Everton’s Cahill headed to Red Bulls

Cahill (Getty Images)

The New York Red Bulls' big summer acquisition appears to be Everton attacker Tim Cahill.

Everton announced the transfer of the Australian international to the MLS club on their website Monday, a move that bolsters the Red Bulls' attack even more after the recent acquisition of Sebastien Le Toux.  

According to a report by the BBC, the teams agreed on a transfer fee of £1 million. Everton says that the 32-year-old Cahill will be traveling to the United States in the next few days, and the deal will be completed pending Cahill passing a physical and agreeing to a contract. Cahill will presumably occupy the club's third DP spot along with Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez, though the Red Bulls have yet confirm the signing. The club issued a statement Monday evening, saying:

"We are aware of Everton’s statement regarding midfielder Tim Cahill and our club. However, we have no comment at this time regarding him or any other non-New York player."

Cahill is coming off a subpar season in which he only scored three goals in 41 games across all competitions, but he was in the 10-goal range for the four seasons prior to 2011-12. He is known for his aerial ability and can play either up top or in the hole behind the front line. Cahill is a regular for the Australian national team, and he scored against the United States in their pre-World Cup friendly in South Africa in June, 2010.


What do you think of this development? Do you like the signing? Do you think this pushes the Red Bulls over the top in the Eastern Conference? Wondering how all the attacking pieces will work together for New York?

Share your thoughts below.

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145 Responses to Everton’s Cahill headed to Red Bulls

  1. john says:

    He was useless last year with Everton. I was hoping for Kaka…

  2. Metro says:


  3. The Dude says:

    Love it! He had a dip in form last season and battled injuries, but still showed signs of greatness. Will be a great addition to NY if he can regain form and fitness. Also gives NY lots of formation options.

  4. john says:

    Let me add, I love the guy and he has a great personality, so if he has anything left in the tank and can stay healthy, this could (could) work out great.

  5. jonk says:

    Really surprised to see him coming to MLS rather than the A-League.

    Anyway, from Everton’s perspective, that’s a nice bit of business. But Everton fans better not get too excited thinking $1 million is gonna make some huge difference in getting Donovan back.

  6. gio says:

    Juan pablo angel didnt light it up in his last two seasons with Aston Villa and came here and as everyone knows, he became a favorite, and a great leader. I think Cahill still has the ability and personality to do that. Great pickup.

  7. centrejack says:

    Great signing – good combination of grit and scoring ability – one of those players who consistently puts themselves in good spots and put the ball in good spots. RBNY’s attack is officially a juggernaut – if the defense gets healthy and this revamped attack has some chemistry it is going to be an interesting march to the SS and MLS Cup… yes those are big IF’s.

  8. jonk says:

    (or £1 million)

  9. gio says:

    Did anyone know red bulls had a million in allocation though???????

  10. MattJack says:

    its called Red Bulls Area, Red Bulls team.. they have plenty of money just sitting around. the MLS venture is a write off.

  11. Clayton says:

    The money is more likely for Pienaar

  12. MattJack says:


  13. soccerroo says:

    I thought they were going younger with this DP? Isn’t he the same age as Henry was when they signed him?

  14. Kevin_Amold says:

    Was there ever anything to the Kaka rumors? It always seemed a little contrived to me.

  15. Great signing, i think cahill will fit perfectly in the lineup and will be very exciting stretch to see if my new york team can finally get some silverware

  16. Primoone says:

    Great score for the red bull…love his play.

  17. There’s was nothing with the rumors

  18. dan says:

    Great player but not the blockbuster signing that I thought would happen. Was thinking it would be a MUCH bigger name. I guess they will do a diamond midfield with him up and Lindpere and LeToux out wide. Wonder if Cahill can play more of a CM role?

    Envisioned this:


  19. Scott A says:


  20. Sean says:

    I dont like this signing at all. All this talk about this younger DP then low and behold we have a 32 yr Cahill. I dont think Cahill is going to be the incisive creator they need behind Henry and Cooper, but I guess time will tell.

  21. Mark F says:

    If you thought Kaka was coming here you were fooling yourself. Tim Cahill is a quality player. Is he going to put a lot more asses in the seats? Not really, but this is a soccer move. He adds a lot to the attacking center midfield.

  22. Gio says:

    Sarcasam…. Chill with it coolio

  23. Mark F says:

    They don’t really need youth…they need experience and Cahill has 8 or so seasons of experience in the Premiere League. Will he be around for more then a couple seasons? Probably not but this is about making a contender now.

