Late Johnson goal gives MLS All-Stars victory over Chelsea

MLS All-Stars (AP)

CHESTER, Pa. — It may have come in part because of a fortuitous deflection, but the MLS All-Stars pulled out a win for the first time in four years.

With penalty kicks looming, the MLS All-Stars grabbed a 3-2 victory over UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea thanks to a stoppage time finish from substitute Eddie Johnson. The Seattle Sounders forward took a shot that deflected off a defender in the 91st minute and it took a kind bounce before rolling into the back of the net to give the MLS All-Stars their first win in an All-Star game since 2008.

The goal capped a back-and-forth game played in front of a record crowd at PPL Park that saw both teams take leads before surrendering them. The MLS All-Stars had pulled level at 2-2 off a finish from Chris Pontius, but that came after Chelsea had taken a lead earlier in the second half due to Frank Lampard's simple finish in the 59th minute.

Lampard had also assisted on Chelsea's first tally, hitting a corner kick that captain John Terry headed past starting MLS All-Stars goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen in the 32nd minute. Terry's goal had negated the MLS All-Stars' opener, which came 11 minutes prior courtesy of red-hot Chris Wondolowski.

The San Jose Earthquakes forward put the home team out on top the match up top after a cross from the left from New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry, who was played in on the flank by Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan.

What do you think of the MLS All-Stars' 3-2 win over Chelsea? Who was your Man of the Match? Which players impressed you from both teams?

Share your thoughts below.

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131 Responses to Late Johnson goal gives MLS All-Stars victory over Chelsea

  1. somedude says:

    All the points to the John Terry sign guy.

  2. Jason says:

    Couldn’t make the sign out, what did it say?

  3. NE Matt says:

    That MLS All Star squad would be a top half of the table team in all 5 of the big Europe leagues (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France)

    Congrats on a great win guys!

  4. Sergio says:

    I thought the Quakes’ fullbacks were solid. And Demerit was a rock.

  5. PD says:

    Very Happy for Jay DeMerit. Nice to see the chimney can still blow some smoke… I have no idea why I said that…

  6. Joe Dirt says:

    What what chicken butt, we just beat the Champions League winner. I keep hearing this noise in my ear, ” MLS arriving in Gate 9, MLS arriving in GaTe 9″. Haters can hate but they can’t change the score 3-2 biaytchz.

  7. PD says:

    Is the RB American? If so CAP him.

  8. PTK says:

    DeMerit got robbed of MVP… hey Jurgy, maybe now you’ll find his phone #?

  9. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I had not seen a lot of Vancouver this season… but did anyone thing that Jay DeMerit looked sleeker and fitter that ever? He did not look like a big lump…

  10. Henry says:

    Why bring him in when we have good CB’s we should be developing for the World Cup.

  11. Andy in Atlanta says:

    think* and *than

    Damn I hate android keyboard sometimes

  12. anikan says:

    Congrats it took the best MLS had to offer to beat the team that finished 6th in the EPL last season.

  13. ptk says:

    Last I saw, they weren’t developing… We are trying to qualify, not develop. Pretty sure Boca and Dolo are still hanging around, he should be too…

  14. A wise man once says:

    Chelsea > Barcalona. MLS All-Stars > Chelsea. MLS All-Stars > Barcalona. Logic!

  15. Gnarls says:

    Hilarious and ballsy.

  16. Gnarls says:

    Logic is sound.

  17. chris says:

    you mean the most popular MLS players, no way this team was the best

  18. ET says:

    Yet they still won the CL and this Chelsea team looks a lot better then last year. This is not the same team.

  19. poo says:

    He is I believe, though they mentinoed his parents are Iranian? and that national team is looking at him.

    I was impressed by him also, seems more polished than the LB newby.

    Otherwise none of the MLS players really differed much from my expectations.

  20. poo says:

    Lukaku is going to be a beast. I dont understand how he is 19 years old – he’s build like a 25 year old middle linebacker, and he has quick feet.

  21. Illmatic74 says:

    Fun game but,results don’t really matter in friendly games. So far this preseason Manchester City drew a second division side from Germany and lost to a Saudi Arabian side. So it is really silly to make an argument based on a friendly.

  22. Kevin_amold says:

    Not often do I laugh out loud at fan banners. Well done.

  23. dgoshilla says:

    Total USMNT combined caps for MLS All Star goal scorers=50
    Total USMNT Caps by Jonathan Bornstein=38

  24. Illmatic74 says:

    Bornstein received so many caps because he plays left back our weakest position. We aren’t the only ones since the Netherlands started an 18 year old at left back for the Euros.

