Steve Nash’s Showdown in Chinatown: Match Highlights

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19 Responses to Steve Nash’s Showdown in Chinatown: Match Highlights

  1. Tim F. says:

    Awesome event Steve! I hope this event continues for years and years to come and contributes to effective kids charities!

  2. bryan says:

    that was cool. would have been fun to be there.

  3. weaksauce says:

    Robbie Rogers sucks

  4. Seriously says:

    I’d like to punch Rossi in the face.

  5. Mrs Rossi says:

    Stop with the Rossi hate. Bottom line is we get some and we lose some. I like a lot of the dual nationals who chose us: Tom Dooley, Earnie Stewart, Stu Holden, Landon Donovan (not that he would have chosen Canada), Joe Gaetjens, Claudio Reyna, Roy Wegerle, Fabian Johnson… We are doing alright.

  6. Old School says:

    Temryss Lane, my beautiful fellow Native American.

    -Played soccer at a high level

    What more could you ask for? So much better than those other reporters people fall over (for reasons beyond me) with the US Soccer Reports.

  7. Grant says:

    Agreed, understood that this is an exhibition. But he looks overweight and his touch is horrible. He looks as if he’s a kid trying to make a JV squad not a professional in England. Ballouchi (Sp?) looked good and Kalou is class.

  8. Old School says:

    American-Rossi hate is good for the soul.

    I don’t think any of it falls outside the sporting realm, so “sport hate” is always acceptable and a part of passion.

  9. ThatOneGirl says:

    Did anyonse see that? You could totally see Steve Nash’s penis.

  10. ThatOneGirl says:

    Let me guess, your probably a vegan and actually think spanking should be a illegal.

  11. ThatOneGirl says:

    I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him… ;0

  12. Seriously says:

    Hahaha. +1

    I have no issue with dual nationals, but when you come out and say I feel American and yet play for Italy, naturally it rubs people the wrong way. I have no qualms with Nevin Subotic even though he would arguably make a bigger impact for the USA.

    Its all about how you go about things. Lots of people hate Lebron because of how he went about things, not just because he changed teams to help himself win.

  13. Seriously says:

    She is a nice prospect. Not quite as nice as Alex Morgan, but up there in the soccer realm.

  14. Anon says:

    Turns slower than milk.

  15. Old School says:

    I can’t dispute you there.

  16. Old School says:


    These posts are certain for removal but rapidly become a main stay in my daily humor.

  17. Galaxy G says:

    I love this these posts…looking forward to them now. I hope ives or that Franco guy doesnt delete these.

  18. Colin says:

    I think your both wrong. Spanking should be illegal, it is a form of child abuse, albeit a lesser one that has yet to become properly socially stigmatized and American Rossi hate is totally acceptable within the sports realm.

  19. Zac says:

    I loved that as wel! Hadn’t heard that before.