  24. ManicMessiah says:

    Watching the team since Le Toux got here, I’ve seen him, Cooper and Henry drift wide on a number of occasions. What they could use are people making intelligent runs forward, which I’ve seen Lindpere have a lot of opportunities with, and I think Cahill will be able to take advantage of also.

    I wanted Soler fired after last season, to be honest, but I don’t think I can fault any of the moves he made this year, including this most recent one.

  25. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Wow….the RedBulls are going all in this year for the title.

  26. centrejack says:

    Agreed – it took a couple of years, but Soler now understands MLS. Great moves (Pearce, Cooper and Le Toux), and pleasant surprises (Barklage and Lade) might make him GM of the year…scratch that …. should make him GM of the year if the team plays to its potential

  27. Mark F says:

    The Red Bulls desperately need their defense to get healthy and play well to challenge for the Cup. If we have to go with Stephen Keel in the playoffs again we’re screwed.

  28. THomas says:

    This is actually one of the better DP signings an MLS team has made. Never saw this coming.

  29. RBNY says:

    Gangsta moves by Soler. I can see the master plan.

  30. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    If/when everyone’s healthy:

    ——Henry – Cooper——-
    —-Lindpere – LeToux——
    Pearce – Rafa – Conde – Solli


  31. SteveMcSteve says:

    Why would they take McCarty out of the lineup?


  32. Otto says:

    Shocking why on earth would he want to commit suicide with all he has going for him.

  33. Colin says:

    Im a USA fan and a massive Everton fan, but good god, not everything everton does these days is to get Landon Donovan back. Yes everton fans love him and would take him on a free or for 2 or 3 million, but unless LA just let Donovan go/Donovan runs out his contract he will not be going to Everton on anything but loans. This move was all about, from an Everton perspective, freeing up the wage bill so that Everton could bring in Steven Peinnar

  34. SteveMcSteve says:

    I’d switch Rafa and Conde and put in Barklage at RB.
    Solli, Lade and Tainio as SUVs off the bench.
    Yeah this team could be something of healthy.

  35. Jeremy says:

    Impressive signing. I think Cahill has a few solid years left.

  36. old grey mullet says:

    People need to stop trying to shoehorn everything into a diamond this or a box midfield that. It’s a fluid game, don’t worry about where they are, worry about how they play together. Also, the way Lade has been playing, this could push Lindpere to the bench more than anything, but this likely puts Lindpere out left and puts Cahill alongside Dax with LeToux out right, tending to move forward. Lade would be a sub, and you’d have a (when healthy) back line of Pearce, Hulk, Conde & Barklage. Pretty strong starting 11. God help them if they try to wreck it by bringing Marquez back…

  37. Rlw2020 says:

    Incedible move! This should be NY’s year to make a run for the cup.

    Especially if Marquez can get his act together

  38. ? Have you been following the league – 1st place in the east – mediocre June but been good lately

  39. Gnarls says:

    Lucky bastards.

  40. Weaksauce says:

    Kaka will be next year

    His transfer wouldve been $25 million (i think)

  41. Gnarls says:

    Whoa is right.

  42. Weaksauce says:

    Now drop rafa marquez and sign stephen ireland

  43. PD says:

    Talk about out of thin air.

    It’s funny how surreal this is to me:

    if you had told me 5 years ago that Tim Cahill was going to be teammates with Thierry Henry… in America, I’d say you were bonkers.

    Nice catch for the MLS. American fans are bound to love this guy.


  44. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Will Seattle ever make fancy dp signings, great fans great city lots of cash and a pretty good stadium. Montero is a cry baby and does not take seriously the league and the other 2 dps??? If new York red bull win mls cup then is two teams in a row with 3 dps just like the galaxy, then will see if ALL MLS TEAMS WELL SPEND $$ ON ALL 3 dps, Seattle dallas philly portland rsl

  45. ag nigrin says:

    Fixed it:


  46. Mike says:

    As the giants said before they went to the Super Bowl this year the red bulls are going all in!

  47. ag nigrin says:

    lousy turf!

  48. bigprof says:

    Tebow can recruit Kaka. Thats not a joke. They’re both religious nutters

  49. Madaoua05 says:

    Strong signing for the Red Bull. I think Cahill is the kind of workhorse player that will fit in quite well in the MLS.