  25. QuakerOtis says:

    It’s science

  26. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I’ll allow it.

  27. 2tone says:

    Good back and forth game.

    Pontius really stood out for me.

  28. Andy says:

    not even close. The MLS all star squad would get relegated from the EPL.

    you cant compare a team that is midseason with a team that is in their off season

  29. Andy says:

    i thought Kasey Keller asked Don Garber a very good question. Why are Americans who come back to MLS not allowed to pick what time they want to play for? Garber’s answer was laughable.

  30. Christian says:

    No. Not relegated. The top-end talent exceeds the EPL teams that get relegated. Maybe not mid-table, but not relegated.

  31. anikan says:

    If pointing out that Chelsea finished 6th in the EPL last year makes me a troll, then guilty as charged. I guess I just don’t put a lot of stock into one off games like this. Is the quality in MLS better then it was 5-6 years ago? Yes, by far. Do I think it’s anywhere close to EPL quality? No

  32. g-dub says:

    A. Keep this format
    B. Garber is top class
    C. Amazing ball Becks to DeRo
    D. Wondo’s run
    E. Terry made Collen his biotch
    F. Thank u referee on Beita
    G. Pontius > Shea for nats

  33. Christian says:

    Tough to say whether the MLS model has worked because it’s a good model, or because a top pro soccer league in the U.S. was already primed for success. Who knows where we’d be without the single-entity model we’ve got now.

  34. the proof is in the pudding says:

    Oh god that is insanely hilarious

  35. Chav Bollocks says:

    DeMerit seems to always rise to the occasion when he has to take on “name” players

    i also don’t think he should be forgotten in the national team picture; he’s not the future but he is still a useful and inspirational player who can be a real factor in spots

  36. the proof is in the pudding says:

    Is EJ back? Does he deserve some call ups?

    Altidore is our de facto no1. Boyd is coming along slowly. Agudelo/Bunbury may never even make it out of MLS, too much hype too early. Wondo is barely good at a CONCACAF level

  37. the proof is in the pudding says:

    DeMerit is solid. He could have stayed in Europe a few more years playing

  38. Hopper says:

    EJ dude. I was so happy when the Sounders traded to get him. He had a rough experience in Europe, but I knew he could light up MLS again. It’s fun watching him from the Brougham End.

  39. Louis Z says:

    I thought the LB was a bit more polished, RB had a couple of chances to play it back but instead decided to do an AYSO kick out of bounds

  40. louis z says:

    he still has his slide tackling to a tee. unfortunately that is all he can do. can’t pass from the back.

  41. louis z says:


  42. Louis Z says:

    I don’t think so. I didn’t like his workrate, his goal was his only shot on goal and it needed a deflection to go in.

  43. WileyJ says:

    Word +1

  44. Lil' Zeke says:

    What team? This is bunch of guys from different teams. Get your mitigating factors straight.

  45. Zach says:

    He scored that is all that matters. Style points don’t count just get the ball in the back of the net consistently and you can start on my team as a forward any day.

  46. Thomas says:

    Never in a million years! Crack is wack.

  47. whoop-whoop says:

    All in all, I thought it was a solid evening in which MLS represented themselves well. Nice stadium, quality players, entertaining game for an exhibition, ceremonies were tasteful. Nice job. I have only one complaint…..lose the trophy…. all form no content in that meaningless piece of tin, kind of embarrassing.

  48. Thomas says:

    Demerit did have a excellent game. Shame Olsen screwed him by playing him 90 minutes when he has a game on Friday.

  49. Thomas says:

    I fail to see why someone would celebrate beating a preseason Chelsea team. That team was a far, far cry from what you can expect when the season begins. But screw it, let’s celebrate and overturn some cop cars, loot the Goodwill store, and pass out in the streets!

  50. KG says:

    I think that Jay Demerit’s performance in the first half of the season as well as this game have merited a flight to Mexico City to determine whether he will be of use to the team in the upcoming September qualifiers. Of course I’m not JK….

  51. Thomas says:

    At Demerit’s age, he will be quickly declining come the next World Cup, so there is little reason to bring him into the USMT. He did have a great game, though. And I was happy for him.

  52. Thomas says:

    Borstein’s caps were before Jurgen came in and started using logic for selections.

  53. Andy says:

    it made me cringe

  54. Lio says:


    I agree with the DeMerit will be too old come ’14, but he’ll help us qualify and his experience will help develop the younger centerbacks. His story is so incredible that any player regardless of position would benefit from his wisdom and determination!

