Mexico, USA to meet at Azteca in August

BocanegraChicharito (Getty Images)

The summer friendly that Jurgen Klinsmann has been hinting at for months is official.

The Mexican soccer federation announced that El Tri will host the U.S. men's national team at Estadio Azteca on Aug. 15 in a friendly between the two CONCACAF powerhouses.

The meeting will be the second United States-Mexico match of the Klinsmann era, with last August's 1-1 draw in Philadelphia being his first match after replacing Bob Bradley as national team coach. It will also provide a chance for the U.S. men to notch their first-ever win on Mexican soil, something that has not been accomplished in 24 tries.

Mexico currently owns the bragging rights in the heated rivalry after capturing the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup at the United States' expense, coming from two goals down to win 4-2 and claim a spot in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. The match will be the final U.S. friendly before World Cup qualifying resumes in full force in September, with the United States facing Jamaica in consecutive fixture dates on Sept. 7 and 11, in Kingston, Jamaica, and Columbus, Ohio, respectively.

Are you excited for the friendly? How do you see the U.S. men faring in the match? Will they finally get that elusive win in Mexico?

Share your thoughts below.

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70 Responses to Mexico, USA to meet at Azteca in August

  1. Mike Z says:

    Yes – OK – No

  2. Old School says:

    I think Mexico have been in ideal form but you can throw all of that out the window when these two nations play.

    I sincerely hope Jermaine Jones and Michael Bradley bring the attitude. Soccer Mom’s needn’t show up for this game. Mexico and it’s fan’s will be nasty, we need to meet that intensity in kind.

    Hopefully Deuce is in form and Donovan isn’t as comatose.

  3. Dudinho says:

    new players and coaches need to get aquainted with the place so we know what to expect during the hex.

    Sadly i dont think were goingto get any points from mexico this cycle they are definitly clicking and their coach isnt a doofus.

  4. Vic says:

    I’m assuming the Mexican based Americans will be called. I wonder how many of our European based players if any will be called.

  5. Vic says:

    Also if the team has several Mexican Americans and they do well, I’m sure the Mexican media will have alot to say about it.

  6. d3 says:

    Doesn’t matter where we play them they always have home-field advantage.

  7. The Imperative Voice says:

    Does August 15 being an international friendly match day on the FIFA calendar mean we can insist on callups, or is that only for official qualifiers?

    Does this make a ton of sense where it sits relative to the European league calendars, ie, can I get enough foundational European-based to justify the game?

  8. Lane says:

    Agreed. The game is going to be dirty and stupid intense. Somebody is gonna be bloody after this one.

  9. euroman says:

    There is no reason to play this match w/o our A Team. JK said he wanted to play the best on their soil like Itally, France, Solvenia, Belguim….so here we go again. He wants to make a staement to the world that on our day we can compete/beat with anyone. He’s been saying this from day one…we only improve by stretching ourselves…this is a big stretch. Vamos USA!

  10. bryan says:

    thank god it isn’t in the US. this will be a great test!

  11. Old School says:


    Although, I think Seattle/Portland, Sandy Utah (maybe KC) and of course, Columbus, we’d still have an advantage

  12. Tim F. says:

    Awesome test!

  13. bryan says:

    it’s an official FIFA date, so we’ll have everyone.

  14. Siberian says:

    Mexico seems to play most of their friendlies in the United States these days, but it’s always exciting to play at Azteca. Plus there is less downside at Azteca because no one expects the U.S. to win there. Abajo Mexico!

  15. Old School says:

    It’s a friendly. No points are at stake.

    ….”only” national pride and extensive bragging rights =P

  16. euroman says:

    This will be 100% our A-Team…no learning crap here. The only reason we won’t have all of the euro boys will be that their club’s may ask JK to leave them off at the start of the season, this could cause a few Mex players to not appear as well.

  17. It’s a FIFA friendly date so I don’t see any reason that we wouldn’t field an “A” team.

  18. mistadobolina says:

    and a lot of it!

  19. mistadobolina says:

    Awesome!!! time to get J.Jones, Johnson, Lichaj, Klinsy and others ready!

    How great would it be for Herc Gomez to score here!

  20. mistadobolina says:

    im hoping that Mexico @ USA is in February or March and is in either Foxboro or Seattle, somewhere with a packed house and terrible cold weather. dos a cero!!!

  21. AG says:

    Increible! This will be a great experience for the players who haven’t played in a Azteca WCQ as it will lessen the shock when they hopefully play there next year. I’m surprised Mexico would ever approve of a friendly against the US at Azteca.

  22. NC Jeff says:

    It’ll just be a friendly, so while a win would be great, getting the guys a chance to experience the place the year before a likely Qualifier could really help.

  23. Jacknut says:

    Personally, I think we need to call up a bunch of kids (U-25, and other newbies like Cameron), have Klinsi make some profoundly offensive comment like “We intend to come in all fast and furious”, and then leak the travel schedule.

    This way, we get the next generation ready for the trip to Azteca that matters – next year.

    Calling in Donovan, Bradley, Dempsey, etc. will be nice for the scoresheet, but we don’t get the benefits of exposing MLS players to a real pressure sitatuion.

