USA vs. Guatemala: Match Night Commentary



The U.S. Men's National Team can take control of their World Cup Qualifying group tonight with a win in the hostile environment in Guatemala City as the Americans take on Guatemala at Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores.

The Americans come in off a 3-1 qualifying win against Antigua & Barbuda, a sloppy victory, but a win that put the team closer to qualification. Guatemala enters the match in must-win mode after losing their opening match to Jamaica, 2-1, in Kingston.

Fabian Johnson is back in the lineup for the USA, a huge relieve for Jurgen Klinsmann, who will field a full-strength defense tonight. The key for that defense will be containing Carlos Ruiz, the tricky striker is a handful and will lead the Guatemala attack.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (tonight's commentary is after the jump):


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186 Responses to USA vs. Guatemala: Match Night Commentary

  1. Jason B says:

    “If Fabian Johnson is for us, who can be against us?”

    -Romans 8:31

  2. Freddie Footballer says:

    streams? Thanks.

  3. ANM says:

    Nice bit of news before kickoff: looks like Jamaica was held 0-0 at A&B. Always nice to have your most dangerous opponents drop points to the group minnows.

  4. jones says:

    wow – credit to Antigua and Barbuda.

  5. Brad says:

    Lineup: Howard, Dolo, boca, goodson, Fabian, Edu, Bradley, Jones, Deuce, Landon, Herc

  6. Hawk says:


  7. RBNY Fan says:

    A&B might be a minnow, but they are showing that they have some quality players and they play well as a team in CONCACAF.

  8. Brad says:

    And I move that we strike FabJon from nicknames we give to Fabian Johnson. Seen it a bunch on this site, and think we should go another direction. Just saying.

  9. David M says:

    I have a very bad feeling about tonight. I’m afraid Klinsmann, with the crazy schedule of five games in eighteen days and twice a day practices, has run the team into the ground. Hope I’m wrong…

  10. kimo says:

    A&B is a better side than people realize. Their Nat coach is also the USL side coach which is the majority of the team sprinkled in with some lower league English players. A&B is at least athletic enough to cover ground on defense. They know each other very well and are able to execute the bunker style well. They’ll cause each team they play in the group some fits at times.

  11. Brad says:

    They are showing the value of a national team that plays together all the time. ( AHEM: Spain)

    Godd for them btw.

  12. Brad says:


  13. Brad says:

    Is this game on TV?

  14. Alabamafutbol says:

    So im a sucker and am just gonna pay the 30 to watch the game. Where do direct tv users go to purchase it?

  15. Doc says:

    Haha. Second for what its worth.

  16. Colin says:

    Watching the online broadcast and you can hear fans in the background chanting USA-USA

  17. torporindy says:

    The event is now live.
    Waiting for writer to provide content…

    Are all of you seeing the same message?

  18. Nate says:

    Our 3-1 result feels a little better?

  19. torporindy says:

    Where is the online broadcast?

  20. steveo says:

    US is now 9 points away from clinching the next round!

  21. MFP says:

    Dammit. Woke up for the 4AM broadcast to discover the ustream broadcast isn’t available in France. Any idea where I might find it? the firstrow links are all showing baseball and it’s 3 minutes to gametime!

  22. munkyman says:


  23. Since 82 says:

    I do not like the lineup. What is the difference between Edu, Jones, and Bradley? Answer. Nothing. Altidore should be starting up top with Gomez.

  24. GoUSA says:

    where online? thanks

  25. Tom P says:

    yes -what’s up with that?

  26. Standard_Deviance says:

    Anybody actually getting a stream yet? All the links I’ve found say US-Guat but are showing a baseball game. Hope it’s just b/c it’s before 10…

  27. Waterlewd says:

    The world above your rock sucks, go back.

  28. jose says:

    Why is this game not on ESPN or Fox Soccer or NBC Sports Network? This is dumb not to have this game on national TV.

