Andrade suspended for punching Wambach


When Colombia’s Lady Andrade punched U.S. Women's national team forward Abby Wambach during the 39th minute of Saturday’s Olympic game, the referee didn’t notice. Andrade could have received a red card, but went unpunished and played the entire game, which the USA went on to win.

Andrade wasn’t so lucky on Monday, when FIFA handed down a two-game suspension for what Wambach called a “sucker-punch.” While the USA didn’t file a formal complaint, they did contact FIFA, leading to the review and punishment.

This means that Andrade will be suspended for Colombia’s final Group G match against France, and the quarterfinals should they advance—which will be tough, as they currently sit at the bottom of the group with no points.

Andrade claims the incident was “an accident.”

What do you think of the decision? Fair punishment or should she have gotten a lengthier suspension?

Share your thoughts below.

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61 Responses to Andrade suspended for punching Wambach

  1. dan says:


  2. Neil says:

    The suspension is really for one game, the first one is for the red card that Jacqui Melksham chose to ignore. She can see infringement, but can’t see someone get punched in the eye.

  3. Sam says:

    Not long enough! Her excuses and denials were laughable.

  4. A wee swedge at the fitba says:

    Hey Lady Andrade… See you next Tuesday!

  5. Brain Guy says:

    Agree. Rarely do you see such a blatant and intentional attempt to injure, and with a fist no less. They should have banned her for the balance of the Games.

  6. Jake says:

    I agree. 2 games isn’t enough. This wasn’t just a bad tackle gone wrong. This was a strong PUNCH to a woman’s FACE. They should force her to enter the women’s boxing competition instead.

  7. Dinho says:

    Should have been at least 3 games, but it won’t make a difference, as Colombia won’t move on.

  8. T says:

    I’d like to see a video as well.

  9. LarryB says:

    Wow. 2 games is a good start, but for a blatant punch I think we have to talk longer. Here is a link to a video of it.

    link to

  10. Matt (NEF) says:

    IOC forces out two competitors for ‘racist’ tweets yet does nothing when a player ‘sucker punches’ another.
    It took FIFA to take action and they did what they could.
    Ms. Andrade should have been escorted to the airport on Sunday and kicked out of England.
    I find it funny that supposedly revamped and accountable IOC needs corrupt FIFA to take action on this matter.

  11. old phart says:

    She admitted accidentally hitting Abby with an open palm. Accident my @$$. Abby’s eye was swollen later. She will probably have a shiner tomorrow.

  12. TomG says:

    How big will the ban be if Brandi punches Hope?

  13. Nate Dollars says:

    best punishment ever.

  14. THomas says:

    The irony of her name is priceless.

  15. BSU SC says:

    The IOC did not make those decisions, it was the Olympic Committee of the nations those athletes were representing. It would have been proper had the Colombian Olympic Committee stepped in before FIFA to issue a punishment, but as long as someone did it that’s the most important thing.

  16. ImaGoalMan says:

    Hope would curb stomp Brandi…no way would Brandi attempt that

  17. agnigrin says:

    link to

    It was a sucker punch and no accident. Andrade is no Lady!

  18. Aeo says:

    That was easily as bad as anything Barton did to get a 12 game suspension… maybe she doesn’t have the reputation but that was ridiculous and she certainly can’t complain about 2 games…

  19. JD in FL says:

    Check out Wambach’s twitter account. She’s already posted a picture of her black eye.

  20. Dave says:

    Lady? Not really. She should be banned for the duration of the games.

  21. Jake says:

    One game would have been enough in this case. I doubt Colombia makes it out of the group stage. And if they did, there’s even less chance of them winning a game there. It would have sounded better if FIFA had just tossed her out of the games, even if that only meant one game.

  22. Don Garber says:

    Nobody asked me, but I would suspend her for 10 games. At least.

  23. beachbum says:


    not keeping with the Olympic spirit much is it

  24. Juan says:

    I know this is silly but Hope is a lot of mouth. Brandi was a lot tougher then Hope will ever be

  25. beachbum says:

    win the Gold…the answer!!!

    if the team ever needed somehting to bring them together in the midst of Solo’s distractions, this is it imho

  26. beachbum says:

    who cares? the post wasn’t literal. Someone should at least smack Solo with some common sense…curb stomp her with it even

  27. TonyT says:

    I’m a supporter for the U.S.Womens national team and I’m hoping they win gold but is everyone ignoring Walmbachs 2 deliberate elbows she delivered????? Watch the same incident where she got hit, and pay close attention to her throwing the elbow a split second right before she gets smacked in the eye, same thing when she goes down a few minutes later…. she’s lucky she didn’t get called for her dirty tactics!! ….anyways GO WNT!

  28. TonyT says:


  29. Kenny_B says:

    Columbia’s football association should be suspending her also.

  30. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    I don’t think anyone’s ignoring them, it’s just that getting sucker punched with a closed fist to the eye is a hell of a lot different than sticking an elbow out in someone’s general direction. Wambach is big and physical and uses it to her advantage, and sometimes takes it too far. But in no way does it, or should it distract from the fact, or somehow justify, that she got punched in the face.

    What Wambach did was a foul. What Andrade did belongs in a boxing ring.

  31. bcoug says:

    I’d be in favor of both Columbia and Colombia suspending her. Just to be safe, I’d toss in Lower Columbia as well.

    link to

  32. fortunate only says:

    Where is that again? Is that next Vruzil and Ufghanistan?.

  33. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    Watched the game with my friend (a ManU fan) and his wife. She’s watching the game because it’s the Olympics and its Team USA (generally, she could care less about soccer). They show the replay and she looks at my friend and goes:
    “That girl is tough. Punched in the face and she’s back up and playing pretty quick. Imagine if that Nani guy from that team you like got punched? They’d need an hour, a box of tissues and an ambulance to get him off the field”

    High fives ensued.