    (And I may be kidding about all this. To be honest, I’m not really sure)

  24. Old School says:

    You’re Jack”nuts” — whonk whonk —

    This is Mexico, not Scotland. While I like where you’re coming from, I think the time for experimentation is other friendlies that don’t involve so much pride & hostility.

    You go for the throat in this meeting. Mexico will be doing the same.

  25. Lost in Space says:

    Considering the way we’ve played reciently (lack of intensity, lethargic, etc…) This really needs to be the Full “A” squad with maybe a fringe player or 2 thrown in for experience. Hoping to see at least Lichaj called up to replace Parkhurst OR Castillo as neither impress me…And maybe Williams as a replacement for Beckerman or Torres. Only other thing I’d like to see is the inclusion of a true winger or 2…we’ve been playing much too narrow reciently.

  26. Sarasota says:

    I hope Klinsy can get Timmy Chandler back into the team. Like Chandler or not, he makes us better.

    Also, Fabian Johnson needs to run free at LW. He brings so much to the offense. Lichaj is a bull terrier at LB and is actually better defensively than Fabian.

    I’d also love to see Herculez score there!

    Vamos Estados Unidos!

  27. Mig22 says:

    I’m not sure what this gets us at this juncture. It will most likely give Mexico more confidence, that’s for sure. I say call up the fringe players that may be desired for the Jamaica games but aren’t mortal locks. Use it as an assessment game.

    As to whether we get the A-Squad, that will depend on if Dempsey, Bradley, Donovan, and the Rangers contingent go elsewhere. If so, they may be just settling into to new squads and Klinsman may not call them up. We’ll see.

  28. B 16 says:

    Recall Freddy Adu to work some more magic against Mexico!

  29. marco says:

    I would like the USA to play an U-30 side, but it ain’t going to happen.

  30. marco says:

    Is it a FIFA date? If not, can AZ hold Jozy out?

  31. Rlw2020 says:

    +1 lets hope he turns it up in league play this summer

  32. Rlw2020 says:

    Agreed about the wingers..

    DMB? Josh Gatt’s first call up? Probably not. Brek Shea? Maybe.. Johnson at LW with lichaj at LB more likely

  33. Northzax says:

    My thoughts exactly. What did we give them?the only reason to give your biggest rivals a peek at your terrordome is because you don’t fear them.

  34. Northzax says:

    It is a FIFA date. Only injuries can keep a player out who wants to be there. Doesn’t mean teams won’t pressure players to decline. This would be a massive one to decline though.

  35. mikey says:

    Packed house…in Foxboro? That would be nice. I think KC or Sandy is the place to go though.

    Outside bet that US/Mexico will be in Houston. Terrible soccer decision..good financial decision.

    It will be sold out in seconds, and about 85% of the crowd will be pro-Mexico.

  36. slowleftarm says:

    Can’t we play someone else instead of Mexico all the time?

  37. marco says:

    Mexico is a terrific team, that plays all out until the last second. They’ll probably be near top ten rating come December. The USA should play them at least once a year.

  38. RM says:

    Mexico is an average footballing nation and slowleftarm makes a good point.

    Why do we play them all the time? What is the purpose of this?

    Mexico struggles to even have 6 or 7 players playing club football in Europe and the domestic league is dreadful.

  39. Chuck says:

    This: Herc doing his trademark celebration for the last minute 3-2 would be completely priceless

  40. Chuck says:

    Well, money, for starters is a boost. Then, its our “natural” rival. You don’t see Germans complaining they have to play Holland too much.
    Also, we also struggle to have 6 or 7 players playing top football and our league is also dreadful when compared to others!

  41. Mig22 says:

    I will split the difference here in that I don’t see how this benefits the US other than some revenue for the program.

    However, the Mexican league is far from dreadful. It’s probably the second best league top to bottom behind Argentina. (Brazil would be higher if weren’t so disturbingly corrupt).

    So even if Mexico is an average footballing nation, we are still ‘playing up’ at this point.

  42. AG says:

    You got it. I think the Brazil win is getting to their heads. This risky friendly decision could be their undoing against the US next year.

  43. FSegaud says:

    Will this be on PPV? :)

  44. RM says:

    Chuck, The USA and Mexico are not rivals in anything in the world,so Im not sure how we are “natural” rivals…..shoot, I mean does our world beating womens team have a rivalry with Mexico? NO!

  45. RM says:

    Looking at the poor preformances in the Copa libertadores year in,year out, there is no justifying Mexico being the 2nd best league in the Americas

    (I think thats what you meant).


  46. smokeminside says:

    August weather in Mexico City? Advantage Mexico, ie. the flip side of playing them in Columbus?

  47. 2tone says:

    Personally I want to see many fringe players and a few veterans for this game. No need to bring an “A” team like many are calling for. This is the perfect game to bring in some young guys like: Gatt, Adu, Bruin, Wooten, Lichaj, Cameron, John, Corona, Shea, and some firnge players like Zusi and Williams and some veterans like Bradley, Jones, Johnson( he is a vet now), Boca , and Dempsey.