  55. CrazyMike366 says:

    The fact that the All-stars defeated Chelsea doesn’t matter. What does hold weight, however, was that the quality of play shown by the All-Stars – passing, off-ball movement, and technical proficiency – (especially in the first half) was similar to that of an elite European team.

    While the game was still just a friendly exhibition match, this is the first time it made me feel like it was a showcase of MLS’s talent instead of MLS’s heart and fighting spirit. That’s a step in the right direction for the league as far as I’m concerned.

  56. ET says:

    Again this Chelsea team is not the same team from last year, they have better players this year. They still are European champion’s that lost to MLS. No Hazard, nor Marin, that is only a few of the new players, that will make them 3rd this year in the EPL or maybe second, Man U have not really improve as much as chelsea.

  57. jayrig5 says:

    Really? I don’t know, I thought he passed better than people give him credit for.

    In any case, I’d take him over Onyewu if the USMNT had a must-win game tomorrow.

    For whatever that’s worth.

  58. Henry says:

    Our Forward ranking (in a 4-3-3 system)
    1. Dempsey
    2. Donovan
    3. Jozy
    4. Gomez
    5. Boyd

  59. jayrig5 says:

    You don’t develop players on a national team. You call the best guys in. If you want to take looks at friendlies, etc, that’s fine, but if you want to win games you call the best players in.

    If, two years from now, Boca/Dolo (or, yes, Demerit) are not as good as some younger guys, then you play the younger guys. In any case, as I said above, is Onyewu really a better option?

  60. Tim F. says:

    I’m glad MLS won but Chelsea seemed to have more possession and got robbed of a PK for a handball in the box toward the end of the game.

  61. DVSDan says:

    That is what I was thinking through the first half. The second half was a little more what I was expecting without Henry, Beckham, and Donovan in.

  62. Doctor Detroit says:

    Since when is 34 “too old”. Be serious.

  63. Doctor Detroit says:

    LOL. That’s priceless. JK and logic. Be serious.

  64. Doctor Detroit says:

    Donovan is NOT a forward. Putting them in a list of forwards is silly.

  65. WFRW says:

    Ben said that he intended to take him off at half, but then had to sub out Collin due to injury and didn’t really have anyone to put in for Jay. Maybe a bigger roster for the ASG would be necessary moving forward.

  66. Santana says:

    That was ball-to-hand from two feet away, no penalty at all.

    Chelsea was robbed of a dangerous free kick chance late, however, when DeMerit just plowed over Eden Hazard without even an attempt on the ball.

  67. GW says:

    Besides the fact that JK seems determined to go with Boca and Dolo into 2014, form permitting,y’all might take a look at JK’s playing record.

    In 1998 when he was 33-34 he scored three goals for Germany in the World Cup. And he played with a lot of 30 something CB’s.

    If Jay D, Dolo or Boca are playing well come 2014 JK will consider play them. Every player is different

  68. Charles says:

    Some tool, with his casual Friday Chelsea jersey already ironed, is formulating thoughts right now.

    Let the excuses ( and implied MLS bashing ) begin.

  69. Joe Dirt says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  70. Joe Dirt says:

    Haters Gonna Hate.

  71. Todd says:

    Chris Ponitus is the next US star attacker. Hopefully he will transfer to a top tier European team next season. He has too much talent to still be in MLS. The guy has some serious talent and skill.

  72. JRP says:

    I don’t think many people give a ton of weight to this game. But it is a sign that soccer is improving in the MLS. It was a friendly. The US team beat Italy. But we are not better than Italy. But it is an indication of improvement. Breath everyone.

  73. JRP says:

    I am just glad he played the full 90 and will be tired when they play RSL this Friday. Good for Ben. I wonder if Jason paid Ben to play him the full game. He did have a good game. You can easily critique anyone’s game but his tackles were gold.

  74. JRP says:

    EJ deserves nothing. He is a diva and is not only annoying to watch but is unbearable by reputation in the locker room. He will destroy a team from the inside out. Things are fine for now in Seattle but I doubt anyone will be saying that a year from now. He will be traded within a year. Just a prediction.

  75. JRP says:

    Oh you mean the half where they scored two goals vs the half where they scored one? Make sense people. Makes solid sense.

  76. JRP says:

    I don’t think 10th in goals means you deserve a call up to Europe. He is a good player but isn’t even in the top 5 in his position in the MLS.

  77. Robert Daniels says:

    Support your league Euro snob!

  78. Robert Daniels says:

    It’s MLS not the MLS, get it right or pay the price.

  79. Oof Da says:

    My thoughts as well–and your comment about talent vs. fighting spirt is great. Some very calm passing in traffic where I’m used to seeing MLSians boot the hell out of it. Of course this is a meaningless piece of entertainment, but it’s fun. And, hell, beating Chelsea (and John Terry) at anything is always going to be fun.