  34. Johnson says:

    I’ll turkey slap Hope Solo.

  35. JD in FL says:

    “…an hour, a box of tissues and an ambulance…”

    Love it

  36. Paybacks says:

    I think they should let Abby take a poke at her. You know, some eye for an eye type of punishment…

  37. Chris H says:

    Where was FIFA during the World Cup Qualifiers when Terrence Boyd got bludgeoned across the face by that d**** from Costa Rica

  38. Nelson Rodriguez says:

    We really need to wait until the MLS Disciplinary Committee has had enough time to fully vet this incident.

  39. beachbum says:

    hahaha! excellent story

    lots of male soccer players I can think of who would need said box of tissues

  40. Neruda says:

    Watched the match online by NBC shows a 30 second commercial every few minutes even furring a soccer match. Lame. The replays were clear that she had the hand to the face intentionally.

    Colombia womens team is rubbish and this is the last anyone will hear of this “lady.”

  41. Neruda says:

    Should read durring not furring.

  42. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    You mean the El Salvadorian defender who punched Terrence Boyd in the CONCACAF U-23 Olympic qualifying tournament?

    Because that dude did receive a 3-game ban, although whether it was for punching Boyd, biting a Canadian player, or both, no one really knows.

  43. ... says:

    3rd times the charm… “during”

  44. kevdflb says:

    I was trying to think of a way to make slow motion video really annoying and nearly unwatchable.
    They DID it with that stupid zoom in and out effect.
    Jesus, I have a head ache now.

  45. Scott says:

    Not enough. Why do I say this? It keeps happening. Harsh tackles, pushes from behind, etc. all happen in a chippy game. Outright assaults, like this, have nothing to do with the game and should be handled swiftly and harshly. The penalties should be enough to dissuade others from doing the same thing in the future. You could argue that it was intentional, had nothing to do with the play of the game and therefor was a felony assault. FIFA’s message is that outright assaults only warrant 1 game more than not getting the ball on a tackle in a scoring situation. Ridiculous.

  46. Kenny_B says:

    ha ha. I apoligize to all Columbians and Colombians alike.

    As far as fortunate only, I am really sorry since I seem to have sent you on some kind of mushroomed-fueled mythical geographical journey by merely substituting one letter. weird.

  47. Judging Amy says:

    Well said.

  48. Judging Amy says:

    Props to Wambach for responding with a goal. That’s how a true champion responds to crappy reffing and cheating opponents. Take note Iker Muniain.

  49. BrianK says:

    That is hilarious!

  50. Modibo says:


    Imagine if Christiano Ronaldo got that kind of treatment! It would take a case of tissues and a helicopter for him to recover.

  51. Ol' Bob says:

    As the parent of a young lady who plays soccer I’m looking to these Olympics to provide positive examples of play and sportsmanship. I’m pleased that FIFA stepped in and took appropriate action regarding Ms. Andrade but am disappointed that the on-field refereeing team failed to red-card her immediately. But focusing on the positive, it’s a good example for young players to learn from – the refs don’t always get it right no matter what the level, be it U14 club or the Olympics, so take the calls as they come and play on. And good job to Ms. Wambach for retaining composure and retaliating appropriately – with a goal. :-) GO TEAM USA!!!

    (And speaking of “teaching moments” – Abby Morgan’s second goal in game 1 – I *will* be banging my daughter over the head (metaphorically speaking) with this one for years to come. The action is all on the far side – Morgan, the near-side forward, sprints to the post (and I mean *sprints* – she’s at a dead run to get there) – ball passed into the box – rolls through to Morgan – one-touch tap goal. Sound, basic soccer – work hard *especially* when you don’t have the ball, get in position, be ready, and pay attention. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Morgan! And, oh yeah, nice shot :-)

  52. Ol' Bob says:

    In our household punching and/or biting used to draw an immediate swat to the behind (less harsh than it might sound – the diaper usually absorbed (so to speak) the majority of the force :-) and a quick trip to crib-land for an enforced nap. Our three learned fairly quickly that this behavior was not tolerated, and t’was better to just screech at the top of their lungs. Perhaps the gentleman (?) in question was too old to swat and too big for a crib?

  53. Ol' Bob says:

    Andrade has been effectively banned for the rest of the games. Colombia’s chances of advancing are effectively nil – no goals scored yet, and France has their sights set on ’em next. The French ladies are a good team and will advance out of group G along with USA. I think we can count the N. Koreans out as well – unless they show up with guns and knives drawn (and I’m giving this no more than a 10% chance – and no more than a 50% chance they’ll try to intentionally injure one or more US players) they’ll head back to the Kim Family Gulag after tomorrow, where with luck their porky-pie leader-boy won’t have them executed for failing to win.

  54. jayrig5 says:

    Much less the suspension Michael Bradley got for following the ref down the tunnel after a match.

    In fact it’s half as long. Bradley got 4. Granted, you have to protect your referees, but had Bradley hit a ref, it would have been much longer. So verbal abuse of an official, 4 games. Punching another player in the face during game action, 2 games. Got it. Much better to settle your disputes that way.

  55. Soccer Rules says:

    LOL! What an awesome story. And so true. Nani is a big wimp.

  56. Roger says:


  57. p says:

    I can see how this was an accident. I remember on several occasions when I have accidentally cocked my arm back, focused in on someones face and put my fist into their eye socket.

  58. Lau says:

    it wasn´t a accident, she did on purpose!!!

  59. TonyT says:

    I totally agree but speaking from experience, an elbow to the chest hurts a lot more than a punch to the face, but I’m with you, leave the punching in the squared circle.

  60. Josh says:

    +1. For such a deliberate sucker-punch, they should have given her at least a five-game suspension.