corner Kicks 5
    1 Offsides 1
    48% Time of Possession 52%
    2 Yellow Cards 2
    0 Red Cards 0
    3 Saves 5

    We played OK – have a lot to work on – but it could have been a lot closer on the final scoreboard.

  125. crocajun1003 says:

    We won’t face anyone in qualification that can match the speed and pressure of Brazil. That being said, the distribution by the CBs out the back was alarming.

  126. pancholama says:

    Brian McBride.

  127. jake says:

    or 3-3 or 3-2 or 2-3. A couple bounces our way or calls our way or a save or two missed by the Brazil keeper. It was much closer than the 4-1 scoreline.

  128. jake says:

    Yep! He gets overlooked because Gooch was worse. Edu was very very bad tonight in all phases.

  129. crocajun1003 says:

    I didn’t feel like Donovan had a bad game. He did what he could against Marcello who was MOTM in my opinion.

  130. b says:

    Worst post of the month nominee right here folks.

  131. crocajun1003 says:

    Who are those players? (As in what positions?)

  132. Jamie says:

    ‘Yeah guys. One game instead of the larger body of work is all that matters!’

    -Aron Winter.

  133. crocajun1003 says:

    Can we stop quoting passing statistics for players that obviously had bad games passing.

    Last game we heard about Edu’s 93% passing success and now it’s Gooch’s 3/4 passing completions.

    Edu, Boca, and Gooch are not exactly masters of distribution. They may end up with decent stats because they complete simple passes, but they are not the passes that relieve pressure or start breaks.

    They are however all fantastic on set pieces.

  134. pd says:


  135. crocajun1003 says:

    Hard to fault Donovan. Marcelo was amazing tonight.

  136. crocajun1003 says:

    I was thinking the same thing all night.

  137. louis z says:

    why are you bringing up history, like if we could get Gooch from years back. stay in the present, the guy is not up to par, we will reminisce when he goes in to the USSF hall of fame. For now, he is just not there.

  138. Slowreno says:

    The back pass to Boca was not his fault, and honestly a smart pass. A counter resulted because of Boca’s poor touch that left the ball too far from his body to shield properly.

    Gomez could have had a hat trick. If he puts a bit more stank on the header that Bradley almost knocked in from point blank there’s his #2. Brasil’s GK (total stud) makes a huge save on Gomez’s volley off his chest trap from a brilliant slide behind the defense run. Because Gomez did not score more than once you think others are lowering their standards? Honestly your point of view is week and extremely short sighted and shows a serious lack of understanding of the game and what the responsibilities are for a lone striker.

  139. Yellow Submarine says:

    So, you’re admitting you’ve missed most of Onyewu’s recent games with the Nats?

    This debacle of distribution is not a new development.

    Aron Winters you say? No kidding.

  140. pd says:

    I agree with what a lot of folks were saying here about this game needing a 4-4-2. Brazil was a handful and while we had sone good moments, they made their good moments count for goals. The US got a little unlucky in some spots and flat out made mistakes in spots as well. Brazil pressed every tie the US had the ball though, so credit needs to be given to the winners.

    Some observations:
    Dempsey and Johnson play off each other incredibly well.
    I like Torres and Gomez a whole lot. Glad to see them getting time and hope it continues. Edu wasn’t utilized very well tonite, but didn’t do enough to rise above the moment either. Same could be said of Donovan and Jones.

    Onyewu had a bad night at the office, the hand all could have gone either way, but again he did not rise above. The third goal was one of the worst defensive moments of the night, and thst was both Jones losing his mark and Gooch being unaware.

    That said, great players make good opponents look foolish. The more I follow this game the more I respect what Brazil does as a football nation. It’s like they grow superstars on trees over there. Crazy stuff.

  141. b says:

    Howard did make one save on a near sure thing chance, the 1 v 1 early on. But yeah one thing that hasn’t changes is we will only beat or tie a top team if our keeper comes up huge.

  142. argon says:

    Exactly. Herc has what others lack…heart

  143. sandtrout says:

    Wow. I wasn’t very familiar with Marcelo before today, but he is fantastic. Yes, he got dirty, but long before that he made Donovan look mediocre repeatedly.

