USA vs. Canada: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. Men's National Team takes on Canada tonight in a match-up of CONCACAF rivals preparing to begin World Cup qualifying later this week.

The Americans have dominated this series, having most recently posted a 2-0 victory over Canada in last year's Gold Cup. The Canadians will be looking for their first victory against the USA since 1985, and should provide a tough test at BMO Field in Toronto.

U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann will look to sort out some final decisions on his first-choice lineup, with central defense and the team's preferred formation being among the issues Klinsmann will look to address.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match, so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):


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114 Responses to USA vs. Canada: Match Night Commentary

  1. Shark says:

    Not a fan of Jones…saw him up close and personal at the Gold Cup Final and was less than impressed and his performance against Brazil was not real great either…

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Like Fabian Johnson, Timothy Chandler, but really don’t care for Jermaine Jones.

  3. Jim from NC says:

    I really like the 6:43 formation

  4. Illmatic74 says:

    And Castillo is starting.

  5. Francois says:

    I hope Klinsi told the team that we need to come out and make a statement this game. Against a team like Canada, we should be going out trying to attack and score goals. I’m looking for at least a 3-1 or 4-1 win.

  6. ThaDeuce says:

    Damn, Castillo is awful.

  7. Illmatic74 says:

    He fouls way too much(he has the worst disciplinary record in the major 5 European leagues this season) and he is poor on the ball but, he is our best “destroyer”.

  8. Illmatic74 says:

    If I buy the Traffic Sports PPV of USA/Guatemala can that money be used to buy out Gale Agbossoumonde’s contract?

  9. Shark says:

    Oh yea…we can do better…he is going to cost us a game sooner or later…

  10. Colin says:

    Why do people think if there at a game they can better gauge how a player played?

  11. deepvalue says:

    Are those pot leaves on the Canadian warm up jackets? Wth??

  12. Robert Daniels says:

    Man this is a fierce rivalry, all those pre-game hugs, hand shakes and friendly conversation in the tunnel between the players was nerve racking.

  13. Illmatic74 says:

    I am guessing you have never seen a Canadian flag.

  14. Illmatic74 says:

    What reason do the players have of hating each other? And you don’t need to hate each other to have a competitive game.

  15. Illmatic74 says:

    We can drop him when Holden comes back but, who knows when that is.

  16. Jozy Wales says:

    Castillo can’t carry Lichaj’s jock strap.

  17. Francois says:

    I’m really getting sick of us letting teams pick up balls in the midfield and letting them turn and take a few dribbles without any pressure at all.

  18. Robert Daniels says:

    Yeah but after that Mexico win vs Brazil today, I’m feeling a lot worse about where we’re at right now.

  19. Illmatic74 says:

    Whenever I get annoyed about the lack of skill in the US squad I will just think of Canada. Oh my are they poor. US is keeping the ball like Spain right now. There is no reason for them to be this poor.

  20. Kyle says:

    Are there any legit streams for this?

  21. SilverRey says:

    Yeah, it was a little disheartening to watch that game this afternoon.

  22. Jeff says:

    I am thinking he’s looked pretty decent so far.

  23. KL says:


  24. Illmatic74 says:

    Usually Univision has one online but, even they don’t have it for this game.

  25. predicto says:

    Where is the attack? US gets to the final third and back passes. They seem unsure

  26. gtv says:

    As Klinsi said, we need nastiness. Jones brings just that. He and Bradley are our nasty ones. IF Gooch can ever regain his form, we could have a core of 3 players that make other teams respect them.

  27. Greg B says:

    Ugly ugly football…

  28. Francois says:

    All Canad does is kick the ball long. Route 1 all game so far.

  29. andrew in tally says:

    I am tired of Bocanegra launching long balls

  30. predicto says:

    Castillo needs to take it down the wing and cross. He’s got the room, why doesn’t he go?

  31. Jeff says:

    More control for U.S. Less long-ball.

  32. DingDong says:

    He either passes back or gives away the ball. No complaints defensively though.

  33. Jeff says:

    Castillo has looked lively, but a little too impressed with himself.

  34. andrew in tally says:

    Donovan needs more touches on the ball.

  35. Colin says:

    Tim Howard needs to hold his ground and react to the shot and stop guessing. Its gonna cost us goals.

  36. 2 tone says:

    This team is not going to get it done. No width on the left. To many distributors. Does anyone want to go forward on this team

  37. Amru says:

    Nearly every pass we make is going backwards this is unbelievably frustrating and gives us reason to worry

  38. SilverRey says:

    That should have been a goal – no foul.

    How many goals has Howard given up front post now? He has to watch that second guessing. Two of the Brazil goals had Howard running away from the ball like that one just now.

  39. away goals says:

    The foul on castillo was for the early contact on his heels. The AR waited to see if castillo could play his way out of it. When he couldn’t, the flag went up.

    Defenders get that call pretty often.

  40. 2tone says:

    Donovan continues to look like pooh.

  41. Illmatic74 says:

    We should have a few goals by now. This Canadian team is much worse than the Scotland team we crushed.

  42. Jeff says:

    Again, not sure how he’s been bad. He’s looked better to me than the Brazil game.

  43. Jozy Wales says:

    Castillo made the most elementary mistake dribbling towards his own goal then making a perfect pass to a Canadian player which resulted in a legitimate Canadian goal although the side judge saw something no one else did.

  44. Jeff says:

    We’ll get ’em. Once we score one. It’ll open up.

  45. predicto says:

    This is NOT the team we saw against scotland and brazil. What happened? Absolutely no confidence.

  46. 2tone says:

    Torre is nor winger nor an attacking midie. Not conficed by Torres

  47. ThaDeuce says:

    Surprisingly decent. Dribbling too much.

  48. ThaDeuce says:

    This is the most boring game I’ve ever watched.

  49. 2tone says:

    Not convinced by Torres at all

  50. ThaDeuce says:

    Ditto. Asleep

  51. Francois says:

    Wow, number 15 whacked him in the shin right after he got rid of the ball. Why are US fans so pessimistic all the time? It gets so old.

  52. Jeff says:

    He’s popping up all over the field. That one shot was brilliant, though then he tried again from an even more ridiculous position. A couple of over-ambitious flicks/passes, but at least he’s working hard. Torres has also been a little too cute. But I think we’ve been OK, and we’ll break them down in the second half. We just need to be more patient and a little less flashy.

  53. marco says:

    I didn’t like that both Boca and Howard stopped playing on that disputed goal. If they stopped because of whistle ok, but not good if they stopped on linesman’s flag.

  54. Francois says:

    I get tired of these boards, every poster is so pessimistic. Every second is over-analyzed to the point where if we don’t score or aren’t exciting every second of every game, the sky is falling.

  55. ThaDeuce says:

    Disappointing day

  56. The fountain of youth says:

    I feel like a busted piñata. Put Boyd in!!M

  57. Jamie says:

    What are you talking about? Admittedly he didn’t do it there, but almost every big save he made in Brazil/Italy were the result of him keeping his ground. Think the kick saves.

  58. 2tone says:

    The USA has digressed so much at all levels it’s very disturbing.

  59. predicto says:

    If the US doesn’t turn it around in the second half, I’m gonna be really concerned about qualifying.

  60. Jeff says:

    The whistle blew a good two or three seconds before the shot. Not sure why the commentators are saying they were robbed of a goal. The foul may have been weak, but the whistle blew way before the shot.

  61. Josh From Ga says:

    thank you i was wondering if anyone else felt the same way…jesus its nap time @@

  62. ben in el cajon says:

    You must not watch many EPL games.

  63. SoccerInATL says:

    Why are we changing formations every freaking game?? We should be locked in at this point considering the next game is qualifying. This formation with these players is bunk.

