Which snubbed player most deserved to get called into USMNT camp?

Sacha Kljestan 5 (Getty Images)


U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann unveiled the final additions to his summer training camp before World Cup qualifying on Sunday. And is the case every time a roster is announced, there was much debate and criticism over who was and was not selected.

Fans and pundits alike dissected Klinsmann's latest round of call-ups at length, especially the topic of which missing players deserved to be called into the 27-man roster that is currently training in Orlando, Fla., before this summer's slate of games. 

At the center of many of those discussions was Sacha Kljestan, the RSC Anderlecht midfielder who is coming off a season in which he helped the club win the Belgian League title. Kljestan enjoyed a career year this campaign, starting 35 of the 36 league games he played in while scoring five goals. That's not to mention his 10 starts in the Europa League.

Ultimately, however, Kljestan plays a position the United States is extremely deep at. And with the likes of Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones and Jose Torres all called in, Klinsmann may simply have felt he had enough central midfielders in camp who are already established members of his team.

Another player whose omission was surprising to some was Eric Lichaj. The Aston Villa defender started nine consecutive games for the Premiership club since recovering from a hip injury, and he performed well at both right back and left back during that stretch.

Lichaj's absence was shocking to some given the lack of fullbacks capable of playing on the left side in the U.S. pool, a long-time weakness that has been further magnified over the course of the last week due to Timmy Chandler declining a call-up.

Then there's DaMarcus Beasley, who is coming off a strong season with Puebla. Beasley started 14 of the 17 games he played in during the Mexican Clausura campaign, and he scored five goals in those matches. Beasley is also another left-footed weapon Klinsmann could have selected, but not even Brek Shea's absence was enough to bring in the experienced veteran.

A case can be made for any of the aforementioned players and as well as others like Tim Ream, Benny Feilhaber or Kenny Cooper. But as is the case with every national team roster that gets put together, not everyone can get a call-up.


Which missing player do you think was the most deserving of getting called into the Orlando camp for a look? Was it Kljestan? Lichaj? Beasley? Someone else?

Share your thoughts below.

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231 Responses to Which snubbed player most deserved to get called into USMNT camp?

  1. James says:

    Clearly Sacha. He has the best club resume of any of the snubbed players, in fact he has a better club resume right now than a lot of the players who WERE called in.
    And, even if it is true that he has turned into more of a holding mid, I would STIL rather have him than Edu or Beckerman at this point.

  2. marco says:

    Beasley over Castillo, who will need to play wing in qualifiers.

  3. DEAC says:

    Eric Lichaj, easy. Sacha and DeMarcus maybe had better years, but Lichaj plays the weakest position on the roster, and Klinsy essentially has decided to solve this problem position by inviting in almost no one who plays it.

  4. Weaksauce says:

    4 players got snubbed

    Wooten, Lichaj, Adu, Diskerud

  5. drew11 says:

    Why is Agudelo in camp? He is not even match fit. A vet like Beas would have been much more useful in WCQ’s.

  6. luke s says:

    kljestan deserves it the most. however, the player we will miss the most will be lichaj, and we’ll also miss beasley more than kljestan. not sure what klinsmann was thinking

  7. Bob says:

    Freddy Adu

  8. luke says:

    if you think diskerud deserved to be called in but not kljestan then you literally know nothing…

  9. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Lichaj was deserving in my mind considering lack of depth here (compounded by Chandler’s waffling)…

    Kljestan also has a beef given what he accomplished in Europe…

    Beasley’s made a good come back and maybe deserved a call over some of the younger guns….

  10. sef-one says:

    I’ll go with Lichaj, Sacha, Beasley and Adu.

    Even those logically the first three are probably more deserving, I really want to see Freddy with the senior team.

    I actually have a problem with Aguedelo being called up the most of everyone.

  11. Definitely Kljesten and then Lichaj in a not too distant 2nd. I hope they get looks after these first two games of qualifying. we will probably need them against the tougher teams.

  12. David St. Hubbins says:


    Ives throw a poll up!

  13. Eurosnob says:

    Beasley is not a striker so it’s not like he lost his spot to Agudelo. And Agudelo has plenty of competition at the striker position. Klinsmann won’t hesitate to cut him from the final roster if Agudelo underperforms in the camp.

  14. Brain Guy says:

    Agudelo’s inclusion is curious, given Klinsmann’s strong and repeatedly stated preference for players who are getting regular minutes with their clubs. Is it a bit of encouragement to a youngster who’s had a tough year? A clear expression of disagreement with Backe’s assessment (especially in light of the lack of a call-up for Cooper, whom Backe chose over Agudelo)? Just another chance to get Agudelo acclimated to playing with (and to learn from) the more experienced players?

  15. sam says:

    I’d argue that Kljestan was the most deserving–he clearly had an outstanding season–but Lichaj the most disappointing omission. Kljestan is a more understandable since we’re loaded (relatively) in the midfield, but what the plan is at fullback I’d love to know.

  16. Mat says:

    I’ll throw a curve here and go with Spector. I think his defensive versatility is priceless coming off the bench for us, and he has tons of experience with the USMNT.

  17. Charlie Fiction says:

    IN: Wooten, Lichaj, and Kljestan.
    OUT: Zusi, Morales, and Agudelo.

  18. Buddle-icious says:


  19. David says:

    Yeah, a poll please. And add at least Adu to it. I think Kljestan had the best year, but I think Lichaj fills in the biggest hole. I also think Adu brings some attacking flair to the team I’d really like to see.

    Adu’s ability to break down these teams who are going to be playing with 10 people behind the ball could be quite useful.

    So in terms of snubs based on what the team needs, I’m going Lichaj, Adu and then Kljestan. I just can’t get behind Beasley.

  20. Buddle-icious says:

    And Kenny Cooper certainly has a case over Juan Agudelo.

  21. nik says:


  22. Dinho says:

    Lichaj. Especially with no Chandler. I hope there’s a reason for him being left off.

    I understand the Sacha omission. He is behind Bradley and Jones for the 8 role. And, he’s too soft to play the 6 (Edu, Beckerman).

  23. sam says:

    Off topic: Can Jones not play the 6? I’ve been hoping Bradley and Jones can share the field.

  24. Lost in Space says:


    1) Lichaj: Plays a position where we are week. Was left out of the squad in favor of Castillo & Morales/Willaims…Only acceptable reason would have been that coaches wanted to allow him a break after being out with an injury for so long.

    2) Kljestan: Had a great season, but plays a position where we have the most depth from players playing in better leagues. Has not shown well with the National Team reciently, but would still have prefered him over Beckerman.

    3) Beasley: Had a good season. Plays a position where we have younger players just as good. Don’t really feel its a snub or a loss that he’s not there.

  25. MC Pharaoh says:

    Wooten is a pretty big snub considering Boyd got called & Wooten was starting for a Bundesliga club, regardless of whether kaiserslautern were in last. Lichaj is probably the biggest because he had the most likely chance to start. With him at left back, it meant Johnson could play midfield instead of left back and provide some depth out wide. Beasley & Kljestan are not far behind though. They should be there. Beasley, Lichaj, Kljestan, & Wooten, based on club form, deserved it more than Boyd, Agudelo, Morales, & Parkhurst (not needed & getting alot of minutes in Denmark doesnt mean much anymore)

  26. Shane says:

    Mine would be Adu. He’s proven himself time and again for the USA and continues to get snubbed. Kljestan and Beasley have both proven themselves more effective than Torres in a USA jersey. I know Torres is a good player but he hasnt proven himself for the USA. All the chances he’s been given and he’s never registered a goal or an assist. Plus he just is not as dangerous as either player.

  27. Alex says:

    Did Sacha deserve the call? Probably. That said, I do think it’s there’s such a thing deserving the call, but yet not getting it due to team needs/directions etc.(I’m not saying that this is one of those times necessarily, just throwing that out there.) I have to believe there is some specific reason we have yet to be made aware of that Lichaj wasn’t brought in, as his spot is not only deserved, but needed.