  144. sandtrout says:

    Two new central defenders! (No offense, Carlos — you’ve done great over the years, but we need an upgrade.)

  145. sandtrout says:

    As has been mentioned, approximately all 24 of those passes were simple lateral passes or back passes. What has gone unmentioned are those occasions when he inexplicably held onto the ball and either turned it over, or almost turned it over and ended up making one of those “successful” emergency back passes.

  146. g-dub says:

    Way off topic. But congrats to Wynalda and Cal FC for pulling the epic win over Portland just now.

  147. sandtrout says:

    You said the word: Finishing. They know how to finish. Our attempts in the first half, on some good opportunities, were just awful. I mean, Edu really blasted his shot like a cannon, but it was at least 10 yards, probably closer to 20, off target. Torres sliced his shot. Etc. Etc. Dempsey and, yes, Altidore are needed to at least put shots on target.

  148. b says:

    People like to be negative after a loss.

    Yeah the negative folks’ response will be “they finished their chances and we didn’t, but on any other day some of those go in. That Bradley header was hit quite hard, most goalkeepers are not stopping that. And Gooch’s goes in if not for the bar. In fairness they had one off the bar as well, but given all the problems with the US team (slow CBs who can’t distribute, Cherundolo getting slow, Edu being badly suited for what he was doing, Donovan being shut down by Marcelo who had a heck of a game, the second half was played incredibly evenly, to the extent that the full game stats are quite comparable between the two teams.

  149. sandtrout says:

    And worst of all, it was completely unnecessary. His tackle with the first leg was possibly legit and not even a foul. 50-50. But he brought the second leg through deliberately. No reason for it. I fear that depending on JJ will end up hurting us more than it helps.

  150. sandtrout says:

    From my seat (in my family room) Torres did not look convincing. I’m wondering whether he’ll only be used against lesser or lighter weight opponents.

  151. b says:

    He got the ball and Neymar flopped around for ten minutes like typical Neymar.

  152. b says:

    John hasn’t done much this year… you are one of three Fs: a fanboy, family member, or FC Dallas fan.

  153. crocajun1003 says:

    I think you may be right.

  154. b says:

    I agree with this, but Cameron instead of Ream.

  155. b says:

    And will likely win the Olympics.

  156. b says:

    Very well said.

    Fortunately for us, Johnson and Torres are the young pair.

  157. Joel says:

    Donovan seems to slack in the US’s biggest games. He’s shown greatness against mediocre teams but he’s just not there when it comes to the brazils of the world. First off Donovan was essentially playing a winger position against Marcelo who is a exceptional left back. He shut down donovan the whole night but then again I dont like Donovan taking on people, he’s not that kind of player, he’s more of a distributor and facilitator of the ball. We need him to roam free to link up with the forwards. I think if demps played on that right hand side, he might have been more effective in taking on Marcelo but nonetheless marcelo was spectacular. Edu seems like surplus in that midfield trio, Jones and Bradley are more than capable of handling defensive duties. He was largely invisible this game. I love what bradley does for us in that midfield, he was playing a xabi alonso/pirlo hybrid role. Jones i thought played pretty well, hes got great endurance and always tracks back to help out with the defense.

    I wanna see donovan in the middle of the pitch linking up with the fowards because i think hes a pretty exceptional passer. Hes not a natural winger

  158. Adi from Oregon says:

    I think the US forwards and midfield players were very good and were unlucky to not score 2/3 goals. BUT 3 of the 4 backline defenders were responsible for 4 goals (with the goalie also not stopping the last long, narrow shot). So, get rid of Gooch, Boca and Dolo and Klinsi would be able to beat a WC powerhouse team like Brasil! Obviously, great defenders don’t grow on trees and it will take some time to find and train new world class defenders – so start now (Germany has this same problem)!!

  159. b says:

    WTF are you talking about “sub-20 Brazilian team”?

  160. bb says:

    Agreed. In the past we would have lost 4-1 playing bunker ball. Although our movement didn’t match Brazil, it’s much better play from us than we would have seen in years past.

  161. b says:

    “Timmy was awful. Didn’t make one good block.”

    Actually he stopped Brazil on a 1 v 1 breakaway early in the game.

    Why do people insist on commenting when they have no idea what they’re talking about.

    How long have guys like Marcelo been on Brazil’s u-20 team, genius?

  162. b says:

    Dolo? No mention of Bradley?
    Oh wait you’re the same guy who made the previous silly comment…

  163. b says:

    Also how much less can you care about Chandler, can you quantify that for us?

  164. joejoe says:

    Dude you know nothing about the sport Gomez played very well. You even contradict yourself. First you wrote he was terrible then he wasn’t that bad. Just shut it. Eat your gummy bears and go play outside on your bike with training wheels.

  165. b says:

    Whoa no way…

  166. Adi from Oregon says:

    Oh, I forgot one more point – when you have a defense which is too slow and with insufficient talent, then the US midfield has to drop back too defensively and thus you get a 4:1 loss against a very good attacking team.

  167. b says:

    LOL Donovan’s goal against Brazil in the 2009 Confederations Cup final was not only (1) a goal and (2) against Brazil, but it was (3) a beautifully executed lightning quicj counterattack with Davies and (4) in the only final of a FIFA tournament that the US has ever been involved in at any level, to give us a 2-0 lead. But don’t let facts stand in the way of you stating your ignorant opinions….

  168. joejoe says:

    Forget about the first goal or the last. The second and third were bad defending. All can be corrected. I actually think the USMNT didn’t play bad. At least they were trying to move the ball down the field and attack. In the past they would park the bus and try to counter. It’s going to take time but I like this system better.

    The only thing I didn’t like was that tackle on Neymar by Jones. I think he deserved a red for that one.

  169. b says:

    Three players:

    Hopefully Chandler returns and gives us a world class RB for the next three cycles… imagine a US team where we don’t have to worry about either fullback position for a decade!

    CB: we have depth but who knows if any of these guys will step up to be international caliber

  170. b says:

    Seb Hines
    Rookies I can’t name…
    Hopefully some of those guys come through and we’re not waiting for Mobi Fehr or John Anthony Brooks…

  171. Jamie says:

    Uh no, I’ve seen every game post WC in which every comment was ‘Gooch was a beast’, the 8.5 ratings, etc. Distribution wasn’t good tonight. You got me. But guess what-his positives almost always outweigh the negatives. Plus, Geoff Cameroon, Boca, Tim Ream, etc. have all been so convincing right? See what I did there? I decided to ignore Boca’s past couple good games and pigeonhole him for what he did this game! What a fun game.

  172. Ken says:

    In the old days (BB) we’d just bunkered down and hope to score on a counter. If we tie or lose by 1 goal we’d pat ourselves on the back and say hey it’s Brazil.

    Now we go toe-2-toe and lost by a score line of 4-1.

    I don’t know about you but I preferred losing 4-1 and have a back and forth game because losing 1-0 or 4-1 is still losing.

  173. primoone says:

    If you thought he played well for brazil…you should see him ball with madrid.

  174. Kenny_B says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Gomez was terrific. The reaction he had to get his head on the ball after the defender deflected it some 5 feet in front of Gomez can only be described as cat-like. That is hard to do.

    He chested down the ball and got a good shot on goal from an acute angle that gave Boyd a chance.

    Finally the ball he headed back across goal that Dempsey nearly scored with is EXACTLY what he should have done. He was fading away from the goal and was able to create a chance for his teammate. Gomez was stellar.

  175. MASE NJRB says:

    That title would go to Spain

  176. Kenny_B says:

    Parkhurst got juked on the most basic Neymar move. He looked silly, maybe confidently silly?

  177. Kenny_B says:

    I would split Donovan’s game into two parts, from run of play, and set pieces.

    From run of play he had a rough,rough night. A couple of decent passes but lots of turnovers.

    His set piece service was spot on tonight. Nothing wrong with that part of his game.

  178. primoone says:

    How dare you lend perspective….

  179. Kenny_B says:

    Don’t see the vast gap. Brazil is better, but the gap is closing. My guess is this is the first time we have ever out shot them. There goalkeeper and defense stepped up big.

  180. dgoshilla says:

    My thoughts: Brazil will not get better between now and 2014. The USMNT will. This team looked good tonight. Sure we gave up some bad goals but the team hasn’t been together very long and we didn’t have a complete squad. There are at least 2 starting spots to fill between now and Brazil. My guess is we will peak around 2014. With a decent 1st round group draw this is a quarterfinal team.

  181. Ryan says:

    This jjraines guy is an idiot. Such stupidity should not be allowed/tolerated. He should go jump in a pool with a radio/ hair dryer for his blasphemy. Seriously…

  182. Goalscorer24 says:

    Donovan did well with his passing, but he is often soft in tackling or challenging on the dribble against a physical player. Which was the case tonight against Marcelo!

  183. Skywardo says:

    Never thought I’d be the one sayin, but you’re too negative bro.

    Go ex was good, but is not a 90 minute player.

  184. Russell says:

    Agreed on all points.

    Tho I still wonder why Edu and Bradley were switched tonight. Clearly both are better at the opposite spot. Edu covering ground and Bradley getting forward. Plus Torres couldn’t get the ball out wide left.It made no sense.

    I like Gooch and hoped sporting had improved him but it was dismal from minute 2.

  185. An Fcd Fanatic says:

    ..hasn’t done much but play the same awesome D he has throughout his career.

    why speak on a topic your unfamiliar with?
    Oh yeah your on the internet duh

  186. ehhh says:

    we really didnt learn much after this game, everyones assumptions turned out to be true in some regard. everyone thinks fabian is the real deal and our other 3 starting backs are over the hill. michael bradley has turned into our center mid of the future, torres has talent but is quite tentative, jones is a goon, edu is in no way tentative and has the 1st touch of a baby elephant, landon floats in and out from game to game, gomez can cause havoc and score a goal from time to time. our biggest causes for concern are obviously in the back, ream gonzalez and chandler sounds a lot better than the 3 old men we have in now. playing these younger backs will give them the time and experience to grow and develop in games such as these (i am no way saying these 3 exact players are the answer but younger players with promise should be given a chance) our 2 cbs looked absolutely miserable tonight and for a while in my eyes. are they good in the air? do they give their heart on the pitch? are they opportunistic defenders who use their bodys to win tackles/block shots? i could go with yes for all of those but that isnt good enough at this level for me.

  187. greatwich says:

    JK was right, the US did “suffer” in this game.

  188. Goalscorer24 says:

    My fellow US fans you are overall soccer smart. I expected to see a lot more bashing. In the larger scale of things, I think many see that the US is on the road to being a better team.

    As for this game, for me, the US team had a vibe right from the start that they were not going to do well. Intimidated maybe? Of course Brazil played well, but in the 2nd half it was a much better showing.

  189. alex says:

    I think overall the game showed that the US is continuing to make progress.

    The US made some bad mistakes and paid for them. Brazil’s 3rd goal, for example, was the result of terrible defending. There were about 5 guys back and none of them put pressure on the guy with the ball and none of them picked up the open men.

    However, it was nice to see the US play some real soccer and roll the dice. I noticed a lot more dribbling and short passes attempted than they’ve done in the past against high caliber opponents. At times they put together some intelligent offensive sequences.

  190. Hush says:

    Why are you so worried about my opinion. It’s just my opinion.

    Chandler? You taking a few words a bit too deep. Don’t over think, it’s just Futbol.

  191. Hush says:

    You are one remedial individual. You do know Brazil was missing 5 starters and 10 bench players. Sub-20?? Yes, it’s what I consider that team. That team in the field will probably be the Olympic team. Most likely it will be! The 20 is sarcasm, but not far from the truth.

    Howard stunk!!! One save & you think he was a game changer. Oooook buddy.

    You are clearly a Noooob. Mejor anda ve tennis Pappa!

  192. Shawn says:

    Gooch did look scared on the ball. But then, so did Dolo. Neither one can distribute from the back. This is not a new issue with them.

    Edu being played further forward surprised me. My guess is JK did not trust him as the DMC against Brazil. In which case, I’d say don’t start him at all, because he’s ill-suited further up the pitch.

    Still, I’d say they did play virtually even with Brazil in the 2nd half. No, the US didn’t deserve even a tie, but the scoreline flatters Brazil, and as disappointed as I was with the back (excepting Johnson), the rest of the team (minus Edu) played competently.

  193. biff says:

    enjoying reading all these post-game comments, and this is my favorite so far–hits the proverbial nail on the head

  194. biff says:

    +1 words of wisdom from bb :-)

  195. IN DEFENCE OF GOOCH. By someone who doesn’t want his ribs broken.

    Sure, blame it on Gooch. That’s easy. The fact is that the game could have easily been 3-3 and Gooch would have been instrumental by jumping out of the gym on that header. Look, did he have a bad game? Yes. Why? Because he’s only had two competitive matches following his two month injury.

    If Gooch can stay healthy for an entire season, all of you will be signing his praises in one year’s time. What’s even more shocking is someone like Boca, who’s been playing all year, making a series of errors. Did he get into his old crappy backwards passing habits? Yes. Why? Gooch was scared to cough it up because Brazil is the best team in the world at pressing defenders on the ball and even other CBs like Cameron and Ream would have been equally scared and coughed it up. This is what the long ball, and Gooch actually has a good long ball, is for.

    The upshot is that you can’t beat Brazil at its own game. Sure, “proactive, attacking football” is nice, and the last two games show that we’re getting much better at it, against teams like this, you need to dig in and counter attack. This is how Chelsea beat Barcelona and won the Champions league. This is how the US team in 2009 beat Spain and almost beat Brazil. Gooch is at his best when he’s defending in compact spaces and can dominate in the air. Which US CBs can hold a high line against Brazil and stop Neymar and Marcelo in open space? Sorry, we don’t have any and I don’t think that any country has those type of defenders. They don’t’ exist.

    In conclusion, Klinsman wanted to test how far the US team has come regarding the new “proactive” style, and I’m actually pretty impressed. However, do we have the CBs to play a high line against Brazil and Spain. No. Not even Germany or France would try some crazy sh** like that (maybe this is what Philip Lamm was talking about when he said that Klinsman lacks tactical sophistication). I hope that if we do meet in Brazil in the WC, that we play them like Chelsea played Barca. With Fabian Johnson, we have a players that can break out and counter.

    Gooch is and always will be “king of the air”. This is his role going forward and will save the US’s a** on many occasions either by clearing or knocking in headers on set pieces. I”ve seen him hold a high line with Sporting, though this isn’t his strong suit, and neither is zonal marking for that matter, he’s much better one v. one, i.e. “Gooch, shut down Hulk and punch him in the ribs”. So, let’s hope for two years of injury free Gooch at Sporting. Having said that Cameron better get his a** over the Europe and play on the highest level.

  196. EndangeredMD says:

    Was that Gooch or Jeff Agoos (or even Bornstein)? It was like watching a bunch of squirrels play with nuts around a tree. What a shame. Gooch had a hand in ALL FOUR of their goals. Central defenders look weak in this bunch. I think if Klinzy wants height this may be a good place for Brek Shea.

  197. Scott says:

    Since his injury, Gooch has not been the same. He completely lost it under pressure last night. He gave up a penalty, at least 3 unnecessary corner kicks (one of which was almost an own goal on a failed clearance with no one on him), left Cherundolo on an island in a 3v1 situation and held the scorer on sides for the 4th goal. He can’t do it for us when we play teams that we can’t pressure in the midfield. His footwork isn’t there and he lacks recovery speed. BTW, yes Ream has looked pretty good in the PL playing on a depleted team against better teams. Go back and look at our last 5 wins. See how many of them Gooch started in. We have options, although without midfield pressure, it is a tough night for a CB. Make no mistake about it, his positives (not sure if he had any) were crushed by his negatives.

  198. Scott says:

    I totally agree. Bradley is much better when he can get involved higher up the field. Curious about the switch myself.

  199. Philly Union Rule says:

    Gooch jersey for sale on EBAY. Authentic signed, starting bid, I will pay you to take it……

  200. matt says:

    Line up wasnt really the issue. brazil is just better.

    thiago silva is 27 plays for AC milan.

    Marcelo is on RM.

    A lot of these players on this brazilian team are very good.

  201. rah says:

    I agree. The Edu, Bradley switch was a huge part of our problem. Edu was playing out by Torres and I think the team had to play around Edu, denying Torres chances to get into the game and with a severe handicap in support when he did. It also kept Bradley out of the attack. Edu doesn’t have the touch to play that high up the pitch at this level. Not even close. Bradley amazingly looks like he is developing it. A great improvement. Curse Johnny Evans! Imagine Jones in the destroyer role covering the back line and Bradley and Holden out there. We could put Edu in during garbage time.

    Besides this curious choice which makes no sense in any reasonable universe, I think K did a good job. I much rather see the US, especially in friendlies go down playing the more aggressive and technical style. 4-2 is a fair score line here and Gooch’s awful night led to 3 of the 4. I think there is hope.

  202. rah says:

    5-3 or 4-2 are the fairest goal line. I will take that at this point. It was so nice to see the US play entertaining soccer. Switch Edu and Bradley back and use only one of Gooch and Boca at a time and it would have looked like a real game. This was a really strong Brazil team. The full Brazil team in 2014 is going to be amazing.I don’t mind being two goals down to them, especially when we are able to create chances.

  203. poy says:

    “He gave up a penalty” – you idiot that was a handball.

  204. Sony says:

    Puss-y guy aka Donovan is average player yesterday he played like a sh*t.If that puss-y dude is your best soccer player ever you guys are in big trouble.

  205. 007 says:

    What potential you idiot LOL

  206. 007 says:

    “Donovan look mediocre repeatedly” because he is Landycake can only play against sh*t like Scotland or Algeria lol.He is 30 year old good luck in Brazil (2014) with Landycake lol.

  207. Mat says:

    Yeah Gooch had a bad game, but all the “fans” here saying he’s not any good don’t have a clue. Before his injury this year, he was one of the best central defenders in the Portuguese league. So he had a bad game, it happens.
    Fact is, he’s still our best central defender.
    Funny how people throw him under the bus so quickly.

    This said, this was the best 4-1 loss I’ve ever seen. The USA had numerous clear chances, practically as many as Brazil. It’s a good sign. I’d rather lose 4-1 playing this way, than 2-0 the last time we played Brazil when we had maybe 1 shot on goal.

    I’ve never seen the US get so many opportunities against Brazil, ever. It was a crazy game. 4-1 doesn’t reflect the play really, especially the second half.

    Oh and btw, the penalty is not a penalty, and the last goal was offside. The Brazil left back should have gotten a red card when he kicked at Dolo, as well.

    Brazil won, but the US put in a great performance.

  208. 007 says:

    What are you talking about “questionable” hand ball? It was hand ball!

  209. Sucks says:

    Boca,Dolo,Edu need to go. There is no reason to keep them till WC 2014.

  210. Sucks says:

    Donovan is getting old and weaker that’s all.

  211. jerry says:

    The reality is: Onyewu is too slow for the modern game, the last goal was his fault for not leaving on time, was a great player but his best moments are history. Landon played badly. But the team had good shine at times. Change required in the defense fastest players and intelligent futból has evolved.

  212. Sucks says:

    yeah Landycake is always good against teams like Scotland,Poland, Slovenia or other sh*t.He needs to play much better against Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany ect. and he doesn’t.

  213. dailyminefield says:

    Gooch is horrible….he just can’t play against top flight teams.

    I actually thought everyone else did pretty well…You fix Gooch’s weak link and everyone else looks better.

    Edu lost it a bunch, but many times they were terrible balls played to him or he trying to clean up someone elses bad touch.

    Not convinced with Gomez, but that’s probably not gonna be him there most of the time. You could slide Dempsey there, Atlidore, Boyd, etc…

    One thing I did wanna see more of is Torres’s creativity. Didn’t see much of that tonight.

  214. B 16 says:

    Good stuff out of our forwards last night-Jozy will be pushed to improve. Time for fresh blood in the center if the defense. We played more wide open than in the bunker days of the last coaching regime- and paid for it a couple times. This is what it is- a friendly. Learn a few lessons, more forward and apply them as we march on towards Brazil 2014!

  215. bryan says:

    gooch had a bad game, but he’s still a good player. it really annoys me how US fans have knee jerk reactions to EVERYTHING.

  216. Sucks says:

    Son he did not clear anything the ball just hit his hand that is PK but ref. can let it go in friendly game.

  217. User says:

    That is how soccer is played you punk this is contact and dirty game.It is not basebolo or basketbolo.US players should learn from teams like Brazil how to play no ladycaking for you anymore just play like a guy not lady.

  218. User says:

    you guys need that Jones baller because your team is too soft 10 players with no balls between legs except Jones.

  219. User says:

    it was not lucky save it was poor shot. You can shoot at the keeper that’s all.

  220. User says:

    Dolo was not good and we he will be even worst in 2 years.You guys need a better RB in 2014 because Dolo in not the option.

  221. sasha says:

    you expecting from girl to play like a guy come on man!LoL Landycake puss>>Y puss>>Y boy.

  222. bryan says:

    people talking like gooch is trash are absolutely ridiculous. i’m so sick of the hyperbole and knee jerk reactions of our fans. it’s absolutely annoying. anyway…

    was at the game, it was a blast! just watched the highlights. i think it was a fair PK and JK is wrong, Gooch was in the box for sure. Gooch was unlucky but he should have kept his arm down.

    the second goal…wow. i mean, i remember being upset by bad defending when i saw it live, but on TV, it is even worse. Jones literally just lets him run and Edu misses the header (it was too high to be fair). at first i thought this was on Gooch, but no way. Jones is to blame for that one.

    the third goal. again, absolutely crap defending. Boca, Gooch and Bradley all caught ball watching. from the highlights on USsoccer, at 5:08, you can see the lack of any bodies on Marcelo. 4 Brazil players in the box, but Hulk wasn’t really involved, and 5 USA players, all involved. Johnson is marking the far guy and Dolo is marking neymar. but Bradley, Boca and Gooch are not doing anything. But i think Boca is responsible for that one, he was the closest. Gooch seemed to be attempting to help Dolo close down the cross? and i’ll give Bradley the benefit of the doubt.

    leading up to Pato’s post hit, what kind of pass was that from Boca?!?! i mean, TERRIBLE. god awful. THEN he stops tracking Pato who is wide open in the middle. basically exactly what happened in the marcelo goal.

    their last goal. two things compounded on this one which led to Pato being wide open. 1. Castillo steps forward with Boca which leaves Pato unmarked. 2. Gooch doesn’t step forward with them and keeps Pato onside, and thus, wide open. Gooch 100% blame on that one.

    as for us, i cannot believe Bradley, Dempsey, Boyd, and Gooch didn’t get one of those to fall in. definition of unlucky. i thought we played bad in the first 20 minutes, then did ok for the rest of that first half. the start of the second half was bad too, but then we started getting forward and creating and we actually played well. sadly, we couldn’t finish and the defense (aside from Johnson) just couldn’t get it done.

  223. Tom P says:

    Hi All,

    Look, our back center is old and slow. Boca has been a great servant,captain and a person I admire personally but he won’t be on the pitch in 2014. Gooch never really recovered his form from the knee injury in the football sense and was given to occasional folly even before he got hurt on many occasions.

    So, everyone on this board, you are Klinnsman for a minute here. What do you do?

    1. Replace them with kids hope you qualify and they can grow into their rolls simultaneously and hope you can get enough goals out of your new brand of attacking football to overcome this obvious weakness?

    2. Stick with the old guard to get through qualifying and drop 2 center mids to play deep to cover and give up your attacking plans that seem to be baring fruit?

    3. Go back to long ball and keep 7 to 8 behind the ball at all times and let numbers cover up your lack of speed and talent and keep out soft goals?

    For all of you that have an answer to his above conundrum I applaud your confidence.

    Me- I don’t have the answers but watching last night on TV and being at the game in Jacksonville was certainly more exciting then this squad has been in a longtime. Just my observation as a fan. But is it the way to comfortable victories and relatively comfortable qualifying for 2014????? The jury will be out for sometime.

    I do know one thing- we need to hire a technical expert on the art of marking set pieces and stepping up with the new management. You can say what you like but this sloppiness did not take place under Bradley but either did the slick touches in the build up. So pick your poison on that one.

    And all of you that are obsessed with our lack of finishing I say this:

    I don’t who that Brazilian GK was last night but he was simply frigging phenomenal and you should tip your cap to him. Except for Edu’s and Torres shanks there were a lot of balls put on the frame by us last night in the 2nd half. A lot more then we are used to especially vs. an opponent that 6000 odd players playing professionally outside of Brazil around the world.

  224. Angel of Los Angeles says:

    well I second to that that Gooch hasn’t been the same ever since his injury, it didn’t help him going to AC Milan and getting injure again. But it is what it is, tonight Gooch had a bad time and bad game against Brazil. But he was not the only one three player that had really not a good game was BOCANEGRA (Who lost the ball and that where the Penalty came), EDU, CHERENDULO, Other players they were giving to much respect to Brazil that they forgot to pressure them and double mark them. like the third goal, Cherendulo is waiting and waiting until marcelo past it to Neymar and we all know that we was going to Cross it, where were the Central defender on the play, than few minutes later same play. The only Defender that play good was Fabian Johnson who keep having better games. But I have to give to the The boys in the Second half the did better job playing Brazil with more guts, and strong that they even pressure more a bit and thats how they got close to scoring again. I still proud of the USNMT. ANyway we lost to BRAZIL not just any team.

  225. bryan says:

    this is an example of hyperbole. i remember when he was a beast at the Confeds Cup and the Italy coach praised him and everyone loved him. same when he scored against Mexico or the other headers he has scored for us. but anytime he has an off day, people like to act like the guy can’t play. he isn’t playing in Portugal because he can’t cut it. the guy is solid, certainly has his weaknesses, but the way some US fans treat him after a bad day is ridiculous.

    i also disagree about Torres. our entire section was talking about how in the first half he was the only creative player on the US trying to hold on to possession. he juked multiple Brazilians with quick turns, spins, and touches.

  226. Juan says:

    If I was Jozy I’d be worried. Both Boyd and Herc are more mobile and work harder than him. I can see a dog fight for the start from here on out

  227. bryan says:

    good comment. here are the stats from last night’s game. like you said, we had a lot of chances. in fact, we had more shots then Brazil:

    Stats Summary: USA / BRA
    Shots: 15 / 12
    Shots on Goal: 5 / 7
    Saves: 3 / 4
    Corner Kicks: 8 / 5
    Fouls: 9 / 12
    Offside: 2 / 1

    out of the four HUGE chances (dempsey, bradley, gooch, and boyd), the keeper made INSANE saves on two of them. that wasn’t a lack of finishing. for dempsey’s, i don’t think anyone can say with a straight face he can’t finish. the defender did well to get in on him at the last second. and gooch was just unlucky because he was towering above everyone and hit that ball so hard. and again, i doubt anyone can say gooch isn’t a good finisher with his head while keeping a straight face.

    some of our shots off target though we should have done better on.

  228. Leo says:

    No one mentioned this: last night was Brazil’ Olympic (u-23) team against the USMNT. That should help “gauge” how much progress soccer has made in the US

  229. David says:

    I know this may sound silly, but I don’t think The Jurgster (my nickname for him) was necessarily playing to win. If we wanted to win we would have sat back and countered.

    It was obvious we were playing to take the game to Brazil. Which wasn’t a particularly good strategy to try and win a game, but a great strategy to try and grow as a team and see just how good you are.

    On a different night when their keeper doesn’t make 2 world class saves, and their defender doesn’t clear it off the line, and the crossbar is a little less friendly, and the ref doesn’t give a controversial penalty, we could have won that game 3-2.

  230. louis z says:

    Boyd’s shot was not at the keeper. if you check the replay you can see the golie one way and Boyd’s shot going to his left, the golie just threw his feet right where the shot went. i see it as more of a good stop than a crappy finish.

  231. TheFrenchOne says:

    “That is how soccer is played you punk this is contact and dirty game.It is not basebolo or basketbolo.”

    You’re not real bright, are you? physical play is an important part of soccer. but when marcelo kicks cherundolo in the chest/face as he’s falling, then later blasts the ball at cherundolo while he is on the ground, that’s not physical play; that’s being a dirty piece of crap. learn the difference, tool

  232. Mike r says:

    Cherundolo and Onyewu may be fine for average to bad teams but they aretoo slow for the likes of top notch teams like Brazil Arg etc . They were getting torched all night

  233. soccerhorn says:

    Our CB of the future is Omar Gonzalez. He is currently rehabbing his knee in Los Angeles. If you don’t think he’s a world class difference maker, just take a look how the Galaxy have done without him so far.