    As a DCU fan (not that I have anything to brag about), I always enjoyed the bungling of acquisitions by NYRB. But Soler has made some very strong moves in the past few weeks/months.

  50. Seriously says:

    I have to agree that this probably does hurt Seattle with a lot of players. There may be some who wont care, but most will.

  51. Dominghosa says:

    Y’all don’t know how happy this makes me. I am a diehard Everton fan and Tim Cahill’s clutch goals and hard work are what drew me in with the club in the first place. Greatest July 23rd. Ever.

  52. john says:

    Who cares. As long as they can play I don’t care if he’s a commie or teabagger or Scientologist. We’re playing soccer here this isn’t Crossfire.

  53. Old School says:

    ….and they still won’t sellout…

  54. john says:

    As someone who called for both Backe and Soler to be fired, Soler appears to have figured out how MLS works, and Backe is doing well enough to keep his job.
    One has to wonder if Aron Winter would have figured it out if given more time. Spencer and Nowak were disasters though so I wouldn’t apply that whole patience thing to them.

  55. john says:

    Watch out for defensive northwesterners, they can’t handle the truth.

  56. Kevin_Amold says:


  57. Old School says:

    I have all the respect in the world for Seattle but until they get their own stadium with actual grass, it’s a tree falling in an abandoned forest.

    Once that happens, I’d be all for Seattle hosting a massive amount of USMNT matches, too.

  58. john says:

    If they could ship Rafa Marquez to Chivas or wherever (as Galaxy did with Angel) and bring in Ireland… they might actually be the best MLS team ever, unlike last year when they were declared the best MLS team ever (as were the Galaxy this preseason) and sucked.

  59. asdf says:

    uhh ya i dont think cahill draws that many fans in. If they werent selling out before then this wasnt changing anything. not sure where your going with this one bud

  60. JRP says:

    They just want the silverware to make them feel legit. As LA proved last year after four years of trying, you CAN buy the cup but it takes a few years. I hope a real program built around building the sport, not selling T-shirts, underwear or energy drinks, wins the cup.

  61. JRP says:

    It looks like the Lakers in NYRB locker room right now. But it isn’t 2000 anymore. These guys are oldies. If they don’t put it together this season or the next they are going to need a whole new roster.

  62. Kevin_Amold says:


  63. JRP says:

    His last two seasons have put the gun to his head. His stats suck.

  64. JerseyTurnpike says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  65. JRP says:

    They would have to win some silverware to be declared anything.

  66. curmudgeon says:

    That’s irrelevant. By MLS rules, you’re not allowed to just spend whatever you want on transfer fees. You’re restricted to only using allocation funds.

    Of course, this is MLS, where the league office plays Calvinball all the time, transparency is a joke, and different teams have to manage their rosters by seemingly different sets of rules. So who knows what’s going on?


    Yet they still get 19,000 plus a game.

  68. metrostar 4 life says:

    literally yelled out “OMG” to the computer screen great job RBNY

  69. ManicMessiah says:

    Actually, I like Marquez/Conde in defense together. It’s our best posession backline, and with Cahill in the midfield it will mitigate what the red bulls would lose on set piece defense for taking out Holgersson.

  70. Brain Guy says:

    Cooper, LeToux, Lade, Barklage, Meara, Cahill — not a bad year for the Norwegian.

  71. dgoshilla says:

    If MLS has proved anything its that you CAN’T buy the MLS Cup. 9 winners.

  72. Silversurfer says:

    Thank you. I can discuss politics with the best of them, but this isn’t the place.

  73. john says:

    They don’t need to get their own stadium, they just need to convince Paul Allen and the Seahawks to replace the turf with grass. Football can be played on grass you know, they do it in plenty of other NFL stadiums.

  74. Andy says:

    I could see this being part of a deal for Donovan at the end of the transfer window. Even at 32, Cahill could have gone for more to another team in England.

  75. Judging Amy says:

    well said. there’s plenty of other places on the web to argue like little children over personal perspectives and ideology.

  76. Judging Amy says:

    on paper this red bulls attack is nasty for mls.

  77. Andy. says:

    is this the first time MLS has paid a transfer fee for a player in Europe?

  78. This Guy says:

    Absolutely love Cahill but hate the Red Balls. Torn.

  79. VADCUfan says:

    How has that strategy worked for the Metrobulls in the past?

  80. Andy. says:

    might as well get rid of the salary cap

  81. the old grey mullet says:

    about as well as your strategy for building a stadium in the district?

