Cato goal, stingy defense lifts Sounders past Earthquakes in Open Cup quarters

SoundersCupWin (Getty)

The Seattle Sounders took another step closer to a potential fourth straight U.S. Open Cup title by knocking off the San Jose Earthquakes in their Open Cup quarterfinal in San Francisco on Tuesday night.

Cordell Cato provided the early goal, scoring in the 19th minute, while the Sounders defense made it stand up with a strong group effort to keep the Earthquakes off the scoreboard. Former Earthquake goalkeeper Andrew Weber enjoyed some revenge against his old employer, posting a shutout in Seattle's 1-0 victory.

The win pushes Seattle into an Open Cup semifinal meeting with Chivas USA, which rode a stoppage time goal to a 2-1 victory over the Charlotte Eagles.

In a game that saw both teams rest several top starters, the Sounders did well to defend their early lead, whether a steady stream of pressure from the Earthquakes, who kept throwing numbers foward in search of an equalizer.

That goal never came, and Seattle eventually held on for the victory in a match that ended in controversial fashion after a shoving match ensued after the final whistle. Reports suggest Sounders forward Eddie Johnson punched San Jose's Jed Zayner after being confronted about celebrating his team's victory by taunting San Jose's bench.

What did you think of the match? Impressed with Seattle's defense? Think Seattle will four-peat? Surprised to see San Jose's attack shut down?

Share your thoughts below.

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39 Responses to Cato goal, stingy defense lifts Sounders past Earthquakes in Open Cup quarters

  1. smokeminside says:

    The whether in San Jose was great for Seattle, weather or not the Sounders whethered the Earthquakes offensive assault. Just sayin’.

  2. smokeminside says:

    Oh, and Eddie Johnson is a punk.

  3. etj2 says:

    So is Zayner…and Lenhart…and Gordon…etc. Punks all around!

  4. Charles says:

    6 straight LH US Open Cup semifinals for the Sounders. Oswaldo Alonso has made it to seven in a row now.

    Bring the Cup back to Se4ttle !!!!!

  5. PD says:

    I’m usually not o e to condone this sort of stuff, but Eddie Johnson’s stock just went up in my book. I’m glad we have a team like San Jose in the league, but I like it when the chippy team gets a taste of their own medicine.

    …although Seattle has some ridiculous hacks on their team as well…

  6. Charles says:

    Watch the video, he did not punch someone in the video I saw..instead Zayner pushed him and tne fell down faking.

  7. Gene says:

    Eddie Johnson’s obnoxious behavior in taunting his opponents and opposing fans is pretty similar to what I saw from some of the Sounders supporters on the street right after the game. I admire their passion, but boy, are some of them a#$%^les.

    Seattle is definitely a cup team. They had the intensity the entire game, which SJ could not match until the 2nd half, when it was too late.

    I am surprised the Open Cup isn’t promoted more. The level of play was OK, but the drama of “win or go home” definitely made it more fun to watch.

  8. bcoug says:

    Was this your first sporting event where supporters from another team traveled to your city? I’m hardly shocked that people who traveled hundreds of miles to watch their team play a hard-fought match were excited and a bit mouthy in the immediate aftermath of the game.

  9. divers suck says:

    Hmm, was their a Cuban team in the LH US Open Cup tournemant 6 or 7 years ago? Just curious.

  10. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Charles. I agree. Video’s not the best but it looks like Zayner pushed EJ first..and then EJ threw a quick jab that sent Zayner to floor as if he’d been decked by Tyson.

    nothing to see here…move on……

  11. Gene says:

    A bit mouthy qualifies as an understatement of the year:) And I could careless how far they traveled. I got no problem with people supporting their team hard, taunting opposing fans is another matter.

  12. gene says:

    to be fair, the majority of the fans were OK.

  13. trent says:

    Eddie Johnson is a disgrace to the game just like his teammate Montero who likes to rape women. Seattle is the Oakland Raiders of the MLS.

  14. k says:

    You are a disgrace to the human race. SJ started the disgracful actions with their play on the field and their response after the loss and they got what they deserved. And you should be sued by Montero for making slanderous accusations with no proof. FO

  15. Charles says:

    I might be off on Alonso, sorry, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  16. Charles says:

    Just ignore comments like these. They aren’t smart enough to warrant a response.