  29. Standard_Deviance says:

    Nevermind, got it :)

  30. steveo says:

    cue the Fire Bradley chorus for starting THREE DEFENSIVE MIDS!… oh wait…

  31. Andy says:

    i’m watching the handshakes right now through sportlemon, i clicked on the third one i think

  32. MFP says:

    NM; it switched over at the last second. Whew.

  33. Asdf says:

    This has been covered the last two weeks over and over

  34. Helium-3 says:

    These phuckwits who are broadcasting the match don’t know what they are doing with the signal, i.e., showing a stretched image and then cropping it.

    Waste of my $30!!!!

  35. Rags from DC says:

    Directv .com or call directv, can do by remote on channel 124.

  36. Helium-3 says:

    A bunch of useless 3rd world mofos who can’t even broadcast a WORLD CUP qualifier. They call themselves professionals???

  37. MiamiAl says:

    US going with the mythical 4-3-3…Very dangerous move by Klinsmann to be trying out a new formation on the road…

  38. Siberian says:

    I got the stream on here.

    link to

  39. Mig22 says:

    Well, they were professional enough to get $30 from you.

    Everywhere in the world doesn’t have the same access to equipment, bandwidth, power supply, etc. Cut them some slack.

  40. drew11 says:

    Sorry but LOL. You probably could get a better picture online.

  41. SilverRey says:

    first row sports eu has the best feed I’ve found – 200k

  42. Brad2 says:

    Is the field grass or astro turf? Ball’s rolling very fast it seems…

  43. Phil K says:

    It has already turned into a 4-3-3. And again, we can see the Edu’s touch screws everything up.

  44. away goals says:

    Don’t get too caught up in the announced formation. 433 can easily turn into 451 or 4141.

  45. The Imperative Voice says:

    Worth pointing out they’ll pay to show the replay in two nights. ESPN Deportes Thursday. I’ll let you draw an easy conclusion about how necessary the live decision was.

  46. SilverRey says:

    Hah! Guatemalan coach forced to wear a red penny because he has a white shirt on! Sorry, that’s taking “you must follow the rules” a little far…

  47. Phil K says:

    Fans (who paid $30) to Gomez, Fans to Gomez, don’t take free kicks…copy?

  48. Jason B says:

    Don’t worry Guatemalan guy, my face hurts too when I get body checked.

  49. Helium-3 says:

    Oye man, this is not the 1st time they have experience showing a world cup qualifer, so they are incompentent. Picture was fixed after 15 mins into the game. You would think people test the signal etc. Before a live broadcast.

    Anyways, US running way too much like it’s Scottish soccer, 200mph. Need to settle down. Jones looking good and showing them Chapines he don’t take chit from them. Giving them a taste of their own medicine. Overall US heeded the advice from Klinsi abt being nice, lol.

  50. gene says:

    Watching Carlos Ruiz dive is maddening. He is trying to give Luganis a run for his money.

  51. TomG says:

    Guatemalans predictably diving all over the place like the pitch is covered in land mines.

  52. andrew in tally says:

    tonight is one of those Donovan nights.

  53. TomG says:

    2 forward alignment ASAP please. Sorry, I know 4-3-3 is in vogue, but we suck at it. It has worked exactly once for us.

  54. Kent says:

    When your LB is your best playmaker, you know you have too many CDM’s.

  55. Since 82 says:

    Thank you.

  56. this has been awful.

  57. ATLChris says:

    set up by Johnson

  58. Bryan says:

    Good to see Dempsey bringing his club form to the Nats.

  59. gene says:

    now, that’s more like it!! Clint.

  60. SilverRey says:


  61. K that was anything but awful. Sick.

  62. Phil K says:

    Fabian Johnson…Goodness Gracious!

  63. Jason B says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Fabian Johnson and Clint FTW!

  64. TomG says:


  65. Eric says:


  66. RM says:

    Fabian Johnson is filth……

  67. TomG says:

    We still look awful, but with Fabian and Deuce, we are dangerous. Great touch by Deuce. LD is having one of those nights where he looks lost out there. He just missed a wide open overlapping Fabian.