  64. Jozy Wales says:

    What is it going to take for JK to realize Castillo and Goodson can’t play not only against good teams but are allowing Canada’s offense, who hasn’t been to a world cup in 26 years , to dominate the US. Maybe the criticisms about JK are accurate. I’m referring to the statements JK was a figurehead and Low was really the “brains” of the German team at the 2006 WC. I’m mean Canada which was tied by Puerto Rico in the preliminary round is hardly a power. Notice how their strategy is to exclusively attack down the right side where the great Castillo who JK picked over Lichaj plays. I’d like to know what is JK’s explanation for not calling in Whitbread, Ream and of course Lichaj. Although Bolton was relegated , Ream was one of their best players and has greatly improved. Before anyone says Norwich which was mid table in the Prem released Whitbread due to being “injury prone” , in the games Whitbread played the average goals scored against Norwich was much lower than in games he missed.

  65. marco says:

    He’s been playing without confidence and spirit for some time. The Scotland game was an aberration. I take him for his word that he may be losing enthusiasm.

  66. predicto says:

    All that anyone expects – including Klinsmann – is a good US performance. Do you think this is a good performance?

  67. ben in el cajon says:

    They keep wandering off the pitch!

  68. marco says:

    Thanks, why did the announcers missed this and put it all on the linesman.

  69. QuakerOtis says:

    “at all levels”…?

    Boring game with little skill in it, but WTF are you talking about?

  70. marco says:

    Some energy on attack from anywhere would be nice.

  71. ben in el cajon says:

    I’m a little surprised with the gloom here. We’re in a 4-4-2, and Canada has numbers in midfield. We are able to make four good passes, but not the fifth, so there is much to do, but I don’t think we look terrible. It’s worse that Mexico looked so good today, be we cannot do anything about that right now. Altidore as a target man might help, and pulling Clint back into the midfield.

  72. Jeff says:

    We’ve not been dominated. We look more likely to win than Canada does.

  73. Francois says:

    Hell. NO. but i’m sick of all the hyperbole on these boards

  74. divers suck says:

    It’s called the parking of the Canadian Bus…

  75. Francois says:

    +1 ^THIS

  76. Jozy Wales says:

    I’m just pointing out what anyone can see. Ricketts blew past Castillo .Ricketts is not Neymar . He plays in the Romanian SECOND DIVISION.

  77. away goals says:

    I’m with francois.

    Nobody plays flawlessly for 90 minutes. Anybody even close to that standard is challenging for trophies in europe or is named neymar.

  78. Illmatic74 says:

    I here Hoilett is at this game(and there is a rumor that he joined Bradley’s old club Borussia Monglenbach). This game shows why he isn’t rushing to join Canadian national team.

  79. ACC says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have watched the Mexico-Brazil game earlier. It makes this one seem like a semi-pro match.

  80. Francois says:

    Wow. Landon looks so bad today.

  81. Illmatic74 says:

    Wow now Canada is creating chances.

  82. Francois says:

    I take everything positive I said earlier back, we have looked horrible. Uninspired, lazy, soccer. We’ve taken a step backwards from the Scotland game, and I think we actually looked a lot better in the game against Brazil at least attacking.

  83. drew11 says:

    Squad does not seem enthused with the 5 game mini tournament plan.

  84. drew11 says:

    US is really missing Johnson at both ends of the pitch.

  85. away goals says:

    Third game in eight days for some of these guys. Not surprising that we look a little flat.

  86. Francois says:

    I’m so frustrated, this is the worst we’ve looked under Klinsi.

  87. Jeff says:

    What is heartening is that we proved ourselves capable of playing an incisive, attacking possession game vs. Scotland, and even vs. Brazil, despite the scoreline. Just because we don’t playing equally well or better every game doesn’t mean we’ve taken a step back. The U.S. is moving forward on the whole. We are frustrated with the performance today, and maybe we’re tired, but we have much to look forward to.

  88. Jeff says:

    Heh heh heh. Nicely put.

  89. ben in el cajon says:

    Yes. I thought they would improve after half time, but nothing has worked for us at all. It looks like they all just met this afternoon.

  90. robert daniels says:

    I feel like I’m watching a JV girls game except with less scoring, man this game is boring .

  91. Diego says:

    Or maybe since the Scotland game he’s been marked very, very closely?

  92. JJ says:


  93. Ricky B. Free says:

    We get it you dont like Castillo no matter what he does.