  17. Greg says:

    Agreed, anyone with Lenhart on their team forfeits their right to complain about opposing players actions. IF EJ did indeed punch Zayner, then I am disappointed in him, mostly because it wasnt Lenhart.

  18. TheeMurf says:

    He made it with the Charleston Battery the year prior to joining the Sounders.

  19. TheeMurf says:

    But was not on the Sounders for their previous semi-final runs. I believe this would be 5 semi’s in a row for Ozzie.

  20. David St. Hubbins says:

    Welp that was a fitting tribute to the USL history of Kezar… that was a minor league affair if I’ve ever seen one.

  21. bryan says:

    F you dude. the Raiders are awesome.

  22. evan says:

    yep. which is why the Sounders win the Open Cup every year, that USL experience pays off. biggest crowd i ever saw at Kezar tho…

  23. ricecloudnine says:

    So, the take away is that every team has a small minority of fans who are jerks. Not exactly breaking news…

  24. Cromulent says:

    Cato scored? That little yellow swine.

    I just had to break that out. Done before?

  25. DS says:

    Terrible quality video, but the video evidence suggests that at WORST Zayner took a jab to the chest, although I’d characterize it more like a shove. He went down like Pacman just broke his jaw. Shameful display.

  26. Lassidawg says:

    Envy is a bad thing. The goal is to win trophies. There are better trophies, but USOC is more than most have.

  27. FacePalm of Death says:

    Mr. Pot “Hello, Mr Kettle”

    Mr. Pot “Your Black”

  28. Foshizzle says:

    To be more fair, most of the fans there were SSFC fans. Way to bring it. The only things more bush were the stadium, webcast, and “announcer.” No wonder SJ is small-time.

  29. acj says:

    Wasn’t this the game where Alan Gordon headbutted someone when their back was turned? Somehow we’re talking about this: link to
    (skip to minute 54:00)

    1. Johnson definitely went over to the SJ bench
    2. Zayner definitely walked up to him and shoved him.
    3. Zayner definitely lied about it in the post game conference
    4. Johnson raised his hands and at least shoved Zayner.
    5. Zayner paused for a second then went down like he was shot.

    Why are we talking about this again?

  30. Chris says:

    I was there. It has to be the height of self-congratulatory myopia to say that most of the fans there were Seattle fans. Two sections out of a ground that had about a dozen or so. Jesus, it’s true what they say about Seattle fans.

    Also, the fact the game wasn’t televised is quite the boon to the Sounders myth-making going on here. Because Eddie Johnson, quite frankly, punched a guy, no media outlet has focused on the two, that’s right, two, botched handball calls that took goals away from the Earthquakes last night.

    Or that about one minute of the last 15 minutes of the game was actually football. The rest consisting of the Sounders cynically trying the Chelsea their way into the semis by rolling on the ground every time a Quake had the nerve to get within five yards. Next time we play is television guys, hope you’ll remember to leave the anti-football at home.

  31. Kejsare says:

    God help us and the Sounders’ ego.

  32. Ryan says:

    it’s true what they say about seattle fans? look to the post two up:

    ricecloudnine said in reply to gene…

    So, the take away is that every team has a small minority of fans who are jerks. Not exactly breaking news…

    don’t use such a wide paint brush. makes the rest of your point seem moot coming from such a narrow mind. that being said…ej’s got issues but is far from the only guilty party, lack of tv makes it impossible to figure this out esp the possible hand ball. let’s all move on.

  33. Ryan says:

    well done.

  34. smokeminside says:

    Our ego is just fine, but thanks for playing.

  35. Matt says:

    Ya there were a ton of Sounders fans at the match but many times more SJ fans. I was there – it was not close, but if you feel better living in your make believe world go right ahead.

  36. Matt says:

    What made the match “minor league”? Is it major league to play at Santa Clara University but minor league to play at UC San Francisco?

    Next time don’t go if you don’t know what to expect. It was a great game and fun was had by all except for whiners.

  37. Matt says:

    It was nice weather in San Francisco too…where the game took place.

  38. Foshizzle says:

    Yeah, I watched the game. I don’t actually believe most of the fans were from Seattle. But way to focus on the sarcastic part of my post and ignore the facts that a) the crowd wasn’t great, b) the stadium sucked, c) the feed sucked, d) the “announcer” sucked, and e) SJ is pretty bush.

  39. Swft says:

    well that and the fact that the ref was giving seattle head for 90 minutes. To bad they can’t step up in league play,