Must-See Goal: Patrick Ianni

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18 Responses to Must-See Goal: Patrick Ianni

  1. maw4bc says:

    sick goal. ibra like

  2. Party Pat says:

    Patrick Ianni? Really? I wonder if he could do that again in one hundred tries. Fantastic goal though.

  3. Bryan says:

    Very nice.

  4. scott says:

    i think Nielsen just has to accept the fact that it was a great goal, not much him or his defense could do about that one. I wish for once keepers would stop yelling at their defense when a goal like this happens. Maybe, the defense should yell at Nielsen for a real change, after all he was caught flat-footed.

    Nice Shot Ianni

  5. Graham says:

    I thought the SKC goal was better.

  6. kyle says:

    only made better by that manimal mullet

  7. Will Smith says:

    Man I was there. Sick goal, even sicker in person. Man we went crazy when that went in.

  8. Skeeter says:

    ref sucked it

  9. Camjam says:

    Wooooooooow. Wow. I’m shocked.

  10. Jason B says:

    Ibra who? Wow!

  11. Mig22 says:

    I love that the announcer just mentioned that Ianni had come forward and then got to say “and it IS Ianni”. Good times. Sweet, sweet strike.

  12. kpugs says:

    Don’t take this as trolling, but this one goal was better than the Ibra one you’re referring to, and better than Balotelli’s as well.

    Sure Ianni is nothing compared to either player but this goal tops both of theirs, amazing strike.

  13. k says:

    goal of the year contender right there. and for those who ask if he could do it again, remember he had a bycicle kick goal 2 years ago as well so hitting surprising wonder goals is nothing new to him. But this is his best.

  14. WileyJ says:

    Was just about to write this. +1 , I couldn’t even cheer I was so shocked. Then I remembered that shot a few years ago & just started laughing. Sweet goal.

  15. Seriously says:

    He scored on a bicycle kick last year.

  16. byrdman says:

    What would happen if the next time he let in a soft goal, his defenders started screeming in his face, and embarrassing him. But no, all other players, simply look down and walk back to their place to prepare to resume play. Goalkeepers(and I was one many years ago) should NEVER be allowed to embarrass a teammate. And they do it far too often in my opinion.

  17. Gangmember FC says:

    I was in the same boat. I couldn’t even yell for a few seconds. My jaw just dropped. Great goal

  18. fish says:

    I really don’t agree. I think Ibra’s goal was in a much more challenging position. To each his own though, both sweet goals