  82. Allegre says:

    The concept of a salary cap is destined to change with the acquisitions we’ve seen in China lately.

  83. Slowleftarm says:


  84. T says:

    not by much.

  85. Camjam says:

    I don’t believe your assement of the rules is correct. You can use Allocation money to pay down transfer fees yes; but I believe you can also roll transfer fees into one of your 3 DP slots.

    For example, I believe Alvaro Fernandez and Saborio are both paid under the “DP threshold”, but are or were considered dps to pay down their transfer fees.

    I think the allocation provision is if you are not using a DP slot for the player.

  86. Fenwick says:

    Cahil may not have immigration issues. His family is from American Samoa before Australia. I’m pretty sure he could have been capped by us if he wanted.

  87. Rabid RBNY says:

    Unless playing MLS starts making players eligible for the Brazilian national team Kaka may not come here even after the next WC. Besides Real needs him on their bench.

  88. Chris says:

    Must be a New England fan…I’m sorry

  89. PD says:

    Agreed. But wouldn’t it be funny if it turns out Tebow IS a commie teabagging scientologist?

  90. PD says:

    CAP him NOW. Get the paperwork for a one-time switch and line him up next to Jones…

  91. john.q says:

    i believe it’s the amount of rain plus nfl and mls that makes it tough to have grass.

    they need to get their own stadium but i dont see that happening ever.

  92. CplDaniel says:

    eh…KaKa to Cosmos 2014.

  93. Andy. says:

    I’d get rid of the salary cap altogether. Having one hasn’t stopped NY Red Bulls from spending 13 million a year while teams like Columbus spend 3.

  94. Andy. says:

    China actually has a growing soccer league with promotion and relegation. Something we don’t have.

  95. Lib Hypocrit says:


  96. Old School says:

    For clarification, yes: I was trolling.

  97. Old School says:

    that’s precisely what I was thinking. surprised no one else has speculated this.

  98. Old School says:

    Yes, we might as well.

    This is a solid signing and if more like it would happen as a result, bring it on.

  99. Micronesian Justin says:

    To make them feel legit, or to start to fill all of those empty seats week after week?

  100. Old School says:

    You’re right…we don’t have promotion or relegation.

    However, we also had a growing soccer league many years ago called: NASL.

    China is NASL 2.0

    Let’s review the state of the game in both countries 10 years from now.

  101. YO says:

    Now send Marquez to Mexico and find a new coach and you have a great team.

  102. Eugene says:

    I think this is a premature announcement that doesn’t make much sense. Why would NY spend DP money on this player? I’m not sure that he really brings what we need on the pitch, but I’m pretty confident he doesn’t bring the marketing boost that we need off the pitch. Does anyone in NY know of Tim Cahill? I doubt many do.

  103. THomas says:

    Please, nobody sign Stephen Ireland. Please.

  104. TomG says:

    Seems like a good fit with NYRB needing an attacking mid. He’s also the type of high work rate and competitive drive guy that excels in MLS. He’s not a particularly creative string pulling CAM type but that’s not really what they need. They need a work rate guy to get the ball, facilitate the offense and get it to the goal scorers.

  105. Andy. says:

    Old School,

    when we had NASL soccer wasn’t popular in this country. It is now.

    what does China have in common with the old NASL?

  106. JRP says:

    I don’t know that winning silverware will fill seats in NY.

  107. JRP says:

    The same thing has been said for the past three years in row.

  108. solles says:

    lol if theres one thing you cannot do in mls, it’s “buy the cup”.

  109. solles says:

    If he helps the Red Bulls become consistent winners, he’ll be helping put butts in seats.

  110. Ben says:

    Haha, he would be one of the players I’d find even more impossible to root for than Marquez.

  111. solles says:

    Neither Spencer or Novak could use the excuse of not knowing MLS however.

  112. john says:

    Excuses. “Tough to have grass”? Big deal. Just put in the damn grass. I believe the Seahawks once played on grass despite being in Seattle with all that rain, and the world didn’t end then.

  113. solles says:

    this has been said before… a few times…

  114. solles says:

    Still think Richards is a better right winger than LeToux but you gotta make sacrifices even if youre the red bulls …:)

  115. solles says:

    dunno who cares about the sounders this story isnt about them

  116. solles says:

    no, for Everton this was about making room for Pineaar (sp) and had zero to do with Donovan.