  68. TomG says:

    oh Herc. What was that?

  69. TomG says:

    Edu with a total shambolic whiff allowing Ruiz to almost score.

  70. Brad2 says:

    Why don’t any USA players go outside and try to get around and behind the defense? Seems like we are always passing it back from the wings. Maybe I miss Brek Shea.

  71. SilverRey says:

    What am I looking at right now? An ESPN logo! WTF!!!

  72. buff111 says:

    Great call. Thanks

  73. Conrad says:


  74. MiamiAl says:

    Dempsey with a sleek sidestepping glide to get the goal for the USA!!!! 1-0 Halftime.

  75. theraccoun says:

    Aside from that, Edu has been very solid defensively

  76. theraccoun says:

    This is the fairest reffed concacaf match i’ve ever seen. Also, hoping Altidore comes in soon. Would like some good hold up play up there.

  77. Eric says:

    Anyone listening to the stream with the awesome Guatamalan music

  78. mls to raleigh says:

    We are missing a creative offensive player. Wish Donovan could be that guy but he seems content to play on the wing. Instead of Jones or Edu I’d love to see Adu step up in the next year and take that spot Klinsmann wants to put Torres in. Wishful thinking…

  79. SilverRey says:

    El Salvador scores!!!! 1-1 v Mexico

  80. Since 82 says:

    There is a lot of creativity between Bradley, Jones, and Edu.

  81. Todd Marsch says:

    I thought that was a pretty decent away half for the US. I was thinking that I would come on here at halftime and complain that we weren’t going to score with only one striker, but Dempsey nullified that complaint. The field looks bumpy, but Edu and Cherundolo in particular seem to have horrid touches tonight.

  82. Engkzl says:

    We are playing pretty well, considering that Guatemala’s main tactic is obviously to foul like crazy to prevent the US from getting any rhythm to their game.

  83. Brad2 says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Although I think the guy that fouled Jones after he nutmegged him should have got a yellow…

  84. Conrad says:

    Why are they playing with an overinflated volleyball, I wonder?
    MB — not having a good night. All negative passes. But to be fair, nobody looks really very good. (Torres injured, yes?) I blame the overinflated volleyball. And the crappy pitch.

    Question to all: why can we never spring a winger when there’s all that congestion at the top of the 18? Been watching so much Euro play lately, and every time there’s a scrum in the middle, a long ball goes to the flank and there’s an Arshavin or somebody to pick it up and whip a cross back in. Who should be waiting on the right wing?

  85. Amru says:

    Anyone else think that gomez needs to be paired up with altidore to be more effective?

  86. Conrad says:

    But Jones is like the worst bad guy in just about every culture: American, German, black, tattooed, super muscular, mean-looking…he’ll never get the benefit of the doubt.

  87. Brad2 says:

    I think the USA needs to get behind the defense and cross the ball so Gomez, Dempsey, etc can get on the end of some crosses.

  88. Francois says:

    Landon has been sh!t this whole game.

  89. Since 82 says:

    Yes. Like at the start of the match.

  90. Hannibal says:

    I finally shelled out the 30 bucks through Directv, couldnt miss the game. Its the usual central american team flopping everytime they get into the box. Calls seem to be going towards Guatemala but not as bad as I have seen in the past. US still doesnt seem to be clicking together, like the game against A&B. Dempsey’s goal was great, in traffic he schooled them hard. Guatemala has been playing them hard, so the game is closer than I was hoping.

  91. Phil K says:

    If I wasn’t a seasoned USMNT fan, I’d complain about the dirty guatemalans.

  92. kevd says:

    Being awesome, that’s what it is about.
    There was a chorus of boos in response.

  93. Party Pat says:

    No penalties against the US or US players sent off yet. I’m impressed. Still early though. Wait for it.

  94. kevd says:

    Also the way he rolled around clutching his head, only pop up the INSTANT the whistle was blown was veeeerrrrrry Guatemalan.