  80. PD says:

    you’ve got some “can’t-ever-be-happy” issues, man.

    Do you do this kind of whine-ing on your birthday as well?


  81. FulhamDC says:

    JRP –
    Pontius is coming off a broken leg suffered in August of last year. He’s only started 13 games this year, with 9 goals. But I agree he needs another year in MLS, if nothing more than to show he can go a full season without injury.

  82. elgringorico says:

    1) Where he is on a stat list is irrelevant.

    2) Name me the 5 players better than him at his position in the MLS.

  83. assocfoot says:

    JRP – “call up” to Europe? Strange wording aside, Pontius has played more outside midfield than striker this year but has been productive in both places. He is easily one of the best 5 at his main position while also being an effective (though maybe not top 5) striker. I don’t think Todd, or anyone else but Chris’ mom, would suggest he’s ready to challenge for a starting spot at Chelsea or ManU, but it’s not crazy to suggest the guy could play for a top team in the Netherlands or Belgium, or a low/mid table team in one of the bigger leagues.

  84. Robert Daniels says:

    Also maybe because the fact that these guys hardly ever play together, there’s no cohesion, they got a bunch of guys together, had them play for two day’s and they beat the reigning champions of Europe. Even if they are pre-season, the fact that this was a pick up game essentially for most of our guys tells you something.

  85. THomas says:

    How is a team that had two days of practice in mid-season form? The players maybe which only means they’re not as rested as Chelsea. And with 10 subs it’s not as if match fitness is an issue for them.

    So if anything, the comparison isn’t fair to MLS. With two days prep they beat the Champions of Europe. I’d say mid-table isn’t fair…maybe 6-8th in the prem.

  86. THomas says:

    You think Chelsea isn’t an all star team? That’s EXACTLY what they are.

  87. THomas says:

    Agreed Robert Daniels..Not agreed Thomas. Glad we spell our names differently. It is impressive because they beat a cohesive team, whether in preseason or not. Two days practice doesn’t make up for a few years of playing together at the highest level. And Chelsea is fresher, lots of rest and subs to make up for lack of match fitness.

  88. THomas says:

    Look it up. He’s right.

  89. THomas says:

    In a 4-3-3 he is.

  90. THomas says:

    Ya who keeps it? You think if Chelsea won they would have taken it out of the stadium? No chance. Well Terry may have.

  91. Vic says:

    Do you have any basis for that opinion? Henry went on loan from MLS to Arsenal(team that finished 3rd) and was playing and scoring goals. Donovan spent four months at Everton between two loan spells and was player of the month twice. Keane went to Aston Villa on loan, started a was scoring goals. Tim Ream wasn’t even that good in MLS and he went to start for Bolton. David Beckham started for AC(team in first place in Serie A) on loan in the MLS offseason. Your saying a team of these players wouldn’t be able to compete against Wigan?

  92. Brain Guy says:

    [Stock comment about how MLS stars beat a top Euro squad.]

    [Stock comment about how Euro squad is in their pre-season and don’t take this game seriously.]

    [Stock comment about how MLS players only had two days together, and played games over the weekend.]

    [Stock comment about how quality of MLS is improving.]

    [Stock comment about how the result is not a definitive statement, but it’s good exposure for the league.]

  93. James says:

    I’ll say this, even though it’s considered an exhibition, Chelsea had their A team for 2/3 of the game and were taking the game very serious. They didn’t take it that serious when they played before however many years ago. So in that respect, MLS has come a long way regardless of the result.

  94. Andy in Atlanta says:

    EJ has never been a cancer in the locker room… no coach has ever called him that… his humbling time in Europe has taken the diva out of him…

    Allow people to grow and mature… they might just surprise you…

  95. Andy in Atlanta says:


  96. Vic says:

    Its a friendly. Chelsea has players that will not be starters in the regular season. MLS is an all-star team that doesn’t train together on an everyday basis. People shouldn’t put too much stock in this game. However, the people that don’t give MLS any credit for this win are the first ones to criticize after last year’s thrashing by Manchester United. That is very hypocritical from MLS haters.

  97. VADCUfan says:

    He is very similar to Dempsey in his style of play in that he is a hybrid forward/attacking mid. His 9 goals are impressive both in the manner most of them were scored and that he scored them from withdrawn forward, left mid, and occasionally right mid. Further, his skill on the ball is among the best of American players in MLS.

  98. jai_brooklyn says:

    Forever underrated. Forever proving himself better than most, just to be ignored again.

  99. Louis Z says:

    me too if that was my only choices.