  117. solles says:

    ohhhh I very much doubt that, MLS honchos are still afraid of the NASL model where a few teams were allowed to spend the entire league into oblivion. The cap will go up (and needs to go up) but it will be slow and steady,

  118. mase NJRB says:

    Who cares already? Getting so old with this attendance crap. 25000 against DC and 21000 against Philthy, some fans dont show up but that happens everywhere, have u watched Dynamo games lately? No way did they have 22,000 last week, is everyone over their sh*t?…drop it already!! Concerns should be towards other MLS teams…COYRB!!

  119. MASE NJRB says:

    Go to China

  120. supergrandefilms says:

    Completely agree. Happy to see this move. He’s a strong competitor. This will make NYRB a much stronger team.

  121. JRP says:

    I think you are right to a point. But it finally paid off for LA last season. It took four seasons of insane salaries but they finally pulled it off. It will take four years of Henry at NY to pull it off as well. But you can buy the cup. It isn’t as sure a thing as the NBA or MLB but it is pretty darn close. The Yankees don’t win every year either. Just every other.

  122. JRP says:

    It is a legit point. The DP rule is so messed up. It stops teams from filling their roster will solid $500,000 players but allows them to have three players who make unlimited sums of cash. For instance..the whole of SJ starting 11 makes less than Landon Donovan. But the salary cap would not allow the starting 11 to all make Wondo’s salary which would still be less than Becks and Donovan combined. This is not good for the league. It only sales panties and jerseys. It doesn’t build the league. It should be thrown out.

  123. Jerry R says:

    MLS is the PROBABLY the only league where teams win that “dont buy the cup”
    Almost every other well known league has the HAVE’S & the HAVE-NOTS.
    big spending teams win titles in soccer. Unless you are referring to RSL or Colorado or some other meaningless MLS team from a smaller market that no one but the die-hard fans from their city care about.

  124. Phillypride says:

    Camjam is right.

  125. Syd says:

    Everton was useless last year. It’s about time Cahill got out of there.

    He is a fantastic player.

  126. Larry says:

    Everton blows. Cahill is finally out of that craphole.

  127. Greg says:

    The Rafa-haters are ridiculous. He is going to work well with Cahill.

    Pearce and Conde in Central D.

  128. Will says:

    LA is more likely

  129. Source says:

    You crazy

  130. Janic says:

    Montero has been class for the league

  131. Huber says:

    Agreed…more left in the tank than a Del Piero or Ronaldinho..I don’t think Kaka has the physicality to be as good in the States.

    Nice move

  132. THomas says:

    So your favorite team lost your favorite player and it’s the best day ever?

  133. THomas says:

    And not bring in Stephen Ireland.

  134. THomas says:

    No. It does build the league, slowly. Once it’s built, then it will be slowly phased out, not thrown out.

  135. JayMah says:

    MLS is the only league that doesn’t crown the team with the best record the champions but the one who is left standing after the “PLAYOFFS”

  136. Use common sense dude says:

    You would love to stay in the past, your side is sh*t and you play in a cesspool.

  137. Use common sense dude says:

    It’s funny how the haters talk about attendance. stfu

  138. Use common sense dude says:


  139. Use common sense dude says:

    If New York supporters who follow former players that started with the club then they know Tim Cahill. Timmy Howard’s former teammate for years, class player, hardworker, great in the air with a high soccer IQ. It makes perfect sense, do you know who Tim Cahill is?

  140. Brian says:

    Wrong Samoa, buddy.

  141. Taylor says:

    wow, some people on the internet are stupid. did you watch the EPL last year? yea, Everton started slow as always, but they finished 7th which ordinarily would qualify for Europa League.say what you will, but with absence of money and the smallest squad in the PL that’s pretty impressive. look at their points return from the top 6 teams, it’s better than most.

    Everton finished one spot above Liverpool which is somehow still a “big English club.” whenever there’s a mention of Dempsey to Liverpool on this site everyone acts like this is such a great move. if Everton is crap, how is this so?

  142. bryan says:

    yeah, his agent guaranteeing he’ll play in MLS at some point is nothing…

  143. bryan says:

    obviously a great signing. i’m wondering if they are holding out because they still have plans to sign someone like Del Piero and want to structure someone’s contract like DeRo. in the sense they will have 4 players with DP money, but only 3 DPs.

  144. Joamiq says:

    What’s wrong with Stephen Ireland?