  28. GSScasual says:

    except for the whole “underpreforming” aspect.. but who really cares about that, right? so what if klejstian is invisible in the USNT shirt.

  29. Siberian says:

    Certainly Lichaj, but Lichaj will be there eventually if he keeps starting in the EPL. I was most disappointed not to see Beasley. We need a winger to spread the field.

  30. Erik says:

    The Lihaj omission is a surprise, but he was fighting back from a serious injury. Ream, we know it’s a break. Chandler doesn’t want to play for the US as of yet. Kljestan deserved another look, but Klinsmann simply doesn’t rate him. I also would have liked to see Diskerud in camp (and Klinsmann seems to like him), but he’s just getting established at Gent.

  31. Smacking says:

    I’m disappointed Kljestan missed out. He played a solid role in early qualifying last go around. Prior to the Hex he was making his case to takeover the CM spot along side MB. He lost his mojo for a while and couldn’t keep up as competition stiffened, but he’ll have time to work his way back into the mix.

  32. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. He won the starter position at Aston Villa and looked good in the games against other EPL team. He can play both full back positions (definitely a need area). He did not have his best performance against Mexico in the Gold Cup final loss so perhaps Klinsmann took Castillo over Lichaj because Castillo did OK against Mexico in the last friendly game. I would have wanted to see Adu get a call up after his strong performance with the U23 team, but I cannot really complain because they called up two young guns: Corona and Boyd. Hopefully, they have learned the lesson from Timmy Chandler and will captie both of these talented young players soon.

  33. Siberian says:

    The last coach should have put Spector into the Gold Cup final. I was disappointed Spector was often called into camp but didn’t play more.

  34. Mike says:

    I don’t think Sacha is a snub at all.

    He plays the same position as Jones, Edu, Bradley, Torres and Beckerman. And all of those players are rated higher than he is.

    In fact, he isn’t a snub at all. He’s just not good enough at his position.

  35. Where says:

    Sacha? Really?! I know don’t why everyone is so high on this guy he is not there yet to compete in the US midfield. You guys forget he is playing in Belgium and sure he performed well but then in the same token that freddy adu needed a call up and so did brad Davis. Sasha underperforms with the USA all the time, success in a smaller European league does not translate to international success and we have seen it. Let him move up to a better league and perform the same and you can call him up. Hats off to him for succeeding but its not enough right now

  36. drew11 says:

    Swagudelo needs to get his club situation settled. He needs a break out year at the club level and he is running out of time this year.

    Beas could play the Cobi Jones dribble into the corner and get kicked roll. Always useful to have that type of savvy vet in the WCQ’s.

  37. Didn’t he score a hattrick vs Sweden B?

  38. Joe Creighton says:

    Lichaj will be missed the most.

    I do not think Kljestan is USMNT caliber.

    I think Boyd has the hunger to be a star.

    Klinsmann is sending a statement that if you can’t get it done at the club level you do not deserve an International callup. If you move to a big club, you better be getting regular minutes because you won’t be on the USMNT radar. Basically, wherever you play, you better shine. I like this mentality.

  39. soccerroo says:

    My first thought was Sasha or Ream but looking at all the players in those positions it is easier to understand. Beasley and Lichaj seem to play positions that are not as deep so they are probably the ones that should/could have been called in.

  40. Joe Creighton says:

    I’ll say it now, I would not be disappointed if Beasley and Kljestan never suited up for the USMNT again. I admire The Beas tremendously, but think his ship has sailed.

  41. Eurosnob says:

    Kenny Cooper could not make the squad with Plymouth Argyle, a football league two club, and you think that he is good enough to play for the national team? Agudelo is inconsistent, but he is young and has tons of talent (e.g. his performance against Argentina) so he will get chances with Klinsmann. He is not a starter for the USMNT at this point in his career, but he is capable of making a special play and can contribute as a supersub.

  42. Lost in Space says:

    Ya…his last significan contribution back in 2008. Since than he’s had flashes of decent play (Confederations Cup 2009) but mostly been a poor contributor to the USMNT.

  43. Dinho says:

    Sam, I think Jones can. However, his discipline to stay put, however, probably leads JK to choose Edu or Beckerman.

  44. Dinho says:

    I disagree that, on the USMNT, he plays the same position as Beckerman or Edu.

    But, I agree as to the others.

  45. Eugene says:

    It’s bizarre why he leaves off those players and includes guys like Agudelo and Boyd who barely have any first team experience at a high level. Kljestan is more creative than the other central midfielders, perhaps minus Torres, and is pretty good on free kicks and set pieces.

    Lichaj has good versatility to play either full back position, which in itself is pretty valuable when you can only dress 18 players for a game.

    DMB has incredible speed to stretch the field and create space for the forwards, and can play as a left wing or second striker. Lets say Altidore starts and Dempsey plays 2nd striker, DMB could substantially stretch the field at left wing and has very accurate crosses. Don’t know how a coach can not afford to call him when you have a player like that, unless you have a completely different tactical preference at left wing. Even so, having him in camp gives the coach options.

  46. Joe Creighton says:

    My 23 for Brazil


    F Johnson

    Gyau or Gatt


  47. Eurosnob says:

    I agree regarding Agudelo’s need to establish himself at the club level, but I think the trade from NY will benefit him greatly. There was no way Backe was going to give him playing time. As for Beasley, if you want to deploy him on the wing, then he would have to take place of one of the wide mids, not a striker.

  48. Christian says:

    What about Nat Borchers? I know he doesn’t get much credit, even in MLS, but he is consistently one of the top performers in MLS year in and year out. Always a Starting XI player in any end-of-season review, he is good in the air, good with his feet, and very smart. I would select him over Goodsen 10 out of 10 times!

  49. Shane says:

    If that’s what you think the better ? is why is Boyd in the camp? Has he ever had a first team appearance? I think he made the bench once.

  50. Lost in Space says:

    I happen to agree with you regarding Beasley. However, if there were to be an outbreak of injuries (fingers cross there isn’t) I think Kljestan would be a servicable option. Right now (IMO) he’s 5 or 6th in the CM rotation (Above Beckerman, but below Williams).

    #6 = Jones, Bradley, Edu, Williams, Beckerman/Morales

    #8 = Holden (pre injury)Bradley, Edu/Torres, Jones, Kljestan

  51. josh says:

    Beasley is the only surprise.

    Has anyone stopped circle jerking and realized, “Hey. Eric Lichaj is just coming off of MONTHS on the injured list and has only played 5 comnpetitive games in the last ~30 days. Do we really need to secure his services for 3 friendlies and 2 of the easier WCQers? The pace of the matches and training is pretty brutal, maybe its best we let him rehab for a few more weeks and we can bring him in for the Hex, when the games are more important.”

    No? Ok.

  52. Alex G says:

    GATT, that name rings a bell?, he´s an outstanding RB, and speed is what we need, imagine him playing with Donovan.

    Eric is also a big snub.

  53. jon says:

    Why doesn’t JK have the stones to call-up Freddy Adu again? Adu and Gatt are the biggest snubs for me… Adu is awesome, yet nobody gives a damn.

  54. Sabella says:

    Lichaj:. A) he earned it by finishing off strong in the best league in the world and b) we have a lack of depth defensively

  55. Big Ben says:

    None, those players that were snub are not difference makers.

    Fact is the USMNT= Donovan, Dempsey, Howard + 8 more.

  56. jon says:

    First of all, Edu isn’t a holding mid. He can’t “hold” anything. He’s there simply to do whatever it takes to stop the attack.

    Secondly, Kljestan has been given several attempts to show his club experience on the national stage. He has failed to do so every time. Quit whining about this guy… He’s a club player, not a national player. Next.