    He has been the only one trying to go forward and all you do its complain about something that only you has seen.

    ow many times has he been beaten to the goal linea? How many goals has the US received because of Castillo?

    Thats right we have not received a goal because Castillo fialed to defend or made a big mistake.

    This is what is so frustrating about american fans, once someone starts hating a player because they like another player more, they start bashing our US national team player.

    I will admit that Castillo is not world class but he had a decent to good game.

  94. Illmatic74 says:

    Well that was just atrocious soccer from both sides.

  95. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    What a boring game it’s crazy how big a difference is when Johnson is out of the lineup! We need to stay playing 4-3-3 and NOT 4-4-2

  96. Travis in Miami says:

    Saving judgement until after qualifying.

    this was Canada’s ONLY warm up before WQC so players were giving it there all (if playing US wasn’t enough). Besides the point of sum quality players out there.

    However, passing stunk tonight. All round…only bright spot was Goodson.

  97. BornsteinRevenge says:

    This was an absolutely pathetic display by the U.S. How can you beat Italy IN Italy and then lay such a stinking, rotten egg against a bottom-tier Canada team. This was an absolute joke!!! Can someone please tell the team that the object of the game is to pass towards the OPPOSING team’s goal, and not backwards towards your own goal. This was really frustrating to watch!!!!

  98. NEPA says:

    dreary, dreary stuff.

  99. MikeFromWisconsin says:

    That was a bad 2 hours of soccer. The US never looked like it had any idea of how to break down Canada’s defense, and the Canadians had way too many good opportunities on the counter attack.

    My takeaway from today’s game: Scotland really sucks.

  100. matt says:

    The team has been training and playing friendlies for 8 straight days.

    teams dont train during tournaments like they did in these 8 days.

    we won 1 lost one and drew another.

    no big deal. we now have 5 days to rest and be ready for the minnows.

  101. marco says:

    Low energy, poor movement, poor passing. I paid the right amount to see this. In the 2nd qualifier, Gautemala will be clear favorites. I hope USA can steal a point there. It really is hard to believe that these players have been training together for two to three weeks, yikes.

  102. Jeff says:

    Sounds about right to me.

  103. andrew in tally says:

    When Donovan is very good, the U.SMNT is very good. When he is average, as he was tonight, then the team is poor. His unwillingness to impose himself on games is one of the more disappointing aspects of watching the last two games. Feels like going through the motions.

  104. Paid says:

    That was hard to watch. Looks like we’re in for another nail scratching WCQ campaign. So much for taking games by the scruff of the neck and putting teams away early. Hopefully the team was just tired because it was a tired performance.

  105. Jeff says:

    I agree we should stick to 4-3-3 for a while. I was also disappointed that Johnson couldn’t go today, and his influence in the attack could’ve helped. But it’s not all on him being out.

  106. Jamie says:

    where’d you here that?

  107. Alex from Louisville says:

    I think the US players were tired because of overtraining. It may be OK to overtrain for the friendlies, but the coaches will need to watch that during qualification. I think the U-23 team did not qualify because they too tired (due to lack of rotation rather than overtraining in that case).

  108. CJ says:

    They’re tired. They’re coming off long European seasons, doing two-a-days every day and playing 5 games in 18 days. Cut them some slack, folks. Besides, these are only friendlies. I’m not worried.

  109. GW says:

    That’s because the sky is falling.

  110. GW says:

    “allowing Canada’s offense, who hasn’t been to a world cup in 26 years”

    Well of course they are dominant. After 26 years they have an almost telepathic understanding with each other. It makes their passing so much better.

    “I’d like to know what is JK’s explanation for not calling in Whitbread, Ream and of course Lichaj.”

    Whitbread was hurt, Ream is not as good as the four centerbacks in camp and Lichaj had not done enough to convince JK he deserved to be in camp.

    And nothing you saw in these three games changes any of that.

  111. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    If we play that way again we will lose to Antigua. Just dismal.

  112. Artie says:

    Sadly, Holden appears to be a destroyee.

  113. Artie says:

    Another nail scratching? You realize the US has topped the last two hexes, right?