    I would like to see Howard left at home for this one and see exactly who are #2 GK really is between Guzan, Hamid, Rimando.

  48. ted tran says:

    Mexican teams dont take the libertadores seriously. I remember chivss making the finales with a u20 squad. Then you have teams like tigres and monterey who send b squads. At least johnny b got somr playing time.

  49. Mike r says:

    Dumb why set up a game for a sure loss.
    USA 0 Mex 0


    USA 0 Mexico City smog pollution and altitude 2

  50. crocajun1003 says:

    Will Stu be back for this one? Would be nice to see him in a US kit again. Regardless if he gets on the field or not.

  51. Mig22 says:

    We can disagree on this one, then. As Ted mentions in response, they do not send their best squads.

    And yeah, I meant in the western hemisphere, of course. :)


  52. Mike r says:

    Why surprised ? The USA already knows what it’s in for. They will be sucking air by the 25th minute. Unless the USA finds a way to discover how to adjust to the altitude in 48 hrs it doesn’t matter if they play their 25 times.

  53. dcpohl says:

    People are still referring to soccer moms as part of the fans contingent?

  54. jya says:

    Most Mexican squads do take the Libertadores seriously Chivas didn’t use a U20 squad to make the libertadores final they used their full squad took it very seriously and it was a big deal. Tigres is the only squad that sends a b squad and that is because their coach is an idiot that only cares about league games unlike real clubs that care about both.

    Brazil is by far the best league in the Americas even with the corruption Argentina is 2nd and Mexico, Chile and others being below that.

  55. ted tran says:

    I was mexico city last year durin august for a few weeks, mostly witj random tstroms, which helps with smog. Thought the smog isnt.any worst that other dumps like nj or la

  56. Mig22 says:

    No major arguments with your points although I maintain that the Copa L is not a big focus for Mexican teams. But even so, their poor performance doesn’t change the fact that their league is only behind Argentina (and corrupt Brazil – league not country) in the West.

    In general we agree that the FML is NOT dreadful.

  57. AG says:

    I was going on the thought that players are more affected by the towering and tight stadium filled by loud(deafening whistling) and hostile Mexico fans rather than the altitude and smog. I think that’s what most of the US players relayed before or after previous qualifiers played there. Even if the altitude hampers the US, you’d be wrong to think they wouldn’t benefit from playing at Azteca regularly. Mexico have seemed to become comfortable playing and beating the US on US soil after a decade of “friendies”.

  58. steveo says:

    what are all these haters talking about? Mexico is the best team in our region and is a top 15 team globally. We don’t play them enough in Mexico as it is-getting a dry runs year ahead of the game that counts is well wroth it. Otherwise, we only play there once every four years and players don’t know how to adjust…

  59. dan says:

    Also keep in mind that many of the Mexican players are not used to this conditions. Even the ones in the Mexican league usually only play there once a year.

    So to me, it makes sense that other factors influence more the performance of the USMNT.

  60. ted tran says:

    It was mostly a reserve squad. They had 6 players called into mnt for the world cup. They even used their 4th string keepet bc of injuries. Check the rosters. Monterey. Juguares. San,luis are other teams that didn’t tasker it seriously. If you don’t know. The toP teams go to the concacaf and the 2nd tier teams go to the libertadores

  61. bottlcaps says:

    This is a win-win for the US. We lose and it’s just another loss at Azteca, a stadium where we have never one and few teams do, especially in the heat of the summer and the smog and altitude. We tie and it’s still a victory as we held them away. If we win, the whole Azteca mystique is gone and Mexico will have something to think about until the Hexagonal.

  62. bottlcaps says:

    oops not “one”…er “won”

  63. jya says:

    I do know though that has changed and check Chivas path to the final not just the final it was taken seriously

  64. hogatroge says:

    He’s referring to this “cycle”

    There will be 6 points on the line in the Hex for sure.

  65. hogatroge says:

    I’m tired of the altitude and smog excuse for losing at the Azteca.

    Many of the Mexican First XI don’t play at altitude regularly.

    Several US players play in horrible smoggy atmospheres (LA, Houston, etc.)

    The U.S. team needs to bust their balls in Denver or Colorado Springs for a couple weeks before the Hex and the only advantage the Azteca will offer is the hostile crowd.

  66. bigprof says:

    since its a friendly, US needs to go all out to get the butterflies in the stomach feeling they usually experience in a real game held there. Its a friendly, so no harm in being dirty or intensely disrespectful. LD should actually piss there, as he was widely rumored to have done before, only it turned out to be in jalisco or morelia or somewhere else but not azteca

  67. bigprof says:

    meant to write “get rid of the butterflies…..”

  68. smokeminside says:

    Can’t speak for Houston but LA’s Home Depot center is NOT where the smog is.

  69. Lee from Madison says:

    Totally agree. We need to place that seed of doubt in their minds.

  70. rick says:

    What bothers me about the USA/Mexico games is all the “Mexicans” that were born in the USA and support Mexico. It is so weak.

    These are national teams not ethnic teams. I have Mexican ancestry, but since I was born and raised in the US and I would never consider supporting Mexico.

    Even more dumb are the Americans that show up and support Brazil against their own boys.