MLS Notes: Impact talk with Seedorf’s agent, Peterlin on trial with ‘Caps & more

SeedorfMessi (Reuters Pictures)

The Montreal Impact have already secured one Designated Player, and it appears that they might not be stopping there.

On the heels of signing Bologna striker Marco Di Vaio, the club confirmed that sporting director Nick de Santis has been in talks with the agent for Dutch great and former AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf. According to the club's official Twitter account, De Santis and Seedorf's agent talked money, but no official offer was made. 

Seedorf, 36, is coming off a season in which he appeared 29 times for AC Milan, including eight games in the UEFA Champions League. Still capable of playing a high level, the out-of-contract Seedorf has been mulling his future options, with retirement reportedly not being one of them.

Here are a few more items from around MLS:


Former Everton, Plymouth Argyle and Walsall midfielder Anton Peterlin is on trial with the Vancouver Whitecaps, the club announced on Tuesday.

Peterlin, who made the leap from Ventura County Fusion to Everton after a trial in 2009 will be with the Whitecaps for the next week and could potentially provide a boost to the club's midfield. The Whitecaps will already be receiving some midfield help upon the opening of the summer transfer window, when former Middlesbrough midfielder and Designated Player signing Barry Robson joins the club.

Peterlin, who never appeared in a first-team game during his time at Everton, played in 31 games across all competitions for Walsall this past season.


The Impact are in the midst of adding high-priced talent, but they are also adding from within. The club signed the first Homegrown Player in franchise history, inking Quebec native and defender Karl W. Ouimette to a professional deal.

Ouimette, 19, has been the club's U-21 captain since last year.


Houston Dynamo defender Jermaine Taylor has been called in for Jamaica's second World Cup qualifier, which is against Antigua and Barbuda on June 12. As a result, he'll miss the Dynamo's league match against the Whitecaps on Sunday, leaving the club even more shorthanded across the back line. 

Starters Geoff Cameron (USA) and Andre Hainault (Canada) are already gone on international duty, leaving the Dynamo with Corey Ashe, Bobby Boswell and a host of reserves available for selection. Rookie Warren Creavalle, who has yet to make his pro debut, could wind up starting alongside Boswell in central defense.


What do you think of Seedorf potentially signing with Montreal? Think Peterlin would be a good addition in Vancouver? Do you like how Montreal is building its roster? How do you think the Dynamo will fare with so many defenders on international duty?

Share your thoughts below.

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20 Responses to MLS Notes: Impact talk with Seedorf’s agent, Peterlin on trial with ‘Caps & more

  1. Hopper says:

    How are the Impact able to afford to bring on all these high profile international players?

    Ferrari, Corradi, Di Vaio … now Seedorf? If they ever field a lineup with all four of these guys, they’d be a dangerous team.

  2. tacklebreaker says:

    More players from Europe on the downward slope of their careers headed to MLS. I would like to see talented up-and-coming rising stars join MLS or top players in their prime within the league.

  3. betamale says:

    Seedorf is still more talented than most MLS players and is guaranteed to give a 100% effort.

    How a team would not want someone with those two qualities is beyond me.

  4. nic d "the TEXAS 2 stepper" says:

    Is the Ferrari in question the former U-20 player, Gabe Ferrari?

  5. fischy says:

    I would say he’s probably more talented than every MLS player.

  6. bryan says:

    so the question is, now who does Ballack turn to? if he still wants $4.6M per year, he isn’t going to get it here. he’s not worth that much.

  7. Jack Armstrong All-american boy says:

    You won’t get Lothar Matteus’ed Seedorf. He plays hard every minute.

  8. drew11 says:

    Do you think Frings is worth $2.4 million to MLS? Seedorf is probably looking for something similar. Tough call at that price tag.

  9. Dinho says:

    tackle, the sad truth is that up-and-coming rising stars and/or top players in their prime will never play in MLS until the level of play increases and, most importantly (to these players), these clubs can pay what the clubs in Europe are able to shell out.

  10. Victor says:

    Nope, he was with the Fire last year and then dropped….It would be great if Seedorf came.

  11. Old School says:

    Seedorf is a true professional and someone that has great passion and respect for the game.

    Additionally, I recall some interviews with him on FSC and he had great admiration for our efforts here with MLS and spoke highly the foundation.

    I could see/hope this happens.

    I don’t care what age he is, he’s a fine wine and a *true* ambassador of the sport. Not for popularity but for passion.

  12. Old School says:

    The comparison is almost a joke, though I don’t mean to be disrespectful when responding that way.

    Frings isn’t worth a 1/3 of that price. Seedorf on the other hand? Well worth the investment.

  13. Chad in NYC says:

    Clarence Seedorf is freaking great. He shouldn’t just come to MLS as a player, but as a player manager.

  14. TFC says:

    Frings is worth every penny. When he’s on the pitch TFC is actually good. The guy has a brilliant soccer sense, covering all over the field for his dumb as hell MLS-born-and-bred teammates.

  15. Adrian Hanaur says:

    The guy will be in rave green shortly

  16. Old School says:

    So, what you’re saying is TFC is 1 & whatever because Frings is worth every penny.

    Got it.

    Yea, TFC are horrible on every level.

  17. CSD says:

    I thought Clarence Seedorf was a lock to head back to Brazil with his Brazilian wife. Maybe those discussions fell through as some Brazilian supposed club offers have in the past. If she told me she wanted me to play in Rio and live near her family I wouldn’t argue.

    link to

  18. vibor says:

    The Impact owner has oodles of money, so that isn’t the problem.

    Seedorf would be a fine addition to what is already a very nice looking expansion side.

    Also nice to see the academy producing its first pro.

    TFC could learn a lot form what the Impact are doing.

  19. Jon says:

    All they care about is the money…The level of play is increasing but the salary cap needs to as well.

    Clubs in Europe are not the same. Chelsea can spend much more a team like Fulham. American clubs wont be able to outspend the Man City’s or Chelsea’s but they can get to a point where they are on par with the Fulham’s and Everton’s.

  20. Hugo says:

    It looks like they have said nein to Ballack…much more injury problems