  95. some of these give aways by the US are astonishing.

  96. RK says:

    What?? Yellow for Bradley??? And not for the guy standing 2 feet away on the kick?

  97. kevd says:

    There was the yellow for Bradley for not instantly restarting.

  98. Conrad says:

    Altidore instead of gomez? Interesting.

  99. SilverRey says:

    I think Howard earned that yellow for Bradley. 30sec earlier, the ref was telling him to speed it up on the goal kick.

  100. Mig22 says:

    It’s nice at this point for the US. They’re pretty unlikely to lose and in this weak group in this weak prelim phase, it doesn’t really matter if they win this game. Road draw is more than sufficient given they are unlikely to drop many (any?) points at home.

  101. Dirk a Dirk says:

    Watching on It’s kinda funny because every time a foul is called on Guatemala, the feed (which i assume is ran by a Guatemala outfit) Goes dark on the replay as to not show what happened.

  102. SilverRey says:

    Watch the yellows boys, they add up..

  103. ben in el cajon says:

    Hearing no objections, the motion carries.

  104. we are lucky we are not down 2-1

  105. Phil K says:

    Donovan should do more? Like play down the wing instead of play an early ball into the defense.

  106. Jort says:

    Wtf this official is so ridiculous

  107. Party Pat says:

    I’m not even watching tonight’s game, I’m following the gametracker, but I feel like I have seen this scenario play out so many times before. Before the final whistle goes if Guatemala hasn’t scored it’s HIGHLY likely the ref will do something.

  108. Conrad says:

    jones! wtf?

  109. Jort says:

    Wtf goal disallowed! !!!

  110. Gene says:

    and here I thought the ref at the Russia – Poland game was bad…

  111. kevd says:

    If ever that were an instance in which to allow the advantage and NOT call the foul, it was that one on Dempsey…

  112. Tyler says:

    The worst part of CONCACAF qualifying? Joel Aguilar, Courtney Campbell, and the rest of the confederation referees.

  113. Mikey says:

    Why no advantage?? Jozy would have scored!

  114. Conrad says:


  115. That was a great goal. That being said the US’s performance has been pitiful thus far.

  116. Jort says:

    I’m done with this Mickey mouse horsesh*t concacaf junk. F*cling rigged games.

  117. Petaluman says:


  118. Francois says:

    Wow Tim. He’s been in bad form.

  119. David M says:

    Why is Jones taking a free kick 18 yards from the goal??? Why not Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, just about anyone on the team? Unbelievable!

  120. Travis in Miami says:

    REf has been terrible. Not playing the advantage was terrible…

  121. Eric says:

    Not going to lie I believe that Gomez would have scored that one

  122. Jort says:

    Jozy altidore is a lazy pig. Continue your dreaking run you ungrateful punk

  123. I JIK I REDBULLZ says:

    This USA team is too lazy it’s like they don’t want to play anymore they don’t deserve the win so dissappointed

  124. Tyler says:

    Tim maybe couldve done a bit better on that one. Looked like he was flat footed.

  125. Phil K says:

    Wasn’t this very game, 4 years ago a draw as well?

  126. Eric says:

    Our center mids have absolutley whiffed on 3 straight decent chances. Each at least 20 rows into the stands

  127. Speaker says:

    Bradley having another bad game.

  128. Kelly_Goosec0ck says:

    This is getting way too familiar.

  129. watching the guats chase us back to our goalie is depressing.

  130. Jort says:

    Bradley Donovan and Jozy as te worst players

  131. Conrad says:

    Howard needs to sit next game.

  132. I JIK I REDBULLZ says:

    Everyone had a poor game it’s so sad all the us players play abroad in Europe and they can’t even beat a Guatemala team filled with nobodies it’s just super sad to see this not impress at all.

  133. treasure22 says:

    look at the bright side, at least we are AS GOOD AS guatamala

  134. Jort says:

    We had two penalties not given, a goal disallowed and some extremely pathetic offciaitng.

    How does USSF not stand up for our teams in this crap.

