KickTV: Gringos at the Gate

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9 Responses to KickTV: Gringos at the Gate

  1. bearusky says:

    i love this rivalry, but like some of those Mexicanos who were born and raised here I’m RED, WHITE AND BLUE through and through!

  2. B 16 says:

    Video captures the rivalriy’s passion

  3. Greg Sage says:

    Go interview at Azteca next time…

  4. bigprof says:

    nah, it wont heat up till its mexican vs. mexican, then it will be cacacacrazy. no puedo esperar…viva los estados unidos

  5. LoS... says:

    And then the gringos woke up from their dream. Mexico gonna dominate for a long time coming

  6. jya says:

    It seems like Columbus Ohio hosting a match like this would be a big of enough deal for average people to know it is happening there how much happens in Columbus that makes international news?

  7. abc says:

    I don’t know the statistics but based on my observations there are far more Mexican-American US soccer fans now than there were just half a dozen years ago. I went to a US-Mex youth game and there were families where the older members were rooting for Mexico and the younger ones for the US. It’s great to see that swinging in our favor…

  8. louis z says:

    nice video although a bit outdated. the whole CONCACAF teams have improved, most noticeable Mexico. The big difference, we have improved little since, we need to catch up, new players need to step up, otherwise we will be so predictable with our older players that we are not going to succeed like we should.

  9. Kejsare says:

    “From the Halls of MONTEZUMA…”

    At some point we’ll storm Azteca, have our captain and several other players injured while we put in a sneaky free kick play to win 1-0.