  57. Eurosnob says:

    Eugene, did you realize that Boyd is signed with Dortumund, the current Bundesliga champions? Out of the current USMNT players only Tim Howard and Dempsey would be likely to break into Dortmund’s first team. And Boyd has 20 goals with Dortmund’s second team so it is not like he is not getting playing time. Agudelo and Boyd are included based on their potential. Neither Lichaj, who I believe should have received the call up, nor Beasley play the same position as Boyd/Agudelo.

  58. Byron says:

    Can’t believe I am the first to say it but Chandler got hosed. He’s starting regularly on a Bundesliga team at a position of need!

    Flame away, haters….

  59. sandtrout says:

    Doy! Sacha don’t speak Germerican. Aus!

  60. Jerry says:

    Lichaj no doubt.

  61. jon says:

    Hmm… That formula you have there sure did work well against Ghana.

  62. jon says:

    Chandler refused the call-up. He’s a big baby.

  63. Kevin says:

    I have read people talk down on the Boyd inclusion. I love it – regardless of his club situation at the moment, get that guy cap-tied ASAP! i absolutely do not want a situation like Chandler with Boyd down the road.

    He may be raw at the moment but the guy is going to be a beast. I want him called in everytime.

  64. Duneman says:

    1- because of the depth issue in his spot
    2- I would like to see some great FB options brought in to show Chandler that he does not have a “lock” on what was the number two spot (Behind Dolo…someone who not only played the full season, on older legs and can captain his German team and still makes it into camp)

    He was doing well before he got hurt and has been doing well for his club since he got back. I would think he would have been good to get into the bigger camp even if he didnt make the final squad cut.

    Needless to say…I am VERY curious to see the back 4 over the next few games.

  65. Catamount says:

    I think Jurgen feels comfortable with the players he has in the midfield. He can leave guys like Sasha, Shea and DMB off the list because he has Donovan, Torres, Jones, Bradley, Beckerman, Johnson, Corona and Williams.

    I think his biggest questions remain at forward: The inclusion of Donovan and Corona makes some sense because they along with Dempsey can serve at forward as well as midfield. Susi is an interesting one for me because he is a box to box sort of guy who creates a lot of space for his team. He has the kind of engine Jurgen loves. Jurgen’s team hasn’t been consistently dangerous and I think he’s attempting to correct that. There are a lot of forwards in camp for a guy who is seriously entertaining a system with a lone striker.

    His choices at outside back mystify me a bit. Cameron is, I think exactly what Jurgen both needs and wants at centerback. Bocanegra and Cherudolo make sense. Perhaps Parkhurst will see time at left back. It would be interesting to see Dolo play left back, a bit like Lamb has done for Germany. After that I don’t really get his reasoning.

  66. JG13 says:

    Has ANYONE on this board watched Jones at Schalke this year?

  67. Cairo says:

    I’ll go with Freddy Adu. He always shows up for the Nats, and I could care less what he’s doing at the club level given his proven Nats success. Besides, he plays for the Union–why would I care about that??

  68. primoone says:


    I keeed…I keed.

  69. Mat says:

    Let’s just put some of these squad choices under the label “cap tying”. Getting Morales, Boyd, Corona (I think he’s not cap tied) to commit now in the easiest WCQ games is a good plan. They’re not the core of the team anyway but it’s a smart move to avoid future delicate situations.

  70. al17 says:

    The same guy who can continue to call in Castillo won’t even give Sasha a look. I’m following this logic – shaking my head because he’s earned the right to prove himself in camp.

  71. Primoone says:

    This is one of the rare players that actualy performs better for Country over club with moments of brilliance but he cant get a sniff because he isnt playing regular minutes with club. I get the importance of playing regular ball…however, I don’t understand why there isnt a spot for him on the bench as a sub.

  72. josh says:

    Don’t push Lichaj back to fast. You don;t want to mess with a hip flexor by doing to much. 4 weeks of daily training and 5 games in 18 days is too much.

    We’ll see him in the second camp.

  73. dcm says:

    Lichaj, no question. Midfield is pretty stacked. Left back….eh….Castillo and maybe Bocanegra in a pinch? Not stacked.

  74. josh says:

    Sacha rubbed JK the wrong way by basically saying that he deserved a place on the team. I don;t think Sacha is anything but a reserve player at this point.

  75. Chris says:

    Glad to see Agudelo included in the line-up on one hand and a little upset that he’s included on the other. He was just traded five days ago, he should have had more time to settle in with his new team. Hope he has a good camp, but he really should be with the Goats right now.

    As far as snubs, Kljestan for sure, and Lichaj… And maybe Adu.

  76. Mat says:

    Fabian should be our LB and our problem at that position would at long last be solved.

  77. dcm says:

    you have to factor in past performances with the USMNT. Cooper=not great, Agudelo=strong.

  78. Kevin_Amold says:

    Yeah, I agree about Lichaj. I just hope that no one is making decisions now based on that Gold Cup final.

    Lichaj started at left back in that game, moved to right back when Cherundolo came off, and then I thought he acquitted himself halfway decently considering (as I remember) most of the action came through the other half of defense.

  79. dcm says:


  80. Matt says:

    Lichaj has played 9 competitive matches in the past 9 months. I think he needs some time to be ready.

  81. FireBB says:

    Lichaj. If you don’t agree you’re an idiot.

  82. Felix says:

    I can see the argument for Kljestan, but at the same time, he hasn’t had a good game in a Nats shirt in awhile.
    To me, the biggest snub is Lichaj, whose finished of the season at Villa playing in a position of need at a high level.

  83. Dinho says:

    jon, I think Big Ben has a point, although I think MB90 can also be an impact guy.

    In the Ghana game, those 3 (maybe 4) guys were non-existent. Hence, we lose.

    You prove his point for him.

  84. Jeff says:

    Every Puebla game/match report I saw had him at forward. I different style of forward than Juan for sure but Beasley would be a more useful versatile player to have on the roster.

  85. SN says:

    If people are going to bring Ream into the conversation I will bring George John into it. Twice the player Ream is.

  86. At 32 years old, Adu is likely going to be “over the hill” by the next World Cup, so he’s not really for consideration here.

    Lichaj is the biggest suprise to me.

  87. Salgado says:

    1. Lichaj’s exclusion makes no sense at all based on his performance and team need. He is skilled, fast and tenacious.

    2. SK is not international quality. He almost singlehanded lost the game in Italy.

    3. Beasley would have provided a speedy and experienced LW behind Fabian Johnson. Brek Shea played his way off the team for now.

    4.Surprised Agudelo was called in as he is coming off an injury and is out of shape. 5.Like SK, Wondolowski is not international quality.

  88. fischy says:

    I thought he was in his early 40s by now.

  89. Kevin_Amold says:

    I like me some Borchers, but we have a known commodity internationally in Goodson (a solid backup, can also start) and to take the time to find out if the unknown quantity of Borchers surpasses Goodson is not worth it.

    Just my opinion.

  90. Kevin_Amold says:

    I used to get frustrated when he would play, but now I feel for Jonny B. The man answered call ups, did his best for his country, was (allegedly) very accountable and professional. No need to pile on him anymore…

  91. Eurosnob says:

    What formation does Puebla play? Is it 4-3-3 with him as one of the wide forwards? I just don’t see him as a striker in 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 that the US is likely to play.

  92. vince says:

    u sure Adu isn’t older than that? he might be related to Webster

  93. Creige Va says:

    Adu who is actually playing really we for Philadelphia when not picking up silly cards. Castillo should not be occupying a roster spot regardless of whether he plays left back. Especially now that we know Boca, Parkhurst, F. Johnson and Lichaj can play that position

  94. b says:

    Spector has versatility but he’s not very good defensively. He’s much better as a midfielder. And he’s pretty much awful at LB. People need to stop overrating this guy and face the fact that he hasn’t developed as we hoped, possibly due to his hip injury.

  95. Lost in Space says:

    Not to mention that Borchers is OLDER than Goodson & Gooch. Need to have some younger Center backs in the mix in order to groom them as replacements for Boca, Gooch, & Goodson. Personally I’m predicting only 1 of these 3 makes the squad in 2014.

  96. Lost in Space says:

    Gatt is a Right Wing Midfielder…he does not have the chops (right now) to play right back. I expect him to be a January call-up this year, and when he outclasses all the MLS wingers he’ll get time next year with the “A” squad of the MNT.

  97. El Torito says:


  98. Eurosnob says:

    Yes, all four goals in that game resulted from Bornstein’s ineptitude – Barrera torched him throughout the game. And Barrera showed nothing against Lichaj, when he was at LB. I agree that it is hard to switch positions midgame, but things like that happen and the players have to be ready.

  99. SteveMcSteve says:

    Parkhurst is a regular starter for the Denmark team one win away from the title and a trip to the Champions League group stages. He also has te versatility to play anywhere on the back line.

    I think Lichaj should be there too, but not at Parkhurst’s expence

  100. byrdman says:

    That is exactly why they are on the roster. Cap tied against the smallest of minnows.

  101. Busey Barton says:

    +1 – Hamid especially

  102. SteveMcSteve says:

    Your last paragraph directly contradicts with the idea of calling Boyd up

  103. byrdman says:

    Can Wooten play for another country? If so what is the possibility of that happening? I think Boyd is here simply to cap him, and for Klinsy to connect with him.

  104. RLW2020 says:

    so i though JK and Sasha were buds..? didn’t they play together in the PDL? Maybe he knows something..

    as much as i think Morales will be a top prospect soon, its hard to make a case that he should be called in about Lichaj.

    Adu and Beasley; ya i would have picked them over Agudelo and Williams

    all good players tho, no bornstein’s or findley’s here

  105. The Imperative Voice says:

    Sacha does not produce when called internationally, had no claim to the roster from missing the South Africa 23, and just generally looks to me a notch too slow on playing speed for that level.

    Claiming “resume” is a stretch when you’re competing with Schalke, Rangers, Pachuca, and Tijuana. It’s just Anderlecht, who were knocked out of the second tier Euro tourney by Jozy’s AZ. Ho-hum.

  106. SteveMcSteve says:

    Stupidest post on the thread. Congrats.

  107. hush says:

    Lichaj & Adu are the biggest snubs in my personal opinion. Everyone here knows how I feel about Adu. Lichaj not on the 27 roster was shocking.

    Wondo, Zusi, and Beckerman are a waster of roster spots. Beckerman has put in good defensive work, but we have many players who can play his role in the midfield. Wondo is just wack. I don’t care if he hits 60 yd bombs, the guy can’t play internationally.

    Castillo had a decent game against Mexico in his first start. I’m not sure what game some of you guys were watching. He had maybe 3 flops, but 80% of his play was on target. Gio or Barrera couldn’t toy with him on the right side. He put a lock on Barrera’s @ss. So again, what is the hate towards him. The whole U.S team at that time stunk badly!

    Sasha: He had his chances. Even when he has played well for his club, it never translates to the NT.

    Cooper?lol… that name should never come up for the NT.

  108. Grant says:

    Thank goodness nobody has said Robbie Rogers. He left Columbus for greener pastures and hasn’t done much at all. Granted he was injured, but still I was worried he was going to get the call after all the love he got from Jurgen last year despite doing nothing on the field.

  109. bryan says:

    based on CLUB form, it has to be Kljestan, Beasley and/or Lichaj.

  110. byrdman says:

    I like most all of your Brazilian squad, with the exceptions: take Adu instead of Pontius. Find a third keeper.

  111. sam says:

    That’s fine–it might even be the right answer. But it would be nice to get it confirmed by JK and Lichaj.

  112. bryan says:

    I think the point is based on his form, he should have been in the camp. Whether or not he makes the 23 is another thing entirely. But I think he did enough to get the call. Especially when there are two open spots.

  113. The Imperative Voice says:

    I don’t think they’re interchangeable since we’re arguably talking left back. Only so many in the pool could play there, Bornstein, et al. The book on Castillo is he’s played well in Mexico this season but then he looked awful when called up. Underwhelmed.

    But I have always felt DmB got beat up way too much for the Costa Rica road game — which spelled the end to his consistent role in the pool (although Torres, who took a few lumps for that game also, has somehow been rehabilitated since)– and deserves better. I think he’s a superior winger to some on the roster. However, if Shea didn’t make it then Klinsi probably feels secure on the wings. Dempsey and Donovan would be easy choices, though the former’s leg status might have called for an extra man in camp just in case.

    The really tough thing for DmB has to be that he probably put up with financial strain and late paychecks in Puebla just to get this chance and yet it’s not worked out.

  114. byrdman says:


  115. bryan says:

    Lichaj got left off (probably) because he had an injury that was hard to overcome. AV didn’t have a choice, they were fighting to stay up. So they didn’t care, and since they pay him, it makes sense they would make him play. And I’m glad they did.

    But for us, we have 5 games. 3 are friendlies and 2 are not. 1 of the qualifiers is against a team we shouldn’t need Lichaj for in order to beat. the second, yes, we could use him. So, instead of letting him recover fully from his injury, we could fly him to Orlando and make him train very hard even though his services aren’t really needed except in one game. I’m almost glad JK was smart and gave him the time off. He’ll be there in September.

  116. The Imperative Voice says:

    Lichaj surprised me because I’d pencilled him into the XI not just the 18 or 23.

  117. bryan says:


  118. The Imperative Voice says:

    Wooten: someone had to break spades.

    Freddy: this is the big boy team. What has he done for it that anyone save perhaps Wondo — inexplicable, whom I might swap for him — doesn’t already offer with better senior cred?

    Mixx: ditto.

  119. bryan says:

    I agree with you about Beasley. He should be on the roster, but I think he should be there over Zusi.

    To me, I think Agudelo knows he isn’t in the 23. My guess is JK called him in knowing he is a 19 year old who will be a major player for the future USMNT. He wants to assess him and keep him integrated. I truly would not be surprised if JK told him he isn’t in the 23, but he could come train in the meantime.

  120. bryan says:

    lets be fair, Lichaj got the position due to injury of others. but he then kept it and he deserved to. but i think JK leaves him off because he never got to recover fully from his hip injury. and that injury is no joke in terms of recovery. but AV needed him to play, so he played. i think JK is letting him rest and has every intention of calling him up later.

    i honestly think Corona, Morales and Boyd were called up to cap tie. no joke.

  121. Colin says:

    Mate, The Mexican teams you mentioned are well below Anderlecht in quality. The mexican league is a second tier league in the vein of MLS and the Scandinavian leagues, anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  122. bryan says:

    he got injured in his last game. that’s why he is not in camp.

  123. The Imperative Voice says:

    There are 20 days to whip players into shape. Agudelo showed up yesterday-ish. He is a dynamic player who can hit a cross. Personally I’d rather have players with creativity and athleticism around late if it comes down to it. More so than play pretend like putting Sacha or Freddy in a game late — their likely purpose — would change a thing.

    Boyd played one game as a sub, and he offers a big body and decent skill set, perhaps to suit up, perhaps as Jozy-cover in camp. If the Gold Cup taught anyone anything it’s you might want to bring someone similar to Jozy in case he gets hurt. Bradley showed that tourney what happens when the Jozy-alternatives are Agudelo, Wondo, et al. Redundancy, prepare him for a future role.

  124. bryan says:

    keep Morales so we can cap tie him.

  125. Brain Guy says:

    Just wondering — is Agudelo cap-tied? People have mentioned cap-tying as a possible reason for some of the call-ups. Is it at all possible that he would try to play for Colombia? He’s only 19.

  126. The Imperative Voice says:

    By versatile you mean that his molasses-speed could be burned where-ever we might try and deploy him? His two traits are defense if he doesn’t have to move, and hitting crosses. Only value I see in him is as a right back “we need someone to hit a cross” option.

  127. Ryan Nanez says:

    how about we alll just quit complaining and enjoy the game. no amount of writing on a soccer blog is gonna get said players called in to camp. i dont agree with some additions to the roster as well as with some omissions. oh well. i support us regardless.

  128. The Imperative Voice says:

    This is a Wondo-esque confusion of what goes in MLS and what succeeds in international ball.

    They have Jozy and Boyd of his “type,” and the reality is that at the next level Cooper is too slow for his heterodox big guy runs, and not enough of a target player to spell Jozy or even Boyd.

    Basic problem is Cooper does not play like he looks like he would, versus, say, Casey.

  129. RLW2020 says:

    i take it you don’t watch MLS.

    anyone who chooses not to watch the domestic game really shouldn’t have an opinion on national team picks. you don’t have to be fan on any team or the league but respect the top players (especially those contributing to the national team).

  130. RLW2020 says:

    ya im glad no one is calling for Robbie Findley either… ?

  131. The Imperative Voice says:

    Worth pointing out they are all young guys whose seasons are probably over, justifying a harmless camp callin whatever the result. If they make the roster you can consider a cap tie in the right game, if they get cut it’s prep work for the Gold Cup and next cycle, when they will be considered again.

  132. SN says:

    Maybe because the question was asked. “Which missing player do you think was the most deserving of getting called into the Orlando camp for a look? Was it Kljestan? Lichaj? Beasley? Someone else?”

  133. Joe+G says:

    Agudelo played in the 2011 Gold Cup, so he is tied to the US.

  134. James says:

    “Doesn’t produce internationally”… you mean like Wondo or Castillo? And what exactly have Morales or Corona done internationally?

  135. Eurosnob says:

    Bryan, if your theory about Lichaj playing for AV through injury is correct, it makes me feel much better about him not being called up.

  136. The Imperative Voice says:

    His form? 4 goals? I bring up the team comparison because I’m convinced the Europhiles want to stick their thumb on his scales by suggesting “Anderlecht” means a ton. It means less than even lukewarm A-Zed per the Europa League, just saying.

    You’re seriously suggesting Belgium > Mexico or Scotland > Mexico? Ha. To be blunt, I don’t think Belgium or Scotland offer anything MLS doesn’t, except a higher payday, and no one confuses us with Mexico.

    If you argued that Mexico’s unique approach to soccer makes it harder to evaluate players for more structured, hustling USA use, I’d have given a gold star, but I think Belgium is decidedly second tier where Mexico would be either first or in between, not second.

  137. The Imperative Voice says:

    That I am not pro Sacha doesn’t make me pro Wondo or Castillo.

  138. jon says:

    Corona scored 4 damn goals in 3 games in Olympic Qualifiers. I’d say he’s certainly worthy of the call. Morales is a long-term investment.

  139. jon says:

    Dinho, it also proves my point.
    They were non-existent, which brought our demise. Hence, that formula sucks.

  140. jon says:


  141. Air Jordanz says:

    False. Boyd has torn it up with his club, even though that club is the Dortmund reserve side.

    He spent much of the 2nd half of the season training with the 1st team. Based on the quality of Dortmund’s 18 and their performance, why would they try and fix something that wasn’t broken by inserting Boyd? They had maybe 1 or 2 games left in the season after securing the title.

    Were Boyd on one of the bottom feeders like Hertha or Kaiserslautern, you can bet he would have seen 1st team minutes just like Wooten.

    And don’t forget that USMNT staff have seen both Wooten and Boyd in camp. They obviously rate Boyd higher at the moment.

  142. Cervantes says:

    Really? Where does Agudelo fit into your last paragraph?

  143. Dennis says:

    Not quitd failed, he did score a hat-trick and had other moteable moments. From Wiki

    “Kljestan made his debut for the senior national team on June 2, 2007, tallying an assist on Benny Feilhaber’s winning goal, a 4-1 friendly match victory over China in San Jose, California. Kljestan was selected to Peter Nowak’s roster for the U-23 Olympics in Beijing. He started all three games and finished the tournament as the United States’ highest goal scorer with 2, an equalizer against Holland in the 2-2 draw,which was voted goal Best U.S. Mens Soccer goal of 2008, and a penalty against Nigeria in the 2-1 loss that knocked them out of the tournament. Since then he has been starting consistently for the United States under Bob Bradley as a central midfielder and has two assists (three total) in World Cup Qualifying. In a 3-2 victory over Sweden on January 24, 2009, Kljestan scored a hat trick, his first three goals with the senior team. The only other American to notch a hat trick in the same game as his first international goal was Aldo “Buff” Donelli who scored four goals on May 24, 1934. It was also the 11th hat trick in national team history. On February 24, 2010, Kljestan scored a 92nd minute goal that won the USA a friendly against El Salvador. Sacha proceeded to celebrate what was his 4th national team goal in emotional fashion.”

    But despite those success, I think he is down the player pool a bit.

  144. Cervantes says:

    On point.

  145. Cervantes says:

    If people are going to be dumb then I’m going to be dumber! Persuasive logic!

  146. DressedToGetBlessed says:

    George John anyone?

  147. Scott says:

    Exactly! We don’t know for sure, however, this is the most plausible excuse for his omission. Fabian can hold down LB for now.

  148. Andy says:

    Why is no one mentioning Jonathan Bornstein?

  149. Dennis says:

    Looking at the roster, the back line is getting older and slower. Most of the young guys are not pure defenders and have the mentality to go forward, not always at the smartest times. Lichaj is a pure defender and he will stay home and defend when needed, some of the other projected backs are more midfielders and approach the game that way. Klinsmann does seem to want to eschew the defensive mentality and his selection (mostly) shows that. I do worry it could bite the USA when facing better teams, or even when trying to break down a weaker team that may take advantage of over-eager backs on counter-attacks.

    On the face of it though, Sasha has to be the most disappointed since he did have an outstanding year, Lichaj had a short year due to injury and while he was likely optimistic about being called in, he probably knew he was not a lock.

  150. PD says:

    1. Beasely
    2. Lichaj
    3. Spector
    4. Kljestan
    (sorry but in my book the midfield pool is just too deep. However wI think this roster could stand to have a few more speedy flank player options).

  151. Jeb says:

    I want Cobi Jones to come out of retirement…..jk

  152. Air Jordanz says:

    My take is that there were no snubs.

    1. JK said he might call in up to 29 guys. We have 27. This probably means 2 players were under consideration but were excluded at the last minute.

    2. Everyone in camp has been tested at least at the U23 level (and recently). This means no Pontius, Beitashour, Myers, Beltran, Wooten, Gatt, Nguyen, etc. I know Pontius was in a camp early last year, but he has no senior caps. Morales is an exception since he’s been in a sr. camp before as well as playing against Mexico with the U23s.

    3. Shea has been in poor form and need to serve out his team suspension. I suspect he was a last minute exclusion.

    4. Aside from 1/2 of 1 game, Adu has been in poor form.

    5. Anyone who actually thought Sacha would be in camp obviously did not watch the Italy match. Calling him up took JK a long time, and he was obviously not impressed with his match performance or his camp performance.

    6. JK and Lichaj have likely been in contact and decided that he would not participate in this camp. Barring another injury, there is no way he is not in the USMNT’s near future plans. The guy’s played 9 EPL matches this year after a long injury. That’s only a small handful of games from which to judge him. Excluding him at this stage (when he could contribute but is far from a must-have) is reasonable. He was likely the other guy who was a last minute exclusion.

    7. Ream needed the rest, has a honeymoon to attend, and is #5 at highest on the CB depth chart right now.

    8. Kenny Cooper will not play for the USMNT again. He is in good form for NY right now, but there are too many talented players ahead of him. He’s far from up and coming, and he has not impressed for the Nats in the past.

    9. Beasley’s exclusion is not a jaw-dropper. Yes, he’s played well over the last season in the FMF. However, he’s not getting any younger and has not consistently contributed to the USMNT for the last 4 years or so like Donovan and Deuce have. Castillo, Corona, and Fabian Johnson can all play left wing. Corona and Johnson can play RW as well. Bradley can also play out wide if need be.

    10. Spector ended the season on an injury. This kept him out of camp. Danny Williams was in a similar situation to Spector and was brought in for fitness evaluation. However, Williams is a better defender than Spector (even if Spector’s a slightly more attack-minded player).

    11. Gatt just started the season with Molde and is instrumental to their 18. He has only had limited involvement with the U23s that was curtailed by injury. He may be called up in August, but not before.

    12. Gyau’s too inexperienced at this point. He’ll be involved with the team sometime in the next 5 years, but who knows exactly when. Same with Diskerud.

    13. Benny Feilhaber did not impress in January camp.

    14. Pearce is too far down the depth chart AND is adjusting to a new club. Loyd is down the depth chart as well.

    15. Findley, Davies, George John, Holden, Omar Gonzalez, any of the U17s, Lenhart… You’ve got to be kidding, even if you don’t know you are.

    That pretty much sums up 99% of the players who could realistically be considered “snubs” at this point.

  153. Scott says:

    Beas has done something in USMNT jersey since when? All of these call ups for DMB? He neither hurts nor helps these days. He is a non-entity. I keep hearing about his speed. Should my bike be on the team? It is fast. DMB is done. Let him go. Agudelo is a project and a talent. He should be in camp. As for match fit. He won’t be asked to go 90. He also won’t need a walker by the time the WC rolls around.

  154. AG says:

    Though Gyau was by no means snubbed, I would have liked to see him used as a late sub. Excited for the day he plays.

  155. SN says:

    So bad. To say “You’ve got to be kidding me” about George John and mention that Ream needs rest is terrible. The US soccer community has been indoctrinated with crap about awful players. Put George John on a big market team and nobody knows Tim Reams exists.

  156. jpc says:

    Kljestan and Beasley I think should be there. Not sure what it’s about, but I will say that the 3 Germans playing in midfield have not been all that impressive, wonder if Klinsmann is just trying to cap tie the young ones as soon as possible

  157. SN says:

    I need two reasons Ream is better. Good luck.

  158. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Beasley is the biggest ‘snub’….he plays a position of need and has performed everywhere he’s been …other than the summer before the World Cup (his shocker against Brazil was his worst game)

    We will play very, very narrow…maybe we’ll see a LD on the right and have Castillo overlap a 3rd holding midfielder ‘stationed’ on the left…

    But easily Mexico>Belgium. sorry Europhobes.

  159. Phil says:

    I say cup tie the ones that need to be cup tied. I hate to say it this way but the only important games to me are the WCQ the others are friendlies. I think that we cup tie everyone who is not already.

    Also we need to find a reliable Left back who in my opinion is Lichaj (i am surpirsed he didnt get a call up). If Timmy Chandler denies a call up let him. Bank on the people committed to the USMNT. He seems the only one capable of handling the left back position at this point.

    Gatt needs to be introduced soon hes been a beast for Molde and need to be shown we want the services he provides I hate to break it to people but Donovan isnt getting younger and as much as it pains me to say this it will be his last world cup. If we are looking to the future we need to show the younger guys like 20 year old Gatt what it will be like to experience some of the big lights without them being on him yet. Let donovan and the big names mentor these types of players, so he can easy his way in (I feel we threw Brek to the wolves way to fast).

    All in all I like the additions minus Lichaj and Gatt.

  160. Ivar Clam man says:

    Kool it fellas..Klinsy is just keeping Sacha’s ankles fresh for the Azteca showdown next year

  161. Kenny_B says:

    What lesson from Chandler? They both (Bradley and Klinsmann) tried to cap tie him. It wasn’t for lack of trying.

  162. GW says:

    Sacha has had a lot more shots at the USMNT than any of those guys.

  163. Kenny_B says:

    Adu has proven himself time and time again? Adu was the reason we didn’t qualify for the Olympics. The only thing Adu seemed interested in doing was trying to put together an Adu highlight film to try and go back to Europe. It didn’t work out because there weren’t any highlights.

  164. bryan says:

    Form for a midfielder is based purely on goals? No offense, but that is an awful description of what should count as good form for a midfielder. You don’t start nearly every game and play 90 minutes (usually) in the league AND Europa league unless you are in good form.

    I also find it funny you think I am a “Europhile”. Feel free to google posts I have made and see if you still think that. Anderlecht is a solid team, and Belgium is a good league, but they are not Barcelona. But Anderlect also isn’t crap and plays in a league that is arguably as good as, if not better than, MLS.

    I also am not sure why you are talking about Mexico. What did I say that had to do with Mexico? Or even Scotland for that matter? I simply said Sasha has played well enough on the best team in a good league to deserve a callup on a 27 man roster. I even said he may not make the 23. So quit freaking out, it’s a totally legit question. If it wasn’t, people would not be talking about it.

  165. RLW2020 says:

    preach it!

    i still think DMB needs one camp/game to prove that he is not done. This would have been the ideal one for that.

    also Adu is tricky. he is the one player where his club form doesn’t really indicate his US play. Its not fair to other players who are assessed that way but its true. If the US needs lightning in a bottle they where to find it, even if he has been on the club bench all year. Also its hard to blame him too much after that terrible red card and his nutcase manager. Everyone hopes he can one day put it a complete season but i wouldn’t hold his USNT contributions to it.

  166. bryan says:

    Spector was injured in his last game, I believe that is why he is not on the list.

  167. Rags from DC says:

    There’s no space for Sacha in this bottleneck of central mids….And Lichaj is just back. Won’t be surprised if he’s in the next camp.

    Where the pace on the wing is my question? Bummed he didn’t take a flyer on one of the young speed burners for the camp.

    The big question I have is really with Beas, in form, still fast, and is a two way winger. I’m assuming Castillo and Johnson are the reason’s he wasn’t called.

    What little of Johnson I’ve seen, he’s impressive. I’m told Castillo had a great year – i’ve never been impressed with the few natl team appearances I was able to watch him.

  168. louis z says:

    Agudelo is not a true 9 like Boyd or Wotten. The only time Agudelo and Boyd played together at the sametime, Agudelo was the 7 and Boyd was the 9 and Boyd scored a brace and Agudelo didn’t score. not much of a sample and both players are different type of players.

  169. Mike says:

    Pretty sure Adu scored or assisted all but like 3 goals through the entire qualifying tournament.

  170. Sam says:

    I bet Klinsmann was going to call him before the trade to give him a change and probably some playing time, then the coaches started planning on who they picked. After the trade, they probably thought, eh, screw it, why change now?

  171. Kenny_B says:

    Adu doesn’t get called up because he isn’t awesome and because he and awesome have never met.

  172. Kenny_B says:

    You can’t cap-tie a player that doesn’t want to be. I guess I don’t understand these type of Chandler comments. Chandler isn’t cap-tied for a lack of trying on US coaching staff’s part. So how do you propose we cap tie a player that doesn’t want to be?

  173. Other Sam says:


  174. matt says:

    What other players have “FIFA cover” on their resume?

    Case Closed

  175. ex_sweeper says:

    If the U.S. had an experienced player with great speed playing in a good league, he would be my pick. But until Josh Gatt gets higher-level experience, we don’t have that player.

    I’ve watched Eric Lichaj enough at Aston Villa to conclude that he isn’t ready for qualifying games. I’ve seen him turned and nutmegged too many times. He usually can make up for it with speed, but you don’t want to have to rely on that when it counts. He’ll be a great player, but needs more experience.

    Klejstan and Beasley are very good players and I could argue they should have been taken over other midfielders that were picked, but I see Klinsmann’s point that at some point you just have to freeze your selection and go with the players you know fit into your system. I don’t think the absence of either one will make or break our qualifying campaign.

  176. GW says:

    “He’s proven himself time and again for the USA and continues to get snubbed.”

    That is highly debatable, and I sure hope Freddy does not think like you.

    His last appearance for the US was to put in three games for the Under 23’s. He had one good half out of six, was anonymous for the other five and failed to have much effect on his teammates as captain. They could not even figure out how to waste a few seconds in the El Salvador game or bring down that winger outside the box near the end. And don’t mention the Gold Cup final, a miserable loss that brought no credit to any US player who played in it.

    And this was not even the senior side. Not impressive.

    Freddy’s biggest problem though is his lack of consistency which is most likely due to the fact that he never gets on the field for his clubs, for whatever reason.

    He had eleven appearances for the Union last season. It is encouraging to see him turn out more regularly for the Union now. If he can keep that up, maybe he’ll get a call. Until then he will always be a hit or miss proposition.

  177. Kenny_B says:

    What makes you think he wants to play a lone striker system?

    I think he is looking to play a 4-3-3 not a lone striker, especially against weaker competition.


  178. Kenny_B says:

    Sorry SN, you’re the one that held out that George John is twice as good as Ream without any justification. The burden is on you to provide proof.

    I shouldn’t claim the moon is made out of cheese and then tell you to prove me wrong.

  179. ak48 says:

    Sheeeit. I remember the mid-90s when we had Mike Burns as our only option at right back, and at left back we were so desperate that Steve Sampson was trying to convert an aging John Harkes. I once tried to start a thread on a NAS Soccer about who should be considered for call-up, and it ran out of steam after about 3 suggestions. Just…sayin’.

  180. Kenny_B says:

    I’d have to back and watch Castillo positionally again in that game.

    All I can really recall is the number of turnovers he had…..and they were bad. I do want to see the lockdown you say he had on Barrera. Maybe he just a horrendous passing day. But the passing was horrendous enough to warrant not playing even if he defended one on one well. It’s kind of a moot point if you can’t make a pass.

  181. GW says:

    Molde has played Gatt at right back quite a bit. Apparently he is playing right winger more this year but it is early yet.

    The kid is 20 and just three years ago was playing for Detroit Catholic Central High.
    He therefore, still has a lot to learn about soccer, in comparison to other 20 year old pros in Europe. It is good they play him at fullback and winger as that expedites his “soccer education”. It is too soon to pigeon hole him into one position.

    A lot of people compare him to Donovan but a lot of people forget how exceptional Donovan really was and still is.

    Gatt is an exceptional athlete but still has a lot to learn about soccer and I hope he gets enough time to learn it.

  182. SN says:

    You’re right. It is on me.

  183. Kenny_B says:

    You might want to go back and see how many goals we didn’t score because of Adu’s repeated taking of shots from acute angles and from distance.

    Go back and look at the faces of his teammates time after time that were open in the box. They were disgusted.

  184. GW says:

    Kenny and Catamount,

    In general, it seems JK is not particularly concerned about specific formations anywhere near as much as the fans. He is much more concerned about the players’ attitudes and conditioning. That all comes before the tactics for him.

    If you don’t believe me just read some of his interviews. There sure are enough of them out there.

    It also explains why he seems to be unconcerned about having so few nominal fullbacks and/or wingers. If you look at the teams he played on or managed, using converted players in those positions was hardly unusual.

    Whatever the reasons for Lichaj’s exclusion, JK seems confident that this bunch can come up with suitable cover.

    This is international football so versatility is much more desirable than it is in a club situation where you usually have more time and wherewithal to remedy a position player shortage.

  185. RAMONE says:


    Cooper would be a disaster on MNT. He only plays big facing the goal and then he just blasts away like a blithering fool. With his back to the goal he is a turnover waiting to happen 90% of the time (50% of that with him flopping to ground when the 5’6″ 130 lb mid nudges him).

    There is a knack for being right place/right time for scorers (which he frustratingly couldn’t find almost all of 2011) but when things are not going his way he isn’t going to use his size and strength to help out the team and be a target forward.

  186. GW says:

    Because he cannot be trusted to always come up with a moment of brilliance. He played that role well in the Gold Cup but remember he earned that call up by getting so many games in Turkey and doing really well.

    Now that he is older, I think JK expects even more from him. Plus the team is just better than what he had going into the Gold Cup final. Gomez is hot and is now in camp, for example. Adu is not too young to get bypassed if he is not careful.

    Adu’s international career such as it is, is inconsistent. Moments of brilliance followed by periods of anonymity.

    In the recent Under 23 games he had one really good half and five anonymous halves.
    When you see that you have to suspect that the fact that Freddy plays so infrequently for his various clubs has contributed to that. You may or may not agree but it’s pretty clear Klinsmann believes it.

    It’s a good sign that he seems to be much more present in this edition of the Union. If he keeps that up he may yet be able to get back into the USMNT picture but if he keeps doing this 10-11 appearances /games per season thing he usually does then he won’t get back into the USMNT picture.

    It is hard to get into a good groove playing that infrequently and the national teams, or more specifically Klinsmann, can’t give him enough games to keep him sharp.

    So it is up to Freddy.

  187. RAMONE says:

    Proven himself not to be up to playing for the MNT ……

  188. Dinho says:

    I don’t think he’s saying it’s a formula, it’s just the way it is…

    I wish it wasn’t the case, but I think it’s true.

  189. RAMONE says:

    +eleventy billion.

    Amazing actually.

    Where is Thomas Dooley and his red shoes when you need him? Oh … I see he turned 51 last week! Happy B-day Thomas! Good times.

  190. Vic says:

    Klinnsmann addressed why Shea wasn’t called. Do we really need an explanation. He plays in MLS and isn’t playing that well. Why not explain why Lichaj wasn’t called? He plays in EPL and played well.

  191. Vic says:

    This sounds like Jurgen Klinnsmann on a polygraph machine.

  192. Isaac says:

    I am pretty disappointed that Sacha Kljestan got left off considering his form. People keep talking about how Sacha hasn’t proved anything at the international level. I’m not completely sure that’s true. He’s had poor games, no doubt, but he’s also had some good games, so he’s inconsistent at this point, at best. I think he needs to be given a chance to show he can string together some good games, especially since he’s in the form of his life right now.

    And I don’t mean out on the left side of the field for 15 minutes. I mean in the central midfield at the start of the game like he’s been doing for Anderlecht.

  193. Jamie says:

    It is fast.

  194. boosted335 says:


  195. boosted335 says:

    John is more consistent, stronger, faster, better in the air, better 1v1, better on set pieces (both offense and Defense), better positionally. Matter of fact the ONLY thing Ream has a clear advantage over John is left footed long passing.

    John has accomplished way more in MLS than Cameron and to boot is in much better form than Cameron

    John is the biggest snub on the defensive end of this roster

  196. redub says:

    Yes please

  197. marco says:


  198. hogatroge says:

    I’ll give you Williams, but his last game against Italy was his best, even if he was played out of position and contributed little to the attack.

    Johnson, however, has been stellar in his 3 appearances, and Jones has been solid for club and country in 2012.

  199. Tom says:

    No Jonathan Bornstien? That is a crime. Fire Klingsman now. I kid.

  200. $herman Maje$ty says:

    Kenny Cooper is the biggest snub in the USMNT camp. Somebody give the guy a chance! Look at his limited USMNT performance! The bottom line: THE GUY SCORES GOALS! Everyone talks about, “Well he should do this, do that, blah, blah, be this type of Forward, etc.” The fact is, when Cooper is healthy he gets goals, and the USMNT can always use somebody like that! If you dont believe me, check his stats.

  201. Eurosnob says:

    The lesson is that you cannot really count on a player, who is eligible to play for another more established soccer nation, until they are capped in an official fixture. That’s why players like Boyd, Corona, Morales should get minutes in one or more of the next qualifying games. Chandler got to play against a number of top teams like Argentina, which certainly helped his development and confidence, but he also took away valuable playing opportunities from other guys who would have been proud to represent the US.

  202. drew11 says:

    You don’t take a project to road qualies in Central America. Agudelo is way too inexperienced, unfit and unsettled right now to be thrown into that environment. Beas would be a good role player to have available for that Guat match. I wouldn’t prefer him in any of the other matches but for that particular situation he fits.

  203. KC says:

    Sacha disappoints more often than not wearing a national team jersey. I don’t call that a snub. Time to see if any of the youngsters bring it with the full team.

    Lichaj is a snub but if he isn’t fully recovered from his injury then I can understand.

    I am mostly shocked Beckerman continues to be called in.

  204. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think there has to be a smidge of Europhilia going on, even if it’s subconscious, when one essentially equates starting and playing minutes “in the [Belgian] league AND Europa league” with good form. He played an MLS-length season and managed 4 goals.

    You’re mocking the production argument but all due respect he is a tad slow and doesn’t play defense like most of the rest of the CM pool, he better be productive some way to offset it. My experience with him tablesetting with the US is he plays too slow and goes for home run passes and loses the ball. IMO he struggles with the speed of the game when it clicks up a notch. So can he at least score goals? Exception of Sweden C the evidence suggests no.

    The Mexico comment was pointed indirectly at you — who I felt were giving him credit for merely being with a decent Belgian team — but more directly at Colin, who argued Mexican teams are inferior. All due respect but the assumption that the Scandinavian and Belgian leagues are better than US or Mexico — and thus meriting of some sort of “starts there so he must be good” checks in his favor — is not necessarily borne out by the facts. I think they offer more money but not necessarily better teams; IMO MLS is high end Championship or low end EPL, on a budget, and Mexico has more money and quality.

  205. j says:

    Clearly Lichaj! As well as Ream and Whitebread…these guys were all starting in the EPL! Defense is our problem and will be our problem in the next world cup…cherundolo and bocanegra will be too hold…we need to develop these guys…F Sacha…we dont need that clown…the midfield players called in are better.

  206. jpc says:

    That’s true Johnson has been good, but I think that Kljestan is really ready to take the next step, and was a pretty crucial player for his club this year… I like Jones, but he just seems to be a liability either through injury or suspension, and to me he’s just an older and poorer version of Michael Bradley. And if you take Jones on, Beckerman or Edu (preferably Edu, I think he’s awful) shouldn’t be there, or the other way around.

  207. Brian says:

    There should at least be some mention of Whitbread. He may be out of the mix this time because of injury, but was more deserving than many who are getting ink here, including Mix, Freddie, Cooper, Bennie, etc., etc., etc….

  208. GW says:

    “but was more deserving than many who are getting ink here,”

    Okay, that and one dollar will get you a Mega Milions ticket.

    Bradley wanted to cap him, but he kept coming up lame.

    Same with Klinsmann. Maybe Zak is trying to take the title of ” most unfortunately timed injuries” away from Stu Holden.

    If you want to be mentioned then you have to show up. This is a real team here not a fantasy team.

  209. GW says:

    If you notice Klinsmann is pretty open and detailed when he talks about players who he is very high on, whether he calls them up or not( Chandler,Shea, Agudelo and so on).

    The fact that he hasn’t yet said anything about Lichaj leads me to believe it may be a while before we see Eric again.

  210. boosted335 says:

    *at centerback

  211. RAMONE says:


    Kenny Cooper’s ceiling.

    At national team level, you’d see Kenny of 2011 when he went on a 14 game scoreless streak. Cooper is streaky. He’ll cool off for RBNY and they will wonder what happened.

  212. Randall says:

    Is Whitbread injured again or something?

  213. bryan says:

    Well, there most definitely is not Europhilia. You just can’t seem to comprehend he plays in a good league and played almost every minute of every game. That, to me, means he should be called up. If you cannot comprehend that, then I’m done discussing it.

    I’m mocking the production argument? I never even started a production argument. I simply said he is in good form because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be starting and playing almost every game of the season in both the league and Europa league. Again, it’s not hard ot understand. Also, you are wrong that he does not play defense. For his club, he is one of two holding mids. In the Edu/Torres category as opposed to the Jones/Bradley category. Further, I never said he deserves to be in the 23, let alone starting. I never even said anything about his skills. He certainly isn’t going to save us and he is little more than a depth option. But again, my point was simply that he deserves to be called up to a camp of 27 players.

    As for Mexico, I don’t know why you would direct that at me. I didn’t say a thing about Mexico or the MLS that was negative. All I said was that Belgium’s league is solid, I never said they were better in my original post. It wasn’t until you brought it up that I said the Jupiter League is at least on par with MLS, if not better than. I like the Mexican league and think it’s probably better than BOTH.

    Again, the point of this thread is to state players who were snubbed. Kljestan is one of those people given it is a camp of 27 players. I think playing in the Jupiter league week end and week out merits a look. I also understand the argument we have a ton of CMs, so I’m not really surprised. But that does not mean I don’t think it is a snub.

  214. THomas says:


    Dumbest post on the thread. Congrats.

  215. THomas says:

    That said, does getting onto the bench cap-tie you? Or would you have to at least make a substitute appearance in that case?

  216. THomas says:

    International quality is different during a global tournament than it is during WCQ in CONCACAF.

  217. pancholama says:

    Shea didn’t make it because he has had recent discipline problems. Yet probably, Kilnsman thinks enough of him overall – that Shea’s suspension gave Klinsi a chance to call up other mids on the bubble to continue developing the pool.

  218. josh says:

    Kljestan is actually not on the roster because he is attending his own bachelor party and wedding which obviously was planned well ahead of these games coming up.

  219. Twinger says:

    Out of all mids, Sacha sees penetrating creative passes the best. He has had possession problems in past but the move to Belgium has been good for that improvement. We need goals period and his vision and touch is more instinctive than any mid on the list!!!!

  220. pancholama says:

    Thorough assessment. Spot on. Rather.

  221. The Imperative Voice says:

    link to dispatch.com

    Not that I am a big Rogers fan, but there is probably a specific reason Klinsi omitted him…

  222. The Imperative Voice says:

    Side issue but anyone else thought about the fact that both ESPN and NBC Sports are showing 4 of the 5 games in the “Klinsi tournament,” but somehow incapable to pay the fee for the 5th, and most interesting (and it counts) game, the road quali in Guatemala?

    And another interesting aspect would be that in order to take this POV you seemingly would treat, say, Brazil as an end in itself, instead of what it is supposed to be, which is build up to the last two games. Because if you think about it this is like showing pre-WC friendlies whose primary intent is preparing for the WC, but then not deigning to show part of the WC itself because “they asked too much.” Silly.

  223. Isaac says:

    You couldn’t have exaggerated more if you tried on number 2. Besides, he wasn’t even playing his correct position. He’s been playing central midfield for Anderlecht. He was played out on the left in that game… For fifteen minutes…

    Come on. Lets give the guy a FAIR chance…

  224. Air Jordanz says:


  225. Air Jordanz says:

    Two big market teams–Blackburn & West Ham–have already decided they didn’t want George John.


  226. Air Jordanz says:

    1. Whitbread’s never played for the USMNT (excluding some youth appearances forever ago).

    2. He’s made of glass, having missed substantial portions of the last season due to multiple injuries.

    3. He was just let go by his club.

    4. He’s not young.

  227. Air Jordanz says:

    We’re talking about contracts with Central American governments.

    I’m sure it’s not that simple. Unfortunate, but likely true.

  228. marco says:

    Bornstein watched a lot of good soccer down in Mexico, which to some means he improved just watching. I wonder why Woody Allen never put on a Nicks uniform?

  229. Matt says:

    Chris Wondolowski. Wait, he actually got called up to a non-cupcake match under Klinsi…? Amazing.

    Now if he actually gets minutes…in a qualifier…but I’m not holding my breath at this point.

  230. ben says:

    Agreed, those other players had nice seasons, but last I checked we need fullbacks (especially after the Chandler snub) on both sides and Lichaj has been playing well in the EPL. Really baffled by his lack of a callup.