  135. Macomber says:


  136. yo says:

    EDU Sucks!

  137. Travis in Miami says:

    That was horrible

  138. Phil K says:

    I said it, this formation doesn’t cut it. It needs to be 4-3-3.

  139. etj2 says:

    LOL, yeah… good thing you are not making the roster choices.

  140. Flagermunsen says:

    To me this was a game that screamed for Wondo to be the sub, not Altidore

  141. Speaker says:

    yeah but not as much as Bradley does.

  142. Flagermunsen says:

    Marco Pappa sure looked good tonight. Wish we could have a player like that.

  143. Eric120 says:

    Time to stop blaming the refereeing.

  144. jones says:

    ^this post should be deleted…

  145. cps says:

    Officiating was as awful as expected, but we didn’t deserve more than a point from that match. Why can’t we play inspired soccer? Why can’t Jozy run? Why can’t we do better on set pieces? We only have till September to figure these things out.

  146. JD says:

    Far too casual in the middle of the park. Sloppy, mindless giveaways kill our game. (Edu, leading the charge on that front)

  147. Spank says:

    Wow! I think I’ve actually figured out why the USA sucks so bad. They play in Europe but they aren’t play makers. They are the ones that hand the ball off to play makers. (too many holding mids)No matter what team they play they get pushed back to tim howard! Bradley should have shot and idk why Altidore wasn’t making the run with him. Very disappointing and pathetic display by this USA team.

  148. ozzy says:

    Embarrassing. We were outplayed. This team is not playing for JK and for 3 games in a row he has either not made the correct adjustments or had no game plan.

  149. cps says:

    Such a comforting thought to contemplate as I go to sleep tonight.

  150. Jermaine says:

    Ummm can I get my money back? Well at least Fabian is capped.

  151. UMN says:

    Bradley, Jones, and Edu are very good players, the best midfielders we have available but I wouldn’t call them creative. We have a d-mid and two box-to-box mids out there.

  152. Rivaldo says:

    Agree totally. If we do not have Bradley, Clint and Howard we might have lost 3-0. I am totally underwhelmed

  153. Getrealtime19 says:

    Jermaine jones no more free kicks. As for Guatarapeourplayers played hard and beat us up yet we accumulate more yellows???? Landon Donovan SHOOT the ******* ball. News flash team we don’t make that final great pass instead put it on the goal keeper force saves and create havoc….

  154. danny says:

    Cue the freakouts. We drew 1-1 AT Guatemala people. We’re tied for 1st in the group. We get them at home next time. The level of overreaction is amazing.

  155. andrew in tally says:

    Donovan decided that he is not going try to dribble past anyone tonight. He has not tried to get around the defense save once. His free kick delivery is pathetic. . We need to get Johnson on the ball much more. We didnt create enough clear chances tonight. This was a game we should have stolen the 3 points. you can’t do anything about that kind of free kick.
    I disagree on those who said Bradley had a good game. Liked his energy and positioning. Edu had too many turnovers. I want to see Jozy back in the starting line up. I think that he and Clint play the short game very well. That will come in handy in crowded CONCACAF road games.

  156. Joe Hamilton says:

    It is obvious that Klinsmann was a figurehead when he was coach of Germany and Low was the real coach. Fact:Klinsman refused to call in 3 defenders who play in the best league in the world including 2 central defenders. But instead JK called in Gooch, Boca (who is clearly over the hill) Goodson, . Donovan is useless and squandered his talent by not staying in the Prem. preferring to play the 3rd rate MLS. Now that Donovan is slowing down his failure to sharpen his skills in the EPL are obvious. Also Kljestan has improved greatly but the pseudo coach Klinsman feels Beckerman is a better choice which is laughable. Look at Klinsmann’s record a figurehead coach of Germany with an unimpressive WC showing and then half a season at Bayern Munich before being fired. Maybe some day the US will have a real coach.

  157. andrew in tally says:

    correction: I disagree with those who said Bradley had a bad game.

  158. marco says:

    Anyone who has watch the USA play lately knew they would fade badly in the last 15 minutes. Klinsmann and his fitness coach need to figure this out. If you’re going to take all those fouls, you must have a idea/threat on set pieces. USA had a dozen sets without one shot on goal. Not Landon’s fault, and whats with Gomez and Jones taking free kicks? I don’t even like Jones crossing mid-field. Best game from Edu in a long time. Shame there were so many silly touches instead of shots late in game.

  159. crocajun1003 says:

    He’s 1-0-2 in 3 games. That’s was good enough to put us at the top of the table.

  160. steveo says:

    in 2008, US won with Bradley as coach-just sayin’

  161. BamaMan says:

    A much poorer performance than the AB game in my opinion. Maurice Edu is the king of bad giveaways at this point. Jozy Altidore is effing useless. Gomez didn’t have his best night but he was at least mixing it up.

  162. UMN says:

    No us game has ever screamed Wondo.

  163. UMN says:

    Playing three players down would be pretty tough.

  164. Ricardo says:

    True dat,Ozzy. And this was our best team unless JK finds more Germans with American passports. They are not buying in or playing hard for the guy

  165. jjraines says:

    Why? It’s the truth.

  166. Speaker says:

    Well Bradley isn’t good thats for sure. He is a little off on Donovan and Jozy.

  167. Speaker says:

    I would say Bradley was leading that front followed very closely by Edu.

  168. marco says:

    He was moving to a runner, don’t know why.

  169. Illmatic74 says:

    Yeah almost all of our midfielders in Europe play as “destroyers” for their teams even Holden played that role for Bolton before he was injured.

  170. Ozzy says:

    JOE HAMILTON for president of US SOCCER!

  171. Brad says:

    I think its time to put a military base in brazil.

  172. Gonzo says:

    Not really. Non of them can really carry it in or make that final killer pass that creates a shot. Klinsmann has to go back to the drawing board and get an Adu or Benny type player on this team. Were too deensive

  173. Ricardo says:

    What is your point steveo?

  174. Conrad says:

    OK, enough of the panic. Is there a math major around to determine what we need in terms of points to get to the next round?

    Also: Torres is the string puller we need.

    Also also: Landon is very timid and seems to avoid all 1-v-1 situations. Didn’t take on a single defender.

    Also3: Tough place to play a game; not the end of the world.

  175. Spank says:

    Ya and i hate to say this but i think this team needs a dose of some Freddy Adu!

  176. Indigo Montoya says:

    bravo – or, in a lesser measure, simply let the secret service tool around a bit.

  177. Timbers Fan says:

    I feel sick. I am not an angry guy, but I want to punch a Guatemalan player. Dirty, mean, overacting divers.

    Ref was crap. Altidore goal should have counted–why not give the advantage?!?

    Easy goal at the end there…but Altidore makes a DEAD STOP on his run in the box.

    US looks like crap these last four games.

  178. Isaac says:

    He wasn’t a destroyer… Box-to-box.

  179. Gonzo says:

    Donovan needs to grow a pair and attack instead of pass off all the time.

    Near the end he got the into the goal area with the ball, 1 man to beat, and he passes square rather than attack. Its no good

  180. Tedmonds says:

    obviously a win would have been better but seriously, i did not think it was that bad. the criticism on this message board is a little extreme. I thought Edu actually had a good game as did Bradley and they controlled the tempo for large stretches. finishing needs to improve. and it just seems like Jozy is not putting in 100% and doesn’t try hard especially when you see Gomez flying around and putting pressure on the defenders. but i’ll take a tie and the point.

  181. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    We need the creativity of a guy like Freddy Adu to bolster the attack. Jones and Edu don’t provide anything in that regard. Give me:


    Donovan Bradley Torres Adu

    Johnson Bocanegra Goodson Cherundolo


  182. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Jozy needs to get fit without a doubt. I wonder where we would be if Onyewu, Holden, and Davies never suffered the devastating injuries that they have?