  100. Dinho says:

    [Stock comment agreeing with everything you say]

  101. josh says:

    Worked all night on that one, eh?

  102. louis z says:

    now you are getting away from the subject….he is good, I don’t think so, did he scored? of course he did.

  103. Psu2dcu says:

    A very insightful observation that sums up the real value of the game.

  104. b says:

    WTF get over your inferiority complex, EVERY All Star game has a trophy. Even crappy ones like the Pro Bowl. Go tell MLB and NBA to get rid of their trophies, then we’ll consider it.

  105. b says:

    Umm yes they would have. Soccer teams love trophies. You think there is a cabinet space shortage? Chelsea take their freaking Carling Cup trophy on the road to display it. They would have put this on a shel somewhere as another notch on their belt.

  106. Mwing09 says:

    I’m confused why all the MLS haters are citing the excuse “well what do you expect from a preseason team?” Maybe theyre in preseason, but a good core of them have been playing together for years. MLS All-Stars had 2 days of prep. If I had to pick a team that has been together for years but is in preseason vs. a team that has never played together inseason, I’d take the rpeseason team every time.

  107. EARL says:

    You sound like a real jerk.

  108. Mwing09 says:

    +1 to THomas, didnt see that before I posted.

  109. bryan says:

    im not going to comment on NE MAtt’s statement, but you are not being fair. Chelsea is pre-season but the MLS All Stars had a week to play together. you act like Chelsea forgot how to play and didn’t have 10 subs to use to avoid fatigue.

  110. Hogatroge Abroad says:

    Beitashour will be in the USMNT January camp barring injury.

  111. Hogatroge Abroad says:

    Correction… it took SOME of the best MLS had to offer to beat the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNER and the TEAM THAT KNOCKED BARCELONA out of that competition.

  112. bryan says:

    agreed. the allocation order is not what built this league. be serious Garber. it would have been better for him to admit they should look into it now that the league is more attractive to Americans wanting to come home.

  113. bryan says:

    no. yes, he scored, but until that point, he hadn’t done anything. but more importantly, i just think we need to give him a season for him to continue building himself back up. no need to bring him in yet. in January, sure, why not?

  114. bryan says:

    i kind of was thinking the same thing. no one wanted to even hold it. literally, DeRo couldn’t pass it off. everyone rejected holding it.

    keep the trophy, but don’t present as if you just won the league. it was awkward. i’m just glad DeRo brought everyone back down to earth with his comments. i think the players were a little embarrassed to be in a ceremony that seemed like they won a league.

  115. bryan says:

    it was a hand ball, anyone who says otherwise isn’t being real. quoting the “ball-to-hand” rule is BS. that rule does not apply when the defender is inside the box with their hands out (they were not tucked in or behind his back). intentional? no. but it’s still a handball in the box.

  116. bryan says:

    would love to see Pontius get a sniff for USMNT.

  117. RSLnPortland says:

    Don’t forget the pass from Beckerman to EJ that won it. First time ball from the half cutting through the entire Chelsea defense. No one is talking about it but it was brilliant.

  118. steve says:

    100% agreed – I’m probably one of those Euro snobs and watch tons of soccer around the world. This MLS all star team would be an above mid-table EPL team. An average MLS team would probably be bottom table or Championship level.

  119. JRP says:

    People can change. He will. The honeymoon in Seattle will end. The fans will turn. Management will turn. It will end ugly.

  120. JRP says:

    Really? Irrelevant? European teams don’t look at guys who create goals? Dempsey’s value isn’t based on how many goals he scored in the past three years?

  121. JRP says:

    OK. We shall see. He has talent. I could be wrong.

  122. rondo says:

    Chelsea only started with first team defense and what will probably be the first team pivot for the season. No one in the attack aside from Ramires will be a starter.

  123. GW says:

    Jay D is no on the ball wizard.

    But neither is Carles Puyol (who it must be said is a much better all around player than Jay) and it doesn’t seem to hurt Barca and Spain that much.

  124. Luke says:

    A US team with a couple of days of practice defeats the European champs just weeks off of their title and 2 previous matches under their belt.

    Suck it Euro-snobs!

  125. Mike says:

    You have not been watching Seattle…EJ has been money

  126. Vic says:


  127. Sam says:


  128. ThaDeuce says:

    ditto. henry, beckham, donovan, DeRo, and more (they came to mind but i am not scouring the roster from a previous post- probably our keeper) could all play in top half teams, even in EPL and especially in the rest of europe. the rest of the players like wondo, pontious, etc would me mid table teams no problem, fulham, everton even.

  129. ThaDeuce says: