Best of MLS 2012: The Highlight Reel

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21 Responses to Best of MLS 2012: The Highlight Reel

  1. Got my khaki's in Paris says:

    Nice video. But I would have made Jay Z & Kanye West – “In Paris” the theme song.

  2. THomas says:


  3. Mike_ stuck at work says:

    Best of 2012 so far: we only have 6 teams in the MLS. Lol

  4. Ed says:

    Not a single shot of Philly? They know where the game is, right?

  5. 2tone says:

    Would have expected to see at least one of Pontius’ defense destroying dribbling runs which ended in a goal.

  6. Peter says:

    No Kenny Cooper?

  7. Nick says:

    That Beckham mustache is epic.

  8. Good Jeremy says:

    Not much love for keepers or game-saving tackles I see.

  9. Weaksauce says:

    That song would be for the national team highlight reel in the new kits

    “Ball so hard motherf$%^&& wanna find me”

  10. Gnarls says:

    In the new kits? I think you mean “Waldo so hard motherf#&$s can’t find me.”

  11. abc says:

    There are so many great moments missing. I guess Mattocks’ header was too late to make the highlight reel, but what about Alan Gordon’s scissor kick goal?

  12. THomas says:

    I don’t think it was too late because Beckham’s goal just happend this past weekend. Maybe they were focusing on the actual All-Star selections?

  13. Kejsare says:

    Nagbe and Boyd?

  14. Samwise Gamgee says:

    Ianni’s scissor kick? Must’ve been too awesome.

  15. bryan says:

    good video.

  16. Seriously says:

    It was in the video…

  17. Gonzomalan says:

    Definitely would have been cool to see more defensive plays/goal line clearances. Alan Gordon’s scissor kick goal or his header over Brian Perk in LA would have been good too.

  18. nic d "the TEXAS 2 stepper" says:

    I hope they do a video compilation of all aspects of the game as the playoffs approach.

    Heck If I were MLS I would hire someone just to mash up every week/month.

    Just my .02

  19. JRP says:

    Right there should have been at least two more shots of him since he is one of only two defensive midfielders who are any good in the MLS.

  20. JRP says:

    Except that Johnny Depp had the same thing for the past 10 years. Beckham is epic in his ability to sell underwear and whoppers. And he is epic on a set piece.

  21. DavidKamerun says:

    Seriously. It’s like the only footage they could find are of Galaxy, DC, Portland, Seattle, KC, and the Revs. Which, by the way, is an odd mix.